Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Review

July 30, 2012, by Ken Jorgustin

Home security and burglar deterrence should be thought of as ‘layers’, layers of security that you apply to achieve a more impenetrable home. Not only are there many ‘hardening’ aspects to home security, but there are others such as ‘illusional’. In addition to external deterrents such as motion lights, security stickers, and a host of others, consider what the INSIDE of your home looks like from the OUTSIDE to a potential burglar. If you are away on a trip, or even simply out for the evening, what are the things that you can do to make it appear as though someone is at home, inside.

In addition to things like a 24-hour timer hooked up to a light that will turn on as you programmed it, what is it that most everyone does for awhile in the evening? They watch TV! I know if I were a burglar casing out a home in the evening, if I simply saw a few lights on inside and NO TV, I may assume that the chances are high that no one is home. Well I’ve found a solution for that, and have been using it myself for awhile now when we are away on trips. That thing is a Fake TV! More accurately, it is a device that simulates a TV by producing a realistic flickering light.

The light it emits is realistic in that it is sourced from multicolored LED’s behind prism lenses that diffuse the light into the room, reflecting off the walls, ceiling, and windows. The randomness of the flickering is extraordinarily similar that of a real TV. The intensity changes, the color and hue changes, and the speed at which the flickering happens is identical to scene changes on TV… some rapid, some slower.


(image above is only a simulation of the Fake-TV, which itself is indistinguishable from real TV)


The image above shows the prism lenses as well as the rows of colored LED’s behind them.


The Fake TV has several settings that work with a switch and/or light sensor that knows when it is getting dark in the room. It can be set to run  for 4-hours or 7-hours after dusk. You may choose to connect the Fake TV to a 24-hour timer so that you can adjust the same time of night when you would normally be watching TV.


I believe this is a unique burglar deterrent, and an effective one. Consider adding this to an additional layer of your home security…

Fake-TV Burglar Deterrent