List Of Survival Preparedness Blogs

Alternative News Websites

A list of a mixture of websites you may find interesting while measuring the pulse of the people, the thoughts of the survival preparedness minded community, and alternative news related to current events, your liberty and freedoms.

Some of these are original content providers while others are content aggregators.

Of interest:
“Top Prepper Sites” (Todd’s list from over at

In alphabetical order:


Drudge Report
Matt Drudge; News Headlines

Because There Is A War On for Your Mind

Lew Rockwell
Anti-State, Anti-War, Pro-Market

Michael Savage
Borders, Language, Culture

Modern Survival Blog
Ken Jorgustin; Preparedness For Life

Natural News
Mike Adams; Natural News & Self Reliance

Off Grid Survival
The Skills You Need To Survive In Any Given Situation

Peak Prosperity
Chris Martenson; Insights For Prospering As Our World Changes

Prepper Website
Preparedness, Survival, Alternative News

The Corporate Propaganda Antidote

Steve Quayle
Dare to Discover…Learn…Prepare…and Be Amazed…

Survival Blog
James Rawles; The Daily Web Log For Prepared Individuals Living In Uncertain Times

Survival Medicine – Doom And Bloom
Amy & Joe Alton; Home Of The Prepper Medical Corps

The Economic Collapse Blog
Michael Snyder; Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression?

The Survivalist Blog
M.D. Creekmore; Emergency Preparedness & Survival Strategies

The Survival Podcast
Jack Spirko; Helping You Live A Better Life, If Times Get Tough Or Even If They Don’t

Greg Hunter; Analyzing The News To Give You A Clear Picture Of What’s Really Going On

Western Rifle Shooters Association
Personal Freedom, Political Liberty, And Free Speech

Zero Hedge
Tyler Durden; Leading News Site For Global Finance, Economics, Market, And Political Analysis