Are you Liberal or Conservative?

What’s the political demographic of a typical preparedness / prepper website? Well lets find out…

Okay, here’s a quickie poll. Lets discover some of the demographics here regarding how politically “left” or “right” you all are.

In other words, in your own estimation and your own definition, how liberal or conservative do you think you are?

On a 5 step scale for each (Left / Right), along with a “Middle”, choose your spot.

The 5’s are the extremes, or ‘far left’ or ‘far right’.

Prepper Political Demographic

Poll closed.

The Poll results are in. After nearly 500 participants, the resultant political breakdown is as follows:

The politics of a typical prepper.

72% self-evaluated their politics within the R3, R4, R5 group.

7% placed themselves left of center.

R5 | 19%
R4 | 30%
R3 | 23%
R2 | 10%
R1 | 3%
00 | 7%
L1 | 1%
L2 | 1%
L3 | 2%
L4 | 2%
L5 | 1%

These demographics may vary depending on the specific website polling their readers. However I’ll bet this represents a typical demographic. It’s simply interesting…

Note: I have no way of knowing who chose what with this poll. The software is such that your info (e.g. IP address) is hashed. So I cannot associate any of you with a given choice (just so you know).

Note: I mentioned “typical preparedness / prepper website” up top. Actually, maybe we are not so typical in that we have (mostly) constructive conversation here. Flame wars are put out quickly when they get started. I would like to think we rise above many of the rest.

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