Why Do I Prep?

August 12, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin


Why do I prep? It’s simple really; and here’s why…

To me, it’s just logical, and makes good common sense. Being prepared.

You never know what life is going to bring (or throw) your way.

We buy insurance for things, either optionally or by mandatory requirement, such as renters, homeowners, automobile, and health insurance. To ‘prep’ or prepare in some way (generic term), is simply another form of insurance that you are implementing to provide some amount of protection from trouble.

To properly ascertain ‘why’ I prep, or why anyone goes about prepping, one must answer the following question…

For what do I prep?

The answer to that question affects the answer of the following additional question…

How do I prep?

What people prep for are all sorts of reasons, and each of these reasons carries with it two primary factors…

1. Probability of occurrence
2. Magnitude of occurrence and follow-on effects

As to whether or not a logical minded person chooses to prep for a given ‘reason’ depends on that person’s ability to understand probabilities (which means they need to understand or learn a bit about the ‘reason’ itself), and it depends upon that person’s risk tolerance to the likelihood of occurrence.

For some of those who do not prep, it may seem to defy logic that another person is prepping for the possibility of some sort of event or events, particularly if that event is one which may seem highly unlikely (to the non-prepper).

My opinion is that even if the prepper’s reason for prepping seems like an unlikely reason, the fact that action is being taken as a form of insurance against that reason, is reason enough!


Because ANY prepping is good. The person has established a mindset of being responsible. To be more self-sufficient (even if just a little). To be less dependent upon others or other systems. This in itself is a very good thing, and it doesn’t matter so much (to me) as to why they are choosing to prep, or what the specific reason is. We all have our reasons…

You or your spouse may lose their job and you wish to minimize the effects.

You live in a risk area for catastrophic weather events.

You live in a region known for geophysical events.

You believe that the financial system as we know it may collapse in some way.

You believe that today’s high population density will risk social chaos from just about any major disaster.

The power grid vulnerability to EMP, Carrington-event solar flare, or cyber attack.

WWIII, nuclear exchange, or nuclear meltdown.

I could go on and on with known ‘reasons’ why some people prep, but you get the idea…

So, getting back to the question, why do I prep?

I prep for a number of reasons. Some of them are probably fairly unlikely, but should they occur they would have terrible consequences. Other reasons are more likely and many of them have just moderate consequences.

One of the reasons that I will tell you is financial turmoil. Dare I say, economic collapse?

I will not get into the specifics as to why this reason is on my list, but I will simply generalize and say that we are living within that largest global financial bubble in history and I’m not confident that the powers-that-be can hold it all together and keep the debt-based ponzi scheme going for much longer.

I realize that should this collapse, that the modern world will experience social chaos as never before seen. I believe the likelihood of occurrence is high (enough to prep for), but I do not know if the crash landing will be somewhat controlled, perhaps with damaged landing gear, both wings torn off as it tumbles end over end down the runway… or a rapid nose dive to the earth. In either scenario though, I believe that the fatalities will be enormous, so to speak. So I prep.

If you care to share any of the reasons why you prep, feel free to do so…