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The Most Dangerous U.S. Airports To Spread A Pandemic

October 1, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


Today’s modern world of airline travel and airport hubs could facilitate a rapid deployment of a contagious SuperBug, possibly leading to pandemic. Ebola anyone?

If we consider the Spanish Flu of 1918 – 1919 (caused by a H1N1 virus) that killed between 20 and 100 million people, and if we consider that there was no airline travel back then, it illustrates the danger and risk that we face of a pandemic outbreak given today’s daily travel and open borders around the globe – coupled with today’s population of 7 Billion.

Think a devastating pandemic can’t happen today? Think again.

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Quietly Top Off Your Food And Preps For An Ebola Pandemic Panic

October 1, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


At some point in time, the sheeple will panic. When that time arrives, it will be too late for you.

While the current Ebola outbreak continues to be downplayed by the mainstream, the fact is that there may be a tipping point in time when enough people become frightened to the point of rushing to the stores to purchase food and supplies to hunker down.

If and when that happens – the shelves WILL empty very quickly – and may not be re-stocked for a very long time.

Here’s why:
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Ebola Is Now In The USA, But, You Have Nothing To Fear

September 30, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


That’s the message you’ll probably start hearing from the mainstream talking heads. The risk of Ebola spreading is little to none. The public has nothing to fear.

Just because the CDC said that Ebola infections could reach 1.4 million by the end of January (worldwide), don’t worry – you will be fine. Ebola will always be somewhere else – not here…

The CDC has just confirmed that a patient in Dallas has the Ebola Virus…

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Benefits Of Vitamin-C, And The Fruits & Vegetables With The Most

September 30, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


Vitamin C is THE most popular vitamin supplement. And there are good reasons for that.

Your body is not able to make vitamin C on its own. It doesn’t store vitamin C. Therefore it’s important to include vitamin C-containing foods in your daily diet, and/or a supplement.

Vitamin C is safe, not expensive, and there are good things this powerful vitamin can do.

Here are some of the health benefits of vitamin C, and a list of fruits and vegetables with the highest source of the vitamin.

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Survival Cash For After The Disaster

September 29, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


Cash is King. At least it will be, for awhile, following any disaster or collapse – until such time that it is not.

Having a quantity of cash on hand, both in your wallet and stashed in a safe at home, will be invaluable for awhile after any disaster.

Here’s’ why:

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Preparedness Is About BACKUPS

September 29, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


Preparedness – being prepared – prepping — to a large extent involves having backups (and/or backup plans) for the things in life which we believe to be important to our well being.

It’s all about backups.

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Wind Power for your House, Home, Retreat

September 28, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


Wind power may be a good choice (for some), when considering alternative energy sources for either emergency preparedness or simply part-time power.

Some parts of the country (world) are much windier than others, with steady breezes just waiting to be harnessed.

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