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  1. Just Max
    Please, throw it out.! Getting sick is what happens when you have to ask yourself, ” Think it’s safe?”.
    You got to KNOW it’s safe. Contaminated meat is really bad, why take the chance on 2 qts?
    Depending on your elevation, at least 90mins at pressure. You add 1lb for every 1000 above sea level. Me? I add an extra lb.
    I am a Master Canner, trained by WSU Extension. Please, throw it out and do it right the next time.

  2. Saw this 1995 quote from Carl Sagan today on another website – how prescient: “I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or grandchildren’s time — when the United States is a service and information economy; when nearly all the manufacturing industries have slipped away to other countries; when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues; when the people have lost the ability to set their own agendas or knowledgeably question those in authority; when, clutching our crystals and nervously consulting our horoscopes, our critical faculties in decline, unable to distinguish between what feels good and what’s true, we slide, almost without noticing, back into superstition and darkness…The dumbing down of American is most evident in the slow decay of substantive content in the enormously influential media, the 30 second sound bites (now down to 10 seconds or less), lowest common denominator programming, credulous presentations on pseudoscience and superstition, but especially a kind of celebration of ignorance”

  3. Tonight seems like the old John Denver song. There’s a storm across the valley,clouds are rolling in,supper is on the
    stove.(Homemade beef stew and warm bread and butter).Gee it’s great to be home a gain.
    We have it good I think.

  4. Mrs. U
    Like you I have them in one section of this home. They were purchased for their blocking of the sunlight during the summertime heat and the coldness of winter.

  5. Thanks for the feedback from all. Seems the consensus says NO. I’ll chunk them. Secondary question. I have one of those fancy flat top stoves that the burner cuts on and off. If I buy a pressure canner would it hold pressure for the amount of time needed to can meats. Seems to take forever just to boil water most times. Admittedly (and obviously) I don’t can much.

    1. Just Max,
      You want constant heat while canning. Maybe get a good Coleman camp stove and can on the back porch?

    2. Just Max, Danny from Deep south homestead just answered a question about this issue. He said they used a PRESTO because it is lighter than the all American they have.. and their glass top stove tolerates it. just when you get one that requires a gasket as soon as possible order complete gasket set for it and pressure relief valves x 2… put these items in vacuum sealed bag to eliminate breakdown of rubber with desiccant.=silica pouches out of medication.. slip in microwave for a few seconds to drive out moisture…If you do not have a vacuum sealer, can put in a ziplock immerse in water to remove oxygen.. and put that down in a mylar w/ oxygen absorber and seal.. compress all air out possible.

    3. Once again thanks for all the feedback. Asides from water bathing jams and jellies that’s about the extent of my canning experience. Glad I asked about it.

      I’ll chew on getting a pressure canner (and the means) for more LT preserving. Like buying a generator I have to weigh spending vs. using. I’m the only one in my family who takes this stuff seriously so I’m sure I’d be the only one canning too. I remember when ground beef went crazy and I stocked what I could in my freezer. Be nice to have shelf stable meat but I also don’t mind popping a rodent if I need to. Lots of cats around here too. ; )

    4. JM, you can have shelf stable hamburger crumbles w/ skillet, hot water to rinse, and a dehydrator. they work well in any dish you would use beef in.

  6. Birdee, I’m not sure if I would toss it. You may be able to use it with a wick, like old crisco. I set old stuff aside to think about another way to use it before tossing…well, except for bad store canned food. Yes, I think if you can find the dark jars it is much better. The Ball half gallon jars that are colored fetch a premium price. I had someone give me tinted gallon glass jugs that I think will work well for this type of storage (oils). I do store some things in plastic but I prefer not to store oils in them. I worry about the O2 exchange and leaching. And thank you for the nice thoughts on my recoup. :)

  7. Just Max, I have an instapot but I do NOT use it for canning. “Pressure” cooking for immediate consumption is different than making something shelf stable.

  8. AC, yes, I do need to ease back to my higher level of activity, including general stretching and carrying weight. I plan to slowly increase over the course of several weeks. I had to do less before the surgery so I have been limited for too many months to go full steam ahead. And now with the snow and slush I am trying to be careful walking because my reflexes are still off a bit. Thank you for the good thoughts.

  9. DJ5280, Thank you. Yes, I do believe I was very blessed with an excellent surgeon. I will continue to ease into my routine because I don’t want any setbacks.

  10. Mrs. U, yep, my momma didn’t raise a fool! I think the docs understand our lifestyle so worry about us. But we knew our long term goal was to heal well and quickly. I’m glad you healed well. And I don’t mean to disparage those who get reinjured by doing chores they should be able to manage…..accidents happen. And because of what we do, our chances for injury are so many throughout the day. A few weeks ago I caught cold from a store clerk at the cell phone company. At first I was really annoyed with her, but then I realized that was God’s way of telling me not to be over doing it – it forced me to slow down again for several days and evaluate where I was realistically.

  11. Just Max,

    I have a Nesco Pressure Canner and Cooker. I watch a You Tube of a very scientific woman who tests various canners. She’s great. It’s RoseRedHomestead. She put it through the test so I bought one. Love it. We have one of those electric stoves, also. Not a pleasant experience. You can’t safely use a regular instant Pot to can.

    1. Just Max,

      One thing I forgot to mention. You can buy a a special canning element for an electric stove,too. It sit up higher. Just my 2 cents worth.

    2. Just Max.

      Forget my element comment. You have a flat top stove. Sorry.. We have an electric with elements that have a “special” added thing that likes to adjust the heat. It’s a pain.

  12. Does anyone have experience/thoughts on the concept of the ‘Scout Rifle’ as promoted by the late Col. Cooper? I am looking to ‘up’ my defensive capacity beyond my Marlin 336 in .30-30 and am looking at a .308Win bolt action rifle. I grew up with bolt action rifles and still have a preference for them. I know the 223/556 AR platform is extremely popular, however, I prefer a good bolt action rifle. The Ruger Scout looks interesting as it is a magazine Mauser-type bolt action .308Win that has iron sights and can take a scope. I know the AR platform is popular, however the 223/556 round seems limited and the .308Win. has pretty much the same ballistics of the proven .30-06 round.

    1. DLS – I have had the Ruger Scout Rifle since Ruger introduced it. It is my first choice for a one gun option for all the reasons Col. Cooper gave. It all depends on ones training, tactics, and what you intend to use it for. I train to run the bolt very quickly, in all firing positions, for followup shots. It does have a “sloppy bolt” when it comes to fast action bolt manipulation…… but I have overcome that as I have developed a “feel” for it. Most folks feel more secure and confident with an auto loader. Not me. Too much can go wrong with them when the chips are down and too much ammo is wasted. Pick your shots and make em count as Sgt York demonstrated in WWI. In the right hands, the Scout Rifle is very effective. Just my “old school” opinion.

    2. DLS you covered the bases well… take I will carry both ar m4 platform (because it is compact) and a bolt action or lever action in whatever caliber I am using at the time. Two is one and one is none my credo.

    3. DLS You might take a gander at the AR10 platform, it is a more robust AR style of receiver that can handle the .308/30-06 etc. calibers.

    4. Don’t bring a bolt gun to a rifle fight. You might as well bring your running shoes.

      Look at a LR308 or AR10 for affordable semi-auto short-action cartridge rifles. 308 is by far the most common with 6.5 Creedmoor being a distant second followed by 300WSM a distant third. You can pick up a Aero Precision M5 for less than $1000.

      The fastest bolt action users are still bested by a mediocre semi-auto user. I prefer my bolt guns but I can’t get 1.4s splits on a man-sized target at 100y with a bolt I move.

      1. pinky,
        they both have their uses in a squad formation. semi’s for close quarters security and spotters and bolts for stand off, fire suppression and to pin down and harass / or intimidate other groups.
        just my opinion.

      2. Pinky – It all depends on the tactics one uses. If being “over-run” I might agree with you. But….. if one is aware of what is going on in their AO (as all had better be) and able to “adjust”, I disagree. Ision gave a good example of some tactics (text-book for those in the trade) that might be used for invaders a couple months ago. And yes….. I bring my running shoes for “hit and run”….. max 2 and go. They will be shooting at shadows. How much ammo will they need for that? One round in the night will cause many a sleepless night (and expended rounds) while the harasser retreats to a nice safe warm nest for a good rest. Distance is your friend when it comes to nightvision and cameras. There is a reason why steathy snipers are the most feared on a battlefield. Use that fear (and sleepless nights) to ones advantage to capitalize on “mistakes” and misdirection. Triggers and traps also come into play. It all boils down to tactics and your toolbox. As always….. just my opinion. Take care.

  13. Chuck. if pressure is right for elevation, it does not matter if raw pack or hot pack.. time is the same.. ( so you and all others know.. )If raw pack can not add more than a tablespoon of water. if cooked, pack jar and up to one inch.full of broth. all meats we do are this way beef, pork chicken, turkey,rabbit. we have not done fish.

  14. Need some help here friends… I never get sick… I’m sick.

    Visited my family clinic for my annual physical. After stripping down and sitting down on the plastic covered examination bed as instructed… in a very cold room… and waiting some 15 minutes for the nurse practitioner… I was declared fit as a fiddle. Some two hours later back on the mountain, I start sinking… aching all over… low grade fever… lethargic. That was yesterday… no improvement today.

    I just took my first 200-pound body weight dose of the infamous apple flavored horse jelly. I can’t seem to find the recommended regimen for those who may already have the infection (I have no desire to go back down to the place I most likely would have been exposed to be tested).

    Can anyone refresh my memory on the number of doses… over the number of days… for folks already fighting it (possibly)?

    1. Dennis
      I’m looking right at the Ivermectin paste1.87% instructions
      The syringe is marked in 250# increments
      !st day take a double dose for you that’s 400# dose.
      3rd day take a dose for 200# man
      5th day takes a dose for 200# man
      every other day until medicine is used up

      Many other MSB’ers will help you with the other herbs and meds. I don’t know enough to tell you.

      1. A little more info.
        The syringe is well marked in 50 lb increments.

        I’ll keep you in my Prayers. Heavenly Father will watch over you

      2. Dennis, ^^What SMG said. When we first started with ‘Vitamin I’, I went all-out ‘engineer’ and bought a high precision scale (this one) to weigh the dose precisely. As it turns out, that was not necessary because the amount that might actually cause unintended circumstances – is ridiculously ridiculous. So don’t worry about that. Estimates are fine. I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice. It’s some sort of miracle drug – probably soon to be banned by pharma for its apparent wide-ranging efficacy.

    2. Dennis,
      Protocol is max dose (0.4-0.6 mg/kg) for 5 days or until it resolves. Go to the FLCCC online for the other supplements to help. If you were close I would run a bottle of elderberry wine over to you. Hope you get to feeling better.

      1. Dennis,
        That dose I gave is for straight “I”, not the “equine elixer”. You can do the conversion, or go with SMGs idea of using the tube dosing. “I” should not hurt you, just make sure it doesn’t have anything else in it. Personally, i bought a 1000ml bottle of “injectable I”, dose it out into my juice.and drink it. It aborbs into the body readily.

    3. Dennis I don’t know a thing about the horse stuff but I did want to comment on the other. Everyone tells me “You need to go to a doctor” all the time. You know…just for a checkup. Your getting older, blah, blah, blah.
      Glad I’m so hard headed. : )

      Yeah, you likely got sick of 1 of the 3 at the doctors. Probably wouldn’t have gotten sick if you didn’t go to make sure you were still healthy. Ironic ain’t it?

      Me, I get my immunity from my community. Went shopping the other day and every single store I went to there were at least 5 people in each hacking. (Seriously people! Stay home!) I stopped wearing a mask. Small doses of all the bad stuff makes you stronger right? Better than any shot.

      Hope you feel better.

    4. Dennis,

      We did 1 dose a day (with food), along with supplements, and we did nebulize H202 with saline solution. It was over, for us, in 3 days. Then we stopped the paste. It is miraculous stuff. He waited for 3 days, too, before taking it. Hope you feel better soon.

      1. Deborah – I think you touched on a key point. That sinking feeling Dennis spoke of is exactly when I take the loading dose; one and done. Don’t wait! (disclaimer – this is not medical advice – I am an uneducated, barely qualified mechanic – see your doctor – listen to Fauci – I am an idiot — that should cover it)

        1. Tmac,

          I learned from Ken that gentlemen go first. I let him be the guinea pig, its the manly thing to do. It took me 3 days of prodding but he finally got the job done. I waited awhile to see if he lived or turned into a pony. Nothing.. after 15 minutes I had my dose. I even told him I was letting him go first. 🤣

    5. Dennis, this is the FLCCC page I use.

      Also I believe stress makes it worse. Prayers from one more MSBer

    6. nac 600mg/day. D3 10k,day, zinc 50mgday, vitamin c 4000mg in day-divide into 2 or 3. coloidal silver 10ppm/ 20cc hold in mouth sublingual/buccal for 3-5min every 4 hours x6. nebulize peroxide 1cc w/1cc saline every 4-6 hrs. others already covered the other med.

    7. Dennis – I’m so sorry to hear of your infirmity. I just posted in reply to Anony Mee about my most recent experience with “Vitamin I”. I’ve used it four times since this viral stuff started and it never took more than one dose to fix me. Yes there is a dosage collar in 250 pound increments, I don’t think you can OD very easily, I never had a side effect except the horrid taste. To address that, I empty a big capsule of a cheap or nearly expired supplement, put on some strong readers and carefully fill the capsule, it holds exactly one, 250 pound dose. I’m around 200 pounds so I round-up for convenience. My wife has taken it too, she works with the public. She’s around 110 soaking wet, so I halve the 250 dose. She is very sensitive to drugs but this one had no bad effects, just a very rapid cure. My son took a double-dose (just to be reckless) last month after the hospital sent him home for bed rest, he was back to annoying the world by the next day. Wishing you a speedy and comfortable return to full health.

    8. I appreciate all the responses folks. Like I said last evening, I took my first dose deposited on a saltine cracker (my daughter had made me a bowl of chicken noodle soup…well documented cold and flu fighting properties). My temperature was 100.4F.

      Woke up this morning… didn’t seem to feel as bad as when I had laid down. Thermometer was there beside me…so I checked my temperature… 98.6F.

      The day’s not over, but off to a good start. May have been a 24-hour bug to begin with, may have been the chicken noodle soup, maybe the equine elixir. Whichever, I will not hesitate going straight to the tube should this happen again…and will continue the regimen till I have ingested the full recommended dosage.

      Thanks again folks.

      1. Dennis,
        Glad to hear you’re on the mend.
        One thing I’ve noticed about the FLCCC protocol dose recommendations, it’s changed considerably since the beginning. Initially, it was .2mg/kg, now it’s .4-.6mg/kg., which is up from 18mg to 54mg for someone that’s 200lbs. There are studies out showing Vitamin I (thanks Tmac) can be taken at even higher rates for longer times with no ill effects. I believe the dosage for Mr. Ed’s paste is marked at the .2mg/kg level.
        Apparently the NIH has finally added Vitamin I to their recommendations, but at this point, I’d avoid anything they have to say like the plague they created. My go-to has been the protocols from FLCCC, using as many of the listed items as I can find but especially Vitamin I.
        covid19criticalcare (dot) com/treatment-protocols/

      2. Dennis,
        There have been several occasions over the last couple years that i have felt like i was coming down with something, every time i dosed with the I and upped my vitamins for a dose too and knock on wood so far every time i have been fine in 6 hours or so.
        Psychological? Maybe but whatever im convinced it works, keep doing what works!
        Health to you my friend!

    9. I understand that when it hits you quick it is the flu. Did they do a flu test? I recall my last flu in 1970. Hong Kong flu epidemic. Wham and I 17 years old. Flu is a virus the Iver may work on that too. Add Vit C and Zinc, elderberry. You live where there are sweet gums Dennis. Consider making a tincture to have on hand. Sweet gums have been tested for a tamiflu substitute. You could make a tincture with glycerin for children too. Will not last as long but be better for children.
      hugs, hope you feel better

    10. Update from the mountain….

      My illness began mid-day Wednesday, a coupla hours after leaving the family practitioner’s office from a wellness physical checkup. All the symptoms for a viral infection. Fever and discomfort increased as day progressed. Fitful night’s sleep, no improvement. Thursday morning, first day after doctor visit, took my first dose of vitamin I. Within a coupla hours the body aches seemed to be easing and my temperature had dropped from 100.4F to 99.9F.

      Wife, daughter, and granddaughter inform me they are all coming down with the same symptoms I had.

      Thursday evening, I take a second dose of vitamin I.

      Friday morning, I awake feeling almost normal. Temperature shows 98.6F. Some two hours later temperature rose to 99.4F but dropped back to normal later. Rest of family complain they are feeling worse but are not ready for the paste yet.

      This morning, Saturday, after a goodnight’s sleep, I feel OK. Temperature normal, no aching or feeling of illness. Wife, daughter, and granddaughter all suffering and running fevers and still balking at paste therapy. We all started displaying symptoms with a few short hours of each other.

      1. Thanks for the update Dennis. Now I actually am thinking of getting a tube for my medical kit. I already swim quite well due to the fish pills, maybe I can pick up a nice trot too. : )

      2. Dennis , use vit.i at first sign of infection. a second dose the next day helps , we were told out on mission that the only way it would kill us is if we fell a sleep in a bath tub full of it and drowned. I treated kids all day and probably received over dose every day ,day after day ,that was with pour on , that info was from merck. at the time we were instructed to use it to prevent AIDS as we were treating patients that had that infection, we were treating for things , not AIDS but we saw it , back here in the states I helped with hospice of AIDS back in the dark ages of AIDS, things didn’t have to be that way ,or this way ,,,,,! at the present time im doing hard indepth research on treating cancer , and have found information about such ,I quit medicine over big money ,I will do what’s right or not at all , DW was diagnosed with pancreas cancer June 6 I have taken a active part in her treatments, I will follow up with more when it’s time, the reason I’m back is I have information you all should have, as time allows,
        I have cows calling ,
        best to you ,,,,,,,

        1. OHS,

          Good hearing from you friend. This little bout has made me a believer. There will be no hesitation in the future.

          I loaded up on the vitamin back when you first suggested it and it has sat in the storage cabinet untouched till this week. I hesitated the first day when symptoms appeared. The next day as I went downhill, I decided that now was the time to give it a test. Improvement was almost immediate. Now, less than 72 hours after the first dose, I wouldn’t know I had ever been sick…if not for memory.

          1. Dennis, I regularly maintenance dose with Vit-I. The Farnam IverCare and the Bimectin are the same (ingredient /concentration-dose-per-lb) as the prescription option tabs. I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice. I’m glad to hear that apparently it helped you. I am a believer (countless examples out there, and many professional studies from all over the world, outside mainstream-pharma. Given the extreme pressure from the establishment to immediately sweep it under the rug back in 2020 (no $ to be made), that speaks volumes…

        2. To OHS, I am sorry to hear about your wife. Really I am. With that said, since you’ve decided to pop back up here – I have to say the following… There were some problems with your postings some time ago. And a stop was put to it due to issues I (and others) had with it. Rather than immediately putting a knee-jerk ban again, I ask that you recall those issues and please make an effort so that I don’t have to do it again. Thank you. I will pray for your wife.

      3. @Dennis – +1 on taking vit I RIGHT AWAY at the first sign of an issue. and then a followup does the next day, as per the FLCCC protocols. I believe it saved my life.

  15. Kula – Very well said. I might add a #5 to your list. Gloss black paint (and a delivery system…. such as baloons, sprays, etc.) to blind the vision ports, sight system, sensors, cameras, etc. of those tanks. If they can’t see…. they sure as hell can’t fight. That gloss black paint ruins EVERYTHING it gets on. Try and get it off….. wet or dry. And when they try….. game time. Low tech solutions to high tech problems.

  16. AC,
    I’m not picking on anyone. Just pointing out how things are. You know, facts. There are other ways to heat, at least a portion, of your home: Buddy heaters, alcohol stoves, etc. etc. Unfortunately, all those things require fuels that may not be available over the long haul.

    The basics of heat are really simple, FIRE. Think it through to find your solution. If ya live in coal country, maybe go that way. No coal around here, so it’s firewood or freeze. You wouldn’t know the difference if ya walked into our home. Nice and comfy. No smoke in the house. Maybe a little piece of bark on the floor, now and then. Easily solved. It does take some maintenance. Keep the chimney cleaned. Unless you’re in the desert, trees for fuel are available. Good luck

  17. Have you guys ever seen an electric-start generator that has no starter motor? Ever seen a fly-weight battery the size of a Skoal can fire-up a generator with no starter motor? I’ve been playing with numerous versions of this tech since May and blessed three of them yesterday for mass-production. The tech is not super-new, just new to us. These are very exciting times for portable power. Get ready for some clearance sales on the current stuff.

    1. Cool beans!
      The tec is getting better, im waiting for full size SUVs and Trucks with electric motors/generator backed up with a small diesel and battery bank that doesnt need plugging in and has more HP than my SuperDuty

      1. Not sure why there couldnt be a dual field electric unit that both runs as a motor and generates power at the same time

        1. Kula,
          Because of “conservation of energy”. Energy can neither be created or destroyed. A “dual field motor-generator” like you mentioned will just transfer energy between the two, no added generation of power.

        2. Kula – You got it. 3-phase reversal through an auxiliary inverter. The thing sounds like me getting out of bed in the morning – “ooof!” one revolution, seems like it wants to die, but then the output ramps up, synchronized with engine decompression, sounds like it’s turning over a bowl of warm Jello. Then suddenly it comes alive. Cool beans indeed. I just got done sending my bitch list to the factory. Cheap fasteners and poorly chosen wire markers, the rest of it is tighter than a cat’s ass.

          1. @Tmac – I think we are all eager to hear more about the inverter technology. Thanks much!

    2. Tmac
      Keep me advised as this goes forward. Rather interesting even though I am a novice on such pieces of equipment.

      1. Hi AC – You got it! I often got in trouble as a kid for playing with fire and electricity, now people encourage me to do that. I’ll update fun new stuff here first.

        1. Tmac
          Just make sure Mrs. Tmac has a few 5-gallon containers of baking soda. JIC you decide to light the fires,, but forgetting to kick the tires. 🤔😁

      1. Hi Dennis – We focus primarily on air-cooled singles although we do have a line of large V-twin machines, those are open frame only. No more R&D is happening on those old goats. The magical stuff is happening right now with inverter-based generators. They are getting big too – like 9kw that can be ganged in parallel with other generators. Two used to be the limit.

        1. Tmac,

          By multi-cylinder, I meant 2 or more. I ask as I try to visualize how his “starter-less” engine might work. Maybe a crankshaft sensor identifying which cylinder came to rest in mid-power stroke…telling the cpu to inject fuel to that cylinder…then spark to complete the cycle…reactivating where the engine stopped off.

          Sorta like the old hand cranked Model-T Ford where you rotated the crankshaft till you felt the compression on one cylinder build to a peak, knowing that cylinder was then charged with fuel and waiting for the spark, one final quick tug to ensure the magneto fired that spark.

          Except all sensed by electronics as would be fuel and spark. Just brainstormin’ …..

    3. TMac,
      What is the technical term for this magical starting system you describe, if you please?

      1. Minerjim – I have no idea. This version just showed up this week on the big yellow bird, it’s also a new factory with proprietary tech they aren’t ready share in any kind of detail yet. Per the box it is an “E-start kit”. I thought is was hokum, especially after the first sickly revolution. But then it just spooled up and lit the fire, slicker than shit through a goose. They’ve done something else too… something discussed often in theory and widely regarded to be impossible. I can’t talk about it yet and it’s killing me because it actually works.

        1. TMac,
          Interesting. Keep us informed as you can. I remember back in the 60s, craftsman had “windup” spring starters on some small IC gad engines fir lawn mowers. Just wind up the spring, push a button to release, and it would run up and start. Simple mechanics.

          1. Minerjim – Quite a long time ago I built a universal E-start kit with a Sprague clutch and a drill motor, it went nowhere. Now SBD just released exactly that under the Craftsman name, they built a line of tools around it. They’ve done a remarkable job keeping the integrity of that brand intact in the 21st century.

    1. Tom,
      yea, botulism is some really nasty stuff, it is a neurotoxin that can affect all of the muscular functions of the body, muscular, lungs, liver, kidney’s and heart. something to really look out for, don’t take any chances with any food.
      if it doesn’t look right, or smell right- throw it out. it’s not worth the risk.
      thanks for the reminder Tom

    1. i have albuterol.( from rx for asthma flare.)., i also have used colloidial silver, and peroxide, and rabbit tobacco, Double tincture for respiratory issues… amounts all about the same. None taste great,but all worked fairly well.

  18. Cloves are good medicine too and available everywhere. Research for best info. Take as tea, tincture, oil should not be taken internally except under supervision.
    Key actions:
    Antiseptic–clove oil–mix with a carrier oil could cause dermatitis. Can dull a toothache.
    Prevents vomiting
    Eliminates parasites
    From Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine—Andrew Chevallier

    1. Mrs. U,
      i eat cloves almost everyday in DW’s fermented and pickled veggies. though it may not be the same thing as what you are talking about. i know absolutely nothing about making tincture’s, i wish i knew more about it. but would that be the same thing? having them in pickled or fermented foods?

      1. One way to tincture is in vinegar. However there might not be enough cloves in the veggies. Tincture is easy. Take desired plant material can be fresh or dried, put in glass jar, cover with 190 proof vodka or if not available in your area 80 proof vodka. Keeping covered is important. Let sit 8 weeks at minimum. Put in dropper bottle or have a dropper around. Take. Will not take much reading. If wife pickles/ferments she can easily tincture.

    1. I am shaking. Last Wednesday, my son in law’s 22 year old cousin was found dead on the floor of his apartment by a friend investigating why he hadn’t shown up to work. This kid was perfectly happy and healthy when we saw him at Thanksgiving, and not one to mess around with drugs. I hope it was sudden and he didn’t suffer. It has been devastating.

      1. Chipmunk,

        That is just awful. I’m so sorry for the family’s loss. What’s being perpetrated on the people of the world is so evil, it makes me shake, too. Sending you a hug, and prayers.

    1. Ken,
      My bride and I have that very nebulizer. She is a retired RN and follows Dr, Mercola’s advice. We have taken the nebulizer treatments every time we had to go shopping in town where we may have been exposed to the virus unleashed upon us.
      We have our apple goodie ready but have not had to use it because of the treatments we have taken along with the supplements we have taken every day.

    2. Ken and others,
      One of the doctors mentioned that colloidal silver can also be nebulized. important to know it is never mixed with anything but distilled water. If using the unit for anything else the container the solution is in must be washed and rinsed with distilled water. between using other solutions.. i would limit total fluid in nebulizer than 1.5 -2cc- about the same as an albuterol treatment.. also those and other solutions in that line of meds are /can be utilized to -open up congested passages.. If you get sick and require these meds- IF your doctor is aware you have a nebulizer it can open up more options for medication resulting in quicker recoveries. Be sure to get more admin sets… they can be washed. I have also used to give treatments to a chick with pneumonia.LOL

  19. I purchased 3 nebulizers. The first 2 were hand held portable . They were toast in short order. My current is a PARI PRONEB MAX.. Not portable or battery operated.

    Dr Mercola and Dr Brownstein were the 2 that I follow and learned about nebulizing . I’m not sure what brand they were. Dr Brownstein suggested that you put some iodine in the nebulizer with the H202 and saline solution.

  20. I heard yesterday from a reliable source that the Russian Engels-2 airbase was alive with activity involving several hundred cruise missiles being loaded into heavy aircraft. I left it alone because it was only one source. Today a second source has confirmed, with pictures. There appears to be 12 each, TU-95 and TU-160 bombers on the ramp with full service equipment, power carts plugged in and all support gear for continuous operation. Also since yesterday PM’s spiked in price. I wonder if it means anything. Stay frosty.

  21. After reading the comments to Dennis about vitamin I and others’ experiences, I thought I’d add my own. The third week of July I got sick. I was sure it wasn’t covid. It started mild with a little congestion and cough, and a headache. I was really tired too. I thought it was a cold. I rested a lot, had chicken noodle soup, and stayed away from everyone. A week later DH gets sick and tests positive for covid. By then my fatigue was extreme, I had a fever, and I know now I wasn’t thinking straight. I got advice from my RN husband and my RN niece, both who are on board with vitamin I. My niece didn’t think I was bad enough to warrant taking it. My DH just went along with whatever, but he was sick and not thinking straight either. My bout with C dragged out for 3 weeks! And I still have a cough. If this happens again I will definitely take vitamin I, instead of waiting to see if I get worse!

    1. @NW Gal – it works best if taken at first sign of being unwell. Couple with Vit C and D3 and Zinc and Quercitin.

      1. Always Learning, everything that prevents replication including sweetgum double tincture works best at first symptom.. for those based in pharma. is safe to take intermittently as a preventative /was tested for 9 months @ daily preventative dose.
        NAC works in place of quercitin as well. which ever you can get.. and have on hand.. – just saying no need to take both quercetin and NAC. have the same effect.

        1. Re quercetin. As always YMMV. I added it to my daily regimen a few months ago on the recommendation of a friend. One of the potential side effects hit me hard – my blood pressure, which is normal to slightly low, tanked. Couldn’t walk more than a few feet without sitting down to rest. After two days off it was fine. Beloved offspring is severely allergic to some flavonoids so maybe a family sensitivity.

          1. Anony Mee, if your blood pressure tanked – your magnesium level may be epsom salt foot bath may help. or a mag citrate cap.( they come in a low dose 100mg- so as to not give gastric upset.) Yes one should always add one supplement at a time.. that way one can check tolerance.. ALA does some of my family that way..

          2. @AM and TOJS – thanks much for the info re quercitin and BP. I will watch out for that.

        2. @TOJS – thanks for the info re NAC, will keep that in mind. I followed the prophylactic protocol (have had heart valve repair surgery in the past so clotting risk of jabs is an issue for me) and for 2 1/2 years avoided the Cvd despite working in an essential industry factory that made PPE for health care workers and there were 5 major outbreaks of Cvd through the factory with almost everyone catching it but me, including the owner. My husband and I have also been very careful about being in public. But in Aug this year my husband went to MD and would up catching Cvd with severe pneumonia at either his Md’s office or the supermarket he went to afterwards. He wound up in the hospital for 48 hours but I brought his prescription Vitamin I to the hosptial when i took him there and he took it. I caught Cvd 3 days later (no pneumonia) and immediately took my prescription Vit I and had very mild symptoms for 3 days, more tired than anything else. Took the vit C and zinc and quercitin and d3 and melatonin also. Have not had any lingering symptoms and still take Vit I prophylactially. So it really worked for me.

          1. Just wanted to share also a bit more about the scary pneumonia my husband got. It overwhelmed his system within 6 hours, with his O2 dropping from 98 to 88 in 2 hours (we have a monitor at home) and his lungs filled with fluid. I called his MD who saw him on a emergency basis and he said take him across the street to ER. The hospital MD’s said it was not “Cvd pneumonia” and were not really sure what pneumonia it was but I made sure they treated it aggressively and that he took the other items (Vit I and supplements). He coughed up a huge amount of phlegm and we got him out of the hospital after 2 days when we was showing improvement and had him treated at home where I could monitor his treatments. The hospital said we came close to losing him the first day but he recovered and is fine now. The advice to stay away from crowds is still valid. Our neighbors across the street (fully jabbed) have each had Cvd three times and just before Thanksgiving the husband got pneumonia and had a really rough time.

        3. @TOJS – I have been following all the posts about sweetgum tinctures and need to find out if I can plant a sweetgum / liquid amber (as I think they are called in the Golden State) in the sierra foothills altitude.

          1. buy star anise: it is a single tincture..
            . i have many sweetgum , they are all over the south east. If you have family who live in south?ask them to gather some leaves and gum balls, they will think you have gone bat crap crazy when you ask them to send you to you..Still: ask for a gallon to a gallon and half combined. gumballs and twigs smaller than a pencil… that is all you need. sweetgums are invasive and grow quickly…

  22. What is the FLCCC position on horse paste?? I don’t see it’s use in the protocol. They are Doctors right??

    1. Chuck,
      FLCCC has no comment on “horse paste”, go read for yourself. They recommend Ivermectin and other drugs and suppliments, but all in a form for human consumption. They are doctors, but then you would know that if you would go to the site and JUST READ!

    2. Chuck,
      Doctors recommend pharma products. FLCCC do recommend mg doses of vitamin Iver
      generally Physicians will prescribe a certain mg per body weight. That mg/per body weight in what ever form -when given and taken – Does work. That is why it is used for all kind of parasite loads in 3rd world countries and saves lives.. from all kind of nasty diseases.including dengue, eboli,

  23. imow I’m thinking of adding a piece of sheet steel to the side that faces out. Yes, I hope I never have to see how effective it is. If I do then, I am in big doodoo.

  24. The Original Just Sayin’
    I got an alfalfa plot planted this fall. Non GMO Ranger alfalfa, plus I planted the outside 6ft of garden plot to English wide blade Quack-grass. A barrier to the farm driveway.

    Gonna use rabbit tractors on the grass, you can’t kill Quack grass.! I checked with local vet and WSU, there no danger of rabbit fever in my county, so I’m gonna pasture them.

    Most of what’s grown on my ranch now is sprayed with chemicals.

    1. SMG,I have crabgrass and fescue mixed rabbits love it made into a hay.Thankfully i have a near neighbor who produces clean hay, untreated with poisons. i have a large bale and have made arrangements to get one more bale.. Had to begin using it in late Sept this year…
      The Bunnies love it and eat it over pellets. That is your test. If the rabbits get contaminated food they will use the bathroom on it… i don’t have enough clear space to plant alfalfa right now.. and be able to keep other things from it.. . I have mine off the ground we do have dangers from many things here.. disease and wild things.. all like an easy meal.90-100 days is harvest time for kits. we let some go longer and the difference in final disposition was vast.

  25. To DLS and SoulSurviver on the 308 cartridge and the Scout Rifle: I love the 308 cartridge as I love the 30-06 I purchased decades ago. Back then, (1980’s) I was able to buy ammo and reloading supplies for both as they were relatively common. These days, post-pandemic visit to a gun shop or sporting goods section of a larger store, I am seeing lots of 308 and I am not finding 30-06 nearly as frequent. If I were to buy a rifle for big game on this continent, I would get a new rifle in 308 because I can find ammo for it more often these days. I am now old and I have lots of brass and components for me to have adventures with my 30-06 for decades to come. If I were 30 years younger, I would go with the 308 based on ammo availability.
    In the form of Cooper’s vision of the Scout Rifle concept, he wanted the rifle to weigh in at 6.5 lbs. Only maker that came close was Steyer. A hot loaded 308 round fired from a lightweight rifle has punishing recoil that will shear the screws on the scope mounts. Ruger’s model was more successful because they created a heavier rifle that is more comfortable to shoot because of the additional weight. The Scout rifle concept is a sound one but I was rebuilding bolt action rifles in 30-06, 270 with 20-22 inch barrels of medium contour and wood stocks from Boyds. (no Monte Carlo stocks). The Scout rifle had an 18 inch barrel and I built a longer rifle to make it easier to shoot and hit a paper plate at 300-400 yards away with less consideration of hopping in and out of boats and helicopters. (short rifles work better within a helicopter). I tried to keep the rifle weight around 8.5 lbs with a 22 inch barrel for a balance of ease of carry and ability to hold steady for the off-hand shot. The 308 length action is shorter and stiffer than a 30-06 length action which is better for accuracy in a finished rifle.

    1. Just my .02 on bolt guns,
      Have in the past bought off the shelf rifles, IMHO
      Spend the extra for a custom
      .308w is an excellent round, a custom rifle you can get a brake installed and much higher quality barrel, the brake reduces recoil significantly makes a huge huge difference, takes a decent shooter and makes them excellent.
      Just my humble opinion
      Treat yourself, get a custom

  26. Building my wife’s rifle from a Custom Mauser Action: I inherited a Mauser rifle that was built in FN Herstal, Belgium post WW-2. It was rechambered in a wildcat round and was used to harvest deer by 2 different owners. When I took ownership of the rifle, I had a new barrel in 270 Winchester installed. The Boyd’s walnut stock was modified for my wife who is of petite build. (5′ 2″ shorter arms). (length of pull shortened by about 1.5 inches) Barrel length was kept at 20 inches of medium contour. End result is a light, handy rifle that my wife likes over my: “big and heavy 30-06”. Prior to scope being installed, its weight came in at 8 lbs. Point being: a well balanced rifle is less of a burden to carry and hold in the off-hand position for a length of time.
    If I were to do this project today, I would probably select the 6.5 Creedmore round because I am having a difficult time finding ammo and supplies for 270 Winchester yet I see lots of ammo for the 6.5 Creedmore.

    1. Calirefugee – Good post. I cut my teeth on the 30-06….. J.C. Higgins 30-06 with Mauser action and a chrome lined bore if I remember correctly. My Dad bought it at Sears. I loved that rifle. I am a big fan of the 6.5 Creedmore. Probably the neatest rifle I ever owned was a re-bored 30-30 Marlin lever action to a 38-55 cal.. I sent it to a guy (sorry, can’t remember his name) in your neck of the woods for the work. He did an AWESOME job on it. I used to “fire form” the brass from 30-30 to 38-55 in a pinch. That rifle was my fun gun and an absolute tack driver. My butt is still black and blue from kicking myself after getting rid of it. But it’s ok….. I still have my trusty Marlin 30-30 hunting / house gun. When things go south….. it will be my Ruger 308 Scout. I have come to understand that it is not so much the gun (although important) …… but how it is used that usually makes the difference. As always….. there are no absolutes but one. Take care.

      1. SoulSurvival,
        my scout rifle has always been a early 50’s model 94 30-30. i paid 50 dollars for it in 72′. it’s short, handy, easy to carry, shoots great and fast, and holds six rounds. it has always taken care of any problems i have come across and i have come across a few. it’s my go to for the woods.

  27. Minerjim,
    I would have thought that you would recognize a little sarcasm.Apparently not.Anyway when the FLCCC was formed
    by Dr.Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik in 2020.I posted links to all the protocols and the data on Ivermectin treatment
    for our MSB family.
    What was true then is true today. If horse paste was just as effective treating Covid-19 as R.X. Ivermectin then they
    would have told us to just run down to Tractor Supply and get some.They never have and never will recommend the horse paste because if is not the best treatment.
    I see that there is a new memory improvement drug made from jellyfish.You might want to give it a try

    1. “I see that there is a new memory improvement drug made from jellyfish.You might want to give it a try”
      Why post something rude like this? You have your opinion, Minerjim has his. It doesn’t mean either one of you is wrong, it’s an opinion.
      Not everybody agrees or even understand the merit of a post, but there is no reason to be rude. It gains nothing but discontent.
      Everyone of us here on MSB tries to help the others. We are not always right, but I know of no instance where advice on here has cause anybody any harm. We are all adults here, and able to make our own intelligent decisions.
      Chuck, your better than this, step up to the plate and bat a 1000

      1. Ive been using horse paste for a couple years at least and its been fine,
        Cheaper and readily available, only side effects are i occasionally break into a trot or canter and have the desire to whinny and prance around when my sweety is near me.
        Homesteader was right! And i will keep using it and keep it on hand.

        1. kula,, merry Christmas,, it’s been a year since I’ve been here ,I’m glad folks were helped by vit I , have more info about it’s use , got a Email to look see over here yesterday,

          1. Merry Christmas! yes, very useful in many applications.

          2. O hs – Gloomy day here in my neck of the woods for a host of reasons. Glad you are ok…. much needed shot of sunlight.

      2. Full on- follow the money, no money for pharma medication are never recommended by letter agencies and large medical systems. Watch. Learn. there have been medications developed for pain from many animal compound green mussel extract is one. have not tried/know of anyone who has…there are also poisons fabricated from animal compounds. Be Very aware of sources of every ingredient- long term effects can be eternal.

    2. Don’t know much of either Ivermectins but to throw in my 2 cents, I’ve been using the fish pills (amoxicillin) for a couple of years now and can verify that they work just as good as prescription. Knocked back an infection a few weeks ago when I broke a tooth. Patched it up best I could till I can get to a dentist (probably after Christmas) IF I go. Prior to that I knocked out a major sinus infection/strep throat. Wife knocked out start of pneumonia last year with it. Dosage same as prescription and found online. And like the prescribed, don’t over do it. Superbugs would SUCK in post-SHTF. With the “shortage” we ordered 2 more bottles to put up. (One of the few “prepping” things my wife agreed with me on.)
      Point being, just because they (doctors) don’t say something doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. If the paste stuff works for everyone else I do not have a reason to doubt them. With all y’alls talk I’ve debated on getting a tube myself to go with the kit. I’ve played my own doctor for as long as I can remember and I’m still kicking, probably even better than most.
      Maybe it is just a shared opinion on a Preppers board but some would think me crazy for avoiding medical facilities like the plague while someone else probably goes for a sniffle. I made a comment about the irony earlier. Go to docs to make sure you’re healthy and get sick for your troubles. Happens all the time. Heck I’m still scratching my head over tinctures. If it works though…

      Also pointing out that post-SHTF options may be limited. Good to know backups.

      1. Just Max – The average US doctor enters practice with over $250k in student loan debt in addition to university. There is ZERO profit potential in a healthy human being. American doctors never speak of a cure, only ongoing treatments. There is also nothing they know that cannot be learned online and most common drugs can be acquired elsewhere. Now imagine you are a newly minted doctor, one bad month away from bankruptcy, with a new BMW and a $5k condo payment. Then some jackal comes in talking about a $5 solution from the pet store and threatening your revenue stream. What would your ‘medical advice’ be?

        And then there are people like Dennis who returned from the doctor in worse condition then they arrived. How bloody convenient. These folks are supposedly experts in transmissible disease, yet there you are in an unventilated waiting room seated upon a sticky plastic chair. What a racket.

      2. JM, nothing to scratch heads over on tinctures. God placed chemicals in plants for their protection. we have ability to extract w/ knowledge and practical application.double sweetgum= tamiflu in practice. learn now. write down, copy and paste, print. others may need use info to dose you.
        Dr’s Practice medicine. Whom is it they practice on?

      3. Yep me too. If you do a search with the description of the pill or capsule online, it will appear and usually on Example: round white pill with 123 numbers/letters or blue capsule 123 numbers/letters.
        This means it is a generic from some company.

      4. A licensed physician would not out right recommend to any human patient to take a medication that is officially made for a different species-they risk their license/livelihood !!!

        People are very “sue-happy” and docs won’t risk it
        You can infer or read between lines
        Now as a random aside….do I personally have a stash of vit I in my household-yes
        Is it in a pill form- no
        It’s an apple flavored paste
        Have I taken it yet- no
        Would I take it if needed-yes
        Am I licensed to practice medicine in one of our 50 states- yes

  28. I want to take a moment to thank Ken for his good public service in posting a link to “Died Suddenly”. Ordinarily I would not have sought this documentary but last night my wife and I watched it together. She needed to cover her eyes a few times but the moment it was over she went scampering out of my office to get her phone and she spent the rest of the night working her friend-tree to let them know. — It is easy to miss the short clips at the end during credit roll. The one that really drove it home for me was Kimmel (I think) cracking on us losers who “eat horse goo”, an adolescent double-entendre that brought uproarious laughter from his audience of sheep. Since I tend to ignore bullshit at the source and I don’t “watch TV”, I never realized just how hard and intense the media propaganda was. If you haven’t spent the hour to watch this, please do so.

    1. Tmac
      Tell you dw I understand why she was repelled on certain sections in this video. I am only at 14 minutes and what I have seen is truly gross. Need this knowledge as I have family that were given hot shots. Their children thank goodness were smart like their aunt and said, “no way”, you keep your garbage.
      Hopefully it is not any worse than what I have seen so far, if it is. Guess I will have to suck it up and be prepared.

  29. Michael Snyder is reporting that in November 76,835 jobs were lost mainly in tech world.That is 417% higher than last
    In November 41% off small businesses could not pay their rent.
    FEDEX is furloughing drivers starting tomorrow.

    There is no way to put a positive spin on this. The powers that be and the media will just ignore what is happening.
    It’s like when you were a kid and you knew that there was a monster under the bed. Don’t look and he can’t get you.

    1. Jumpin’ Gene Simmons – ‘Haunted House’. Monster: “Look at me, said you better run… Don’t be here when the morning comes.” (I) ” Say yes I’ll be here when the morning comes….. I’ll be right here and I ain’t gonna run.” Hey Lauren…… anything like this happen to you in your new house?

  30. As Preppers we all keep a good eye on “current events”. To my mind this world is getting darker and darker.

    As the Apostle Paul wrote, “We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against the Rulers, against The Authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12 ESV

    So, when you hear of Drag Queens reading to kids, Antifa burning down towns, countless murders each weekend in our cities, and rigged elections. Plus, a President who took millions from the CCP. Just consider who is behind it all.

    1. The passage from Paul is as true as it gets when paying attention to the political workings of the world.

      1. One my favorites Corinthians 11: 12-15
        12 Now what I am doing I will still do, that I may cut off the pretext from those who are wanting a pretext for being found equal to us in the office of which they boast. 13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light. 15 It is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves in to ministers of righteousness. But their end shall be according to their works.

    2. Pitchfork – Yep….. and his time is short. With every minute that ticks by….. we get closer to His return. In considering the events unfolding in the world …… I believe we are the generation……. as it was written.

  31. To Kula and SoulSurvival: Building (in my case: rebuilding) a custom rifle is the last step in becoming a true rifle loonie. A gunsmith has a Brick and Mortar shop. Anytime you bring a rifle into a shop to get something done, you are “customizing” it for yourself. My jouney began when I took a used rifle in to have the muzzle crowned decades ago. I have seen the 308 offered in some strange combinations that just made me flinch at the idea of firing it. (Remington Model 7 bolt action carbine in lightweight fiberglass stock, New Ultra Lightweight Arms rifles). When offered to test fire or zero the rifles on the bench, I have walked away saying “Nooo thank you”. Just like the 30-06, the 308 can be loaded mild for a small person to take a columbian blacktail deer at 200 yards. The upper end of the loading spectrum for 308 has more chamber pressure than the 7.62 NATO and is used for Palma Match Rifle where you are trying to hole your target at 1000 yards using iron sights. I tried my hand at Palma Match Rifle in Coalinga, CA. (a real garden spot…sarc). Other than that, I mostly built rifles for hunting in and around North America. In those years, I tried to work towards balance. Whatever you build, you are going to have to carry it over hill and dale. I never forgot that when I was installing a new wood stock on a rifle.

  32. Just saying, I still cannot find Rabbit tobacco in my area dang it. I see boneset type plants only. The dried leaves are an easy identification it seems.

  33. There is another help for covid. Cinchona Bark which is the natural quinine. This where they synthesized Hydroxychloroquine from. As I understand it this you take after being sick. Not sure if it is a preventative. Can buy online. Make sure it is more reddish than brown. I bought mine from Starwest botanicals.

  34. When I worked in a hospital down in South Florida, we had a large Jewish number of patients. More than a few times I had to start an I.V. drip on a person with a tattoo/number on their arm from the Nazi camps.

    Given what so many were made to do, I completely understand why the country of Israel has such a strong military. My point is, we Christians should take a lesson from them and be prepared to stand up to persecutions.

    This comes to mind from the discussion of Scout rifles and the 7.62×51/.308 caliber.

  35. Not sure exactly who is in charge of this forum, but could it be possible to change things around so that the newest posts appear at the top. Endlessly scrolling down to get to the newest post is kind of a waste. Thanks

    1. Bruce, that would be me. Yes, it is possible for me to do that. However, it’s also possible that not everyone may be comfortable with comments ordered that way. It does sound like a reasonable thing to try, and I am willing to give it a test run, if the majority of regulars agree to try it.

      With that said, lets hear from some of the regulars… Would you like to try the default order of comments to be newest first? Or stick with oldest first?

      1. Ken re Bruce. Within the articles oldest comments appear first. Comments upon comments also show up in the same order. I like that as it builds the conversation both chronologically and logically. My default setting for MSB is to the Recent Comments, where the newest are at the top. I like this this way too as I can simply read down to where I left off and catch all comments on all articles as well as Open Forum. I think the way you built this site is brilliant.

      2. I have no objections to the current however I can see Bruce’s point. Some articles have 100+ comments. Flipside to that is that if newest was first then most would likely never read the oldest comments, some of which are several years old. I still come across “new to me” articles and like to read the old original comments.

      3. There used to be a choice if I recall correctly. For me personally I always scroll to the bottom and read from there up so to speak. Easy enough to do.

        1. Mrs. U
          That is pretty much what I do: go to the bottom of the comments, then page up to the last I remember reading.

      4. Ken, either way works for me. Now could I request that you fix the stuff that’s going on in this crazy world of ours. That would really make me happy. Take care all.

      5. Please keep it the way it is. If the other is desired, simply go to “Recent comments”, it already runs that way. I.e. Last first. I normally prefer to read in order, not backwards.

      6. Ken,
        I’m also used to the way things are now. Would not want to see you put in extra work on top of everything you already do for all of us. Thank you :)

      7. Ken,
        I generally leave this page open and when I’m at the top, later in the day I’ll take note of the time of the last post I’ve read. I’ll refresh the page, scroll down to that last read post/timestamp and then scroll up from there. Been doing it that way for as long as I can remember (been here since 2012). Works for me. That being said, this way the newest post of all comments are at the top of the page. Just my way of doing it. YMMV….

    2. Bruce, IT is already being done.That is easy click on Menu and go to recent comments.

      1. I’m not the brightest bulb on the string, but I like it the way it is. Don’t change it.

  36. My big objective for prepping for my family this year has been putting together a Long Term Food Storage system that I could feel comfortable with. It’s been a painstaking process and quite a few learning curbs, but I am doing it for a reason. I learn from the mistakes of others as well as those of myself. I read history too. I feel a War coming, whichever way you choose to see it. And even if War passes us there is still going to be that “next time” moment to face. I’ve been crunching my inventory numbers for the past few nights and can officially say that I now have at least 2 years supply put away in my off site location. At home I have atleast 1 year, give or take. I tried my hand (or shall I say that I returned) to gardening this year as well and feel that in a survival situation I know I could still grow things. Seeds put up both at home and off site, as well as means to grow indoors if needed. I’ve done that in the past too. I have enough ammo to supply a small army (my objective last year) and game a’plenty so meat will not be a problem. Or veganism. I have 100 gallons of drinking water put away and means to procure more. 300+ gallons for the plants. As I get ready to wrap up 2022 I can honestly say that I am proud of myself for meeting (and exceeding) my objectives for this year.
    Oh, what objective to plan for 2023? Think I’ll bump up the gardening a notch. I missed getting my hands dirty and find admiration in my fighters. Maybe take up canning. ; )

  37. Like Tmac’s wife I had to block certain areas of this video. Especially the one where they are in the mortuary doing an autopsy on the body (42.00). I turned the laptop away from me as I worked in the kitchen and listened to what they had to say.
    I am not worried about myself but those who were conned into taking this so-called preventive.
    Shall see my youngest sibling today we are celebrating TDay late and give her a hug, as we never know. Especially since she has had this junk, her hubby has also received one shot to my knowledge. The rest of my thoughts I shall keep to myself.

    1. AC,

      This is happening in my family also. Kids took it but (most) GK’s refused. It’s heartbreaking and I’m worried . Be aware, just in case you aren’t. People are getting strokes and such by hugging the jabbed. My DH did. Also, you can acquire the jab yourself by breathing the air, touching them, bodily fluids. Some people wear masks and gloves while out because they know this. Hugs, stay safe and remember that some of them get sick, easily.

      1. Deborah
        Would be concerned but I am a Master in the Field of Dowsing. It gives me an insight to who and what may be of concern.
        Basically, known as the person who finds the location of a water on a property. Those of us who are ‘gifted’, well we have other talents which I prefer not to divulge.

      2. My understanding, and it may be faulty, is you may get some spikes in the air but your body will not continuously produce them in your blood stream like you got the vax. So not the same and no standard mask would stop them anyway, smaller tan the virus itself.

        Anybody else?

        1. Deep South
          Wearing a cloth mask to prevent getting the Wuhan virus is like using chain-link fence for mosquito netting.!

        2. Deep South.
          The mask can be a benefit in stopping / redirecting the spit/ airflow from the infected person to the environment around them. It can not make it a clean environment.
          I have a disability of my respiratory system and my dr has me wearing a mask with activated carbon All of the time in public ( since 2007) – Large Sigh- I know that a layer of cotton cloth doesn’t protect my lungs.
          But in the smoke of a forest fire, if I wet that cotton cloth it does remove the most of the smoke from my respiratory system. So I can get to a cleaner air space.
          One addendum: no mask is better than the seal on your face. – a gap at your nose or chin will make the best mask worthless.
          Also; I believe this “ pandemic “ was nothing compared to a real event. If there ever is a real life threatening event a full face respirator with a seal all around your face is a persons only hope. I pray this never happens.
          PS I stopped wearing the dr prescribed mask when it became to expensive. The distancing we are now experiencing does help my life.
          This is all my option and hope i am not stepping on any toes.

    2. AC what i find so hard is those who have taken injections, will not hear there are things they can do to help themselves. we have a close family friend. now has reoccurance of the big C and it has gone wild. everywhere. she is an RN. These side effects do not care what your profession is.

      1. TOJS
        I need the naturals we have discussed. Will send you a note, so that I can file it. Typing with a fur ball on one’s lap is not very cohesive. Ask me how I know… lol

          1. Just Max
            You survived the cat bath? My female would cause me to wear every band aid I have in the house.🤣 Her brother would be ‘really’, mom you have to do this to me? What did I do to you to, making me need a scrubbing. lol

      2. I don’t wear a mask. I’m not afraid of a virus. The person I’m referring to wears one to avoid the jab shedding . They also know that its not a great protective defense, but better then nothing.

        Dr Peter McCullough claims that the jab transfers mrna and the spike. He also said to avoid them if they got it within 90 days. Apparently, it was 30 days before but he upped it to 90 recently.

        Dr Peter McCullough and others started a new clinic called, “The Wellness Company.”

        My motto is : Take what you want and leave the rest. Don’t believe anything that I say. Do your own research if interested. Good Night lovely people. Hugs
        I heard a while back that the folks getting symptoms from the jab are given Vit I by the good guys.

        1. Deb..
          It is true Ivermectin is given to the jabbed in order to fight the S1 spike-protein created by it. Vit I is the only drug which will bind with the spike-protein, which prevents it from attaching to the ACE2 receptors and cause cell damage and swelling. Ivermectin is the only treatment for the jab, which directed addresses the toxic effects of the jab agent itself.

          Naturally there are other treatments, but Ivermectin in the only real “bullet.”

          Shedding the S1 spike may cause others to inhale it, or absorb it via the eyes, but the quantity of what is transferred will be as nothing, compared to the jabbed person’s load. The inhaled spike may be killed by your immune system, unlike the shot’s original nano contents, which is specifically designed to be ignored by it…in order to allow it time to invade your cells..and cause them to make spike-proteins. Just one nano particle, in one cell, is designed to cause the invaded cell to create at least 125 S1 spike-proteins..not just one..or until that cell runs out of resources to do so.

          However, inhaling the S1 spike will not cause any of your cells to create copies of it. The inhaled spike may cause cell damage as it clogs up its ACE2 receptor, causing swelling of the cell and the surrounding tissue, but it does not replicate itself in the effected cell. The damage should be limited due to the very small load of the spike inhaled, instead of the trillions in the blood of the jabbed people. If you inhale the spike, the tissues of the lungs and nasal cavity are the only ones effected…and since the spike isn’t making copies of itself..and is sitting on the cell surface, attached to its ACE2 receptor..the macrophages and lymphocytes of the lung can easily attack it..after recognizing it as an invader.

          I think it would be pretty hard to inhale enough S1 to cause one to die.

          1. Ision – Would that account for the stats of smokers not being as affected as opposed to non-smokers? I believe it was a French study that indicated nicotine “kills” the S1 spike of which I reported a while back.

          2. Ision,
            we were always taught in OSHA safety classes that if a virus got into a persons eye’s that it went into a persons blood stream as fast as a IV injection, stressing the need for safety glasses or face shields. us working in hospitals on plumbing drains there was always the possibility of contamination. everything went into the drains, HIV, staph, hepatitis, you name it.
            hepatitis was always our biggest concern. it can live outside of a host body for days.
            i would always chose eye protection over a mask any day given a choice.
            take care

        2. Deborah, Ision, others
          I am concerned about the blood supply. They are not noting whether those who donate have had the jab or not. If one has an accident or an operation that requires blood, and one or several of the donors received the jab, does that effectively mean that the blood recipient has received the “benefit” of the jab?

          1. Yes.. Baby dies breastfeeding from jabbed mom. Baby dies from blood transfusion , People having strokes from hugging jabbed. People are getting sick from being around them. The list goes on and on.

          2. Chipmunk
            IF you or someone in your family that is going to require surgery. They can have their blood banked for that procedure.
            Reason I happen to know family member years ago needed surgery and of course with a tainted blood supply in the loop. Rather than take a chance for such an occurrence, they banked their own blood for the surgery. Believe they had either 5 or 6 units set aside, the doctors only required 4, and the other two pints knowing they were free of the aid’s disease were allowed to be used on patients that need that blood.

          3. Chipmunk,
            There’s an article on ZH this evening about a non profit that is working to match blood from unvaccinated donors to people who don’t want blood from vaccinated donors. In the last few days over on Southern Prepper 1, boots on the ground report an unvaccinated man and his wife donated blood and the people accepting their donation were very determined to have them schedule their next donation because of their unvaccinated status.

  38. @KEN. I’ve viewed the comments and I can see valid points for keeping things the same. I’ll deal with it either way. It might be nice to have a “view latest post” button, but it’s really not that big a deal. Just keep the blog alive and well! Lots of good ideas here.

    1. Bruce,
      We are glad you are here.
      i suggested the recent comments page because it is the place I find all comments since i last checked in. any interesting thread i want to check further i can click on it and go to it easily../reading from the top or bottom as i see fit/have time to dedicate to it.

  39. Will the train workers still strike or quit on December 9th?
    All union members need to take note of the Big Guy signing the law telling them they have to work all year with 1 sick day. That is ALL UNION MEMBERS!!! It shows democrats do not have your back. Train workers, Truck drivers, Aircraft workers and Pilots, Coal miners, Oil workers, Nurses and First responders ect.

    I hope everyone here is ready for mass shutdowns.

    1. Thor1
      Buckle up for the ride. You & I know what will happen, and it is not pretty.
      Before I forget give that puppy 🐕 a hug & cookie🍪 from me.

      1. AC
        Puppy gets sooo many treats. He had a cheese burger for breakfast today. We didn’t play outside because it rained but inside with his monkey 🐵 squirrel 🐿️ and rope. Then he goes into wolf 🐺🐾 mode and runs and jumps the steps, throwing his 🐒 across the room. I wish I had half his energy.

        The ride will be bumpy, I bought a case of propane tanks for the Buddy heater, have 2 cords of firewood and 5 gallons of kerosene for the heater. I will stay warm with a puppy blanket as well.🤣

    2. Thor1, It is my understandings this “agreement” was not done in good faith by the ones supposing to represent the rank and file. My understanding -the workers asked for 7 sick days a year. /paid. and they got only one. If they have so few workers that workers must work sick and in distress from inability to support other family members needs. this is why we prep.

      1. The Original Just Sayin
        This administration also forced OUR military and first responders to get the jab. They are killing ALL industry coal,oil, while begging our enemies to help. They are deliberately causing farmers and ranchers to loose their land to Bill Gates and the Chinese by not producing fertilizer via oil industry. Making feed and fertilizer too expensive for them to make a profit.

        Unitied we stand, divided we fall.

        1. Thor1, i have been awake to it a long time..include importing millions to get free stuff under guise of job seekers.

  40. Trying my hand at sourdough. A couple of times, I thought my starter had quit, but feeding it made it restart. Baked a loaf of bread last past week. I let the starter come to room temperature after storing it in the fridge, then followed the directions from the MSB 2019 article. My Dutch oven is made of glass, not cast iron. The loaf seemed to rise well. I burned about half of the bottom crust, not the end of the world! The top crust was quite tough (a friend told me that is normal). The inner loaf had two large air caverns in it, so not a lot of bread. The bread that was there tasted fine, like a sourdough. I will try again this week and see if I can make a loaf without air caverns within! Practice makes perfect, I hope.

  41. A very good follow up to the Died Suddenly video is on youtube Dr. Drew with Dr. Ryan Cole Nov. 30.
    A more in detail look at the clots as well as cancer and other spike issues.

    1. If you want to deep dive go into Stew Peters interviews..He interviews a lot of Doctors and undertakers/enbalmers. has been doing it fr 2 years. Journalistic questions- not soft balls… can find interviews on Before its news.

  42. Of all things, we now have people from a Seattle satanic church, bringing Krampus, a mythological creature from Austrian legend, to our area’s local Christmas celebrations. He’s supposedly a prelude to Christmas, threatening children if they’re naughty. He’s scary, dark, and evil, and his minions looked like demons and death. I’m angry that this was allowed in our community, and there are people who want to have an annual Krampus festival. Children will be scared and confused about Christmas. Maybe it’s another attack on the youngest. So many attacks from the enemy. But, Jesus will reign. Behold, the lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world. In the end, God wins.

    1. NWGal
      Not sure who put this display on for the holiday, I would let the parties know who did this demeaner to the holiday ‘you are not pleased’.
      Those who say nothing, will continue to receive this kind of garbage on their holiday. If they can get away with it, one time they will continue for more.
      Like children one has to put their foot down on this horse pucky, sooner the better. You can’t be the only parent disgusted with this un-holiday display. fyi

      1. AC, this was attached to a downtown art walk and beautiful Christmas lights. I’ve learned they’ve done this before and parents with young children have been outraged. I’m waiting to hear if he was also at the Christmas celebration we were at today. I didn’t see him, but something felt off this year, crowded with unhappy, disconnected people. It wasn’t the community celebration it usually is.

        I’ve let some know about this, and spoke up on their Facebook post, but I’ve gotten responses that show their approval. Some are so deceived, even comparing him to Santa Claus.

    2. Write a new legend from the PNW about how what happens to uglies like Krampus. How the good triumphs or evil or you know. Start a new tradition. This is how Kwanzaa began in 1966 with an Af Am professor deciding to do so. Oppose the dark with the Light. :-)

  43. A comment on eyeglasses, please have a spare/backup pair. I wear eyeglasses daily, and the nose piece/bridge broke on my everyday general glasses. Thankfully I have a spare/backup pair to wear while my primary eyeglasses are being repaired. If you wear eyeglasses on a regular basis please have a back up pair.

    1. For sure. A few years back I bought up some parts for eyeglasses. Small screw drivers, bridges, screws etc. Reading glasses are cheap in some stores. Dollar Tree, which is now $1.25 Tree, sells cheap ones. Anything eye related is good for trade. Picture ole Mrs. getting an egg for fixing a pair of glasses! 😏
      Get extra contacts and solution too. For those who wear contacts have some glasses put back also.

    1. Bruce
      No, I have checked the sight that is online. Nothing, which is rather odd, you are not the only one who reads that page.

  44. Moore county, NC and all of the towns around Fort Bragg have been in the dark since yesterday. Someone sent a couple of high-powered rifle rounds through two substation transformers, just like some here have speculated might happen. Now I wonder if it was really a disgruntled whoever, or is this just the next step in a natural extension of blowing up fertilizer plants, refineries and food warehouses?

    Those transformers are in short supply. It would be bad if this keeps happening.

    1. Tmac, we have a neighbor who has a kid working for the local electric company and yup according to him transformers are in very short supply due to hurricanes Ian and Nicolle here in the Sunshine State.

    2. Tmac, I recall the same thing happening somewhere in California some time ago. San Jose maybe? Never heard if they found out who did it. But it would be a fairly easy way to wreak havoc via a coordinated effort.

    3. Tmac
      All I have to say is they had better be good at hiding, for they will be sought by those who are experts in such fields. They are in the back yard of the Airborne & SF contingent, and I am sure those commanders are not happy this fine day.

    4. Tmac,
      Yep, out here on the plains of middle America, those substations are out in the middle of nowhere. No one around usually. A simple chain-link fence with a few strands of barbed wire around the top. Is the grid vulnerable? Absolutely. Not sure of how to make’ em better. Hope for the best, I guess. Trying to prepare for the worst.

      1. aka
        You are not wrong, those transformers are made in C. It takes time from what I have heard to build one unit. Not sure if they are referring to the one which transfers the power to your home or the one’s which carry’s the heavier transfer loads.
        *Heard 1 to 2 years, but do not quote me on that data*

        1. AC,
          i use to do maintenance on a Siemens plant north of me. they made the really big ones like for Transmission stations, 12 ft tall and eight ft across. i was told by the people who worked there that it took two yrs to build one. it was pretty neat to see them building em.

          1. in my own world
            That is a bigger than I realized. Along with the two years for the construction of one piece of electrical equipment.

    5. It all depends on the size of the transformer to be replaced. But, very few of the smaller transformers are sitting in surplus.

      A large transformer, like those you see at power generation facilities, cannot be easily replaced, as they are all custom built in another country, Germany, for example, and normal turn around for them is 5 years. This is the reason why such things as a Solar Mass Ejection..or a directed EMP such a problem…and why such things are so serious.

      Rifles shooting at transformers is not new and not preventable. Twelve riflemen in six cars, could cripple this country in a few days…at least causing problems in many areas. And, if you actually replace the shot transformer, those same riflemen can revisit it at their convenience and again easily take it down again.

      Couple this with the same group of people going about blowing up the key railroad trestles in the Rockies and shutting down all the heavy rail transport from the East to the West coasts. This could be done in two days..or six properly equipped people…as there are no guards, or obstacles to prevent access to a demolition team.

      It doesn’t take a big army, nor a thousand missiles, to cripple a country…just a handful of trained people in some pickup trucks.

      1. Ision,
        Yes, you nailed it perfectly. Our grid, our transportation system is woefully unprotected. Our country has been lulled into a false sense of security, imho.

        1. Sadly so and there is a new army crossing our border. One that has no shots. In the video Died Suddenly, the Air Force whistle blower doctor said she feared we would not have a standing army in 5 years. But there will be the army of the cartels.

      2. Ision – 8mm of Composite Metal Foam (CMF) will stop a .50 BMG @100M. I think those x-formers are all liquid-cooled anyway… probably never designed with rifle fire in mind. Army Corps of Engineers could probably upfit the country in 3 months if we had any leadership.

        1. Tmac,
          that’s what happens when a transformer is shot. the cooling oil drains out and they overheat.
          BTW folks, if a person can get some of that cooling oil from anyone in the trade, it is without a doubt the best penetrating oil you can get, bar none.

          1. Get some of that oil on leather boots or gloves and the next day they are at least two sizes too big. Ask me how I know! : )

        2. The cooling fins are the targets. Thin thin steel to circulate the insulating/cooling oil. Puncture them with rifle fire at a low level and leave. The shooter is gone and it may take a few hours for the core to be uncovered and start arcing. If there is no active sensing of oil levels that’s it and it burns up. I have seen it before and that is also what happened in the California incident.

          Yes it would be possible to upgrade/mitigate but there is no political will to do so. Same as hardening for an EMP or coronal mass ejection. Politicians haven’t seen it so it can’t happen. (Sarcasm off)

        3. Tmac, “Army Corps of Engineers could probably upfit the country in 3 months.” Yep, but only after (1) at least a year of DOE dithering (note they’ve been dithering and letting power companies control the process for 20 years now); (2) a 2-3 year design and environmental review process; (3) at least 5 but maybe 10 years of getting or legislatively coercing local/regional power companies/entities to agree to have the work done (as they will have the upkeep and maintenance of it); (4) another couple years for contracting and related law suits; (5) a year for staffing up and getting materials and equipment propositioned; (6) then going back to Congress for additional funds as time passage has upped the cost. Ask me how I know.

      3. Ision,
        that’s true. scary to think about ain’t it, there are not many RR’s that cross the Mississippi river, but that’s the reason we prepare.
        it’s possible the 1800’s could be just a few day’s away.

    6. Tmac, Perhaps unrelated, but on that very same day, a drag event was scheduled for the small town of Southern Pines in Moore county. While it was overwhelmingly pushed back against by the majority in the community, it was green lighted anyway. Supposedly marketed to enlistees from nearby Ft. Bragg, supposedly approved of by higher ups of said fort. Idk, this is from various sources. Protestors/counter-protestors showed up in front of the venue, each in their own permitted areas, and about the time the “show” was to begin (7pm), reports of power outages began coming in from residents of Moore county. Show ended early. Probably not connected at all….

      1. Addendum: This is definitely something to pay attention to, and another reason for prepping. Power outages can happen, for various reasons, with all subsequent knock-on effects. Don’t necessarily need the details to see the trends. I suspect there may be more and more people “misbehaving” as the true nature of our governing system sinks in. Just mho.

  45. Every morning I happen to check one of the sites which sponsors this blog. It appears that the shiny items that come in the gold coloring are down. The shiny items that come in the silvery color are up yet again. It would be around 6 months give or take the silvery items have gone up by five dollars American money. 🤔This is your morning clink & clank update, for those who follow such items.

    1. My understanding (which could be wrong) is that you pay out an additional premium other than the list price. In some cases almost as much as the original price.

      1. aka
        I was ‘only’ pointing out what is happening with the metals. Whom you purchase from is your business, some can buy through this site others like myself cannot.
        It is my way of keeping track of what is happening financially to this nation.

        1. aka
          Yes, they do charge a premium for doing business with them. Sorry I missed that part of your question.

        2. Yeah i understood that : )

          I only meant for people to not necessarily think that if they have say $100 in the pocket that looking at prices they will get X coins. They might have an unhappy surprise.

  46. I just heard from my sister who lives in North Carolina. They do not have power at their home or one of their farms. She went to her farm in the next county to call me. She was surprised that she could not text or call on her phone almost immediately. Usually, she can when they lose power. Her initial thought when she heard it was intentional was either something to do with the drag show or Ft. Bragg.

  47. The Metcalf California Power Substation sabotage occurred in February 2014. The transformers were hit by 762.39FMJ
    rounds fired from four locations outside of the fence.The shooters fired from spots that they had previously marked with
    piles of stones indicating a reconnaissance of the site before the shooting.

    No suspects nor persons of interest were ever named publicly.Some authorities believe that the shooters may have had
    some level of military training,however leaving the fired brass behind for forensic analysis is a major violation of
    sabotage 101.

    In that there have been no incidents until the Moore County sabotage possibly the Metcalf shooters were identified
    and they are no longer with us. We have people that could make that happen.

    The Metcalf sabotage reports are all over the internet and make for an interesting read.
    It is my understanding that the majority of our transformers do come from China and a few from Germany.The U.S.
    power companies do not have a stockpile of transformers and the order to delivery time can be 8-12 months.

  48. Dr. Drew with Dr. Ryan Cole on youtube.
    Dr. Cole explains the clots found in the cadavers. They are an accumulation of proteins, amino acids and amyloids and other stuff. A regular clot is like jelly and can be dissolved or softened so to speak if mashed between the fingers. The clots from the cadavers in the Died Suddenly video can’t. If you watched it is easy to see. The spike proteins gather together. They can also break the blood brain barrier which is a holy place so to speak in our body and has been designed by our maker to protect our brain. It is not known how long the spikes will replicate themselves. No study knows yet. Also the NEW vaccines being made will use the mRNA process. Yes you read that right.
    Now I know many reading here decided on getting the vax for reasons which is their right to do. Some had to feed their families and other reasons. The evil behind that is their employers/state mandates etc. not those who had to make a difficult decision.
    Dr. Cole mentions Nattokinase/Natto which is a fermented soybean product eaten in Japan for centuries.
    It can dissolve amyloids. It is available as a supplement. Make your own decision. If you already take blood thinner do a lot of research!!! Science says for sure that the Japanese have less heart disease than Americans.

  49. If anyone is looking at security camera systems and you have the option for audio on each channel, it is definitely worth the minimal extra cost. The installation was brutal and I’m just getting around to playing with some features. Audio is recorded on all 16 channels and you can punch-up any one of them through the monitor with adjustable gain and filters . This gives me better hearing than my dog.

  50. In reference to the impending CBDC. Does anyone know what agency or department or individual in the government
    has the authority to implement the plan??? Is congress involved??? Who would give the green light to full scale digital
    currency.??? Are there any legal steps that could stop it???
    The Federal Reserve is a private bank used by the U.S. government.It operates as it pleases with no oversight.
    We need to know the answers so that we can do what we can to make sure it never becomes a reality/nightmare.

  51. To Mrs U in regards to the Japanese have less heart disease according to science: I must report that this used to be true 50 years ago. The Japanese that grow up eating an American diet can get big and tall like Americans. Japanese Americans can also develop cardiovascular disease at the same rates as Americans especially if they develop a liking for American Cigarettes. (America does make and market the very best smokable tobacco products in the world…ask any former service member that travelled on foreign nations). The traditional Japanese diet is relatively heart healthy in that there is a lot more vegetable and soy products being used. Japanese food is among the most highly processed food in the world as well making use of large amounts of Sodium Chloride, Monosodium Glutamate, and sugar/corn syrup or other sweeteners.
    As Tmac may verify: If you become a fan of asian foods and you go to an asian market to purchase large quantities of goods to consume at home, read that label if you have allergies to certain chemicals like salt and MSG. In Japanese food, these ingredients are found in high levels in just about everything imported to this country. In the past 50 years, I must say that the companies are getting better about labelling their products with warning labels. I became aware of this when I left home and began cooking for others. Up until the time my father passed away, my mom and other traditional Japanese folks and those who cooked for them had a great big jar of “Aji” in the spice cabinet. These are crystals of pure MSG and it is still sold in asian markets near me. For some people with food allergies, this can be a haz mat situation in the making.
    I am one of the resident asians on this site and I drive like Mr Magoo.

  52. To Pinky on what rifle to bring to a rifle fight: As Kula says: I do not think there are any gunfighters on this site. I would like to point out from several past gunfights I have been in: When you are wearing a uniform and badge and you took an oath to do your job to serve and protect the American Public, donning your running shoes is not a viable option. At the very least, you stand your ground and do your best to defend yourself/evacuate others/return fire dependent upon backstop, civilians or hostage present, exposed target etc. Choice of weapons is made for you: you use what you were issued be it from the weapons locker/patrol vehicle or issued to you at last qualification. Point being: Sometimes the rifle fight comes to you. Not the other way around. With that in mind, despite my longstanding work and recreation using bolt action rifles, I still have at least 1 rifle in semiauto around with a tac vest containing extra magazines along with tac light, small mirror, light work gloves and water with the rifle.

  53. To DLS on upgrading from 30-30 to 308 in a scout rifle platform: First on duty rifle shooting I was issued an M-14 (firing 308 rounds) on a roadblock. On an oncoming car (circa 1970’s Oldsmobile sedan) as the car came towards me, first round put into the radiator/engine block was AP. The remaining rounds fired was 3 rounds of Winchester soft point. They punched through the windshield having terminal effect upon the driver heading towards my position. It worked for me that day in the 1980’s. The way cars are being made these days with less steel and more plastic…you may not need that big heavy bullet for penetration.

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