My former best burglar deterrent, ‘Bandit’, may he rest in peace

We’ve written a number of articles to do with home-security including ways to prevent home burglary, and although there are lots of things that you can do for prevention, the following are just two of the many things to hep prevent a home burglary attempt…



Install LONGER Screws In Door Strike-Plate



A strike plate is the metal plate screwed to your door jamb with a hole for the bolt of the door-lock. When the door is closed, the bolt extends into the hole in the strike plate, and holds the door closed. Since the door jam is usually soft wood, the strike plate ensures a more secure latch.

The problem is, the majority of door-lock strike-plate’s are installed and screwed into the door jam with SHORT SCREWS. A door can be easily kicked in if it has strike-plate screws which are only about 1-inch long (often typical).

It is an easy task to replace the existing strike-plate screws with longer screws, say, 2 or 3 inches long. All you need are the screws and a proper sized drill-bit to pre-drill deeper holes.

Doors are often framed with two layers of 2×4’s, so a long screw that penetrates into both of them will help A-LOT… Look for #8 x 3-inch screws or thereabouts… whatever fits your plate.

Just be sure to use a flat-head wood screw so that it will fit flat to the surface of the strike-plate and not protrude out (which would otherwise snag with the door when closing it).



A Barking Dog


Having a dog should almost go without saying…that they are a very good burglar deterrent and home-security protection. The bark of a BIG dog may sound threatening, but even the yip of a smaller dog will bring quick attention to the situation and likely stop a burglar break-in because the typical burglar will move on to easier opportunities instead.

The dog pictured above (Akita-Shepard mix) was my best buddy for 15 years of his life, a big dog who would surely scare the wits out a burglar with his bark and threatening nature (to strangers who aren’t part of the known accepted ‘pack’ of humans).

Today, ironically, we have (or should I say… he has us ;)) a little dog (pictured below), a mini-Dachshund who can bark just as loud (although a higher pitch). Although he won’t appear as threatening in a one-on-one standoff, he will surely do his job alerting everyone within earshot that something is going on that’s out of the normal…

mini-Dachshund Home Security (“object appears bigger than it actually is” ;))

mini-Dachshund On Patrol

So you see, any dog will do…



Door Security Bar

Door Security Bar

This door security bar may be the quickest and easiest way to keep a burglar from kicking in the door. They would literally have to destroy the door to get in because this bar will grip so tightly such that there’s no way the door is opening in a conventionally forced manner. You just tuck it under the door handle. Simple.

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