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A Fire Starter Kit List

December 21, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin

I keep a fire starter kit in a Ziploc bag in each of my various ‘bags’ (72-hour kit, my Versipack’s for hiking or outdoor adventures, etc..).

The ability to make fire is one of the essentials of survivability, and having more than one way to make a fire is just good preparedness.

Within my fire-starter (Ziploc) kit, I generally keep the following items:


BIC Lighter

While a BIC type lighter won’t work reliably under all conditions, it is by far the simplest and quickest way to get a fire started.


Strike Anywhere Matches

I fill one of those small stick-match holders (waterproof) with ‘strike-anywhere matches’ as a backup to my lighter.
Diamond Match (Strike anywhere)


FireSteel Rod

This ‘magical’ rod will shed sparks onto a pile of tinder while firmly scraping down its edge with the metal striker that comes with it, or your knife, etc..

Magnesium Fire Starter
Emergency 2-IN-1 Fire Starter & Magnesium Fuel Bar


A Tea Light Candle

This little candle will burn for several hours and could be lit first under wet conditions to help with a consistent flame to get a tinder / kindling pile burning.
Unscented All Purpose Tea Light Candles


Vaseline Coated Cotton Balls

Simply smear some vaseline on a few cotton balls for a nice little ball of fire when lit. I keep pre-smeared cotton balls in a small sandwich bag (to keep the goo from getting on everything else) and I keep that bag within the Fire-starter kit Ziploc bag.


Firestarter Stick / Square / Puck

They sell various types and sizes of ‘fire sticks’ that when lit will burn for awhile, plenty of time to get some kindling going.
Fire Starter w/ 30-min. Burn-time

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What’s in your fire starter kit?

More fire-starter ideas:

-Roadside Flares
-Magnifying Glass
-Torch Lighter
-Char Cloth
-Magnesium Firestarter