3 Ways A Burglar Breaks In, 80 Percent Of The Time



You may be surprised to discover these top 3 methods that a burglar will use to break into a home. 80 percent of the time, entrance is gained through one of the following ways:



Most burglars break into a home right through the front door!

A surprising number of homes do not have a ‘deadbolt’ lock while relying only on the door-knob lock itself. Don’t make it easy for the burglar – get a deadbolt lock installed to compliment your door knob lock.

Remember too, locks can be ‘picked’. Look for ‘bump proof’ locks which I’ve written about in the past: ‘Key bumping’. I upgraded my door locks after I moved to this home. Every little bit helps…

Install LONGER Screws in the door strike-plate. There’s an illustration here.

Consider door security devices to help prevent the door from opening, even if the lock is picked or someone tries to kick it in, like this simple device.

Door Security Bar Review & What I Like Most About It

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The second most likely point of entry for the burglar is through a first floor window.

Particularly in the summer months, people tend to leave some of their windows open. It is a very common mistake to leave your windows open if you are running out for an errand. Most people don’t think about it. Shut and lock your windows when you leave, or when go to bed at night (especially the first-floor!).

If you have an air-conditioner in the 1st floor window, here’s an article detailing a simple way to secure it better so a burglar will have trouble pushing it in to gain entry.



Often times the back door of a home is not as secure as the front door, and burglars know it. Do not overlook the back door. Secure it the same way as you would the front. And again, if you are running out on an errand, be sure to lock the back door when you leave.

Although statistically less likely, a burglar will also gain entry to your home through the garage, the basement, or a second floor window.