How much worse does it have to get before you act?

People, like horses, can be led to water but you can’t make them drink …

A paragraph from MSB contributor, ‘Bill Jenkins Horse’,

I have been in SHTF MODE for almost 2 years.

Have asked here many times how much worse does it have to get before you act?

Never get responses. So, I guess the wolf has to be eating at the dinner table before people will take action.

Really sad, many good people will fall by the sword due to indecision …

– Bill Jenkins Horse

“How Much Worse Does It Have To Get Before You Act?”

Some most certainly have been in SHTF mode.
Some keep their details to themselves.

Note: I’m not sure what exactly BJH meant by the word “act”, however I’m suggesting that it includes taking personal preparedness actions towards living through “real” SHTF or TEOTWAWKI, maybe WROL.

That said, there’s no doubt that there are MANY (preppers) who are not prepared for SHTF calamity/upheaval/societal-breakdown.

Certainly there are many preppers who have taken actions towards their general preparedness while not going beyond what may be considered ordinary.

I believe BJH is talking about ‘extraordinary’. In his words, SHTF mode.

He brings up an excellent topic, which is why I’m posting it here today. SHTF mode prepping. What exactly is that? And is anyone actively doing this right now?



Perhaps the most overused acronym in the prepper realm, SHTF. It means something different for all of us. A definition cannot be pinned down because it’s often relative towards one’s own views or context.

However most of us will likely agree that SHTF is ‘bad’. Real bad.

When I personally consider its meaning, I view it as very wide reaching. Affecting a vast number of people. It’s something beyond singular (personal disaster). Beyond local (local disaster). Even beyond a regional disaster.

SHTF may be the combined results of several or more factors that add up to be extraordinarily disruptive to the current mainstream way of life. Even to the extent of survivability.

Extreme events, either sudden or building over time, that drastically affect today’s normalcy.

Regardless of specific causation, SHTF will include:

Social Civil Breakdown
Societal disaster. A slow or fast ripping the fabric of civility and social cohesion. Great ideological divisions, even leading to civil war. A breakdown into the depths of social chaos.

Breakdown of Distribution & Supplies
Billions of us depend upon a functional, complicated, and just-in-time supply chain for survival. This cannot be overemphasized. Sadly though its existence is so ingrained as normal, that there is no comprehension as to its breaking or going away…

Struggle, Desperation, Battle
The affects are widespread and range from struggle to desperation, to outright battle for some. Self reliance and self sufficiency will be the new path to survival for many. The majority though will have great difficulty in this realm.

The point I’m making for the sake of this article is that SHTF in this context is a condition that’s almost unimaginable. But you know what? You need to try and imagine it so that you can prepare for it:



Not all preppers feel the need to prepare for SHTF as described above. Why? Because not all preppers feel that the likelihood warrants that type of attention.

Most of us would like to believe that something so horrible would never happen in our lifetime. All you have to do though is look back through history. It has happened over and over and over again. And guess what? It’s going to happen again.

For those who have the time and critical thinking ability, all you have to do is look and research beyond the mainstream to discover what is closer to the truth of what’s going on around you and the world today.

Never in human civilization have so many people depended upon technology to survive. The ways of true self reliance and self sufficiency are largely gone. If the rug were pulled out, it would be “lights out”. That’s a scary thing. But technology never breaks right?

Today’s current events are exceedingly problematic. Alarmingly, most people don’t even realize the dangers we’re facing. The scope of this short article is not to get into all that, however there are particular moves afoot that risk our future freedoms. Other moves risk a world conflict that’s unimaginable.

After all that said, the question is this:
“How Much Worse Does It Have To Get Before You Act?”

There are several answers in my estimation. And they depend on the perspective of the individual being asked.

– Some have no clue that it’s getting worse or ‘bad’ right now.
– Others feel that things aren’t that good, but that’s just life.
– Still others believe that it’s bad alright, but life and change will go slowly.
– Many feel that it may get bad, but won’t get ‘that bad’.
– Lots believe that they’ll be okay even if it does.
– It’s easy to think that you’re location won’t be affected.
– Rational people may believe that others will remain rational too.

So lets get a discussion going.

What specific things would have to happen to get people into SHTF mode?

If you’re already into SHTF mode, what events have led you to this?

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