First reported just a few weeks ago, there is now a cash ban on ALL transactions above €2,500 in Spain, and is a tax collectors dream come true. The new government push: Cash has gotta go – it’s evil. Those who violate the ban will face fines of 25% of the payment made in cash.

Think it can’t happen here? Think again.

The move to get rid of cash is also part of a larger plan. The idea is for every transaction to be taxed, tracked and controlled. The people in the system to be further disciplined and herded. Global government will be the result.

As the government of Spain moves to squelch a black market economy (no doubt brought on by it’s own monetary policies), this ban on cash transactions above 2,500 euros is no doubt being monitored closely by other governments to gauge the response of the public at large.

A cashless society will be one of totalitarian control. At that point, all people within the system will be entirely subject to the rules and whims of the powers-that-be. Can we trust them to maintain an honest system? Of course not… the system today is already rift with corruption. Imagine one where we can only transact digitally – transactions that are 100% monitored and checked? There will be no way around that system of control without any recourse but to disobey the law and to be subject to their punishments. No doubt that in such a world, barter will be banned.

Digital transactions are certainly convenient, but today most of us have the alternative of paying cash if we choose, which provides a measure of anonymity and assurance of not being tracked for profiling, etc. I’ll bet there will be efforts to demonize ‘cash’ as we move forward, so as to brainwash the public and speed the day at which we too will be under restrictions for using cash as a method of payment.

If we all agree to agree that the only valid medium of ‘value’ exchange is an invisible digit, what will we have become? Answer: Slaves.


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