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  1. Miner Jim ,,,,,,,the goal is a unit for off grid with solar , a longer run time is acceptable ,a conventional motor is a watt hog , the present units will be boat anchors in a grid down.

  2. Picked up a few things at WM today and the store looked like a hurricane had passed through.
    bacon, sausage about 80% empty
    eggs 50%
    candy at best 10%

    I know of a new rv park in town and it was pretty much full from the day it opened. It is full of long term people. Anyone planning RVing this summer might want to check ahead on availability.

    1. aka, maybe you now know why store looks like that….ie. influx # people parking in one place and stocking up a month or more at a time. Is cheaper to sit tight than to spend $ on fuel./oil/quick meals on the road. Those with RV’s would have a place to cook own meals and in a park could be in worse places if it has any security of a facility… fence, gate, guard at the front gate.. control of people who are unwelcome..

  3. Joe c,

    Pretty sure we’re already at war…we just don’t want to believe it. Antifa believes it…blm believes it…the weaponized federal bureaucrats and judges believe it…at least half of the elected politicians at the federal, state, and local level believe it…China knows it’s at war with us, just waiting to go kinetic….

    The only ones who seem to not accept the fact that the war has been going on for a while now…is that segment of the population calling themselves patriotic, conservative Americans….but boy, we gonna give ’em hell when it starts………just you wait…you know…when it really starts…some day…maybe….just don’t push us too hard….

  4. Stardust
    If you are reading this message, will try to catch you where we meet many a years ago(give the dogs a hug). It was revised, it is under a different production crew. Hope to chat with you there, if not, shall miss your posting.
    Off to see what is going on in that world.

      1. OH & Joe c
        Will pass on the message IF I hear from her, no telling where she went.

    1. Stardust is not banned as her name isn’t blocked . So please post sometime. Miss you.

  5. TXDeb
    That is wonderful to hear, celebrating that many years is a special occurrence. 🎉🎈

  6. Love reading what you’re doing, and now making notes on times. Thanks for the info. I’m currently on pause while I wait for a new pump.

    1. Thanks Gopher and you are welcome. hermit and skeezix were very helpful to me when I was learning. So just want to pass it along.

  7. Joe C.
    Several months ago a ‘Nam Green Beret said that Americans need to get their spiritual house in order. I believe he was right.

  8. An interesting comment,

    Americans are getting stronger. Twenty years ago, it took two people to carry ten dollars’ worth of groceries. Today, a five-year-old can do it.

    Inflation has been around for a long time. The Gold Standard tended to keep the dollar a dollar but notice what happened when Nixon took us off the gold standard. There was this meme about how in the 60’s Minimum Wage was 5 Silver Quarters and showed how the paper dollar fell as those 5 90% silver Quarters had a melt value of 23.56. The kicker line was we don’t need a minimum wage, we need Sound Money.

    Everybody above the age of 45 knows how fast 90% silver coins disappeared after the “Clad” Modern coins came into service. Gresham’s law is a monetary principle stating that “bad money drives out good”. For example, if there are two forms of commodity money in circulation, which are accepted by law as having similar face value, the more valuable commodity will gradually disappear from circulation

    Hyperinflation is easily seen AFTER it occurs. When stores cannot keep up with the ever increasing price stickers. As like our recent ammo shortage prices climbing daily as the REPLACEMENT cost (So the seller could stay in business) for that ammo was climbing.

    In Weimar Germany a true story was a American Student at a German University Coffee House ordered a cup of coffee and enjoyed it. Ordered a second cup and was Astounded it COST More than the first.

    That’s hyperinflation. And it’s NEEDED by the Fed and the US Government to PAY for all the Promises they issued called Treasury Bills. Cheaper dollars makes the debt less in real terms.

    As that song goes “Get ready ’cause here it comes”

  9. Just wanna give a shout out to those we haven’t seen post in awhile.

    Our thoughts and prayers still hold strong for your safety and well being.

    I would like to know how you and yours are doing…..?
    It’s been a long while on an update or a question.

    OLD CHEVY, Bummin’?
    Old Lady?

    Many others….?

    1. Joe c
      We here are enjoying a nice moderate early summer. The gardens are a little slow this year but recent rains and periods of sun are helping.

      Prepped as much as possible and have discussed resources that each in our neighborhood can contribute in case of SHTF – not goods so much as labor/knowledge/emotional support …

      The pressures from media, government, pharma, … to get us injected, is almost overwhelming. But, I am holding my ground until the fall flu season to see how the reactions to the vaccine turn out.

      If we are not in a civil war in the next 18 months, I will be very surprised and happy – the Marxists will do everything they can to stay in power – divide us, lie, cheat, money printing …

      So, we are staying close to home and enjoying nature and freedom in this valley, a lifestyle that many people in this country are traveling all over to find.

      1. hermit us,
        It’s a delicate balance, discussing contributions for shtf. None of us can possibly do it alone. The TAKERS are everywhere among us. We all notice what/where/how neighbors deal with various issues. How we ourselves deal with various issues. Throughout my life, I’ve tried to help folks. Most are appreciative and reciprocate. There are always a few though. I’m sure ya know of what I write.

        I’m not looking to add dependents here. Helping someone whose trying to help himself is a good thing. Helping someone who wants to sit in the shade and watch you do it for them, Not So Much. The “shade sitter” is likely the one who is too busy, when you could use a hand. The phrase, ya reap what ya sow, comes to mind. The near future could become very interesting.

        1. It has taken several years to determine who is a “shade sitter” and who is willing to contribute more than they take.

          The friends and neighbors include; an excellent machinist, a welder, a hunter, a farmer, a butcher, a logger, a mechanic, a carpenter …. and more. It is not that each of us can not do these things, but these people are truly talented. We are very fortunate.

        2. hermit us and Plainsmedic,
          you two are not alone, in that ‘shade sitters’ are common and not wanting to add any dependents. for several years we had no one in the area, we knew have a loose working relationship with several.many are retired, and unable to do heavy physical things. have suggested-to the able. they get as much as they can in and secure. Those who want expect something for nothing will be disappointed.. have been warned to get ready for disruptions.
          Yeppers! Rule of sowing… You reap After you sow,.You reap What you sow, and you reap MORE than sown.
          Some are focused on things/trips/fun.but do nothing to secure their situation. .ALL CAN do something except a rare few /fixed incomes, who have serious medical/lack to meet needs-already . Have a group putting together some resources for those. Unfortunately those with serious medical and no meds incoming/stored will not make it thru this storm unless it is shortened considerably and heroic measures are immediately available to those. We are tying to purchase them some time to get thru storm, short term…
          The scare “last May” woke some of those up… they have made great strides working on multi-fronts. -before that their attitude was” the store will always be open/have what we need. bare shelves and lack of certain items got attention.. they are now gardening in earnest, dehydrating, freezing and learning…new skills, methods.

      2. Good to hear from ya, hermit.
        Our mid summer temps have already hit. From scraping morning windshields to 90* day time highs.
        Periodic rains followed by high winds that dry the soil.
        Our peach tree survived the May frost. Looks like our apple and pear will produce nothing this year. Have been watering the garden already, tis early for that this time of year.

        Hunkering down is not out of the question, it’s just a matter of when…and that time will come, for all of us.

        Reconsider you thoughts on the jab, if that is what you meant.
        There is so much info out there that this is a mistake…don’t be hasty on that decision…what so ever.
        Don’t consider months. Consider years time. Maybe several.
        Then, we will see the results.

        Take care

        1. We had a wild Spring with up to 70 degree temps in February for several days and then below freezing again. As a result, my apple tree has 2 apples on it that I can see. (My 3 other apple trees have nothing.)

          The honey berry and blueberry bushes didn’t flower this year and the strawberry harvest was poor. The only things producing as normal are the blackberries but the are small berries this year.

          I can’t imagine being a pioneer and having to rely entirely on my own land for food supplies. And to think that I may well have to do that sooner rather than later is truly frightening.

          The weather is a changing.

  10. – My own personal library includes a 90’s edition World Book Encyclopedia (there was no market for later ones with the rise of the internet) and a 1900’s Encyclopedia Britannica (look up something like, oh, poaching. This one covers both how to poach an egg and the most productive ways to catch rabbits, fish or birds, among other things).

    I also have a complete set of hard-back Great Illustrated Classics, a number of gardening and plant books, about 80+ pounds of professional medical and nursing books (had to weigh them for a military move at one point. I’ve added to and given a few away since then) I also have a number of assorted military field and technical manuals (FMs and TMs) and a number of related books.

    I also inherited a number of flower and bird identification books and at least a dozen books on edible wild plants. Still working on foraging skills. All in all, a good library is a wonderful thing. (I failed to mention a number of children’s and elementary education books handed down from DW’s parents)

    – Papa S.

  11. I am in for FD, just let me know when, where, how much. Your right, I couldn’t justify the $4.0 cost so I passed on the FD years ago. So happy your inventing less costly, better unit. GGM

    1. OH, I am also interested in a cheaper FD unit… quiet would be nice.. Power supply would be good to know ahead of time as well as a warning as production is begun…so could have $$ ready. price point sounds fair/do-able. 4k does not. only gave 3k for my car.,total cost for truck was 3k…appliance for 4k and rising- not so much.

      1. OJS,,,,,,,,, I know ,,your one of the first on the list to get one if and when ,still have testing to finish ,
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,tea and chocolate,,,,,

        1. OH,
          Have you considered the assistant or advice of a patent attorney? Their help can be priceless.
          I’ve learned the hard way on that one bud.

  12. A very interesting article over at Zero Hedge titled:

    France’s Macron Just Gave Away The Plot With His Outside Voice

    While written by a Gold Bug it does match up well with many other Data Points I’ve researched.

    The Globalist’s are not monolithic. Thus the chaos in their master planning.

    Worth a read. A storm is coming, no a Hurricane, are you ready?

    I’m not completely ready, How do you prepare completely for unknown Chaos? Thus Graham’s Killhouse Rule #5 Always be working, you can always do something to improve your situation. Nobody is coming to save you. It’s up to you.

  13. Scammer Alert:
    Received an email with BIL address requesting that I purchase a “TARGET” gift card for him since he was traveling.. rowl.
    Be aware they have gotten into email accounts because many are not using the BCC when sending out mail to others FYI. Had one from a neighbor asking if I would pick up something from the grocery store for her which was odd she has never asked this of me. It was during the time acdh was in the hospital I received this0 email her account so I sent her a text message asking what she needed. It was a scam they had gotten into her account….fyi
    Emails come with their address & if you have your photo on your account….it also comes making it look as if it came from them.

  14. 109f here yesterday, with maybe 10%RH. Makes it hard to do much on the farm ‘cept move the irrigation around. Even the critters are staying tucked in under the trees. New “Bassadore” pup getting used to the farm and all the smells. Comes back from her morning walk and flops down next to Ol Jake’s grave in the shade of the Blue spruce…..I think she senses his presence. Stuff is growing, but not seeing many veggie blossoms yet. Fruit has put on though. Hay is about as high as it will get for this cutting, stopped growing when the Temps went above 95f. If we lose grid power we’d lose our cottage a/c. We’d also be back to the time honored practice of taking siestas in the afternoons when it gets the hottest. Stay hydrated.

    1. That calls to mind the need for screened enclosures shorter pants, and t shirts and wet towels/sheets to hang..
      Our temps in low 90s for 2 days, humidity 86%…. down to high 88/humidity 57% .. 4 degrees between 88 and 92 makes a difference to critters.back up tomoro to 92 range. with rise in humidity in forecast… .temp last night was down in 64 degree range. so cooled off nice. low coming night around 72. light wind.increase in humidity… This is not a good area to be without air conditioning if one has any medical issues.
      beefsteak tomatoes are beginning to bloom. have them n area for partial shade.

      1. Just Sayin’
        Glad you’re back to posting more often. I was thinking of you. You bring tremendous value to this site. You’ve likely helped me MORE than you realize. Every time I visit a wild lettuce plant, to pull another leaf, you cross my mind. Please continue doing what you do.

        1. Plainsmedic, I am glad that plant and your learning of it has truly helped you. I know from DFM how bad nerve pain can be, does not give time off/take a vacation… Just really busy, sometimes not enough time in my day…since my shoulder has mostly healed . I am spending more time really active n house and yard and not on keyboard. i can have some plants this year, have been setting up the wicking tubs from the bottom up.. using the Gardening with Leon method.. it is cheap, and once set up does not have to be watered as often, almost no care to weed.?(cover top with weed barrier.) and uses liquid fertilizer in water to continuously feed. Soil is re used year after year with top several inches built up… friend in Tx has been using several years 3-4 and has really good results with tomatoes, eggplant. and several other things..Leon has new video’s out on using several types of tubs/and various re use things hat might go to a landfill. I have several in ground raised beds..due to my type soil i must do everything almost here in a raised bed. between yard, weedeating and trying to get garden set up, normal household chores.. and me slow to regain strength , i am often bushed. I began a policy if something does not truly add to a conversation to keep fingers still.LOL

  15. Last night I had a green salad as a break from reading in my home library. One of my 1/2 whiskey barrels is the lettuce bed. As I approach retirement, I find I spend more time doing that. Last night, I saw the start of a silly movie called Assassin’s Creed. I turned off the TV 5 minutes after watching the title and premise. I looked up the history of Assassins in a book called Invisible Armies by Max Boot. He has a chapter on the Assassins on page 205. History is boring with no stunts or computer-graphics involved (and no ads for Burger King).
    Rainy weather here and the result combined with the heat is high humidity. The grass and the lettuce is growing well. This next week is supposed to be quite hot for us. ( 80’s to 90’s ) I’ll be cutting my grass these next days off with the drier weather coming in. Tomatoes are growing fast but not yet kicking out any fruit. A bit early in season for them. My dog is sleeping on the floor and the 4 cats are scattered around the house. (2 are sleeping with/on my wife.) Life is good here west of the Cascades.

  16. Minerjim
    good idea. I have part of a bag of Cowboy charcoal left over from adding it into my raised beds last Fall, I can use that.

  17. I was just reading that scientists are that scientist are re-engineering E. Coli to dissolve plastics make a new Vanilla extract called Vanillian.
    WTH!!!! We are going to eat a Known disease to convert plastics, aka , trash to a Food???
    What has happened to the human race??
    This was published in the green chemistry journal.
    What must HE think of us?

    1. Artificial vanilla, vanillin, has been around a long time and is lice poison. Is this a ‘new’ horrible artificial vanilla additive they are working on? According to Wikipedia it also affects the way antibiotics work.

      1. Mrs.U,
        It sounded like a new variant they are working on. Not quite sure. Scares me either way. Tuesday is soylent green day!
        Keep on stacking!!!

      2. Mrs.U,
        Article said it would/ could be added to ice cream, sweeteners, and other sweets.
        Truly freaked me out today 😳.

        1. Mad Fab
          Where did you read this article, so I can pass it along to others about this diabolical food poisonings.

          1. It was an article in the green scientific journal. Found it when I was waiting and scrolling on my phone.
            Might have been scientific green journal.
            Content stuck with me but not true name. I put it in original post, though.

          2. Oops. I posted that without finishing. But that sure sums up how I feel at this moment. Spent ENTIRE DAY at Dr visits and NONE HAVE BEEN ON TIME. Why is MY time not worth anything?
            Rant over, maybe!!

  18. MadFab,
    this has turned into an absolute clown world. there are no other words for it.
    be safe

    1. Nyscout,
      It sure has!!
      Someone on this blog a couple months ago wrote,” elect a clown, expect a circus!”
      I have that phrase, among others on the fridge.
      You stay safe also.

  19. What in the world is going on in the PM market??
    Since I no longer have Dish with Fox business news I know I am missing a lot by not watching Stu Varney.
    Guess someone is faking out the FRN’s by upping their worthless value. Just a guess on my part.

    1. AC,,,,, hard to get good info,,am told that there’s a reset coming soon. Maybe this week end ,from the info I have I won’t comment,sit tight and make some popcorn ,

      1. OH
        Will give you a shout out probably tomorrow via the computer line, as I will be dropping the big V after that bill I received. Only works half the time & they charge to much money for crappy service mho.
        Believe sister has a cold so I will avoid their place for dinner tomorrow evening, last thing I need it to get her bugs.. lol

      2. OH and AC,
        It seems yesterday’s comment after the Fed meeting (sees 2 rate hikes by end of 2023 – big whoop) was enough for some people to flee (or at least stop buying) PM’s.

        In my area, maybe shaves a tiny bit off purchase price, but since buyers paying way over spot it doesn’t make much difference. The people I’ve talked to (buyers and retail sellers) are telling me the demand is not letting up. Buyers have not lost their reasons for buying. Buyers see any dip as a chance to add to holdings.

        OH, can you shed any light in your comment? I have no way to reach either if you outside here, and Ken stopped connecting folks a while back. Any insight from you is always valued and helpful.

        1. So Cal Gal
          Read an article on Zero H, where Marcon(French prez)hinted that countries need to support Africa do to the Covid-19 destruction. It also goes on to state they are looking at borrowing(thieving)metal resources(PM’s) from Italy. Where by it will be sent(funneled) to the IMF in order to boost their standing in the world as the money manager.

          Ohhh, joy! We will be living under the thumbs of dictators if this goes through.

        2. So Cal Gal
          Wholly ???…PM’s below $1,800 this morning.

          All the PM’s down across the board, something smells and it is not the gym locker!

          1. AC,
            I also read about Macron’s pre-G7 comments, and I think I even posted a little blurb here about it after I read it. I asked the question, who would all of us “donor” nations sell our gold to (thinking the LBMA who would in turn funnel it to the biggest buyers (India, China, Russia)). The article you mention answers by saying no, it would all sell (or be given) to the IMF. Who in turn would not “donate it to Africa” but use it to their own ends.

            But to see PM’s down this much this morning, there’s something wrong. The expectation of 2 increases (likely small like 1/4 pt each) sometime in the next couple of years is hardly enough to stem inflation (or stagflation, or even inflation/deflation snap-back) and will not fix our problems. So, that should not have inspired a gold sell-off like this.

            I’m going to look some more as time allows today. I’m wondering if Basel III is being pushed back again (very last minute if it is) or if there is other news I’m not yet aware of that is driving this. This just doesn’t make sense; I know these markets are heavily manipulated, but I’m thinking there is an underlying story out there I’m not yet aware of.

          2. AC ,,,SCG,,,are you ready for a ride ? All my PM contacts are mum,all of them ,,even one in central America,,no low volume local trade ,talk of a set world price , from those that will say anything,, Monday is the day to watch,,,,or so I’m told. A side note , my wholesale supply for the trading post sporting goods tells me boom boom things (mags) are becoming not available ,same for black toy parts

          3. So Cal Gal
            It may have been your posting where I picked up the article that I read a ZH. It may have been on Dodrill’ s page, Thor 1 who posted here a couple of times is also into the financial data like you are. So when two or more mention a specific happening behind the scenes, I will capture it to be read later.
            It was interesting that you both came up with that article on what is happening. Ever feel like the pawn on a chess board? The disposable piece, while the rooks, knights, bishops, Queen & King kick us around?

          4. OH,
            Possible world set price… well that’s a concern. PM’s are already stifled and manipulated, so if TPTB allow Basel III to kick in at month-end then who knows what controls may be installed.

            And since our gold supply on the Fed balance sheet has not been marked to market who knows if what we’re told is on hand is accurate. A congressman authored a bill last week requiring the Fed to conduct a physical adit and disclose our true gold reserves… good luck getting that passed.

            Interesting that everyone’s being so tight-lipped. I guess we will see what happens next week and through early July as all of this rolls out. Perhaps treat the dips as buying opportunities for those so inclined.

    1. Kulafarmer:
      No, was to slow LOL
      And the cost is pure BS $400+ nowadays.
      Also most don’t have the control for the second shot, always goes high.
      I’d put the $$$$ into a “good” trigger.
      Something with a very smooth and lite pull.
      Also upgrade to better slide and barrel configuration.
      Seriously Bi and FA are fun, but a total waste of Boom Boom in the long run.

  20. We are considering buying a propane refrigerator/freezer about a 18-21 cf model . I would like to hear thoughts on it if anyone has experience with one .

    1. I’ve lived with propane fridges for the last three decades here in the Yukon. A necessity if you have no power or only a very limited amount of power. They work well but they’re far more expensive than an electric fridge and they’re not exactly easy on propane.The newer ones come with a carbon monoxide detector that shuts the flame off when CO is detected, they only last 6 or 7 years and are pricey, they also run on 9v batteries, so you need to have some on hand. We always had the fridge on an outside wall with the line coming in from a 100 lb. tank just outside, maybe only a couple feet of copper line exposed to the cold, so I seldom had problems with the line freezing up. Unless it hit 44 below, we kept a kettle of water on the wood stove and get up in the morning and go outside and pour it over the tank. We had propane lights and a range so once a good flow was going the propane would keep running. Hope this is helpful.

        1. Sounds like you get a better deal where you are. I paid $3500 Cdn for a 14.5 cu. ft. fridge/freezer about 12 years ago. Of course we are in the middle of nowhere with the nearest competition a 14 hour drive away, but it does make your hand cramp up when you reach for your wallet 😬

  21. RE: the 5 gallon bucket squirrel trap (with water inside of the bucket) – remember, NEVER use this around small children! They could possibly fall in headfirst and drown, one study showed about 24% of toddler drownings happen this way…

  22. “sociopath’s Love to “Warn” their victims” –
    Reminds me of that Active Shooter Drill at Sandy Hook mysteriously “going hot”, or the Terrorist Reaction Exercise in London being interrupted by the real thing, or the multiple attack military exercises happening on 9/11…

  23. Reply to Bluesman regarding a propane fridge: Some of the off-grid locations I was at had propane fridge in Seasonal Quarters in my Park Service years. They work fine until the weather turns below-freezing cold. I had to relight the pilot light almost every night because the propane tank was far away and not insulated with pipe-wrap when above ground and going into the cabin. Cabin was also not insulated. If you obtain a propane fridge, consider wrapping or burying the propane line from source to the fridge. If there was snow on the ground, the propane did not flow well at all from the big, distant tank.
    I have never bought one. I hear they are spendy. Some locations you need them like the long term survey camps located near the Arctic Circle where things are flown-in.

  24. Post-script: I became real good at relighting the pilot light…Keep those instructions handy and do not use them as toilet paper or use them to light a fire.

    1. Calirefugee,
      Thanks for your input on the propane fridge. We have a propane range now so we already have the buried gas line into the basement with a tee and shutoff valve on it for a second appliance. The basement seldom gets below 58 degrees. The darn things are on the spendy side, $ 2,000.00 or so . Thanks for the heads up on the instructions ( grin) .

      1. Bluesman,
        You likely know this, but…
        Propane is heavier than air. It will accumulate in a low spot, basement.
        Check any and all fittings with soapy water to detect any leaks.
        Check for leaks every once in a while. The plumbing doesn’t leak until it does.
        Extreme explosion hazard with propane. It’s a great fuel, but handle with care.

        We use propane water heater, cook stove, furnace. Mostly, we heat with wood. I’ve looked at propane fridge/freezer. Even considered salvage from old RV. You might consider DC fridge/freezer. They’re pricey as well. Solar/wind can be your power??? Good luck!

      2. Bluesman,
        Do yourself a favor and spring for a combustible gas monitor also. You’ll have to find one that works off your power source, or battery. Propane is heavy, so leaks will fill basement ot crawlspace. Can set up a big boom. Carbon monoxide detector and combustible gas monitor is must have.

  25. One nice thing about propane refrigerators is that they are quiet. Our electric fridge is annoyingly loud, and cycles alot.

  26. Thanks to all who gave me lots to ponder over on a propane refrigerator. I appreciate your input.

    1. Bluesman you might want to check out running a propane refrigerator on Bio-gas. A couple of useful YouTube about it. Bio-gas is surprisingly low tech that even villagers in India manage to do it.

      And the left over materials after bio-gas production makes good fertilizer.

    2. Bluesman ,,,,,,,,,,I have a used propane frig I would make you a deal on ,a real deal like free ,i take highway 12 over to Lewiston ,every now and then ,it’s a full size RV model ,,needs clean up and many a recharge of ammonia,it works on propane and 12v and 110ac. If your interested I’ll take the time to look at it and see what we got ,,

      1. OH ,
        I am interested in your RV fridge . Hwy 12 is fairly close for me. Keep in touch and we’ll work something out.Thanks for thinking of me.

  27. Was doing some scoutin’ today in a deep holler here on the mountain. Spotted a feller dressed in camo and face paint scanning an abandoned huntin’ cabin with a pair of binoculars.

    Surprised him when I eased up behind him askin’ what he was up to. Flustered to say the least, …but he warmed up to me when I told him I was retired law enforcement. He allowed that he was part of an elite group of trackers commissioned by Merrick Garland to scour the countryside searching for the biggest threat to our national security.

    Asked him if they were having any luck…he said that so far they had three confirmed sightings of Sasquatch, twenty Spotted Owls, a mating pair of Ivory Billed Wood Peckers, and one, what appeared to be a Unicorn….but had yet to find the illusive white supremacist terrorist…..but he allowed they weren’t giving up.

    Rest easy folks….our leaders are on the job.

    1. Dennis:
      Been a long day on the Mountain huh??
      Love it.
      Got a few “Sparks” here on Lightning Point. Nice sone weather is moving in. Had a High Temp of 106 here….
      Waiting for Winter 😁😁😁😁

    2. Dennis, Huuummmm,Was that supposed to be comforting?? I am glad of the place he was searching in the middle of No where. maybe they would turn up those camps that are tru bad butt places…and made of main stream news…

  28. – Nobody seems to have made any comment yet, but 01 September, Texas will join the ranks of the Constitutional Carry states. Governor Abbot just signed the bill into law.

    – Papa S.

    1. Papa Smurf,

      Hopefully, the next step will be reciprocity between states that have constitutional carry. To my knowledge, all these states had reciprocity agreement on concealed carry licenses, but now must have the concealed permit for armed travel to other states, constitutional carry not withstanding.

  29. Reply to NHMichael: Could Ken or somebody re-post the differences between: biogas versus natural gas versus propane? If I remember correctly, there are differences which can gum up and shut down different engines that are designed to work with 1 type of fuel but not another. I have seen an example of this take place locally.
    I thought that they were interchangable (fuelwise) before I began hearing that they are NOT inter-changable. I would love to hear from an industry insider on this topic. A Generac engine shut down is an expensive and terrible thing to waste on a science experiment.

    1. Propane has higher btu content than natural gas or biomass, generally speaking. For a propane refrigerator, it’s an absorption cycle unit, you just need a heat source. This is why many of them are propane/ electric. Using natural gas in a propane unit might work, but expect lower output. As for biogas, it might work too, but how well it works depends on the feedstock, plus it is “dirty” no matter how well it is filtered. But if it is all you have, could likely be done as this type of refrigerator only uses gas as a heat source, not part of the cooling cycle.

      1. Some thing to remember about absorption systems any heat source will work ,even a parabolic mirror ,yes saw it done in central America ,, my RV units run well on 12v DC ,solar? ,i chose to run on 110AC off a inverter ,, as I sit here I have 3 freezers and a frig set up that way , I will not go back a absorption unit with the limitations that are inharant to it ,,

  30. Old Homesteader what’s wrong with an adsorption cooling unit? Old tech, runs on anything Heat wise including solar energy as you mentioned. I’ve even seen a successful conversion to a tube style charcoal burner as heat source for the fridge. It created too much heat in BTU’s and they had to do a 45 degree slant plus a heat shield to keep the ammonia cooling cycle working properly.

    BUT they could make charcoal so :-) it was worth their while

    Curious on the details of your opinion friend.

    1. NH M ,,,,,,,with in the limits of a adsorption system to cool there great ,problem is the limits ,,the inability to pull high BTUs in a short time ,,the refrigerant is dangerous to work with ,,ammonia even in a small amount will kill you ,,and if you need ammonia to recharge where you going to get it?,, a common compressor system can be recharged with propane in most cases ,, in a SHTF there are going to be lots of components around to be had ,much of the time two things that can be fixed on a ‘dead’ unit are the capacitor or loss of charge ,it takes longer to get to the capacitor than to change it. ,,,loss of charge needs a evaction of the system , that can be done with a second compressor , and propane will work in most systems ,i have done both ,
      ,,,,tea and chocolate,,,back to work greassing the tractor , the hay is saying cut me,

    2. NH M ,,,,,,,with in the limits of a adsorption system to cool there great ,problem is the limits ,,the inability to pull high BTUs in a short time ,,the refrigerant is dangerous to work with ,,ammonia even in a small amount will kill you ,,and if you need ammonia to recharge where you going to get it?,, a common compressor system can be recharged with propane in most cases ,, in a SHTF there are going to be lots of components around to be had ,much of the time two things that can be fixed on a ‘dead’ unit are the capacitor or loss of charge ,it takes longer to get to the capacitor than to change it. ,,,loss of charge needs a evaction of the system , that can be done with a second compressor , and propane will work in most systems ,i have done both ,
      ,,,,tea and chocolate,,,back to work greassing the tractor , the hay is saying cut me,

    3. NHM,
      Adsorption refrigerators have a hard time getting stuff down to freezing Temps, takes a long time as the cycle is less efficient than regular refrigerant cooling systems. I am talking about the domestic units, not industrial Adsorption chillers.

      1. True Minerjim but still I know several Adsorption refrigerators *still* in service for decades in summer cottages on our islands in the lakes region. The turn it off in the fall, set the door ajar to keep fresh and come back next spring to fire it back up is appealing. Propane was the NEW Addition to some of these units as I KNOW some were converted FROM Kerosene to Propane. Was Grandmother’s NEW Fridge one time.

        That and the troubles of keeping electricity going in mostly closed down areas during the winters here in NH.

        I’ve a neighbor that recently had to replace a “Modern” IOT computerized Refrigerator due to dirty power aka lighting and power outages. Modern tech tends to be a little fragile to surges and such. I suspect GIVEN what happened in other countries “Blessed” with socialism that dirty power is just what IS.

        Let alone EMP…

        I don’t want the 1890’s, but I do love tough time tested tech. Wood gas and Bio-fuel are less convenient but a useful knowledge base to carry forward?

  31. Woodgas works. It’s a dirty fuel, but with enough filtration (it takes a lot) it’s doable. I truly hope we don’t need woodgas, biofuels. We’re all spoiled by easy electric, just flip a switch or plug it in. The power is just there, right there in the outlet. If/when it goes away, the labor required to do the same tasks will be daunting.

    The wheat would quickly separate from the chafe. I’m trying to be ready, but I’m still lacking. With solar/wind/hydro once you’re set-up, it works well. Until a component fails. Woodgas as a pure heat source is very good. No worries with the fuel being clean enough for combustion engines. Steam engines are a better option with woodgas, but then there is always the boiler explosions. Can’t imagine much fun there.

    I fear a big jump backwards in time. Re-learning the old ways would be a challenge. Mixed in with modern tools/understanding, wow. What a mess! I’m just a ray of sunshine today.

  32. Raining this morning, finally, at least a few hours of water, been dry, but nice. Day dreaming about a list of ten responses to idiots, since I got tired of reading ten best of articles. But I can only think of a few of the ten responses before the BP starts increasing…
    1.) I don’t care.

    2.) Who gives a (insert favorite word here).
    2.a.) F you.
    2.b.) Please shut the F up.

    3.) It’s Tuesday, my day to for my psycho analysis appointment and I’m late.

    4.) Want to see my parole paperwork?

    5.) I like hammers.

    1. I’ve used
      “You are going to stop talking to me, and I’m going to ignore you”

      Worked in the grocery stores a few times.

    2. Hubby won’t let me get the T-shirt
      (Do I Look Like I Give A S@“!)
      I did get written up for my strategically placed sign “if I agreed with you we’d both be wrong” so I guess he has a point

      You can’t fix stupid so it’s not worth raising your BP😉

  33. Good morning MSB’ers….

    Once again, no one in my family went to bed hungry last night, nor will they today. We all slept with a roof over our heads in a temperature controlled home. There is ample food in our pantry and more in our store room. Water is plentiful and clean. We can all roam around outdoors without fear of being attacked.

    I am thankful……I am blessed.

    You might ask, Dennis….why? This is just normal life ain’t it?

    My answer? No…no it’s not…just ask the majority of people living on earth…living under dictatorships or, just as bad, communism/socialism.

    Join me in giving thanks and asking God above to have mercy on us, an ungrateful people who are on the verge of losing it all…never appreciating what they’ve been given.

    Once it’s gone…ain’t likely we ever get it back

    1. Amen. DH and I also continue to be thankful. No one in the family hungry, out of work or in dire straits. So very thankful. Peace.

    2. Dennis

      You would think your lifestyle was a good thing, but no, you are hated for your supposed white ass supremacist existence by so many that never worked to achieve it.

  34. Got the “patio” roof on and finished. WOW what a wonderful difference for the place. faces south/west, so reduces the heat in the master, living and part of the kitchen…provides MUCH needed shade for the Pyrenees dogs (who used to hide under the 5th wheel that was moved off to NV). All the orchard trees and Aspens are not yet big enough to provide any shade….too young, but showing great promise!
    Gardens beginning to recover from late frost, might actually survive and be something in another year (lol).
    Chickens all good, turkeys are hilarious and the new incubator project successful. Thinking of keeping a male and two female turkeys this year to produce future offspring. Will have to see how many we need to Thanksgiving this year. Life is good. Be well, our MSB family. Peace.

  35. Life is good on the mountain.

    Other than a few scattered small thunderstorms, it’s been mostly sunny and hot this week. Late start with the veggie growing this spring, but squash and zucchini plants are thriving but yet to bloom. Bell peppers are running behind. Wild blackberries and dewberries have already set fruit, but are probably at least a month away from being ready to pick. Located a couple more wild muscadine grapevines.

    Although I don’t use it much anymore, I bought a new battery for my old Ford 4000 diesel tractor yesterday. Put it on slow charge last night, showed full charge this morning. Will install it and try to get the old tractor up and running today….been over a year since I last cranked it.

    Chickens averaging 15 eggs a day….one broody hen been setting a nest full.

    I’ve got a lot to be thankful for….ain’t got a lot of money….but Lord, I’m rich…..

  36. Like so many here, I am not in the ideal location (to my way of thinking). But, I am where He wants me for His purpose. I rest easy with that. I truly thank Him that there are some here that have been blessed and led to their safehaven. That gives me the hope that others will be led to a place of blessing and safety… in His time. But what about me? That’s the point…….it’s not about me, it’s about Him. Isaiah 6: 8. Rough road ahead folks. The easy day was yesterday. I pray you all are led to a place of blessing and safety in these coming days, first in your heart…….and then to where He wants you. He will take care of His own. That IS the promise.

    1. SoulSurvivor
      I’ve always felt that the safest place to be is where God has led you. I even said that years ago when we were living on the edge of a war zone overseas and our city got bombed a couple of times. Of course, the trick is to make sure you’re listening closely to Him so you know where He wants you; I’m constantly asking Him to knock me over the head to let me know because I’m kind of dense.

      1. Chipmunk – No worries……..I strongly suspect you, and some others here, are covered by Psalm 91. When He wants you somewhere, He will see that you get there. Just ask Lot. As I recall, it took a couple of angels to boot him in the butt to get him moving. But move he did. Genesis 19:15-16. Can you imagine that? Two angels tell you to move as destruction is coming…..and Lot hesitated???? Now THAT is dense.

  37. Good for you Pioneer Woman!
    I can relate because I lived in a zone in Cali where the daytime highs could range from 95 to 105 degrees F. After several years, I dug into the clay/hardpan soil and installed 2-shade cloth umbrellas around the areas of the yard that were hardest hit by daytime sun. We had a sycamore tree and a raised bed with shade cloth covering already in place. One of the pleasures was to spray water underside of the shade cloth and let it drip down on the flowers and vegetables beneath it on my days off. You could feel the temperature drop within the shaded areas. I would bring out a lawn chair, cold drink and my dog would join me. During summer evenings, it became an extension of our living room. Staying cool is a challenge living in the desert/high plains.

    1. Absolutely! Glad you found some answers for shade for yourself as well. I love the high desert, but it can truly be a challenge. Odd that our main home should be desert and our vacation land where we take the 5th wheel is also desert (although only 3k feet instead of 7800!)

  38. Got the new battery on the old Ford tractor, a little shot of ether, she busted right off and purred like a kitten. Pulled up the lever…three point bush hog came right up. Not bad for a 50+ year old piece of equipment that sat idle for over a year.

  39. Things have been good for us as we move forward into our summer time. We had quite a lightning, thunder, rain and hail storm to get our week started. Spending lots of time in the gardens watering, weeding and a little reseeding of some veggies. We live in a potential wildfire area so lots of weed trimming, mowing and picking up fallen branches near the house. I installed a venting system in our basement root cellar and installed a solar/wind clothes dryer for the wife . Some folks call that a clothesline.
    We are blessed to be where we are and do enjoy our quiet times of peace and quiet.

  40. Shopping yesterday. Took the back roads to Costco through forestland and green river valleys. Did the soul good. Stopped about 20 miles into the drive and met another farmer woman who also has pigs. Nice to make a new friend. Picked up supplies for a neighbor. When I dropped them off she asked what she owed (she’s cash poor but has a nice little farmstead up the road). About four hours, I said. Brightened her day and she’s glad to come by to help out. Cracked corn and scratch grains up about 15% at the feed store yesterday. Heard the Ford dealership in town is in real financial trouble. Trucks aren’t being delivered because the manufacturing plant has run out of computer chips. Think I’ll get my old beater Subaru Outback fixed up, just in case. Two is one and all that. Put some more LTS food away, and some deep pantry items. Still have some standing water from rainstorms early in the week. Warm and dry now. Only one misty morning so far this summer; usually they are normal through the end of July. When the marine layer makes it over the costal hills, then we have a respite from the sun. Burns off pretty quick in the mornings now. Long axis of the house is east-west, so the one side gets full force of westering sun. Going to get more shade cloth and hang from the eaves along that side. Getting too hot in the house these days for the fan to take care of it. First time like this for me. A member of the MAG spent a couple days here. Got a few one-and-done items checked off the list. A good week all-in-all. Blessings to all and a very Happy Father’s Day to the fathers, grandfathers, foster fathers, stepfathers, and godfathers among us.

  41. Garden’s looking good. Well, my corn is not good. Two plantings and pathetic. Must be two bad packets of seeds. Either that or I’ve forgotten how to grow corn. I think it’s bad seeds. Another week or so and it’s time to dig taters. Did a test dig about a week ago, looks good. Kennebeck.

    Acquired an old vhf amplifier. Sent it in for a little work. Hopefully it’s worth fixing, I think it is. Another back-up for the back-up. With this amp, a 10w 2m all-mode becomes strong (100w). Sitting here in the AC, playing with CW key.
    I need to look up farnworth and do something productive. If I can learn, really learn CW, that alone would make any radio strong. It’s mentally exhausting to comprehend CW. My old brain is leaking oil and the clutch is slipping.

    1. Maybe consider what the Native Americans used to do, plant a fish under the plants or go by some fish emulsion. I had a live Charlie Brown Christmas tree years back, that I saved with fish emulsion. Stinky, but works good.

      1. Mrs. U
        My dad would use the left parts of the fish we did not consume for the garden plants or into the compost bin. The worst part were the midnight bandits digging up his fertilizer stash. 😂

      2. As Antique Collector said (Glad I read before I replied) nocturnal scavengers will go after that fish. Excellent fertilizer. Also for those near a swampy bit the swamp muck is also excellent fertilizer to side dress your gardens.

        Part of why the Cherokee (and I suspect all Native Americans) had children guard the gardens at night. Also they got rewarded for killing a bit ‘O Protein while guarding. Nothing like whistle pig for supper :-)

        I’ve used a smallish bit of 1 X 1 welded wire fencing to put over my fish fertilized seedlings to keep the diggers out. Even the bait fish you net or bottle trap can be useful for fish emulsion.

    2. Minerjim,
      Looking at farnworth and koch. Neither are easy. Koch seemed to flow better for me. Playing with LCWO (learn CW online) Wow, do they go fast. It’s gonna have to be in small doses. Many doses throughout the day, is possible. Any concerns with koch? I could do farnworth? This is a BIG bite to chew.

  42. Discovered why the dog came in with a wet head last evening. The water line to the AC unit had a crack in the hose. If I had not walked around to the other side of the house to acquire a rake for yard clean up, that fiasco would not have been discovered until much later in the day. Nothing says ‘good morning’😣, like a repair without your first cup of coffee☕. lol
    Oh, and remembering that the cap which anchors the water line to the faucet intake needs to go on first, before the metal tip is inserted into the rubber water line. dahhh 🤔😂 Did all of this without coffee, and did not growl at the dog or cats and pumped the well before 7am.

    1. AC,
      Welcome to my world.
      Was on and off rain today, so I decided to install a new barn light. Too dark too see with the power off.
      Noticed the boys had pretty much destroyed the woven wire fence that needed more attention than the barn light.
      So I was going to put a run of low boards on the fence. The other half came down to help.
      The first run back home I sent her to get another crowbar…the other broke an ear as I was pulling nails….and bring back a couple beers, too.
      Second run, I need this size drill bit.
      The one I had just broke…and a couple more beers…
      Already? Why?
      I just smacked my thumb with a 12 oz framing hammer, that’s why.

      Job completed.

  43. Greetings MSB family – hope everyone is enjoying a productive weekend!

    Cherry tomato plants offered up a nice first wave of fruit, cut in halves and filled a few trays of my little dehydrator this morning. Filled the rest with some thin sliced zucchini I bought on sale (mine is not in bloom yet). That will fill a few jars when finished 👍

    Took a ride to the P M store this am to see what’s what after the price drop this week. Got there just before opening and was 6th in line. Within minutes the line had another half dozen behind me. And everyone except me was buying gold… and each person bought exactly five oz’s. No more, no less, no coincidence. While they were scraping together some odds & ends for me to buy I watched it all. When they ran out of pkgd singles, people started pre-paying for orders to pick up next week. I watched more than 100k in fiat convert in less than 10 minutes. There was a line outside the door when I left. Really remarkable.

    1. SCG
      If you purchase a certain amount of shiny stuff, there are no taxes on said items. Not sure it is 8k or 10k that is the point of tax exemption, it use to be 5k. Last time I asked it had gone up, that was at least 3+years ago.

  44. AC,
    Here in our state you must purchase 1,500 in a single transaction to not be taxed. At that value it’s considered an investment, not purchase of a collectible.

    The threshold they were all getting as close to as possible without going over is the amount where the seller is required to fill out an official form for buying something with pieces of paper instead of an electronic form of payment. With the price drop this week a lot of folks decided they need exactly 5 items. This is just one small store, multiply that across the county – that’s a lot of little pieces of paper people are trading in.

  45. A heads up ,,,,,first off if you think you might ever need large mags for a black toy , best be getting them ,had a talk with folks I did business with over the years ,,be doing it now ,not next week,,,,,, remember me telling you buy silver not to long ago? ,,,,,,,,,,

    Had a long talk with DS about what’s going on with food at the company level ,,,not good ,,,he did a walk through of one of the warehouses ,,unhappy warehouse crew ,, being worked 7-12s non stop ,,taking home 4k a week, but tired and unhappy ,company offering 5k Singh up bonese to work 5 months 30$ hour , but no takers ,,what happens if no one shows up to work?? YES 4K A WEEK ,,,,,,,the warehouse is mostly empty as supply comes it goes out ,,the day of stocking by what was sold is gone ,now its a aloted amount of what comes in
    ,,,what I see coming is at best grim ,,at worst unthinkable ,the silver situation is still not as bad as I expect , but I suppose your tired of me talking about it ,,not to be a smart ass but I told you so ,,next thing may be evictions and foreclosures ,,the snow ball gets bigger and faster,
    ,,,,,,two years food,,,,,wet canned,,the window is almost closed ,,going to be a black and blue Christmas,,,a helpless feeling the watch what is happing,
    ,tea and chocolate. ,,,,,,popcorn too

    1. OH,
      I’m a bit surprised we’ve done this well so far as far as food supplies. We’ve been treading water with little or no stock in the warehouses for a good year now. And even though we don’t have the selection we did before the virus, we can still buy as much as we want of most items ( if we pay the rising prices). This time gave a lot of folks the chance to build supplies on hand – who knows how many did, though?

      Maybe we can continue for a little longer this way… but it feels like any disruption at all would be catastrophic at this point. Extreme weather further stunting crop output, another round of lock downs, labor strikes, new civil unrest, hyperinflation, fuel availability/prices, etc… feels like it wouldn’t take much at all.

  46. OH
    Sad, isn’t it?
    With this extra unemployment payout and with last years shutdown, no one wants to work.
    Help wanted signs everywhere.
    Red states are cutting the extra unemployment Fed monies.
    $4000 a week and no takers? That’s almost 2 months takehome work for us.
    (The otherhalf wanted to know how far we’d have to travel)

    This, so much, was a plan to entice people to NOT feel the need to work. Another freebie initiative, sponsored by the US .gov, via taxpayer money.

    On the other side, I really liked Dennis’s post earlier today.
    We have alot to be thankful for, if we really think about it…
    Alot of things that discourage us. Bring us down, but all in all…

    Garden is coming along well….and the weeds. Rain has come along this past week. First cutting of hay has done well with this early of a cutting.
    Peach tree has some promise. The apple and pear trees, not a thing.
    Our newly planted blue berry bushes and given horseradish are doing well. Wild black raspberries berries are coming along. Not signs of wild strawberries this year. Even our own planted didn’t make it.

    Ain’t gonna starve….
    We don’t plan on it.

    Charcoaled steak for suppertime.
    I best get at it.

    1. Joe c,,,,,, if your interested will send you info on Email ,,, would be a good gig for the summer,,

    2. Joe c,,,,,, if your interested will send you info on Email ,,, would be a good gig for the summer,,

      1. OH,
        That’s okay.
        My roots are here and can’t leave the ‘stead.

        If things were only that easy….
        Very enticing tho.
        A few months from now, I’ll kick my own butt for not accepting your help.


  47. Appears lots going on with everyone. Advice is take time to look around. Fencing NE qtr and dividing with hotwire…4 pheasant nests, 3 Turkey nests ( mama’s in place), 3 fawns kicked up and the mulberries are ready for first harvest. Life is good. To quote Ferris Buhler “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

  48. Forgot to mention that I completed my gasoline stock rotation this week. I keep 80 gallons on hand in storage. Ran it a tankful at a time through the wife’s SUV, my pickup, and the lawn tractors. Have refilled my elevated 30 gallon storage tank that I gravity fill my equipment out of, and the ten five gallon jerry cans. None of my stored gasoline is over two weeks old.

    I treated the overhead storage with Sta-Bil…will probably be using up and refilling the jerry cans before end of season. Gasoline has stayed around $2.69 a gallon in town…figured it ain’t gonna get cheaper.

  49. Has anyone done any research on the wild weed, mallow plant?
    FWTB just forwarded info on benifits and identification of said plant.

    ***we don’t talk. We use the forwarding phone system***

    We’re kinda hip that way.

  50. Heat in western Colorado continues. We did get 0.15″ of rain today with lightning, we will gladly take it, even though I will not even put a dent in the drought. Bought Seed potato beds doing well on irrigation, spuds I saved from last year doing poorly. Think planting late in May was bad, potatoes like cold. I’ll plant some this Fall, and more earlier next spring. Hay waiting to be cut, will see if I can sell it, seems ranchers are dumping cattle. Wish I could raise a few beef each year on the place, but DW would fall in love with them, have collars for them with their names on them. Lol, she’s a softie. Farmer deer season coming mid-July, hoping DOW gets my vouchers for tags here soon. Elk hunt is over Thanksgiving this year, so I will be limited on hunt days. Anyone else just tired all the time?

    1. Minerjim
      “Anyone else just tired all the time?”
      Ohh, hellyes.
      Stress with doing all I can…on top of preps.
      Reading of the.goings on brings me down, farther. You ain’t alone.

      My 45 yrs of type one is finally taking its toll on me.

      My feet fricken burn and hurt, constantly.
      Just plain worn out…I could sleep for days on the weekends.

      1. Minerjim,
        Are you in close contact with anyone with the jab?

        My otherhalf was outgoing, prior to injections,…now not so much.
        Simple stuff…
        Takes care of her chickens, rabbits. No initiative with the garden, this year, etc.
        I was actually surprised she helped me today, with the fence.

        Me, just plain tired.

        Is funny you had mentioned, as such.

        1. Joe C,
          Yes, DW got the J&J jab. Me, none. We have continued with doing our nightly 1/2 shot of elderberry though. As AC mentioned, could be emotional drain, DW has been back and forth to the Front Range to help take care of her 91 y.o. Mom. I’ve been dealing with some work changes also. Neither of us have had c19 symptoms though. Heat and drought maybe be affecting us too. Still, late afternoon if I sit……the 💤 get a hold of me. I’m sure it has nothing to do with getting

          1. Hey Guys, another thing will make one feel like that.. Lyme Disease.. chronic.. so if’n u git bit, treat it promptly.!!!.antibiotcs and herbs/naturals. for minimum 30 days…. 30 yrs experience. flares…lays in wait and when system is weak or get a new bite, wham! pain, itching at site, joint swelling, brain fog, tired, muscle soreness..

          2. The Original Just Sayin’,
            is Lyme Disease something that can be tested for in a blood test?
            i may just be getting old (65) but i can’t rip and run like i use to. can’t count the ticks that i have pulled off of me over the years.
            gonna have to make myself go and get a physical one day, been 20+ years but i hate doctors, lawyers and anyone else who does not have to guarantee their work.

        2. Same here JC, just plain tired, other half got jab a few months back, no outward effects but similar to your other half. And im just plain tired, couldnt have anything to fo with processing close to 100# of sausage nor aging though

          1. I (we) appreciate the additional insight, on the other things to additionally check on or into.
            But what amazes me is, all three of us have partners that have received the jab.
            All three of us are experiencing exhaustion.

            Could be age…?
            I hope so…or maybe not some of you have 10, 20, maybe 30 yrs on me and you’re all putting me to shame with your endeavors.

            I hooked up the radio this afternoon. Been since last Thanksgiving.
            Cranked up the jams. Felt pretty good to do that.
            Like I was back in high school or something.

            (I had to run home and run the spare key for the other half’s truck….locked out….again. gonna make a few spares. One she can keep at her desk.)
            Thanks all

          2. Kulafarmer, Joe C,
            Well in that case, I’m chalking up the 💤 in the afternoon are due to extreme heat. SIESTA TIME! (hey, it’s even culturally correct for the SW). Now I gotta find a shady place ( up on the surface) and a jug of iced tea.

        3. So if there’s a need to see your doctor for a fatigue work up
          The usual CBC/chem panel/hormones like thyroid (testosterone for guys ) vitamins like b12/d and if ticks then lymes /babesia/erlichiosis should also be check (Rocky Mountain spotted fever usually has rash and fevers)
          The CBC is a complete blood count which will quickly look for anemia or other blood disorder chem panel with check some electrolytes and liver/kidney function
          Vitamins are self explanatory and tick borne panels too
          Also EKG to make sure fatigue is not masking heart issue

          Listen to your body and don’t ignore it if something just isn’t right
          If your doc does not listen then find a new one

          Ensure adequate hydration and caloric intake/sleep

      2. Joe c
        Emotional distress can play havoc on your immune system. You need to decompress, no tv news, no radio except music. Think of camping at your home without the conveniences of worthless noise.

        Gave up the Dish, but have steaming tv service & regular tv antenna. Watch the older series tv shows: Stargate Universe/The Last Ship/Ancient alien’s and such now. News is for the weather report–HOT upon HOT, rest if filler so they can sell ads. Once you give up items that were causing you undue stress, you will notice the difference. What ever else that is going on, we have little or no control over it, until it is in our yard. Then worry about it. mho

    2. Minerjim,

      Yup. Although, I keep the ice tea jar full to keep me going, lol. Homesteading is hard work, especially setting up a new one! We’ve been pretty fortunate with the temps – not unbearably hot, and a lot less humidity here. That looks like it’s going to change this coming week. High 90’s are coming, with at least a day over 100F. I’ll be freezing some water bottles to keep some of the livestock cool, breaking out the burlap to give some shade to parts of the garden, and making popsicles for us two-leggeds. Also, I bought some water balloons a while back, thinking we might have some fun with those. Looks like a good time to try those out! Glad to hear you got at least a little rain.

  51. So I haven’t been to the hospital for my annual lab work since this Covid BS. Only seen my doc once, last year.

    Since I had taken yesterday off, I’d get my A1C drawn.
    Where I usually go:
    Sign posted. We are closed go to this address.
    Go to that address.
    Oh your here for a.Covid test?
    Ohh, hell no. I just need a lab draw…A1C.
    Back to hospital. Receptionist; do you have any Covid symptoms?
    And hands me a checkmark sticker.
    What the hell is this?
    Ohh, wear it on your shirt. It means I questioned you on any Covid symptoms.
    Go over there and use the kiosk to register for your lab work.
    Being computer illiterate…Kiosk?
    What the hell is that?
    I stumbled thru.
    Touch screen…where’s the hand sanitizer?
    Blood drawn, leave the hospital…quite quickly
    Hand sanitizer unit by the exit door…..empty.

    Return to car. Pick my nose….with both hands

    I felt sick just entering an establishment that
    ‘HELPS’, and ‘PREVENTS’

    I don’t belong in this crazed BS system.

        1. Joe C,
          Yeah, 150 years ago, when silver was king and the silver Barron’s ran Colorado and Nevada! ( before the silver crash).

    1. yep had to cancel specialists visit because of corporate policy. masks not an option. when masks are not required will return to office.

  52. Good thing I checked the water line this evening, yes the other end that delivers the water into the bottom of the unit was spraying out of that connection. Guess who gets coffee first, then tackles this tomorrow morning.

    1. when it rains it pours.. and when pipe leaks must be fixed.. are you collecting that water for plants? would be good use.

  53. If you wish to hear a good prepping radio show this morning, Geo-engineering by Dane Wigginton. I am not saying one has to agree with this mans outlook and research, but he reminds me of Ice Age Farmer but on the radio(Sat 19-Sun 20).
    Off to repair the water line…

    1. I love Ice Age Farmer- he really can “see” what is being done behind the curtain and how it is playing out in real time.

      The locusts are coming, people. And they are going to eat everything.

  54. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the FLCCC has a protocol out (6/16/21) on managing long haul C-19, which also has been used to treat post-vaccine inflammatory syndromes. Like their other protocols, they will update as more information/experience becomes available:

    covid19criticalcare (dot) com/covid-19-protocols/i-recover-protocol/

  55. Wishing a blessed Father’s Day to all of you Dads, Pops, Papas and Grandads. May you feel loved and especially appreciated today!

    1. Ditto to the Dads. I miss my Daddy, was good smart man. Just could not conquer his alcoholism. Passed at 42.

  56. FD some chicken thigh meat. Will take about 8 to 10 pounds of deboned/skinned meat to fill the 4 trays. I trim off most of the fat, cut thighs in 4 to 5 pieces, put in speckled roasting pan with seasonings. I like to use some regular paprika because it gives the lighter meats a nice color. Bake with lid on a while and stir chicken in the juices a couple of times. Then take the lid off the last 15 mins’ or so and stir again. With the added dry time of 2 hours it took 26 hours. The dark meat rehydrates a little better. Taste fine just out of the dryer too. My guess is 5 people could be fed per tray with added carbs. Fuel now or fuel later.

    1. I canned some chicken thigh meat yesterday. I love the dark meat. Canned it with bone but no skin. It makes its own broth to use also in recipes.

  57. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads (and men finding themselves in the role of Dad). I hope you all enjoy the day!

  58. Doing lots of hard thinking ,about where to go with the ranchs , much going on behind the scenes,, I miss being a unknown ,, no place to hid any more ,, to much noise ,,

    1. I hear they are putting a lot of pressure on y’all to sell out to big corps. I hope y’all can hang on to what you have. They are trying to tax my little farm to death.

  59. how goes the statement?..” to whom much is given, much is expected.” responsibilities can lay heavy. When work ,+ scenery is pleasant sure makes responsibility easier. Take care of yourself and DW.

  60. Happy Father’s Day to y’all at MSB. Been a long, hot week in the deep south. I went to the big town to get my grocery and such for the month. I tend to drive straight into work, do my job with as little interaction with people as possible, and then drive straight home ready for my 3 days off. But I do go into town usually once a month to stock up. I didn’t see maybe 2 people at Sam’s and 4 or so at WM wearing masks. Both were well stocked & prices are up but not as bad as I thought they would be. I buy bulk. Ran over to Lowe’s and picked up some materials needed for a repair. Electrical wire and outlets were in full supply although prices are noticeably higher too. I hate to buy mower blades for my ZTR there, but my local hardware store has been out for months. Trying not to order off the net. No blades at Lowe’s for my mower. Found some at a local mower repair house that aren’t the quality I want, but they will work until I can get some Oregon blades. Ran by the farm and ranch supply and picked up a good supply of canning materials to replace what I have used this year. They had a good supply. Last stop was a local gun shop I use. Still no primers, yet he had everything else. Picked up some 8# cans of powder and he had quite a few pistol cartridges in stock. I bought quite a bit to replace what I have been shooting. It was a good day.

  61. Happy Father’s Day al you Dads. Life is good on the mountain…..

    Spent the morning taking calls from my three sons in Texas and opening gifts…then…keeping a promise to my grand daughter, we took the side x side down into the holler to our west to the swimming hole on the river…We had a blast.

    Also gave a chance to test the new Leixen 25 watt radios and antennas. Even though the distance is not that far, it is not line of sight. The drop off the mountain is steep, leaving a big chunk of earth blocking the signal. Last year, when first testing the Baofeng hand helds, we could stay in contact, but would break up quite a bit….the combination of the higher power and better antennas made a world of difference…clear, static free conversation. This is important to me…getting older…going places cell phones and lesser radios won’t work…it’s a comfort to know wife and I can stay in voice contact.

    Been a good day on the mountain…hope all y’all are having one too.

    1. Dennis,
      i have just ordered 2 ABBREE 48″ fold-able antennae’s for my baofeng hand helds. they were cheap. when i get them i’ll try them out and report back.
      i hope they work. they may be junk. i’ll let you know.
      everyone have a good fathers day!

  62. Lord…you’ve given me a good day…or as my grand daughter so wisely says…it was amazing…
    Thank you Lord…
    Lord…teach me to see…to see the beauty of Your creation…to look past the ugly distractions that man creates…
    Lord…show me how to be a better man…to help…not hinder…to show kindness…not bitterness…to lift up…not tear down…to seek out blue skies…but not fear the dark cloud…guide my thoughts to goodness and mercy…not evil or revenge…
    You’ve blessed me Lord…You’ve nursed me when I’ve fallen…picked me up when I’ve been down…help me Lord to do the same for those around me…
    Your love knows no boundary…Your goodness has no end…Your forgiveness is my only salvation…
    I ask Your love and Your blessings on my friends here on MSB…may they feel Your touch today and forever….

    1. Good morning Dennis,
      I haven’t commented in a very long time, but just had to tell you how beautiful this is. Amen and Thank you.
      luv ya’ll, Beach’n

  63. Thank you Anony Mee for that excellent article in American Thinker this morning!

    Worth a read friends. Title is Preparing for the coming food shortages

    Not alarmist, historical and factual. Solar Weather Changes is coming as they did in our own countries history.

    I used to tell folks who were interested but of limited funds to prepare by buying TWO of each item they were buying for their Normal Lives. That way the allergy meds they Really USE gets a slow but steady build up and foods they Really Eat they have More as long as it was easily stored.

    Now I feel led to say buy a couple months AHEAD your Over the Counter Meds NOW and figure out how to put two months of storable foods away NOW then go into the Buy THREE of what you need each time you shop.

    We’ve ALREADY seen how fast trouble in the supply system can erupt. Even if we JUST have the disturbances we’ve ALREADY SEEN in the past year more supply troubles will occur.

    Do you WANT to do with out your Allergy Meds or Coffee in the Morning? I don’t.

    Again Anony Mee thanks for your article. I hope the leadership see it and like the Pharaoh of Egypt they make realistic plans to smooth over the troubles to come.

  64. Also worth a read this morning Zero hedge has two articles to read and think about.

    #1 PPT Assemble: Biden Summons Powel, Yellen, Gensler After Market Rout

    The PPT is the Plunge PROTECTION Team where the Government via the Bankers spend our tax dollars to “protect” to big to fail Banks and such from their mistakes.

    Or as that song goes “A whole LOTTA Shaking Going On”

    If it’s not in your hand, you DON’T Own it. We’ve had our 7 years of fat cows, the 7 years of starving cows is near.

    #2 Elizabeth Warren Supports Central Bank Cryptos. Should You Be Worried?

    Short answer is YES. A cashless society is SO much easier to Tax and CONTROL. This isn’t Bitcoin, it’s FED Coin. In a cash free situation SO Easy to Re-evaluate the amount of money you “Have in the Bank” with a few keystrokes.

    Naaah, Nothing to SEE here folks, Move Along.

    1. NH Michael

      It is easy to stay off the “Tax and Control” radar. We keep just enough currency in the banking system to pay off our monthly expenses, which totals an annual amount just below the poverty level. And, in our case that is not far from the truth haha. By the time the Marxists come for the poor, the country will have been totally destroyed one way or another.

      1. hermit us that’s good you clear out your extra cash BUT if they outlaw Cash then what friend?

        My incoming income seems required to go to a bank or credit union. That’s where the Fed Coin gets involved.

        Having a friendly trade of services between trusted neighbors seem a work around for some things. My labor for a share of our pig for example.

  65. OK, I think I might be messing up my power usage math. Wanted to test and then build a spreadsheet. Using one of the newer KilloWatt meters that also tracks time, I’ve been monitoring a stand up freezer. Total energy consumed was 13.58KwH over a period of 9464 minutes (just shy of 7 days). Divide 13.58 by 9464 gets me KwH/minute, multiply that by 60 to get per hour, and then multiply by 24 to get a Daily. I multipled that by 1.1 to add a 10% buffer in and got a final number of roughly 2.72KwH per day. Seems awfully high. Maybe it’s the darn decimal point? Should I be dividing 1358wH by 9464mins, then multiplying by 60 and then for 24 to get the daily? Using that I get about 227wH which seems better. Then to go to AH, 227Wh / 12V / 0.3 DOD = 63Ah per day.
    I can engineer the heck out a lot of things but first time trying to figure out the solar stuff. Am i on the right track? Thanks!!

      1. Ken,
        Always good to help each other run numbers on this solar stuff. My panels due here in a couple of weeks…..then into storage until I get a controller/converter and at least a couple of batteries. I’m sure I will be asking for help when I start putting it together.

        1. Yeah, thanks! Always been helpful here in the saloon :-) It’s been a headache just getting panels. The kit I got is back lower in price (link Thru Ken):

          Renogy 400 Watt

          I’m going to have a bite the bullet and get a bigger inverter and more batteries. It’s like the HAM bug… Once you get started…..

        2. Hey Minerjim,
          What were you thinking about cables, making your own or getting pre-made? The rest of my stuff has finally arrived and the cables are the last pieces I need. I’m leaning towards making them myself. Ken had the link to buy the cables, lugs, and crimper. Amazing how quick these pieces add up.
          I’m thinking about building a wooden frame for this go around to mount 8 or 12 panels and then mount the frame on to another wooden frame that I’d make so that I could control tilt if I wanted, and also it would be on wheels so I could roll it in and out of garage if it was needed. Once again over engineering but haven’t been this passionate about something new since I started with the chickens last year, and now my DW thinks I’ve totally lost it when it comes to my ladies :-)

          1. Doubletap,
            When I get to that point, I’ll do my own cables.( I pretty much do all my own construction). You can save a bit of money over pre-made, just make sure you have it all sized correctly. I’ll weld up my panel supports too, which will be ground mounted. Wiring will all be in conduit, to protect from emp.gonna take time to gather all this up, but I’ll get there eventually.

  66. Hmm maybe I should leave the DoD out. 227wh ( if this is the right figure based on my calculations) divided by 12v (battery bank), gives me roughly 18.92 AH. If that is per day, with 400AH usable battery bank, that comes out to about 21 days. Seems off to me….

  67. DoubleTap,
    I ran your numbers, 13.58kwh over 9464 minutes works out to 2.066kwh/day. Giving yourself 10% extra, and you are at 2.27kwh/day.(2270wh/day). This seems about right to me for useage. So then (2270wH/day)/12 volts= 189.2AH/day which divided by 24 hours in a day =7.88amps@12 volts continuous. This does not account for depth of discharge.

    1. Thanks Minerjim! So It looks like my first way of calculating was the correct way. 13.58kwH / 9464m x 60 x 24 x 1.1 = 2.272kwH/day, then (2272wH/day)/12V = 189AH. With an 800AH bank (400AH usable), There would be 2 days energy stored.
      Going backwards to the panels, 8 batteries x 100 amp hours x 1/2 x 12 v = 4800 watt hours. (accounting for only 50% DOD). 4800wH charged by (8) 100w panels would take roughly 6 hours to recharge fully.

      I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat :-) Another 4 panels would bring the charge time down to 4 hours.

      Fun stuff…

  68. Kunstler’s most recent article today titled “Thinking out loud” is well worth reading. You can find it on Western Rifle Shooters (If not under a DOS attack) or Kunstler dot com.

    I’ve found his words scary accurate if irreverent.

    1. NH Michael,
      Yes his words are scary and what he has written in the article seems entirely possible and quite probable. There are many “crisis” situations that appear to be at a boiling over point in the world and country around us. It looks to be a warm summer and an interesting fall.
      May good reasons to garden and have a pantry.


    I spoke with an RV repair shop on an ammonia recharge and was quoted $1,300 – $2,000 on a full size RV fridge. They would replace the entire cool unit. I sincerely appreciate the offer but I will pass on it. Thanks .

    1. Bluesman,,,,,,,,,,,, this unit should work ,your RV place is not to be trusted ,,best yet stay with a regular 120v and a inverter and battery system you could get a lot more and better system ,i’ve been off grid for many years ad tried a lot of things ,that’s what I do. ,

  70. Is this a prepping post? It’s to funny not to post though. On Yahoo News there is a post about a petition which has 70,000 signers already, to not let Jeff Besos come back to earth when he goes into space. ha ha ha

  71. Sounding more like “water wars” coming to Oregon/Cali. Some of the Oregon farmers are making noises of “just taking the wate”r. Can’t blame them. Oregon .gov seems to be saying that they can’t have the water that they have rights to and Cali is apparently letting water just flow out to the ocean.

  72. Aka ,,,,don’t think taking the water now will matter anymore ,crops won’t survive the on and off and on again

  73. For this crop? yeah, maybe, probably. I think and also hope that they actually want to stand up and take back what is theirs saying- Enough! Looking more at the future.

    1. AKA,,,, better to stop producing ,what one planted next year , and any one that tryed had problems,accidents happen in the world ,,oh wait ,,don’t you call that a strike?, a year of no food ? A GSM could help and take the blame ,, How hard could it be to grow food?????? LET THEM FIND OUT ,,,,,ha ha ha ,eat the key board sucker,,,
      I’m doing all I can do ,, but what am I doing ???you do have two years of food ,don’t you ??

      1. OH,

        From what I understand of farming, if they stop producing they go under financially. It’s kind of a do or die kind of thing. Most people don’t realize the loans big producers take out to get the seed, equipment, crop harvested, etc… If they don’t harvest, they can’t repay the loan. I don’t envy those in that position.

        Imo, what needs to happen is we all need to step up and grow more of our own food. Yeah, most people aren’t familiar with that and are gonna be facing a pretty steep learning curve. I’m urging my neighbors to plant as much as they can, and a few are listening. Every bit helps. One neighbor came over today for a visit and to get some ideas on irrigation, mulching, fencing etc… I help as much as I can. If their garden succeeds, it’s better for all of us, so I do what I can.

        Those who won’t even try? Well, there are consequences to ignoring reality.

        1. Farmgirl ,,aka,,NH M ,,,,,,the only way to win is not play ,,,,,,over 40 years I have built on that idea ,,you can’t win playing a game that changes the rules , in the middle of the game ,,, if you want to live like city critters stay in the city,,,,,if you have to use credit that you gamble to pay back you have lost before you start ,
          ,,,,,,,,,hell no I won’t grow,,i have warned you to put food aside , the storm is here ,,government takes (steals)what it wants ,,,,and taxes what it leaves behind ,,,,,big ag and government are the same,,,,,,,,,,

          Some day I’ll tell how I really feel ,

          1. I see the situations for the Or/Cali farmers as being different than what you are being subjected to and will have different ways to combat it. You are saying “Heck, no I won’t plant” and the farmers are more or less being told Heck, No we won’t let you plant. Seems to call for different plans of action. I truly hope that the farmers do take action. I’ve heard mention of a Bundy type stand off and that could set off something bad too.

          2. aka
            It is not the first time the farmers in that region cut the locks off the gates & opened the turnstiles so that the water would flow once again. I can not tell you exactly when it occurred but it was mentioned on a news broadcast about 1 to 2 weeks ago. Idjiot news channel 7r (krcr)-leftist leaning horse pucky news mho

          3. aka
            There is an article on Micro S news this morning on the fight which is at a boiling point on the Klamath water basin.
            I was wrong it was the WW1 veterans who were given the water rights. If one were to read this article, they will have to decide who is right & who is wrong where water rights are concerned.
            Personally I do believe it has been weather modification, if they can seed the clouds to drop more water in certain areas. Is it not possible for them to remove said water from other areas?
            Just a hypothesis going on here.

          4. AC, Rainfall along the Pacific Coast is determined by an amazingly complex set of relationships among global wind patterns, surface and subsurface ocean water temperatures, atmospheric ozone, global volcanism, and solar activity. We’re a little more than 18 months into a once-every-400-years Grand Solar Minimum. Unsettled weather, droughts, floods, and increased volcanism in various places are to be expected. There is no “normal” left in our lifetimes.

  74. Hmm. Two different attitudes or direction of thought. One being, as you said- screw, em. We just won’t grow anything. The other is trying to take back what belongs to them. Trying to make things right Guess they probably both have a place. Either way, at this time, we are in deep deep trouble.

  75. aka If producers are REQUIRED to go into DEBT to attempt production AND the State (The Takers in Gault’s Gulch) takes away the Water needed, WHY take on all that Debt and Labor in vain?

    OH is correct you cannot water-dehydrate and then try to add water to GROWING Plants. At best they struggle to produce anything, at worse you simply wasted seeds, soil, water and your efforts trying to grow a productive crop.

    It’s a BAD situation being made worse by foolish leadership. A waterfall of trouble is ahead AKA, we both know it. What to do about it?

    I hope and pray you’ve already developed good gardening skills. It’s a specialized skill set FOR YOUR AREA just like a good welder or electrician’s bag of tricks they developed over years of experience.

    If EVERYBODY that hasn’t gotten to start the gardening skillset just took a single “Eyed” potato from the grocery store and a bulb of store garlic and PLANTED it TODAY. The process of learning would start. There is much to learn about failure, semi-success and success (lets DO better next time). Learning about watering, Too Much, Too Little, and Watering on a successful schedule. Learn about the local pests that will try to devour your efforts.

    That potato and garlic clove might still generate a sack of potatoes and NEXT Year the Garlic a few bulbs of garlic in your learning garden. Cost? A dollar or two and Dirt time effort. Hide it in your Flower Bed to fake out the HOA.

    But as Mrs. U says “Buy Grain”, Even for the best gardeners-Farmers failures happen. You have to survive on your stored food until you get better next year.

    The Ongoing stair step collapse *might* fail in a blaze of cyber warfare OR stagger along for years under Bad Management. We don’t know. But skills like gardening needs to start somewhere and ALWAYS can be improved.

    I want to hear from you next year and maybe we can chuckle it wasn’t that bad in hindsight. :-)

    1. NH M
      Thank you for the encouragement it means a lot.
      I have a gardening question. Does anyone know about comfrey? In specific when the first harvest is to be done and how far back to cut it. This is my first year to have blooms. Last year I did one harvest in the fall. I have read they can be harvested twice. I only have a few ornamental plants but it would be nice to get extra yield if possible.
      And thanks again for the encouragement.

      1. PNW Sal, comfrey is a very robust plant once established. I planted Russian Block 14 as it’s seeds are sterile so no invasive comfrey issue. I propagate it by root cuttings. Simply said I use a shovel to cut the pant in half and plant that part somewhere else I want more comfrey. I tend to leave the donor plant and the new plant alone until it’s looking happy again.

        Once established you can use chop and drop the leaves for fertilizer, put some leaves in a 5 gallon bucket of water to make a smelly but wonderful Liquid fertilizer that REALLY Boosts up sad looking plants or feed critters. Rabbits LOVE it and some rabbit breeders swear by it as a tonic for their breeding does when they are struggling to feed their baby rabbits. CHICKENS also LOVE it but you NEED a anti-chicken cage to protect that comfrey from the Chickens destroying it.

        Comfrey is edible, some sources claim a mild hazard if you eat too much. I like it once an while.

        You can harvest a few leaves every week or so depending on how much rainfall-growth your getting.

        I grow mine around my grapevines and fruit trees as it’s a good companion planting for fruit guilds.

        Hope this helps

        1. Yes that helps. I may try to cut the root of one to see if I can keep it alive planted another place.
          In the fall I have cut mine off close to ground level since it started dying off there. If I harvest/use it before fall do I just trim leaves or do I cut the complete plant?
          Mine are Russian block 14 also. ( or I think they are. That’s what I ordered).
          Thanks again

          1. PNW Sal,

            I cut mine off after bloom, down to where new leaves are coming up from the roots. As NH Michael said, it’s a very robust plant!

        2. Comfrey is also really good for salves. Just have to be aware of the liver toxicity from the pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

          1. Thanks Mrs U and Farmgirl. I have been using the harvested leaves for my poor plants in pots or as a wrap on my injuries. Maybe I will have enough to make salve this year.

          2. Mrs. U,

            It’s so fast at healing wounds, I remember being taught NOT to use it on deep puncture wounds. It would heal the top over too quickly, potentially trapping infection deeper in. Being the mother of several active boys, our plants got a work-out! It’s pretty amazing to see the proof in the doctor’s office when a broken bone shows up on the weekly x-ray healing much more quickly than expected.

    2. My whole comment just disappeared (twice) and I don’t think that I want to try to do the whole thing again.

      In short I think that the farmers are attempting to take back what is theirs. They are attempting to stand up and say “enough”. Isn’t that what we talk about a lot? Why isn’t anyone doing anything? We let an election be stolen, we stayed home for a year, worn masks for over a year and on and on and nobody did anything. I just give them credit for at least trying. OTOH- as OH says not planting can be a strategy too. Different strategies for different problems naybe?
      I don’t think that we will be laughing next year. I fear that hindsight is more likely to show us that is was as bad as we feared or worse.

      1. aka it’s really HARD for a few farmers to “Take Back” what is theirs when the Government (aka Takers) grab that resource.

        The government seems to have Plenty of Taxpayer Dollars to use Lawfare against the farmers, keeping them spending their money and time for years in court battles.

        Thus Old Homesteaders frustration when New Rules and HIGHER Taxes erupt in his face.

        I’m thinking allowing the results of the Government’s overreach *might* be the only method of response.

        Also know as Go Gault. Let the takers starve.

      2. aka
        Morning to you😊
        What I believe is a miss understanding, those farmers/ranchers were granted water rights back in the mid 1940’s by the President of the USA & by consent of the Congress for serving this nation. Majority of them if I understood correctly were WWII veterans.

        “Granted un-conditional sovereign rights to that water source”, federal agencies nor state agencies could not stop nor remove that availability to those producers. Where by it would guarantee a food source to the American consumer.

        In steps the BLM and I am sure Fish & Game have skin in this endeavor. Ohhh, the poor fish in that area, two specific breeds which a certain tribe says they need to survive.🤔🤐 right??!! (snarc-not at you) So along comes big brother flexing his muscles and turns the spigot off to those who’s rights were just trampled upon. Given in ‘perpetuity’ said waters should continue to flow to those who know how to manage it better than la goves bench seaters. mho

        Just my few thoughts on this old water issue, which so many on the border of OR & CA have conveniently forgotten, especially if they are da brother la bench warmer-gov.🙄

        1. AC

          I am not fully aware of the water use in agriculture in the southern States, but I have a question. Is it the case that large corporate interests are gobbling up farm land for production of profitable but high water use crops – almonds seem to fit this bill? It appears that the intent of the original legislation was for the small independent farms of the day, but as in the rest of our society, big business has taken over.

          1. There is generally enough rain in the south and there are many waterways. Suppose that is why TVA was began here.

          2. hermit us
            Believe that is why the water has been turned off in that area. To my knowledge that area grows a lot of hay/alfalfa for livestock. The next land they will try to gobble up is in Tehama county that area grows the almonds, olives, peaches, pears, pistachios, nectarines, & some root crops.

            Years ago when we resided in Paradise we would drive down to the military base once month grocery shopping. Would try to time it for the different harvest seasons, picking up cases of fruit which I would can for the household. Last few times we drove down through there, the selection was dropping on the different truck farms. First fruit that disappeared was the availability of pears along a route we would drive in order to purchase them. Trees were still there but no access to the orchards from the main road(changed the byway), signs to sell the fruit & fruit stands were gone. Believe corporate took over that farm, reason for the highway change along that path, no other reason for it being moved.

        2. I’m also reading that even 6-7 months ago Cali had a 3 year water supply. Where did that go???

          1. aka
            From what I have heard the gov decided when enough signatures were collected for his recall,, that the water suddenly started leaving the reservoirs going down to the ocean.
            Guess he decided if he can not water the lawn at the gov’s residence that the rest of the state should suffer. He is such a **********, you fill in the blank. That is what I have heard, is it factual?? Knowing the likes of him…of course–vindictive. mho

          2. AC- of course he did it. The reservoirs are about empty when they were full and someone opened the spigot. That person did it on orders from high on the food chain and is as guilty as Newsom. If the gov hadn’t ordered it it would not be happening.

      3. aka,
        the problem is that people don’t stand up to this s#t. everyone wants to sit back and let someone else take care of the problem. (not my problem, YET) many people have tried but have had no back up.
        until the closet patriots go outside and start taking a stand we as a country will be lost.
        what we lack is real leadership.
        if there was a real leader who would step up and give us real direction, the FIRST thing that would happen is that some scumbag lawyer would sue them.
        the next thing is that the DOJ would indite them on trumped up charges that would not hold water in court, costing them time and money to answer the charges if they weren’t jailed outright and held without bond.
        we need a leader with nothing to lose, to point us in the right direction, to get organised like BLM or ANTIFA.
        we would be a force to be reckoned with. make no mistake about it.
        sadly, i don’t see that happening

        1. nyscout – Very well said. There is such a leader. But….folks won’t follow Him because the cost is too great for them. They want all the benefits but refuse to sacrifice….. just like the young prince. “There is no political solution to a spiritual problem” – Steve Quayle. If folks addressed the existing spiritual problem (on a national level), the nation will be restored. Like you…… I don’t see that happening. So……..we (followers) shall endure till the (or our) end… instructed.

          1. SoulSurvivor,
            at some time in the near future there is going to be a flash point. maybe the results of the AZ audit that would prove the elections were rigged?
            i don’t know, but tensions have been building among the ranks since feb.
            it’s coming, just don’t know when. be ready. it won’t be pretty.

          2. nyscout – I do not think “they” (the peons) understand the ramifications of reaching that flash point. Gerald Celenti said it best – “when people lose everything….they lose it.” On the other hand…….TPTB understand, and fear, same. That may be why they are rolling out the “space brothers” revelation / distraction. They operate on the concept of a little hope laced with a lot of fear. A dog and pony show against the backdrop of smoke and mirrors. Someone here said “when you elect a clown, expect a circus.” Get ready for The Greatest Show on Earth. Many years ago a “think tank” produced a white paper (I think it was called Northwoods paper – or something like that) detailing how to get the population to follow an agenda based on fear. Examples given were Pearl Harbor, Climate Change, Alien invasion, etc. fear events. If you follow recent events, you might notice “they” put a lot of stock in that paper. Blessings and safety to you and yours.

          3. SoulSurvivor,
            can you imagine if the 2020 election was overturned and Trump was to be put back in the white house. liberal heads would be exploding all across this country. (may take out half of them). most likely won’t happen, but could you imagine the carnage from the left? and the response from the conservatives.
            there are so many things that have gone wrong since pee pads and knee pads have taken office.
            inflation, jobs loss and the increased tensions between us and foreign governments. and it’s only been 180 days.
            we were in a good place when Trump was in office and it only took the Dems. 5 months to bring it all down.

  76. A couple of years ago, I suggested that our demise would be from a “thousand cuts”. Now it is here.

    Every sector of our society is being ruined little by little. We see economic hardship (except for the wealthy), we see loss of freedom, we see lawlessness, we see supply chain problems (resulting from off-shoring mostly), we see energy shortages and rising prices (even though we have enough for independence), we see Marxism and hatred taught in our education system, we see control of our very bodies by big pharma, ….

    The globalist controllers are taking us down one free thinker, one Constitutionalist, one small producer, … at a time.

    There is only one thing that the controllers fear, that we, as a nation, will wake up and fight back against these attacks as a united group. Until then, each individual must suffer through a slow death, cut by cut.

    They call standing against the slow death, insurrection. I call it liberation.

  77. I guess everyone had quit listening to Whitmer, when she was going to lift the remaining Covid state restrictions, on June 22, 10 days earlier than expected.
    As of 10:30 this morning, we were informed, no more masks and no more personal assessments.
    Great job Whitmer, because of your draconian measures, your crimes against humanity, have been lifted ten days earlier.

    Gives a life back to almost normal…almost a little taste of temporary freedom…..
    Until the next planned take over, of the people.

  78. Interesting article over at Zero Hedge this morning coming out of Massachusetts. Google is being accused of “Force-Installing” a COVID Tracking App On Phones without the users permission, and it is impossible, or very difficult, to find and uninstall the app. Another example of big tech/Federal government seeing what they can get away with? Me thinks so.
    And in Mass. nearly 4K fully vaccinated people have gotten COVID post vaccination.

    1. Minimal damage to canning lids.
      Lay a butter knife across the canned lid, use an old fashioned bottle opener to make contact with the butter knife while slightly using a gentle prying leverage in several areas, rotating knife and bottle opener, keeping the head of opener off the lid, itself.

      1. Joe c. ,,,,,i have a old fashioned flat iron I get it hot and set on the lid to heat the lid ,lid will pop off with finger pressure

        1. OH
          Good to know.
          I have one of those flat irons, from my mom’s childhood farm.
          It sits on top of the laundry room cupboards, next to the washboard.

          My post has both utensils within the kitchen draws, arms length, without the use of a stepstool…
          And the time of a fired up flat iron.


  79. What a beautiful day…front came through last evening with a line on thunderstorms, followed by cooler air…sun broke to a clear blue sky with temperature in the mid-fifties this morning…

    Pasture past due for mowing…bright sun burned the moisture off enough to start about noon…mowed for 6 straight hours…sun beaming down…me wearing cargo shorts, sandals, and no hat….

    ….I’ll be nursin’ a pretty good sunburn for a few days…top of my knees and my face…that’s OK…if this is the worst mistake I make this week…gonna be a good’n…….

    1. Dennis, that cool front made it all the way down to here. Sure was nice temps today. It stayed overcast until late afternoon here. Rain gauge said 1 1/2″. The rain and the temps perked the crops right up. It sure was a good day.

  80. Sounds like a wonderful day Dennis. You must not have a bad tick situation on your mountain. I have to tuck in my pants into my socks and wear a head net to keep the ticks and skeeters off here in NH.

    Rejoice in the day the Lord has made!

  81. Odd two attempts to reply to Dennis failed. Test worked. 3rd Dennis reply worked.


      1. Thanks Ken.

        Have you noticed how much DOS is going on at Western Rifle Shooters?

        They must have attracted too much attention or something? It’s almost a crapshoot if your going to find them online at all.

        1. @ NHM, We are living in unprecedented times. Any site that challenges the ‘agenda’ of ‘you-know-who/what’, is attacked, demonetized, removed from platforms where they can do so. Etc.
          MSB, however, does not wade in those tumultuous waters. While all of us here know what’s going on out there, this site is dedicated to preparedness (for any underlying reason(s)).

          1. Its only a matter of time till preparedness is in their sights to be taken down, loyal subjects cant be independent dont ya know

  82. I see they’re starting to really push the UFO thing. Wonder what they’re trying to distract us from?

  83. AC- I’ve heard and read several times about so called stalled weather systems over the Pacific that would normally bring rain to the west coast. I believe that there are patents on weather modification that could account for this.

    I had a repair person in yesterday and we talked a little about our “outside water”. There is some increased prices this year and we are being asked to cut back on the length of time that we water. Something he said kind of caught me by surprise and I’m not sure if he was correct or not but he said some family members in the area were being cut back on canal water to every other week. It was the first that I had heard of this but then I don’t watch the news either.

  84. Having some interesting times in the valley , we have a drop point in a near town for mail and packages ,twice a week a delivery to inside the valley goes to the trading post ,two weeks ago I banned all Amazon forwarding from our system , no droping at the drop point ,or forwarding. That has made for some discussion,as long as Amazon continues to use its power to harm us this will continue, I encourage Ken to find some thing else to support MSB ,one of the things I miss from MSB is free and uncensored version ,do you remember what we have lost ? What’s happened to all the posters we don’t see any longer?

    1. I personally enjoy visiting the preparedness “saloon”, reading having a cool one and keeping my head down. For awhile there…every time I said something different to someone’s strong opinion, I had to duck.
      Just one old poster that lurks mostly now. Can’t speak for the others.
      And maybe you weren’t considering me, but, this is my opinion.

      1. Beach’n,

        I’m glad you’re back posting…hope you will keep it up. It’s OK for folks to have differing opinions…lots can be learned with back and forth exchanges…problem is, with a few, some can’t keep from launching personal attacks when someone voices things their minds can’t accept (I’ve always took that as a sign of weakness on their part).

        Ken does a great job trying to keep those attacks to a minimum. While I would enjoy a few discussions on current news events and political goings on as in the past…seems the disrupters zeroed in on those discussions and never shared any prepping comments at all…just hit and runs, or hammering on differing thoughts.

        Any who…glad you’re back sharing thoughts.

        1. Dennis,
          Exactly. You’re much more eloquent than I could ever be!
          And I certainly didn’t mean to dig at Oldhomesteader, he’s never been anything but kind to me. Just wanted him to know why I’ve been quiet for awhile.
          Thanks! and luv ya’ll, Beach’n

          1. Beach’,,,,,,,,,,good to hear from you ,,,,,to all you out there I have had a attack on my inbound E mail think it’s fixed now

    2. Homesteader,
      Everything everywhere is throttled way back, people are afraid of their shadow, you have the right idea

  85. Lauren,
    I certainly don’t know anything for sure. There’s simply too much strangeness to ignore, over the years. The government protecting us poor ignorant folks, is never a good thing. More transparency please. When “they” come out with their report, I’ll be skeptically observing. Who knows???

  86. i just had to toss this out here. it just occurred to me this morning, that if there was a cyber attack on the computer systems in the major hub airports air traffic control systems.
    could you imagine O’Hare, Atlanta, Dallas, LAX and Laguardia and all others being shut down for air traffic control for even a few hours. planes not being able to land and not getting any info on where they were, or where other aircraft were around them.
    it most probably would not end well.

  87. In case anyone is in the DC area, (?!) a pedestrian bridge across I-295 in the NE part has collapsed. It looks like that will be blocked for a bit. Some people were injured and taken to the hospital, but thankfully no fatalities reported at present. If you normally travel that way, you’ll want to re-route. (You also might considering relocating, if possible…probably not the safest place when S really hits the fan full out.)

  88. Over on ‘ our Wyoming life ‘ Mike has a interesting post about how the drought is affecting the ranch,very informative ,he is telling it like it is ,,,,,your food supply at risk ,,nice people in hard times ,,

  89. Is it my imagination, or does it seem like the numbers of stories about international dust-ups is growing? NATO exercises in the Black Sea lead to Russia firing warning shots at a British ship. Russia running practice drills to sink a carrier in international waters far closer to Hawaii than ever before. China flying more fighter jets than ever around Taiwan, complaining when any US ship goes thru the Taiwan straits. New leader in Iran, seems to be a real hardliner, then we shut down some of their websites. And so on… all in the last week or so.

    Is all of this leading to a potential false flag? Excuses to get into conflict? Testing the new puppet administration? Distraction from the financial and other problems here on our soil? It just seems every day now we are getting multiple stories of these kinds of international tensions building. Any one of these encounters/situations could lead us into a serious battle.

    So, I don’t know of any way to prepare for any of these scenarios other than what we all do all the time… but it just feels like it’s escalating. Anyone else feeling like this?

    1. So Cal Gal my readings and my opinions lead me to think that its Both Challenges to a weaker America And Distractions FROM our own “Leadership “.

      The problem as I see it is How it will Affect me and mine. A Distraction War will cause Much Harm to fellow soldiers and citizens. The Oceans no longer protects us from 4th generation warfare. Cyber terrorism and such makes a good Distraction.

      Trusted friends, prayer, and Grahams Kill House Rules (All of them) recommend.

    2. So Cal Gal my readings and my opinions lead me to think that its Both Challenges to a weaker America And Distractions FROM our own “Leadership “.

      The problem as I see it is How it will Affect me and mine. A Distraction War will cause Much Harm to fellow soldiers and citizens. The Oceans no longer protects us from 4th generation warfare. Cyber terrorism and such makes a good Distraction.

      Trusted friends, prayer, and Grahams Kill House Rules (All of them) recommend.

    3. So Cal Gal my readings and my opinions lead me to think that its Both Challenges to a weaker America And Distractions FROM our own “Leadership “.

      The problem as I see it is How it will Affect me and mine. A Distraction War will cause Much Harm to fellow soldiers and citizens. The Oceans no longer protects us from 4th generation warfare. Cyber terrorism and such makes a good Distraction.

      Trusted friends, prayer, and Grahams Kill House Rules (All of them) recommend.

    4. So Cal Gal, Guess Biden forgot to add NATO to the list of things for Putin not to attack.

      1. AM,
        Hahaha! Now that is funny (I laugh at dark humor most days).
        I couldn’t believe it when I read about that not-to-do list. Utter nonsense no matter how one looks at it. How on earth can we look like anything except weak and vulnerable?

  90. Got the pasture mowing finished…took a little over 2 hours this morning to finish up. Paid attention to the free stuff growing around the perimeter and underneath the low hanging canopies of the larger trees.

    Wild blackberry vines/bushes that form a barrier around the pasture are loaded this year, many of the fruits already plump, turning bright red and shiny…probably another week or so before turning ripened black.

    Dewberry vines underneath the big cedars are heavy with fruit, but are usually a little slower to mature.

    Lots of “rabbit tobacky” growing in the draws too rocky to mow, along with some wild lettuce, a few burdock, and lots of both long and broadleaf plantain.

    Haven’t spotted a single antifa or blm terrorist yet…much less the elusive white supremacist terrorist…the government says they’re “homegrown”…the white supremacist terrorist that is.. I suspect they only grow in the minds of folks who steal elections…but I digress.

    Life is good on the mountain…sunburn and all. Y’all have a good’n…if’n I don’t, it won’t be for lack of tryin’…..

  91. I donated a few hours at the Republican booth at the fair today. It was a necessity to get out in the public & see what is going on in the world outside.
    Folks were stopping by to visit, purchase Trump items, and gather up the recall Gavin Newsome material.
    Some were asking will Trump run in 2024?
    The person who I was helping said that he could be placed back into the office, because of the states checking their ballots by hand & not by the machine. That there were laws in place for this to happen, news to me. Yet, one can hope. But until it happens–will believe it when it occurs.
    Also heard that when some of the Republicans checked to see if their ballot had been counted they were not shown on the registrars list as being tabulated.🤔

  92. Appears that someone is driving down the PM market again!

    Odd that the catalytic converters are being harvested in a certain city where a university is located. Especially since the price of Rhodium is down around $3,000 in the past month. Gang is removing those units in mass thief’s then shifting to another section of the city to harvest there.