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Solo Stove Review

August 23, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


Solo Stove review by a MSB reader:

I came across a backpacking stove on the internet that burns twigs and sticks.

The stove is made and sold by Solo Stove.

I have several backpacking stoves, but they all need some kind of packed in fuel such as white gas, IsoButane, alcohol, etc. I have run out of fuel many times, and ended up carrying a dead weight stove for miles, and trying to cook over a fire.

I liked the concept of the Solo Stove so I ordered one. And today I tried it out.

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The Bugging In or Out Decision

August 22, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


I recently received the following email questioning my thoughts regarding the decision to bug-in OR to bug-out, and I would like to respond to it…

I came across your website a few days ago and I really like it. I’ve been working (very slowly) on prep since 2008. Since then a lot more prep blogs are showing up. I bookmarked your website because it’s definitely one of the better ones.

But here’s the deal. I have a few questions that remain unresolved after hours of research. Many different websites give conflicting advice.

The bugging in or out decision. It would be nice to have enough food and supplies for years on end without having to leave our street, but I don’t think that would work if the country experienced major long-term changes. We live in a house with some extra space, so I do have storage, but we don’t have near enough room for a whole new lifestyle, and we’re very much afraid that a generator would just be a “please come loot this house” sign. What words of wisdom would you give to a young couple in a suburban house?

First, thanks for the question, and it is a VERY GOOD ONE – which is why I would like to respond here on the site, rather than directly emailing you a reply.

It’s always good thing to review this topic:

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Time To Run Your Generator…

August 21, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin

My two Yamaha’s…

This is a reminder to do your due-diligence and start up your backup generators…

Generator maintenance involves checking the oil level and then simply running your generator from time to time to keep its internal parts lubricated, batteries charged (if it has a battery), and just to make sure the thing works before you actually need it to work.

I try to run mine every 3 months or so…

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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2016-08-20)

August 20, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin

Mr.Woodchuck has been all over the place lately…

This weekly post is an open-forum (any topic) to voice your thoughts, opinions, or questions for others. Lets hear about what you’ve been doing this week for preparedness, or perhaps what you have done to convert your ‘fiat’ (.gov paper) currency into tangible assets 😉

The more who comment, the more that’s spread around for the benefit of all…

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Stunning Simulation Video Of Asteroid Belt

August 19, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


The following asteroid belt visualization shows just how surrounded we are on planet Earth — in the middle of an asteroid shooting gallery…

Most asteroids come from a region in space between the planets Mars and Jupiter called the asteroid belt – a place loaded with irregular shaped objects ranging in size from dust particles all the way up to many, many miles across.

Portions of the asteroid belt are very dense with objects, and frequent collisions take place, changing the orbital nature of the objects themselves (like a ping-pong gallery). Some of these result in eventual collisions with the Earth’s atmosphere as meteors or ‘shooting stars’.

What are the chances of Earth being hit by an Asteroid?

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A Gasoline Siphon Pump For Preparedness

August 18, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


The scenario: The grid went down (either regionally or wider) but the root cause of the collapse was not an EMP, so the vehicles still run, and so does your generator.

Among the multitude of problems that you are facing, one of them is non-functioning gas pumps (no electricity) and when your tanks run dry, and when you’ve used up your storage of gas cans, that’s it… you’re out.

But maybe not! There will be gasoline in other vehicles, gas storage tanks, and anywhere else with gasoline-operated equipment. You just need to get it out…and transfer it to where you need it.

Here’s how-
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Methods To Transport Emergency Water From Source To Home

August 17, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


Water. You all know that water is among the very highest of priorities for survival. The vast majority depend on flowing water from their local municipal water department while others depend on their wells.

Since many of you are also preparing for a worst-case collapse scenario whereby the infrastructure may also collapse or be interrupted, one of your highest concerns should be a plan (and the methods) to move emergency water from an external source back to your home…

Think of a hypothetical scenario – regardless of cause – your existing water source ‘dries up’. Gone. Add to that scenario the circumstance such that everyone else is in the same predicament. Lets say that the grocery stores have all sold out of their water bottles.

Uh-oh, what will you do?

Don’t take the easy way out of this exercise and tell yourself that you’ll simply drive out of the area until you find a store with some water. Lets say that all store supplies are gone. What will you do?

Well let me offer a few suggestions:

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