15 Reasons Why You Need Food Storage

Here’s a list of 15 reasons why you need food storage – to get you thinking about it…

1. Severe Weather Events: A major snowstorm or ice-storm leaves you stranded. Or floods tearing out roads. Worse yet, Hurricane damage! It may leave people isolated for days or even weeks. Power and utilities are often damaged while roadways and distribution is affected (availability of food & supplies). Severe weather may be one of the most common reasons why you need food storage preparedness.

2. Unable To Leave Home: You might become sick, or your vehicle may break down, or any other reason whereby you simply are unable to leave your home to get food for awhile. You will be glad that you have at least a minimal food storage!

3. You Lose Your Job: It’s not unheard of to lose one’s job. Expected or unexpected. With no more paycheck, if you’ve built up a food storage supply it will be one less expense to deal with until you get back on your feet.

4. Your Income Drops: For whatever reason if you are suddenly faced with reduced income (maybe you retire, a pay cut, your spouse loses a job) having extra food in the house will be a relief.

5. Earthquake: For those who live in earthquake country. Do yourself a favor and build up emergency food storage (and other associated preparedness!). Building and infrastructure damage could bring an entire region into shutdown.

6. Bug Out | Evacuation: Have a supply of food storage for rapid evacuation (for whatever the reason). A 72-hour kit with food for 3 days. (More: 72 Hour Kit)

7. Systemic Risk of ‘JIT’: ‘“Just In Time”‘ delivery is pretty much how all distribution works these days. Essentially there is zero extra inventory in stores (including grocery stores). If this is disrupted (for any number of reasons), there will be shortages.

8. Currency Devaluation | Inflation: Prices keep going up as currency continues to devalue (a dollar buys less over time). The more food you buy now (and store in your ‘deep pantry’) the less you will pay in the long run. Plus you have the benefit of food storage. Food Price Inflation Hidden in Packaging

9. Pandemic: This threat is real. Especially with today’s modern (fast) worldwide travel. People will be warned to avoid contact with others. It may be a risk to your life just to go to the grocery store among the public! This is where a very deep food storage may even save your life (months of food). (More: Pandemic)

Mountain House Just in Case…Classic Bucket

10. Social Chaos: Mass protests, rioting, looting on a grand scale, perhaps caused by a trigger event. More likely in urban areas of high population density. The trigger event could be nearly anything. We’ve seen it in the news, and it will happen again somewhere. Perhaps even widespread.

11. Financial Economic Meltdown: An economic collapse of the current financial system could lead to a domino effect bringing down the entire system. If bad enough it could lead to an era similar or possibly worse than the Great Depression. Buy food storage now, while you can afford it.

12. Terrorist Attack: A terrorist attack may happen again. The follow-on effects could be bad enough to limit movements and travel. Again, having an inventory of food and supplies at home will be a relief.

13. Government Budget Cuts or Failure: It has happened throughout history. Debt default. Other reasons. When gov’t EBT cards stop working, watch out…

14. War; World War: Prices go up as the uncertainties of war pressure the markets. The price of oil puts price pressure on everything, including food, and it will probably skyrocket.

15. EMP: An electromagentic-pulse, either man-made (EMP nuke) or a natural event (massive solar flare and CME). It could destroy the electric power grid, anything electronic. We will be sent back to the stone age and most will not survive it. This is a worst case scenario, but worth mentioning.

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These are just a few reasons to have extra food storage.
What other reasons would you add to the list?