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To begin a pot of stock. place the bones and any a 6 qt pan, or the instapot..i add about 2 teaspoons of acv, and immerse 2 cleaned egg shells in the liquid.. ( the key is in the lining of the egg.. makes minerals release w/acv.) i usually run i for close to an hour in instapot.. when open pull out egg shells first,… let cool strain..mix well, ,jar /freeze/use- your choice.. I often get 1/3–1/2 inch of white mineral condensate in bottom of settled jars…

This isn’t the most important issue in the world, but we have four cats. Picky cats. And I’m having trouble finding Purina friskies canned cat food. Walmart has been sparse and is now wiped out. Safeway usually has a good variety, but their supply is now limited. Any idea the reason for this?

On a short research trip through the interwebz, looks like increased demand coupled with labor shortages. Some hint that there may be can shortages, but nothing firm on that. Apparently a lot of people went to wet food during the pandemic, exacerbated by recent rising costs for soy and corn products, which is putting a strain on an already strained system.
Suppliers say the shortage is correcting itself slowly. Purina says they’re working on it.

Lauren, thank you! I had problems getting large bags of dry dogfood during the great TP shortage of 2020, but that seemed to work itself out. Walmart was the worst for restocking that as well. Their delivery system only allowed a couple of large bags per night. I guess when I find the canned cat food I’ll have to stock up more. It’s hard when one of the more finicky felines is the senior citizen of the crew and I’m definitely babying him!

Even Chewy where I get mine had a shortage delay on Moosie’s prescription diet so I had to feed him regular food and he got the runs. Now I have 2 extra bags just in case.

Try Chewy. The prices are ok and no shipping if the order is over a certain amount.

Dottie – I have been using Chewy for a while now. Found it to be a very good company to deal with. Very customer friendly and they treat their employees well according to a relative that works for them.

Dottie – I have been using Chewy for a while now. Found them to be a good company to deal with. Very customer friendly and they treat their employees well according to a relative who works for them.

I found they have saved me money than if I got my dog food at the stores/vet clinic. Twice their delivery truck lost my dog food, and they replaced it right away even though the lost food was delivered eventually with no extra charge. I got them free—value $330.

I’m another fan of Chewy. Prices are comparable to local ones, you can save 5% on autoship orders, and if you bundle them enough to total $49, shipping is free. Very good customer service if you have any problems. You can set the autoship to come a little more frequently than needed (say, every 2 weeks for a 24 can case of food), and build a supply quickly. Then change frequency when you have a good stock. They always notify you before shipping so you can change the autoship order if necessary.
Unfortunately, they recently notified me that the Rx food i use for my cats may not be available in the future due to production/manufacturing issues. While there are other brands, they aren’t the preferred taste of my picky bunch. Fortunately, I have a decent supply, and it came back in stock after a short time. Makes you think what might happen in a true shtf situation. Need to research what sort of alternative food could be used for my pet Rx diets..

What? Cats are picky eaters? I can’t imagine!!! LOL.

Do you have a Dollar General in your area? They have Friskies. Cats are not un important. We have three, but they eat kibble in the form of Purina Beyond and one type of Nutro, with supplements of some canned Purina in the small cans. I look for low ash food to keep the urinary issues away.

I use Chewy also. If the cats do not like the food, Chewy will refund and ask you to donate the rest to a shelter.

I love Chewy and have used them for several years now. Once I ordered the wrong flavor of what I use and my dog did not like it. I called to order the correct bag and they sent it free. I explained it was my own fault but they still gave it free. I was asked to give the other food to an animal shelter so I did. That is when it hit me to keep a little ahead on my food for my furry girl as I did for myself. Then I increased my “Ahead” supplies last year in the spring even further out.

Mrs. U, We don’t have a dollar general, but there are a few dollar stores, so I’ll have to try looking for cat food there. I did find a better supply at Safeway today, but even they didn’t have as much as they usually do. I also have dry food for them to free feed on, but two prefer the canned. Thanks for your input!

NW gal,
Thanks for this info. I do have some put back but I guess I’ll grab a little more to be safe.

Mitten mom, You’re welcome! Let me know if you can how the supply is in your area.

NW gal, when I started having issues getting my good poultry pellet, I asked what was causing the issue. It was an ingredient used to meals the actual pellet. It sounded like it would also be a problem for dog and cat food pellets too. Then Chewy gave me a heads up they would soon have issues with their food supply. I started stocking up a bit more by buying two bags each month for our dog and cats. Now we know soy shortages are in the mix as we have half of the soy supply the USDA said we had and most is being shipped to China. Soy is a large source of protein in animal feeds. For people products, we are already seeing HUGE increases in cost – ask any vegan. If you want to eliminate animal production, do away with soy. It will drive the cost to feed them way up…if you can even obtain the product you need. Because the products can spoil, I only have 6 months extra stocked. After that point, we will all be eating differently and will need to adjust accordingly.

By the way, I heard yesterday (on the radio) that there is a ketchup shortage in the US. Found that quite interesting.

Coming to a Wally World near you?

Daughter told me that friends back in Texas had told her that the Wally World we shopped at when we lived there had gone all self checkout.

Her and the wife just came back from trip to Wally’s that we currently shop at. Said they overheard employees talking about how that store going to full self checkout soon.

The times….they are a changin’…….

Good to know, as I have not been inside the one locally for 8 months, possible longer. Only go in when a df needs to shop there, and we are on our major shopping spree.
I will have to ask her about any changes in the store.

Antique Collector,

A thought crossed my mind (scary….I know) after I learned this. Unless they make arrangements for you to convert personal checks or cash into in-store plastic….folks w/o their own plastic can’t shop there…….

…..and…. I read an article today about China introducing their own version of bitcoin, but government backed…..could it be that folks will be able to make Wally World purchases in China’s digital currency using the scanner and I-phone? I could see the bank of China offering alluring exchange rates to entice Americans to convert dollars to their digital offering….to make Chinese products even more appealing.

Nah…..never happen on Biden’s watch……….gotta go now… dark soon…gonna watch the cow jump over the moon…………

You are correct about the reducing down the human checker in the store…shiver’s!!! Believe she said there were only 3 people checking, and it was super busy according to her which was odd for this day, as it usually pretty quiet.

As for the payment method nothing would surprise me now a days. Wonder how those machines would react only feeding them dollar bills one at a time? hummmm


The Walmart in our little town in Wisconsin switched to mostly self-checkout in late 2019. I was disappointed to see that, and stood in one of the 4 lines for a real person register, even when the lines were long. There were walmart employees dedicated to encouraging people to switch out of the 4 traditional lines, into self-checkout. They would even help you scan, at first. I always politely declined, making sure to say that I appreciated interacting with a human being.

What will people do for work, when all of the jobs are automated? (Rhetorical question.)

Interesting, I always found those scanners aggravating. Wonder how wally will keep people from packing the bags with free stuff that was not scanned?

Mrs. U,
Security cameras will be watching. if someone tries to bag unscanned items, the attendent on duty is notified. I suspect they have figured out that any losses they might incure with this new system are ar outwieghed by the reduced cost to them. in the end it is always about $$$, isn’t it?

Here in NH recently we had an “Gentleman” that was scanning cheap Kool-Aid packets and loading much more expensive items into his bags. Seems security cameras do watch and over several weekly visits he “acquired” quite a worthwhile court case over this behavior.

What I.D. him was the system wide security cameras so they got his cars plates and the police ran them. Once they were ready a simple computer alert when that set of plates drove into the Wal-Mart parking area got the manager to keep tabs on this “Gentleman” until the Police were ready to arrest him just outside the doors.

He was convicted on security camera data and physical possession of clearly NOT several bags of Kool-Aide by Police.

Lessons here for the Patriots to be learned. Security camera are nearly everywhere and some well concealed in Parking Lot Lights and such. Seems they keep that data for an extended amount of time even in a cheap Wal-Mart.

NH Michael,

I would like to think that most preppers adhere to “it’s what you do when you think no one is watching that measures your true morality”

Dennis you read too much into my comment. I was well raised not to steal by the whistling leather belt and being forced to work off my foolish pack of juicy fruit gum :-) I’ve walked back into a store recently to tell them Manager on Duty that a case of Beer was left in a cart in the parking lot.

No I was referring to how easily IF they WANT TO track our daily-weekly normal activities and how becoming a “Person of Interest” can GREATLY Modify the care they use surveillance recordings.

AND maybe just how COMMON the Surveillance Camera IS in normal life even in fairly rural NH. Wal-Mart friends have told me and pointed out the Parking Lights Cameras along with the sometimes fake “Normal Cameras” in plain sight.

Thus Lauren’s not being to get their “Help” about her theft, NOR the poor soul robbed in a Wal-Mart BUT the Police CAN get them to keep data for their needs.

Peace Brother, I am not your enemy.

NH Michael,

I believe you misread my comment….never crossed my mind that you would be anything less the honest.

Me and the family had a similar conversation about how many folks would try to beat the system.

We talked about last year, when I was making a stab at bucket gardening. Bought a bunch of garden soil at Tractor Supply, picked up what I thought was 8 five gallon buckets. When checking out, cashier asked how many buckets in the stack, told him eight, got home and discovered I had ten. Two weeks later, dropped back in the store, told manager what had happened and that I needed to pay for them….he was stunned.

I ‘spect you would have done the same, as would most folks here.

Chuckling seems I did. I too have returned to the store to return or pay for extras :-) Old School there, confuses younger folks.

I need to wander over to TS soon, I never saw garden soil in buckets, I always NEED more buckets :-)

Sorry Dennis I tried to edit but seems the gremlins stopped me from posting my edits.

I understand after second reading your DOING Bucket Gardening. Let me know how it went and with what vegetables


NH Michael,

Went pretty poorly. ‘maters and jalapenos did well. Yellow squash and zucchini fair. Onions and okra pitiful. ‘Taters so so.

Main problem was getting enough sun….too many shade trees. I’ll have to move my chicken proof enclosure that I built for the containers farther out in the pasture and get another 100 foot of water hose.

More buckets? If your grocery store has an in store bakery ask them for empty frosting buckets. They are food grade buckets suitable for food storagg, or gardening, and the price is right.

Hm. When my wallet was stolen and $600 of my checks used, Wally World told the police they only keep recordings for 24 hours…

I doubted that at the time, and still do, but that’s what we were told.

I think that the pandemic got more people to use the self-checkout lanes. That meant two less people were touching their purchases (checker and bagger). About 10-15 years ago, WM put in the first of these lanes in a store near where I used to live. About six months later they took them out and replaced them with people again because they were losing too much money by people stealing. I know that some of the WMs near me were already planning to cut hours just before the pandemic hit because there were too many people who stole things during the late-night hours. They’d just take off running when someone at the door tried to stop them. Covid gave stores a great excuse to reduce hours, and they just aren’t going back to being open 24 hours a day. I love using check-out lanes with people because I want them to keep jobs and I enjoy conversing with others, but whenever I’m buying stuff that seems more “prepper,” I prefer the self-checkout lanes, so there are less people to notice that I’m a weirdo. Ha-ha.

A Wally World store we shopped at tried that for about 3 months and then shut it down….they were losing thousands of dollars in items NOT run through the scanner!

Is anyone else having problems responding to comments?
I tried two this morning and two more just now….
Maybe I’m on probation ????


Maybe Blue is in the dog house?

NRP & Blue

NRP & Blue,
Must be an errant gravatational wave from that TP horde of yours. Try standing on one foot and sticking your tongue out to the left when you hit the “enter” button.

NRP & Blue,

Maybe Ken’s running low on TP, and is trying out a new technique to obtain some. TP for comments? ;-)

I had to come and post this here because most of my friends (ok, all of them except one) and my whole family think I’m nuts. But I’m excited!! I signed up for a four-part seminar on harvesting and using cattails that’s being given by an expert on Native American traditions at a local homestead/museum type place. A small part of our backyard is considered wetlands and DH planted cattails there years ago. Recently I read (maybe here??) that the roots are edible. This seminar is in April, June, August and October and goes through everything from finding them, harvesting, drying and I even get to weave a mat from them – it’s a twofer!! Education and crafting all in one.

Always Lurking,

I would be crazy excited about that, too! Hope you’ll share what you learn here. I’ve got a few cattails on my new place.

I will share what I learn!

Always Lurking
That is so awesome!! We have many tribes in this area, but have never heard of any of them offering such a course. Enjoy, learn and please share.

Always lurking, I think that is awesome! Several parts of cattail are useful. Yes, please share after your session. How exciting!

Yum! Also the heads and white stems are edible when in the right season,

Well I think that is really cool! Cattails are a nature treasure for sure. Anywhere there are cattails is water.


Odd NPR’s was having troubles posting so was I earlier this evening.

NH Michael
You and NRP have gremlins. Please do not feed your computer as they reproduce more critters. ;-) could not pass this up.

Does anybody know why we are having so many fuel shortages around the country? All of the Walmarts around where I live and about 50% of the convenience stores have their pumps shut down.

Believe if you recall the deep freeze in Texas, no power for days into week+. That is where the majority of the refineries for fuel are located. If I recall correctly. Reason there will be/or starting a shortage on certain plastics which hold everyday items we use in our households.

I was thinking that could be most of it also maybe because alot more people are going back to work in an actual building and in school lessons are happening here in NW AR.

Silverback 68 ,,,,,,,,,i fear this is just the start ,,i’ve been warning about fuel and fertiliser getting hard to get ,, the big ranch loads about 10,000 gallions a year normally of number 2 diesel ,or did in the past , we could only get half that this year ,, my retirement place we use to store about 2,000 gallons a year ,i started early and did get the full load there without fuel there is no reason to plant a wheat crop , or away to do it ,,sooo no wheat this year ,(about 7 million pounds ) as for shortages comming soon ,nothing is working smoothly in the system ,be it food or car parts or lumber , and on and on ,i expect prices in general to double in.  the next year on everything,shortages is the new normal ,,,real silver has dubbed in price for something you can hold on your hand ,food prices have to double if not food producers will go out of business , we are not going to produce just because you need it ,
Have a good day ,,,

Should have read as 70million pounds of wheat ,,,not 7 million pounds that we will not be harvesting

So a bit over one million bushels? that’s a lot of wheat! over 100 million loaves of bread. That will put a dent in someone’s shopping cart.

Miner Jim ,,,,,,,i know the land involved ,,, we just acquired it first of the year ,a number of things have come into play ,first off its a losing game to grow wheat under the terms as it now stands ,second problem is I’m allergic to wheat ,wheat dust , wheat pollen, my cabin at the ranch is downwind of said fields ,third I refuse to participate in the government programs ,,
,,,,,how I come up with the numbers ,normal yeld =about200 bushels ×acres 5000×80 pounds per bu ,about 70million pounds ,the bu will vary with moisture and grain size , and again if every thing goes right. Soooo going to plant it in native grasses this fall , and let it rest and see where it goes ,
,,,one more thing ,Im catching some flack over my decision ,from some unexpected sorses ,,,,i think I’m right in doing what I’m doing ,everyone wants to be the boss till there are boss things to do
,,,,tea and cherry cheesecake,

FYI. Canning lids available at Amazon.

To AC: Happy Birthday – have a wonderful day!!!

So Cal Gal
Thank you for the birthday wish. Picked up cake and special ice cream so dh could have some with me. Otherwise a quiet day on the hillside.

That sounds like a great way to spend the day!!! Hugs to you and ACDH. :)

So Cal Gal
Yesterday worked installing more of the deck boards down on the back porch. Finished the middle section then will tackle the one where we exit to this area. It has been a project,(case of insanity-I must be nuts) one which I have been working on a little at a time. Next time I will have a crew do the work. Ahhhh I was having a cheap moment…lol It is good for working on my vitamin D, suntan. lol

Happy Belated B-day, AC

Went to WM for a few odd ball things that I needed. It just feels off. Shelves look full in some places next to numerous empty spots. Looks like they are staging things to look like more than there actually is. Every isle has bare spots and fewer selections. Name brands are missing in many places filled in with odd brands. Checked for Worcestershire sauce several times over a couple of months. Finally found a bottle of wm brand pushed way back on the shelf. Large empty spots in the egg, bacon and sausage area.

Many spices in my area are in short supply as well.

Hello MSB Patriots

Haven’t been on much, busy moving. Just checking in, I’m still above ground.

Ken, thank you for this site and all the work you do for us MSB Patriots.!!

Bill Jenkins Horse, how are you doing, recovering from your fall?

Joe c, what’s happening in the great white north?

Dennis, my go to knife? K-Bar USMC battle knife or Buck hunter, don’t leave home without.

NH Micheal, hows your Parents doing? Or, the ones your taking care of?

Trying times these are. Just remember Y’all, Positive Mental Attitude, #1 survival skill.!

God Bless each and every one of all MSB Patriots, keep on, keeping on.

Stand My Ground, Mom’s still 9+ months dead, Dad’s wandering around in his fog thinking she’s around here somewhere. Sleeps a lot. Mistakes my wife, his daughter for HIS Wife often enough. He’s never quite sure who those women are that come by to care for him nor who his Son and Son in law are.

One of God’s mysteries WHY make him shuffle around alone so long?

All we can do is love him and take care of him as best we can. No ice floe trips for him. Or for the more modern a poor quality nursing home instead of the Eskimo ice floe.

I too miss Bill Jenkins Horse’s postings and hope he is well.

Here in northern NH it’s getting cold weather gardening planting time. Buds just starting to swell. Hungry Turkey’s make it needful to protect your plantings lest they become little turkey food.

How did farmers do it before reasonably cheap welded wire folks? I know my Great Grandmother had willow baskets to protect some of her herbs and young plants from the free ranging chickens and such.

Pondering J&J “Vaccine” as wife has been told us caregivers should have it along with my sleepy Dad. Not liking the idea at all.

One of God’s mysteries WHY make him shuffle around alone so long?

It is not for us to question, but we will know someday.

Trust the plan.

Hey, Stand!
Good to see ya post.
Hope your move is going well.
Beautiful weather this past week. High 70’s. Like NHM, our trees are budding. Looks like below freezing temps coming again for night time lows. Needing some rain badly.

Glad to hear from you.

So glad to hear from ya. Been thinking about ya. Hope you have healed up from your surgery last year. Moving will definitely let ya know if you are good or not. Lol
Take good care.
Peace and blessings to you and yours.

I was thinking today about what my ideal life would look like compared to what my actual life is like and what I’m actually doing to reach my ideal place in my life. Any comments?

You and the rest of us will never reach our human conjured “ideal life”. Even if you write it down and at some point get there in the future, you will not be satisfied when you arrive. All I can tell you from my own experience is that having a good talking relationship with God is about as close as your going to get on this earth. If you are happy 25% of the time, sad 25% of the time , and “eh” the rest of the time, your doing pretty darned good.

I used to tell my boys when growing up, life is 99% attitude. The other 1% is life coming at ya, you can not control.

Mrs. U, I totally agree. A saying I used to have posted in my classroom: “Attitude is the mind’s paintbrush. It can color any situation.” (I just looked it up, and apparently it is byBarbara Johnson.)

USDA’s May Crop Production estimated the winter wheat crop at 48.1 bushels per acre.
Section 600.TABLE B Standard Weight Per Bushel for Agricultural Commodities, wheat 60 lbs

Stand ,,,,thanks ,,,,,im not a wheat farmer ,just going on what I was told ,after this year won’t matter land is going in conservation Set aside ,funded by private trust ,never again to be cropped ,, I’m being payed to Set aside on what I posted earlier ,was that this year’s report ? Dose it change year to year? I don’t trust USDA for anything and refuse to cooperate with them. Wish I could tell you what I really think of the USDA
,,,,,,,,,thanks ,,,,

Wish I could tell you what I really think of the USDA

Ken does not allow that kind of language on his blog, It’s a pile of horse s— liars, who only damage farmers not help them.

2020 report, yes it changes every year

Ditto SMG
the usda is a waste of money, not helpful unless you are a huge corporate farm

Stand ,,,miner Jim ,,of the seven ranches in our trust holdings six were lost by the previous owners thanks to ‘help ‘ from USDA and banks ,,,had we not stepped in only the banks would have gained ,,,you don’t learn the land in collage,the USDA types learn government ,, not how to make things work and produce something of value,
,,,need to stop and smell the roses,,,,
,,,,,,tea and chocolate

Given a few instances of dealing with the USDA in the past, I have concluded they are here to try to exert control over farmers, not help them.

Miner Jim,,,,,,,boy oh boy where to start ?????? Most glaring things ,, the imperial power thing ,if you question something ,,need the Darth Vader song , we know better ,, NOT ,,,,,encouraging unrealistic expectations ,remember the song ,dream the impossible dream , you got to know how to do things not just read about it ,,,,handing out free money has conquests , and a prices to pay ,every year our trust helps youngsters to get a start ,to get that chance they must be recommend by a family member of the trust. After working one year for that person , we teach success , on the other hand USDA will throw money at things with no hope of success for the person ,in the end leaving that person broken of spirit and hope and a future,,,
I still have ‘kids’ in there 40s come ask me how the he’ll do I do this or that ,,,,rewarding ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
,,,,need to go back to work ,,tea break over

No matter how you figure it, I think we are going into lean times. Thanks for the continued “head’s up”.

Ken, interesting new development on the site. I’ll let you know if it continues.

I put in my comment and hit post, it just sat there. Nothing on “recent” that matches. I hit post three times the bars played at the top of the screen, but nothing got posted.
It was a reply to a comment rather than primary.

Lauren and Ken:
I have been having the same issue.
Going to try this reply to your comment and see if it goes…..

Worked this time, but last few days not so much.
PS: seems to be running a lot slower.
Not complaining at all, just passing on Info.

NRP, which browser are you using? I am using Dissenter and Shields was on for the site. I hadn’t noticed that since I switched browsers, and I’m hoping that turning off Shields makes the difference.

Turning off Shields didn’t make a difference.

Did it again this morning. I was able to add my comment as a reply, but not primary.

And again. So not a continuous issue, but ongoing. I’m using Dissenter.

I tend to copy a comment before I hit the Post Comment button. Saves me much retyping and frustration if it takes a wrong turn.

This information is about ID card renewal. Data on the new system can be read at ‘bulletin @ military shoppers news dot com'(squeeze this altogether). New cards are being issued for all different levels of service.
There is a section in the article that refers to ‘expired cards’, which is odd, since the date listed is March 31st of this year…ah someone forgot to send this out in a timely fashion.
It also has a section on INDEF cards, which have to be renewed by June 2021.

AC, thank you for the info. I did get my card renewed and my spouse had his indef card renewed so we are good.

Antique Collector could you explain a little here? My current retired ID doesn’t expire until 2029 and my wife’s not until next year.

I’ve not seen anything from my Army Bulletins about changes to ID. Please Advise


NH Michael
If you are only using the ID’s for medical purpose you do not have rush to change them. Make sure you do before they expire. Did you look up the site I gave to DAMedinNY. It is bulletin that we receive from the commissary on grocery sales. In order to bring up the story I had to put in / and the word ID to retrieve it.

You do not have to do anything until the renewal, then they will issue you a new card. If you are like dh, he has an INDEF card they are requesting those be changed sometime during the summer months. You are good to go for a while.

NH Michael
Make sure you get your dw’s renewed before it expires.

You do not wish to go through the hassle I had when my expired. My passport renewal was in Texas, my only ID was my drivers license. Held us at the gate for over 30 minutes running a back ground check on me, then confiscated my dependents ID. Gave me a paper slip for the ID renewal & he almost did not give me my ID because of them taking my ID at the gate. Asked me if I had a passport–yep…but it is in Texas getting renewed. More computer deep diving & finally they issued my ID!!!! Never again!! If I have to strap dh to the roof of the vehicle we are not going through that pain the arse ever again!! Felt like a criminal!
When it is up for renewal, I am taking my passport with me JIC.

I work on base and haven’t seen anything on this. Went yesterday to the id section to update cac seers was down again


Greetings to all this week. I just returned from eastern part of my home-state where I hunted ground squirrels for several days. Good times were had and we fed a lot of seagulls out there. I spent some time hunting with a retired machinist who had some beautiful single shot rifles. One of his hobbies is to create and shoot wildcat cartridges. We drove our separate trucks and worked one field together. Percentages of hits were high and the carrion eating birds were flocking in as we packed up our gear. He shot from a custom made tripod while I did the “Harney County Drive-By”. ( shooting over the hood of my truck using a duffle bag as a front-end support.)

Hunting tactics were shoot 10-20 rounds and move truck location only 30-40 yards-repeat. Over years of doing this, we both found this works the best. At the end of the trip, I found I have gone through 160 rounds of 22 Hornet and 5-50 round boxes of 17 HMR. This was after 1.5 days of good shooting weather. Ken, I may change my online moniker to “Old Fudd” as I’ve been out of California for over 10 years now.

Lifestraw selling for 12.00 on Amazon for the next few hours. Buy it in the Single packs as it’s normal price in the multi-packs.

NH Michael,
Thanks for the heads up.
Wish there wasn’t a limit of 3. Oh well just order on mine and daughters accts.
Thanks again,

Your welcome MadFab, nice work around on the 3 life straw limit :-)

Work arounds a skillset most Americans seem to lack.

OMG!, Your going around the system, How can you be so selfish, wait, work around???, what does that mean? (sarc.)

Blackjack 22,
Work around, Not the other!

Life straw. Well, I’ve only bought and used sawyer. When I say used, I really just mean tested/tried it out. I haven’t bought any water filter gizmos for several years. I hope they store well. Other than the one sawyer I tried out, they’re all still in original packaging. Hopefully, we’ll never need to know.

Plainsmedic, when I hunted out west I used a life straw. It always worked great for me. I used it for several years in a row once. No problems.

BG in TX,
Thanks. I’d be glad to have either, in a pinch. I have’em scattered in every vehicle, bag, etc. Even a few extras here at the house.

Here are some beautiful bird photos sent by a friend. . .

Thank you for posting these pictures!

There was some discussion on USDA a day ago. Tom Vilsack was confirmed by the senate as the Ag secretary. He is in the back pocket of Bayer/Monsanto.

Love the new format and colours!!
I really like that ya put the number of comments back on each article.
Thanks again for all your hard work on both sites.

Thanks, it was a lot of work! A few tweaks remain.

I really like this new set up, so much better then the other one you had a few days ago. Thank you for all your hard endeavor.

Kudos, web master!

I found idiots yesterday, right in my back yard. Bowling Green…go figure!!
Couldn’t get inside a computer battery shop–had to stand outside and leave my pc/didn’t have a battery anyhow.
Cafe, great food, had to eat outside with friend, can remove mask to eat BUT must wear in the door!!
Ace Hardware for asphalt repair okay without mask.
Best Buy okay without mask.
Save a Lot okay.

In one year, that totals 3 places I was refused service–furniture store, White Castle, and battery shop.
Pretty good, huh??

lots going on here at our place….renovations, upgrades, redesigns….all fun and all cash and carry.
Getting the yard ready to “spring” to life….dh building the hoop frames for gardens.
About that “ideal” life….well, health being the only true worry at the moment…life is grand.
My dad used to tell me “it’s a great life, if you don’t weaken”. Truer words were never spoken!
Hoping all our MSB family can achieve true happiness. Peace.


Well, that one worked.

This week I have 12 sweet potato seedlings. After I got frustrated and just dumped those seeds that hadn’t sprouted in a pot in the greenhouse, four more came up so I’m keeping an eye on those for seeds this year. Cold, bad soil, bad water, and the seeds weren’t nicked. Perfect!

Still digging, with one side of the outdoor kitchen completely dug out. The kitchen (current plan) will have a rocket stove, a sink, a counter area with wood storage underneath, storage for pans and such, and hopefully (if I can work out the details) a “temperature maintenance area” which will stay either warm or cool depending on how it’s used. We’ll see on that one.

I lost my last almond seedling over the winter, so it’s start over on that. Looks like it was cut off by something, probably a gopher. Makes me worry about planting my pistachios out there.

Another elderberry start. Baby grape vines starting to bud out. Got first blossoms on one of my seedling peaches. Another may be large enough next year.

Did you place fencing wire underneath the soil where the almond trees were planted? It would have to be a small mess wire. There is a construction material 4×8 sheets that can be cut into strips has a supper fine weave, it looks like a herringbone pattern. What it was designed for in the construction trade–no idea.
Hope my memory serves me well. Horse hair, especially from the mane and tail of the horse. Layer it down & around the areas you are planting the new trees, and shrubs before placing them in the hole. It is so course that those root eating dwellers will leave the roots alone. Something that was passed on to me when I very young & it did not make any sense then but it does now.

These were true seedlings, planted in place. I throw out a bunch of seeds and whatever comes up, I keep (have half a hundred more planted that haven’t shown signs of sprouting yet) so no protection. I think with the pistachios I’ll put in a ring of hardware cloth a foot down and a foot away from the tree.

I may walk across the street and see if the family over there still has their horses. Each one of the other seedlings has chives and tansy growing around it, but this one had neither.

Hi AC,Hope you and yours are doing well
Been so busy,lucky I get a chance to read much less comment lately.
That material you talked about is called diamond lath…

Good to see you here… hope your recovery has been going well. Many of us miss your insights, hope you have time to share here or on the other site soon. A lot going on, would appreciate your thoughts. Be well!

Thank you for that information. I used it around the porches to keep leaves from blowing under the wood decking. Believe I will use it for a decoration on the back deck area instead of wood or plastic lattice.

Beside tinsnips what have you used to cut it with cross grain?

AC, tin shears really work better than snips. It cuts sharp so gloves are needed. Knuckles usually still get nicked though…

Yes, on the gloves. I do manage to leave cuts on my hands, or splinters. Will pick up a set of tin shears for this project. Purchased the materials couple of years ago, what I did not use is put away. Thank goodness!

Weeds are growing so fast that the NIL knocks them down and when he comes back that area has to be done again. Pulled out the weed sprayer but today is breezy so that will be a NO until the winds calm down.

We are doing fine as can be expected living in the state of cal-amity. Contacting different family members, if there is something we have they could possibly want. Now is the time to speak up, or it goes to consignment shop, antique store, donations, or lastly the dump! Our days of collecting are over and now it is time to dump the stuff as my friend calls it. The items we plan on keeping will be going into storage.

Hope you & your family is doing well. You stay off of roof tops, you do not bounce as well as you did when you were younger. ;-)

For those whom I missed shouting out a Happy Birthday wish at the end of March & the beginning of April. Hope all of you had a wonderful day. Know Mrs. U received binoculars from her family, TOJS enjoyed hers with family.
So Cal Gal–sending you Happy Birthday wishes ahead of schedule as I marked the day on my calendar last year. Yes, it was traded in for a new one & dates had been marked for those whom I
knew- gone.
To those whom I missed on your special day. Hope you had a great time with family & friends.

Thank you… actually you & I share the same day. :)


So Cal Gal & Mrs. U
We are all of the number 7 group=equals 21. Dang we are good to go at the Blackjack tables. lol If I was not so cheap. rowl

Hahaha! Hope you had great B-Day, Mrs. U!

So Cal Gal
Awesome…I was thinking it was the 12/13th of April. Now I will never forget!

72 degrees F today, clear, light breeze, a gift this time of year. Cleaning up all the winter debris, siphoned the snowblower and ran it dry, took the risk of stowing the snow shovels ( have seen snow in April). Sharpened and fired up the chainsaws and pole saw. Power raked the road sand/stones from the plows off the property, power rake kicked my butt since I classify as an older fart, is there such a thing as an “old” fart, I opinion a no.

Range time: dialed in the .223 Ruger American with scope at 75 yards since that’s about my woods limit for visibility, plus the .223 is a pretty flat trajectory. Nice shooting rifle, minimal recoil, conditioned to a semi-auto, forgot to rack the bolt once, fortunately it was practice. No one at the range, just me and the range safety person. Invited the range person to shoot the Ruger, liked it, shot the sh%t about scopes, rifles and deer.

Have seen two different size Fisher on the property edge, not a thing to mess with. Let a neighbor with a small dog know they are around. Firewood cutting going on back quite bit in the woods may have driven them out. A crow was giving one the business screaming at it follow it by flying tree to tree.

Good luck on your wood cutting. I just finished up the other day. I try to keep two years ahead. This year’s cold was waaay beyond normal. We burned a LOT of hedge. I try to cut throughout the winter when weather allows. I cut/burn osage orange (hedge). Fabulous firewood, but ya gotta earn it. Lots of thorns on the brush. Cutting wood in warm weather is hard on saws and the person cutting, in my opinion. Long sleeved heavy shirts are required when cutting hedge (thorns).

Soon I’ll be whining about the heat, but for now, Come on Spring.

We are having some nice Spring rain today. Planted out the squash starts earlier this week in anticipation of the rain, and noted that the beans I planted last week are coming up. Will probably put in tomatoes and peppers in a couple of weeks. I was excited to see that two of the pawpaw trees I planted 5-6 years ago are flowering for the first time, so am looking forward to trying some fruit. My King David apple tree is also flowering pretty well for the first time, so we’ll see what that fruit tastes like, too (we had one apple develop last year, but I guess a squirrel nabbed it before I did; it was gone when I went out to pick it). The strawberries, blueberries, and mulberry are flowering like crazy so, barring some crazy weather or other disaster, we should get to enjoy some of those. f

Pawpaws, how cool! The custard apple as the old timers call it. I have never tasted one. Some one gave me seeds when I was on the farm and I put out and let nature do her thing. Moved before I knew if they had taken root.

Mrs. U,
Yes, pawpaws are good. Kind of a mushy banana flavor. I’ve got several “wild” trees located.

Well…..third day of me, my wife, and daughter suffering the worst allergy attacks we’ve ever experienced. Pollen is in the air….and on steroids this year. Thought I was gonna drown in snot yesterday. I normally am not affected by it.

Did some reloading yesterday to replace the rounds expended in my now abbreviated therapy sessions. Concentrating on my revolvers….easier to resist the urge to play.

Snares haven’t produced in two weeks now…..coyotes have either become more wary, or are avoiding my area. Did manage to catch two early on.

Ordered a Leixen VV898S 25 watt mobile radio to piddle with….learn how to manually program it. Low end radio, but gets good reviews.

Getting 14-16 eggs a day. Got one broody hen that can’t decide which nest to cover…seems every other day she moves. Just as well….don’t really need any more chicks.

Life is good on the mountain…..I see trouble brewing….it’ll affect everyone to some extent….proud I’m where I’m at…..hope everyone is settled in where they want to be…..

It’s going on 4weeks for us here. Did have a brief slowdown when we were in MT, but now back with a vengeance! Nothing like waking up cause ya cannot breathe and then ya can’t see cause the eyes are swollen and runny. No fun!! Trees are what is getting me right now.
The generic Claritin at Costco works well for me and nasal spray. Was using the Costco allertec but that stopped helping me. Gotta change it up sometimes.
Hope your season is short lived for ya all.
Peace and good breathing to ya.

Looked at your new radio online. I don’t know anything about Leixen, but it looks good to me. Congratulations. While you are awaiting the arrival of the radio, may as well build a fm yagi???
If ya can find old tv antennae, you know old junk, you can build a very good yagi from one or two salvaged tv antenna. Check out M 0(zero) U K D dot com for specs. What’s listed is for 2m ssb, but most of the way down the page, you’ll see a fm version. You can build one for approx. 5 dollars in parts. I don’t use the clothes pins anymore, it’s a back-packing antenna. I made small wooden blocks instead. They last much better than clothes pins. M0UKD dot com. You are on your way!

Had a couple nice days this week, thus the invasion is underway. Nice days, holidays, summertime we go from a lightly populated county to practically SRO at the beach, campgrounds, parks, national forests. Campers, motor homes, out of state plates loaded for bear. Have only seen a couple biker gang members, but it’s a little early for most of them. My prayer, should the S ultimately HTF, is that it happen on a Tuesday afternoon in the winter.
. . . .
Baby piggies are growing. Surrounded by astounding cuteness. May keep one of the new mamas over for a breeder. She’s doing a great job.
. . . .
Someone’s down by the river today having a therapy session. Been going on for a couple of hours now; must have quite a stash at home as haven’t seen anything available in town since the first of the year.
. . . .
Ken, am I missing the up arrow that takes me to the top of the page?

It’s the green one in the lower right corner. Loving your articles on American Thinker!!

Thanks Jon

With overall concerns for SHTF any day now ( glacier speed?) any one planning on summer time travel/cross country style? I mean when we picture get home scenarios it usually isn’t 800miles away. Is a going to visit friends and family in a NY to TN/NC road trip a good idea?


Long trips…If everything goes crazy while you’re gone, you’ll be kicking yourself for the rest of your (short?) life for not staying home. If you stay home and nothing goes crazy during the same time, you’ll be kicking yourself for the rest of your (long?) life for missing out on time with friends and family. You could say that it’s better to kick yourself for a shorter period of time, right?

I think about this every time I go somewhere, but I just trust that God will use me wherever I happen to be. You’ve got to live life! A line has to be drawn about acceptable risk. Only you can determine where that line is. (A day’s walking distance? A week’s? Only within our country or continent? Not near any big cities?) I’ll be driving a few hundred miles at the end of the month, and a couple of days later I’m going a few hundred miles the opposite direction. I’ll pack as well as I can for emergencies, but if I really have to walk all that way home, I know I may not get there. As horrible as that would be, I believe the benefits of my trips outweigh the risks of danger happening during that time.

Don’t let someone else control you. If the trip is right, go for it!

had the same thoughts while planning trip from Ohio to Virginia last week but getting to see daughter and finally getting to meet her boyfriend outweighed any reservations
Packed some extra supplies (just in case) and had a great time
Daughters boyfriend is a great guy and he asked permission to marry her
Gotta live your life

DB Cooper,
Mozel Tov!!

DB Coop
Long time, no post

How ya doing?

Joe c
I’m hanging in there. Just the normal bs. Not enough time in the day or gas in the tank to get everything done. I still check in and try to keep up on articles and comments
Hope you are getting along ok with your crazy 😜 gov ner How’s Sadie doing?

Yes, I hear ya on time and fuel. I just try to keep plugging along.

The gubner and I are getting along just fine. Even if I did listen to her, I’d do the opposite. People like me are to blame for the skyrocketing covid numbers.
She’s up for reelection next year, so she has to play it safe… that will matter.

Sadie Mae is doing great!
She’s always wanting attention. She helped me fix fence last weekend. I’m sure she’ll help again today

Joe c
Is that ‘fixing a fence’ or un-doing what you had already done?

Was that blade of grass over the fence tastier than on her side? ;-) lol

Actually she behaved herself. If I was swinging the hammer, she kept at a safe distance, then I’d pet and rub her ears.
The one section my dad put up 30 + years ago. I took the one section down and made the.barn lot bigger.
My dad’s horse, who will be 33 this June, didn’t like the changes. He won’t cross were the existing fence was.
Stubborn old coot.

The other, small section, I put up several years ago and want to revamp for more convenience with the tractor access and being able to shut the gate without horses escaping.

Most of the posts are leaning, because some Fresian thinks they make great rubbing posts and leaning on them, because the blade if grass on the other side is always better.

(I have a pair of post hole diggers that may fit your hands)

Joe c
YOU do..rowl. We have a set of those here on the place, can not tell you how much dirt I have suck up my nose over the years.

Now I hire tractor with an auger unit to do it for me. Yes, I know one still has to do the digging out after wards. Man I hated that job!

Test 1, 2
Do ya read me?


PNW Sal,

L&C: AKA 5×5. Or some places just 5-By. Followed by “How copy me?”
Them were the daze, LOL, when I got a real paycheck.

Crow Bait
AKA Brown Box: ETR / TDRSS / SCOMM, Range Rat

Crow Bait.
Thanks for that. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a real paycheck.

LOL We in the same boat!

Joe C,
Read ya like a comic book! Lol
Archie and Jughead?
Just playing with ya my friend.

I had a post set to run and it got lost in never land.

Maybe tomorrow….and I’ll forget…..
most of it.

Archie’s the smart one, right?

I be,

Where is the “search” feature? I like to search and pull up the “Shortages” article a few times a week to see if there is any new info. Going to be hard to find it now…unless there is a button I am not seeing? Thanks!

Very top of the page just to the left of the “menu” button. good stuff available/pinned under the menu button also.

Thanks but I bet you are on a computer? On the mobile site I don’t see anything next to the menu button. It’s ok though, I’ll just make myself a bookmark to get to that article. ;) Yes, lots of good stuff on that menu!

Yayy!! Thank you! I use it all the time so I was wondering where it went! The new site designs look great. Thank you for this site, it has been a huge help to us this past year with pandemics and back-to-back hurricanes. :):)

On my way!, Do you click on recent comments? That’s how I keep up with the latest.

Went to an auction yesterday to try and pick up a potato digger. Got outbid. Prices where all over the place. Farm was just off the interstate, so lots of antique dealers in there. 200# anvil went for $1200. Afterwards got a new friend’s septic field laid out for perc tests, will trade my design for loader to fit on my big ford field tractor. Will start turning ground for potatoes this week, moon favorable for planting at the end of the month.irrigation will be at 60% this summer due to severe drought.enough for my grapes, orchard, hay and potatoes. Not enough to plant another 8 acres of hay.(might Fall plant that). Dry, dry, dry.No spring rains.

You are rotating the potato crop into a different area for planting this year? Believe OH, can give you better information on where & how one has to leave a potato field to fallow for regeneration. Otherwise you would end up with a disease that hits those crops, same as tomato wilt(fungus).

Oh yes! Will be planting taters in ground I turned over last year, but left fallow. Last years tater and mater ground will be either fallowed, or maybe some leafy veggies.

I’ve got kennebeck taters poking up through the ground. I’m hopeful of a good garden year. I added a lot of cow manure last fall. So far, looking great. The weeds seem to like the fertilizer too.

Kennebeck grow well here too, but i will not grow them this year, already have 4 varieties to plant. Love volunteers, they give you an indication when soil and weather are warm enough to plant. Let them grow, but make sure you rotate your ground for the main part of your crop, that will help you keep soil borne diseases down. Weeds are God’s way of reminding us that man will never be in complete domination of the soil.

These are not volunteers. Planted first week in March. So far, so good. I’m planning to plant another 5# this week. We love home-grown taters.

Cool! i am commiting to planting 200# this year. I have three days the end of this month when the moon is right, so i have a little time to get the ground ready. Busy getting the hay field creased (i’m late getting started), and water on.Between the farm/vineyards/ building on, and side engineering jobs, i will be very busy. Won’t think about giving up my “regular job” til i am 70, or about 4 years. Truthfully, i will never stop working, i believe it is what keeps you in shape and going. (i will have to find some time to do a little fun stuff though, like a little ‘artisanal’ placer mining)

Reply to Dennis regarding allergy season: At least 3 months of year, I am afflicted by seasonal allergies. ( I refer to allergy season as “Carp Days” because allergy sufferers have snot and mucus coming out of our eyes and noses) Here is what I do to cope:
Daytime: I need to stay alert so I can drive and pass medications to folks at work. I lavage my nose with saline in bottles and I use fluticasone nasal spray prior to driving in to work. Eyes I use Zaditor or Patanol drops because they are antihistamines designed to be used in the eyes. I keep artificial tears in my shirt pocket to be used throughout the day. I use Claritin 10 mg before I go to work. I use Sudafed “HP” formula because I have high blood pressure and real Sudafed is difficult to buy these days.
Nighttime: I get home from work and use Benadryl in either tablet form or liquid form in emergency. I limit my consumption of alcohol and keep plenty of water, juice or other things around to drink because Benadryl use can be dehydrating. Rather than take one big dose of Benadryl, I will take 1/2 tab at a time ( = to 12.5 mg per each 1/2 tab) If I get a sneezing fit, I will take another 1/2 tablet with water.

Cali refugee,
I LOVE Patanol and zatadir for my eyes. Sometimes I wish I could take them out and swish them in a glass of water they itch so badly.
Can’t wait until the trees are done this year. Seems like it comes on earlier and earlier each year.
Good luck to ya in the mucus wars.

Just a quick FYI. A friend from church turned us on to a product called TAKE ROOT. This product allows you to take clippings from fruit trees and berry bushes and turn them into new ones.

We already have peach, plum, and persimmon cuttings started. All that is required is the product, some pots and potting soil. We think this is c-o-o-l !

The willow tree has hormones which help plants root. You can make willow water for this purpose. Also the acetylsalicylic (aspirin) which is anti fungal. There are videos on making the water. The products purchased are usually synthetic versions of the willow hormone indolebutyric acid.
Just an FYI for hard times.

Mrs. U
Thank you for that information on the willow. There are not many in this area because of there water requirement to survive. Years ago you could find them being sold in nursery’s in the bare root packages. Only place that comes to mind is an old golf course, near a local river, which would provide enough water for it’s survival.

Commercial product was known as ‘Root Tone’ years ago.

you can’t grow peaches or plums from cuttings, you can grow blueberries…..cuttings must be in sand ,kept at a constant 70 degrees ,in semi shaded area, no direct sun, will develop roots in 12 to 15 weeks

I’ve done peaches from cuttings, as well as nectarines, apples, pears, almond. Usually died from my own neglect after rooting, but it did work.

I think the problem with plums is that the bark hardens so fast, but it should be possible given the right conditions. I’ve never succeeded with plums.

Test? My reply to Anony Mee failed?

You put a link in it?

No just typed comment. I generally don’t use links.

I basically agreed with the issue of extra guests eating up your “Abundant Food Storage” MUCH quicker than your plans. And to pick up more Beans and rice etc. to bolster the feeding of Guests when BAD times come.

Was a little concerned I was banned or something.

Question or FYI for everyone; If you have a bicycle to be used as an alternative transportation, do you have any spare tires and tubes for those bicycles? I mean since the supply chain is starting to show cracks, how long will the tires you have on those bicycles last?

Reply to Blackjack 22: Thanks for the reminder to pick up additional spare tubes, patch kits, lithium grease and Break Free to lubricate chain, rear sprockets, chainrings in front etc. The pricier bikes are modular so, if you ride enough, all of the above can be replaced and will need replacement after many miles of use. Having roomy panniers is also very nice to use for shopping trips to and from grocery store. I ride a mountain bike with 26 inch tires which is very common these days. Check out a company called Performance Bike Shop if there is one near you. Good selection and low prices.
Seasonal allergies keep me off my bike right now but a note for the fishermen out there: My allergies coincide with the spawning season for largemouth bass and crappie. Time to get your license and re-spool new line on your reels.

If you happen to use Carnivora, their sale ends today, code word is [fresh]. We use the liquid daily and I use it on the pets when one of them is not feeling well. One kitty has a gum immune issue and it works for him when he gets cranky. fyi

I have read where iodized salt loses the iodine content within five years of shelf storage. Unless you are close enough to a coastal area to regularly eat sea food it may be prudent to store extra betadine or equivalent for topical applications to prevent thyroid problems due to an iodine deficiency. DON’T use betadine if you are allergic to iodine!!

I am old enough to remember as a kid the old folks with large goiters. Thyroid issues due to iodine deficiency need to be avoided.

Repeat DON’T use betadine if you are allergic to iodine!!!

Plain ole iodine is still available to. I have several bottles. Not cheap anymore though.

sea kelp small tablet, 500 ct bottles, very reasonable. one for each family member..+2 extra. will give supply for extended time. nacent iodine is taken by the drop. betadyne topical… do not use any if allergic...

Deep South, or stock kelp. Dulse will supply you with iodine.

Need to share something that happened a couple of days ago here on the homeplace. First time for me…I take full responsibility.

Bought a couple of new tires, tubes and wheels for a yard cart at Tractor Supply a week or so back. Mounted them on the little trailer. About a week ago I used it to haul off chicken litter when I cleaned the hen house. One tire was flat….angered me just a little, but I over inflated it (evidently too much) hoping to be able to finish my chore w/o another flat.

Fast forward to a couple days ago. I’m driving the side x side back to the house from my spare cabin where I reload…..BOOM!!!!….sounds like a shotgun going off right beside me. I slide out of the UTV, drawing my little pistol and scanning the wood line….knowing someone had shot…only question….was I the target?

Couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary….racking my brain for an alternative to being shot at….spotted the yard cart about 20 feet away….sure ’nuff….left tire and tube blown outward….shredded.

My mistake, my fault, never had it happen before….no excuse….is funny in retrospect.

I would have had to change my diggers after that. BTW, i have not had good luck with garden cart tires either. New ones seem to go flat in a few days after being mounted.

Been so busy lately. Planting,fixing stuff,healing up. Trying to walk a couple miles a day. Getting my leg stronger and shedding some pounds too. I put on weight being the taste tester for all the wife’s air fryer experiments.
We have talked about getting spare parts for equipment. Had the defroster on a stand up freezer go out. Supposedly was in shock. Got an email its back ordered.
The evaporator fan went out in our home refrigerator. Ordered one. Supposed to get here in a few days. I MacGyvered a bath exhaust fan motor in for temporary use. Rethinking what other parts to order just in case. Never ending list…LOL

Glad to see ya back on.
So I have a question, for all you DYI’s.
We had an air mattress….that sprung a leak, sometime back.
Tossed the mattress, but kept the 110v compressor pump and deflater unit, on a whim. The port is about an inch and a quarter in diameter.

What’s it good for?

Any ideas

I’ve been thinking about a low cost freeze dryer. When it gets cold here, I think a pump like that might be all that is needed.

Is it sealed? Could it be used as a water pump, or for a low tech AC unit?

Lauren ,,,,,,,,,yes of sorts. You can FD in a regular freezer , You need a vac pump ,a metal to metal seal pressure cooker , and some odds and ends ,,,,,,,don’t have time right now to go into it ,,,later

Sounds interesting, OH.
Please post when you can.

Hi Lauren,
I wouldn’t know the aspects of a freeze dryer.
The motor is contained in a plastic housing. And being 110v it would have to be away from water, but a connected hose or maybe pvc could be attached to the unit.

Joe c
Not to step in where BJH could answer that question. I do have a few ideas. Ones that, well may get me in deep doo…rowl ! (not the first time in the doo hole)

Now you have my attention! Ideas, please

A doo hole?
Nah, not you.

Joe c
An off line comment to you. Remember we are on a party line. rowl… The old days when the neighbors knew everyone’s secrets.

Use it to stoke a forge

Joe c,
I don’t think they’re made for continuous use.
Kula had a good idea to stoke a small forge…

Kula and BJH,
Yes, your probably right on them not lasting for continuous use.
I saw a vid where someone used it for a blower and shop vac, using a 3 gal water jug. It didn’t show the function of it. A crude set up.

Now, if I worked with metal, that would be a good idea, to use as a stoker.

Who knows….

Thanks all

I shoulda sent you the three i just threw away a few weeks ago,

Then I would have 4 dua-mah-hickies, I would not know the use for.

Nice try.

If you get yerself one o them inflatible swimmin pools you can blow er up with that du a ma hickey

It took me 3 months to get a dishwasher last summer; white with utility on door.
Not popular I guess.

I have been looking around the ‘InterWeb”……I like that term, even though it don’t mean squat……for verification of the following but have yet been unable to compile much of anything that confirms my obtuse view of the world. So, here we go……
-Of the five gas stations that I usually use 3 no longer sell diesel. Why? They can’t get it. Anyone noticed that in their location?
-Being in an ‘odd number’ and ‘even number’ highway intersecting area……i.e. North-South/East-West corridors……the day to day truck traffic is down by a guesstimated 50%. What have you seen?
-Gasoline…..OMG!!! Up $.20/gal/week three weeks in a row. That’s $.60/gal up from what it was 29 March. We are at $3.19 9/10/gal. It was the Houston refineries that took the hit last winter, not around here. How’s your gas? (LOL)
-Safeway and Albertson are back to the ’empty shelves behind the second can’ syndrome. And add: Nothing on the shelves for numerous items if you ‘drop by’ after about 7:00PM.
-Booze prices are on the up-swing. Acetone, Denatured Alcohol, and paint thinner and increasing little by little. Corn prices aren’t going up that much. What’s the deal?
-Then there’s ice cream.

Look for 8 to9 $gas by first of the year ,last load of diesel was double since December. The dollar is coming apart. By first of year look for 100% inflaiton

A friend who purchases from Simplot Foodservice (Idaho & PNW producers) says their wholesale prices are up 72% since December. Increases are beginning to filter down to local restaurant menus.

There was a sign at Fred Meyer the other day. Don’t remember exactly how it was worded but it was something about “working out delivery issues” and expecting to have the problem fixed soon.

That was about being low/out of gas

Here in out little ky. county, it has remained at $2.60 for a long time.

Any one paying attention to Ukraine,might want to watch THE DAY AFTER ,,,

OH, it’s MUD Season in the Ukraine right now. We are shipping in daily plane loads of weapons to our “Allies”. Pledging “Unwavering Support” to the Ukrainians.

Once the Mud dries enough for heavy vehicles to roll off the paved roads it’s going to get UGLY.

Everybody ready for a LIGHTS OUT Weekend PLUS…. Cyber works both ways.

The Russians will not roll over peacefully this time.

The Russians shouldnt have to roll over, Crimea hosts a Russian base, its theirs, not ours

I know the answer to your age old question of why they are raising the taxes. It is has nothing to do with the homes themselves. It is what is under the top layer of soil, that they are after-fyi.

I think it has more to do with them wanting whats in your wallet

AC ,,,,,,,,,yes we do have ,or so I’m told silver,lead ,gold on the ranch , and possibly raire earth deposits but I don’t think that’s the problem ,,,,,,some folks think people living and using the land is a problem,if that’s the case let’s give them what they want ,let’s stop sending them food ! As for the ‘good ‘people that would starve ,how about they get off there ass and push back too ,
Tea and chocolate

Wish I could give ya a thousand thumbs up for the last comment made!!
It’s time all free eaters learn to help themselves out and do Something!!
Sorry, super crabby today.

Madfab ,,,,,,thanks for the thumbs up ,,,, more new calfs ,,at times when I want to wrap my head with duct tape to keep it from exploding ,the word SHALOM comes to mind ,,
,,,,,,,,,,, shalom

Boy do I know those days!!
Along with the duct tape and a few Shaloms, take a deep breath of that new calf scent, after they are dried a bit. Used to love that smell. Made pulling calves at O dark thirty in -15 weather bearable.
Almost time for a break and a bit of tea?

Madfab ,,,,,,i usually I end up a smelly blend of amniotic fluid and urine and greenstuff ,really bad is having to washout my boots on the inside ,, that mostly happens greensleaving ,,,then there is when you have to blow in a calfs nose to get it to start breathing really not that bad just gross to think about,, ,life on a ranch has a different way of things ,,,nice thing is it all washes off at the end of the day ,,oh and one nice thing if you have to run to town in a hurry folks let you go first at the check out line ,some thing about oh I forgot something , unless there ranch folks too ,,,,,posting this makes me smile ,,,

That’s why I said after they dry a bit! Lol
When we were on calf duty, we had to shuck down in the mud room, then straight into the shower before my mama let us in the house. She wasn’t Having that mucky mess in her house!!
Never had to run to town in that state, we moved off the ranch before I could legally drive on the roads, but I would have e let ya go first too. Lol
Ah memories. Seems we forget the really bad ones and remember it all a bit fondly.
Time for some birthday cake and some tea. Have a great night.

Well there is all that you mentioned above, and anything else shall not be posted on the party line.

It’s a beautiful day here in western God’s country. We’ve been crazy busy with fencing, pasture burning and garden prep, along with all the usual. I haven’t been commenting much, but appreciate reading what everyone else has been contributing. BJH, glad to see you are healing and getting about more. Those spring-loaded knee braces sound very useful. I found myself wondering where I could get some; not that I’m getting old and creaky, or anything, lol. (Well, maybe just a little.)

One of our projects is removing some trees that are too close to the septic system, so the roots don’t become a major problem, as I’ve heard they have been in the past. Someone floated the idea of trenching in copper sulfate around the septic, thinking it would keep the tree roots away. I know absolutely nothing about this except it’s used as a fungicide on grapes and other crops, and can be toxic to earthworms (?). If anyone has some info on this idea being a good one or not, I’d greatly appreciate hearing it.

It is a crazy, clown world right now. May you all find some moments of beauty and gratitude in your lives this day.

You want to look at buying some Tordon for those trees. Cut the tree off, cover the cut with Tordon, and it will soak it up and kill everything down into the roots.( you have to apply it to a fresh cut, so it will up taken into the roots) You can buy it pre-mixed qts for under $30, and it will last a long time. It only goes on the tree/bush cut, so very little is used and you are not spreading it all over. Keystone pest solutions carries it. I have used this in the vineyard for years to get rid of Russian olive and Siberian elm.

Dont let that accidentally get in the soil or water unless you want nothing to grow for about 30 years,,,,

It is potent. “A lil’ dab will do ya”. LOL. Most of the problems with herbicides/pesticides is wrongful application. If you use it sparingly, as directed, you’ll be fine.

We used to use it as you said to control invasive trees, worked well, and yes, a little dab l do ya, i just would be real cautious using that on a homestead unless it was a real big homestead,

Depends on the concentration. I used to see these gallon and 2.5 gallon jugs of Tordon and Garlon at the farm stores and think,” Really? why so much?” That’s why i recommmended Tordon in 1 quart pre-mixed, ready to use bottles. one bottle will last me 2-3 years, and i cut maybe 15 trees a year in the vineyard. I have had no problems with it affecting my vines next to trees i have cut, but i live in a dry climate so it does not spread. I would never spray that stuff, ever. I just dribble it on the tree cut outta the bottle like your supposed to.

Kula, Minerjim
I use tordon on cut-offs of hedge trees, firewood. I was taught to put it only on the outer ring of the stump. It seems to work very well. I’ve been cutting in the same pasture for years. You’re right about applying to fresh cut. A quart bottle will last 3 or 4 years. That’s a lot of smaller trees. I don’t tackle large trees anymore. Very little splitting with the trees I cut and it makes for good sized logs.

That’s the recommended procedure. You apply it to the inner bark (cambium) so it gets sucked in and taken to the roots.I have seen this used to clear river drainage of salt cedar here in the west. Good, relatively safe product if applied correctly.

Thanks for the information on that. I’ll have to give that some thought; that’s a strong one. Not sure how comfortable I’d be handling it, knowing any mistake I made with it would just about outlast me. Appreciate your and Kula’s feedback.

Don’t be afraid of this herbicide. Respect it, yes. Like with all herbicide/pesticide applications, read the directions, wear PPE. It really is a good tool for preventing unwanted trees/ brush from growing back. If it were really dangerous, you would have to have a license to apply it. Go to the site I mentioned and you can download the label and msds and read about this product.(which you should do with any pesticide before you consider buying it.) If you have any questions about it, just ask here, we’ll try and answer for you.

Farmgirl, Miner Jim
i agree with Minerjim, dont be afraid, its easy to use and effective, just be careful,

if you are into organic though i would forget it,

The spring-loaded knee braces are great for multiple types of injuries. Another good item is a wrist brace, much needed as one gets older on a farm. Both can be bought at medical supply stores without a script. Used cash to buy mine last winter when I was up on the Front Range.

Annoy Me,
I had your article over on AT up on my desktop this morning. My 26 year old son was visiting and he was quite interested in your article. He had me send it to him so he can share it with his friends. Just want you to know that you are reaching a younger audience out there. Very well written, as always.

Good piece!
it was 48 this morning, april 13th,,, for us, thats cold, colder than past years, and last year was cold, and we are at lat 20+,

Friends, thank you for your kind words. Just doing my bit for the resistance.
. . . .
AT limits the size of its articles. Since I wanted to get in the snarky bits, I left some of the science out. Here’s an addendum I sent a friend.
. . . .
Another effect of sun’s magnetic field reducing is that ozone is affected which brings about jet stream changes. Moves from being fairly nice ring circling in the N Hemisphere to a wobbly jagged path that dips and turns and brings cold air much farther south.

The climate SJWs will say it won’t be bad as the global warming will balance it out. They don’t seem to realize that the earth is normally cold. That’s why our warm periods are called interglacials rather than cold periods being called intercalorics. This will be a sharp cold wind in our teeth. For years.

Anthropogenic warming, which I agree with if the discussion is limited to low-level confined areas like cities, paved areas, desertification through bad environmental practices, has actually kept us warmer in our little pockets than we normally would have been. There’s an interesting video from a AACC believer scientist that says same thing.

AnonyMe, GREAT post at American Thinker on the GSM! I certainly hope it wakes more people up and they start getting prepared.

DJ5280, nope, not gonna happen! One reason is they don’t read American Thinker, IF THEY READ AT ALL. Two it’s not on MSM.

Blackjack22, Actually, some of the movers and shakers among TPTB do. Most probably to keep an eye on what the opposition is up to. I try to bring up points that haven’t been much in public discourse. It’s gratifying when conservative influencers take note, and especially so when something elicits a response. I am a great believer that people of goodwill can hold differing political viewpoints.

Wife and daughter just back from trip down the mountain to Wally World… regular cashier manned checkout lane…all the rest are now self-checkout…with roving employees to observe and assist.

Kulafarmer….just got off the phone…USDA rep calling to inquire about that farm products marketing survey I threw in the trash…informed me that answering the survey was mandatory…told her I no longer produce any farm products for marketing….insisted I must report that…told her I just had….she asked me about five or six questions about production…I answered no, I’m not farming for market any longer….five or six times….she says okie dokie….survey done….said that even if I die, whoever inherits my place, or buys it, will have to keep answering those surveys….says the government wants to know how the land is being used.

I told her “lovely”…………

Wonder what she would have said it you told her, she would be receiving the same answer until the cows🐄came home blue. 🤔

Sounds like they USDA is as desperate as OH told us they would be. Only it is sooner than later…Atlas must be Shrugging his shoulder higher than before.
Hope all is well upon the mountain top.

Antique Collector,

Probably just an ill timed coincidence, but just now, less than two hours after that phone call, a military helicopter flew over my place at less than 300 feet altitude. Gotta wonder if they were looking for unreported livestock……nah….they wouldn’t do that…..would they?…….

We had a survey, a couple years ago, for the farm.
Required by law, it read.
I didn’t read it, my brother handled it.
I told him to scribe a line at every personal question.

Name, address and leave it at that.
No repercussions.

Ain’t nothing like living in the Commy States of Amerika.

We received one a couple years ago and don’t operate a farm…strange and went to trash.

Joe C,
I seem to get one every 3 years. i give them as little info as i can. I am a little fish in a big pond, so they pay me no mind. Have thought about telling them i am going to plant a banana plantation, just to see if they are really looking at the data they are given.

I just toss mine in the trash

Went to Krogers for crystallized ginger with a friend__okay, only friend I have –and same there.

Ken, a few months ago there were online pharmacies that you could buy oral ivermectin tablets, one was through a Canadian online pharmacy, a couple others were Taiwan and Singapore, i would try searching it that way, Amazon had the oral ivermectin for livestock use, could also get it through Premier 1, they sell livestock fencing and husbandry supplies, another source could be your Vet, if you have one you take Sampson to maybe inquire?



Got mine from Amazon.

KEN ,,,,i have posted a number of times about my experience with ivermectin , we used it on clinics in Africa and in south America treating children to small to use pills (the pour on ) we found we would not get flu or colds after working with it (and the normal splashes)it’s been know for some time that it was effective against corona virus in both common colds and flu ,(about 30years )
Any farm and feed store should have ivermection on the shelf , as pore on for cattle or as oral paste for horses ,both are safe for human use ,follow dose rates on the labels ,the LD is so high that with common sense to be of no concern,,we would get splashed daily some times in the clinics ,,ivermection is now off patent and made by a number of different companies ,i see it in brown boxes the original ,, and yellow or blue boxes ,stay away from the injectable ,it’s safe but hurts like he#l
Mail order–valley vet supply

I know of a person getting it prescribed from a doctor. I don’t know how common it is but there’s one doctor willing to do the right thing.

Yep bought some Durvet ivermectin from TSC to have on hand. They had a sign on the locked display cabinet saying not for human use. yeah alright, open up please.
Like I mentioned before also, I had an allergic reaction and my face broke out. Doctor prescribed Soolantra topical ivermectin cream. She said OR if it is too expensive go to farm store, get some ivermectin and put it on your face. She is a well known respected Nashville Dr., not a charlatan. However when we have our yearly skin scan I am going to see if I can work in some pills too!😎

You will never know until you ask your doctor.I think that since the Eastern Virginia University School of Medicine Covid Treatment Protocol went public the likely hood of getting a script is high.
The protocol has very specific dosage information and states that only oral capsule or pill forms are
to be used.No paste or cream and no injectables.Ever.

Dottie,,,,,,,,,, as a part time medical professional at one time in my life ,treating real people in the real world ( third world ) as a volunteer ,i have to disagree with you about the pore on and paste,,, till everyone can afford to see a “doctor” let’s treat people the most inexpensive way ,that’s been proven safe , and appoved elseware in most of the world ,
Pore on has been approved by WHO and supplied by them ,i have a insert for its use on humans ,
and yes we have a cure for the common cold but we can’t use it or we might take money out of big pharma and docs won’t be able pay off there med school bill ,can’t have that now can we,,,
Today’s medicine is about money not keeping us well , ,,,,,

Soolantra is a 1% cream used for the human skin. It kills and controls the little mites we all have in our skin when they get out of control. SO it can be used on the skin. See my post above.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.(VAERS) The following is verbatim from CDC website:

VAERS collects reports of POSSIBLE adverse events that happen after ANY vaccination. ANYONE
can submit a report to VAERS.
Because VAERS allows anyone to report POSSIBLE side effects from vaccines,it includes reports
that might or might not be caused by vaccines.
VAERS reports alone CAN NOT be used to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an
adverse event or illness.
Some reports may contain information that is incomplete,inaccurate,coincidental,or unverifiable.
Most reports to VAERS are voluntary which means they are subject to biases.
Data from VAERS reports should always be interpreted with these limitations in mind.



Totally agree….everything CDC puts on it’s website should be taken with a grain of salt when it comes to covid….. do this this week….don’t do that next week…mask is not necessary…mask is mandatory….can’t spread if asymptomatic….can spread if asymptomatic…don’t need mask if vaccinated….must wear mask even if vaccinated…..if my family doctor was as confused as that outfit, I would go to a vet……….

……or just stay on the mountain where everything makes sense……the blood suckers up here can be handled with a little DEET…like in Deep Woods OFF……

I think it’s deliberate. With so many contradictory statements running around the MSM can cherry pick those they want to use to support this week’s agenda.

i think my favorite thing on the mask BS was a picture of Matt Bracken after wearing a medical mask doing drywall work and he had snort lines all around his mouth and nose,
If it wont keep out drywall dust how the heck will it keep out a microscopic virus?

yea, it wont, its all BS, i go along because its easier than being a spectacle but I and all my friends know its all BS

I should know, when I painted cars with any mask they said was safe, I always got snort lines. ALWAYS. It was the reason I had to quit that line of work at the body shops after 7 years. They used lead in those paints. We all got our blood tested. Even the secretary who stayed in the office had been exposed and she had to quit too.

testing again. Seems again lost my comments? Just how short a comment *might* get through this time.

Have to cover my figs for the snow event. Do you have a plan on how to know what weathers going to do tonight IF you lost access to internet and weather.

Don’t want to lose this comment for length.

NH Michael,

You may not have noticed there is a digital countdown meter in the top right of the comment box to let you know before you go too long.

Dennis thanks for the reply. Yes I DO notice the count down and all my recent messages that failed to get through were WELL Under the number count. As in still 300 left under.

None had links, just regular typing.

Seems I’m not the only person having trouble posting.

My topics are usually under, but not by much. I’m more verbose than you. It doesn’t happen every time, but it’s been going on for a while. It does appear to be related to topic length, though, in some way. Quite often I find myself going over the allowed size and have to backtrack and edit. It’s those posts that have been edited down to the allowed size that appear to be rejected.

I really don’t think it’s throwing a false positive, as such. The bars at the top indicate the post is being processed but then the bars stop and the post is still there, in the typing box. Changes can be made after that point on the original. I think if it was a false positive or going into the spam box the post would simply vanish, but that does not appear to be what’s happening.

The rest of this post is going to be gibberish. I’m going to keep typing until I’m over the space allotment and see if that does it again. Trying to put some parameters around it. I have tried clearing the cache–no change.

Followup: So I tried to post that and it didn’t post. Trying again.

It didn’t post at the word limit, didn’t post slightly below the word limit. When I copied and pasted back into the box it took it.

Several of my posts did the same thing, so I gave up.

Thanks Ken for checking. I don’t bother with fancy ISP stuff. Use plain IE, maybe Edge. No VPN.

I see my typed message on the screen. Make sure I’ve not over ran the counter, hit send, SEE the Bars going and then nothing.

So thus my test messages to see if something was weird on my end of the communications.

They got through. Sometimes my message just goes just fine, sometimes it fails.

I’m not a computer techie. Sorry can only describe what I see on this end.

Thanks again for your efforts.

OK, that got through. Do you have Paper Hard Copies of your areas last and first frost data? Do you have maybe the Farmers Alamac for your area?

Given Anony Mee’s excellent article about solar minimum maybe data for a grow zone Colder than yours?

Do you have paper calendars and the ability to adjust for leap years to maintain a working calendar?

The Aztecs made their government from knowing the Solar Calendar as to tell the common people when to plant and when the rains would fall.

Now to test if I can reply to a comment. When I posted all the above comments about weather-gardening In One Post it failed to post so learning my new limits here.

Just dont be so long winded!
ha! Couldnt resist bud,,,

Yep, last frost was about 20 years ago,,,,,,,,,,

Chuckle your SO BAD Kulafarmer. Go ahead rub it in your gardening in Paradise :-)

For the rest of us frost data and ways to keep track of the calendar dates seems important.

If it wasn’t for the Bumper Crop of Socialists in your area I’d move there.

And theres not in NH? Eh Mike

We have our share but most I know can still be talked to with out silly Cancel Culture nonsense.

At least we have a Republican Governor that asks businesses, medical folks and listens in town halls to decide what we did for COVID. Our Small Businesses have suffered far less than most other states.

I will be down in your neck of the woods next week for work. Interested in meeting up for lunch?

Our phone cable had deteriorated to the point that the tech said he was surprised we could even use the phone. A team had to come out and bury the new cable, which means I had to dig up my emergency food buckets. The buckets were right by the phone cable and electric, so any changes to those two things would require they be moved.

They are food grade 5 gallon buckets, with screw on lids (no way you want to be messing with wrenching the top off a bucket if you need that food!). I put them inside garbage bags with the opening facing down and another lid on top to protect the bags. They were buried in the soil right by the house (no traffic) and 6 inches under the surface.

When we pulled them out even the bags were in perfect condition. Buckets still intact, no cracks, lids still rotated and nothing had exploded or otherwise caused a mess inside. No smell, as when we opened up one that had been kept in the garage.

I’m thinking about where to re-bury them. Not many places in the yard get that little foot traffic.

Not sure this would work in a wetter area, but it worked perfectly here.

Super cool! Sorry you had to dig them up though. We have a land line too that is deteriorating. Pretty sure land lines will go away in the near future.

I hope not. I choose not to have a cell phone.

What about the area you had to remove all that soil for the kitchen? The other alternative is to put them back after they are finished with the installation. How about under the pallet flooring you might create for that outdoor kitchen..🤔😏🤩

I have already decided not to put them back–just too close to lines that can be cut by an unwary shovel. The kitchen will have too much traffic, although I’m considering putting them off to the side, under the eventual seating. I think the best place will be behind the greenhouse, as it has an overhang just a foot or so off the ground so no one can walk there. Wherever it is, it needs to be accessible and also can’t be in a high traffic area.

I’ll see. I need to go through what’s in the buckets and figure out any substitutions/changes. They’re in the garage at the moment.

But I had another thought last night–all the water from the roof of the greenhouse runs off right there, so it might be too wet.

Maybe you can use smaller containers that are easier to hide. then you can stack them behind a wall panel inside the house like making a false wall in a closet. My grandpa hid his boat motors inside the boathouse behind a shelf, and no one knew it when thieves broke into it.

I purchased some black buckets with black lids. Hide in dark places really well.

you racciss, whatcha got agains white buckets n white lids,,,,,,


I was actually thinking about a place I could wall off. That would be entertaining. The only entrance would be through a weird cubbyhole under a counter in the kitchen. : )

Minerjim, Plainsmedic, or any other HAM operaror,

Can radio power output be checked with an swr/power meter using the antenna instead of a dummy load? I’m aware of wanting to avoid spurious signals cluttering a frequency, just curious why it wouldn’t work.
I’m asking about UHF frequencies, specifically GMRS. I have a cheap digital swr/power meter (Shurecom33) that came with a 5w max dummy load. I’m taking delivery on a 25w mini-mobile transceiver. My old CB swr/power meter required no dummy load for power testing, but of course, was for much lower frequencies than GMRS and won’t work.
Was wondering if dummy load is required or just radio etiquette? I don’t believe that in my remote location, a couple of short clicks of the transmit button to get a reading would aggravate anyone ( the old “if a tree falls in the forest” analogy)
Any suggestions?

Your SWR/power meter will have to be rated for the max power and frequency of the new radio. Keying up with an antenna instead of a dummy load for adjustments is kind of “bad form”. However, keying up into an antenna in order read swr is acceptable, it’s the only way to see how much power is going out, just keep it brief. As you probably know, SWR, or Standing Wave Ratio, can be used to see what percentage of your power is being reflected back to your radio from the antenna, and thus how much is getting out. You adjust your antenna (or antenna tuner if you have one) to get your SWR as close to 1:1 as you can. Sorry for the long explanation, it’s an engineer thing.

Thanks Minerjim, I felt it was more of a radio etiquette practice. The little Surecom33 is rated up to 100 watts, I mainly wanted to know if the radio itself would suffer damage using the antenna instead of the dummy loads.

Only way you could possibly damage the radio transmitting into an antenna would be if you had a high SWR reading, say 6:1 or more (in which case 1/2 or more of your power would be reflected back into the radio and overheat the circuit). If you can keep SWR under 3:1 you should be good.


That’s what I thought. My homemade 1/4 wave is 1.1:1, the commercial Browning 5/8 wave, 5.5 db gain mobile antenna….best I could trim it was 1.8: 1 at 465 mhz, but I suspect it’s because it’s mounted on my side x side. I did bolt a 24″x18″ aluminum plate to the plastic roof to mount the antenna on in the center and ran ground wires (2) to the roll cage that’s welded to the frame….still not the ground plane a full size metal vehicle would provide.

With a 1.8:1 SWR, you are only reflecting 8% of the power back into the radio. In the real world, that’s not bad at all. I’d be happy with it! If you want to learn more google “swr chart”, read the article by the ARRL about “SWR with examples”. Good info there.

Yes, what minerjim said. For example; My 2m ssb yagi is 1.1: 1 at 144.3 mhz. If I were to tune up towards 148 mhz the swr would climb noticeably. Most homebrew antenna have a sweet spot. Aim for the sweet spot and use it.

Ken, I am having trouble posting. Can you help?

deja vous

Thank you Ken. When it happened last night it was a reply to someone’s reply. (Like this is). The moving bars in the upper right would go but nothing posted. And no messages.

Well this worked .

Dottie, You sound intelligent. Therefore, you must certainly be aware that human beings are each a biologically unique creature. During our lives, we each have a unique set of medical and environmental events that impact each of us differently. Thus, when it comes to the medical sciences, the science is never settled. That’s one of the reasons why advances in the medical sciences are based on observation and testing, rather than simply mathematics. That’s why new medical drugs and treatments are not one-size-fits-all, and sometimes not even one-size-fits-most. That’s why side effects are possibilities and not sure things. That’s why insurance companies are rich. And that’s why this community shares its experiences with each other. Out of care, concern, and an understanding that some things work for some of us and not for others.
. . . . .
In other words, are you this much fun at Thanksgiving?

Dottie, also most medical professionals will not put their reputation on the line or have possible law suits, to step out of the box, even if it would mean saving lives. Common sense seems to be on the wane in society and using a ‘renegade medicine’ takes just that. So no, the establishment can not say use ivermectin from TSC, because most folks do not have the common sense to do so. I for one will be slathering on if I get sick with covid among other ‘renegade medicines’ and herbs. It is all a choice that for the time being we still have. Dottie, I do appreciate your information on the subject, as to reject any info without it considering, is not to my advantage.

Dottie,,,,,, this is directed to you ,leave your comfort zone ,go were the brave dare not go ,live life ,,,this is not a put down but a encouragement. ,,,,,,,,all men are born ,only some men live ,ww,,

I’m really a healthy girl; got zinc for G before, you know, and glad I read to take with d-3. Received it today. Both here and ready for pandemic…is it here yet?? sarc/smiley face

I tried posting to Lauren and like the others it would not go through. So I deleted the message altogether. Gremlins are inside the system–guess someone must have feed them one to many Twinkies.

We just ordered some equine ivermectin through Stateline Tack with no problem. Dosage based on weight, but IDK how often someone would need to take it. Anyone know?

Also, an update on the great canned cat food caper. I’ve managed to stock up on friskies for my four kitties, but it’s unsettling to see Walmart’s shelves totally bare and now Fred Meyer’s shelves are empty too. Safeway still has a fair supply, but it’s diminished from what they normally carry. I’m adding tuna into the mix, so they’re not complaining.

NW Gal
I searched :Critical Care COVID-19 Management Protocol

And found this :
Ivermectin for postexposure prophylaxis (200 ug/kg immediately, then repeat on day 3) and prophylaxis in high-risk groups (200 ug/kg day 1, then day 3 and then every 4 weeks)

Mildly Symptomatic patients (at home):
■ Ivermectin 150-200 ug/kg daily for two doses

Mildly Symptomatic patients (on floor):
■ Ivermectin 150-200 ug/kg daily for two doses
On (math pg 9)

A Virginia university has done testing. I would use that in your search if you have trouble.

Ps sorry for picking a name so close to yours. :)

KEN ,,,,maybe you could bring all the ivermection posts together under a heading of its own ,

That would be a great idea!

This would be a pill not liquid…………?

Yes. This is a doctors direction on dosage. So it would be a pill.

PNW Sal, thanks for your research. I hadn’t found the dosage in any searches I did. No problem about the name. We’re at least in the same region! 😊

With the catfood, just stay ahead of the curve. If you have a week, move up to two weeks. If you have a month, work up to two months. The stuff is canned so it will have something like a 2-4 year shelf life.

Wednesday, I ate BB dated 2011 chicken and dumplings. Sweet Sue brand. Yep–probably 10 years old.

Lauren, I’m working on that now. I was totally caught off guard, which makes me wonder what else I could be overlooking. Btw, my husband saw a fox news item that pork may be in short supply by June.

Anony Mee,

Catching up on my reading on other sites…read your article on the grand solar minimum over on American Thinker…..very good….enjoyed it.

My Red Dawg passed away peacefully during the night, on the living room rug. Not far from were I patted his head before I went to bed.
It hasn’t hit me yet, I guess because he’s been having on and off again issues.
I just took him to the vet last Monday and his labs were normal. An ultrasound was the next step.

A happy go lucky goof, he was. Loved the snow, and truck rides…..and food.
The other dogs are confused and worried, today. And the cat that grew up with him, slept on Red’s dog bed, instead of the bed where he normally lays.

RIP Refund Red

Joe C,
Sorry to hear you lost Red, our condolences.

Joe c
sorry for your loss. It sucks

I gave you an up vote, too, but it wouldn’t allow me
Thanks bud.

Oww that hurts Joe C. He lived a good life as your buddy.

Your in my thoughts and prayers.

Joe c
Sorry to hear about Red Dawg. We did all that we could for him, and you gave him a home, and all the love & attention he required.

Thats a bummer JC,,,
sorry bout that,,

I will say a prayer for him and you…know the feeling all to well.

Sounds like a great dog, sorry Joe. I had a red dog one time too. hug hug

Joe c
So sorry to hear that Red Dawg has passed. I know he will be missed.

Thank you very much, everyone.
And especially you AC, for all your help these past few months. Just an internal issue we couldn’t see….and he was no youngster
Just came back from town appointments and errands, and no Red to greet me at the door.
I’ve a hole to dig, next to the buried dog that brought Red and I together.
A long story, but AC knows what I’m saying.
Thanks again, all.

Joe c,
We feel your pain and loss…

Joe C,
So sorry to read about Red Dawg, our furry family members are just the best and having to say goodbye is like ripping away a piece of ourselves. Sending you a big hug.

Joe c –
Our condolences as well on the passing of Red Dawg. We lost ours a few years ago at 17 years of age. He’s buried at the head of our garden in a place of honor. Fondly remembered, never forgotten. I suspect you were Red Dawg’s best friend ever. You’re a good man Joe c…Sorry for your loss.

Thank you, sarge.

So I’m gonna take a few minutes before I lay my friend to rest and tell a story that some may remember.
We had a red healer for a few years. His name was Razor and at times I’d call him Red Dawg. He died of cancer. My other half found a person that would have contact with animals after their passing. Razor and my mom’s horse.
Razor told this lady that he would send the man a badly needed replacement for him. A few months later this dog showed up at FWTB’s farm, in the winter, while I would run there and work on the diesel plow truck.
He was a mess. Emaciated An eye that was popped out of his socket, deformed skull. Collar and a horse lead snaffle attached.
I picked him up thew him the truck and took him home. Quarantined at the barn and spent my tax refund in his medical care. The other half thought I was nuts to spend that amount of money on a stray, unknown dog.
That was 10-12 years ago?
He loved the snow and whined everytime that diesel fired up.

Joe c, My heart hurts for you. Loosing our loved and faithful pets is one of the hardest things to endure in life.

Joe c,

I just read your news and it brought tears to my eyes. I’m so sorry for the loss of your good friend. I hope the many warm memories you shared will stay strong with you and help to ease that pain. Sending you a big hug from across the mountains.

Awww so sorry to hear you’ve lost your buddy. It sure is tough. Sounds like you picked him up and gave him an awesome and loving home, one that he deserved. And you came out a winner too.

WHOA, internet very slow today in N. TX.

Hey all,
There are so many things that get used for something totally different than the maker/invented intended. I installed a bathroom exhaust fan motor in my refrigerator. Just put the connector from the bad fan and put it on the exhaust fan motor. Works great. I’m using a hair dryer to defrost the freezer evaporator every few days until the new part gets here. Dr. Lister didn’t expect his invention to become mouthwash. Kotex was an absorbent bandage in WW1. Nurses realized it would work well as a feminine napkin and was marketed as such after the war. The list goes on and on.
The same with certain drugs.Many times it also is used for unexpected side benefits. Ivermetcin is one such drug. I for one thank OH and others who have thought and acted outside of the box. As a thinking adult it is up to me to determine if I can benefit from their experiences. I assume the risks for MY decision. I can’t help but question the motives of anyone who attempts to usurp my agency to choose for myself…

Dottie, Such a self-own! Ha ha ha. Voting you down.

Joe c,

Sorry to hear about Red Dawg….could say I know what you’re going through….each mourns a passing of a long time friend in a different way. Dogs have a way of becoming more than a pet….they know when you need a little lovin’…they are quick to forgive when you make mistakes…always glad to see you when you come home…are vigilant in taking care of the place when you’re gone….people can learn a lot about how treat others around them from a dog….