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Home Remedies for Allergies

May 29, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


If you sneeze and sniffle your way through pollen season, or experience hives, itching or swelling when you eat a certain food or get stung by an insect, then you’re no stranger to allergies.

“An allergy starts when the immune system mistakes a normally harmless substance for a dangerous invader,” explains the Mayo Clinic. The most common types of allergies include food allergies, respiratory allergies, contact allergies and insect sting allergies.

The following is a list of remedies for these allergies. If you have your own home remedy, leave a comment and let the rest of us know too…

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POLL: What Services Will Be Valuable For Barter After Collapse Or SHTF ?

May 28, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


Previously we asked for your input regarding SERVICES that you might consider to be valuable for barter or trade in a post-collapse or SHTF world.

Based on your input of services, I’ve condensed them into a list so that you can participate in a poll to vote for those which you believe will be the most valuable for barter…

Lets get your votes:

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Bird Flu Just Two Mutations From Human-to-Human Pandemic

May 27, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


This is apparently no joke. Cambridge University professor Derek Smith warned the deadly bird flu virus is only two or three mutations away from being infectious between humans, and said it is something the world should ‘worry about’.

It could become like the Spanish Flu pandemic which killed around 50 million people.

Such a virus today would have a ‘devastating’ impact on the world’s population…

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What Services Will Be Valuable For The Purpose Of Barter?

May 26, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


No one person has the abilities and skills to do everything. Today we trade our services for ‘money’ (currency) and we then use those FRN’s (federal reserve notes) to buy the things and services that we need – which we otherwise do not have or know.

When that system breaks down (e.g. ‘economic collapse’) and/or when we’re thrust into a new post-collapse world (for whatever the reason), the way we exchange for services will not be the same as the old way (for the most part). Chances are that the old money will either become practically worthless (or worth much less) or it will become entirely unavailable.

After the initial shock of collapse, those who make it will begin anew. They will trade and barter services (for ‘things’ AND for other services). We recently asked your opinion for the ‘items’ which might be valuable for barter. Today, we’re asking for your opinion for the ‘services’ which might be valuable for barter…

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Memorial Day Remembrance

May 25, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


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Sunday Pictures (2015-05-24)

May 24, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2015-05-23)

May 23, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


This week we all learned that the apparent ‘value’ for certain items specifically meant for post-collapse barter (from a list submitted by you the readers), is currently prioritized as follows:

Ammo, Meds (Antibiotics), Food (any), Toilet Paper, Alcohol, Batteries, First Aid supplies, Salt, Water filters, Meds (various over-the-counter), and the rest…

That said, thanks for your input, and what did you do for your preparedness this week?

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