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How To Start A Fire With Wet Wood

Ever tried building a fire in a wet environment with wet wood? Here’s more about Fire starters – Tinder – Kindling – Damp Wood – How to build it

Daylight Left Until Sun Sets – How Many Hands above the Horizon

This 'trick' is a 'handy' way to estimate how much time until sunset. From a preparedness point of view, it could help during any number of situations. Such as estimating enough time to find (or make) shelter during an outdoor excursion. Or the time remaining to...

Disaster Preparedness Binder

Evacuate! - Are you ready? The knock comes at your front door. A fireman tells you that you have 20 minutes to evacuate. The wild fire has been burning for several hours now and is headed your way. Panic sets in. What should you take with you? What should you do next?...