There is a strong undercurrent happening in the world right now. Major “adjustments” have altered our freedoms under the guise of COVID-19 Coronavirus. But there’s more…

“Modern Throwback” (a regular here on MSB) shares the following view:

Something big is going on — some level of activity was presented to the public via General Milley during the April 1 White House Coronavirus Daily Briefing. General Milley spoke of strategic placement of our military forces — during a Coronavirus Briefing.

On the surface, it appears that the US has established military blockades to prevent any Mexican Cartel drug ‘flow’ from taking place. At present, there is a large build up of naval forces in the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific. We are being told that this military effort (named Enhanced Counter-Narcotics Operations) is to counter the Maduros regime to flood the USA with cocaine — during the Coronavirus pandemic.

General Milley said forces from both PACOM and EUCOM, along with ships from Norfolk are involved in this event.

Named ships include:
USS Detroit
USS Billings
USS Wichita
USS Indianapolis
CGC James
CGC Resolute
CGC Valiant

US Southern Command in East Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea:
Enforcement resources include (via ships, air, and ground):

Navy destroyers (see above list), 10 Coast Guard Cutters, Navy littoral combat ships
Helicopters on destroyers and cutters
Navy P-8 control aircraft
Air Force E3-AWACS aircraft (ISR)
Air Force E8-JSTARS aircraft (ISR)
Security Forces Assistance Brigade (SFAB*) Company
Special Operations Forces and *Security Force Assistance Brigades, along with Air Force reconnaissance aircraft.

All of this activity (and money) for counter-drug operations?????

On March 24, THREE military command teams under NORTHCOM sheltered within hardened locations in the US ( Cheyenne, RavenRock, Mt.Weather).

  • Military movements around the world
  • National Emergency order by Trump
  • Implementing Defense Production Act
  • Pentagon activating retired troops
  • lots more “random” actions which seem to support something “bigger”

March 30, 2020: Cruise ship RCGS Resolute (flagged in Portugal) was attacked 13-miles off Venezuela by Venezuela patrol ship ANBV Naiguatá GC-23 ; Cruise ship was designed with reinforced steel hull for Antarctic icy waters — Cruise ship Resolute sunk Venezuela ship. (Now Venezuela only has 2 remaining patrol ships…lol)

I believe the US plans to take down the Venezuelan Maduro regime by implied force and blockades. And given that Cuba is within the location of forces in the Caribbean, it might be construed that there is a strategic interest in Cuba, as well.

At this time, through the COVID pandemic, the Federal and State governments have alerted Americans to the pandemic.

The governments have arranged to clear the city streets, and interstate traffic is being ‘controlled’.

Civil rights and liberties are being challenged — and citizens are compliant to the governmental orders.

The US work force has been whittled down to ‘essential jobs only.’

Food and essential items are not as freely available as they were.

Shopping is limited to ‘essential items’, and is CONTROLLED.

We are starting to see makeshift hospitals popping up.

The costs are staggering. Lifestyle altering events never before seen. Seemingly disproportionate.

The only time all of these measures have ever occurred before was during the Civil War. But there are no battlefields, no troops marching across the mountains to burn cities…Not yet.

So, aside from the Mexican Cartel stated target, is something else big going on?

Is the US Government arranging and organizing the Nation for a MAJOR event?

Maybe credible intel of a future attack via smuggled dirty bom*s or bioweapons?

Failure of the continued US Government coup by the Deep State, and Trump now positioning for the legal take-down of… ??

Credible intel to bring down our President and top admin?

Something else?

[ Ken adds: These are just thoughts. It feels like something bigger is going on. Or about to. Do you believe in coincidences? Or is there purpose behind what has been transpiring. There is a LOT we don’t know and have not been told about COVID-19. Most people are essentially locked down right now. Absolutely unprecedented. Does it feel like something bigger is afoot? ]

Your thoughts?

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