US Nuclear Target Map

December 2, 2011, by Ken Jorgustin


Out of curiosity I searched for maps that would reveal nuclear targets in the United States.

It may be interesting to look at your own location in relation to the various nuclear target maps, to see how you would fare.

iOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets

The following maps are from various sources on the internet.

Note the large zones in Montana, North Dakota, and the corner of Wyoming-Nebraska-Colorado (indicated on the first map) where there are evidently numerous nuclear missile silos.

Israeli Gas Mask w/ Nato Filter

Nuclear Weapons
The approximate world score…

12,000 (Russia)
9,400 (USA)
300 (France)
240 (China)
225 (UK)
90 (Pakistan)
80 (India)
80 (Israel)
10 (N. Korea)

The last map is one of my own. It indicates several general regions where it appears to be safer relative to other areas based on observations from the nuclear target maps that are listed here.

A few of the maps take in to account the prevailing wind patterns (a very important factor), and I weighted them more highly in my own analysis.