What To Do First When You Are Away And The SHTF


Having posted on this topic several times before, I would like to put out my opinion yet again, but this time at a very basic instinctual level.

You are away from home and you are in a population-dense region (like most everywhere). Maybe you are visiting relatives or friends for a few days hundreds of miles away, having driven there in your vehicle. Or maybe you’re not as far away, but still a significant distance. You might even have traveled by plane and are very far away from home.

But here’s the scenario: ‘It’ has just happened. It is a real SHTF event that will quickly have far reaching bad affects. I’m sure that you can think of a few hypothetical’s… Grid-down, nuclear explosion, EMP, multi-prong terror attack, etc.. all ‘worst-case’ scenario stuff…

So, what’s the first thing that you should probably do?

Do not hesitate. Get out

This is a notion that I have emphasized over and over again during my years of blogging.
An article titled, “What If The SHTF While You’re On Vacation?”,

You are enjoying a well deserved vacation when the worst happens – SHTF!

Not just a small localized disaster, but a true SHTF event.

It’s been in the back of your mind (since you’re a prepper) the ‘what-if’ thought.
What if you were on vacation when ‘it’ happens? The shite hits the fan.

What will you do?

It’s something worth thinking about. One never knows the day or the time (if and when) the SHTF, but what if it happens while you’re away from your home base?

Given the variability in SHTF scenarios coupled with the variability of where or how far you may be from home base at the time, there’s no one clear answer to this problem. However there is some good general advise – as follows:


That may sound easy, but not necessarily. Many of us wait before we act. We want more information before committing to an action. Especially if it involves quickly separating yourself from the current situation and getting out while others are being non-committal or not recognizing the significant danger of the event.

We naturally want to know ‘what’ happened in more detail. Knowing more of the details will either emphasize the notion to get out, or it will satisfy the doubt and keep you from acting.

We naturally want to know ‘why’ it happened which will lend more insight into whether or not it might escalate even further. This will take more valuable time while analyzing.

Normalcy bias will tend to keep us where we are. We naturally do not want to accept that the $hit has just hit the fan for real. It has never happened before, so, how could it be happening now?

Some of us (including me) tend to over-analyze situations, even to the extent of slowing down our productivity or decision-making. If you have recognized that ‘it’ (SHTF) has just happened, then go with your gut. Don’t over-analyze. Act. It’s obvious.

In another article written, “Under What Circumstances Would You BUG OUT?”, which challenged readers to consider what it would take to ‘bug out’, I emphasized again… went the situation warrants it, do not hesitate…

IF you are to bug out (regardless of the circumstances and thresholds of the decision), DO IT EARLY before the masses. We’ve all seen the miles upon miles of gridlocked vehicles on the highways and bi-ways…


Where do you go?

So, I had said that you should not hesitate and that you should ‘get out’. Instinct will be strong to get back ‘home’ – wherever home is. This might be a good destination, and then again it might not. You must realize that it might take a few steps to get back home and that you might have to go somewhere else first – safer from where you are now. Maybe your home location is no longer safe, due to the SHTF event. It’s your judgement call.


How do you get there?

You get there by the safest route. Get out of harms way, wherever that way is. Do not follow the main stream, unless the main stream route is going to be safe and clear (your judgement call). It is wise to carry hard-copy maps or road atlas that covers your regions of travel.

Tip: Road Atlas Maps For Each State

When the SHTF for real, rather than listing a set of preps, precautions, or what to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.., I wish to get across the main point of no hesitation when you have recognized that ‘this is it’. It is situational awareness. It is a ‘survival skill’. To act. To get moving when you must. To save yourself.


  1. “Movement is Life” to quote the movie world war Z… that was a stupid movie however. We have had Hurricane warnings down here in Florida for the past 7 days and just last night in Ft. Luaderdale my friend sent me photos at 1AM at his local Walmart the shelves wiped clean.

    The sheep are slow to react which is good for us. There will be a very brief window were people just stand around looking in the air. Not too sure what that window will be in a major SHTF event. 2hrs, 8hrs, 24hrs? At least with Hurricanes they are slow to react.

    1. @ White Cracker

      “At least with Hurricanes they are slow to react.”

      True but guess what, the Sheeple STILL wait for the last minute to do a dang thing…. Unreal, absolutely unreal.


      1. The news this morning reported long lines and empty stores for the hurricane that might hit the east coast. Same sheeple, new day.

      2. I thought the same thing watching the news last night… what the heck were these people waiting for? Do people who live in hurricane-prone areas really need the MSM to tell them to go buy water & supplies as a huge hurricane is coming their way? And why are there always people being interviewed who are shocked to learn their local store is out of the things they want? Makes me shake my head and sigh.

        1. Grandma used to say: “There, but for the grace of God, go I”.

          The stupid…. it burns.

        2. I had a patient a while back who was manager at Rays. One of the things we chatted about was Wal-Mart. He admired them from a professional standpoint. One of the things he said was Wal-Mart knew how many Twinkies to order (along with everything else) if a hurricane was coming.

    2. I would guess that all these ‘sheeple’ were just agreeing with Ken here, who stated that the Florida media was “over-hyping” the Matthew Florida threat, by believing in the projected paths.

      Having lived in SE Florida for the last 50 years, I’ve learned that there is no such thing as “over-hyping’ the Hurricane threat.

      Hurricanes are notorious for changing their minds.(That’s why they used to always have Female names.)

      1. @DeepSouth, to defend myself I will say that my general point in the Media Hype section was that of media hype. It exists and often it is blatant. I entirely accept your point that hurricanes are a fickle thing. Perhaps I should not have used this hurricane as an example (although it was a current event and it just flowed off my fingertips as I typed).

        1. Ken:

          My point being, that just 3 days ago, Sunday, the general feeling here was that, believing in the projected models, Florida was going to be spared a direct hit from Matthew. The following day, Monday, the projection shifted more towards Florida, and that’s when the general population here started to wake up!

        2. Also, not too many years back, before these satellite projections, Hurricanes were only tracked, and not predicted. Interestingly enough, people then were actually more prepared because they didn’t have something (or someone) telling them what path the Hurricane was actually going to take.

          A prime example of the masses not thinking for themselves, and being led by the ‘experts’!

        3. Sorry Ken:

          Once I get wound up, I’m hard to stop, BUT, here’s another Zinger for you:

          With Matthew’s landfall here in SE Florida just hours away, the local government (state & county) are telling people to have 3 days supplies on hand, while at the same time, the local power company (Florida Power & Light) are expecting power outages to effect over 1 million people, and it could take up to 2 WEEKS to restore everyone’s power back!

        4. …it shows you the brilliance of our government. And we’re paying for that advice…

      2. You’re SPOT ON your analogy about that of why they were just female names!! LOL!! This one should have been a female’s name because now they’re saying it could loop back and hit FL a second time!!

        1. What’s going to happen if hurricane Matthew and Nicole collide and then hit the east coast?

  2. Very Good Post….

    Very good suggestions..

    (might I suggest, if driving, fill up at every gas station along the way, if there are no lineups.)

    Also, I have read somewhere, someone who had gotten to their destination by plane (maybe it was re 9/11, can’t recall) got themselves quickly to an RV rental place, rented an RV, and got them and their family home.

    1. Hi Anon,

      I don’t remember who posted the story, but someone was talking about a group of co-workers that included a smart engineer who thought to get an RV rented for all of them and drive themselves back when public transport was shut down. Very smart solution to a big problem.

      1. That would be me. An engineer, plus a gaggle of four salesmen were at a convention in Ohio when 9/11 happened. Air and rail, not an option. Rental cars were all gone. While the salesmen were busy soiling their fancy trousers, the engineer came up with a plan to rent an RV and hit the road home. I’m not sure how they dealt with returning the vehicle, but it wasn’t important at the time.

  3. When evacuating an area remain calm don’t panic, run, act nervously, or anything that will draw attention to yourself. The sheeple will stand there wondering what just happened. As soon as one person shows panic they will all panic running in the same direction. The opportunists will start looting, robbing, and raping at this time ignoring the hazards that are present. One needs to discreetly slip out of an area unnoticed and as far away from the populated mass as possible.

  4. SHTF can come in many, many different forms and levels of intensity and speed of the effects.

    Personally, I feel that the most likely scenario will be a fairly benign beginning, a slow roll down hill, that gains momentum and speed as it plays out over a fairly short period, but not an immediate “aw’ sh-t” event.

    Those already preparing will recognize the signs and use that window of time to increase/finish their preps. Those who are oblivious now will continue to ignore the inevitable, arguing what political party is most likely to better take care of them. They will still be totally unprepared when the bottom falls out, waiting for someone/government to come to the rescue.

    Worst case would be an event that brings normality to a halt in an instant, such as an EMP bringing technology to a halt in an instant.

    Again, those who plan for the unknowable, will recognize what’s happening the moment all vehicles/light switches stop working. Again, they will have the advantage of knowing that waiting for help is going to be fruitless and start implementing their pre-planned response, while the majority of folks will take at least 2-3 days to realize ain’t nobody comin’.

    This in itself will provide a great deal of advantage and likely-hood of survival, at least for the short term.

    1. I agree, Dennis… recognizing the kinds of SHTF situations that could occur is a huge leap ahead of where most people will be when/if something does happen. I don’t think it will take 2-3 days for people to start freaking out though. I think a few hours with no answers and no power (or phone or Internet) will be enough to have people in a total panic.

  5. First and foremost, you should NEVER leave home without being prepared, period!! These days we just can’t afford to leave home without anticipating
    the worse could happen while we are away!!

    Even your get home bag should have a pair of walkie talkies or small hand held Han radio and emergency radio that are inside of small lined metal tin box to protect it from a possible EMP. At least (2) small bottles of water. hiking boots, work gloves, protein bars, compass, flashlight with extra batteries, water filter, small battery pack to recharge electronic, all of those typical emergency items. This bag should be adjusted according to the distance you are from home and the weather conditions.

    Having a plan shared among family members for meet up location if they can’t travel unless by foot. Remember, those walkie talkies, every family member needs to have one because mobile phone system may be DOWN, Having the ability to communicate with your love ones will help them stay calm.

    Above all having a plan will help you stay ahead of others and see thru the chaos to safety. Stay aware of your surroundings. Those that are in a panic mode will be frantically searching for direction and if they see you are prepared with stuff then they WILL try to take it away from you!!! Before you reach safety.

    1. In addition to the above, I ALWAYS have my FF Respirator and cartridge with me whenever I leave my home regardless of how far I go!! It has it’s own pouch connected to the outside of my GHB with two sealed Potassium Iodine tablets.

    2. Also before entering a building for the first time, know where another access to exit the building is located before entering. I usually arrive early before a given appt. time to circle the block so the I can observe a rear exit and the surrounding area and ally ways.

      If where you’re at when SHTF is inside a multi story building and you’re not on the ground floor, most fire codes require a posting of the floor plan in a conspicuous location showing where you standing in relation to the elevator and stairwells in case of a fire. Look for this diagram as soon as you change floors, NOT after something goes wrong. Your reaction time could be vital in an emergency!!

  6. As Ol’ Remus put it on his site yesterday, you either want to survive, or be the best informed corpse in the city.

    Probably for most of the folks who visit this site the normalcy bias is pretty low. It likely wouldn’t take most of us long to Get Out Of Dodge if catastrophe we to strike.

    I was reading yesterday about the 2 satellites N Korea has passing over our country from the south on a regular basis. The Russians have admitted to having given the Norks the technology to miniaturize their nukes to fit into either warheads or satellites. That crazy little gnome could easily be biding his time to set one or both off, either on his own or with encouragement from Russia or China.

    I was considering this while driving around the nearest city, about 30 miles from my only safe place – home. Probably only tin foil hat wearers like myself would understand what had happened and be taking positive action. Most everyone else would be checking circuit breakers. It wasn’t by chance I was driving our newly EMP proofed old Bronco. That old beater is going to see a lot of use.

    1. In my past life I drove a lumber delivery truck in a major west coast metro area. I forced myself to learn every possible way to make my deliveries WITHOUT DRIVING ON ANY FREEWAY. After a while I became very good and faster then the other drivers. They were always stuck in traffic.

      I would like to recommend that anyone unfortunate enough live in a metro area learn at least 4 routes between where you are and want to go without using the freeway system?

      We are now very happy country bumpkins living where we wanted to run to. Yesterday we did a little roadside farming, we gathered some freshly dug potatoes a trucker off loaded as he or she was over loaded. Be well, and use your head at all times.

  7. There is a saying, “Thinking On Your Feet”.

    One had better be able to think fast (on your feet) to decide on which way to head when moving to get out of immediate danger. Once moving than analyze each steps you’re going to take, once out of immediate danger, and situational awareness is in high alert, take time to analyze what you’re going to do next. One miscalculation could be disastrous or deadly indeed.
    Start asking yourself questions, IE.

    I’m assuming 1000 miles from Home Base in Portland visiting Mom again :-)

    1. How far is it to Home Base and can I reasonably make it?
    2. What supplies do I have with, and how far if traveling will they last?
    3. Where am I, do I need to stay and help family survive this SHTF?
    4. If I leave can I take other family members with me to Home Base?
    5. What modes of transportation are available for myself and maybe others?
    6. What will the .gov be doing to limit travel from current location and to Home Base?
    7. Is there going to be 2-4 million other people trying to do the same thing?
    8. Will you be better off hunkering down where you are (after in a safe location) or leave?
    9. Why-O-Why did I not take the Blue Pill?

    Millions of variables are in play, as Ken said Most will sit around waiting for that Hurricane (SHTF) to sit on top of them before reacting, just read the ongoing post in Kens other article. I believe I would rather be the fool that pre-reacted or over-reacted than sit there and wait for more fuel to show up at the gas station.

    Back to Ken’s original thinking on the article, I agree, get yar azz to safety NOW!!!!! Analyze once safe, you’ll do nobody any good dead or injured from non-reacting.

    Just my 3¢ worth, inflation ya know

    1. @NRP

      Your scenario brought to mind my trip last spring to the Enterprise/Joseph area of eastern Oregon. The part about getting through the greater Portland area to continue south would be a bear as it was bad enough on a typical day. Depending on what happened (for this scenario) I would have had to look at going way around. Ugh.

      1. @ aka

        Head south to Bend, than west to the coast. I’d stay wayyyyy the hell away from Pot-Land.


        1. @nrp

          Yup, way around but a heck of a lot better than trying to get through a place such as the greater Portland area and more likely survivable. I had that route in the back of my mind as Plan B for just such a ‘problem’. I don’t remember exactly what was going on in the world at the time (there is always something these days) but it made me a little jumpy.

        2. aka
          We have used the side freeway to avoid ‘pot-land’, it is at Tualatin goes past Milwaukee/Lake Oswego it will blend back into the I-5. If you wanted to go that way, still has traffic but way less than the other route.

          In grid down situation 26 to 97 is a good road just make sure you have spare fuel with you, some of those areas have long stretches to the next available fuel source.

          Few years ago we took a drive through that section, it was my home base of my family.

        3. @ antique collector

          215 off of 84 to 5, and poof, you just circumvented Pot-Land and the city of the weird. Unfortunately it will still be a parking lot if TSHTF.

          Again, react fast and move quickly, to avoid the rush.


          PS; if ya happen to head ta way, stop by and say “HI-YA” to me mom…. hehehe

        4. NRP
          It would be a pleasure to say HI to your mom as we pass by on the I-5. Bet she is a kick in the pants & a joy to be around.

          The next time we head that way it will be ??? I am not sure depends on a lot of factors. Tell her hello from a native of Oregon, but we live in the state of Jefferson. Not CA, pheewwuuu lol

        5. @antique collector and NRP

          Yeah, If I got stuck on that side of the state 26 and 97, depending on the time of year would be the best choice and your definitely right about having extra fuel on board.

          215? still not ringing any bells with that. Toilet town was Tualatin’s nickname in years past. I’ll have to look into that as another possibility should the world turn to …..

        6. @ aka

          An old mans memory….. 205 not the 215.

          What were we talking about? HAHAHA


        7. Oh- was hoping for some back road that had escaped notice. :0 That is the route I took coming back from that trip to eastern Oregon. It turned out to be a nightmare. But hey it was probably better than going down I-5 and you never know. Always have alternatives!

          I think that I will look for better detail maps and also a trailer hitch, trailer and/or small camp trailer. Probably won’t do it for this car but definitely for the next one.

  8. I don’t travel far from home. I have maps of the hundreds of forest trails and dirt roads in my truck and work vehicle if I need to take them. When everyone takes a small lunch “cooler” for work, I take my 72 hr. bug out bag to work with my lunch with survival tools, dried foods, a tin cup and medicine kit. The sheeple guys at work think my bag is full of all feminine stuff, LOL.

  9. Just had news on…

    Wow oh wow…

    Down in path of hurricane, most folks are only now stocking up/leaving/getting gas…

    Line ups miles long, and shelves/gas stations empty…

    YUPPERS…Ken is correct…
    when SHTF…act now…otherwise you might well be out of luck.

    1. I know people who are are at Disney for vacation. I just talked to them. They were oblivious to the predictions. I told them that Matthew was a Cat 4 hurricane headed their way.

      Their response…”well, we have several bottles of water in the fridge” and we have a “food plan”. That means that while they are there, Disney is supposed to feed them. My question? What if Disney says to evacuate? What happens to your food plan?

      Thousands of people at resorts in Orlando, dependent on the resort to take care of them. Hope the employees stay on the job. hmmmm

      And of course these “adults” have children with them.

  10. This week I am in Houston (about 500 miles from home).

    I fly here two-three times a month. My preps are minimal since I can’t bring a lot on the plane. I can bring a firearm in my checked luggage but I have felt that current events have not warranted extra precautions (normalcy bias creeping in here). That may not be the best planning but I do have some friends here and at the half way point that I can use for logistical support.

    If the SHTF event happens while I am in Houston, depending on the event, I will have to find transportation (motorcycle or 4-wheeler) and make my way to home. I have checked out a few motorcycle shops within a few miles of where I am working that have what I am looking for. If I wasn’t going to retire in two months, I would stage preps and transportation in a storage locker near me so I could get home. Overall, I am not in the best prepared position for a SHTF event. I feel most vulnerable when I am here.

    1. You can bring a firearm on a plane. You just have to check it in at a different desk, and you have to have it in a locking case, with the ammo stored elsewhere, I have done it many times.

  11. I stay close to home these days.

    We did have a weird occurrence the other day. Since we live in a relatively remote area, we are on a dish service for the internet and another sat service for television. Both went off the air at the same time – hummmm two different satellites?

    I asked MDW to contact a neighbor on a different service to inquire if they were off as well – instead of getting right to the issue, they had to engage in all the latest news and rumors. If this had been an emergency, much time would have been wasted in assessing the extent of the emergency. We had a serious discussion after and, in these precarious times, I do not expect this normalcy bias to blind us in the future(at least until the election is over.)

  12. Ken- An article about nuclear targets posted on Steve Quayle’s site gives credit for the map they used to this blog!

    1. About the Nuclear Targets Ken, You wrote an article about the probable cities being targets about 3.5 years ago. Will you give us an updated version on that list anytime soon?

        1. Well Ken,

          With the Russians doing a 3 day Nuclear warfare exercise involving 40 million Russians has me a little concerned especially since we have stopped talking to the Russians over Syria. Nothing to worry about though.

          Probably the only way we could get 40 million Americans to participate is if they could win a chance to meet the Kartrashians or the Bieber…

    2. It’s nice to see my work of developing that map is getting some attention ;)

  13. Ok Ok, maybe I’m the stupid one here, but can someone please tell me something?

    I just watched and read about 45-50 minutes of what’s going on with Hurricane Matthew and people are just now preparing for this? They have known for at least 7 days, is it they think someone keeps shouting “Wolf” all the time or what? The shelves are empty, stations are out of fuel there is a Cat-3 or Cat-4 hurricane heading that way and they are just now doing something?????

    I just don’t understand this, why are people so relaxed when there is a warning 7 days in advance? Or even 3-4 days. What the heck will they do if something unexpected and sudden happen, as we call it a SHTF? I’m sorry but I just shake my head at this, and yes we all have seen this before, many many times, I just don’t get it….

    It’s the same thing with the earthquake warnings on the west coast, are people doing anything at all? I mean if someone told me the Rocky Mountains are about to erupt in a HUGE volcano I think I would question myself on what I should be doing more, and checking my preps. But I look around at the people in the path of Matthew and see nada really happening; yes a full tank of gas in the car will get you maybe 10 miles on a fully packed freeway with 2 million other cars, than what??????

    UGHHHH, this stuff hurts my brain thinking WTH are people doing, or NOT doing?

    Mini Rant over

    PS; yes this ties into this article, sort of; doing nothing is not an option when a SHTF is eminent.

    1. NRP

      Do you know how many people don’t even know who the current President is? Or when the Civil War was fought? Or how many quarts in a gallon? Or who can’t find Texas on a map?

      Our union-dominated schools have created a nation of idiots; drugs and sex have controlled what young people think about; all news comes from Facebook; and no matter what happens we can all count on the government to protect us.

      1. I agree Daisy!! Distractions of no importance to occupy the minds of the dumbed down like creating confusion about what bathroom to use and Kim (trashy) K’s robbery. While this Govt does its dirty work in the middle east picking a fight where they don’t belong!!

      2. And, of course, they don’t know what foods they find in the wild are edible, how to find water if nothing is coming out of the tap, how to make fire, how to keep warm (or cool), how to hunt & butcher the meat, etc. The only survival skill they will have is how to steal from someone who knows all these things.

    2. NRP

      It was the same for the big one in Louisiana but instead of looking to themselves, they blamed the President. Remember the highway north full of stranded vehicles – yes there are many that may die. Not gloom and doom, just the truth.

      1. Sorry I did not specify which storm – hurricane Katrina not the recent flooding.

    3. I couldn’t agree more!!!

      It’s not like this is the first hurricane to ever hit the area. People who live there should already know what to do without being told every hour on the hour that the hurricane is an hour closer.

      Even if people were too lazy or complacent to follow the very basic steps they were told to take during the summer (you know 3 days of food & water, blah, blah to perp for hurricane season) you would think they would wake up and get some gas, water, batteries, etc… before the last possible moment. I guess I overestimate the intelligence of most of our population. Man, people can be really stupid!

    4. Its likely because of the economy that they just don’t have any money to pay for extra gas, they can’t afford to miss a day of work or have a place to stay one evacuated. Not making excuses, just reality. The masses are waiting for the Govt to take care of them!!! Which is exactly what the Govt wants, chaos so they can declare Martial LAW!!!

      Most of us in Louisiana showed the Govt that we could take care of ourselves during the recent flooding and the Govt still wanted to regulate us helping one another, but most of us ignored them. Plus the torentual rains just came from no where without warning!!

      We’ll see what happens in FL!!!

      1. I have been without a job since May 4 2012 & choose to not let gov. help me.
        Didn’t want to get tied up in that.

        Guess I just think different than other people. But I’ve always bought extra
        supplies. Get that from my family.

        $$ is starting to run low, so spending it is little dif. now.

        I can understand why people don’t prep. They don’t know how to budget the $$
        for it.

        1. Good for You!! I’m glad your not a sheeple!! And are preparing!

    5. NRP,

      I believe everyone here is baffled over the apparent lack of concern by the masses and their half-hearted preparations.

      I’m watching this and I’m seeing this total disconnect with reality of the situation. Then I think of my buddy, who BTW is one tough SOB saying no we are out of here.!

      I’m afraid people are in for a lot of pain this week…

      1. BJH
        If I may, many of those lost in lala land do not recall or do NOT wish to recall what happened at Homestead AFB in 1992 being taken out by Hurricane Andrew. Almost wiped off the map, I am concerned as we have a chapter member & his family who reside there at this very time. She will gather the kids together an leave, but the dh IF he is there will have to stay.
        Then the niece & family are farther up the coast line & her hubby is in the military.

        2004 it was hit with 4 hurricanes, as we had to wait for our tri fuel generator. It was on back order as orders for Florida took precedence over our request. Those who are not moving their backsides to a safer area, do not believe anything bad will happen to them. That is what is wrong, lack of fore sight.

        Your retired military friend knew it was time to get out of Dodge.

        1. I remember the damage to Homestead and the surrounding areas from Andrew. Whole neighborhoods with every roof torn off and worse. People have very short memories.

          I imagine when my friend heard they were evacuating family from Gitmo that made his decision a no brainer. Seeing the size of hurricane Matthew would have me beating feet out of there.

          I saw on the news where the sheep are already blaming everyone else for their lack of preparations. UNBELIEVABLE!

          Now,they have had almost a week to prepare and most have done zero.

          The lesson here is don’t let your window of opportunity go by. Assess, make a decision and execute your plan so you don’t get caught up in the sheep stampede…

    6. They(gov & reporters) have stated that lot of people have moved into Florida
      & have never experienced a Hurricane. That could be the reason they haven’t prepared til now.

      I’m not a diehard prepper but Do have will to live. Also very independent.
      Not understanding people who don’t think their life is important.

  14. Hi all,

    My old friend from Florida validated all these articles from Ken this week.

    He saw this storm for what it was. A SHTF event. His gut told him to leave. Now this guy don’t rattle easy. 20 plus in the Marines can attest to that. I know his wife. She didn’t whine or complain. She knows he wouldn’t leave their beautiful home on the river unless it was absolutely necessary.

    While most people were cleaning the dinner dishes Monday night he was on his way to a safe location. Days ahead of the sheep and the mandatory evacuation of his area. It’s pretty much a given some people will lose their lives in this hurricane. My friend and his wife won’t be among them.

    Ken is not one to toot his own horn here. Having 30 million visitors attest to the quality of the blog and the information given.

    I personally come to this site because it’s not a doom and gloom blog. I can come up with enough of that in my own head. I keep coming back because it’s a community of people from all over freely sharing knowledge and experience. Information I can use for everyday life not just for the end of the world…
    OK, I will get off my soapbox now.

  15. To quote Bill Jenkins Horse:

    “Ken is not one to toot his own horn here. Having 30 million visitors attest to the quality of the blog and the information given.

    I personally come to this site because it’s not a doom and gloom blog. I can come up with enough of that in my own head. I keep coming back because it’s a community of people from all over freely sharing knowledge and experience. Information I can use for everyday life”

    Yes 100% Yes!

    I work from home, and I keep this site up all day and check in numerous times to see how everyone is and what there is new to learn.

    This blog is golden and inspires me everyday, thanks to Ken and everyone!

    The wisdom, knowledge, respect, and even humor shared in this community
    is priceless.

    Be Blessed all~

      1. I second the value you give to us. You inspire discussion and offer wise solutions to problems we face. Thank you!

  16. One suggestion: Situation like hurricane Matthew bearing down, book a room
    in a motel 75-100 mile inland (wherever you think would be safe) right
    away. Don’t wait until you get there and likely find all the hotels/motels
    are filled.

  17. We have friends who now live in Jacksonville very near the ocean. We called to check on them and make sure they were taking action and were VERY pleased to hear they had already had. They boarded up the house, drained some pool water so it won’t overflow, pulled their emergency supplies, computers and paperwork together and evacuated to a safe place staying with friends inland.

    They decided (very wisely) not to take the chance getting caught in the area or stuck sitting in last-minute-escapee traffic. With this much notice there is no excuse for people not to get their act together and get out of Mother Nature’s way.

    More and more often I run little scenarios through my head “What would I do if…” in hopes that if/when a really big SHTF scenario comes to pass I am already mentally conditioned to react and not freeze. I hope I never have to fall back on this mental practice, but at least I am far better prepared to respond quickly in a crisis than most people.

    1. If you’re still living in S.Calif. I hope you’ll be able to leave before the expected big quake happens.

      I lived in S.Calif for 7 years back in the late sixties/early seventies and experienced the large quake in 70′. I made up my mind then that I wasn’t going to stay for the next one and was lucky to get a job transfer to Dallas and now back home in Louisiana.

      Looks like my travels aren’t done yet due to upcoming events that will likely start happening soon. The key will be to NOT be where the bad guys are expecting me to be!! LOL!!! Or not being able to recognize my appearance or vehicle!!

    2. @ SO CAL Gal;
      I too run those “what if” scenarios in my, helps me to think and anticipate what I have/need to do to stay safe.

  18. It’s the same here in Indiana in winter. We know days ahead when a blizzard or big snow storm is coming but the night before or morning of people go crazy! Seriously you know its coming!

  19. Florida has not been hit by a Hurricane in 11 years.

    Folks who have been here for years get lax, the new ones don’t know what to do.

    Sheeple at their best.

  20. I have all of the east coast road maps thanks to AAA. I truly believe when SHTF, mobile phones and its directional maps on them will be useless. Millions of sheeple will try to use it, which in turn will over load the towers making the apps and cell phones useless. I carry maps where I go.

    1. Hi Uncle B,

      I’m amazed how many kids don’t even know how to read a map. I tried to explain what a Thomas Bros guide was to a friends’ kids and they looked at me like I’d grown a third eye. They thought it was really funny how we had to look at a paper map “back in the day”.

      Good grief… if they don’t have a live GPS-guided voice telling them when to make the next turn heaven only knows how they would ever find anything.

        1. had to actually show a child how to use a rotary phone couple yrs ago.

      1. Its always fun to watch young drivers when road construction has altered a roadway but the Garmin navigators have not been updated yet – the horror. But but it says to turn here – ditch.

      2. Interesting thread….I taught ALL of my 10 kids to read not just road maps, but political and topo maps as well. Interestingly, they are hell bent on teaching all of their children the same. So whenever grand-kids are at the ranch, we make a big deal out of pulling out the topo and political maps to show them hunting zones, school zones, hills and valleys. The ART of reading maps is NOT dead in THIS family!

        We used to have our kids tell us all the state capitols, state flowers and trees, state commerce, etc whenever we would travel….now they torture their kids with the same games.

        I HOPE it continues to the next generation as well. We are pretty proud of these “games” and my adult children are very relieved to have the “trivial” knowledge.

        1. You’re an excellent Grand Parent!! Just like my Grandma said, the learning process should never end!! After she passed, I found all of the Birthday Cards that were ever sent to her from all her Grand Children. She was still teaching me after she was gone.

      3. +1 on the Thomas maps books, I think anyone living around a big metro area like L.A., Portland, etc. should have one. Amazon sells ’em used…

    2. Uncle B,

      My kids’ dad was at one time a drill sgt., and was teaching map reading and landnav, so, the kids learned both :)

      Can’t always go about kids being stupid with today’s tech, I blame the adults who are stupider and can’t show or share knowledge and wisdom.

  21. Ken,

    Are you trying to get us ready for WWIII to start and/or collapse, perhaps both!!??? Next week!!

    1. The clock keeps ticking… and the powers-that-be keep ratcheting tighter and tighter…

  22. On my way north on I75 this morning, out of Ft. Myers.

    Huge line of National Guard troops, power line crews. And a lot of cars from the east coast. You can tell buy the dealer ship advertising, plate, stickers etc.

    Some of the smarter sheep, probably coming over to the gulf side. To stay with friends and family, or get a room.

    While the dumber are still there looking at the sky.

  23. I’m over on the west coast just south of Tampa & I ran out to top off the gas for both cars and pick up some milk, etc at the store. 1 gas station already out of gas and lines at 3 others.

    Didn’t see many people buying food or water for the storm, but I think most still have what they bought when Hermine came through the gulf coast last month. We are now under a TS watch and the models are looking crazy.

    Adapt and Overcome.

    1. 11HE9

      Are you/they expecting Tampa to be “OK”?

      Know someone who lives in the vicinity and am wondering.

      1. @Anon

        Right now who knows. Most of the models show the storm skirting the east coast. One model shows it hitting Fl and heading straight to Tampa. Should no more by tomorrow midday. Either way I feel the entire state will be effected. West coast will get low TS winds, rains, etc no matter what unless the storm stays on the far East of the cone. But it has been shifting further west over the past couple of days.

        I was just surprised about the gas stations. I’m glad people were planning ahead though. I think it really hit them when the whole Tampa/ west coast area was given a TS watch.

        Adapt and Overcome.

        1. Looking at the 11pm models it looks like it is shifting back to east. So the Tampa area may only get minor winds.

          I was listening to Rush today and he raised a good question. If all the “scientists can predict what our world will be like in 50 yrs without climate control why can’t they predict where this storm is heading in 2 or 3 days?” I got a good laugh from that. We all know CC is total BS and just another way they make money and scare the sheep.

          Adapt and Overcome.

        2. 11HE9

          Thanks for the update. Appreciate it.

          Oddly we worry about them…

          Odd you say? sigh..don’t think they much worry themselves, as well..you know….the govt will take care of them..

          We are far away, and for some reason was having a hard time sifting the reports to figure if “we” should worry..

        3. Wouldn’t be surprised if we wake up in the morning to see the projected path is going into the Gulf of Mexico.

  24. This is semi off topic but how can we tell if a hurricane is coming during a SHTF situation? When you don’t have electricity or any outside communications how will you prepare?

    1. YOU will be prepared regardless. Be glad that you are prepared for other issues!

      Watch the skies, wind in the trees, etc. You will KNOW what to do. Here in the west we don’t watch for hurricanes….but we DO keep an eye on the color of the sky. It tells us whether rain, snow or tornado is on the way. Never a bad idea to have a barometer in the house and a small weather station in the yard. Great pieces of equipment and require NO electricity!

    2. I always heard watch the animals. They know what’s coming before we do.

      Adapt and Overcome.

      1. Well, we do that too. Cows are actually very sensitive….so are the horses. Dogs and cats for earthquakes….

        1. pioneer woman

          We had a donkey(passed away), he would be mean to the other animals in the pasture with him. Bite, kick at you anywhere to 5 days before it occurred. The birds stopped singing to one another, everything would be dead quiet for days before it happened.

          We have been experiencing that for the past 2 days, we could have one preparing to happen out in the ocean off of Fortuna coast line any time soon.

      2. 11HE9:

        You are exactly right about the animals – They are smarter than us, by Instinct.
        Mine are already hunkered down, just waiting for The Storm to hit.

        1. DeepSouth

          We have a dog that hates rain and thunderstorms. I mean he won’t eat, follows you every where and pants so much you would think he is going to pass out. He will start acting like that before we can even see the clouds gathering.

          Hope you make it through the storm OK. We are just now getting some rains and light winds here south of Tampa. Actually it’s really nice out.

          Adapt and Overcome.

  25. We keep our livestock on iodine in case of silly politics. Bought quite a bit of pre-fukishima seaweed. They don’t like it, but will eat it if a spike in radiation…..keeping the meter running at night just to keep our fingers on the pulse. Go to super station 95 for an update….not a pretty scenario.

  26. Important to consider demographics of areas you need to pass through. Sometimes a wide detour is worth considering. Also, realistic rate of travel. Amuses me to hear people talk about making 20mi/day. Unlikely under best conditions. Really unlikely under adverse conditions. I plan my E&E based on 2-4mi/day being a good day.

    Whenever we go to city we take get home bags and good walking shoes. Keep change of clothes in car always. Also, consider friends places to R&R along the way. Avoid major thoroughfares, intersections, bridges, etc. Hide n seek and land navigation good skills to have.

  27. The National Weather service in my friends area released a statement.

    Even sturdy homes can expect roof and structural wall damage. Mobile homes will be destroyed. Flying debris will cause additional damage.

    Roads, bridges, causeways, access roads will be damaged and unpassable. Areas and neighborhoods will be uninhabitable for weeks and months.

    Then I see this MSM BOBBLE HEAD talking about how it is good for people to have 3 day supplies for these emergencies. Idiots!

    What I want to see is the guy who comes on the news and says: Flee! Flee for your lives! You’re gonna die if you stay here!
    But then again,the herd does need culling…

    Talked to my friend to make sure they got there OK. He expects his house to be gone and a total loss. They took everything of importance with them. He just wished he had taken his dad’s wooden machinist box.

    When its over he and his SIL will return to assess the situation.

    I may have a trip to Florida in my near future to help out.

    I’m interested to see how fast the squatter in the People’s House responds to this.

    My wife brought up a good point. If the whole East coast gets hammered and takes weeks and months to fix how are the people going to vote in the election?
    Things that make you go Hmmm…

    1. Bill Jenkins

      Governor Scott did come on and say, “leave”.

      He even told the tourists to leave.

      1. DaisyK,

        I know he did. It would of been nice to see the MSM support and agree with him.
        As it is he is already being blamed.

        I bet a Dem. Governor would get different treatment…

        Praying for all those folks. They are gonna need all the help they can.

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