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  1. An armed and intoxicated Federal Law Enforcement officer was found in Key Largo this morning with understandable suicidal intent. Monroe County deputies responded at once, providing mutual aid by granting his last wish and blasting his ass to kingdom come. Nice work men!

  2. Some people think a cashless digital economy may be a good idea. Consider this. Trump had paper documents in boxes and ends up with an FBI raid to seize those boxes. The documents still exist – just the custody changed. And there is a process for Trump to get the documents back. Hillary had documents – in the form of electronic emails – on a secret server and various staff electronic devices. The emails were deleted and the server wiped clean. The devices were destroyed with hammers. Hillary’s emails/documents are possibly gone forever. And there appears no ready process for her or anyone else to get them back. Now imagine if instead of e-mails/documents, Trump and Hillary had cash in this scenario. Trump had cash in boxes. The FBI took it and he can get his cash back. Hillary had digital cash in electronic form only. That cash is gone forever. Between hackers, scammers, and illegitimate acts by government actors or criminals, the average American will be burdened with responding and dealing with these risks or their digital cash will disappear like Hillary’s emails.

    1. The horrible fact is, government is a monopoly of force. And, when this monopoly is no longer constrained and subordinated, by law, to the preservation of Individual Liberty, and only obedient to the whims of those in places of control, there is no protection from it.

      It does not matter how you manifest your wealth, or store your critical information, or what form your property takes, such as a work of art, or vast tracts of land, everything…everything…is dependent upon the government which presides over you…including whether it allows you to live, or orders you to die.

      The Monopoly of Force entails all the marbles in the game, which is only limited by the constraints of Existence, where the game is played. There no other game more important and no other Monopoly more powerful.

      We must play this game better than our enemies, whom we are all now engaged, else suffer the loss of our Liberty, our Citizenship, and our RIGHT to own our OWN LIVES.

      Better to suffer the sting of death, while fighting to destroy those attempting to be our Masters, than the sting of a slave’s lash.

  3. Random thoughts on the Mar-A-Lago raid….

    What was the motivation? Possible criminal charges against Trump? Create doubts and suspicion against a political adversary as elections approach? National security? Or a desperate act of self-preservation to recover damning evidence of wrongdoing by the shadowy apparatus that actually controls our government and politicians?

    What was the target of the search warrant? That would be reams of classified papers that Trump (as was his right as president) declassified for release to public scrutiny prior to leaving office….an order that the government has balked at honoring since he left office, after several requests by people outside government followed all proper procedures to get copies.

    What would be the motive to perform an act that risked burning down your own house to get back those files and prevent them being scrutinized? The only plausible answer is the strongest instinct in human beings….self-preservation…survival.

    Trump was an outsider. His very existence inside the den was a threat and he has been under attack ever since he threatened to violate their lair by entering uninvited by them. Those papers are the paper trail that throws light inside the sanctum we are not allowed to know exists.

    Or… it could be Trump is just a meany and is getting what he deserves. Good morning folks…life is good on the mountain.

    1. Dennis, Timing. Two days after CPAC Texas where Trump overwhelmingly takes the straw poll, they show up at his house. For next two days they’re seizing cell phones of R lawmakers who are working to strengthen voting integrity. 89 days until midterms. They’re overwrought, in a panic, and behaving insensibly. Their ears are so tiny they can only hear the handful of voices closest to them. This was a gargantuan mistake. They know it and will only double down.

      1. Anony Mee
        Let us hope you are correct. After the last so call ballot collecting and accounting makes one very suspicious of those who count. Even more so those who collect.
        Why do I say that, just went through that sort of counting procedures in the area. Which makes one wonder how many illegal ballots were dropped in those lovely boxes.
        I need to make another pot of coffee,,, it is going to be a –l o n g day.

      2. Anony Mee,

        Historically, lower people on the inside that become a threat to the lair…die. They commit suicide, the get shot down in a plane by a missile on the edge of a war zone, or they get killed in an “unsolvable” robbery murder while walking in the wee hours in Washington, D.C…but you know that.

        Trump poses a problem. He’s smart (in spite of the massive effort to portray him otherwise), he’s not suicidal (unless you factor in his willingness to step into the lion’s den to do battle), and he has the money and savvy to provide his own security closer to him than the mandated government security detail.

        The country is on edge…a significant number of citizens are no longer fooled…our level of comfort is eroding rapidly, and folks know now who to blame. Getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar ain’t a biggy…if there’s still plenty of cookies for everyone…if stomachs are beginning to rumble, and the cupboard is looking bare…folks ain’t so forgiving.

        I better go get on the mower before I start sounding like a malcontent.

      3. Anony Mee,

        I know you take your research on matters such as this seriously….have you considered this?

        What if the search had nothing to do with the documents in question? With a search warrant, you can only search for the object(s) listed in the warrant….but….any evidence of another crime (say, incriminating evidence linkable to January 6th) you might run across “incidental” to the legal search would be admissible in court. This would shed light on why they went through every nook and cranny of the residence.

        Garland was not a happy camper in the press briefing. I’m thinking they struck out and they got some ‘splaining to do…people like Garland don’t like having to ‘splain their actions.

        1. My Machiavelli kicked in during the press conference. What if the reported mole was really a double agent and the purported documents at risk never existed? Or the mole was discovered and set up by Trump to make a claim that wasn’t real? The press is talking DJT again 24/7. The base is fired up and fundraising is through the roof. Plus we’ve got another us versus them issue leading up to midterms. I know I was rooting for Trump to layout a canary trap or two or two hundred to catch the blabbermouths sabotaging his administration.

          1. Mamalark
            What would be funny, DJT runs, wins by an un screwable majority, then on day 1 fires everybody finally and brings in all his own outside people,

            Aint going to happen but nice to dream anyway

        2. Dennis, The AG appears to be a bitter, resentful man. He was promised a seat in SCOTUS by Obama but RBG didn’t cooperate. Spent a year waiting for her to retire. Then, when Pedo Pete becomes POTUS, AG gets a consolation prize, instead of them making good on the promise. If this turns out to be all about the classified, then all the senior members of the Obama Admin have been put at risk. It’s not just that Hilary kept classified on a uncontrolled server, but that all of them/all of them sent classified to a non-guv address. If this blows up, it could be payback time for everyone involved in disappointing the AG. Lots of “if”s – Grand Kabuki. I like Junior Mints with my popcorn.

          1. Also, they’ve been terrified of the Donald for a while now. Wrote about it a while back. . .
            “There is a special message for all you snowflakes in this, all you victims of undetectable micro-aggressions, all you young people who need special places where looking at another is indistinguishable from looking in a mirror. You need to take heed. All you libsiders who are so eager to trade personal freedoms and inalienable rights for dreary sameness, listen up. Pay attention, all you legislators and executives who obviously believe that if you can’t win on your own merits then cheating is perfectly acceptable.” . . .
            “President Trump only had to ask quietly for supporters to come and stand with him to oppose election fraud, abrogating the will of the people, the harm being done to our republic, and they came. By the hundreds of thousands, on their own dime, in the winter, they came. They came to DC and to all fifty state capitals. The tens of millions of us who did not travel were with them in will, in spirit, in prayer, and with logistical support.” . . .
            “Now imagine if President Trump instead had called for patriots to rise up and to fight at his side against the clear and present danger of a communist/socialist/ fascist/totalitarian take-over of our country — which is what this year’s comprehensive violation of the electoral process looks like to many. Go ahead, do the math, we’ll wait.” . .

  4. Dennis
    After reading your post and knowing Trump is not an literate person. Whose is to say that those documents were not digitally copied for his preservation, along with this nation. Remember the ‘fool me once’ cliché?
    After all they have done to his family and especially him. 🤔 Thinking outside box once again.

    1. AC,

      If I am right in my perusal, what you’re saying may well be true. The papers that Trump carried with him would not be the only papers in existence. They would be copies that he, as president, had the right to while in the White House. After he declassified them, he legally could carry them with him when he left, which he did. Challenges were made to his declassification (I’m assuming by the DOJ at behest of Joe Biden’s puppeteers). This resulted in a request, which was honored by Trump, to increase security measures to protect those documents (copies) until the legal questions worked their way through courts.

      Something, maybe the fear of the upcoming elections and loss of cover from above, happened to prompt this action to get all copies back in control of the very ones that were threatened by what’s in them.

      This is where it might get sticky for Trump if he made copies. Most likely, an injunction was issued by the court hearing the case challenging declassification to treat the papers as still classified until a ruling comes down. Making copies then would become a criminal offense.

      I hope Trump did make copies. I have no doubts that IF the powers think they have all copies…deletions and/or destruction is already in progress. (There’s a reason they searched the entire premises, not just the room the documents were stored in and secured by agreement)

      Scary stuff…I’m betting they are willing to burn the whole country down to protect themselves from being exposed.

  5. I have questions. This Trump raid makes NO damn sense at all. Are they really that stupid? I don’t think they are. Distraction? Enticement? Why was that safe empty? Are they hoping for a reaction? They gotta know this would solidify support for Trump… and Trump would know that too if this was all staged. If they know Trump will win the next election (and they do), why would they do this and seal their fate? They must know that no amount of tampering can win the next election for them as the attention and numbers will be far too great for that. I’m sorry…..I just don’t buy this at face value. Why are they making Trump a martyr if in fact he is their enemy? I don’t buy that TPTB are that stupid. I think we are being played yet again.

    1. Soul……I really believe the socialists are that dumb, they continually outdo themselves with actions they feel are brilliant but prove to be just the opposite. President Trump would have any “damaging information” in safe keeping outside the U.S. just like the Clinton’s with their Panama lawyers. in my humble opinion this is going to be colossal mistake and the reverberations May last for a very very long time, (I pray it does) also believe they just helped make Trumps decision crystal clear. Let’s focus on the deadly socialist virus that has infected this country, instead of boohooing the proven remedy (trump) that can drain its power. Remember a house divided cannot survive.

      1. Realist – Yes the socialists are that dumb….but are TPTB? No they are not. What if say Trump was is their boy brought in to pacify the conservatives for a term. His lack of action at the end allowed what is happening now. By his inaction (violating his oath) this country has been brought to its knees….with recovery not possible anytime soon if ever. He could have prevented that but didn’t…..why? The Democratic Party is done…toast…in the eyes of the masses. What is the next move by TPTB? They didn’t get caught flatfooted….this is gamed out. Is the next move “their boy” back in power? Pushing the vaxx, pushing gun control, etc. when he is told to step up the game? The Republican Party is split (you can see it now) with one half assuming the replacement role for the defunct Democratic Party. Trump has never recanted on the vaxx thing even though his followers want him to….why? And you are going to put him back in office knowing his stance on the vaxx? Most everything “good” Trump did has been nullified. He has proven himself to be a “sleeper” in my book by his associations and inaction. Why are folks stuck on this guy when there is another out there who has real character and is establishing real credibility? Is it hero worship? If so….explain how is he a hero? I truly don’t understand. The art of the deal????? Who did he make the deal with? Sure as hell ain’t us as he has proven. Ahhhh….maybe he’ll get it right next time around. Lets leave Desantis as a governor as the States have the real power. He will be a shining example for other States to follow. Let the States tell the feds to go pound sand. Maybe Trump can avert a war with Russia and China…who knows? I sure don’t.

        1. I just saw a clip on Dr Jane Ruby show where Trump called to the stage and praised “Woody” Johnson of Johnson and Johnson at his rally. Before “Woody” called to the stage… was Dr Oz ….. who is making a bid for Gov. in Pa.. Oz has split citizenship in US and Turkey and has close ties to Erdogan….. and is alleged to be funded by the Muslim Brotherhood. (((WHAT???))) “Soulster… just be’n too spun up now boy….. calm down.” Yeah…. I know…. what does it matter who he calls his friends. The blind leading the blind over the cliff….. nothing to see here. In other news…. IRS acquiring 140 acres to build a shooting school to train snipers. They already have 150 snipers but want to increase the number to 5000. The biblical tax collectors coming back to haunt us I see. Electronic bank account and property seizures not enough for them? They want your blood too.

          1. Gee, I wonder if Lon Hourichi will be called back into a consulting type of position to train the snipers? Or maybe they’ll just name the training facility after him even though he didn’t work for the IRS.

          2. Just Sayin – Not to worry. Those 150 IRS agents snipers were trained by the FBI …….what could go wrong?

          3. Soul

            The Raid On Mar-A-Lago Is Not What You Think – It’s A Con, A Soap Opera, A Marketing Strategy To Get You Behind The “Father Of The Vaccine” (Video)

  6. Most bear attacks come from very close range. Why the bear is charging doesn’t matter and if the charge is within a 50yd.
    radius you will probably not get a shot off if the gun is not in your hands.

    The sensitivity of a bears nose is beyond description.I’ve watched them from several hundred yards away and then felt a
    breath of air on the back of my neck.The bruins head jerked up it looked in my direction and then ran away.

    Never go into bear country under armed.Your life is much more valuable than the life of any bear.

  7. More questions….. Why would they make Trump a martyr? If it were a choice between Trump and Desantis as President, who would you vote for? A guy that appointed swamp creatures to his cabinet and wondered why he couldn’t get anything done? Yeah…real smart. A guy that pushes the vaxx? A guy that could have shut the phony vote down but did not use his legal power when he could have? Or….. a guy that is actually standing up and kicking ass for his people. Trump is a spoiler for the guy that should be running in my opinion. He is taking the spotlight off the guy that has a track record (and guts) of being a real leader. But what do I know? Wake up folks and stop being deceived. Why do conservatives keep making excuses for a guy that has already shown his ineffectiveness when it really counted. We wouldn’t be going through this shit now if he had upheld his oath and was what he said he was. Desantis is the real threat to TPTB….the other guy has proven himself to be one of them. As always….just my opinion.

    1. Yes. Maybe take time to read Desantis bio. Middle class, graduated from Yale B.A. magnum cum laude while working to help pay his way and playing baseball with the highest batting average, Harvard law school grad 2005 Juris Doctor cum laude, Navy Jag (more to this), US House of Rep and Gov of Fla. It seems he has had his eyes on the prize and worked his way toward it. So far he is my choice. Strength without Trump’s nasty comments about other men’s wives and an opponent’s face and grabbing the crotches of women he did not even know. Remember those? Blew the 1st debate with ignorant answers and argument instead of clarity. Liz Cheney has already mentioned she will not support De Santis. That tell you anything? Poor always sad faced silver spoon Liz whose father is everything she hates.
      Trump is all about revenge and his ego now. That is my opinion which at this point in time I can still post.

        1. That and they sure in the hell did not want the evil witch of the west hillary…..remember anyone elected to the peoples house can only afford to replace, fire, reassign the previous administrations dead wood to a small degree give trump some credit he made things work,and while doing that he fought the good fight, he had some two faced turncoats…honestly people nobody is perfect, but trumps promise made promises kept in my research gives him a lead over any president ever legally elected. I truly like desantis, but what he accomplished in Florida as governor does not ensure he would excel as president, afraid he would hit the same brick wall trump did, at least trump has a four year excellent batting average against the swamp creatures and maybe a second term would be a watch your ass for the socialists.

          1. Realist – Trump has lost my trust on several fronts, the most egregious being his embracement of the fake pandemic crowd. Scanning the horizon our nation looks bleak, Trump might be the only realistic candidate. But look at recent pictures, … I know the MSM makes him look as bad as possible, but from every angle the man looks unhealthy and we know he has been mercilessly beaten down for nearly 8 years in the political world. Even if I did trust him again I wonder about his stamina at this point. Frankly I’d rather see Desantis get in there and follow through on Trump’s promises.

          2. Hence why a direct strike on DC with a 2,000,000 megaton nuke when all the swamp creatures are there and in a photo op

            That would be a start

      1. Mrs. U – Look what DeSantis is actually doing with Disney and that State Attorney among other things. The guy really impresses me. I don’t think he will get a shot at the presidency (if he even wants it) as he would be too much of a threat to “them”. If Trump gets back in…..look for military check points administering the klot shot as he hinted when he was in office….remember? He is already “telegraphing” future moves by supporting fake science. If Trump is such a smart businessman, why did he surround himself with deep state operatives? Plausible deniability?

        1. Most likely arrogance,
          The dude is a dolt, better than all the others that are in there, but still a complete dolt

  8. Florida: Under Governor Ron DeSantis, It’s Become A Hotbed For Sustainable Development Goals Land Grab (Video)

  9. Well…if this ain’t grand……

    “CINCINNATI (AP) — An armed man decked out in body armor tried to breach a security screening area at an FBI field office in Ohio on Thursday, then fled and exchanged gunfire in a standoff with law enforcement, authorities said………..There have been growing threats in recent days against FBI agents and offices across the country since federal agents executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago. On Gab, a social media site popular with white supremacists and antisemites, users have warned they are preparing for an armed revolution…….Federal officials have also been tracking an array of other concerning chatter on Gab and other platforms threatening violence against federal agents”

    Who woulda thought this quick? Sure to direct attention away from yesterday. What a lucky break……

    1. ….and…who woulda thought the armed attack comes only moments befor the DOJ announces tthat Merrick Garland will address the actions taken yesterday at 2:30 PM eastern….30 minutes from now. Immaculate timing.

      1. Dennis
        If it is not on the weather & Mr. Food at noon time. The so call horse pucky that they pass off as
        N e w s is missed in this household. As I learn more from my fellow bloggers who post on this site than one would or could learn from the dribble they pass off as the so-called news.

  10. Garland has spoken…believe it took three minutes. Angrily defended the search, praised the work of the FBI…did not disclose the probable cause, or possible reasons for the search. Imagine an angry deer caught in the headlights…showing his disdain that you are using his road…then stalking of the road with a scowl.

    Don’t know about anyone else, but he really impressed me……

  11. Ken – That bear picture is a keeper. Thank you for brightening up my day. Awesome!

  12. For what it’s worth…..

    Tonight, the Otero County, New Mexico election commission is releasing their final report on their 2020 election vote audit tonight. They suspected fraud back then, refused to certify the results until an audit was done, but were overruled by the state. They continued with the audit, and Gateway Pundit is “guaranteeing shocking revelations”.

    I know…I’m getting jaded on such claims too, just giving a heads up on what I read. Gateway Pundit is going to livestream it at 8:00 PM eastern.

    1. i would trust the National Enquirer’s reporting before i would Gateway Pundit. right or wrong, that’s just me.

        1. …. forget about where it came from, watch the proceeding. Its only 5 hours, but the second half is public comment and commission business. I did see a vote by the 3 person commission to do something that will likely make the news.

          1. My favorite quote….. “How much free expert legal advice do you need before you stand up and do something?” :-D

          2. I think at some point that dam holding everybody back will break in it will be a freefor
            Theres lots of people getting antsy,
            I have my popcorn cause out here theres nothing to do but guerrilla gardening

  13. To Ken: Thanks for sharing the picture of the bear family with us. This picture reminds me that the cycle of life continues and it makes me think that Sampson sent this to you as a sign that he is in a better place free of pain and suffering. I do hope the bears steer clear of your homestead and other human habitations and roadways. This is to show the critics out there that this is truly a family oriented website. Also good to know that just because you have guns does not mean you have to use them all the time against God’s creatures.
    I am guilty of shooting a lot of bears in my youth. The bears I shot were human habituated bears that lived within a park. They learned that if you charge a human being, you will almost always get something to eat or drink when they drop their lunch or soda. sandwich, hamburger, hot dogs, potato salad, bacon and eggs. It is good to see a family in the wild doing what bears are supposed to be doing.

  14. Tip and trick for today….I gave up my chicken raising last fall in nevada after 10 years, the daily routine and the feed cost was getting me down…….so now I am buying Costco rotisserie birds (which I love) still 4.99 each usually buy 5 to 10 and use quart ziplocks to pack the deboned meat in….fill the bag about 1/3 full, roll the bag up and close the ziplock and freeze, they keep a year no problem and it provides a fair two portion per bag, yields about ten bags per bird. With the cost of chicken going crazy this method is a cost saving, convenient no brainer. God bless this site and all who read it

    1. … and don’t forget that you can make some great chicken stock from the bones. I get 10 quarts of stock from every 4 carcasses, simmering them in my humongous stock pot filled with water and a splash of vinegar for about a day. i also can whatever meat is left on the bones for the dog (1-2 pints).

      It’s a wonderful thing that Costco hasn’t raised the price on the rotisserie chickens or their hot dog meals!

  15. Has anyone noticed that Walmart now sells Apmex bullion? Go to their website and check it out! They have a 10 oz Ag bar “on special” with a premium of about $6.50; but hey they offer third party financing for low, low monthly payments. Walmart has stated many times that they want in to the banking sector.

    Remember 3 weeks ago when some Texas whale placed a $50M order for mostly silver bullion? Only two entities in Texas come to mind with that kind of jack. Elon Musk is one, and the two surviving Walton sisters are the other. Could this be the start of a Walmart banking reset?? ….. nah.

    1. Tmac
      Here is what I happen to know about the party who received a large inheritance from a family member who passed. Believe you may be thinking it was a member of the Walton family. If it was, I do not know but here is what I gathered from another blog I happen to listen to on occasion.

      This person was receiving/received a very large inheritance, she decided she did not want it to be in paper money so requested that all of it be converted over to silver.
      The person whom she was dealing with could not fill the entire order with what he had in stock, so he told the party that it would take a few days. He reached out to others who carry silver to finish the rest of her request. It did deplete their inventory but made a customer very happy.

      Thought you would like to know about this information which I had gathered.

      1. Hi AC – I’ve heard similar bits of evidence, nothing concrete though. Watch what the big banks do. JPM, BofA and numerous overseas banks are stockpiling; and it’s not dollars.

    2. Wal Mart has become a sort of, Amazon platform. There are more sub sellers than wally’s.

      1. Mrs. U – you are correct, Apmex is using Wally’s platform. After I posted this morning someone else on another site observed that the Walmart also sells African sex toys. I wonder what Sam Walton would think of his empire now.

  16. Interesting comments on our political MESS. Thankfully, our right to do so remains, for now. Most are judicious in what they write. With good reason. Remain calm and think it through. Who knows what changes may come. I wish I or anyone could fix this MESS. I can’t and doubt you can either.

    The ‘unraveling’ is happening quicker now. Ya know those preps you considered a few months/years back, the one’s that were just too pricey. Might be time to re-evaluate. I realize standing “pat” is the easiest road. It’s easiest because I don’t have to spend/do anything. We all pay close attention to those digits on our financial statements. How quickly could they disappear? I don’t have the answers, only the questions.

    Forcing myself to re-evaluate. Part of me doesn’t want to. Not sure if it’s laziness or trepidation. Either way, I need to do it. Availability may soon take any choice away. A time like no other in my experience. It’s a reasonably cool morning. I think I’ll take a walk with the dog.

    1. “If this ain’t a mess, it will sure do till the real mess gets here.” Gotta stay cool…. let them make the mistakes…..they seem to be good at it. They don’t win in the end.

    2. ‘The ‘unraveling’ is happening quicker now.’ I heard similar viewpoint expressed on the Glen Beck show recently. I don’t know about ‘unraveling’ in general, but I have notice a decline in civility, and increase in lawlessness, in my local area (north Seattle metro area). I keep in mind that the best way to win a fight is to not get in one, and so just stay ‘grey’ and keep to myself. Proverbs 12:16 ‘The prudent overlook an insult’ is very helpful to me.

  17. I’m not concerned about much of the events that happened this week. God is just moving the chess pieces in place for the next step(s) of his plan.

    So many of the “bad guys” remind me of critters. Pelosi=monkey, Schumer= a snake, Garland= a jellyfish, Brandon=a lab rat

    In God We Trust-Always and forever!

  18. Stand, my parents were alcoholics so I understand the destruction of a person and family involved.
    There are some glycerin tinctures on Etsy. You might find a helper for your sister there. Here is another relax/sleep/anxiety recipe from Mountain Rose which can be used as a tea or make the glycerin tinctures. Remember you can let the alcohol evaporate and leave behind the plant essences to use. Also the dried herbs can be purchased and take capsules.
    4 oz. water
    2 dropper of blue vervain
    1 dropper of ashwagandha
    1 dropper of chamomile
    If use for a tea consider the measures as parts. 2 parts 1 part etc.

  19. Oh gosh, there is an entitled arrogant ass noodling around our phone network trying to get free stuff. His name is xxxx Pelosi; no kidding! We are having more fun with this guy than any human being should be allowed.

  20. Response to Realist on raising your own chickens for eggs and meat: Your 10 years of real life data confirms what I have been told by poultry farmers and hobby growers since I was a teenager in that it is cheaper to buy eggs and meat from the grocery store versus raising your own. I took note of this as an undergrad studying economics. The other reason I never got into raising my own flock is that my wife hates live chickens and the work associated with them.
    There are some things that are intangible that cannot be solved by counting dollars and cents. It is very satisfying to watch a flock of birds going through your garden eating all the bugs and leaving nothing but good high nitrogen fertilizer. It is also fun and relaxing to throw old tough lettuce leaves to chickens within a small yard. I found that I enjoyed doing these things with other people’s flock after a tough day at clinicals or work. I really enjoyed the fresh eggs from free ranging chickens with that deep orange yolk. (best eggs I ever tasted). It is tough to place a dollar value on all that.
    I also buy the whole roasted chickens at my local market. If I do not eat them outright, they are the basis for a very hearty chicken vegetable stew using winter vegetables from the freezer and some thick egg noodles. I no longer eat 1-2 eggs for breakfast every day since my cholesterol was very high. Last year I made many changes to my diet to lower my LDL levels. My wife and I both still do shift work and we come home to spend time spinning fat cats on a wood floor and feeding onion rings to our dog. We have some chicken growers at work that bring in eggs. Even if the eggs are being given away, I give the farmers $5 per dozen to help cover the cost of feed and supplies. (I get to enjoy some of the benefits with minimal daily drudgery of a full time poultry farmer)

    1. I raise the most expensive eggs ever. My chickens and all the animals now have names. They are protected against my butcher tendencies because they are shielded by a name and a face. The entire farm animal status has changed to petting zoo status. The egg laying has become prodigious and produce more than we can eat or give away. The pigs have been eating all the goose, duck and chicken eggs we over produce. All the goats turned out to be mostly hollow and full of guts. Very little meat when you empty them out. My advice is to not name, or let anybody name any animal you intend to eat.

      1. not so sure – Now you are more sure, and it won’t stop for want of a name. Enlightened happened, congratulations.

    2. Cali,
      We’re not doing chickens to save money. As you said, not a money maker. More of a preparedness thing. Yes, we like the eggs better than store-bought. Availability.

  21. Prepping has become more mainstream. This month issue of Make magazine is titled “We’re all MacGyvers Now”, issue 82. It has some great ideas on DIY Emergency Prep and links. Ideas such as LoRa Networks, hardening your car against EMP, Solar Power chargers maximum power point tracking, corporate free smart camera design, water collection, communication, food preservation, radiation detection. Check it out at the library.

  22. Mira Lago raid—
    What they took isn’t concerning,, what they planted during the raid or removal surely is.

    1. Taken from an article by Paul Craig Roberts on the Burning Platform:

      My take on the situation is that there is no probable cause. Here is a scenario that can unfold. The FBI has carried off some boxes of documents to which they had prior access but no interest. Once they decide on the nature of Trump’s frame up, they will insert the document that they will use to incriminate Trump into one of the boxes. Then they will insert into the warrant the “probable cause” that justifies the home invasion.

  23. BG in TX
    Have you been receiving any rain in your area? Please let me know if you have or have not.

  24. Newt Gingrinch has described two more pieces of criminal evidence in support of the prosecution of Donald Trump for abrogation of national security. Our brave storm-trooping Feebies have recovered from Mar a lago a “cocktail napkin” type 1 each. And if that isn’t enough to guarantee the death penalty, they also seized a birthday dinner menu from the mans home.

    Will THIS be enough to foment an insurrection?

    Probably not.

  25. ABC15 Phoenix reports that Arizona has collected a large number of nearly free one-way shipping containers from “over there” and they are stacking them into a border wall with razor wire on top. This will cover the Yuma sector. The wall is expected to be finished next week for a total cost of $6M. Hello Donald?

    1. Yes they have. I live outside of Yuma, and I sure hope it helps. We have thousands lined up at the border. They are from lots of countries not just Mexico. It’s a very serious situation with people dying of heat or trying to cross a canal and drowning. I fear it’s only going to get worse.

  26. Did a little work on the battery banks. I try to keep all the corrosion to a minimum, baking soda and water. Still, eventually the corrosion wins out. Had to replace a couple of connectors. Just part of the deal, maintenance. Considering more/new batteries. One bank is 5 plus years old. Lead-Acid. One thing about diy, ya get to know what ya have, very well.

    For those who may not know, you can make your own connectors with copper tubing. Much cheaper!! I gather any and all large wire #4 or bigger. You only need short pieces any way. I don’t know about these NEW gizmos where the battery/invertor/charge controller/panels/etc. are all together. They look good, but seem very pricey when compared to just buying individual components. More bang for the buck if ya diy.

    For those considering any of this, I didn’t know ANYTHING when I started. Now-a-days it’s second nature. Like most things in life, just jump in and do it. Easier than ya think. Hmmmm where have I heard that before? My systems are 12vdc. If I was starting over, I’d likely do 24vdc or more.

    1. Plainsmedic – Dang it where were you last week with this great tip?! I screwed around for two days building a high current breakout box full of heavy gauge splices. The handy heat-shrink butt connectors top out at 12-10 gauge. Eventually I chucked the wire ends in a drill motor, twisted them up, flowed some solder and sleeved them. The whole time I had 4, 6, and 8mm copper tube 200 feet away. I actually need to build two more and I will use this tip in good health to let my fingers heal from all that twisting. Thanks!

      1. Tmac,
        I smash the tubing in the vise. The tricky part is drilling the hole. Soft copper wants to ‘grab’ the drill bit. You’ll figure it out. I found it best to grind off the squared edges. Less blood that way.

          1. scout / Plainsmedic – I was thinking to use an Oetiker crimper which will put a nice ‘V’ divet down the length of the copper sleeve. Would this provide greater mechanical strength? I think I’ll bring my high-speed and a tapered carbide burr, just kiss the ends lightly at 20k/RPM with a slight flare to capture strands evenly. I’ll definitely hold it with soft clamps.
            Plains – Nice job on the parallel power system! I’d like to suggest against investing too much more in SLA batteries. New technology is coming to market now with far higher energy density and only a bi-directional charge algorithm for maintenance.

          2. Tmac,
            i think that crimper would work great, though solder works best. use both if possible. anything worth doing is worth over-doing. good luck on the project.

          3. scout – For sure, everything gets backfilled with fluxed solder. I’m partial to the old-school Western Union joints sleeved in 4:1 adhesive shrink tube but past 16-14 ga it’s not very practical.

          4. Scout,
            Not gonna do it. Nope, I won’t type it. DUH
            Couldn’t help myself.

    2. Plainsmedic,
      I am gathering my components for an 8kw solar system, hope to buy my solark controller soon. Question for you on corrosion, which can be the devil of all electrical systems. Are you not using conductive grease on all your bolted connections to batteries? Seems to me if applied liberally and thoroughly enough, you could almost eliminate all that corrosion. Also wondering if some sort of sacrifical cathodic protection that could not be included in the system someplace to help. Maybe others can jump in on this too.

      1. Minerjim,
        The grease helps. To be honest, I’ve gotten a little lax with it. About once a month, I mix up a little baking soda and water. An old tooth brush is handy. Only takes a few minutes, but ya can’t neglect it. Once it’s all together, it becomes a task to dismantle everything for more/new grease.

        Good luck with your new system. I started small and grew. Somehow, ended up with two separate systems/banks. I ran 3 different 120VAC outlets, in conduit, throughout the house. Totally separate from other wiring. Mainly focused on large chest freezer and kitchen fridge. Used 12/2 with ground. Used extension cord stock 12/2 with ground with male plugs close to the invertor(s). I can switch to whatever system/bank I need by plugging into different invertor.

        I’m small potatoes here. You’re looking good with 8kw.

        1. Plainsmedic,
          I would not be going this big, except I got a deal through a friend on a bunch of new Longi 440w commercial panels. It’s taken me a while to save for controller and other bits and pieces. Solark unit gives me the most flexibility, (grid-tie, off-grid, hybrid), but quality costs big $$. (I’ve been working side jobs all year to pay for it). As designed around this controller, I can start as a grid-tie system, be net zero when I can, but add battery backup as time goes on to give myself some peace of mind. BTW, electric supply houses sell big tubes of conducting grease, maybe cheaper by the ounce than getting it at auto parts store.

          1. Minerjim,
            A big investment. With the way things are going, off-grid is paramount. I’d love to see it. My tiny little system(s) only produce 1600 watts. It’s a little bit of power, though a change in lifestyle would be certain. You can do a lot with 8kw.

            For now at least, I’m hoping to power a large chest freezer 24/7. I think I can. Usually, I power the kitchen fridge during the day too. That would change in a grid down. A few days of overcast and everything changes. I hope we never live in grid down, but ……

          2. Plainsmedic,
            Have a friend who powered his home in the Rockies off 1600 watts for years. He had scavenged a pile of used NiCd batteries from cell phone tower installations when they did upgrades. He said they were happy for him to haul them off for nothing. He only ran his generator to fill his big cistern with a well pump. And when he ran his welder. He just recently added another 2000 watts of panels for the mere reason they had become so cheap. Think his are 24v. My new system will be 48v to keep wire size down.

  27. So we are getting more IRS agents, while passing gun control laws to reduce gun violence???
    The IRS is just one of over 100 agencies with an arms budget. Overall, the federal government spent more than $2 trillion dollars in the last decade on guns and ammo, according to a 2020 OpenTheBooks report on the militarization of the federal government. (Washington Examiner)
    One thing we might look forward to, is if we get nuked, it might stop the printing presses from printing more and more mone!!!!

    1. epo3 – Together they are unstoppable and they will eventually kill us all, seize our property and divide the booty among themselves. But those 100 agencies are bloated, top-heavy and ever in need of an excuse to exist. They compete with each other to get the “big bust” to justify taking even more money from the public largesse. The key here is to troll them all in such a way as they turn against each other with $2T worth of weapons. Human psychology is powerfully easy to manipulate. Maybe the IRS needs to audit the feebs. Maybe the feebs need to take a closer look at what Langley is up to. HHS needs to be up inside the CDC’s business, including a warrant to search the homes and offices of Fauxci and Brix. Then I’d like to see every Sheriff office in the country round up a posse and surround Bluffdale with shoulder launched weapons, armor and air support. Next stop, the district.

      We could kick this off with a national tax protest against recent federal actions. Just tip that first domino…. and watch all that government fat ignite.

  28. Here is another piece of that “limited scope” warrant:

    Under “Attachment B” of the FBI raid document, Garland (real name is Garfinkel) demanded the seizure of literally any record Trump ever saw, read, or created over the entire 4-year term of his presidency: “Any government and/or Presidential Records created between January 20, 2017, and January 20, 2021.”

  29. Think about it. Trump smart. FBI stupid. How can I make my enemy look like a remake of Dumb and Dumb along with causing
    them millions of dollars worth of bad publicity.?

    How about if I send my mole to be their mole.? Giving them a few crumbs and watch the alphabet idiots do back flips for joy.

    I worked around and with the FBI and ATF for a number of years and yes they can be that stupid.I’ve seen snitches play the
    fools for a lot of money.They have high tech gadgets but the brain housing group needs work.

    The FBI is living proof that a college degree is not a smart pill!

  30. Hiring of IRS agents? They work for a different branch of .GOV than FBI (Dept of Treasury vs Dept of Justice). Almost 100% of IRS Special Agents are already accountants usually young and fresh out of college. (IRS found it is easier to put an accountant through police academy than it is to train a cop to be an accountant). Many older accountants in larger firms have spent some time as an IRS Special Agent. Average career length is short because the lure of corporate life in a larger firm is always there and for the first couple years, they are hired for their contacts within the IRS. (Academy Classmates). Life of a Federal Agent promises travel and adventure though it is tough on family and married life. That is why most of the Federal agents I knew and met were relatively young. There is high turnover to other jobs that pay more, have regular hours and better benefits so the US is full of older people that used to be former agents or federal LEOs of one form or another. .GOV has always had a difficult time hiring for many specialist positions to include software engineers and other computer support people. Retaining them on the payroll is even more difficult because the pay and benefits is so much lower than what they could receive within private sector. When I was connected to the Feds decades ago, I obtained some applications for some folks and helped them fill it out. When they got far enough along in the process, they took a look at the pay scale and laughed before walking out the door. (accountants, computer information systems/CIS majors, software engineers)

  31. Saturday morning larder load I decided to change routine and visit Smart & Final, a restaurant supply store. Their produce was as ganky as anywhere else but their shelves were 100% filled. They had a great selection of dog food too but I passed on it. Our son was horrified to learn that we were feeding ‘his’ dog any supermarket crap. We both told him times are hard now and to put his money where his mouth is. So last night he rolled up with 150 pounds of farm fresh dog food sealed in one pound pouches forcing a panic rearrangement of three freezers, discarding some stuff that was hopelessly freezer burned. OK kid, you won, good job,… I don’t even want to know.

    Loading the truck I noticed two families living in cars at the far end of the lot. One man was taking a shower with a 2 liter plastic bottle of water with holes punched in the top. He concealed his private bits behind the car door. I scanned the other direction and observed a young, attractive lady in shorts and a halter top inside the dumpster behind the store. She was chucking expired food into the open trunk of her car.

    Let’s Go Brandon.

  32. Widespread violence across the Baja peninsula now. Vehicle fires and armed bandits spread out across Tijuana, Tecate, Rosarita, Ensenada and Mexicali. The Mexican government and US consulates have issued shelter in place orders. Keep an eye on this one, these are border towns.

    1. Ooh CJNG issues a press release and has issued a five hour curfew tonight. This is cartel action. Are they taking over Baja tonight?

      1. Mrs U – It’s smelling like a revolution against the incumbent. Guanajuato, Jalisco and Guadalajara authorities are on high alert, MX military is moving. Cartel bosses will need hungry, loyal foot soldiers; expect the prisons to empty out tonight. That 2200-0300 curfew is allegedly for some organized action, to keep people safe.

        If a few million of them, drunk with power after overthrowing Obrador; they might get an idea to storm our border. I wonder what we will do. Maybe that’s why Yuma put the giddyap on their razor wire and container wall.

        1. A lot o good a small section of wall will do, its like keeping wildlife out, you got to COMPLETELY fence, otherwise they just go around,m

        2. ummm let me guess. Oh hello there and welcome! Here is your new ID, SNAP card and free medical card. Any guns you have we will need you to give to the IRS. Have ammo too?

  33. Mrs. U’s Plant Appreciation Class—–Evening Primrose is probably blooming in most of the country right now. Consider harvesting some. There are no poisonous look a likes. The most likely variety you will find is Common Evening Primrose, Oenothera biennis. Other names are, Cure-All, Fever Plant and King’s Cure All. A bi-annual which rosettes bloom the following year. Flowers are most usually yellow and will have an X in the middle. Easy to ID. Boiled roots, young shoots, fruits and seeds can be eaten. The flowers, leaves, stems and bark have astringent and sedative properties. All three parts have been used for whooping cough, asthma, digestive issues, poultices for rheumatic conditions. This is especially good for nerves and the oil is being tested to help with alcoholism and lowering blood pressure and blood thinning. Known mostly for ladies’ balance of hormone issues it has many more helpful properties. Proving helpful with dry eyes and multiple sclerosis. —Warning—-Do Not Take If You Have Epilepsy.— This should tell you it has some power. This is a compilation from my books.
    Do your own research on this abundant nature’s helper.
    –Thistles a member of the artichoke/sunflower family and parts are edible. Photos of Bull Thistle and Field Thistle will help you tell the difference. Most folks will not know you can strip a stem and cook it amongst other parts. Camo food yes?

  34. Anyone see Pelosi explaining ‘The Wrap Up Smear’ to reporters on Cspan June 22, 2017. Was on Fox last night and it can be found on youtube. This is a play by play account of how it works to smear a foe or candidate. 42 seconds. Maybe Ken will post it.

  35. Out and about today, we drove by the county office complex where, in the parking lot, a local volunteer organization hands out boxes of food to the needy every couple of weeks. Usually there is a short line of folks waiting, but this week, despite there being two distribution points this time, the lines were backed up onto the road. I would say the number of cars in line was at least ten to twenty times the usual (the parking lot is about the size of a Walmart parking lot). Let’s go Brandon!

    1. Chipmunk
      The church we worship at does that once a month and we are also seeing a huge increase in the needy. The church is in a small town, not a big city.

  36. I’ve heard that most food stores are making anything that is edible unfit for consumption before they put it in the dumpster.
    It has something to do with liability.Just a rumor no substantiation.

    1. Around here businesses are required to keep their trash containers/dumpsters locked. And to have them unlocked only when pick happens.

  37. Chuck,
    most stores and restaurants have been doing that for many years to discourage the homeless from hanging around their properties.

    1. scout / Chuck, check out California Senate Bill 1383, food waste must be separated and either donated or turned to compost. This was a large, odd shaped dumpster; it may have been their compost container. I didn’t get close enough to really check it out, that would have been a d**k move.

  38. Chuck–I managed a McDonalds back in the 1990s.

    We indeed had to pour bleach on any and all food items we put in the trash. So the homeless would not eat it and possibly get sick (food poisoning).

  39. So how supportive are the rank and file in the military of the leadership? I have not served but have heard that the pay is not that great. How are the families doing at home with living costs going crazy? Where are the loyalties of the military, LEO’s, FBI, CIA, …. in this ever increasing divide in our society – if not with the citizens, then we are Venezuela.

    1. I have family in the military. What they think of Milley, Austin, and the majority of the Pentagon brass is absolutely unprintable. The cleaned up short version is that America is being sold out to the CCP on all levels.

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