A highly unusual earthquake has just shook the North Pole. On May 26 at 03:27 UTC, a magnitude 5.0 at a depth of 6.2 miles occurred just 270 miles from the true north pole, the axis from which the earth spins. Just as interesting, 2 minutes prior, a magnitude 4.6 earthquake shook in the same region. In other words, the earthquakes were getting stronger. Could this be a foreshock to an event even larger? And what is the significance of the earthquake occurring so close to the north pole?

Historically, there have been earthquakes there before, according to a USGS historical chart, but they appear to have been fairly small. A magnitude 5 event is not small and is not large. I just find it interesting to see it up there in an unusual location, while wondering what’s going on with the stresses of the earth’s crust.

The magnetic north pole has been ‘shifting’ rapidly in the direction indicated in the image above. Who’s to say that it’s not somehow interconnected? It could all be coincidental.

All very interesting indeed…


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