Decisions of your Life

The Decisions People Make – Are They To Please Others Or Are They Decisive?

Decisions of your Life

We are faced with countless decisions every day of our lives. Many of them are minor or trivial while others are major and potentially life altering.

Today’s modern world is fast. You need more than just situational awareness to successfully navigate through life. You need to make decisions, and you need to make the right decisions – at least to the best of your ability.

Choosing to do nothing, or to please others, or to be middle of the road, will put you at the mercy of others. Being decisive, assertive, dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic will put you in the drivers seat of your own life…

People behave differently in how they handle decisions or how they stand on an issue. You might say that most people (how they make decisions) can be stereotyped into one of the following five categories.


Do Nothing

Some people are so afraid of making a decision, that they can’t take decisive action. They do nothing. Like a leaf blowing in the wind, they often follow the least path of resistance. Decision making for them is often very stressful. They may feel somewhat numb inside, going through life in a sort of fog. It can be a dangerous state of mind which can lead to a crash.

Please Others

These people just want to please others and try to avoid conflict by being passive in a non-assertive way. However by not facing or dealing truthfully or honestly with their decisions and issues, they become subject to emotional outbursts that are being covered up. Externally, this person may appear to be pleasant and quiet, yet often is irritated and frustrated on the inside.

Middle of the Road

By refusing to take a stand one way or the other, you never know the position of the people in this category. Some play the ‘politically correct’ game while sitting in the middle on issues. They may be afraid to express their opinion, don’t have an opinion, or simply don’t care. It is difficult to tell how they see things. Those who stay in the middle of the road will eventually be run over.

Decisive, Assertive

You know where these people stand on issues. They express their opinion and are not afraid to do so. They don’t ‘hint’ at their thoughts, opinions or decisions. They may hurt some feelings on occasion, but the beneficial productive results of knowing and expressing what they believe in a positive assertive manner will often smooth things over. The opposite is also true (they can be head-strong even while being wrong, or even @-holes).

Dynamic, Energetic, Enthusiastic

Other people enjoy being around them. They posses a high level of personal power and are energetic decision makers who KNOW the right decision. They can be charismatic, they are confident, positive, good communicators and natural leaders.


The next time you find yourself in a conversation involving issues that are important to you, instead of keeping it inside (if you’re that type), consider expressing your viewpoint. When you face decisions, don’t ignore them. Just decide the best you can.

Always look forward. Once a decision has been made, there’s no turning back. Deal with it and keep moving ahead. You can fix things if you need to, so don’t worry so much about it.

When it comes to survival and preparedness, good decision making skills are very important. The very fact that you’re of a preparedness mindset or are a prepper, means that you’ve decided to take action and take matters into your own hands. Maybe that’s part of the problem when it comes to others who won’t accept personal responsibility – they are either the ‘Do Nothing’ or ‘Please Others’ or ‘Middle of the Road’ type…

What do you think?

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  1. When I talk with someone , I bring up the situation with how things in this country have gone downhill and quickly since we have a leftist socialist President in office , a lot of folksi know agree , but some look uncomfortable speaking out like I do . I speak what is on my mind most of the time except when it could possibly hurt someone else’s feeling too much , at this time I just don’t answer or walk away from the conversation , this way I don’t have to regret saying something that the subject might not like , unless I am pressed to voice my opinion , but at this time I go by the adage my dad taught me , ” If you don’t want to hear the answer to the question , don’t ask it ” ! So I give my honest answer to the question ! Generally I am a friendly type person and when I meet someone I am cordial , but if I am given an attitude by this person , I go my way , I am not a coward by a long shot but having been a Deputy for many years I have learned how to deal with folks of all kinds and am not looking for any kind of trouble anymore , I had enough of other folks troubles a long time ago . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  2. When looking at things from a prepper’s point of view this is an excellent article that can mean the difference between life and death, really. So many people could be making better prepping decisions. They spend money on something not really needed just to appease the spouse or other member of the family. Or purchase a 50 cal., which is the last weapon anyone needs, just because their brother-in-law is in the military. Examples abound, but the serious prepper can never have a serious program of survival when allowing himself/herself to be pulled in so many directions. I needed this boot in the butt, so to speak, and the lady standing at the crossroads at the beginning got some things straight in my mind, and I thank you!

  3. I believe it’s better to ask forgiveness than ask permission when it comes to my prepping decisions when it involves my spouse. Everyone else I could care less.

  4. Good point– if you don’t want to hear the reply, don’t ask!” I will keep that in mind the next time I’m tempted to ask someone how they are. :(

  5. Usually I don’t ask people how they are; I just say, “hi” and figure they will tell me how their day was if they want to… but if they keep asking me how I am, then I may reply, “how are you” and then have to listen to their crappy as reply.

    Also, if I’m feeling happy and they ask how I am (as if they can’t tell!!), after I say, “fine” then the “high” I had been feeling disappears. So its really irritating to hear the constant, “how are you?” Its just a dumb question! “Hello” is sufficient.

  6. ever noticed, those cashiers, mostly in grocery stores, most ALWAYS say, “and how are you today? what are you up to?”

    I understand the management has gotten the idea this is a friendly thing to do, and the management somehow makes the customer feel wanted/appreciated/etc.

    however, I personally feel it is inappropriate, and sometimes offensive. when I am feeling crappy (and even look such), I am in no mood, yet MUST, reply, “fine thanks”. etc…

    I am waiting for the day someone truly tells them “how they are/what medical tests they have recently had done/the terminal diagnosis they have just received/the child who is up on criminal charges/the child who is ill, etc.

    I, if that happens will feel sorry for the cashier (as they are TOLD to do this), but just the same, it might be an eye opener for the management.

  7. oh yes, I missed one,
    there is another sort of question, also alternated (by cashiers) with the “how are you etc”

    it is,
    what are your plans for the weekend?
    are you leaving town for the weekend?
    are you attending such and such event this evening/weekend?
    are you having family visit for such and such holiday?
    are you going to be alone for the holidays?

    to me, these just scream, “providing info for criminals to break and enter, etc.”

    (besides, if I am the only sad sack they (the cashier/management) knows who has nothing to do, I really do not need them to know this either (grin).

    1. Just reply “I’ll be fine as soon as I empty my colostomy bag” or “I’m dreading the start of tax season. All those audits I have to do are so tedious”.

  8. When some people ask for your opinion, what they really want is to have their own parroted back.

    1. not quite. some psychopaths do have those qualities, and many leaders are psychopaths; but the qualities that literally define a psychopath are lack of empathy and lack of conscience. the qualities mentioned here are personality traits which can belong either to a psychopath to a normal person.

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