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  1. Could anyone that is located near the Canadian border give us a real time assessment of how much the vax mandates by both USA and Canada on truckers will affect their State or area. Also do you think this will be a regional issue or will it have nationwide implications? I’ve read several articles but most are vague and not product specific.

    1. Romeo Charlie,

      The imports from Canada by truck go all through the US, so it won’t just be states close to the border affected. The following doesn’t distinguish method of shipment, i.e. truck, rail or pipeline, but does give an idea of what the products are.
      worldatlas dot com/articles/the-us-imports-from-canada dot html

      Can’t remember where I read it, but big ones are lumber, auto parts, oils and distillates, and food stuff.

    2. Romeo Charlie, Canada’s rules are here. .. .. .. .. .. .. It will impact availability of consumer goods for Canadians significantly. Hope they’ve stocked up for this. It will blow up years of treaty negotiations on movement of wood products. Most of what we import is petroleum but a lot of that moves by pipeline. However, Biden canceling Keystone XL is going to have a huge impact on movement of oil to the chilly NE and upper MW. Cars and car parts are next. Already shortages here due to lack of chips for new cars manufactured here and extraordinary demand for used cars coming from hundreds of thousands of illegals that pour over our border. Cutting number of truckers that can pick up in Canada will only make it worse. And all this will have a ripple on effect in Mexico.
      See how fast socialist totalitarianism can move and have a very bad impact?

    3. Canada has dropped the truckers vax requirement. Article is on “Another Domino Falls…..” Good news.

      1. I’d like to give a big woohoo, but am a little hesitant because of their flip flop last week. I hope it’s true, and I hope also that they aren’t required to quarantine for 15 days each time they re-enter their country. It doesn’t say anything in the article about that. If they drop the mandate, but still require quarantine, it’s still a problem.

        1. Yup, too early to celebrate. I’m disappointed Armstrong didn’t do a better job of untangling this.
          His article (or reposts thereof) is the only one I could find suggesting crisis over…..

          Canadian truckers who are un-jabbed must quarantine for 15 days (at their own expense, if in a ‘facility’) upon re-entering their country from the US. Not sure what’s going to happen when US border mandate goes into effect on 1/22. As of today, Canadian truckers are beginning to protest, slow rolling, blocking lanes, signage, etc… And it’s not just un-jabbed drivers, as they’re being joined by those who took the jab but feel the policies are unjust. Found the following:

          thecountersignal dot com/news/truckers-rise-up

          It’s a bad situation, kind of no-win for everybody unless we magically get constitutional governments. The safest assumption to make is that supplies you see now, are the most they’re going to be, and prepare accordingly.

          1. FG,
            “unless we magically get constitutional governments”…magic is what it will take as I think the days of Constitutional governments is quickly fading away….now where did I put those newts, batwings and toadstools.

          2. RC,

            Hope you find those things, lol, I seem to have lost my wand…

            I’m a little slow on the uptake (under the weather), but it dawned on me that the .govs of US and Can. are tag teaming this thing. US not mandating vax for US truckers, but Canada is, if they want to cross the border; and vice versa. Perfect “it’s not us, it’s them!” excuse, and the great reset goes marching merrily along.

          3. RC
            You may wish to look up this USC I heard it on the radio.
            18USC2331 section 5

          4. FG,
            Hope you get well real soon. My wife and I had it a couple of weeks ago and felt lousy for a week or so.

          5. I’ve also been researching this, and from everything I’ve read the Canadian rules did go into effect. They are allowing unvaccinated Canadian drivers to return to Canada, but they must quarantine and they may not pick up or drop off other loads (other than positioning the load they have with them). There’s an article yesterday on Transport Topics site yesterday (ttnews dot com) titled New Vaccine Rules Take Effect at the Border that goes into detail.


      2. DJ5280, Only partly. Just for Canadian truckers. American and others still have to be fully vaxxed, etc.

        1. Thanks everyone for the links and information. Hope the US drops the vax and quarantine requirements but considering the track record of the current administration they will continue to destroy the economy as that seems to be their goal.

        2. Yes, just for Canadian truckers, plus they will have to quarantine after. Still will cause major disruptions.

    4. Romeo Charlie
      That’s what I’ve been trying to find out too.
      Pre-covid, pretty much everything, from baby formula to kitchen sinks, shipped to Alaska is first trucked to Seattle. Then barged up the Inside Passage to Haines, Ak. Where it is transferred to trucks. Which then go into Canada and then back into Alaska.
      Lately been hearing of “some” barges going directly to the Port of Anchorage. Although right now Anchorage is ice bound. So… are ice breakers keeping the Anchorage port open? Are the barges going to Whittier? Likely. Or are some barges still stopping at Haines?
      No one I’ve asked so far seems to know…
      What is known is that it is difficult to find drivers to truck things from the anchorage area. Bad roads and bad weather slow things even more. As such, more things are being shipped from Anchorage by Rail.
      In the past, avalanches, etc. have held up trucks coming from and going to Haines, so all this isn’t exactly new…

      1. Far North,
        I hadn’t thought about getting supplies to you folks up AK and the points you made are very real reasons for concern. AK has challenges and needs that we down in the lower 48 have never faced and never thought of. We have all gotten accustomed to the worldwide delivery and transport systems and never really took the time to learn how things are transported to other states. I hope some common sense will prevail at the State Dept and y’all are not left up there caught in a bureaucratic BS nightmare. Thanks again for giving us an insight to the challenges yall are facing.

  2. PNW Gal
    I have that book, or I should say it is at the niece’s home. Have to remind her it is MINE, darn kids. It is a great book, with lovely pictures in color for easy identification of plants along with descripts of what each piece will do for a natural medication.
    No wonder the book has not come back to me….rowl

    1. Good for her if she is using it, however it would benefit you AC should shtf. There are books for the regions of the US. So many wonderful plants everywhere!

    2. I have given mine away a couple of times and replaced it. I found it on e bay for under 5 in the past but I haven’t looked in a while. The one I have now is an older version 190 pages. The newer one is 280 pages, I think it’s time for me to upgrade.

      1. Mes U. I had ask how people liked “ The Complete Medicinal Herbal by Penelope Ody. ”. And before that TOJS had mentioned “The Herbal Companion” , by Marcus A Webb. and…”Prescription for Herbal Healing”, by Phyllis A Balch. and one called “The cure is in the cupboard”, If you have a favorite I would love to hear about it.

        1. PNW
          Have you looked at the books by Rosemary Gladstar?
          The few that I’ve looked at are quite in-depth.
          Internet search — ‘The Science and Art of Herbalism.’

          1. Far North,
            I have two of her books. “Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health” and “ Medicinal Herbs”. They help round out my other books. The recipes get me thinking of using what I have in new ways. Thanks for the suggestion.

        2. Matthew Wood is very well known, like Gladstar, as an herbalist, His books are The Earthwise Herbal volumes. He has classes on line too. Matthew particularly works with the ‘language of plants’. If you study the plant, it can ‘tell’ you what it is good for. For instance, the Sweet Gum tree seed balls look like a virus so it is an anti viral. I also have the book, The Language of Plants which is very interesting. We humans have forgotten so much about our plant world because materialism has closed our eyes and mind.
          Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine has very good photos and information by Andrew Chevallier
          The Modern Herbal Dispensary by Thomas Easley / Steven Horne
          My oldest book from the farm days is The Herb Book by Lust.

          1. Mrs U. It took me a while but I checked out your list and I have ordered one and will look at ordering more soon. Thank you.

  3. FYI,, anyone out there have a spare 4.5 million to spend? The old Gettysburg Air Force base in north central South Dakota is for sale. 42 acres, 50 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms and underground tunnels connecting some buildings.
    Do a search, owner is getting offers. One is from overseas… scary as to who that might be. Well……… never know who has what in MSB land.

  4. Chipmunk
    I just came across your post on the rabbits.
    The other half used to raise show rabbits and a fella would come by every spring to gather the poo for his prized roses.
    Rabbit poo is very beneficial….
    heck, rabbits in general, are beneficial.
    We use it for our garden, newly planted blueberry bushes, everything.

    Give it a go.

    1. Joe c
      I’m not so sure now. I heard that there’s a hemorrhagic rabbit disease going around so I’m a little nervous about where to acquire my rabbits. I think I’ll talk to a vet first to see if they have the vaccine, and if, once vaccinated, that would make the poo okay to sell/ use.

  5. So wondering how long until they mandate jabs for all or else,,,

    Ill go with their or else and raise them ,,,

    The narrative of the jab working is falling apart, locally the number of people who are jabbed catching the crud is through the roof, so much so that they wont say how many of the positives are jabbed…

  6. KF,
    If they do, there will be more people dying from lead poisoning than from Covid.

  7. Papa Smurf, these have been on order for a long, long time. Already paid for as well. My LGS is run by an honest man; he is a good friend as well. He called last week to let me know they showed to be shipping and he would let me know as soon as they arrived. He called and I went to get some brass ready for use. It was a good weekend other than the empty store shelves.

  8. Farmgirl
    The demand for the ‘great reset’, publishers cannot keep up, so it was put into Kindle form for reading. fyi

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling very well, hope get well soon.

  9. Thanks, AC. Seems to be making the rounds here. I’m not too bad; energy enough for essential work. I do question, though, what some people think apples taste like….

    1. Farmgirl,
      i hope you feel better soon ! DW is down with the crud as well. the weather has been crazy here. in the 30’s for 3 days and then in the 60’s for 3 days. the NWS says 69 tomorrow then a chance for snow Thursday night, that may be the problem. our weather this year has been like a roller coaster.

  10. Firewood season,
    Two or three times a week, I load the wheel barrow with firewood and haul it up near the door to the house. I do not stack wood near the house throughout the year, bugs/critters/etc. I’ve done it this way forever. Got to thinking about the wife. If I were unable to move the firewood, how would/could she handle this? She’s pretty and tough, I guess that makes her pretty tough.

    We have an electric golf cart (we don’t play golf). She could use that and make several trips. The cart has the utility back seat/fold down cargo area. We’re all getting older. Curious as to how others here, do this.

    1. I use an ice fishing jet-sled to haul firewood from the woodshed to the house. It has a rope loop and I just pull it behind me. Don’t have to have snow, once the ground freezes it still slides over it.

      1. JS
        That is what I use. At our place it slides along nicely enough even if the ground is not frozen.
        I’ll drag it up to the deck’s steps, line it up with the steps. Then pull the jet sled full of wood up the steps and into the house.
        Sometimes I’ll just leave the wood in the sled and use it as needed.
        Plains — if my wife had to bring in wood, it is easy enough for her to handle.
        We also store the wood away from the house for the reasons you mentioned, plus concerns about forest fires.

        1. it almost never snows here, i bought a Polar Trailer Lawn Cart two years ago and it works great for us.
          i used a regular wheelbarrow for years and still have it, but this has been a lifesaver to me. i’m gettin old. the two 20″ solid rubber wheels go over uneven ground a lot better than the smaller wheels and i don’t have to try and balance it. so far it has held up well.
          hope this helps

    2. Plains – we’re like you, always inventory ahead. We have 2 yrs cut, not split at the old farmhouse. Easy to split with the hydraulic off the tractor. Then we have 1.5 cord stacked, stored right next to the house in the fall once temps turn and tarp with discarded rolling tarps from grain trucks. No issues with bugs and mice are baited. Burn about 1.3 cords for 2500 sqft at 62F. Stove in basement for heat rise. Shop stove gets scraps, off cuts, branches etc when needed to heat for work on equipment. Flue cleaned every fall. Extinguishers in place, good stone hearth with wool rug out front for sparks. Once chimney cap issue was addressed never worried about leaving house or sleeping peacefully. It takes time and reps to get used to the nuances of heating with wood, but it is more than worth it IMHO.

  11. Plainsmedic, right now as I type, I am watching our new woodstove being installed. So far, my husband has stacked about a face cord in the garage (and yes, it makes me wonder about critters!). We can just step out into the garage, grab some wood, and it’s only a few steps into the house to the stove. The rest of the wood is stacked in a “shed” that we made out of our old swing set using cattle panels and a giant tarp. As we need yo refill the area in the garage, we will haul loads with the wheel barrel. I’m curious as to how many face cord you use in a year? We’ve been told to expect anywhere from three to five. We’re heating about 1300 sq. feet.

    1. Plainsmedic & In the Mitten
      “Firewood season”
      For me all year long is “Firewood Season” I scrounge and gather all the firewood I can get my hands on throughout the year. Everything from up to 2 foot diameter trees to Wood Pallets (They are everywhere for the asking).
      I do not buy firewood, there is so much just for the asking, talk, nicely, to some Landscapers and such, they are usually happy to have someone haul it off and use it.
      I like to keep at least 5-6 full cords cut and split ready for the Wood Stoves (Two of them), these are full cords, 4’X4’X8′. A Face Code or sometimes known as a “Rick” is usually 16″or18″ X 4′ X 8′ for those that are wondering….
      I use about 2 full cords a year, obviously depending on the weather, and heat 18 hundred SqFt home nice and toasty (Ole Blue like a warm home HEHEHE), I have not fired up the furnaces this year even with single digit temps.
      As far as wood in the house, I don’t worry about bugs and critters, we don’t have much here in the Desert SW. very dry here, plus my firewood sits outside for at least 1-2 years to fully dry and ‘cure’.
      I do stack a couple of wheelbarrows in the house close to the stove, just for convenience.
      Another thing, I scrounge “Educated Wood” for kindling, split and stacked in 5 gallon buckets just to have it ready for when the Snow & Cold weather hits.
      PS, make sure you have a few boxes of Baking Soda ready in case you happen to have a Chimney/Flue Fire going, do NOT use water to try and put one out, also using a Fire Extingusher seems to just blow all the Ashes and ‘Fire’ out into the room with the force of the spray. (Disclaimer, Just my two cents worth, not a Fire Fighter here, nor am I suggesting what/how to fight a fire).

      1. NRP and Blue
        Very true about the fire extinguisher blowing stuff all over as well as leaving a yellow powder all over the place. Showed my grandkids several ways to start a fire (outside pit) and after they had gotten some practice in I figured I’d show them how to put out a fire. Used a small extinguisher still showing green on the guage but really quite old. It did the job but left quite the mess. Baking soda is better for small fires but don’t be afraid to use the extinguisher to do a quick knockdown! Same disclaimer lol!

      2. NRP & Blue,
        I agree with you on not using a dry fire extinguisher to put out a chimney fire. Baking soda thrown in an overheated woodstove (with or without a chimney fire) will create CO2 (carbon dioxide) that will smother a fire.( you also should close off the stove draft inlet too). Chimfex makes a “road side flare” looking thing that you can light and throw into a woodstove to stop a chimney fire also. Might be good to keep a few on hand.(use Ken’s A-zon link to find it) The best defense against a chimney fire is a good chimney cleaning. Depending on how much, and what type of wood you burn, you might have to do this only once a year. Maybe once mid-season if you are burning coniferous wood, which tends to make more creosote. Safety first.

  12. In the Mitten,
    How much wood? Well, it depends. We burn osage orange (hedge). It’s near the very top of btu. Typically, folks will burn whatever wood is available to them. The woodstove in the attached garage gets all kinds of wood. Always a handy fallen limb or tree around. I try to take advantage of “easy pickens” for the garage stove. If ya do this year round, you’ll have quite a bit.

    We have an Ashley in the house and it’ll accept a 23″ log. I typically cut approx. 20″ for it. Much depends on how cold it gets. Mother nature is in charge. Well seasoned wood, not rotten or pithy, is best. I try to stay 2 years ahead on the hedge. Some years, the garage stove eats plenty of hedge. This year, it’s silver leaf maple because it was available (easy pickens). If it’s really cold, I’ll throw a large hedge log in the garage for overnight.

    Congrats on your new wood stove. Use it. Learn it. You’ll get the hang of it.

    1. Wow!
      How large is your Osage Orange? It’s actually a very beautiful wood to work with. If you have some larger pieces you might see if there are any woodworkers in the area and trade or sell it. You might get extra wood out of the deal.

      1. Papa J,

        Don’t know how much you know about Bois d’ Arc (aka Osage Orange, iron wood, horse apple tree), but it was very common in N.E. Texas where I was raised. Most older homes (built prior to the now common concrete slab homes) had Bois d’ arc block foundations. All three I was raised in did. Some of those blocks were at least three feet in diameter, in ground contact for many decades without any sign of rot, insect damage, or deterioration.

        We had a split rail fence made from it that was over a hundred years old. In the mid-70’s, I cut a section from one of the rails and made a set of slab grips for the 1911 I carried on duty. The interior of the split rail was still a bright yellowish orange. They were beautiful, although after several years of exposure to the elements they darkened to an almost mahogany color. They never got scratched up or dented, even though exposed to some rough and tumble abuse.

        I personally never saw a Bois d’ arc (pronounced bow-dark in Texas) tree much over thirty feet tall, or 20″ in diameter…but I suspect that the old, larger trees were harvested long ago.

      2. Papa J,
        Osage orange (hedge around here), I’ve done a little woodworking with it. It’s a very hard/dense wood. I agree with you, it’s appealing to the eye. It’s really hard on saw blades. You must cut slowly and even then it’s hard on blades, sanding, etc. I have a friend with a saw mill. He’s made some 1 x 4,6,8. He gets a high price for it.

        There are still some large hedge trees around. I only cut the small ones for firewood, 20′ or so. Even with a chainsaw, ya must cut a little slower. There are hedge fence posts which are likely way more than 100 years old. Still solid. There is still a market for hedge fence posts out here on the plains.

  13. Since we seem to be discussing firewood today, i have a question for you all.
    Back as a teen (when dinosaurs roamed the earth) i used to make all my spending cash removing trees and cutting and splitting firewood. I lived in “The Valley” outside LA, so it was lucrative. Getting wood split and dried for the next winter season was always an issue. One thing i tried, and had luck with doing was actually wetting down the split wood piles with a hose every couple of weeks. After a summer of this, the “watered wood” always seemed to be more “dried out and seasoned” than the split wood left untreated. Anyone else ever notice this??

    1. MJ – this is interesting. Did you soak it really well or just dampen it? Did you do this with hard or soft woods or both? We shall try this. We normally cut and stack for 1 -2 years ahead, but in case of age / infirmity / theft of our supply (yes that has occurred), your technique might enable us to get wood seasoned relatively quickly. Thanks! One suggestion – there is a YT channel called wood heat wednesdays and the presenter has lots of great ideas about processing wood – we have learned a lot from this series.

      1. Always Learning,
        The woods I used this method on were orange, eucalyptus, and walnut. I would soak them pretty well every couple of weeks or so.

    2. Minerjim
      It has to do with the migration of moisture, outside dries up too fast and then the moisture inside is trapped, takes much longer to escape, by wetting the surface it keeps the outer cells in a state where moisture can migrate through them, same principas as what applies to drying lumber and case hardening, larger pieces exhibit this more than small thin stuff

      1. Kula,
        That makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for the explanation. It really speeds up “seasoning” time.

      2. Kula – thanks for the scientific explanation – makes sense. We will definitely give this a try.

  14. The woodstove is in, with a small fire going. We are burning oak and cherry. We are hoping to keep at least a two year supply. I’m with Blue, I like a warm house.

    1. In the Mitten,
      Couple of suggestions for a new stove owner:
      Where are ya going to dispose of your ashes?
      Are ya burning old lumber with nails/screws etc.? That would impact where ya dispose of ashes?
      Chainsaws. A whole topic on it’s own. Very useful, but potentially hazardous to the newbie.
      Kindling: in spring and fall we have many short term small fires. It takes a lot, but you’ll figure it out. This time of year, the same fire will be going til spring.

      IMO if ya don’t have a back-up source of heat, you’ve got more preparing to do. Enjoy your new stove. Something about wood heat ……. good stuff.

      1. In the Mitten & Plainsmedic:
        Regarding the Ash Disposal from Wood Stove/s (or Fireplaces)
        I burn about anything I can get my hands on, EXCEPT Treated Wood, DO NOT BURN Treated Wood/Lumber.
        I built a 1/4″ hardware mesh covered 20″X20″ screen for sifting the ash into a 55 gallon steel barrel. I use the Ash in the Garden and other areas (Yard, Flower beds, Etc.)
        the stuff is really good for the plants, just test your soil for the PH, add neutralizer as needed.
        Doing this will remove all the ‘Hardware’ and larger chunks of charcoal/wood, also cutting down greatly the amount of Ash going into the trash.
        BTW, get a good heavy walled ‘Galvanized Steel Bucket’ to clean out the stove of Ash into.
        PS: Make darn sure the Ask so cold when you sift it and dispose of it. (I simply set the Steel Bucket outside away from EVERYTHING for a day or so, Cover it with a hunk of Tin/Steel so the wind wont blow the Ash).
        CAUTION: There are hundreds of fires caused by folks just dumping hot ash into the Garbage Can, or other places. I have personally worked on well over a dozen, or more, house fire rebuilds after a fire caused by even setting the Ash Can in the Garage and it flames up. Be VERY careful, don’t burn your house/home down.

        1. NRP & Blue,
          Thanks for the words of wisdom! We are planning to dump the ashes in our garden, and some in our chickens dust bathing area. Don’t worry, I am the Fire Chief’s daughter! I’ve lived a lifetime of practicing fire safety. If my house were to burn down, I would probably make the front page news of our local paper, which would be rather embarrassing. For now we are only going to burn the oak and cherry. After we get the hang of things, maybe we will venture out. I was thinking of Old Blue last evening while enjoying the woodstove. I hope he isn’t getting spoiled and lazy like I am from sitting around being too cozy, lol!

      2. Plainsmedic, so far we are burning just small short term fires, which was recommended by the installer. We are getting too much smoke, so they are coming back out to extend the chimney, as it appears we are not getting enough draw. So far, we won’t be burning anything with screws, nails, etc. We are going to share the ashes with our chickens, because the ashes are supposed to be good for keeping mites away. I appreciate your words of advice and wisdom on the woodstove process.

        1. Mitten – check the draft before lighting off. If cold draft coming out, house is negative (bath, kitchen, radon fans). Solution – crack open window. Cold draft should be gone. Get fire going, should draft nice, pulling in via cracked stove door. Depending on how stove designed there are min one if not two additional air make-ups – these should be fully open till stack temp reaches 300f which is about autotherm temp. Then cut back make-up air. Then can close window. New install should have outside combustion air make-ups, but sometimes a cracked window makes all the difference.

  15. Ken 1st off thanx for your educational pg. I stop by here from time to time to refresh my memory & get educated. I admit to being a black sheep but am a land owner prepper & can’t help but wonder if there are any other land owner preppers that have a concern of preppers who bug out or go out to practice doing so & think somebody elses (yours) property would do just fine to set up camp, start their heating/cooking fire w/o potential concern (foresight) for fire hazards getting out of control? Would they be welcome with open arms as long as they contributed to everybody’s support or would they like me consider them to be a tresspasser & taking advantage of one’s assets as limited as they might be?

    1. MM, They’d not only be trespassers, but they’d be pretty clueless too if they think they can squat wherever they want. Idk that they’d have much to add for the person who has spent years, their valuable time and money, preparing and prepping for difficult days ahead. The ant and the grasshopper comes to mind.

      1. NW Gal, Squatters and trespassers is what I think of every time I read about preppers being encouraged to cache supplies along a bug-out route. Cache them at my place, by law they’re mine. Once things go south no one who is not already invited is accessing this property.

  16. It might have been Far North who was wondering about the ferry, I can’t remember. Found the page on DHS site regarding border crossings policy. All incoming travelers, essential and non-essential, through any port of entry – land, ferry, or air – must show proof of vaccination when the rules go into effect January 22nd.

    That isn’t just our border with Canada, it’s also Mexico, where an awful lot of produce is shipped from Mexico/South America during our off season. I was going to say something snarky about the only exception to this rule, but I’m still a bit slow and can’t think of anything good.

    1. Farmgirl
      That might have been me? We do have a ferry system, but was concerned about “cargo” barges docking in Haines, Ak.
      When trucks pick up freight. Within a few hours or so… They leave Alaska, go into Canada and them back into Alaska. A few days later they do the same in reverse.
      Was working on the Alaska Highway at the U.S. – Canada Border a few years back. Don’t remember the exact days, but it was something like if we see the trucks heading North it was Tuesday and when we saw them heading back South it was Thursday…
      The next week — Tuesday North / Thursday South. Each and every week. Year after year.
      We were working 7/12’s so seeing which way the trucks were going helped us keep track of time.
      There would be no way to fit a quarantine into this tight a schedule. So???
      We’ll see what happens next week.
      No, you’re not a bit slow, just the opposite. You nicely got the message across without having to say anything!

    2. Myra Maynes says: NWGal, thanx for ur reply. I know if I criticize those who are advocating & showing ex. of their handiwork making tree limb shelters being shown on my f.b. pg. there’d be plenty of return criticism. But in a world absent of WROL I worry about those who apparently believe there’s no life west of the Appalations. Somehow I wish those pages would educate their followers that there’s agricultural land owners out here & prepper land owners as myself so they don’t just grab their bob & go camping anywhere they might find trees. Well here I go writin’ a book but did u c my humor in my alias? Y’all have a good evening.

    3. I live in Arizona and go back and forth to Mexico frequently. I’ve never been asked about my vaccination status on either side.

  17. Happen to have Beck’s show on this morning this is in the 1st hour. Minnesotans beware of a certain medical provider for your state. Not sure which time slot it airs in your vicinity but it worth your time to listen what this provider did & put a family through.
    Reminds of a history lesson from our past that seems to be flying right over the heads of most Americans today. mho

    1. Myra Maynes says: Just stoppin’ by to say I enjoy havin’ so many teachers with foresight & common sense. Two things that r needed to cultivate w/o weeds I don’t consider myself paranoid. I consider myself in unending preparedness. I’d rather be over prepared than sorry & poor mes. Grateful student hoping y’all have a good evening & a better day tomorrow while stayin’ warm. Bye

  18. In the Mitten – we also burn oak in our woodstove that we have harvested and cut to size for our stove. We have found that 2 years’ seasoning really makes a difference in how quickly the logs light up (we felled large trees), and we get good hot fires with it with not a huge amount of ash. We load the stove with 4 logs at night and it burns till morning. For fire starters, i bought a product called fire liters ( i know, it’s the lazy way and we do know how to do the tinder!) and use one little brick to initially get it going, then the hot coals will ignite any wood added, including the next morning. Our stove has a built in electric fan but we also have the heat powered stand-alone fan (we got the ecofan from TS) that has been invaluable when the power goes out.

    Calirefugee is RIGHT ON about making sure the ash can is cold before dumping ash. The oak ash stays hot a long time!

    1. Store the ash if possible for future soap making. This is where the lye would come from.

      1. hardwood ashes have many uses, softwoods like pine, spruce and cedar, not so much.
        there is a difference.

        1. nyscout,

          I’ve wondered about that; thanks for the confirmation. We were using hardwoods for our woodstove in WI, but here in inland NW it’s mostly fir. I wonder what the difference in the soil impact is, using those in the garden? Also, woodstove cleaning has to happen monthly now, instead of once a season, due to excess creosote from burning conifer wood.

    2. Always Learning, thanks! We ordered a heat powered fan, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’m going to check out the fire liters you mentioned. That could come in handy in an emergency.

    1. Ken,

      One of the bittersweet things about being a conservative thinker is knowing you are right when pointing out the flaws and probable repercussion of “progressive” programs…being castigated and called names for it…and still have to suffer the consequences after time proves you were right.

      The only solace might lie in the fact that, being able to foresee what’s coming, you prepare for what you know to be inevitable.

    2. That is why i cant wait for it all to come unglued,,,
      Theres a ton o people im aching yo say told ya so to and quite a few more i want to watch freak out

  19. Ken that is perfect. My tinfoil hat is telling me that their are several perfect storms brewing and when they collide it will be on a scale we have never seen.

    1. Romeo Charlie,

      You sayin’ that maybe it’s time to ditch the tinfoil in favor of Kevlar?

      1. Dennis,
        I gonna line the inside of my kevlar helmet and vest with tinfoil so I don’t miss out on any signals in the bunker!

        I do think we are closer than anytime in the past 160 years and I don’t think it will be a short term event. The global government pulling the strings within our government are restless and are chomping at the bit to get control. The Clintons, Soros, Gates, Schwab are not getting any younger, they have worked their entire life for the big reset so I expect the trigger to be pulled very soon.

        1. RC
          You may wish to check out this article:
          It is a short version of what is headed our way.

          1. As Farm Girl stated it is “unavailable”. Had to have been truth cause the lies are not taken down.

          2. RC
            Look on Beck’s home page & see if it is there. He did a 1-hour special on Wednesday evening touching on what is happening with regards to the Great Reset and how it will work.
            First thing IF you have $ $ in Black Rock from your investments, move it! If you are invested in any of the major banks-move it now to a community bank. If your state is invested in BR, get your family, friends, in laws, outlaws to protest your state having anything to do with this company. Texas is divesting its holding, and another state pulled out of BR all together this month I do believe is what was stated.
            He lightly touched on ESG, and what it means (social scoring), and it is happening now. We are being left in the dark as to how they are slowly creeping it into our life.
            E- Environment: Energy/Water/Land
            Short description on how you will be judge by the great and all might elites and their business partners. Do you use to much energy–Do you use to much water–Are you using your land the way they think it should be used? Not the way YOU think it should be used
            S- Social Justice
            Woke- Are you falling in line like the good little Atom Oton [robot]
            Antiwhite- self explanatory
            Anti Police- self explanatory
            G-Govern (missed writing all that data down)
            Board of Directors
            That is just barely touching the in-depth subject- only the messenger and sharing what I have heard.
            If your score does not match what the $$ lenders believe it should be, no loan. Not even for a vehicle….

          3. AC,
            Many thanks for the info and I found it on GB. He is spot on with what I think are the “perfect storms” they are brewing in order to bring every nation under one global government. “Build Back Better” is the new slogan for the younger generations and it is the same message the Bushes, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Clintons used when the called for a “New World Order”.

            I don’t believe we can stop what the prophecies in the Bible state it will happen. Just as can’t stop a hurricane, but we can be aware, plan and prepare to deal with it as it unfolds.

  20. China, Russia and Iran will hold joint naval drills on Friday, a public relations official from Iran’s armed forces told semi-official ISNA news agency on Thursday.
    China, Russia and Iran started joint naval drills in 2019, and will continue them in the future, Tajoldin said.
    stack it to the rafters guys. this may be a big nothing but you never know.
    i just wonder how much help China and Russia has given Iran on it’s nuclear program. we will most likely never know until it happens, which i don’t don’t believe it ever will.
    but all it would take is just one by some kook in a command and control position to open the ball.
    the movies Dr. Strangelove and Fail-safe come to mind.

    1. nyscout,
      Don’t forget the crazy troll in North Korea has nukes and reported hypersonic missile delivery systems. Also he could lay waste to Japan with no notice and they are the highest holders of US Treasuries at $1.17 trillion. It would be impossible for us to defend the EU, Ukraine, Taiwan and Japan.

  21. Have a neighbor who used to burn wood routinely. He got married (again) and removed his stove. This week he’s re-installing it. He can see what’s coming. Even his new wife can see it. Yes, it can be a little messy. I tend to clean the mess my self. Not a big deal, as we keep a hand vacuum handy.

    If ya don’t have a woodstove in your home, at least put one in an outbuilding. Have a place where you can go where it’s warm. Grid-down, run out of propane, NG stops flowing, whatever. Much like comms, heat will be very important.

    Like the cartoon above, you can try to tell folks …….. Is it the “I’m smarter than that” attitude? An unwillingness to re-evaluate? It can never happen to me? I’m not sure where the mindset comes from. I have learned many things from many folks here. I’ve changed a few things along the way. I don’t ALWAYS have the best solution. Going back to basics; fire, water, shelter, food, etc. There’s nothing wrong with doing an overall re-evaluation. Swallow hard and admit there’s a better way.

    Nah, nevermind.

  22. AC

    Blackrock is involved in the carbon capture pipeline in Iowa. As for warning family and friends, refer to Ken’s waterfall picture.

    1. Deborah, Wow. This is new info to me. Black rock and Vanguard are so entwined in our economy and media, so powerful and influential, this is beyond anyone’s ability to stop, except God Himself. And if this is supposed to happen according to end times prophecy, then He will allow it.

      We need to know and understand, and use this info to do the best we can to prepare and survive, to live and fight another day, until Jesus returns or takes us home.

  23. Most and Many are familiar with U Line. One quiet holiday evening I sat down and went through the whole catalog looking for ‘lifestyle’ items. Dogeared the pages and here are some ideas incase other outlets are out of an item you are looking for and other ideas.
    Mylar Food bags,,, Polycarbonate Food containers,,, Signs and labels like Bio Hazzard, a possible deterrent,,,Security Seals,,,Assorted wipes and Rags,,,Gatorade in pouches/singles,,,Plastic pallets,,,Giant stackable bins/divider boxes etc.,,,Steel Drums,,,Drum pumps,,,Buckets and Gammas,,,Assorted Plastic Jugs and other storage plastic containers,,,Canning jars and other glass containers for storage,,,Cheesecloth,,,Assorted Gloves Latex/Nitrile etc.,,,Ear/Hearing protection,,,Mask/Respirators,,,Protective Coveralls,,,Air Horn/Bull Horn/Safety Kit for vehicle,,,Water proof boots,,,Static Shielding bags/rolls/faraday,,,Temp/Humidity indicators,,,Oxygen Absorbers,,,Assorted Tapes,,,Window protection Film/Tint/Security Film for windows.
    I purchased some commercial milk crates from U Line to store my rice in. I clean, dry and use the Fairlife milk plastic bottles. One bottle will hold 6 cups of rice. A 20 lb bag will fill 8 bottles. 25 lb bag add 1/2 cup more rice. The milk crates are the perfect way to store them.

    1. Wow! Great info. Thanks Mrs U!! I’m digging out my catalog today and will take a look.

  24. Hey all,
    Between the doom and gloom,gnashing of teeth and hand wringing I hope folks are starting their seeds and chitting their tators inside. It’s already the middle of January. I think its prudent to have a big jump on the growing season. I bought another 20 white containers and grow lights. Set them up in the last few days.Im running 60 sets of grow lights now. Our hydroponic set up has run nonstop. Glad for the help from the grandkids. I’m glad I turned over the leadership of the group to my son and our security officer. Prepping for and growing food is definitely a full time job.
    And here I thought retirement was gonna be sleeping in and relaxing by the fire with a good book…LOL!!

    1. Bill Jenkins Horse,
      retirement? sleeping in and relaxing by the fire with a good book ? HA good luck with that. i’ve been retired for 8 yrs now and i’m ready to go back to work so i can get some rest. good luck: )

      1. nyscout, who knew retirement was gonna be this much work? That sure wasn’t in the retirement manual…lol

        1. You KNOW those manuals are printed in timbukistan by people who have never seen the product, let alone used it!

      1. Lauren, good to hear from you.
        I spend quite a bit of my time researching.
        Dr. Kratky from Hawaii is the go to guy when talking about passive hydroponic systems. I saw those systems first hand there. He actually put out a YouTube video a few months ago on their hydroponic potato systems. His research is always about reducing costs while raising yields of vegetables through different experiments that can be used in real world applications. He explains yields per square meter of growing space. Pretty impressive!!
        I recommend watching some of his videos. He’s been a research scientist with UH for like forever. His channel is “growkratky” on YouTube. I will be trying his newspaper method this season .
        There is a guy from Florida who does some great stuff growing full size plants from microgreens. He has come up with inexpensive ways to start hydroponics. Another good guy. His YouTube channel is “Keep on growing with Mike Vanduzee ”
        I’m currently growing using his ideas.
        I recommend watching these 2 people. It will definitely be worth your time…

        1. I’m doing Kratky hydroponics, but the last time I checked there was only one video in circulation. I’ll take a look.


          1. Lauren, Dr. Kratky started doing videos and putting his research up on youtube awhile ago. There are a few good folks who really know their stuff putting videos out. There are way more who really are getting mediocre results. We really don’t have time for that IMO. My BS meter is fine tuned now when it comes to watching videos. If I get an inkling they are taking 15 minutes to explain something that should take 5 minutes I’m gone…

          2. Have you found anything about non-chemical nutrients? I’m still working on that, but it’s slow and I can’t always tell why a plant thrives or dies.

          3. The calcium/ash combination provides most of the micro nutrients and easily supports the plants through to fruiting (with the addition of the nitrogen supplement) and then everything falls apart.

    2. BJH
      Have you looked into wintersowing?
      There is a lot of info online, websites. etc., but if I may, you can wintersow a lot of things they say can’t be wintersown. Including tomatoes, summer and winter squash, cukes, beets, kohlrabi, chard, herbs, etc., etc.
      We garden in USDA Zone 1b to 2a.
      Don’t need to go whole hog, try a few seeds in a couple of containers to see if it is something that works for you…
      If nothing else, you’ll repurpose a couple of one gallon milk containers.
      Your grandkids might be able to use this as a school Science Project…?

      1. Far North, we are growing year round using grow lights and hydroponics in a basement setting.
        You’re right. Alot can be done in the winter. Its takes effort and time though. Read my response to Lauren. Time is a valuable commodity. So anything that saves time is of interest to me. Dr. Kratky and Dave have saved me time. My learning curve is small cuz I copy successful people. Food shortages are becoming apparent even to the clueless sheep. Southern Prepper one had a video of his local stores empty food shelves yesterday. We know it’s all over the country by the comments on here. Definitely a wake up call…

        1. BJH
          Some folks here are using grow lights and hydroponics, but by wintersowing, I’m referring to an alternative way to starting your summer garden. Instead of the seed trays and lights. You instead plant the seeds in containers such as one gallon milk jugs. Then set these containers outside and cover them with snow and essentially let nature take its course. …This is the basic premise. No electricity needed — off-grid compatible… For us, it has been a game changer.
          There are many other advantages to this method. Such as the plants are much more robust/heartier, fruit earlier, etc. For example we were harvesting wintersown wax beans while the direct sown wax beans, grown alongside, were just starting to flower. Tomato stalks that look like tree saplings! Literally.
          Can never learn enough, so I will definitely check out Dr. Kratky. Thanks for the heads up.

    3. BJH
      So that is what retirement is supposed to look like? I am still waiting for the semi sleeping in and a book in an alcove filled with sunlight. Darn, I knew retirement was a figment of my imagination. 🙄🤔😂

      1. AC,
        I have left open a time slot for retirement between 2 and 4 AM… every other Tuesday…LOL!!

    4. BJH
      Have had a sweet potato in a jar of water for a week or two to root and produce slips. I do need to get the tomato and pepper seeds planted.

  25. i just came across some very good prepper essay’s. look up PAUL T. MARTIN.
    i thought they were some very good read’s. just wanted to share.

  26. Hi All. Hoping someone with a Harvest Right freeze dryer would provide some feedback. Would you recommend getting one? Does whole milk work and does it taste ok? Do veg turn out well? Meat? Do you do less canning, dehydrator, and using freezer since you have a freeze dryer? Do you eat it in a food rotation because you like the taste or is it for long term? Trying to determine if this would be better than buying powdered milk (that no one likes), commercial freeze dried that is expensive and if the taste of the food is as good as frozen or canned. Thanks.

    1. Rootbeer
      I get mine on Monday. I’ll let you know. I don’t think this is gonna replace my canning though.

    2. I got one last summer. It’s been great, I do things that I will miss later or things that are expensive to buy already freeze dried (IE: cheese, sour cream, veggies and fruits, meats). I haven’t done whole milk, but 1% does great. Veggies turn out great. I have found that fruits take forever and we like some and not others. Meat is good, done ham and chicken (not beef yet). Really like to FD the abundance of eggs from my chickens, those rehydrate amazing. I still can as much fruit as ever as that is what my family likes. I do mine mostly for long term. I haven’t used my dehydrator much since I got my FD.

    3. Hey rootbeer, there is an archived article here on msb regarding lots of tips from those that have a harvestright. Just use the search bar in the menu area. And since the open forum gets the comments cut back weekly, please copy and paste the hints and tips into a word document (or whatever) on your computer. Even if your not ready to take the plunge yet. So many good tips throughout the years that I didn’t keep because I thought that I would never get my DH to agree to a freeze dryer. Lo’ and behold he did last year and I wish I would’ve just copied of all that was shared here before when purchasing one was just a passing thought And I am so glad that we did purchase one, absolutely no buyers remorse!!

    4. I got mine about 6 months ago (med size) and LOVE IT! Son had an older cow turned into hamburger so I bought about 40 lbs. I browned it with onion then ran it through. I threw some water over a handful of it for a few minutes then ate it – couldn’t tell it wasn’t just cooked. I try to prioritize things that would be hard to get or don’t stay fresh long, like banana chips. Found pork loin for $1.88 so I ran 5-6 huge loins through. Grapes take forever because they have so much sugar (about 1.5 days for 4 loaded trays). I found cheese on sale and both motzarella and cojack came out great. Each load takes approximately 24 hours. It isn’t recommended to run it if temps are in the upper 80’s. I had it in my garage where it was coolest, but there were times when it was too hot to use. When my garage got down to about 37, I got warning messages about the low temp, so I moved it into my entryway – it’s kind of loud but I just spend more time in my basement. It is pretty bulky and heavy, so I followed the advice from someone online and got a cart to put it on. This has worked out really well as it turns out my garage floor isn’t very level and it’s handy for me to move it easily to a level spot as needed. I would not be without one. The colors after processing are wildly different (better) than dehydrating. I turned my pumpkins into fd’d pumpkin powder and it’s very convenient extra nutrition to add to any dish I make with tomato sauce. Strawberries don’t turn out in a dehydrator, but come out fabulous in a f’dryer.

      I am just over 60 years old, and am planning a food supply to 85 years. So if I fd 5 years worth of food every year for the next 5 years, and can store everything in mylar in a cool place, I might just beat food inflation. That figures large in my ‘retirement’ plan.

  27. In the Infrastructure Bill there is a requirement that new vehicles have a “killer switch” installed (2026). There are very few articles and no politicians commenting on this. If you were not aware of it go to DuckDuckGo and enter “ killer switch”. Once you read about it, if you can,
    Stay frosty.

      1. Lauren, Nope. Passed and signed infrastructure bill. Killed build back better. Daily Caller has good article on the kill switch. .. .. .. .. Would the system deem swerving violently to avoid a deer to be impaired driving? How about going 15 mph on the freeway in a snow storm? Stopping suddenly to avoid a child running into the road? How about diabetics and those who induce keto acidosis as part of a deliberate diet – will they set off an in-built breathalyzer? Dangerous technology.

        1. Is this ID10T level incompetence, or Darwin award? SMH

          Of course, the people doing this all have drivers…

          We need a “kill switch” for politicians.

          1. Here are the 19 Republicans who voted in favor of the bill:

            Roy Blunt, Missouri
            Richard Burr, North Carolina
            Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia
            Bill Cassidy, Louisiana
            Susan Collins, Maine
            Kevin Cramer, North Dakota
            Mike Crapo, Idaho
            Deb Fischer, Nebraska
            Lindsey Graham, South Carolina
            Chuck Grassley, Iowa
            John Hoeven, North Dakota
            Mitch McConnell, Kentucky
            Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
            Rob Portman, Ohio
            James Risch, Idaho
            Mitt Romney, Utah
            Dan Sullivan, Alaska
            Thom Tillis, North Carolina
            Roger Wicker, Mississippi

          2. Good reason to drive my truck till the wheels fall off then rebuild it again and even lower tech

  28. Skeezix,
    We’ve probably purchased our last “new” vehicle. Chip shortages, your killer switch, price, etc. I can’t imagine using onstar, or alexa, or even ring doorbell. Anything connected to the web.

    I’ve purchased extra parts for our vehicles: starter, solenoids, alternator, etc. I’m not a mechanic, but I try to do all basic stuff on the vehicles: oil changes, filters, fluids, etc. I think (hope) I’ve got a spare everything for my old jeep CJ-5. It’s my last hope bug-in vehicle. Even I, can name every part under the hood. Like my mind, the old jeep is simple.

    The used car market is crazy. Not likely to get better. How’s your tires? Air compressor and a way to power it? Can ya fix a flat tire? The list is endless. Thankfully, many here have been working at this for a long while.

    1. Plainsmedic, don’t forget the hoses-radiator, heater, fuel, etc. and what about light bulbs, head light, brake, turn, parking, etc. don’t forget interior lights. Do you have that covered too?

      1. Blackjack22,
        No, not everything. I do have a stash of two sizes of heater hose and a chunk of fuel line. Mainly trying to have the old jeep available. Who knows what may come? If it gets that bad, a broken light or burned out bulb will be meaningless. Likely wouldn’t drive much anyway, but it would be great for firewood etc.

        Living rural, everyone tends to keep a few extra parts and pieces. I’d think salvage would become a big thing. For example: If my pick-up wouldn’t run, for whatever reason (emp), and I needed a length of hose for the jeep?????? The only chip my jeep has ever experienced, is a cow chip.

  29. During these wonderful couple years we have endured I have gone crazy on vitamins, etc. and yes they have helped me.
    my question is – what about kids? RDA I know is basically a joke. Does anyone have knowledge for adding vitamins? Or a site for information?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Papa J
      I don’t have any information on how many vitamins to take, but I take a regular multi-vitamin and a bunch of supplements and felt a lot better than I have in years. I just added Balance of nature fruits and vegetables 2 weeks ago and can’t believe how big of difference they made. I have more energy and less joint pain than years ago. just my 2 cents. P.S. In my life I very seldom ate fruit

      1. plainsroamer, just asking, and i have not ordered the fruits and veggies but on tv it looks like the people r taking 3 of each. so r u taking 3 of each (6) each day?

  30. I don’t know what I have or have had, but I’ve been extremely tired this past week.
    Last night, I made a run to the elevator after work, did chores and chilled on the couch before supper, because my knees ached.
    Ate supper and layed down on the couch. Sweats and chills….and slept for 14 hrs.
    I don’t feel bad this morning, except for the tweaked muscles….too much lay time.
    I gave the horse a dose of apple Ivra, gonna lay off the elderberry, just as precautionary measures.

    There was talk of reventing the dryer exhaust….
    I’ve been always planning on doing as such.
    A couple days ago I bought some ductwork and I’m installing it today.
    With an outside exhaust, those dryers are like a refrigerator….and all that wasted heat blowing outside is just….well,

      1. Ision,
        I thought maybe the same, and to some extent, maybe so. I drank my usual coffee Sat. morning, then water and ACV/with a touch of lemon. Water is sooo boring.
        I believe I did catch something, as the past week I had several early afternoon blood sugar lows, low enough to grab a candy bar, then a chocolate milk one day.
        Then Thursday night, my blood sugar jumped very high, with no explanation/no change in diet. Fighting a virus is my guess for the spike.
        Haven’t been doing too bad the last couple days, compared to Friday night.

        Life goes on, Hysteria, and all.
        Saturday I finally told the otherhalf I wasn’t feeling well…..I didn’t want to go out in public… worked!!

    1. Dryers like refrigerators! Made me think of the times my mother would ask me to get the turkey leftovers from the dryer and bring them upstairs for lunch! When I lived at home we used to store our thanksgiving and Xmas dinner leftovers in our dryer (we never had room in our small fridge). The older dryers vented outside in winter were a perfect second fridge! Todays energy efficient dryers don’t get cold enough to do this!
      The things we did for food storage!

      1. I use my unheated and uninsulated garage for the same purpose. It goes without saying the food is in an area hard to reach by mice, and in sealed containers on the pan with lid it was cooked in. Have never had a varmint get into them. Knock on wood.

      2. CJ in CDA
        Now I never stored food in our dryer, but what a good idea. I guess I never wanted my dryer clothes to smell like turkey. Lol
        Since my new job, laundry is an everyday chore, as the limited heavy weather garb is much needed.
        There’s nothing like pulling a sweatshirt out of the dryer in the morning and feeling like it’s been sitting in the freezer all night.
        Our small enclosed approach porch is our winter time need be fridge/freezer.

  31. Cleaning up outside this week, but I got some more stuff boxed up and sorted (and more financial papers burned). The chickens are doing great. The youngest is about ready to lay, I think. A couple weeks. She’s picking the eggshell bucket and her comb and wattles are bright red, but she’s not squatting yet. That might be because she runs every time I approach. : )

    I’m really leaning toward Kansas, at least temporarily, while I look for the right property. But I’m taking it one step at a time.

    Salt Lake County has put a mask mandate in place. Never mind that they KNOW it doesn’t work, all the little minions gleefully go along to get along. I went to a store this week and they had a mask nazi at the door, telling me I couldn’t come in without one. I should have just walked away, but that was the only store where they had what I needed. “You can’t come in without a mask!” bleats the sheep, almost crying with distress as she stands in my way waving a piece of paper with ear straps. “It’s been proven that they don’t work!” “You can’t come in without one!” “Even Dr. Fauci says they don’t work!” “You need to wear a mask!”

    I know, she was just following orders. No other store I’ve been to in the last few weeks had a mask nazi. They mostly ignore me when I walk in bare faced. And then the Tribune, demanding that the Governor use the military to keep the unvaccinated in their homes.

    Do these people know NOTHING about history, or do they just not care as long as the tyranny supports their delusions?

    1. Lauren,
      Ha, i don’t give the mask nazis a hard time. most are just employee’s just trying to make a living. but it all depends on their attitude with me.
      the Ken’s and Karen’s will feel my wrath if they get smart with me. i truly love it! i really do! i have a way of explaining things vocally so that they can understand. not so much on this keyboard. it’s all about inflection.
      it’s the reason DW doesn’t like me to go to town with her. she’ll say my name three times, louder and louder before she gives up and goes back to the truck to wait for the aftermath, she doesn’t want to be banned : )

    2. Lauren,
      They have been trained to not think independently.
      There is talk in various places about ending this mandate or that mandate. Only about two years too late.

    3. Lauren,
      When ever someone talks about moving I always try to suggest Southwest Nebraska. We are known as the banana belt of Nebr. along the Republican river. Property still isn’t to expensive, good conservative area, good schools, and hospitals.

        1. Benkelman to McCook or Imperial to McCook, the whole valley is a pretty good place to live. I have for most of my life

      1. I 2nd this comment. Have family in the area. Traditional, conservative values. Good small town sense of community. Independent and self-reliant. Even the youth.

    4. Lauren:
      A suggestion with the Mask Nazi’s, when they suggest you ware a Mask and demand you do so, just walk off a little ways, or back the the truck to get one, than approach the store with a Mask on hacking like your losing a lung through the Mask kinda waving your arms a little as for others to stand back and stay away…….enter the store as needed.
      Works every time.

      1. That’s essentially what I did, without the hacking. Just wheezing like I couldn’t breathe and telling everybody in sight that I can’t do masks and I’m liable to start coughing any minute. Which is actually true, if I have it on for more than about 15 minutes.

      2. NRP & Blue,
        Sounds like you have figured out how to be “that” retired old curmudgeon in short order. Lol.

  32. Oil is going through the roof if Russia wacks Ukraine,,
    Meanwhile biden and most demmocraps are oblivious

  33. Hello Rootbeer, I have a FD. I was not canning much anyway. Tomatoes will always be better canned in my opinion. We do not eat the FD food. As long as we can get fresh we will buy it. The FD is our emergency go to. I have not done any milk but cheese works very well. Some cheese is more oily than others put a piece of parchment paper over it before processing. The same with other foods with some fat. Do NOT FD hotdogs or kielbasa type meat. The fat will collect on the underside of the shelves. What a mess to clean!!!
    The FD takes out all of the moisture in the food. Rehydrated food is never quite as good as fresh or just cooked food. Veggies and fruits are ok, some meats rehydrate better than others. Pork does the best, beef and chicken about the same. White meat chicken is already dryer but in soup you cannot tell the difference. Spaghetti noodles in sauce is almost the same as just cooked. I personally have put up a lot of Rice a Roni. You can get it for a dollar a box sometimes. I figure 16 people could eat off one run of Roni. I add veggies and meat to the mix sometimes. I also buy the boxed potato dinners. Think of your own families favorite foods and FD them. Casseroles, lasagna and such. Use Ghee in the recipes instead of butter. The fats have been removed already.
    Cook your food before FD. Some people FD fresh meat. I just do not trust or care for that myself. My motto is fuel now or fuel later. FD food can be eaten right out of the bag. Quietly with no activity to arouse the ‘others’ on the loose. Would need some water of course!

  34. I leave some foods to the big guys, like onions, garlic, and some veggies. Meat will be very important for the diet.
    The learning curve is like anything else. The food must be brittle dry and not still cold in the middle. Most runs will be an average of 24 hours with some lasting longer. You can add dry time which is a good thing. Timing the run to your convenience as the food must be put up when finished. I personally use one size Mylar bag a 7 mil quart and one oxy absorber. Just found it easier. I also put in desiccants to absorb moisture. Why not they are not that pricey. My dream is a #10 can sealer in the future. I do not know how long it will take for the FD to pay for itself. A lot of FD food could be bought as a price comparison. However the quality and nutrition you will have control of for your family. Protein will be a must. Ground beef is easy to FD as well as cooked sliced ham. Many FD food companies use fake meat.

    1. Mrs. U,
      could a person buy some new paint can’s at the hardware store as opposed to the high dollar # 10’s and dry can some thing’s in them in the oven as opposed to a sealer. i’m always looking for a cheaper way to do things. get them hot and knock the lids down, their gonna get a vacuum when they cool.
      i don’t know. any thought’s would be appreciated. just thinking out loud again, sorry

      1. ny,,, interesting idea. Wonder what metal the paint cans are made of and would that make a difference as to offing some sort of chemical? Food grade would be something to consider. Or line with Mylar/put in Mylar then seal. …..Update looked in U line and their cans are tin plated steel. Some are epoxy lined, pretty sure that would not be a good idea. Plain One gallon cans with lid no handle, Qty of 34 is $125 plus shipping. I have thought out loud a lot today and Mr. says enough already :-)

  35. The best universal meat is always HAM!!

    Buy HAM until you have no place left to stack it.

  36. Berkey has announced a 10 to 30% price increase to take effect 2-21-2022, on all products.!!!

    Wow. If you don’t have one? Maybe you should think about pulling that trigger before Feb 21.!

    1. FWTB said this morning that ALL Proctor and Gamble products will have an 8 percent increase this coming March.

  37. Washington D.C. evidently experiencing bare shelves at food stores. Mayor advising folks to not take more than they need, leave some for others…that ought to calm the masses.

    After watching all the smash and grab take overs of stores around the country…wonder how long it would take a gang of youths to strip a grocery store dry?

    How long would it take for highway piracy targeting deliver trucks?

    Might want to start checking your rear-view mirrors as you travel home after buying a load of groceries to see if you have someone cold trailing you?

    Have you inventoried your resident squirrel and rabbit protein supplement lately? Might be time……

    1. Good for DC,, precisely what they deserve, hopefully add chicago, la and nyc to that list in short order

      1. Dennis
        The rabbit population in this area has to many contamination issues for a becoming a meal.
        As for squirrels they have been in short supply since the drought came about. We used to have a lot of them in this area, now one tries their best not to hit them.
        As stated, they could be your next meal. Yet so many in this area have no clue how to gut let alone skin one for dinner.

        1. AC,

          Hard times usher in hard choices. Squirrel and rabbit made it into our diet occasionally when I was a child…not because of necessity…not because it was an occasional treat…I believe it had more to do with my Dad teaching my brother and I how to hunt and procure meat…and that all meat doesn’t come pre-packaged.

          Got a neighbor who was raised on the mountain, lived a hardscrabble life on what her family could scratch out of the ground and surrounding woods. She is pushing 80 now. She kills squirrels almost daily with her 16ga shotgun…skins and pressure cooks them till the meat falls off the bones…meticulously separates meat from bone…then cans the meat…to go with the deer she takes. This woman knows…times can be hard and can get even harder. She knows that when food (in this case game) is plentiful…you better take advantage of the bounty.

    2. Checking my rear views?
      I’ve been known to unload groceries after dark. Just because I act paranoid doesn’t mean I don’t have nosy neighbors.
      Yesterday I went to do some business with a PM dealer. Another young guy was there with his wife and son. He made a purchase with $2K in cash not knowing anything about me. Showed me what he bought. He even talked out loud about if he should be worried someone might be following him home. Oh yeah, his wife was real happy about his chatty mouth.

    3. Grocery stores only have certain items that have the $ density worth stealing easily at this point (could change in the future)

      High value meats come to mind immediately and in some areas of the country certain alcoholic beverages….and maybe the in-house Pharmacy if they can get past whatever safes or other security measures.

      Don’t think the thugs will spend too much effort on the canned black eyed peas….(I miss Bush’s BEPs with jalapenos and bacon)

      Maybe I missed some obvious items (high end cosmetics, vitamins, patent meds, batteries) but in general, grocery stores are not the place to do too much organized smash and grab…


  38. Stay away from crowds! Once you are prepared, shut up, zip it, run silent and run deep!!

    The reason is simple, when the “voluntary rationing” phase concludes, and it’s here, those who have prepared are quickly cast as ‘hoarders” and targeted by those who created the desperation. It has always been that way.

    Their systems only works until they run out of other peoples money !!

    This whole sh-t storm is gonna get out of control, and I see nothing that can/will stop it now. It’s to late, too many things are wrong, the campfire has turned into a firestorm. This is gonna cost lives.

  39. talked to a former co-worker today and he said that the flight school that “we” work(ed) for has cut back on flying because they are having trouble getting replacement/repair parts for the airplanes.
    With everything going on in the country/world, why is this a surprise?

  40. DANVILLE, Pa. (AP) —” A truck carrying about 100 monkeys was involved in a crash Friday in Pennsylvania, state police said as authorities searched for at least three of the monkeys that appeared to have escaped the vehicle.
    The truck carrying the animals crashed with a dump truck in the afternoon in Montour County, Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Andrea Pelachick told the Daily Item.
    The truck had been on its way to a lab, Pelachick said.
    Authorities have asked residents who might see the monkeys to call state police at 570-524-2662.”
    so if you see any monkey’s don’t stop taking your med’s, it’s not you, HAHA
    it’s gonna have some tweakers freaking out. if i saw a monkey in my yard on a saturday night i wouldn’t say anything to anyone! i get enough strange looks as it is.
    ya’ll have a good one

    1. nyscout
      I would be concerned about those monkeys being loose in a neighborhood. You stated that they were ‘on their way to a laboratory’, yet there was no mention of where they originated from. Were they shipped from another lab or off a transport plane? Doubt that they will ever give that information to news outlets.
      Have you ever watched the movie ‘Hot Zone’?

      1. I read where they paid around $1,000,000 for the monkeys. Do you know how many Beagle dogs our government tortures in labs by the 1000’s. They inject shots into the brain of puppies to test different drugs. Why do they use Beagles, because they are loyal and laidback. I heard this on Fox news and the lady was from PETA. They showed film of cage after cage full of Beagles. Mr. told me what he saw in the basement of the VA and I can’t even bring myself to post it here. It still hurts me and I did not even see it myself. He used to have clearance to other areas in the VA’s.
        What scientist do not care to understand is that animals are not in any form human and the testing is never ever going to match up. The materialist world has lost sight of common sense knowledge when it comes to the human and who and what we really are.

  41. In addition to the trucker shortage/protest, 17,000 BNSF railway workers have decided to strike over a new attendance policy that BNSF is set to implement on Feb 1st. BNSF has filed suit to try to stop it.

    Picked up seed starting mix today, and some more seed. I’m going to do an experiment that sounds an awful lot like “winter planting” Far North was talking about. To make the most of the moisture that’s here now, and maybe not so much this summer, I’m going to do small plantings of cold hardy root crops in the greenhouse every couple weeks. I’m not going to heat it, and I’ll track the high/low temps and see what happens. It would be good to get some early crops out when water isn’t so much an issue. I didn’t see any bare shelves today, but I know there are abnormally large sections of products that are probably covering for missing things.

    Thanks for the well wishes earlier this week. Made it from scratchy throat, through fever and tired, to all better in a little over four days – not bad. Glad to be well again. Lots to do – break time is over.

    1. Farmgirl.
      Some folks in our area have used a greenhouse as you mentioned. They talked about it on a facebook page that was open to anyone to view. Didn’t have to be signed up. Just checked, it is now private.
      So, plan B. Did a u-tube search — FRESHCUTKY has a couple of videos on wintersowing in an unheated greenhouse/ low tunnel.
      While I do use some milk jugs, most of my wintersowing is now with 3″ and 4″ square starting pots placed in large, clear, Rubbermade totes.
      Hope this helps. Keep us informed.

    2. I’ve done something similar, just putting the seeds in the ground with a clear bin over the top. Works just like a mini greenhouse.

  42. To Always Learning: I believe the person that talked of safe disposal of ashes in this week was NRP and Blue. Having read the advice from a guy that used to fight fire, I must admit what NRP said was true and worth noting.

    To those folks going out to test or teach the safe use of a fire extinguisher, I have the following hints: For a standard ABC fire extinguisher, the spray is actually a mix of dry chemical (Sodium Bicarbonate plus other things) and water. When a fire extinguisher is pulled from the wall, experienced fire fighters that have used fire extinguishers can be seen inverting the extinguisher and giving the bottom edge a good tap or 2 against a hard surface like a wall prior to turning right-side up, pulling the pin and squeezing the handle. The dry chemical is a very fine powder that can settle and cake at the bottom of the extinguisher. By doing this step, the resulting stream of retardant will be much thicker in body and more satisfying in results. (I sound like a Yuppie talking about a Soy-Milk Latte). In all seriousness, invert and tap the bottom edge of the extinguisher and you will get better results. I have my wife and other interested neighbors fire off my expired extinguishers on an outdoor grease fire for demo and practice purposes. Quite a few jokes among the adults about : “blowing your load” on the fire. A good pre-July 4th picnic activity.

    It is all fun until you lose your eyebrows.

    1. Good points Calirefugee! I have written in marker on all of our hanging fire extinguishers to turn over and shake every month. Harder to remember to do the one in the vehicle in the winter though.

  43. Reply to Dennis in regards to inventory of squirrels and rabbits: The fur-bearers in my neighborhood are mostly outdoor cats. I do have numerous hooks on fenceposts on which to place bird feeders and several sacks of bird seed in storage. We have a thriving population of Eurasian Collared Dove in my neighborhood. They are prolific and they are breeding- sometimes right on my fence during the Spring. I have thought of putting up dove cotes above the fence in some areas of my back yard. I love the taste of squab.

  44. Here’s some opinion for ya…

    Firing medical workers in a pandemic.

    Firing truck drivers in a supply chain crisis.

    Firing police in a violent crime crisis.

    Blocking treatments for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

    Vax Passports leading to the ‘virtuous’ vaccinated who are concerned/worried about anyone else’s status.

    So much brainwashed hatred in people’s hearts regardless of vax status.

    How is all this happening at once? It’s not incompetence. The destruction is intentional.

    Biden Was Chosen To Make Sabotage Look Like Incompetence. He has a small army of people telling him what to do. He’s not making mistakes. This was all planned. They want to destroy every nation’s economy and integrity, so that they can break us all and bring on a One World Nation.

    Oh, and by the way, among the many, many, many sources proving Ivermectin as a mostly effective treatment, here’s yet another – from April 2020… But you’ll NEVER find any of this in the mainstream. People… this is all being done on purpose. You know this, right?

    1. Spot on,,,
      These people are ignorant, they think they will just cow us into submission, me thinks the world over peeps are sharpening their knives biding their time

    2. Will look for the paper I printed off on how Ivermectin works on destroying the protein and repost it.

    3. Ken, just caught tail end of closed caption news blurb on CBN, announcer was saying the FDA has said something about anyone found to be infected with CoV should be infused with Remdesevir, and something about a booster every 4.5 months, not sure what this is about but you and all here know what that crap does.

      1. k-bay,

        As this whole covid-19 saga has unfolded, I have eerily been reminded of the so-called aids epidemic (Fauci was up to his neck in it also). “Experts” identified HIV as the culprit…not the lifestyle and habits of the homosexual community.

        A Nobel Laurette biologist from UCLA Berkley disputed the HIV theory, rather, he blamed the repeated unsanitary practices and drug use overloaded the immune system resulting in susceptibility to dangerous infections, and that the “treatments” being developed and used were deadlier and more dangerous than the disease…he was ostracized terribly.

        Had a friend who underwent open heart surgery back then, recovered and was doing well…was notified he may have been given HIV tainted blood transfusion. Was tested, found positive, blood bank suggested he begin treatment, they would pick up the bill. Within a month, his health started deteriorating…he died of multiple internal organ failure with-in the year.

        Magic Johnson revealed he had contracted HIV that same year…he cited that Berkley researcher’s papers…announced he would not undergo treatment…he is still alive and thriving.

  45. Hi All:
    Ken and others, has anyone heard that Berkey Water Filter Systems are to have a price increase between 10% and 30% this coming February 21, 2022.
    I do know that over the past year they (Berkey Manufacture) has increased the cost somewhere at 20% in 2021.
    Any info out there?
    Maybe “The Berkey Guy” could chime in or correct my concern.

  46. Hi all,

    Foggy conditions here in Puget Sound this weekend has shown that few folks here are turning on their vehicle lights when on the road. Some cars have Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), which only mark the front of the car, however all cars have lights that can be manually turned on. Makes me wonder whether folks are just dumb and don’t think/care about visibility and safety? Maybe they are just used to someone else thinking and making decisions for them?

    1. DLS
      It’s called dumbing down the population.
      Self parking, self driving, self braking, self distancing vehicles….
      They haven’t come up with a self turn signal, yet.
      And since when did a ‘left turn only’ lane become a merging thru with oncoming traffic lane?

      I guess I need to go back to a drivers training refresher course. 🤷‍♂️

      1. joe c: u r correct, i see all these commercials for the trucks/cars that drive themselves and people in the cars r just having the time of their life talking laughing, not looking or aware of their surrondings. i guess they need to start putting a microwave/stove in these cars so these idiots that r laughing while the car drives can fix themselves something to eat, well eat all u want because some day food may get really scarce.

    2. DLS,
      When I am driving in the rain, fog or other low visibility conditions and see drivers who don’t turn on their lights, I remind myself that 80% of the population are low IQ, oblivious wasters of oxygen and cannot be expected to function in a society that depends of self-reliance, self-governing and the application of common sense. This is the main reason we are headed for what you and I see as oblivion, but the other 80% see as utopia. They can’t, nor do they want to think for themselves and are dependent on devices and governments to do it for them.

    3. DLS
      Yes. People driving, especially, white or gray cars without lights on, in ice fog, snow storms and blowing snow. Then there are those who have so many blinding, white, LED lights on, that they are just a big ball of light blinding everyone else!
      Spot on about letting others think for them. Like when someone steps off the curb without looking for traffic. Depending on drivers to see them. However, the drivers are busy looking at their cell phones and aren’t even looking out their windshield.
      Joe c
      I do see something of a self-turn signal. It’s kind of “so what if I cut someone off while driving 70 mph in a 30 mph zone. I used my directional signal — so I’m a good driver…”
      Rant over.

      1. Kulafarmer:
        Ahhhh for crying out loud, here goes the country with the TP thing again UGHHHH

        1. NRP & Blue,
          Waddaya you care Ol’ Son? You got like 6 gazillion rolls stored, enough for the rest of this lifetime and 1/2 the next! LOL.

          1. Minerjim:
            Yeppers, ain’t this exactly what this BLOG is all about????
            Preparing for the SHTF or the toilet in this case LOLOL.
            Would that be ” TSHTT”???? Hummmmm.
            Interesting times for sure..

  47. Just herd from a youtuber that on top of the already raised prices Berky water systems price hikes
    will go up an additional 10% to 30% this coming feb 21
    So if you wanted one get it yesterday.

    With the the other price hikes your easily looking at up to 50% price hike within a roughly six month time frame.

    1. This Birky price hike was a warning that everything is going up in price, some still think it’s temporary.

      Don’t forget the little every day use items you just don’t normally think of because they are “always” just there, normally.
      I have shopping to do soon tuesday night supposed to be -19*, that’s about -36 with wind chill a bit over 7+mph wind.

  48. Ken, earlier this week you posted a most comprehensive list. When I typed my info about de-clumping dry chemical fire extinguishers by inverting and thumping against a wall, I forgot to mention another tool I used to bring with me when checking fire extinguishers in larger buildings and high rises: a rubber mallet.

    When wearing a uniform of the local public safety agency, it is considered bad form for one to be thumping the fire extinguisher against $expensive$ wood panelling. The fastest, non-marring solution was to invert and tap the sides and bottom with a rubber mallet from my tool bag, mark the hang tag and move on. This should save the wallpaper within your own home too.

  49. Ha! Found a (tentative) use for silver plated forks. I’m doing some electrolysis experiments and it visually works just like the pure silver. The water does get cloudy. Not sure how much silver is actually in the water, though. Anybody know of a low-tech, $0 cost way to test that?

    1. A little unit that tells you PPM or parts per million.
      TDS&EC meter
      HM Digital ZT-2 TDS Water Meter/Tester – for colloidal silver ppm testing
      get it from amazon or ebay, should be around $10 to 15 shipping was free as mine came from china land.

      I do not know what saturation amount is good or best for electroplating.
      Anyone have any better info?

  50. Saw an article this morning on the internet. Seems farmers and live stock growers in Canada are experiencing a shortage of feed.
    They are buying feed corn on the US market to supplement their own feed!
    I plan on buying a couple of extra bags for my chicken’s as I expect this to drive up price and availability.
    Just a heads up to everyone, might save everyone some money and oh dam if feed does get short.

      not sure about everywhere but the feed stores here still have 50 lb bags of deer corn stacked on pallets for 6 bucks a bag.
      i buy 2 bags at a time and run it through a manual/ electric grain mill set for very coarse. ya gotta feed it slowly.
      it’s one of those nice day, picnic table projects.
      i end up with a hundred pounds of corn chop’s for about 12 dollars where chopped corn is 12 dollars a bag at the co-ops. i wonder how well a wood chipper would work?
      hope this helps

  51. So maybe not a past prepairness this week, but the otherhalf already has my springtime projects listed.
    Greenhouse off the southern part of the house. Extend the garden….again.
    Chain link fence on the road sides off the two yards….to keep the dogs from running across the roads, mind you.
    Put up your garage, you’ve been wanting.

    Yeah, okay.
    Sucks to think like me, don’t it?

  52. Just picked the first tomato from my non-chemical hydroponics for the year. Very small for the variety, about two inches in diameter and maybe an inch tall. The flavor was amazing, though. I thought the plant was dead last week, but it recovered from whatever and is putting out new growth.

    It had about a dozen apparently viable seeds, which is about right for a fruit this small. The fact that the seeds ripened is a good sign that I’m headed in the right direction.

    Any ideas why the fruit might be so small? It hung on for a month or more at nearly the same size. I added nitrogen about two weeks ago. I’m thinking the problem might be a nutrient imbalance, but I’m not sure which nutrients might be the problem.

    1. Hi Lauren, been busy and haven’t checked in here.
      Nitrogen is primarily for leaf growth . Most likely you are low on phosphorus and or potassium. PH could be out of whack. Are you doing a passive system or are you using pumps/aerators or a mist susyem.
      Trying to make your own fertilizer for a hydroponic system is the hardest thing to pull off. How big is the container that the tomatoes are growing in? The root mat of tomato plants can be quite large. Once the plants are established there needs to be a void between the bottom of the plant and the root mat so the plant can grab oxygen. You can’t top off the liquid nutrient. Have to leave a space.
      I would look into making a worm casting/compost tea. From what I have read many have gotten good results making their own hydroponic fertilizer using vermaculture. They also use kelp and shellfish mixes.
      Maybe buy a small hydroponic fertilizer kit. Set up a tank side by side. Use it as a control test against your homemade fertilizer. Then maybe tweak your mix using the side by side plants as examples.
      It’s on my list of things to do. For now, I’m using the available powder fertilizers, ,calcium nitrate and epsom salt as my mix.
      Good luck with it…

  53. Lauren
    I have a few aero gardens. Is that what your using?? I never grown tomatoes in them. I would also like to know what I could use for fertilizer. Besides what came with them.

    1. I’m doing hydroponics with a modified Kratky setup. I use small amounts of ash and eggshell, add a rusty nail for iron, a nickle, and a penny to each tank. That provides most of the micronutirents, the only exception that I have found being sulfur for which I use a tiny bit of epsom salt. The garlic worked for sulfur too well and caused sulfur toxicity.

      At that point it’s just the N-P-K that need to be added. Ash adds P and K, but not enough for fruiting. The combination, + your choice of nitrogen source, keeps the plants healthy until they start to fruit. I’ve been working on a phosphorus additive, an almond shell ferment, but it seems to be either feast or famine. Add too much, the plant dies. Add too little, it doesn’t do anything.

      Work in progress, but I can’t find anyone else who is working on this so I keep blundering along.

      The amounts at the beginning of the season get tricky (last spring 2 T of ash and eggshell, dissolved in vinegar and split across 5 tanks), so I’m also working on standardizing that. Best to add too little than too much.

      1. Hi Lauren, Not to be gross, but average human urine has an N-P-K of 5.5-1-2. Sounds pretty complete to me, with the shells, etc for micro nutrients.

  54. Here’s a riddle for you to share with your woke brother in law:

    How many legs does a dog have, if you count the tail as a leg?

    Wrong, counting the tail as a leg does not make it so.

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