NRC Says Will Not Protect Nuclear Plants Against EMP – Not My Job

Are nuclear power plants EMP hardened?

“The NRC will not address threats to their (nuclear) power stations that they feel other agencies should take care,” said a task force member of the Electromagnetic Defense Task Force.

The EDTF recently released version 2.0. It’s a new 2019 report to highlight the EMP threat to U.S. infrastructure and military installations. The report admits that the (nuclear) electric generating plants are not prepared for an (EMP) attack.

What’s worse, the NRC apparently won’t protect the energy plants, referred to in the report as the nation’s “crown jewels,” from an attack. The reason: That’s the Pentagon’s job.

There are growing concerns about an EMP attack from Iran, China, Russia, or North Korea. Or a natural one created by the sun (coronal mass ejection, or CME).

The NRC said that plants are not required to protect against an EMP. “The NRC will not address threats to their power stations that they feel other agencies should take care,”

The regulatory commission also said Nuclear power plants in the US are extremely robust structures de-signed with safety margins, as well as defense-in-depth safety capabilities. The facilities are capable of withstanding a broad range of beyond-design-basis events.

While there’s no doubt that this is true, today’s modern day threat of EMP and the ongoing possibility of catastrophic CME (e.g. 1859 Carrington Event), should be great cause for concern.

In March of 2019 the president for the first time ever, signed an executive order (EO 13865) addressing the threat of EMP. That’s a good thing. Although I wouldn’t hold my breath for any near term protective results in that regard.

The good is that this threat is becoming increasingly visible and is being treated in a more serious fashion. The bad is knowing that it will take a long time (if ever) to mitigate the threat.

In the context of preparedness, the EMP event (or major CME) is a worst case scenario. Though the NRC has stated “NRC does not anticipate significant penetration of EMP fields into a nuclear power station due to design of the structures,” I personally wouldn’t count on it.

“If all engineered and proceduralized mitigation measures failed and a meltdown were to occur, there is a very large uncertainty in off-site consequences,” said the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Not to mention the probability of grid-down at that point…

I posted this article today because on the one hand it reveals that there are increasing concerns about the issue of EMP (in this case – the repercussions with nuclear power plants). On the other hand it (not surprisingly) indicates the resistance to take real protective actions on this issue. Logically, no one wants to pay for it… “It’s not my job”.


EMP Shield .com

Radiological Water Filters at

About the Electromagnetic Defense Task Force (EDTF) : It was evidently put together in 2018 and is run from Maxwell Air Force Base, located in Montgomery, Alabama, under the Air Education and Training Command. It was created to “develop holistic, credible defensive and offensive electromagnetic strategies for the United States.”

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  1. This by far the best Prepper site going. No kooky stuff, just plain/practical information. As you stated Ken, it is my understanding that Iran is working hard towards an EMP device. God help us all if they ever succeed .

    1. Seminole Wind,
      Thank you. And I agree ;)
      Practical, Sensible, Preparedness (and information).

      There’s little doubt in my mind that Iran is indeed working towards EMP weponry. They have CLEARLY stated in the past that they wish to destroy us.

  2. New to this site and I really enjoy reading well written, intellectual articles along with comments and responses from stable, mature people.

    I do understand that budgets do not include $$ to upgrade for EMP defenses and funding will have to be negotiated. At least the NRC leadership could have acknowledged the threat and negotiated for money. Very few organizations are impenetrable. Any determined group of people could break in to secure facilities, do their damage and then get out undetected. This report is a good example of arrogance, incompetence and irresponsibility of those in control.

  3. Ken,

    Correct me if I’m wrong. Seems I read awhile back, that the cost to harden the grid against an EMP attack or a CME event was, in the grand scheme of things, not that expensive. Maybe 100 billion tops?

    Am I the only one who thinks there is a high probability that certain select portions of the grid have in fact been hardened, w/o fanfare? Our “leadership” is far too narcissistic, self centered, and self important to be “in the know”, have access to the “purse strings”, to not make sure they won’t suffer the same fate as the unwashed masses.

    1. Dennis;
      In the spirit of “What/If’s” we actually know very little of what an EMP will do, wayyyyy to many variables to begin with. But I regress.

      Let’s say there is an EMP attack, and poof goes the electrons and such raining down upon the world. How is anyone going to “harden” a few million miles of exposed wire? How about all the millions of “small” Transformers? Now let’s put into play all the equipment that hooks into the Grid, a few hundred million homes and businesses that are not hardened. How about the 300 million cellphones? So even if they do harden the “big boy transformers” and some generating stations, then what? It will still take years to rebuild, and who is going to do that when Joe-Electrician is taking care of his family?

      Ok I will agree that I have a few little trinkets in a Faraday Cage and maybe a Gen-Set, , just cause, as I’m sure a lot of y-all do also but how long will that really last, PLUS you know as well as I do TPTB and “Our “leadership”” is dam well protected form about anything that goes boo in the dark. Does anyone really think “they” will not be sitting fat-dumb-n-happy If/When?

      So seriously; why would they really care what happens to the “extra” few million people that seem to be “throw-a-ways” in the minds of the elite? Heck they will not even ‘fix’ a lot of the problems we CAN FIX, all alone attempt to “harden the Grid”. Could you imagine a congress-person (PC did you notice that hahaha) trying to tell their voters they want a trillion bucks for WHAT!!!??? Of course maybe OAC will get her way and go all 100% renewable energy and get rid of all Cars/Trucks/ Trains/Airplanes and so on?????? Of course there will be a LOT less people for her to brainwash.

      So NO, I cannot see the .gov doing a single thing to “Harden the Grid” from an EMP. On the other hand, you can rest assured they will be well taken cared for.
      If/When; the masses of people will be 100% on their own, except for FEMA ridding in to save the day of course.

      1. I hate to be a Negative Nelly, but the way I see it, it will go down like this: The CME/EMP happens, the grid fails entirely.

        All the “Elites” scramble to get to their respective bunkers/hidey holes. From the comfort of their bunkers they will say “help is coming”, but it isn’t. A month or two goes by, with them still saying to “be patient, help is on the way”, all the while, millions of Americans are dying. People will die 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food, no heat in the winter and people will freeze. I would say that close to 90% of the population will perish.

        After the 3rd month they berate us for the state of the nation, but what they really mean is surviving. In the same breath they will Institute martial law, to “keep the peace” and to “eliminate any threats” (a “threat” is someone still alive/surviving). Mop up will commence and that is it.

        They will be warm, fat and happy, they won’t care about us. They can’t see our suffering from their couch.

    2. Dennis seems I’m late to this party :-)

      The Deep State and their needed public faces (whom we call “Elite) are well set up on the taxpayers dime no need to worry about them. I’ve visited some of the Shelters in my military career days surveying their Hospital facilities in them. Nice facilities.

      From my POV worrying about the Nuclear Reactors not being hardened (Although I HOPE Old Homesteader is correct they would SCRAM properly) is an needless ulcer causing exercise. Nothing you or I can say, write to our Congress Critters or such to affect that at all.

      From the level I CAN Affect, There are practical preps for you and I. Unless you have very deep pockets trying to maintain our 1st world lifestyle is foolish. You don’t have to go totally 1850’s but inexpensive things like aluminum screens materials (bug control AND Solar Food Dehydrators), plastic sheeting (Replacing broken windows to keep weather out, cover roof holes etc.), small solar set ups for fans (spreading heat, winnowing grains, drying foods, COOLING) and small dorm fridge’s (for meds and ICE Packs very useful) and such can make your life so much easier.

      I know folks that have gone with rebuilding 1970’s vehicles and woodgas generators. I know folks with solar electric ATV’s for light farm work. Seems less romantic than horses but less daily care. Yes, they have faraday cages. Knowing how to build solar hot water heaters and or wood fired hot water heaters using tin snips and salvaged HVAC ducting and such is really useful. I love my hot shower, it doesn’t require 220 Volts AC. Solar Slow Pumps for pretty deep wells using direct solar panels to an water tank. Sureflo pumps for pressure. Again low power needs.

      If you mentally took apart an RV you would see how simple and low powered basic human happiness needs are.

      Thus if you aim for what you NEED vs. wants a few solar panels and batteries can really be a blessing.

      Just remember that the Gimmie Dat’s and their Government handlers will want their “Fair Share” (that is to say ALL OF IT) thus my plan is to go dark for a month or so to see if Mob Violence and such has been resolved before carefully showing electrical power.

  4. “Not my job”
    That sounds all too familiar, these days.
    No one takes responsibility or wants to be held accountable, anymore….
    …..push the blame on others, if it all possible, on all accounts

  5. Thanks for another informative article. Basically, nothing has changed or is likely to change. Each of us would be on our own. For years now, I’ve paid particular attention to specific wind direction, throughout the year. Most years, there are only a handful of days where wind could blow radiation towards me. For example; 2018 there were only 6 days with wind coming directly from the west. Most, if not all 6 were affected by a specific front and therefore only a short period of time. I’m sure the weather bureau has all this info but, have ya ever noticed it doesn’t necessarily apply to your specific area? Yea I know, north wind in winter and south in the summer. I’m talking more specific than that.

    Emp/Cme are huge concerns. All we can do is keep on doing what we’re doing. Knowing exactly what direction a nuclear plant is from you, could be the difference between life and death. Just act like a politician, wet your finger and start spinning.

    1. is an excellent site for following wind patterns. Touch the screen for your location and wind speed and direction will be shown. It is fascinating to watch wind patterns in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

  6. It should be noted that very few of the nuclear power plants in this country are guv owned. Nearly all are owned by utility companies, as are just about all of the components of our electrical infrastructure.

    E.O. 13865 includes this language
    “The Secretary of Energy shall conduct early-stage R&D, develop pilot programs, and partner with other agencies and the private sector, as appropriate, to characterize sources of EMPs and their couplings to the electric power grid and its subcomponents, understand associated potential failure modes for the energy sector, and coordinate preparedness and mitigation measures with energy sector partners.“ The NRC is part of the DOE. This E.O. has very specific milestones to be met. Implementation after final reports are in will be a different action.

    Reading between the lines in the various reports, it looks like critical DoD facilities have been/are being hardened.

    After the Fukushima disaster, the NRC required all plants to have emergency power generation and fuel for one week. That emergency power generation is most likely not HEMP hardened to DoD specs. DoD thinks it should be and that there should be six months of fuel on hand; NRC thinks DoD should manage logistics of delivery if needed. DoD says no guarantees. NRC cites existing authorizing legislation and resources as limiting its abilities to respond. In spite of the squabbling, NRC appears to be working hard to meet E.O. deadlines.

    In about a year we should have the final recommendations based on current R&D in this area. Then they’ll figure out if individual utilities or all of us together will pay for the upgrades, which will take a while. If we have that long.

    Another report recently released by the EDTF is NUCLEAR EMP ATTACK SCENARIOS AND COMBINED-ARMS CYBER WARFARE. Interesting reading.

    Links to all the reports can be found here:

  7. The NRC is tasked with making sure that nuclear power plants are in compliance with the regulations set forth in legislation. The amount of regulations and procedures, and the ‘paper trail’ for compliance is daunting. Years back, some of my jobs were working with the NRC and power plants (data analysis, compliance, records mgmt stuff). The mission of the NRC includes public health and safety, yes, as well as ensuring protection/security of these plants. The threat of EMPs has only recently been made public knowledge and as we all know, the government is a slow beast to change….More than likely, the constraints within the NRC agency include budgetary issues, but the NRC probably has no hard documentation or procedures on how to even work through EMP scenarios. Without having the personnel, and many new employees and departmental sections to analyze and define the EMP problems and strategies, how could the NRC possibly ‘protect’ us from nuclear hazards and/or meltdowns caused by EMPs?

    I am NOT siding with the NRC, merely explaining their position (an outdated position) in making such a determination. They really aren’t “protectors” per se, except through regulations — think of them as “paper detectives”, not the armed services.

    Personally, I believe the Dept of Defense would do a better job at EMP threat analysis and implementation, then leaving the NRC to do nothing more than monitor compliance.

  8. Yep. This is why we prepare to live like it will be the 1800’s. But I like the idea of some solar (or wind power) for a few conveniences – like those hot showers. Plus, I want to run a few electric conveniences like my electric grain mill although we have a manual backup, and fans would be nice. And charging battery power tools.

    Good article. I see the gov letting things happen and then seeing how it plays out after the fact. Who survives.

    Buy more seeds.

  9. Some missed the point of survival planning and jumped right into the politics.

    So now that your “mad, dismayed, horrified and absolutely sure the NRC MUST ACT”. (Which as pointed out by others is wrong anyway but hey never let facts get in the way of dissing).
    Let’s cover what that entails.
    You The People demand the NRC protect against EMP. The NRC knows nothing of how to do that. So they need to consult some experts right? I mean it ain’t like y’all know EXACTLY how to protect from an EMP either. We have numerous discussions on here bout strength, type, distance etc. So they take bids from “experts” and someone gets that contract. They then must be vetted by another agency to be able to complete that job. Both these require funding.
    Then the plan must be taken to congress to be funded. Now you must find a company capable of doing a job this big. Any of Kens sponsors maybe up to that big a task? I’ll look in the phone book for EMP-R-Us.
    So how much time has passed after all this and the politicians finally agree on the budget?
    Then what’s the final cost to harden every single power plant, dump site and convoy vehicle? Who maintains all this new stuff? It’s them federal employees that someone here just lovvvvveees to death -Aloha. Oh who’s paying them how much for how long now?
    THIS is how the government gets sooo big and sooo expensive.
    The People

    1. MattinOK
      Politics IS the issue.
      There are those that want to harden the electrical structure….
      Costing x billions….now
      After a catastrophe….x trillions. Lives lost. Total mayhem.
      Shift the known blame on someone else, some other dept., instead of taking any responsibility, for known possibilities.

      We are just one S and H stamp away from a full book….
      ……we are nothing.
      Unless We the People Stand…. Together.

      Good to see you post.
      How ya been?

      1. Joe c
        Just decided to slow my comments down a bit, seems like I was only preaching to a crowd, who already “Gets it.” Thank God.!

        I’ll post over on open forum latter.

    2. Oh well!
      101 reasons why
      How about, they spend too damn much money and have nothing to show for it?
      Oh thats right, yall are doing SUCH A GREAT JOB!
      Pat yerself on the back spanky.

  10. Typical Govt response—“it ain’t my problem–“–

    Make your own plans!!

  11. If my research is correct there are 104 nuclear power plants in the US. Can you imagine a scenario with only 2 or 3 of them melting down? This is not to mention problems in other countries with their plants.
    No wonder the under ground shelter business is booming.

  12. Not surprising,,,

    How many fallout shelters or bunkers does the government have for the people to shelter in if there was a war?


    the government could give a rip about the people.
    So dont be surprised when government agencies do not have a plan for protecting anything civilian.

    1. Kulafarmer,
      Hence the article. “It’s not my job”.
      The implication is that it is up to us to have backup plans (preparedness insurance) to survive. It’s called self reliance.

      1. Ken,
        I have never been of a mind to rely on others for anything,
        Least of all a bunch of overpaid bureaucrats.
        Why i have my own plans.
        Always have
        Always will
        Thanks for the good article Ken, life is about to get real busy, will be interesting

        1. Lots of lava tubes in those old islands that would make pretty good shelters should they have a meltdown except they can’t. No reactors in the 50th state. Except for the ones on some of the ships that use Pearl Harbor.

          P.S, So very astute my friends, Me2 had me fooled.

    2. Kula…not to nit pick but TPTB have plenty of shelters/bunkers for themselves to ride out the upcoming storms in …just not much to offer us peons even though they wouldn’t have had the $$ to build those shelters/bunkers if they hadn’t taken them from us to begin with…and just consider who they’ll be saving…schumer, Pelosi, aoc and her squad, nadler, nunes…geez what a waste….js

    3. There used to be fall-out shelters… the Town I live in just demolished one to put in a gas station… Freakin brilliant… Now there is only one, for a town of 2,500 people. That one shelter can house about a quarter of that. Who decides who gets in and who doesn’t?

  13. Can life exist after an EMP? (yes, I know that’s a little dramatic). The answer is yes.

    How bad will the damage and repercussions be? That’s yet to be determined. A lot of educated guesses by educated people, but no one knows for sure.

    Worst case scenario? Read “One Second After”. Scared me, and some folks think I’m fearless. (I ain’t)

    insert: Survival Novels

    Life can, and will, go on for some, even in a worst case scenario. People say it will put us back in the 1800’s. Nope. My grandparents raised my Mom and Dad through the depression when they thought they were fortunate to have a couple of light bulbs and a radio (considered luxuries). Of course, they farmed, raised most of their food, worked from before sun-up to after sun-down. Trapped, hunted, and fished for game that most folks now days would not consider edible, but they survived. They had no refrigeration, no phones…none of what we consider essential. I’m guessing some very sophisticated folks would probably rather die than put out that kind of effort.

    I see a lot of their fortitude and resilience here at MSB. Will I make it through such trying times? Don’t have a clue until I’m put to the test. Looking forward to try? Oh, heck no. I do think I, and a lot of others here, have a more than decent shot at it though.

    I’m worried enough to prep. What more can we do?

    1. Dennis, you asked “What more can we do?”

      We can (and do) worry about the others. I’m well aware that you and yours are fortified and prepared, but we won’t have a civil society after a SHTF event. To me, one of the worst issues we will have to face will be the dumbed-down masses and the criminals (tough-guy idiots w/ guns and gang members).

      1. Modern Throwback,

        I’ve always been preparedness minded, going back to when I was a kid. In a way, it’s addictive. The better prepared you get…..the more you notice the things that you can improve on. Much like when I got into body building as a teenager. I was never satisfied with what I had achieved, no, when I looked in a mirror I mostly saw what I needed to work on. I’m guessing that’s the way most of us look at prepping……… what needs improvement? What am I missing? What if…………………?

  14. I saw an article the other day that stated 74% of vacationers would rather do without air conditioning than do without internet. I’m guessing that 99% of that 74% has never gone more than a day without A/C.

    When an EMP attack occurs the loss of internet and cellphone access will push the majority of people over the edge. They will be lost, confused and desperate for information and will flock to the nearest FEMA camp in hopes of getting their phone charged, an internet connection and updating their FB status.

    I have no cell service at my house and love it. When city folks visit they are amazed that we don’t and they say they couldn’t live without it. When the lights go out for good, it’s gonna get real dark and most people are terrified of the dark.

    1. Sounds like where I grew up… We go back once a year to “unplug” and camp. I love it… no phone, no radio, no electricity and guess what… we don’t die…lol

  15. I just read the USAF report linked above regarding EMP and associated concerns. It confirms much of what I already knew to be the case. But, this report, like the prior report, speaks to Quantum Entanglement in such a way, so as to completely reveal to those familiar with this topic, an explosion of capability I had thought to be impossible…and, what an incredible threat this is becoming. The old science-fiction notion of “sub-space radio,” which allowed Captain Kirk to talk to Star Fleet…is REAL! Except it is NOT radio, and requires NO antenna, transmitter, receiver,…or even a functioning EM environment….and is instantaneous…regardless of distance…and absolutely secure!

    This means you do not need communication satellites to instantly send messages everywhere on Earth, instantly…without any delay, whatsoever. It means you can control a robot on Mars in REAL TIME, seeing what the probe sees…AS IT SEES IT…and cause the robot to react instantly. Two robots 400 light years away from Earth, could each be controlled by operators on Earth…and the operators could play “catch” with a rock tossed between their robots, if they wanted. You could be on a planet in Andromeda and have a real time chat with Earth in the Milky Way.

    The implications found in this report made me get up to go kiss my wife….

  16. For those who follow EMP as a topic, some recent articles:

    Links to the EMP Commission reports can be found here:

  17. has just completed a documentary film about the need to secure our electrical grid. About an hour long. Today I was able to access the film in the above website. Scroll down to the link entitled Watch, and use the password provided. Not sure how long it will be available for free.

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