It’s the last day of 2018. Now what are your concerns going into the new year, 2019?

Economic?, Political?, Social?, Other?

I looked back at what your top concerns were going into 2018, and I’ll bet that many are the same. Maybe even more concerning…

Here’s a summary of your top concerns from a year ago:

1. Economic decline continuing to gain speed.

2. Inflation (continued devaluation of purchasing power).

3. The Increasing American divide.

4. Ongoing media propaganda war and tech tyranny against conservatives.

5. Civil war.


The Economy 2019

The economy during most of 2018 continued its bubble growth. It has been fueled with premium gas since 2008.

The economic engine has sputtered during December and may be the first signs of engine failure. This isn’t good. Can the mechanics keep it running?

I believe that most of you have enough understanding of our economic system to know that it is all fueled by debt. That’s just how it works. The issue is this:

To keep the present economic system working (so called ‘growth), there must be more debt. Without more debt, it stalls. Even fails.

There has never ever been so much debt in all the world. It is insanely insidious. It is, of course, a ponzi scheme. It WILL come crashing down some day (or period of days or months). A severe case will lead to a Great Depression, likely worse than the last one given today’s dependencies on the government or inability to be self reliant.

Inflation during 2019

The Fed, the government, the bankers powers-that-be, will inflate the currency (devalue your purchasing power) as a last resort. Else their systems fail sooner. In my opinion we will see further devaluing of paper money and digit dollars.

Credit Tightening during 2019

I believe that credit may become more difficult to acquire during 2019. Why? Bankers and financial institutions may be more cautious to get their money back. Depends how the year unfolds. At this point it looks a little rocky going into the new year.

When .Gov Runs Out Of Other Peoples Money

This is a national, state, and local issue. The money from the producers is taken and redistributed as they see fit. More and more money is always spent. Eventually there are more takers than producers. And eventually governments run out of other people’s money. We are seeing lots of strain in governments looking for money to continue to fund pensions and other huge programs. Runaway spending has its consequences, and they’re not good…


The American Divide

Wow. This one is big and bad.

The divide is obvious to everyone regardless of your ideology. Personal ideological differences are far more dangerous than ‘just’ political differences. We are presently in conflict. It is a civil war. I am highly concerned about the potential for crossing thresholds into the unknown.

Political ideals have morphed into personal ideologies that just don’t work together. The extremes of which are like mixing gas and water. They don’t mix.

There are a number of ways to illustrate this American divide.

The producers and the takers

There are those who work and pay into the system. And there are those who are recipients of handouts (some deservedly so). The issues here include fraud, magnitude of programs, and the sheer numbers of takers vs. producers.

Young & middle-aged vs. middle & older

The first group has been largely indoctrinated into leftist/socialist ideals (but certainly not all of them!). The second group is more representative of traditional American ideals (again, certainly not all of them!).

Those who want bigger government
Those who want smaller government

Generally, left vs. libertarian right. I didn’t just say ‘right’ because there are plenty of RINOS (Republican in name only). Often the takers are in one particular ideological camp – bigger government.

Urban and Rural

Most urbanites live and breathe a politically left ideology. Most who live rural are of the opposite ideal. An exception are those urbanites who are moving into the rural lands (or maybe second homes there) and bringing their ideologies with them.

There’s no need to further exemplify the ideologically different groups. There are plenty. You know what’s going on. Most everyone does. The problem is that there’s no middle ground with most people’s philosophies/ideologies. There hasn’t been for quite awhile.


Political Ideology

New Congress for 2019 Aims to Crush MAGA

Politically, we’re seemingly headed to the beginning of the end for Make America Great Again. The movement did make great strides during the past two years and may have been the last hope for America (from the perspective of libertarian/conservative ideology).

This movement might be summed up as a pursuit for self reliance and self identity of a nation, personal liberties, and new business opportunity.

The opposition has been like no other in history. They are not going to let it happen again. And now they have the Congress (the House). Their unwavering agenda with the full backing of the media and tech giants will ramp up even higher. To crush this movement and punish those who participate in it.

I am highly concerned that this Congress may lead to something much worse come 2020 (or sooner). It is clear they want to take down Trump in 2019. They’ve already made it very clear regarding what they want to do regarding gun control. Borders (none). Taxes (more).

If all this couples with a crashing economy, we’re looking at dark times ahead.

But then again, what do I know…

Tech Tyranny

The term coined by Tucker Carlson is fitting. The tech giants and their internet platforms have become a stunning and very very powerful means to achieve control of speech, messaging, and basically ‘people’.

This past year their mission has been to crush the voice of the libertarian/conservative. Many popular voices have been squelched and even eliminated from the networks of today’s monopolistic tech giants. It seems every day I’m reading about more people who have been eliminated from their platforms.

This will worsen. When 90% of all search results for the zillions of search terms each day are controlled by one company, that’s tech tyranny. When such a huge percentage of messaging and instant messaging are controlled by two platforms, that’s tech tyranny. Unfortunately it has become exceedingly obvious what these three giants are up to… squelching and eliminating the voices from the libertarian/conservative.


My Concerns for 2019

Thresholds Into the Unknown


If these issues worsen much more, we WILL cross thresholds into the unknown. It is this which has me the most concerned.

Bad things have happened before in these categories. If you know some of your history, well, then you know. What may happen next will not be a repeat of history, rather, it will rhyme in some way. Or be something altogether different or worse.

Today’s modern technology and cheap energy has changed things in a very big way. It has enabled many great things. However it has also enabled a largely dependent society – more dependent than ever before. A collapse during this modern era will therefore likely ‘look’ very different, and probably be even worse as a result. Too many people today depend on too many things to survive.

The curve if you will, has been compounding upward. I have a feeling that at the top of the hill, there’s a cliff…

What are your concerns going into 2019?

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