In case you haven’t noticed, the mega banks are promoting a cashless society. For those of you who may say, “Who cares?” “I already only use debit cards, credit cards, and online banking for 99% of my transactions – so what does it matter?”…

Here’s why it matters:


Negative Interest Rates

The number one reason in my estimation has everything to do with ‘negative interest rates’.

Most people haven’t heard much (or any) of this term yet, but those who have been paying attention already know that it IS HAPPENING and is already implemented in some places around the world.

“What is ‘negative interest rates’, and why should I care?”

It’s simple. YOU will be charged interest for keeping money in the bank. Not the other way around…

You might then (logically) ask, “Well if they’re going to charge me to keep MY money in THEIR bank, then I’m taking it out!”. And this is a primary reason why ‘they’ want a cashless society, because if cash is banned, then you wouldn’t be able to take it out! If you want to transact, you will be required to transact electronically. Period.

Once that requirement is in place, then you will have no choice but to succumb to their ‘negative interest rate policies’ (NIRP) in which the bank reaps enormous revenue streams – further separating you from your money.

In case you haven’t noticed, the banks, especially the ‘too big to fail’s, are in very big trouble right now. The central banks of the world are desperately trying to keep their ’empty shell’ system from crashing. They’ve used ZIRP (zero interest rate policies) and QE 1,2,3 (quantitative easing – printing money) since 2008 and now the gig is up. It has not worked… In fact it’s worse than ever before! They are now implementing negative interest rates in a desperate attempt to stay afloat!

It’s not here in the U.S. yet, but believe me it’s going to be floated.


Cash Ban

They have been on a determined mission (along with .gov) to demonize ‘cash’. Associating cash with ‘bad’ ‘dirty’ ‘suspicious’ transactions (terrorism, drugs, and other illicit activity). This will be their underlying rationale to swing over the sheeple to their side. I’m telling you as sure as I’m sitting here that if the system manages to stay afloat awhile longer (although not looking too good at all right now!), this WILL become a reality one day.

There are already measures in place between the banks and .gov whereby YOU will be under great suspicion when withdrawing any ‘significant’ amount of cash from your own account! They will also ‘flag’ you if you try to circumvent any single ‘significant’ amount by regularly withdrawing smaller amounts to get around it! Even though it is YOUR money, you will be flagged.

What are the ‘significant’ amounts? Most of us know that there’s an automatic stream of government paperwork for anything $10K and above, however the actual amount whereby a bank may notify .gov is MUCH LESS. It apparently is discretionary. Even if you handle a few grand, you may very well be flagged…


Track, Tax, and Confiscate

ALL electronic transactions are tracked. It enables a system of 100% profiling and a system of control. The track of your electronic debits is a signature of who you are, what you have bought, the implied reasons why you bought it, what you have done, what you will likely do, where you’ve been, when you’ve been there, your political leanings, the kind of person you are, your ‘normal’ history revealing any ‘abnormal’ activity, and so on…

When every cent of your invisible debits and credits is tracked, it makes it real easy and efficient for .gov to tax you. Easy Peasy. It also makes it really easy for .gov to ‘shut you off’. And when it is a legal requirement to ONLY transact within the electronic system, then how will you survive outside of it – assuming you can manage to stay out of jail if you do…?

You get the idea? Confiscation will be a simple matter of pressing a button when the system is in complete control of YOU and your MONEY.

You will have become the ultimate slave, a host to the parasitic system that needs your blood…

Personally, I would rather convert and diversify my ‘money’ (cash or electronic) into tangibles that will provide a personal security net of preparedness, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency. Before it’s too late… This is not going to end well.

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