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  1. Railroad ties, durable and poisonous at the same time.
    Well good Lauren, enjoy the new place. No GPS, nay, not us either.

  2. Tmac,
    thanks, but no. ill stick with what i know what works and that i can depend on, no matter what the cost.
    i’m still using the same tank of gas in my truck that i bought 3 months ago. everything is planted and it took me 6 gallons of diesel to do it. my old tractors will run when all of that EV stuff is dead.
    one is mechanically fuel injected, the other was made in 1945 the only thing electrical on them is the starters and a condenser and coil on the old one. i’ve got that covered.
    but hey, go for it and good luck

  3. NRP –

    They bend us over with tiered time of use (ToU) rates and revenge is overdue. Call it “Electron Arbitrage”. We The People to monopolistic utility: “Heard ya got a little brown out there; be shame if it went black. It’s 108F in the shade, gonna be $3,000 per megawatt hour homey; we’ll buy it back tonight”.

  4. Tmac:
    Hence the problem, no simple solution.
    Wellll except for going back to the 18th century.

  5. Dennis –

    Did they hit you with a HAZMAT surcharge of $23 per box, or is this a California thing?

    1. Tmac,

      Yes, they did…and no, it’s not a California thing…pretty sure it applies nationwide (federal). Occasionally Midway will “waive” that fee, but in reality, they just pay it themselves (minimum order required). As I recall, there is a limit to the size and weight of each hazmat shipment before they shipper must split the order and have the consumer pay a separate fee for each package.

      1. …after re-reading you question, the $23 was for the entire 5 boxes being shipped…not for each 1000ct box of primers…in case that was what you meant.

        1. Thanks Dennis – Then I’ll just find $200 worth of stuff to get free shipping and dilute that fee. I appreciate you as always.

  6. This whole formula issue gets my dander up. What the hell has happened to people? Oh I do know actually, since the 1970’s formula has been the norm. I was there and one of the young women who thought the system was always right. Nursed my first son for a bit then went to formula which he burped up regularly. Nasty stuff. Second son, nursed longer then went to omg,,, cows milk. He was about 5-6 months or so. Babies who have lactose issues can have goats milk. I know an uncle who thrived on goats milk.
    Humans are losing common sense in record numbers these days. How did so many humans make it as babies and grow up before formula? Do the younger generations even give it thought? Mothers nursed till the teeth came in or longer then it was cows milk. Or possibly a nurse maid if you were wealthy. Or just cows milk in the beginning if that was all. I think in some ways people were stouter years back than today and there were few or no poisons being used on our ground where the cows eat. Cows would have been grass fed which is natures way.

    1. Mrs. U,
      my sisters kid’s couldn’t drink simulac formula, it made them sick. she fed them mashed up peas , carrots and what ever else was in the table and they did just fine. every so often she would be feeding the oldest and we would slip her a dill pickle just to watch her face curl up, HAHA. to this day that girl will eat a whole jar of pickles and drink the juice. it didn’t hurt them kids one bit. they never got sick!

    2. Mrs. U
      Dh had to drink goats’ milk was allergic to cow’s milk and he was fine after they figured out what was wrong.
      He did well until he decided he could eat ice cream, and somehow managed to get over the reaction to the lactose in the milk product. It must have been the difference in the feed the cows consumed between the time he was born and later on in his lifetime. It was not a regular item for him to consume, just a special treat.

      1. Fresh organic raw cow or goat milk saved a few lambs lives when we had rejected lambs back when we raised sheep. The homogenization (spun at very high speeds) so it prevents the cream from separating and the pasteurization (works for the long delay from cow to one’s store) but fresh you just shake the milk in the jar and the raw has all the lovely pro-biotics. My lamb babies (who didn’t nurse from mama, though rare) were super healthy with this. No diarrhea. Find reputable dairy farmers in your area if you can and support them. :)

        1. We had a small raw milk dairy, but now just have a few milk cows. Some customers that were lactose-intolerant could drink raw milk, because the enzymes remained, not cooked away in pasteurization. Also, we had several parents who told stories of their children’s tooth cavities healing by remineralization from raw cow’s milk. I drink it at night to avoid heartburn and acid reflux.

    3. Mrs U

      This goes back to Doctors prescribing cigarettes. They said formula was healthier than mothers milk for babies. Then came allergies, asthma, and everything else. Follow the money? : )

    4. Mrs. U, I’m upset about the formula issue too. New mothers in third world countries are given recipes for making formula. Many baby boomers thrived on homemade formula. Our WA health department posted a warning that home-made formula is harmful and not to use it. And now msm is also warning everyone not to make their own. I think moms should check with the pediatrician for the best recipes. If they won’t help, I guess they think starving babies is the preferred choice.

      1. Babies have always needed to be fed for the thousands of years babies have been around. History says that at times where breastfeeding did not take place babies were fed other animal milk or a wet nurse was used. Baby formula didn’t exist until it was invented in 1865 in Germany. With the advent of canning in food processing, homemade formulas mixed from canned milk and Karo syrup were used in the 1900s as well as canned commercial versions of the same. Around this time soy products were introduced for lactose sensitive infants. This continued for many decades. In the 1960s, pediatricians encouraged vitamin supplements be added to commercial formula. Yet Congress did not pass the safe formula act until 1980.

        Babies have survived without modern commercial formula for most of history. Baby formula has only been regulated for the past 40 years. And generations survived the many decades of homemade versions of baby formula. It would seem that in the 2 1/2 months period where these shortages are expected to last that TPTB would be sharing information on homemade substitutes rather than proclaiming they shouldn’t be used.

        1. MamaLark,
          thank you!
          is Gerber baby food in short supply? have people really become this stupid? i think so.
          and what’s in that “formula”, something to turn them into mutants that don’t know if they are men, women or transsexual unicorns and dolphins. i wonder sometimes what has happened to our youth in the last 20 yrs. something has, and it’s not natural or culturally based.
          something is burning their brain’s up.

        2. Scout – I don’t understand how we have all these adults (?) who are militantly or at least overtly organic, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, natural food eaters but their kids are fed processed formula as infants and then a diet of chicken nuggets and french fries with sugary drinks when they are older. It would seem these individuals would be seeking out natural ways to feed their babies.

          As for something in the formula affecting the kids, when babies seem to be colicky doctors often switch them to soy based formula. Soy has phyto-estrogens. Supposedly chickens aren’t fed hormone enhanced feed, but when an animal is ready to butcher when its legs literally break from being unable to handle their weight, something is in the feed because that ain’t natural.

  7. scout – I’ve been playing with electricity since 1970 when I slipped an old ring-style pop top from a Pepsi can over a pair of ungrounded appliance cord prongs and plugged that sucker in just to see what would happen. It was glorious! The arc flash, the carbon tracking, the torso paralysis…peed my Winnie the Pooh PJ’s. It was then that I knew my career path in life would be to get paid to do jackass things with electricity. And that’s exactly what I did. I don’t care if works or doesn’t work, it’s just incredibly cool.

  8. Tmac,
    when i was 7 or 8 my grandmother had a device to get worms out of the ground for fishing.
    it consisted of an extension cord and two coat hangers that we would put into the ground about two ft apart. it worked good in her flower beds but we learned quickly not to put our fingers to far into the dirt.
    people were different back then. go climb a tree, go play in the road, get in a fight, we’ll patch you up before supper.
    rough and tumble and it was fun.

  9. Dennis, cali, other re-loaders,
    I’m trying to learn the ropes here. Have a neighbor who “may, might, kinda” know what he’s doing with reloading. He’s a poor teacher or maybe I’m a poor student. I seem to get different answers, from him, for the same questions. IMO reloading is a ZERO mistakes proposition. So, if you guys don’t mind, a few dumb newbie questions:
    What exactly qualifies as “small pistol” primer?
    What exactly qualifies as “large pistol” primer?
    Some smaller/medium rifle require smaller primers. (223, 222, 22 hornet, etc.) Same as pistol primers? Which one?

    Mostly I’m interested in .38 special, .40, and maybe 223. There seem to be a zillion different recipes for powder/bullet. Looking for a middle of the road powder that COULD work for two or more of my chosen calibers. Looking to likely load fmj on most everything. At least until I’m getting the hang of this. I know this is a complicated question. Looking for something that will safely go bang. No competition shooting and no need for anything exotic. Safe functional load(s). Suggestions?

    Every time I ask my neighbor/friend he goes off on some exotic tangent. He does have quality equipment. He just seems determined to push the limits. That’s not me. I will review any suggestions with the book. Thanks!

    1. Plainsmedic,
      There are more qualified than me to answer all your questions. I’ll answer the easy ones. Look online for “Primer/caliber size chart” , that’s what i did, and you will have your answer as to what size primer for what caliber. As for “standard Loads”, that’s why you buy a reloading manual. Hornaday, Speer, etc all have them, and they have different loads for different calibers by bullet weight and powder manufacturer. Others here will give you an opinion on what they think is best. As for a “Pet Load” for .38special, .40, etc. I think that Calirefugee or Dennis might share theirs, which i would trust. ( i would be careful of getting any load data off of shooting blogs). Most important thing about reloading is take it slow, keep it safe. Don’t push loads over the maximums you see in the reloading manuals. that’s my 2 cents, now i’ll let the Experts give their advice (which i will listen to carefully also).

    2. Plainsmedic,
      Generally ,38/.357 use small primers and larger calibers .45 uses large primers however in the past couple of years I have found some .45acp brass that use small primers. Now I have to sort them and keep and seat them separate from the large primer brass . A good all around, been here for ages pistol powder is Unique. It has a much slower burn rate powder than other powders such as Bullseye but it has a wider load range depending on the grain bullet you load. I have been using Tite Group in my .45 and .357 loads and I really like it. For regular rifle loads I use various IMRs and for .308 sub-sonic loads I use Trail Boss.

      1. Romeo Charlie,
        i have always used Unique myself in a lot of loads. one of the best all around powders out there IMO. small pistol to shotgun. i use others in my rifle cartridges, mostly IMR 3031 and Winchester 748. i have an old RCBS manual for my data.

    3. Plainsmedic

      To add to Minejim and Romeo Charlie’s advice I would suggest you get a good reloading manual such as Hornady Reloading or other manual which will explain a lot of the basics. I have seen some so called experts make some dangerous mistakes. You only have two eyes and two hands. You need all of them.

      1. scout,
        I agree 100%, Unique is tried and true and is probably the best “monkey wrench” powder there is. I’m also an RCBS man and use both a Rock Crusher and Special 5 single stage presses. I picked up a complete RCBS Rock Chucker reloading starter kit (press, manual scale, powder measure etc) for a great price that has never been used and is still in the box. I have it put away for “just in case” along with some extra dies, shell holders, load data sheets I print from manufacturers websites, various bullets for cartridges that I don’t normally reload but there may be a need to do so in the future.

      2. Plainsmedic,

        First, just like Deep South advised, go get yourself a reputable reloading manual. I can’t recommend the Lyman reloading manual enough. Hornady, Sierra, Lee, and Loadbooks all make great manuals but none are as complete as the Lyman. The Lyman is pricey for this reason.

        Second, purchase the reloading series of DVDs from RCBS or simply watch them on utube. The complete DVDs are a little better to me.

        Third, the NRA offers a metallic loading class that will occur somewhere near you a few times a year. Get signed up and go. I had been reloading for a number of years and went to this class with an old friend. I learned. So the point is you can always learn more.

        1. +1 on the lyman manual, good start, i have one from each type of projectile i load too, develop loads off individual manufacturers manuals.

    4. I suggest you buy a good reloading manual or download one. All your questions are answered there. All reliable information and written with safety in mind.
      Most of bullet manufacturers ( speer, hornady, etc. ) have them online and include many bullet/ powder combinations.
      Thats my 2 cents worth.

      1. Ditto on the manuals, also access information on U-tube videos those are worth watching

  10. Dennis, the fertilizer already coming from there is Toxic… maybe they need to build a bigger wall and flood the place.

  11. Scout, others on worm gathering, any fork you can stick in the ground like a hay fork..will work just hit the handle so it vibrates.

  12. Dennis,
    There was an article posted yesterday on Natural News about Dieselgeddon, (clever name), and what it may bring about. After reading it my body went stone cold. I never connected all of the dots as well as the author did. Might be worth reading.

    On a happier note, I now think I understand why you offer insightful comments and words of wisdom. It’s all of the range therapy you’re getting!!

  13. Plainsmedic,

    Too much to cover in a short post, but to answer some of your questions…

    Pretty much all centerfire pistol cartridges up to 40 S&W use small pistol primers. They come in standard or magnum and are designated as such. Standard pressure loads you’re talking of will do fine with standard small pistol primers. I have, in a pinch, used magnum primers in standard pressure loads w/o any problems, but am not recommending that practice.

    Your .223 takes a small rifle primer. Rifle primers, both large and small are made with thicker metal to withstand the much higher pressures and the stronger firing pin strikes and throw a hotter flame than pistol primers. They are available in both standard and magnum….standard is fine for your use.

    As for pistol powders, I would suggest Unique as the most versatile, but prefer Bullseye, 231, or Titegroup for my loading…mainly because my powder throw meters them better. I use Varget for .223.

    Plenty of reloading books available, both from powder and bullet manufacturers with safe load tables. The Reloaders Bible is a great guide that covers every aspect of the hobby.

    Rather than trying to cover all aspects…get started…if you run into a problem…ask, and me or someone else will work you through it.

  14. Dennis,
    It’s interesting that while the markets are falling so is the price of Gold and Silver which is usually the opposite. Silver Spot price is $20.99 so I ordered a few more ounces. In my opinion, crypto is an internet-based scheme whose fluctuations are very unpredictable and I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

    1. Randy and Waco were used to test how average Americans would react to government agencies using military tactics, snipers and equipment against US citizens.

      1. Romeo Charlie
        My dh when he was still alive was royal po’ed at the gobe mint for their actions against two different ideologies. Not a happy camper over their lack of control regarding either situation. Said both could have been handle with less upper handedness.

  15. So happy for you and look forward to hearing how things progress. I am moving a couple hardiness zones north to land with no garden or other edible plants or trees. So starting over after 17 years here.

  16. Thanks guys, I will be ordering supplies. Standard small pistol primers for both .38 special and .40
    Unique or Bullseye 231. I’ll check “the book” to make sure it will do both.
    That’s enough to get me going.
    I have a Hornady book and a “bible” available to me. There’s soooo many options, it’s hard to know where to start.
    Any bullet brands to avoid fmj????

    1. Plainsmedic,
      Different powders, different bullet and powder grains as well as different type and brand of bullets can vary very drastically in different types of firearms, barrel lengths and barrel twist rates. Don’t buy a bunch of one type of bullet i.e.all 115gr Hornady FMJ until you know what bullet weight and powder loads works best for you. I started out by buying boxes of 50 of various weight and type of bullets from different manufacturers to find the ones that worked best for me. Good luck and happy reloading. It’s a fun hobby.

      1. This is an old but really good load for 7mm grains H870 with a Sierra 148 gr.boat tail Spitszer.

  17. Pitchfork – In the satan category…man’s sin against man, there is no fix to what they are doing. Elections….forget it / Revolt…..not happening, no stomach for it. The ‘Great’ Tribulation is mentioned 3 times in the Bible and that is mostly what man will do to man. Violence to the max…wars and rumors of war, Christains slaughtered for their beliefs, rape, robbery, and murder, civil war. Compare Matt. 24 point by point against today’s headlines. The far reaching implications are profound. God has turned His back on this nation as we (as a nation) have turn our back on Him. Consequently, He has lifted His hand of protection. Drought, starvation, etc. have been reversed in the past….but not this time. Look at the dought forecast for the coming years. Starvation? How is man fixing that? The interesting part comes when the violence against His elect reaches a certain level. Earthquakes, volcanos, weather changes, “rocks” from above, pole shift, sun flares, tsunami, earth slides, etc. are not controlled by man. God’s wrath is building. At no time in history have we seen ALL of these things coming in one season of time. The bravest of the brave WILL piss their pants when God unleashes His full anger upon this world. Isaiah 13: 13. BTW, the number 13 is the number of rebellion. God will protect His elect as promised from HIS wrath….and hopefully, in some cases, against the wrath of man. That is a nutshell of what I see. Those meant to “see” will see. Read Tom Horn’s account of this “near miss” coming in April 2029. They are telling you it will be a near miss. Will it??? Then read Horn’s account of this pope’s coming to office….unbelieveable. The true fear will come from above….not from man. Time for me to focus all my attention studying the Bible in preparation for my test(s). I hope I pass the final exam. Take care my friend.

    1. Pitchfork – You asked me what I see regarding these end days. I seem to be living it. I just found out that my friend died. The guy that helped me through my trials in the recent past. For the most part he was a homeless man. A man that gave to me pretty much everything I understand about the Bible in many hours of phone conversations. He helped me but would not take my help offered to him. He once told me the Lord will judge His people first…..will strip everything from them to see where they stand. In our last conversation, he admonished me for worrying more about other people’s salvation and not focusing on my own. He told me it was not my job….but God’s job as He will take care of them, one way or the other. I politely disagreed with him. I thought he was mad at me as he did not return my calls. I had to do some digging as I got concerned when I saw his dot com site shut down and he was not posting any more vids on youtube. He died in a market place talking to others and answering questions (as he always did) about Jesus. Who am I going to talk to now Frank….and what would I say? The words are hard for me. It is one thing to talk about judgement….another thing to live it. God help me. Rest easy Frank, our Lord spared you of these days to come.

      1. SS,
        that seem’s to be the hardest part of getting older for me, lost friends and family. i miss them terribly.
        we’ll be together soon one day. i can’t wait to see em.

      2. SS,
        So very sorry for your loss.
        May you and Frank find peace.
        Sending prayers and blessings to you, SS.

      3. MadFab / scout – Thank you. My soul was rocked by the conformation of what I began to suspect as he was not in good health. You both steadied me up. I smile for him as he is home. And I smile for you both in your journey home. Peace, blessings, and safety to you.

  18. Whoo-hoo
    Found three morel mushrooms, this afternoon. I hope this is the start, as we’ve had a weird spring. Wet, but cold, nighttime lows in the freezing area. Now it’s hot and dry. Mid 80’s/humid today.

    So a couple late nights ago…
    I ask, what ya want for supper?
    You pick. As she does her nightly chores.
    Left overs…..and a nice chef salad.
    I take out all the salad fixins.
    She comes in…i ask,,
    we don’t have lettuce, do we?
    Nope, but we do have dandelion greens in the yard.
    Good save, woman!

    10 incubated chicks came out tonight.
    I ask what they are.
    She says,
    But at least we have new to replace the old, occasional layers.

  19. Anony Mee, I started out as PNW Gal, but forgot and used NW Gal, and then PNW Sal started posting, so I stayed with NW Gal. Good question! 😊

    Oh, I just saw PNW Sal’s post! We’re both here!

  20. I got the two standing “planters” filled and planted. Potatoes and the first herb gardens tomorrow. There’ll be a small culinary herb garden off the back porch and a small medicinal herb garden by the front door. I found out that the leach field is right where I’d planned to put the garden boxes so that needs to be reevaluated. One thing at a time, I suppose, but now that I’m here I want to do ALL THE THINGS.

    1. Lauren, it depends on how deep that leach field is… and what you are planting in the raised beds…some plants have very shallow root system , and some grow into trees, in a single season(okra).
      .. soil under the leach field…. loose soil or sandy soil mixed with clay.. should hold up and as long as beds have needed depth for your vegs will be ok…(no visible water to top during rainy weather.) soil that has no absorption ability like soapstone not so much.. must be very deep raised with lots of loose soil in bottom..we will be needing to use sand barrier…of 6-8 inches… in those areas…( our leach field is 8+ ft.deep.)

    2. Lauren:
      I have my Raised Bed Garden (most of it) on top the Leach Field.
      The top of the infiltrators are 2-3 feet below the soil level.
      My on-ground beds are all 2 feet deep or in other containers.
      Only thing I did was put a really good Weed/Water Barrier on the bottom of the Beds, so nada could grow down into the ‘Field” AND no weeds could grow up into my Beds.
      I have had zero problems with this method at all, been there for 10 years so far.
      I’m careful to NOT over water the Beds, why waste the water, the Barrier drains the water out from under the Beds so I can tell when I’m getting carried away with watering.

      1. NRP,
        Good advice NRP! Lauren you shouldn’t have any issues if you put your raised beds over the leach field if done this way, provided the leach field is in good working order before you start. ( I recommend you pump your septic tank every 5 years to help keep the leach field in good working condition). Good luck at your new place!

  21. Anony Mee,
    I have no idea what is happening with my phone. Can’t make or answer calls.
    Heading to Verizon in the am, so hopefully they can tell me what I am doing wrong. Have tried to call and txt yesterday and today. Grrrr.
    Not ghosting ya.

    1. I had the same problem. I spoke with a higher level Verizon technician and found out that they were upgrading the cell towers to 5G and were rearranging the antennas.
      No warning, just cut off the cell service for a few days.
      Try driving over to another cell tower area.

  22. Pitchfork, my brother always said Matthew 24:19 was about new believers who didn’t know much, but the current formula mess sure gives a whole new meaning to the scripture

  23. Soul Survivor, all the talk about Rev 9:5 and the scorpions is telling. Scorpions turn their victims backbone to mush. Had a nightmare the other day about what was going on with rush and ukrn going on here. Think that old movie Red Dawn. It was horrible and I woke up feeling like I did when someone came within an inch of hitting me on my motorcycle (weak knees same as mushy backbone), or like when something awful happens and things will never be the same in your life (death of a loved one). Hopefully sense of humor the last to go. I remember reading somewhere how the Brits liked to fight alongside the Americans because of their wit. With all the depressing constant barrage of bad news, the sense of humor I see out there keeps me at peace

    1. crows nest – I firmly agree and believe that a sense of humor is critical to survival. Dealing with crash victims and such (in my former life) if I could get them to smile, it was easier to gain their confidence and put them at ease ….especially kids. We are facing some hard truths….if one can smile…it helps. It takes a smile to get a smile. Question is…..who will be first? I’ll race ya !!!

  24. Farmgirl, that makes sense. I had forgotten about that but remember commenting to my spouse when I first heard about their disgusting lab grown milk. Too many young women are convinced that they cannot breast feed…it is not as healthy for their baby. It is a shame. For the small number that truly cannot breastfeed, they need a natural alternative, which can be a breast milk bank or goat’s milk. Those formulas are full of crap.

  25. Lauren, congratulations! I was thinking about you yesterday as I was working on the garden which we are trying to “reinforce”. Good luck with your new endeavors! You will do well in your new place and you have the experience to make it thrive!

  26. Morning folks…life is good on the mountain…beautiful orange sun rose to announce the dawn of a new day. Weather promises to be hot…probably humid. Yard needs mowing again…hasn’t been a full week since last time.

    Don’t know why but got to thinking about how quickly folks got used to checking out their purchases themselves at Wally World…then remembered one of my first paying jobs, pumping gas. Gas prices back then, early 60’s, hovered around 35 cents a gallon. For that you got your windshield washed, your oil, other fluids, and tire pressures checked, you paid the attendant while still seated in your car and waited for them to bring your change back. A red shop rag hung from the attendants back pocket…stained with oil wiped from the dipsticks.

    Self-service was unheard of back then…how far we have progressed….

    Oh, well…reckon I need to stop reminiscing…looks like with all this progress we’re making, we won’t be checking ourselves out when we buy groceries…we’ll be growing our own food too…

    Have a good ‘un folks…take time to enjoy the journey….

    1. Dennis
      I don’t think you would want most of today’s dip$hits checking your dipstick

      1. Remember the old scam, where the service station attendant would “short stick” your oil …and always say you needed a quart? Same with your transmission…and coolant? Some used to carry a small bottle of oil in their pockets…and squirt some on your shock absorbers as they performed inflation service for your tires. Naturally, your windshield wipers needed to be replaced..too.

        But, then…those old cars did need constant attention…and a quart of oil was pretty cheap….

        I remember when gas first went up to $.62 a gallon, from when it used to be $.38 or so. We were SO OUTRAGED!! Back then, you had to make sure you turned OFF your car…so you could fill it up. Otherwise, the pump would never stop.

        1. Ision,
          the old 1960’s chevy motors would run a half quart low, i don’t care what you did to them. fill em up and go around the block and they would be a half quart low, drive them five thousand miles and they would be a half quart low. it’s a true mystery that remains to this day : )

    2. Dennis,
      remember when the greasy little guy would come out and say, can i check your oil? and we would say-NO, get away from my car.
      well, he finally did.

    3. The price inflation factor from 1960 to 2020 is 8.7 and 1970 to 2020 is 7.0 so if we sawg ‘early 60s’ at about 8 then our 35 cents per gallon looks like $2.80.

      DT got it a little better (~30%) than that while Mr. B is about 40% higher.

      Presidents usually get credit/blame for inflation and gas prices whether that’s fair or not…Blame couldn’t happen to a more deserving figure than our current pResident…


  27. Spent roughly 3.5 hours looking at reloading data and how-to. The time flew by. My eyes eventually said “enough.” The more I read, the less I think my neighbor/friend knows. I think I’ll do this on my own. Load a few, very few, try ’em out seems to be the preferred way. I’m sure I’ll avoid “max loads.” I’ve already changed my mind on fmj bullets for reloading. I like Speer TMJ 165 grain. I’ve shot some of those (factory loads) and have more. (.40)

    Wow, there is a lot to learn here. Many variables and each choice, changes everything. Kind of reminds me of starting with ham radio. Am I too old to learn this stuff? I guess we’ll see. Thanks for tolerating my ignorant questions. Seems like you guys have got me pointed in the right direction; Unique powder for .38 and/or .40. Several middle of the road recipes for both. I assume using winchester small pistol primers “may” slightly change the data, but should still be safe? That’s what is available right now. Kinda like Icom or Yaesu.

    1. Plainsmedic,
      That sounds like a good plan and as others said you will learn a lot by reading, then loading and see how they perform. As you mentioned with Ham, you can enjoy 2m on a handheld or build a mega-watt HF rig to talk around the world it just depends on how much time and money you want to invest. Same goes for reloading. Better to start small and work your way up than to try and master 10 different calibers in one month.

    2. Plainsmedic, keep it simple…. Or your new hobby “to save money” will bleed you rapidly. I know from experience. hahahahaha

      1. RC and BG,
        Thanks for the advice. I’m not thinking “to save money.” More like availability. My very limited goals with re-loading are similar to my ham radio goals. Learn and do what I/we need. I’ve learned a LOT about one tiny part of ham radio, 2m ssb. That’s the band/mode we need. It’s a perfect fit for our needs (distance and terrain). I’ll be concentrating all my efforts with .38 and .40. Hoping we can cope with just that. I’ll never be an expert with ham nor will I become a reloading guru. Mistakes with ham just cost money, if anything. Reloading…….?

        Thanks again for the advice. I may well become the slowest, most cautious, reloader ever. With ham, once I had 2m ssb figured out, the rest seems doable if I need it. A fm yagi isn’t much different than a ssb yagi. ETC.

  28. A fast-moving thunderstorm ran through Nebraska yesterday. There are some very cool pictures and videos of the resulting dust storm reminiscent of the Dust Bowl days. Maybe “cool” isn’t the best word because I wouldn’t have wanted to see my topsoil take off like that; been in the middle of it outside or driving; or have to clean up afterward. Shows a lot of land in the midst of planting season in need of moisture.

  29. Reply to Plainsmedic on reloading of 38 Special, 40 S&W and the 223 Remington: I have reloading manuals that are published within the past 15 years (pressure testing methods were changed to piezo-electric computer generated methods that give a more precise indicator of pressure. This happened about 15 years ago). If you follow the data within the books, you will generally be happy. The only on-line site I obtain reloading information from is the Hodgdon website for reloaders. This site gets used a lot for new powders that come out. Reloading manuals are expensive much like college chemistry books. I have manuals from: Speer, Sierra, Hornady, Nosler. I have found different information from 2 different manuals for the same cartridge. I have completed college level courses in chemistry, organic chemistry and physics. I follow the same experimental process when testing loads prior to carrying into the field for use on live game. Shooting at targets is another part of the experimental process.
    As for folks like your neighbor, Time to walk away and start doing the research/experimentation/work on your own and record your results within lab notebooks and you can transfer the info to a computer thumb drive at later time. The guy that got me started in hunting and fishing was a Marine/police officer that liked to load everything hot. He was more of a shooter and did not like to reload. I did some reloading for him and inherited much from him. I helped clean his estate when he passed.

    1. Calirefugee,
      courses in chemistry, organic chemistry and physics, that’s good. i’m just a old retired redneck, HVAC tech, and plumber with a strong background in diesel fuel injection repair, and i have the knees to prove it. but with all of your background why are you working as a nurse on the swing shift. just wondering.

  30. FYI,,According to one of Mr.s facebook ‘friends’ if you change your search/country to Canada you will find plenty of baby formula. Just an idea.

      1. for baby formula, others have mentioned goat milk, could also wash rice well, soak for an hour- rinse again, and make rice milk. and use infant mvi,begin feeding cereals early..,,,another option is to be an illegal crossing the border- then there are pallets of formula reserved for you… not jokin’ -just sayin’- just don’t give any to those rich babies who are supposed to be here and have dietary intolerance.

  31. I finally bought a sprouter and some seeds. Also studying micro greens which are just more mature sprouts. Having greens/fresh food will be a health booster. Will need a grow light for micro greens. Not sure if a winter sun would be enough. Growing something indoors away from others eyes.

    1. Mrs U
      I sprout all year around in my kitchen with just light from the windows. I love it. I have such a brown thumb I am happy when anything grows. If you find a mix or seed you like I would be interested to hear.

    2. sprouts are done in dark cabinet. so if like them much quicker- abt 3-4 days. where microgreens/ fodder abt 7-8 days w/ light and rinsing..

    3. glad to hear you have started sprouting :) Its a great source of food and very private . An overlooked benifit of sprouting is the large stock of various seeds avalable in case of very serious situations were a large crop of a quick growing veg is needed . Where pep have zero garden space it can be a constant source of salad veg . Good luck in your efforts to sprout .

      1. I never gave the many types of seeds much thought but there are many popular varieties even sunflower seeds. Going to start with the old faithful alfalfa.

        1. Mrs. U, I have been experimenting with sprouting for a couple of months now. I too started with alfalfa. Have tried clover and radish also and a salad mix that came in a sample pack. I found a sprouting seed distributor one province away and recently put in a large order to sample all their salad mixes. I think lots of people are looking at sprouting. There is a wait list at the local library for every book about sprouting and micro greens!

    4. Mrs U, I grow micro greens all winter in there greenhouse without lights. They do very well. Most greens and lettuces do, they just need temps about 60-65 or a bit more. Even growing near windows in the house will do well. I also grow them not only for us but for the chickens all winter long too. Keeps them (and us) healthy for sure!

  32. In the category of ‘Who the Hell Cares’….. I am growing a beard. Yes…that’s right, a beard. This will be my second go at it in my life. The first time, I was about 20-ish. As I correctly remember….it drove me freakin crazy….but I will tuff it out for a while. I have re-discovered a mystery in my efforts though. The first time around, it came in full red. My hair was chestnut in color with some faint red highlights. Now, my hair is chestnut colored with gray highlights and my beard is coming in full gray. Without a beard, they say I look no where near my age. With the beard coming in, they say I look my age, and maybe then some. I think I will keep it….might keep me out of the coming draft. Maybe start using a cane with a fake limp when in public….and red suspenders holding up checkered pants. Yeah….and one of my Hawaiian shirts too. If I can just get over this damn itch. Gotta remember to be careful after blowing my nose….nah, part of the “look”. Social distance tool. Ahhh….give us a kiss sweetie. Sorry if I offened anyone’s code of dress here….I guess we are all (males) headed for the checkered pants thing. Does Wrangler make checkered pants in denim?

    1. soulSurvival.
      HEY.!! I resemble that remark. You making fun of ME? Just kidding, had a beard since I was 18. No one knows what I look like clean shaven.

    2. SoulSurvival,
      give it a chance, the itch will go away as it grows out. fabric softener ? HAHA. that is the great thing about getting older, we can do anything we want. with me it’s a beard and bib overalls with boots. people keep their distance. : ) maybe i should wear a shirt as well.
      i do love the idea of the checkered pants, hawaiian shirts and suspenders. DW wouldn’t be seen in town with me and i could sit on the bench inside the front door at walmart with the rest of the old men and talk about the weather.- you know, gathering intel. i would be in good company.

      1. scout – “maybe i should wear a shirt as well”……nah, don’t. I like your style. Beware…..some of those “old timers” sitting on the bench can be a rowdy lot……checkin out the ladies and such. Just because a player is on the bench…..don’t mean they can’t play.

        1. SS,
          i wasn’t going to say it, but yep, it’s summertime at the grocery stores here. : )

    3. SS, lightly brush your beard, to encourage it to grow out without ingrown hairs and lightly oil or use hair mositurizer/ hand moisturizer on it.. for first little bit… either of these will help the itch… My first dh couldn’t shave routinely bec. of skin problems. He once came in after a trip to his DM’s..with a clean shave and shearing.He looked so different i did nt know him til he opened his mouth.LOL

      1. TOJS – I just tried some oil on it……it helps a lot, thank you. Now that you mentioned it, I worry about having this thing for a while and then shaving it off. Will my Emma recognize me when she first sees me? Will she rip my pants off? (will be ok if its the checkered ones) I guess I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it. Please note…. Emma is my dog….just so there is no confusion.

    4. SoulSurvival,
      For beard itch I “wash” my face with rubbing alcohol.
      Having said that, I normally use witch hazel as an aftershave. Cheap – it works – no smell… Don’t know if it would work instead of the rubbing alcohol but it can’t hurt to try.
      As you might recall, I’m an 18th Century buff. Did some research & found they used vinegar as an aftershave back then. Caution: do not use full strength!!! Works surprisingly well diluted with water. If there is one negative it is that the vinegar would make me hungry! Salad anyone… Again, don’t know if it would help for the itch.

      1. Far North – Vinegar on the beard might be a bad deal up where you are. If those bears ever got a hold of vinegar french fries…..well, I know I can’t leave them alone….hope they can.

        1. SS,
          Good point. I have to be careful about using that fish fertilizer out in the garden too. Grin!
          Speaking of beards though. Used to grow one each fall, until it turned gray, that is.
          Then this pandemix thing came along, and every tin despot who suddenly discovered they had power over others — be this person the manager of a store, the mayor of a city, or the governor of a state. Started implementing all the hair-brained notions they could come up with. Including requiring masks.
          Then, it wasn’t enough just to wear a mask, it had to seal properly. Well… if you have a beard the mask doesn’t seal properly.
          So, I started growing a beard again as an “in your face” protest.

          1. Far North – I LIKE it….”in your face” protest!! That does it! I am convinced. The beard rules. Thank you, and all for the comments and advice.

  33. I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious. Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have … The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases. The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.
    -Thomas Jefferson

  34. Well my youngest daughter just graduated university having worked two jobs to afford it and her own place at the beach. Their department held a private graduation ceremony on campus, in defiance of covid protocols which most seem cling to in the hallowed halls of academia. It was interesting to me as a HS dropout to see what I missed. The graduate just ahead of my daughter had a family gaggle of screaming trash just behind me. They all blasted out blood curdling stadium shrieks well after their kid left the stage, blowing out my right eardrum and ruining the video of my kid.
    I noticed an impish little he/she thing dressed in some sort of regal wizard suit with colorful tassels sporting a poofy hat, butch cut and an RBF that could sour milk. I asked my daughter what was the deal with this critter. Apparently I was in the presence of a “tenured professor”, an extremely leftist one who tried, and failed to get my daughter suspended in her first year for daring to stand up to her and challenging her dogmatic left-wing nonsense. They sparred a few more times over the remaining 3 years. Logic is kryptonite to these university lifers, my little girl had great fun with it.
    Gasoline in Orange County is $6.89.
    Life is good in da hood.

    1. Congratulations to your daughter and to you. My dad told me more than once “an education is something that can’t be taken away or lost”. She is on a good path.

    2. Tmac,
      Good on your daughter having fun with that, that professor?!?! She’s got Moxie. Not sure if that is a regional (New England) term? But it is good.
      Check out Buddy Brown u-tub-e. He did a Graduation speech thing yesterday.

    3. Tmac
      Pass on to your daughter “Congratulations” on getting her degree with all the poo she had to go through in order to obtain it.
      May not have had the pleasure of meeting her years ago but knew she would acquire her degree.🥳👩‍🎓

  35. Today one of the local Atlanta news stations was warning people to get their second booster shot before the upcoming Covid surge this Fall and Winter. This ties in with the statement by Bill Gates that there is a even more deadly Covid variant coming the Fall and Winter and people need to get vaccinated. How does he know there is another more deadly variant coming in 6 months unless he knows who and where it is being created right now.

    Perfect timing to put the nation into lockdown again before and during the elections so they can order the use of paper and mail-in ballots only because in-person voting will be much too risky…..however it’ll be okay to go to the liquor store without any fear.

    1. Exactly. In fact, the new and more deadly strain is probably included in the booster shot.

  36. Chipmunk, starting with quail by hatching is tough stuff. I would recommend buying Pharoah or the Texas A&M variety to get started. Both are good egg layers. Once you get more adapted to quail then move back to hatching. A good healthy Pharoah can produce 300 eggs a year. Are you raising egg birds, meat birds, or hunting trainers? We have several people in this area that are egg buyers and a few hunting bird buyers.

    1. BG
      Good news: despite my lack of experience and confusion, two of my Coturnix eggs hatched yesterday, and it looks like another is pipping. Not a great hatch rate for 22 eggs, but I really was worried I’d killed them all. They sure are cute, little bitty things! For now, I’m going to raise them for eggs; will move over to include meat if the PTB make chicken cost what steak used to. I will look into those other varieties of bird, thanks for the suggestion.

      1. Chipmunk,
        Remember that campaign slogan? “A chicken in every pot.”
        At one time chicken was very expensive.
        Don’t remember any of the specifics. Who was running for office, etc.

        1. Far North,
          Here’s your history lesson for today, whether you want it or not. :) I remembered that quote as being a Hoover campaign promise. It wasn’t exactly. This is what I dug up at the first place I saw online. I’m merely assuming it’s correct:
          In 1928, a group of Republican businessmen created an ad touting the supposed gains the Republican Party had made for working Americans. The ad ran in the New York World and the headline read, “A Chicken in Every Pot.” “The Republican Party isn’t a poor man’s party,” the ad began. It went on to say that “Republican efficiency has filled the workingman’s dinner pail – and his gasoline tank besides…Republican prosperity has reduced hours and increased earning capacity, silenced discontent, put the proverbial “chicken in every pot.” And a car in every backyard, to boot.” Hoover easily beat Smith in the 1928 election. It’s worth noting that Hoover never actually promised Americans a chicken in every pot, as Smith suggested. But Hoover did run on a “prosperity” platform, promising ordinary Americans a better life. That may be why the “chicken in every pot” slogan stuck to him so well, and caused him so much trouble later on. Decades later, when John F. Kennedy was running for president, he dredged up the “chicken in every pot” slogan all over again. JFK attributed the quote to Hoover, expanding the original slogan to include twice as many chickens as before.

          1. Wendy,

            Another history tidbit….folks coined the term “Hoover hogs” to describe jack rabbit, possum, and armadillo harvested for food during the depression.

          2. Wendy,
            Just a thought. What if anything did Hoover have to do with the stock market crash?

  37. Lauren, congratulations on getting that chapter behind you! I hope the new chapter finds you healthy and happy! Remember, it’s your chapter to write!

  38. Shortages are weird. Box tissue (Kleenex equivalent) is nearly out of stock at the local Fred Meyer store, but fully stocked at the local Winco (name brand and Winco brand). The local grocery stores seemed generally well stocked, however some some areas seemed ‘ragged’/’thin’. I’m not sure if that is due to shortages or just short term shelf stocking issues. I am taking a moderated conservative attitude and enhancing my food preps for just in case.
    Also, I finally got approved for full time virtual work arrangement, which means the ability to up sticks from the Seattle area. My first preference is the Spokane area, however, due to family issues (90 year old mother) I am looking at Yakima. Anyone have experience with the Yakima area?

    1. DLS, I lived and worked in Yakima just before my final retirement. Some really stellar folks live there. Also lots of criminals, illegals, drug dealers. Big rez with the usual problems. Some decent casinos. One of the best and largest hops growing areas in the world. Good fishing. Cold icy winters. Lots of hunters. Very dry hot summers, brush fires, smoke. Yakima Firing Range nearby. Medical school there. Some very pretty areas west of town on Hwy 12. Asparagus tamales in season are to die for. Fruit stands, honey. Ellensburg is a college town to the west on I-90; icy highway in to Yak in winter. Wenatchee NW of there is getting toward mountains and very desirable/ costly. Lots of ag all around. Sturgeon in the Columbia. Vineyards, lots of wineries to the east in Prosser area. Wine, brew, taco fests. Central WA state fair, gun shows, Prosser prepper expo. Horses and archery are popular. Downtown isn’t safe. Winco is right across the road from Costco. Plenty of churches. Some beautiful views, horizons, mighty cloud formations, huge thunderstorms, mountains.
      Will be visiting there in a couple weeks.
      Wouldn’t live there again on a bet (too dry.)

      1. Anony Mee,

        Thank you. I should have been more clear. My Mom was raised in Yakima, and family on her side is still there, and I have been traveling to Yakima for several years (decades) so I am familiar with the wine, beer, people, etc. Yes, crime and homelessness is there, possibly growing (be careful around the Target store off Fair Avenue). That I have family there would give me a slight ‘in’ as opposed to being a complete outsider. I hadn’t considered water to be an issue. I haven’t heard of water issues in that part of the valley, although the lower valley looks to be having water issues.

        One aspect of the Yakima (and Ellensburg) area is that there isn’t much military there, which means it is not a first strike target like Puget Sound (multiple bases) or Spokane (Fairchild). Yakima is also not quite ‘Seattle-lite’, which Spokane is on the edge of becoming.

        Thank you for your thoughts and observations. I may end up moving due to my Mom, and then possibly move again after she passes.

  39. Reply to Scout: Why does a person with a background in the hard sciences work as a nurse on swing shift?
    #1. I took classes in chemistry, O-chem and physics does not mean that I have mastered the subjects. Truth be told, at that young age, I passed these courses with a solid B grade. I spent enough time in the lab to develop solid technique though. By the time I took microbiology as an over 30 YO reentry student, I scored an easier A grade and was offered a job in the Life Sciences department prior to graduation.
    #2. As a nurse, I am a Registered Nurse with a strong union within my state. I also can pass medications at a high rate of speed with a low rate of errors. The attention to detail from chemistry classes carries over very well to medications and drugs and I can ask intelligent questions of the pharmacist(s) within the hospitals I work in.
    #3. As an RN doing med pass on swing shift and on weekends, I get shift differential pay and weekend differential pay. My wife and I are both RN’s. We both work weekends. High pay, same benefits and the suits are gone. (a floor RN on top of pay scale can make as much as a police captain).
    #4. It is raining outside right now and it has been raining all day today. If I was a traffic cop or a paramedic, I would be out in that rain doing my job. My job within a hospital is in a clean, well-lighted place that serves hot meals 3x in a 24 hr day. I went back to school to become a nurse because I was tired of playing on the side of the freeway.

    1. Calirefugee, What a wonderful answer to the question! as a LPN (low paid nurse) trained in the late 80’s, to do everything in Rn description of the time- except to hang blood- and out of field for many years, i truly get it.

  40. Reminds me of the adage ‘ the inmates are running the institution’ could not be more true……as far as the republicans, I hope all citizens of this country wake up to what’s happening and get on “ track” yet there are republicans still fighting against MAGAs to the delight of the socialists ( that’s what I know call demon-crats). Common sense is a luxury few can afford not to have, and yet many do not possess. Good luck to all of us, see you on the flip-side, God bless

  41. It’s getting light outside. I’m still developing new schedules and routines but I’m right back to waking up with the sun.

    I need about 10 more bags of manure to finish the gardens I have already set up, then I need more cardboard to expand. I’m thinking I’ll talk to some of the farmers and see if they have rotted hay they can’t feed to their cows.

    1. Lauren
      Make sure it is not the hay which was contaminated some time back.. fyi

      Sorry do not recall the specific spray that was applied to this food for livestock. Ask if it was sprayed with anything, just making sure you do not contaminate your new garden.

      1. Lauren and Antique Collector
        I believe the herbicide in question is Grazon. Can also be in manure of animals that grazed on fields where this was used.

        1. Lauren, AC and Chipmunk… there are MANY herbicides used on pasture land to keep the grain/grass/hay harvest pure from weeds.Every one of them can cause cancer of stomach and other places in horses esp.(have a friend that has lost 4 horses. to various cancers- she later traced back to herbicide… they pass thru the animal with the animal as a filter but enough remain in the manure, the compost is capable of stunting and curling the leafs of plants… plants like sunflowers will pull this out in 2-3 years…according to early research.grains and seed heads from those plants used for that purpose must be burned…To avoid further damage from the (by some private gardeners)
          some plants will grow in this if already sprouted and well viable. they can pass the poison on to vegetables and fruits.
          Danny from Deep South Homestead has several video’s on this with his experience..

      2. I unknowingly used hay that had been sprayed with Grazon around my tomatoes last spring and the plants looked like something from a Dr. Suess book and I had to throw away all of the dirt in four 2x2x8 containers. Grazon is widely used and it is passed through the hay and also the manure and will poison your soil for up to seven years. It has been banned in many countries because of the long term damage it does to the soil but here in the good Old US of A the FDA turns a blind eye. Unless to know the farmer you’re buying your hay from directly, assume that it has been sprayed with Grazon.

        1. I, too, lost an entire garden using hay as a mulch sprayed with Grazon the first year at our new homestead. Watched it die within three days. Had to completely remove all the soil too. Then I went to raised beds. Grazon is horrid stuff…..I agree.

    1. I would rather not acknowledge anything that uses that thanks,
      Yall can be what you be i will be me

  42. plainsmedic,
    Get a reloading manual, doesn’t matter which company, and read it thoroughly.

  43. Question for those with medical/ nursing /paramedic background:
    I am trying to put together a list of items for home medical kits for a couple of relatives who are actually interested- nothing fancy, just the basics beyond a big box of bandaids, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, cotton balls and antibiotic cream. They already own all of those items. The relatives have no medical background to speak of. I am very confused by all the ply ratings for various types of bandage rolls and gauze bandages: 3 ply, 6 ply 8 ply , 12 ply. Are the higher numbers of ply the thinnest bandages? Which ply would be best? The most likely scenarios would be kitchen accidents involving sharp knives during food prep or burns or home repair accidents, involving hand tools or metal repairs. One person has heart problems and has had a stroke in the past, which is why I am considering the blood pressure cuff and oximeter to their kit.

    So far I am thinking they would need a digital forehead scan thermometer, waterproof medical tape to hold bandages in place, a dual head stethoscope ( can also be used on pets), an oximeter, a penlight. a blood pressure cuff, a classic rubber hot water bottle which can also double as a bed warmer in cold weather, hot compresses, and some ice packs. There are so many lists on the internet of ” needed medical items” I don’t know which one to choose to work from.

    Thank you for any advice or opinions to point me in the right direction.

    1. Think one ply vs two ply TP. Unlike wires, the higher numbers are thicker. Just means it’s 2 pieces thick, or 6, or 12.

    2. A suture kit and injectable lidocaine with penicillin capsules to sprinkle into the wound before closing.There is a suture practice
      pad that sort of resembles human flesh.Practice using monofilament fishing line so as not to waste valuable suture material.

      Splinting material and immobilizing boots.I’ve always found the boots at Salvation Army along with canes,crutches
      walkers.and wheel chairs.

      Dr.Joe Alton’s emergency medical books are really valuable.

      The list goes on and on.You’ll find yourself asking what do we need if this or that happens.

    3. I’d go with an old school thermometer(no batteries). The rest of your list looks good. They’re going to need a quick tutorial on how to use the BP cuff, and how to use that info. Think layers for ply. 6-ply = 6- layers, 12-ply = thicker dressing of 12 layers. If you are addressing kitchen cuts and burns, you’re going to need some non-stick dressings and something to stop bleeding. I’d also lay in a supply of over the counter meds. Include everything they normally use plus some emergency things, like honey, cayenne pepper, iodine. Check the list at doomandbloom and pick and choose how involved you want to get. I’d also highly recommend their book The Survival Medicine Handbook. It’s a bit much for folks with no experience, BUT you can always learn. It would be nice to have a reference in an emergency. Hope this helps.

      1. Gopher , I agree old school with knowledge. thermometer, blood pressure kits- not affected by low batteries… pulse ox is necessary , and new batteries with long shelf life and low failure rate preferred , w/ instructions to change them with spring and fall time change or battery change in thermostat…. The ability to properly clean a wound, pull it together and steristrip it with small bandaids or tape is easier to master…than stitches and lidocane… less traumatic.. for injured.and less likely to set up infection… yes to silver infused creams…Include things like Vet wrap for securing bandages and wrapping ankles./ atheletic tape works but can only be used one time. time to teach each person involved in keeping a kit is necessary. that info can be passed on in small bites… include magnesium source like epsom salts.. is effective for low magneisum muscle cramps and on a different saturation for drawing out infection

        1. Addum, Don’t forget more kotex and tampons than they will use in 2 years. they are absorbent dressings for wounds.. and are sterile until they are opened so get the ones individually wrapped. and a variety of absorbencies.

    4. This site has a ton of resources re first aid kits-so if you search for it -the articles come up and all the comments too
      Hope that helps
      Key thing: basic first aid skills because as long as you understand the concept you can use whatever is on hand as a “substitute “- ex bandages- the “ply” is same concept as toilet paper- how many layers- the larger ply is thicker and therefore more padding or absorbent
      So bandages are used to cover/protect/absorb open wounds – so if you run out of bandages what else can be used for this purpose?
      Also just organizing helps so everything is there when you need it

    5. I keep powdered Sulphur around too. It was the go to during WWII before penicillin. I buy it from Penn Herbs.

    6. Desert,
      I suggest ya look at things from the “big picture” perspective. It’s nice to have all the gadgets. I recommend a pulse oximeter because it gives you oxygen saturation of the blood. You can possibly help someone with oxygen IF it’s available to you?? If it’s not available, what’s the point of knowing? Same with BP. It’s nice to know, but do ya have any treatments? Even relaxation techniques can help.

      I recommend ya purchase lots of 4×4 sterile bandages. If it’s a bad bleed, just keep adding more. You can cut them to fit. 4×4 is a handy size. Buy several rolls, again 4″, of kling. Easy to use and you can cut to fit, in a pinch. The temperature thing: Even the old style mercury thermometers will work. No electronics to screw-up. You can use cold/cool water in armpits, groin, and on the face/head to reduce temperature. Fever is treatable for anyone. In the winter, take ’em outside for a few minutes. Sounds cruel, but it works. This is only for HIGH fever.

      I’m thinking there will be lots of “old school” techniques, put into tx. NO BLOOD LETTING! That one didn’t work. You can never have too much medical tape. Remember, duct tape will work as long as the bandage is sterile. Clean cloth over sterile dressings can safely stretch your supplies. Suture kit or stapler. Good luck.

      1. Plainsmedic,
        When I used to run long distance sled dog races. Some of the local Veterinarians would hold classes on how to suture, etc. Unfortunately, I missed the staple class.
        Are there any hoops we would have to jump thru to get a staple kit?
        Does suture material go bad? My suture kit is well over 30 years old.
        One Vet had a class on using Moxi / moxa (sp?) sticks on the dogs. Eastern medicine… Stomach 36 as I recall was one location to apply the stick. (Behind the knee.) I used it on myself when I got the flu. The smoke was making me ‘sick’ and yet I felt better flu-wise. Need to see if I can get these sticks and research it all more, in the time we have left.

        1. Far North,
          I don’t have a stapler. It’s been a while since I’ve sutured anything. I can do it, but it would likely be ugly. If shtf we’re all going to have to make-do. Suture kits are available on Amazon. Not sure about staples. If your old sutures are unopened/intact, they should be fine. Look into “liquid skin.” It’s basically a glue for human skin. I like the stuff for small lacerations. In my experience, Veterinarians are very good with sutures.

          1. Plainsmedic,

            Got my suture kits from a vet friend for free. Four complete kits. Said salespeople were always coming by handing out samples. Each one came in its own canvas case.

          2. Plainsmedic and Dennis,
            Liquid skin — good idea.
            Will check with our Vet for additional suture kits.
            Found Moxa sticks for sale on Amazon so they are available.

        2. Far North,

          Moxa is made by twisting powdered mugwort into threads, I believe. I still have some, from my time under the care of an acupuncturist. He’d smear a bit of chapstick on the pressure point for the moxa to adhere to, light it with an incense stick, and put it out just as it touched the skin. Mugwort is very easy to grow, and you only need one plant to get loads of material. Do some research, to be sure, and let me know if my remembering needs some correction. :-)

          1. Farmgirl,
            Thank you. I had no idea what Moxa was made from. Now, to see if it will grow in our Northern Lattitude. Next question is — is it just the heat or are there properties of the mugwart at play as well?
            The Vet recommended we wet the dog’s fur and then just physically hold the Moxa by the pressure point. Luckily I didn’t need to use it on any of the dogs, just myself, using the same procedure. Didn’t want to burn any leg hair. Grin…
            The reason I first brought this up is that Eastern Medicine should not be left out or our “first aid kits.”
            I certainly need a refresher. Recall there is a pressure point in the web of the hand between the thumb and forefinger. But can’t remember for the life of me what it will do? Then all the pressure points on the soles of the feet. And on and on.
            I had just started a construction job one spring — running a jackhammer. Got a sore/stiff neck. Went thru a couple of tubes of some liniment. (Infra-rub?) to no avail. Then watching some call in TV program that had an acupressure-ist as a guest. Someone called in asking about a sore neck. I tried the procedure and was instantly “cured.” The next day it started coming back. Did the procedure again and that was it! …and I was hooked.
            Okay, found mugword in the Strictly Medicinal Seeds catalog. Grows in all temperature zones.

          2. FarNorth, think that pressure point in web of thumb is for headache, sinus headache

          3. TOJS,
            Sinus headache. okay thanks, won’t forget it now.
            I can’t help but find it amazing how these pressure points affect ‘things’.

    7. Ointment with silver in it (e.g. silver sulfadiazine or Silvadene) is useful for protecting burns and skin wounds from infection. Honey and white sugar are also useful.

      1. I just purchased some manuka honey from Vitacost,,,cha ching but worth it for the might happen…

        1. Mrs. U
          That stuff is worth every dime you paid for it. I have some of it from when ACDH was being treated, and kept it put away. jic

        2. If you are unable to obtain, keep manuka honey. you can make an effective replacement, use one oz unfiltered raw honey and 3-4 drops tea tree oil. blend well, Used on DM post hospital wounds,

  44. Grandson got into a debate with Biology teacher….went home made himself a t-shirt…next day wore to school “I am a biologic MALE and proud of it”. Teacher sent him to principal….principal told him take it off or go home. lifted his t shirt with MALE written on his chest….principal near fainted! He then told her that she would be dealing with a first amendment law suit if she went any further. She sent him back to class. I had the best laugh as he told me about it. Good for HIM.
    Working on spring plantings this weekend, as well as some home pharmacopia items. MAYBE we will get past this dang red flag warning this week? The winds have been problematic to getting things done outside.
    All the baby birds are doing well….have a bumper crop of turkeys and chickens going. YAY.
    Peace folks, stay well.

    1. We lament on the future but there are some young people we can count on to go forward. Kudos and a hug to the GS.

  45. I am reading this morning that India decided to go ahead and ban what exports. It sounds like the combination of extreme heat, high prices and reduced emergency/reserve supply they decided not to try to sell some of their harvests. Christian at Ice Age did say they are still willing to work with individual nations who need wheat for “food security”.

    1. ….and yet we are still sending corn to Japan. We trucked 50,000 bushels the last 2 wks. Have another 100,000 contract to fill in June. Already contracted the majority of this years crop (not yet all planted) to Japan. The U.S. certainly doesn’t seem concerned.

    2. So Cal Gal
      I caught part of that news report but did not finish it. Thank you for reminding us that we are all walking on a very thing line.

  46. Picked a basket of strawberries, a couple of squash, zucchini and cut spinach and lettuce from the garden this morning. Everything is looking good but we haven’t gotten in to bug and fungus season yet. Collards are almost ready to start cutting
    and sweet potatoes are rebounding after transplanting. My wife ran off three black bears roaming around in the backyard. Grow a lot and can it deep.

  47. Thank you so much for all of the advice on medical kits! It has been very helpful. I own a copy of the Survival Medicine book already, I will recommend that they purchase a copy also.

    1. Desert,
      the book series, when there is no /doctor/ dentist/ or vet books are great also. Survival Medicine is a good book as well. Joe and Amy Altons website ‘Doom and Bloom’ is a wealth if information.

  48. Reply to Desert: on helpful medical supplies: Both me and my wife are older and are now using medications for our blood pressure. The last time my wife was sent home with a walker, we kept it rather than return to Hospital Auxillary (run by volunteers that take in donated items). Side effects of bp meds include vertigo and dizziness.
    Nonstick pads or Telfa pads are invaluable for use on a healing wound. Along with your cleaning solutions, add some Bactine for children because it is a no-sting formula. It was something I added to the ambulance when I worked dayshift because screaming kids may have led to some of my hearing loss. Bactine is far less painful than isopropyl alcohol.
    With Summer coming on, fair skinned people will get sunburned. Banana Boat makes an Aloa Vera gel within a big squeeze tube that contains lidocaine. (Read the ingredients prior to purchase).
    At least 2 forceps from your local Farm and Ranch Store under Equine Supplies. I like using the curved forceps to loosen IV connections that have become sticky with time and use. (changing IV tubing and bags and for tube feeding patients). Forceps are also good to remove larger splinters.
    Kling type roller gauze that stretches. Roller gauze in general. To tie off a bandaged finger without using tape, split the end of the roller bandage for several inches and tie an overhand knot. Wrap around bandaged extremity and tie off with a small bow for re-use at later time. In extreme cold or person sweating, tape will not stick to skin.

    1. Good advice. I had a knee scooter when I broke my ankle. Kept it for sure. I recall Bactine commercials when I was a kid. That was years back before big pharma was allowed to advertise. Now they fill up the TV with names you can’t even pronounce.

      1. I think they turned Bactine into Windex….. Remember, Idodine? Always stung and turned your skin redish-yellow.

  49. Mrs.P and I canned 9 jars of plum jam this week, goes great on biscuits or cornbread for breakfast.

    Supper tonight is smoked sausage, collard greens and cornbread, my favorite supper. Maybe a Jack/Coke to go along.
    Still have buckets of plums to can, waiting on the peaches and persimmons to ripen.

    5 quarts of new Blueberries in the freezer, Black Berries will be next. Garden still growing strong; Tomatoes/Green Beans/Bell Pepper/Cukes/ Sweet Potatoes/ Butternut Squash. We will plant Collards/Beets/Cabbages this fall.

    In God We Trust, Always and Forever

  50. Still stackin and packing.
    Food stuffs mostly.
    Last falls planted garlic is coming up nicely….potatoes…not so sure.
    As Far North stated, planting time for us is around Memorial Weekend, give or take.
    Been doing fence repair in 80+ temps today. Secure enough for Sadie and Desi as they got out of the horse pasture Thursday night/Friday morn.
    Gonna tare down a friend’s fence tomorrow.
    Much needed t-posts at a buck a pc. A huge savings as they are over a buck a foot new.
    Fencing is mine for the taking. Wire/field fence? Doesn’t matter.
    Wooden, treated fence posts are/have been hard to come by.
    Pasture grass is coming up…good thing as I only have 5 rounds left. I’ve had nothing left over to sell the last 3 years.

  51. To Plainsmedic: To simplify things, start by reloading one cartridge. For me, that one cartridge was the 38 Special as I was among the last generation of police officers trained on the use of a double-action revolver. My second academy was a State Trooper academy that had recently adopted the 40 Smith and Wesson. (so I learned to shoot and reload for both rounds). Pistol cartridges are a good place to start due to lower chamber pressures.
    For 38 Special, standard loads are low pressure (max pressure of 17500 PSI) because this round was originally using black powder. These rounds are still used within small frame revolvers like the J-frame Smith and Wessons that are older. These are most of your target rounds as well. I use lead bullets weighing 125 grains these days to save on costs. The defensive loads I use also use a JHP in 125 grain bullet these days. (Practice ammo has same POI – point of impact as defensive/duty loads) Old revolvers may still be sighted in for 158 grain bullets because larger agencies like NYPD carried +P 158 grain Lead SemiWadcutter bullets right up until they switched over to the Glock 17.
    Don’t read too much at a time. Take a study-break at least 1x per hour of reading. I learn more by doing. I destroyed a few pieces of brass in my day, do not be afraid to do the same. Your comment about small-batch reloading for experiments is spot-on wisdom. Load up 10-12 and see how they work before you load up batches of 50. Powder and bullet selection these days is based upon what you can find in the stores or online. Unique was a good recommendation for 38 special.

    1. Cali
      Heavy rains and thunderstorms have delayed fence mending and me taking cover in the truck.
      I mean why not….horses and cows have takin shelter.
      I like your knowledge of reloading and glad you share.
      I haven’t taken the 12g reloading too seriously, but I’ve made a few 7 1/2 loads. Made a few Biden buckshot loads of fishing sinkers. Wax slugs of birdshot.
      I haven’t tested them yet.
      Any further shot gunning reload info would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Joe c,
        Beyond having a variety of primers, powder and wads handy so you can reload whatever hulls you can get.
        Do not dismiss the lowly .410 bore.

        Anything you can do to save powder and shot is a plus.

        Why waste 1 1/8 or 1 1/4 ounce of shot when 11/16 or even 1/2 ounce of shot will bag that squirrel, rabbit, or grouse?
        There was an excellent article about the .410 in ” The Backwoodsman” magazine a few years back. Don’t know if back copies are available?
        For me the .410 was ‘going back to my youth.’ Also, when we moved farther north, I realized anything bigger (for grouse, ptarmigan and hare) was overkill. And now recoil is a problem. Anything with any amount of recoil can throw my spine temporally out of alignment…
        Then too ,410 shells are small and light. A handful carried in a shirt pocket won’t even be noticed as you go about your day cutting firewood, etc.
        A .410 leaning in a corner by the back door can equally be used by Junior or Grandma (unlike a larger bore — recoil, firearm size, etc.) to take care of garden pests.
        Sorry, I sometimes get carried away…

  52. Remember the false EBS warning that went out to Hawaii residents a couple of years ago? It told them to seek shelter immediately, something about missile launches. Hawaiian’s panicked for a good half hour before EBS sent another message: ‘whoopsie, our bad, disregard’. This morning EBS sent another message involving residential evacuation, about 30 miles away. I thought that was odd to broadcast it so far, made me wonder what was going on. Sure enough, half an hour later a second EBS: disregard previous, it was a training exercise.

    Are they really this inept? Or are they pulling a chicken little on us so we ignore the real EBS? I’m trying to figure out how far this went. Did anyone in California or elsewhere get the EBS warning on their phones this morning?

    1. DH got the warning and retraction, I did not. But, his cell has an area code up in the L. A. Area (tied to the business we no longer own) – so it must have gone to only certain areas.

    2. Tmac
      Decided to check this to see if it was an Opps or a gotcha by using my skilling in divining. Well, it turns out that the so-called test was to see how many actually responded to the message which was delivered. Then later on said it was an accident, ok. Now the question is—why?

      1. Hi AC – I heard the excuse a short time ago on KFI as I was fetching groceries. As to why… from about 2015 to present the EBS would blare cellphone sirens for an “Amber alert” for a missing child, last seen 400 miles away but “they” blast it out regionally. It got so bad that cell phone makers added a feature to disable Amber alerts, which nearly everyone did. You cannot disable government EBS. That’s fine, true emergency, gotcha, whatever. But every time that damn thing goes off, it’s a big, fat nothing-burger. And the noise it makes is just obnoxious. In talking with a very smart lady yesterday she wondered how many phoned 911 afterward. Maybe it’s a big social experiment to see who does what, then use those data for God knows what. Please let us know of any other insights you might gain through your special gift.

        1. Tmac,
          i just turn mine off until i need it, a small flip phone that i keep on me when i’m in the woods or on the river for emergencies. i honestly have no use for one. to much of an annoyance with the scammers and the telemarketers. everyone knows where i live if they need me and i would rather talk to people face to face anyhow. nothing happens around here anyways. that’s just me.
          we all still have our land lines. remember those?

          1. Hi scout – Best I can do is restrict notifications from coworkers in far off time zones while I’m trying to sleep. I have to be reachable 24/7 as I am closest to work, thus I have to respond to alarms, police, fire, etc. In April we had 4 smash and grab break ins. Frequently I get there before the police, but after the gremlins have departed. Your life sounds better.

  53. Sky News just ran a piece about Blackpool UK. All the charity food centers are empty and suddenly there are home invasion robberies occurring – for food.

    1. Just leave a case of RAMEN NOODLES on your porch….a nice mixed assortment…shrimp, chicken, beef… Make is so they think they are stealing it…so, they feel like they accomplished something.

  54. Reply to Ision

    My mom used Mercurochrome on us when we were kids in the 1970s. I am pretty sure it is no longer made or sold. My dad still has a small bottle of it that he wants to keep. We have told him it is probably no longer good.

    1. Desert…

      Just found out that Mecurochrome lasts basically forever. If it dries out…you can add water or alcohol to it and make it like new again. It has no shelf life…and remains effective indefinitely. A perfect survival medicine.

      It is available on-line..and is sold in every other country on Earth…over the counter. Other similar antiseptics are also available…even, I found… Bactine!

      1. Yep nothing like putting some Mercury on ya and is used as a preservative in vaccines etc. I liked it too, did not burn like Iodine.

    2. When my mom would put Mercurochorme on us, we called it “monkey blood.” That made it so much cooler!

    3. My 85 year old mother, who is very Southern and loves the old remedies, “doctors” things with an antique bottle of turpentine.
      It was widely used 50+ years ago….no idea where her bottle came from, but it looks like something that would be sold at the mercantile in Gunsmoke.

      1. Cleaning out my Mammaw’s years back she still had a green jar of boric acid. I kept it. It is old old.

        1. I downloaded some free books and keep them on a phone I can solar charge. New, Old, and Forgotten Remedies: Papers by Many Writers and Henley’s Twentieth Century Formulas, Recipes and Processes edited by Gardner Hiscox are two very interesting ones. My DH and oldest daughter had many years of college chemistry and are amused as I recount what some of these old remedies were. “I don’t think I would want to do that, ” my DH often replies. But amongst the many questionable or made of compounds not readily available, there are a few worth trying if necessary. New ways may be “better” and usually more convenient but with a 60-mile round trip to town after our upcoming move and $4 gas, I expect I’ll be trying a few more of these old time “receipts.”

  55. Did I ever mention, I love working alone?
    Balancing 16 foot board feet of heavy ass 2×6’s with a level on top, nails hammer, a drill to start pilot holes. Tree branches as a tape measure holder.. Enough thorn cuts to look like a herd of porcupines attacked me.
    Well, I’m a quarter done.
    I wonder what kind of $hit I can accomplish,.. . by myself…. tomorrow.

    What’s taking you so long?

    1. Joe c,

      Love it…reminds me of when my carpenter son and I were framing out the first cabin we built here on the mountain.

      He and I were hanging a 24 foot fletch beam (two 2×10’s with 3/4″ plywood sandwiched in between) on the 5×5 front porch posts…me on one end, him on the other…both having to climb ten foot step-ladders with the beam resting on our shoulder…then standing on the next to the last step, hoisting the beam over our heads to set it on the support posts. Just as I got my end hoisted above my head, a super hornet (that’s what we call them, can’t remember their real name, but an Asian hornet about 2″ long) nailed me twice in my armpit. Just had to grit my teeth and take it, or drop the beam and risk knocking both of us off the ladders.

      I was a young 53 then…now I worry about climbing a ladder empty handed………

      1. Sorry, Dennis
        I just had to laugh, because I can relate to that descriptive scenario.

        This fence mending….is taking too long. Need to mow lawn, rottotill, etc.
        Got the circular saw out yesterday….nope, that means power.
        Take measurements and run back to the barn to cut….or hookup to the horse trailer, giving enough room to unload the lawnmower, as to get access to the genny.
        No, I use the chainsaw to make my cuts…..until the starter rope broke….I almost had it saved and fixed, then the rope slipped, causing the recoil to take all the slack.
        I’m back at it, now.
        Saw fixed, but first searched for morels and found a few, along with asparagus…..and mosquitoes.
        And Monday morning is coming too soon

        1. Joe c,
          it’s always something to do and a never ending job being a homeowner. just wait until you retire, it get’s worse. : ) no rest for the weary.
          good luck!

          1. Scout,
            that’s news I didn’t want to hear.
            Nope, not at all.

            Well, I ran out of 4 1/2 ring shank, so the fence is on hold….for now.
            Time to move the trailer and mow….first time use on the new mower.

          2. OMGosh
            The FWTB is on the zeroturn…..first time driving one.

            I’m scared…..
            For myself and the mower

          3. So she hands over the mower, .
            It’s not fair I hog your new toy.
            Okay, so I mow a bit. Then she comes back out off the house.
            You got things you wanna do. I’ll finish.

            Okay, but….
            So I piddle with a few things, while she continues.
            Having fun aren’t you?
            No reply, but a big smile.

            Hey, I’m going down to your brother’s to mow.

            Wait. Give me a couple seconds and I’ll move the trailer back and you can mow that area.
            Nope, she’s gone.


  56. Wow…what timing…

    Mass casualty shooting in New York…8 reported dead…a person describing himself as a “white supremacist” livestreamed the massacre over the internet… reportedly armed with a “machine gun”….

    1. Dennis – They’ve got his picture up and his social postings, it is so perfect. Behold your news cycle for the remainder of 2022, nothing else will be reported.

  57. FYI maybe TMI for some.
    I received my iodine test results back. I am not super low, but low. My thyroid nodule has coincided with my rare tachycardia episodes. I keep records and can prove so. Thyroid hormones work to balance many parts of our body including the heart. I think one reason I am not real real low is I use nothing but good salts which can help you excrete the bromides and fluorides which compete with iodine in all of our cells.
    The test is $70 from Hakala Labs in Wyoming. Consist of an 50mg Iodine/Idoral tablet, A container for the urine collected in 24 hour time frame. Tubes to put urine sample in and box to mail back, includes the lab fee to test level. The RDA in the US is too low at 150ug a day. There is not enough in the table salt. Take the mainland Japanese, they ingest about 13.8mg a day. 100 time more than our RDA. They have lower levels of breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancers. Lower levels of fibrocystic breast issues. Men have a lower level of prostrate cancer. They consume seaweed regularly which is high in iodine. There is much more about iodine too much to post here. Really very interesting. I will be ordering my supplement today.
    book….Iodine Why You need It by David Brownstein MD., he has many years studing iodine and another book The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow

  58. Met two local preppers in the past week. And a guy walked up to me at Costco; said he and the wife had 6 months’ worth set aside and asked what did I think? Told him great and that two years would be even better if he could swing it. Stack it to the rafters, folks are waking up. Arranged for more firewood. Been cold and stormy here again, couple days of hail off and on. The 2# package of yeast at restaurant supply is twice what it was a year ago. They ran out of rolled oats again so I got a bag of steel cut. Road tripping to SW to see some family. Will be nice to get away from pigs and prepping for a bit. Got my car/farm truck (ha!) detailed. Like driving a brand new car. That’ll last until I get back home.

  59. Anony Mee:
    Next time you se the fellow preppers, ask them “Is 600 rolls really enough?”.
    Than remind them of Summer of 2020 and zero TP in the stores.

  60. I’m sure everyone here has heard of the baby food shortage that all the young mothers are panicking about. I brought this up to my sister-in-law and ask her what the hell is the big deal? Babies have been around a long time before packaged formulas were around. So, what the hell did they do in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, didn’t they make their own back then? She rattled off a couple of formulations I’m not going to remember, and I don’t expect any newborns in the family for about (hopefully) 4-to-6 years. I’ll bet the community here probably knows some of them from the old days. I think she mentioned evaporated milk, corn syrup, honey, and just stuff I’m not going to remember. At least if any come up here, I’ll be able to print them out!
    This kind of stuff always reminds me of how much common since goes to the grave as our elders die off.

    1. The real panic will come when there is a shortage of chicken nuggets, Hot Pockets and mac n cheese which seems to be the only thing the 4-30 year olds eat. No wonder they are physical, mental and emotional train wrecks.

    2. Please DO NOT give honey to babies under the age of 12 months!!!!! We do not want any risk of babies getting botulism !!!!
      Do NOT mix honey in any home made formula mixes!!!!

        1. This has never made sense to me. Honey is an anti bacterial, an antiviral, and has a much higher sugar concentration than most jams and jellies that are considered shelf stable and perfectly healthy for babies. Bacteria does not survive in a high sugar environment or a waterless environment. If botulism TOXIN is in honey, it was introduced prior to processing and likely it is not pure honey.

          1. Lauren, Honey has anti-bacterial properties but is not a universal antibiotic. Botulism is common all through nature, including in pollen. It is often found in spore form in honey. It cannot grow or release toxins in honey. When eaten, these spores normally pass right through us. However, infants to the age of one do not have a robust enough digestive system to retain botulism in its spore form. In infants the spore can germinate, grow, and release its toxin. Infants should not be fed honey. The risk is too high.

      1. A nurse told me it is not good to give babies honey because it can close up their throat and they will choke to death.

    3. epo3,
      Maybe someone in the know can comment upon giving infants honey?

      I can’t help but think that there are “factors” in Mother’s milk that an infant carries thru life.
      Why someone is prone to cancers while someone else isn’t. Why someone is always sickly and someone else seems to never even catch a cold. Why someone gets A’s in school and someone else D-‘s.
      While I can’t put a finger on it, it is just a feeling. I consider myself blessed to have been given Mother’s milk instead of formula.

    4. Corn syrup definitely not honey. So what was used before corn syrup which was ‘invented’ 1811? Maybe maple syrup in areas of the country. Sugar has been around a long long long time, since 4000 BC. Sorghum, molasses are possibilities in some parts of the country. Mostly I think many babies died and there were wet nurses available. Wealthy women or royalty did not always nurse their children. The poor did for obvious reasons.
      Saw a pregnant woman on the news today worrying about formula. No baby born yet and she is wondering how to feed her baby!!!! Well girl get the ta ta’s ready and read some books or watch you tube,,, good grief They have pumps now so get one of those too.

      1. My friends wife gave her kids goats milk since from week 3 of life, kids came out fine, just had a tendency climb on stuff and make goat noises

    5. epo3, Am oldest of 6. My mom breastfed us all and supplemented as needed with plain ol’ cow’s milk. Straight from the milk bottle into the baby bottle. We were fine.

      1. yes all that sterilizing is BS. Never did that just washed well. Common sense is going the way of the DoDo bird.

    6. Mother Nature is truly amazing-she made breast milk the best source for baby’s nutrition (best to breastfeed if possible for first 6 months -this has a ton of benefits for both mother and child-that breast milk affects baby’s gastrointestinal and immunogenicity systems and does help prevent infections) depending on time post partum the components of breast milk change too- at very beginning high protein and lower fat content and that changes weeks later

      Breast milk is about 80:20 of whey:casein which is the sources of protein and amino acids for baby (and about 10-25% of the nitrogen in breast milk is non-protein)
      Formulas try to mimic these but the ratios are off (lower nitrogen and different amino acid profiles) due to different animal sources (cow being predominant)
      That’s probably why formulas are made by drug companies and are highly regulated -also we live in a litigious society

      1. Heaven forbid the reason your kid doesn’t get into Harvard was because the drug company that made their baby formula only put it 3.5% taurine!!!
        Or their ADD could be from using enfamil instead of similac …
        Babies just need more of our help for those first 6 months before we can introduce more of our foods to their diet (rice and oats cereal are usually starter food) but whatever source of nutrition baby ends up getting-just don’t use any honey in it for the first 12 months after birth 🙂

    7. epo3, Not all babies tolerate all formulas. My DD did not tolerate any of premade ones in early 80’s. i started her on natural moms milk , about 3 months… then when she decided she was going to bite,that ended rather quickly. I was a working mom..out of the home, primary income.I put her on the same formula i was raised on .. evaporated milk, 1/3 bottle remainder water.. if she was constipated she got a little syrup in it.but only if constipated.. in one bottle/day..
      Now i would use up to a tablespoon of molasses… It is fully cooked and safe., also is a high iron food.. and i also gave her liquid mvi…
      There was a formula for starving regions that used powdered milk/ evap. milk , a tablespoon of karo, and 1/3 of a crushed adult,MVI one time daily for infants whose mothers could not feed/due to illness or death….probably one of best is Goat milk. it comes in powdered and mylar bags.. i would repack in glass with oxygen absorbers.
      My hubs dear GF once fed a hungry infant whose mother was unable to nurse , all they had was Buttermilk. so he gave baby buttermilk with a tablespoon until he /they could get a bottle.. The baby lived.

  61. Mountain House reducing packaging? Today I bought a handful of Mountain House freezer dried packages to round out my preps (local store had them at 30% off). I noticed that the package size and recommended portion was smaller than for items I had bought 4-5+ years ago:

    Chilli Mac with Beef:
    Old package was 4.8oz
    New package was 3.8oz

    Scrambled eggs with bacon:
    Old package was 2.25oz
    New package was 2.2oz

    Lasagna with meat sauce:
    Old package was 4.8oz
    New package was 3.6oz

    I don’t know if the reduced package sizes are due to recent inflation ‘shrinkflation’, or if Mountain House had reduced their package side some time ago prior to the current inflation.

    1. For thirty years mountain house was my go to brand, sadly watched as their quantity, quality has decreased, and the prices have over the last five years have doubled. My favorite was white chicken chili, sadly they discontinued it several years ago. The absolute cheapest price and availability is at As another option I have been examining the hormel completes, tried 15 different meal selections as was pleasantly surprised that for a couple of dollars each, they are very decent. They do not need refrigeration and cook up in either, microwave or hot water, downside they are getting harder to find online atAmazon or Walmart. Seriously this is a great option for bad times that are closing in.

        1. I looked that up last night the name is Peak Refuel, better selection than mountain house, better serving size but as I see they average about 11 to 12$ each

      1. Realist,I got some of the Hormel completes at our local gro stocked by Associated Grocers.. like their turkey and dressing and a couple of others.. did not have a big selection but have a few for when i do not have time/opportunity to cook. also check dollar general. have not checked them lately… but sometimes can get things like that there.

        1. Amazon also has the completes, was at Walmart yesterday their selections was down to five choices and 80% of the selections were just empty spaces on the shelves……sign of the times on steroids

        2. Try the chicken and dressing, also the chili Mac…….really on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being heaven) I give them a overall 7. Amazon, Walmart, and eBay for online buys, and just about every grocery or dollar type store have them.

  62. Did someone flip a switch? Haven’t heard of any covid deaths in a while….weird….poof it was gone. Oh…except in China….

    All them unvaccinated immigrants flowing across the border and suddenly…covid’s not a thing anymore…it’s a miracle.

      1. Yep. Bill Gates warned last week there is a far more deadly variant coming this Fall and Winter so I guess they are cooking it up in a lab right now. By the end of Summer things will not be as they are today.

    1. ain’t that interesting and the flu,,, never heard a word. I am still reading the ‘book’ and it just gets more and more eye opening.

    2. They have moved on to the next crisis………can’t wait to hear it…….Dennis, hang in there

  63. To Plainsmedic – advice on reloading for autoloading pistols: Another good online source of unbiased info and history of a cartridge can be found on Wikipedia. At the very least you can find out maximum chamber pressure for a cartridge. Your 40 S&W was a modern cartridge designed in the days and months following a rather dramatic shootout between the Miami field office of the FBI and 2 perpetrators named Platt and Matix in the year 1986. Both perps had military training and when the first shots were fired, the FBI knew they were up against some human kamikazi’s. By the time the final shots were fired, the 2 dead perps had killed 2 FBI agents and wounded 5 other agents. (3 of the 5 had to retire due to permanent injuries-crippled for life). In the end, a wounded agent E. Morales killed both perps using a 357 magnum in one hand because the other hand was grievously injured by a hit from a 223 round that shattered the bone of his L forearm. I was working with a felony warrant squad on Federal Payroll back in California so I had access to the teletype back then. Since we were in the business of taking down people who did not want to return to prison/would rather go down fighting, I took note of this incident at the time. That one incident led to departments across the nation to adopt autoloading handguns in general and it led to research into a round with more stopping power with higher magazine capacity than the 9mm’s and 45 acp’s of the day. It also led to the creation of and widespread adoption of the PIT maneuver among officers that drove sedans. (Pursuit Intervention and Termination – PIT). Enough history lesson for tonight.

  64. To Plainsmedic – reloading for autopistols part 2: The 40 S&W is a relatively new cartridge that was designed to use smokeless powder and is designed with a higher max pressure in mind. (around 35000 PSI) We were trained on and issued Winchester jacketed hollowpoints that weighed in at 180 grains. The round was being put to the test in the field against human bank robbers around South Central LA, CA by the time I was in my second academy. (the reports were just starting to roll in)
    While Unique is a versatile powder for use in handguns, You may want to seek out a cleaner-burning powder for your autoloader because the Alliant powders all tend to burn dirty. I have had good luck with Autocomp, Win 231, Hodgdon’s Titegroup just to name a few. Powder and lead residue can make a weapon jam in short order. The powder charge must be accurate so you hit the intended target and it must have enough power to cycle the action.

    1. Calirefugee – As I recall, after the Miami shootout, the FBI conducted a ballistic study in which they concluded that “bleed out” was the determining factor in the stopping power issue. They further concluded that the 45 acp round would be the best choice for them to adopt for that reason. In considering the female agents (I forget all the arguments made – big bore w/ high capacity), they then looked at the 10mm round (and liked it) but finally settled on the 40 cal (10mm short), again with the lady agents and weaker shooters in mind. Once the FBI went with the 40 cal., other PDs nationally followed suit and the push was on for the 40 cal.. Monkey see…monkey do thing. Since I was a firearms instructor at that time, I obtained the FBI’s conclusions / report. I am no authority on the above….it is just what I remember.

      1. P.S…..40 cal is a good round, but 10mm is better. Just my opinion as I am a BIG bore fan. I am also a fan of the 357 mag and 357 sig. handgun rounds as I have conducted my own tests and observations. When it is “game time”, my choices start at 30-30 and up for close in stuff. Longer range….I have a favorite. Opinions, skill level and tactics vary.

        1. Soul Survivor, I would add a caveat about the .40 vs 10mm discussion. Unless you reload or purchase from specific manufacturers, the average difference in Federal Hydra-shok 180gr was only an average of 28 fps for me. The chronograph was set up 12 feet from the firing line. My ammo from Buffalo Bore, Black Hills, and Double Tap had a significantly higher performance. They averaged about 300 fps higher than the Federal and Remington. I had no Winchester or Fiocci in 10mm to test. I concluded that your ammo choice was the biggest factor in the 40 vs 10mm conversation.

          1. BG in TX – You are correct. It depends on the task at hand. In my past life duties, I had the privilege of being the one to call when a deer was struck by vehicle and had to be finished. I had the chance (permission) to experiment with different calibers and loads. I was able to collect a lot of those “used” projectiles for inspection. Some configuarations performed better than others. Shot placement is key. If one knows they are likely to be on the “hot seat” (as in these days approaching) they had better do their homework. You don’t use a pip-squeak when others depend on you. Just my opinion….but I have done my homework. The only loads I depend on are the ones I make myself these days. A handgun is a poor choice to take to a fight….but one will use what one has at the time. Based on what I am seeing these days (and my AO), Overall, I am gravitating back toward my Ruger Redhawk 4″ 45 Colt/45 acp. (with ALL things considered) – Keith type head design. As far as the charge behind it….”some things are personal”…. as there are many type tasks it might be called to perform and my tactics are different than most. Just my opinion. Take care.

  65. JP Sears has a new video concerning why we don’t want any more Yankees here in Florida. If you are considering moving here, WATCH IT !

  66. It has been a productive week. We managed to get the new fencing around the large garden. Two sides are built up with two 10” wide hemlock boards and then the fencing to provide the backside of the raised beds on the outer perimeter and the wire is tighter openings to reduce chicken traffic, along with other creatures. Inside will have more raised beds as well but those will take a bit longer. Technically, our planting begins end of May, but garlic and onions are up from last year and sugar snap peas are in from this year. The strawberry bed was put in last week. I feel strawberries are too much work for a little return but my spouse wanted them so they have a spot also.

    We had rain yesterday afternoon which was welcome and it gave us a chance to break away and travel to a BJs for a supply run. We were amazed to see the jump in prices since our last trip a few months ago. We brought home some needed and some just wanted items….while we can get them. I do comparison shop on my list before we go so I know if I should pickup at that store or deliver from another.

    We also purchased a 9500 W Predator inverter generator from Harbor Freight with a 25% off coupon. We have massive concerns about the manufactured diesel shortage and the effect it will have on everyone….well, not the elite because they will always have whatever they want. Those with little with have nothing and young families will feel helpless and hopeless. I find myself astounded with the extended family who are continuing like nothing is happening, when they know it is. I continue to pray throughout the day for so many different pains we are seeing.

    Someone here said last year that these times would feel like the good ole days…..yep, that about sums it up. Get your ducks in a row NOW. You need to be alert for predators now when shopping and taking your goods into your home. If you are able, help those that can contribute to society and have a solid work ethic. Take care all!

  67. Thanks for ALL comments on reloading. The .40 discussion: It’s what I have. I’m used to it and I’m reasonably accurate. I’ll never be an expert pistol guy. I’m a rifle guy, but I like to have both/either available. At this point, I won’t be changing anything. I have a little .40 ammo and can’t imagine switching calibers now. Doesn’t make sense for me.

    I’ve treated many gunshot victims in the field. It always seems to be MORE important where they’re hit, than what they’re hit with. Yes, there are caveats to that statement. I’ll stand by it. If it was good enough for LEO, it’s good enough for me. Thanks again, for the reloading info. I have to start somewhere.

    1. Plainsmedic,

      The .40 is a good choice, as are a number of others. As others have pointed out, it came about in the aftermath of the FBI Miami shootout of ’86. Truthfully, had all those agents been armed with the .40…or 10mm, .45’s, whatever…the outcome would likely have not changed much. Lot of mistakes were made that were much more consequential than the weapons used.

      1. Dennis,
        honestly, can a person do better than a govt. model colt .45 for reliability and stopping power. they are the
        ak 47 of hand guns. that large slug and a reliable design that has been tested in combat since WW1 and has been proven to be reliable, and a man stopper.
        again, it’s all about shot placement. practice, practice, practice. that’s how you get to Carnage Hall.
        it ain’t braggin if you can do it.

      2. Dennis I have over the years used the .40, 10mm even sig 357…..but when pricing of the “exotic rounds” and availability is compared to the 45 auto…used to be like 50% cheaper to buy 45 auto then my choice became crystal clear, and I doubt anybody hit with any of those rounds would be able to tell the difference, ( little bit of humor).

    2. A .40, .357 or 9mm will kill them but a .45acp takes their soul! ☠️ I stay with the traditional .22lr, .38/.357mag, .45acp, 5.56, 7.62×39, .308 (7.62×51), 45-70 and 12ga. If it wasn’t for the “.45acp vs 9mm” argument gun magazines wouldn’t have had anything to write about for the past 50 years.

  68. Reply to SS: I think I replied several weeks ago on this blog my tale of trying to put down an emaciated black bear in the Southern Sierras using a 357 magnum. It worked but it took 5 rounds to stop the charge. It was the one time I did not bring enough gun for the job. (20 mile hike just to get there – I did not want to carry the shotgun that far). This ended any myths in my mind about the stopping power of a handgun.
    Fast forward many years later, I am no longer working in a sworn position. I do have a part time job as a gunsmith and I did maintain some of my contacts in the LEO community. The 40 S&W has been in service for over 5 years and reports are coming in of good results from the streets. Reports are also coming in about cracked frames and other signs of stress fractures in pistols with a high rate of use. Glock solves this by their aggressive buy-back program and other promotional practices with agencies. Smith and Wesson has most of these problems because their company was in dire financial straits at the time. The 4006 was a 9mm pistol that simply had internal metal removed to feed and fire the larger diameter cartridge. With many officers being smaller statured, many female a lot of departments simply purchased 9mm’s again.
    I was part of the experiment having been issued the S&W 4006 by my department. I had 38 specials, 357 magnums and 45 acp handguns of my own. I eventually bought and carried a compact 9mm for plain clothes security work. The 40 S&W continues to grow in popularity in the US. I am one of those small statured folks that worked as an LEO. (I like single stack magazines being a small handed girlie-man)

    1. Calirefugee – I have been using my Glock 22 for many years under heavy use and I guess lucky so far as I see no cracks. I will periodically inspect same under magnification based on your info.. These days I tend to favor my Ruger SP 101 2-1/4 357 mag.. I hit well with it out to about 40 yards. I have failed to mention my love for the 12 ga pump shotguns (with slugs). Give me one of those at 50 yrs and in and I promise I will get the job done….whatever it is. With my old Mossberg Trophy Slugster (scoped) 100 yards and in. P.S…. Some of the best shooters I have come across were small in stature….male and female. Like they say…..dynamite comes in a small package. Take care.

  69. You can save a lot of money shopping at Grocery Outlet; there are more than 400 location in 8 states, 349 cities and they are growing exponentially because of big money seeing their future, and possibly ours. Shop carefully! Perhaps 30% of their stock is short-dated, I pass on that. Often the expensive markets will just discontinue a line, and it ends up at Grocery Outlet. Items costing $7.99 at the bougie markets are typically around $2.99. In other cases maybe a run of 1,000 pallets of something all had labels put on crooked or color registration isn’t aligned, GO will pick up the entire lot and put it in inventory for 50-70% off.

  70. Put some more gold, previously known as ground beef, in the FD. The ground turkey gives you a lot more meat/protein for the dollars not the same taste for sure. Tray of scramble eggs too.
    Putting together some wicks and wick pins for my emergency votives. Can’t purchase the exact one I want. Wick pins are the metal piece that holds the wick. The ones I buy for the wick size I need the center is taller than I want. This means you lose an hour or two of burn time. For my purpose I want to use all of the wax in the votive holder, not have 1/4 or more left in the bottom.
    Electric went out last night in a wind storm. You always wonder if this is ‘it’.

    1. So the FWTB was replanting the household starts, and I had forgotten to mention she had also started Moringa. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this plant/tree. It has amazing benifits.

      “Unlike most plants, the moringa is 100% edible. Meaning, the leaves, pods, flowers, and even the root are edible. The tree is packed with antioxidants, protein, vitamins and minerals that combat issues such as inflammation and numerous chronic diseases”

      1. Joe c
        I have been trying every way I can to get moringa to grow, but it will not even sprout for some reason. I even got some seeds from Baker Creek, and they won’t sprout. Will be interested in how it goes for FWTB.

        1. Chipmunk, My SIL has had good luck with the moringa so I asked him about it. He said to soak the seed, then remove the outer seed coat. He used regular potting soil with a heat mat underneath. Hope that helps you get yours growing!

  71. Chipmunk,
    Yes, that is where she got hers.
    So far, they are 3 1/2, 4 inches tall.

    I will keep you informed.

  72. Finally finished some upgrades to my 74 Bronco. I replaced the stock front axles with new Spicer heavy duty 1.5’ axles and bigger u-joints. Also replaced the old front drum brakes with new disc brakes and rotors, new SS brake lines, locking hubs and a new power booster. Now I can stop without wondering if it will dart left, right or taking 100 yards. Crawling around on a garage floor and on a creeper for 4 days has taken its toll on my back, shoulder and knees but it’s worth it.

    1. RC,
      Good work with your 74 Bronco. I’m very pleased with my “younger” 75 cj. It takes a lot of work to make ’em solid and dependable. Well worth the effort. Cheap taxes, antique tags, no computerized junk. Don’t forget the rubber. Tires and the ability to fix ’em will become a big deal. 15″ tires are becoming a thing of the past. Hopefully, we’ll still have a vehicle post emp. Driving it may make us a target, but out here in the boonies……? Hauling firewood on a trailer, who knows. In my case, the wiring was a disaster. I cut back to the bare minimum and used in-line fuses. Re-wired everything. Rebuilt engine, transmission, transfer case, hubs, brakes, the works. I’ll bet I can win an ugly contest. Original paint with all the dings. Kinda like the driver.

      1. The CJs are tough, look good and like you said it is something we can work on. I put new tires on last year and I have been collecting various parts and saving old parts that are worn but still usable. Post EMP it would be used as you said on the farm as we would be like ducks in a shooting gallery driving on the road to town. Like yours mine is a driver not a pretty pavement princess and I don’t abuse it but I use it like they were meant to be. Worn out old trucks just seem to be a good fit for worn out old drivers like us.

  73. RC
    I would like to get a project Jeep Cherokee.

    Beef it up. Rip out all the computer gadgets….
    and yeah….

    1. Joe C,
      Check out some salvage yards as there were a lot built in the past 20 years and parts are readily available. A Cherokee would be a great bug out vehicle as well as a good truck to have if you decide to stay put and bug in.

  74. Life is good on the mountain………

    Just as I was thinking the Biden administration had no sense of humor….I realize there’s over a million illegal immigrants running around the country with new cell phones furnished by our tax dollars…pissed because nobody told them about the car and how the heck the warranty could already be about to expire………

    1. I’m thankful we have a mountain that my wife and I can detach ourselves from the insanity going on in the country. I do not believe our nation can survive the next 2.5 years of this administration and there are forces at work, as we speak, that are plotting and maneuvering the pieces our demise.

    2. Dennis I believe in addition are the ‘Obama’ phones which are t-mobile as close as I could find out there are now around 20 to 25 million that have been given to mostly minority low income people, These are lifetime phones, is it any wonder we are bankrupt.

  75. I’ve heard/read about the diesel shortage and subsequent high (!!) prices back east. What I heard today on a Dave Hodges vid is that diesel is being sent from west to east and then to Europe. Anybody heard anything about this or is this an unfounded rumor?

    1. aka, no surprise they are sending weapons we can not replace to the war front.. why not fuel to run everything, oh yes we are paying for it whether we want war or not… most ppl married to a Vett do not want war.

  76. Monday thru Friday I turn on NPR in the bathroom while getting ready for work. It presents excellent oppo research for the day and it stimulates the bowel.

    As of this morning they have hired a full-time “Domestic Terrorism Correspondent”. Sink that one in for a moment.

    I was also reassured by a government ex-spurt that “there is no baby formula shortage, it’s just at the wrong place”. Yeah no shit, it’s staged along the Rio Grande in US/CBP warehouses.

    Oh! And California is trying to pass a law so that 12 year olds can “get the shot” without parental consent.

    Happy beautiful Monday to everyone!

    1. Last week,, the gov of Oregon wants to be sure all of the boys bathrooms also have feminine monthly supplies available too………. So the pretend boy/girls go in the girls bathrooms don’t need them and the pretend girl/boys go in the boys bathrooms can get them…………

      1. This generation will be the most confused, dysfunctional, mentally and emotionally disturb group of people in world history. The perfect citizen for governmental control. They will own nothing and will be happy as slaves….until they realize they put the noose around their own necks.

  77. To Plainsmedic: I do not know if you purchased sets of dies and shell holders yet. I like to order dies and shell holders from Lee because they sell both together within the same package. (I order these from Midway/USA) If you have not yet ordered these, I would order carbide resizing dies for handgun cartridges because you do not have to lubricate the brass prior to sizing. I also tumble-clean my brass prior to reloading to remove some of the excess dirt/grit and grime from the brass. (Tumbler and media is an additional step that is optional but cleaning your brass prior to resizing will extend the life of your resizing die). I will pass on 1 or 2 hints I use per day to you because trying to read an entire reloading manual in 1 sitting is literally like drinking from a firehose. Your reloading manual is a reference book. Something you can always go back to like going back to the Bible for instructions on living a good life or a Physicians Desk Reference for drugs being manufactured.
    Between your ham radio and working on your jeep and being a grandpa, it sounds like you are busy enough already.

  78. While we’re all focused on food and formula and gas shortages and inflation, as well as Ukraine and the southern border, and crime, there’s a big issue that’s been under the radar. The Biden administration has submitted amendments to the WHO to GIVE them the authority to declare health emergencies in different countries and require them to follow what WHO decrees. This would override country sovereignty. I don’t know how this can be legal without a vote of Congress. They are meeting this week in Bath, and I think May 22 may be when they begin the decision making process. If true, the WHO could shut us down on a false pretense, or require all citizens be vaccinated. If their decrees override our laws, this would be the final nails in the coffin. The Dems could just point a finger at the WHO saying there’s nothing they can do to change things or oppose them while they’re giving each other high fives in a back room somewhere. This has Obama and Soros written all over it. If anyone has a different understanding of what’s going on, I’d sure like to hear it. If this is true, then we have only a short window of time to speak out or contact our representatives.

    1. NW Gal, yup the whole thing stinks! The WHO has already declared gun violence a health hazard, so if they push it, there goes the 2A. The slippery slope has this country sliding into one huge bonfire.

      Let us also recall that the head of the WHO, Tedros, is owned by XI and his godless commie buddies.

      1. Pitchfork, I’m almost in shock over this! If it goes through this treaty will be the ultimate weapon to bring us all to our knees. There is absolutely nothing imaginable that they couldn’t do to us. Obviously, we can resist, but it has the potential to be such tyranny and oppression that few of us have ever dealt with. Tedros would have most of his attention on the U.S. and Western Europe to destroy us all. Hard to believe 40 countries have already bought into this. Yes, with Tedros, we become China’s serfs.

      2. Pitchfork – I agree with the WHO 100%, gun violence is an extreme and growing health hazard in America. That’s why we need to be able to take cover and deliver overwhelming return fire. The WHO should certainly back 2A with vigor so that we may help them swiftly meet their goal of eliminating gun violence in America. But they just haven’t been the same since Pete Townshend went solo.

      3. NW Gal,

        International agreements and treaties carry weight of law but are always “inferior” to the constitution…meaning they cannot override constitutional protections.

        That doesn’t mean that Biden and the left won’t try to enforce, but if challenged the constitution is the final authority (dependent on SCOTUS interpretation of course).

        1. Dennis, I would hope a lawsuit would be swiftly coming. My understanding of U.S. laws and our Constitution superceding any international treaties is similar to yours. I do remember attempts to bring us under the world’s authority previously but they were stopped cold. Hopefully, it’s not that easy to circumvent our laws, but we know there will always be those who try.

    2. NW Gal,
      It’s all part of the globalist plan for nations to foolishly give up their sovereignty to the New World Order which the Bible says will happen so there is no way to stop what God has already put in motion. I’m not saying just roll over and accept it, only realize this is a battle between good and evil who’s ending has already been decided but not after a horrific judgement on the world.

      My goal is to find a way to live within the coming collapse (both economic and national), try to stay as far off the radar as possible and accept that what is coming is out of our hands. Soros, Obama, Susan Rice, Bill Gates, WHO, WEF, EU, United Nations and all the other globalist players are being used by Satan to set the world up for the coming anti-christ and his one-world government. He will have all of the solutions to the world’s problems, he will be charismatic and the world will welcome and worship him with open arms.

      1. Romeo Charlie, I recognize that this isn’t a battle of flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, a spiritual battle in the heavenlies for the souls of men. Some days I visibly see the evil exuding from our leaders, from those who would squash us beneath their heel. They appear possessed by Satan and his demons, but greater is He who is in us, than he who is in the world. Whatever God calls us to do, I will seek to do. If I need to sound an alarm, speak out against something, help others walk with God, and stand against the evil of our day, I pray God will guide me and give His wisdom. I read the book, Live Not by Lies by Druher. We are there in many ways, minus the actual oppression and disappearing of people for saying what’s viewed as unacceptable.

        I pray for longer before our demise, so more will have time to repent and be a part of His kingdom. We also know what a great evil will be unleashed on the earth. We may deserve His wrath as a country, but it doesn’t mean I want that for our communities and our loved ones. Only the Father knows the day and the hour, so I plan to continue toiling until our Master returns, one day at a time.

        1. NW Gal,
          So true. We can only trust in God and do our best to provide and protect our families. We are in for times as the world has never seen.

    3. NW Gal,
      Wonder… Could this be the straw that would break the camel’s back? That we, as a nation would actually stand up for ourselves? We are running out of opportunities to do so.
      Or, as SoulSurvivor says, “revolt… not happening, no stomach for it.”
      All I know is, when my time comes and I am standing before God. I surely do not want to be looking down at the ground making excuses.

      1. Far North, could be. I don’t see blue states rising up, but red states could definitely take the lead and maybe inspire others, community by community. So much has happened so quickly. This nefarious action could fast-forward our country’s demise to a place we have trouble imagining. But, there are still many independent, hardworking self-made people in our country who think and act differently from the rest of the world. We remember America’s exceptionalism and God’s many blessings on us. Prayers we’ll know what God wants us to do for such a time as this, and for what’s to come.

    4. NW Gal,
      Meeting is in Geneva, Switzerland and commences on May 22 thur May 28. The bidum administration has allowed for his reps to submit five amendments, and it has already been decided that the treaty which has already been endorsed will superceed the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.This is a done deal according to the accounts that I’ve read so far, and I posted several times on social media, but of course it was removed. Bidum is a traitor!

    5. NW Gal – *In the Spirit first…..and then in the natural.* What did God instruct King David to do to HIS enemies? What did God instruct Gideon do with far less numbers than his enemies. We forget that what is happening globally is first an offense to God. It is pure evil. We have this “me first” attitude and forget God. That is what got us into this mess in the first place. Since we are unwilling to do HIS will and we rely on our own strength to win this battle….we are doomed. God is waiting for HIS chosen people to get serious. The enemy has NO chance for victory in the micro or macro scale. This is an individual war….and a global war, and God’s chosen ones win their battles if they follow HIS lead and put HIM first. We already know the outcome of the war…..the victory already belongs to God and HIS chosen ones. Some of the chosen ones will fall in battle….but they return with Jesus for that last battle to finish it. I call that a pretty terrifying odds for the enemy. So… do you become one of God’s chosen ones? It is very simple… choose HIM and HE will honor your choice. Love Jesus.

  79. Cali,
    Haven’t had to work on the old jeep for a couple of years now. Well, oil changes, grease, etc. Like RC, I only utilize 4 wheel when I need it. I mostly putt around on back roads, though it will still do highway speeds. Same with ham radio. I’ve built all the antennae I’m planning to need. Now-a-days I just play with ham radio. The good thing is, if shtf, I’ll have decent comms and a functioning vehicle. Being a grandpa isn’t work at all. To me, reloading just seems to be another worthwhile prep. Got started with it a couple of years ago, but then no supplies (primers). Originally planning to utilize neighbor/friend’s reloader, “rock chucker.” Rethinking that approach. We’ll see.

  80. Well, finally saw gas at $5.35/gallon here (north Seattle ‘burbs). Will be interesting to see how that impacts things locally. My employer started Return To Office (RTO) today. I am tagged to go in three days a week, I may settle for two. To be honest, the traffic and idiot/aggressive drivers are more of a ‘work from home’ incentive than the price of gas.

    I was looking to get some more .30-30 Winchester for my Marlin 336, preferably the Hornady Leverevolution flextip. Looks like it is sold out at all the major on-line ammo sites, sigh, will keep looking. I have some of the traditional flat tip ammo, but have read good things about the flextip and wanted to give it a try. Since I live in a ‘left of left’ political environment (which it seems, has a strong and growing ‘right wing underground’) I prefer a lever gun for home defense, looks better in court instead of an AR-15, and I just prefer a ‘Cowboy gun’.

    1. DLS,
      i love my old 94 winchester. it’s my go to for walking the property and camping. short, lightweight and easy to carry, holds 7 rounds and quick to shoulder and fire. it’s like carrying a broomstick in my hand.
      it’ll take care of anything in this part of the world.

  81. Miner Jim,
    I was doing some searches for camping equipment on e bay and ran into several listings by the same seller for Colman lanterns. I thought of you. (If my memory is right) you have a lot of them and use them in the orchard. There are six days left so I have no idea what the prices will be. With so many ending at the same time you may find one at a good price.
    Just passing on the info. 🙂

    1. PMW Sal,
      EBay has a lot of them fir sure. That said, folks are really proud of them too! Lot of overseas buyers, Japanese are biggies, drive up prices. I appreciate you remembering me and giving me the heads up though. I am kind of a cheapskate. My running average price paid for a Coleman for the 35 or so I have ( maybe 10-15 different models) is less than $5 each. Glass cost $10, mantels $3, generators $15 and up.So that is where I spend money getting them operational. My oldest is over 100 years old! For a carbon fuel outdoor lantern, nothing beats a Coleman. Thanks again.

        1. Mrs. U,
          Actually Coleman lanterns are fueled by “white gas” or by kerosene, in both cases they are pressurized. I use unleaded fuel, and white gas, which is just regular gasoline with the additives removed for the most part. Yes, most of my Colemans have been refurbished and work, even the very old ones.
          Carbide lamps are different, they are “open Flame” lamps, and yes i have one or two around. They are fueled by Calcium Carbide (in the form of small hard lumps) and water. Water drips onto carbide and releases Acetylene gas, which then is burnt through an orface. too cool, but dangerous). All the old miners used to use carbide lamps, especially in non-coal hardrock mines of the West. When safe electric battery lamps came in in the 1920s, carbide lamps started going away as being too dangerous. I mined with battery lamps, cap lamp on my hardhat connected by heavy wire to a large water battery on my hip. Now they have high powered LED lamps that fit on the hardhats, no big battery or cord.( these kids have it easy!). Gotta love this old mining stuff.

          1. Minerjim,
            i have a Coleman duel fuel lamp and stove but i have always been afraid of trying white gas in them,
            i set myself on fire from the waist up with gasoline when i was 11, i don’t want to go through that again. any advice on using it?

          2. Scout,
            Ah White gas and Boy Scouts! I have to admit I once burned my hand pretty good with white gas. Truthfully, Best way to avoid mishap is to fuel your lantern and stove tank outside. Make sure caps are screwed on tight. Wait 10-15 minutes for any spilled fuel to evaporate before trying to light units up. I do this outside in case of leaks, then move them inside after I am sure all is well. (Shut them down, move inside, and re-light.) Make sure you leave a window cracked for fresh air. If you do get fuel on clothing while fueling up a lantern, make sure you change out of it first, and leave fuel soaked clothes hanging outside well away from flame to air out. Good luck.

          3. Minerjim, thanks, my whole life has been a learning experience. trial be error. mostly error.
            Mrs. U, you remember that to? when men were men and women would patch us up. i don’t know how we survived without those girls.

          4. Minerjim,
            re: the white gas and unleaded fuel… wonderin’ what ratio you’ve found to be the best?
            Thanks in advance.

          5. KBay,
            “White gas” is best for Coleman lanterns and such. But at $13+ /gal at Wallyworld, way to expensive. “Unleaded” will work in many of the newer lanterns, but it does eventually start to carbon them up. BTW- white gas is just “regular unleaded” with all the additives removed. I know of people who “distill” their own white gas from regular unleaded. Dangerous, but the raw “white gas” produced works best.

          6. When I was young, most small-town service stations had pumps for both kerosene and white gas. The one I worked at, those pumps were located on the side of the building. As I recall, both kero and white gas ran 20 cents a gallon…much cheaper than regular gasoline that averaged about 35 cents.

            Many farmers back then (and their black workers who usually lived on the owner’s farm) used both for cooking, lighting, and heating. The old John Deere tractors would run on kerosene after the engine was warmed up burning gas. They had dual fuel tanks and separate valves to switch back and forth.

  82. Got the shock of my years today….some idiot side swiped our F350 in parking lot….dented passenger rear door, took out passenger mirror, rubbed dually fender well… to put right….5370. Mirror 2230!!
    Yikes. Good thing I am old with super good insurance and no accidents. Unbelievable costs and 8 days out of commission in July at earliest. Sheesh

    1. PIOW
      I had that happen to my pristine F350 SuperDuty about a year ago, got home from shopping center and noticed the front quarter of the bed was smashed in on the passenger side.

  83. I hear people saying “the Republicans are going to sweep the November elections” and if they do it will be business as usual just behind closed doors. The Democrats and Republicans are on the same NWO team they just wear different uniforms to give the illusion they’re playing a fair game. The Democrats are out and in your face with the globalist agenda and the Republicans are quietly, cowardly doing it behind our backs. Remember McConnell and the Republicans fought Trump at every turn including repealing Obama Care and building the southern border wall and they will methodically dismantle any opposition to their globalist master’s plans.

    1. That’s why it is the responsibility of the people to get rid of RINO repubs. Although having just watched 2000 Mules, and if that situation is not investigated and fixed (right now), well, you know the rest… BTW, I’m not counting on that situation getting fixed. Because who’s gonna fix it? The justice dept.? hahahahahahaha….

      1. They are out there, fully stocked, well trained and prepared to fix it, three times over, if necessary. What we lack is trust, organization and cohesion. Our omnipresent surveillance gov sees to it that trust never happens, rendering the other two irrelevant. This is where we must focus; secure comms, trusted associates and a cohesive plan. I mean you know, for like, campaigning and stuff like that.

      2. KJ
        Investigated and fixed?
        Not ever going to happen, instead look for the professional political class to trip over themselves trying to defend the status quo of that

      3. Ken
        My bride and I watched it Sunday. It was an eye opening experience for both of us on several fronts. The tracking of our cells and the depths of the organized criminal conspiracy to influence the election outcome.
        The fact that people can buy this data of our every move with a cell phone in our possession is mind boggling.

        1. Like was said in the movie, out of all the apps packed into your phone, there’s going to be some that track. Not to mention the phone itself pings all the time to towers. Here’s a thought… if you’re going to a ‘protest’, don’t bring your phone. Duh… The phone has become quite a security blanket though. Just can’t leave home without it, right? Depends where one is going I suppose…

          Anyway, those mules are caught plain as day. And those 2000 were just the tip of it all… And will anyone in justice look at this? Nope.

          1. Ken,
            the cheap burner phones paid for in cash are the best way to go. 80 bucks at the dollar store with a card and you are anonymous for 3 months.

          2. Ken, if they won’t truly investigate Hunter and his laptop, they will not investigate the stolen election. Vote your local elections and protect your immediate area. That is all we truly have control over. School elections are critical. And then local mayors and sheriffs. The police chief will be determined by the mayor. We live in NY and yet our county declared itself a Constitutional County….now let’s just see how much weight that carries.

      4. Yes McConnell pushing more to the Ukraine and Rand Paul stopping it. They were going to borrow it from China! yes borrow from China who is or would help Russia. Spins my simple old head…..The Ukraine situation is dire. But I have a question did that country not know this was inevitable? Were they prepared?

  84. Good morning MSB’ers…Life is good on the mountain….

    Sittin’ here a thinkin’ afore I get started on my day…the world is in a heck of a mess…bad news keeps hittin’ us from all directions…things far from our control…doom ‘n gloom on every horizon…yet…

    My belly is full from the breakfast I just ate…the pantry is well stocked…my body, while not as spry as it once was…is well rested from a good night’s sleep…in a comfortable bed…inside a solid built home…all paid for and mortgage free…I have the means and ability to protect it from any that would try to take from me….

    Yep…pretty much everything I have any control over is in good shape…I’m proud of that…and I’m thankful for that…plenty of folks that worked just as hard and tried to do things right have not been as blessed…so yes…I give thanks…

    So again friends…good morning…take time to realize how blessed we really are…and try to make today the best day you can…as I’ve said before…”yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift…that’s why it’s called the present”….

    Have a good’un folks……..

    1. Good morning Dennis… Life is kinda, meh in the exurban hood… no gunfire overnight, kinda nice.

      I’m standing here, avoiding the start of my day… yet one thing landed in my mail box this morning, that is in my control and could be huge… Praise the Lord for the distraction from doom and gloom.

      My belly is full from the cup noodle I just slurped down after falling asleep at supper time last night… got a perfect orange and some overnight oats with honey… maybe my sweetie will bring lunch, 3 decades later, she’s a keeper… I’m still carrying a mortgage, back side of the usury parabola at 3%. Technically we could pay it off, but with payments half the cost of an apartment right now, and the interest portion a pittance, why bother?

      I always look forward to your near-daily reality check. Many of us are blessed, most are not. Maybe MSB could run a piece on trusted charities. Have a good’un yourself my mountain top brother from another mother.

  85. Canadian news org “The Post Millennial” is reporting on two gas stations in Auburn, WA. An unnamed gas station (pics look like Chevron) has up signs stating they are out of fuel. At a 76 station pumps are being modified to add a second digit left of the decimal, most pumps only have one left of the decimal, so they won’t be able to charge more than $9.99 per gallon without the upgrade. Good on ya Union 76, that’s some shrewd forward thinking.

    1. I paid $5.45/gallong for regular (87 octane) in the northern Seattle ‘burbs today. Saw the PM item on the station with the ‘out of gas’ sign, said it was one station in Pasco. I’m not getting too itchy about one station being out of gas (could be many reasons), but did fill up the Forester (was at ~2/3 full). Never know, the one out of gas station might be just the beginning…

      A friend of mine in Laguna Nigal, California, told me diesel was $6.18/gallon. I was in Yakima WA over Mother’s Day weekend and diesel was generally at the high end of $5/gallon. Most all agriculture runs on diesel (tractors, combines, harvesters, trucks, tugs on the Columbia, etc), so increasing diesel prices will lead to increasing food prices. Should be an interesting 2022.

        1. 5.85 at the jobber i buy diesel at, up the road at the hardware store is 6.29, or at least it was a week ago

        2. Blue & NPR,
          Oahu, Hawaii, $5.849 for gas, neglected to even look at diesel as my bill for half a tank was nye on $70.00!
          Could be worse, no gas in some places in Wacko Washington state, and $6.899 for gas in californicate!

          1. I did read a ‘blip’ that some places in Washington were out of gas. Also that pumps were being reprogramed with an extra digit for $10.00 gas. Believe that it was a ’76 station that was being quoted.

      1. Topped off the truck’s fuel tank yesterday. $6.19 for diesel – un freakin believable! So now I’m looking at $235 to fill the tank (if it were empty). Are you kidding me??

        Plastered some more “I Did That” stickers on that pump…

        1. Ken J
          That is what you paid for diesel, and I paid yesterday the same price for unleaded gasoline here in the state of NO brains and less on the comprehensive side. Oh, it is the state of commie for ication, for those who do not know. $75 fill the tank up,,, lovely. They want to make sure we do not go any where & do not do anything that will upset their evil plans.
          May someone drop a large cow patty on all their lovely heads. As in mooo poop, of course in the loose non congealed stuff!

        2. Pretty soon we will be buying horses instead of driving anywhere, im contemplating selling my truck as theres a shortage and high demand for the style i have and buying a new polaris RAZR, screw it

        3. Just got back from town…reg gasoline has now gone over $4…$4.099 to be exact at all four stations…$5.399 for diesel.

          Since I rarely use my “town pickup” I had the opportunity to see exactly how much a trip to town now costs me since I’d filled up before leaving my last trip and filled up again when I returned. $15.45 for one round trip to town at today’s price (it’s a gasser that averages 17 mpg).

          I carried four 5 gal cans to fill also…ran $100.45 total…pump didn’t shut itself off at $100 like it did last time. My 80 gallon stock of gas has been freshly rotated and treated now.

          1. Dennis – “pump didn’t shut itself off at $100 like it did last time.” — A couple months ago all the filling stations out here started locking up $200 pre-authorizations on cards. Come on out for a visit some time.

        4. diesel is 5.10 and reg. is 4.09 here yesterday when i went to the dentist but it’s going up everyday. i was told reg. was 3.89 last week at wally world. i’m down to a 1/4 tank now in my truck but i’m trying to run it down because it has been in there for three months. top it off with some fresh. yep, that’s gonna hurt. i have 20 gal. of non ethanol put back for the mower and other tools, JIC.
          non ethanol is about five bucks now.
          do you guys think a can of octane booster would be good to have on hand to maybe rejuvenate old gas?
          i have never used the stuff.

          1. scout – Try Pri-G as an additive, little goes a long way. I’ve rotated 3 year old fuel, 5 gallons at a time through my truck; no rancid smell; no performance issues. By me, gas and diesel are about the same cost, just north of $6.50.

      2. Our Sam’s club was out of gas one night last week. I knew it could easily be nothing, since they always have the cheapest prices and people will be in line for a long time to get their gas. Did I really need it? I had almost 3/4 tank, as is usual for me when just driving around town. Nevertheless, I got up extra early the next morning to stop there before I went to work. They had gas, but only for a few of the pumps. If I’d really been concerned, I would’ve topped up at a different, more expensive station. This is how it all starts, though, isn’t it? You see it at one place, hear about it at another, and pretty soon it’s really an issue. At least with gas, you know that it’s not just people going out and buying all they can to “hoard” it. Most people don’t have more than one gas can, and those are pretty expensive to buy. (Then you get into people switching it to glass jars when they get home so they can refill at the station….)

  86. Biden has had a big dose of B12 today. He is on now talking about the shootings in Buffalo. I do not recall him on TV talking about the young man who saved the trespasser in the Rio.

  87. AH history , the good old days when the french revolution removed the elite and their combined familes from power or the days out west when small secrete groups dished out justice because law officers were dirty and on the take ! You have to like history ! Umm does history still repeat itself ? Questions , questions , questions I ask myself .

  88. i had all of my teeth pulled in jan. i just got my new ones today. steak tonight!
    if i get a tooth ache now i can just take em out and set em on the table : )

    1. scout

      Be real, real careful as you start back to normal eatin patterns. I strongly suggest you look up “re-feeding syndrome”. I have it and it is not pretty.

    2. Scout,
      You may be able to have steak, but you will basically need to re learn how to eat!!
      Cut it very small and go slow. And Don’t be surprised if ya need to go clean the bottom plate out about 3 tp 4 times per meal. Things as small as pepper will get under that bottom plate and you will think you just bit into a punji stick.
      Ask me how I know!!
      Hope ya have a good dentures. Mine is awesome, because the dentist didn’t tell me Jack about living with dentures.
      In about 3 to 6 months you need to see the dentures for a soft refine. Your gums will shrink up as ya use your teeth. Then at about a year you will need a hard reline. This will help 1000 percent on slipping and things getting under the plates.
      Good luck. I know how happy I have been without constant toothaches!!
      Wish I could have done the implants but have Padgets disease and jaw bone is about worthless.
      Enjoy 😉 😉

  89. Gotta love it…….
    Sen. John Kennedy R/Louisiana on FOX News speaking of Biden…

    Quote-“You can lead a man to the presidency, but you can’t make him think”

  90. MSBers,
    Question for those in the know. What naturals are out there to rid oneself of a fungal sinus infection? DW went to ENT doc, got told she has one, this after treating her for bacterial infection since last Fall. I’ve got anti- bacterial, anti-virals, but this one is new to me. I understand a fungal infection in the body can be caused by imbalanced system. How do I fix this infection with naturals. Your opinions and suggestions are appreciated! Thanks.

    1. Minerjim – Check into apple cider vinegar, about a teaspoon in a glass of water and drink it a few times per day. This is not medical advice. Do your own research, etc. I think it’s worth your time.

    2. Minerjim
      I will ship off an email to ‘just saying’, see what she has to say about this matter.

    3. Minerjim, Here is the things we use… there are 3 primary antifungals.. what-ever of these common ones a person can tolerate, they can all be used together. Generally all herbals can be used on a every 4 hour schedule around the clock. I would be using til 3 days past all symptoms are gone… if she has the steroids that are available across the counter they can be used to decrease inflammation for direct treatments..
      Garlic, whole fresh- prepare as for a poltice, bruise, let set.10-15 min. then about a 1/2 teaspoon with enough honey to coat…..
      Usnea, highly antifungal, ..this could be prepared , from tincture and put in small amount Normal saline, nose spray…. for direct application.
      .Note.. we only use after i am sure inflammation is down… my choice for reducing nose /sinus swelling in nasal, sinus cavities… is colloidal silver.. do not mix SILVER with anything . Before re using a cleaned nasal spray bottle,rinse the bottle with filtered water before using a saline bottle.could apply with nettie pot… if she tolerates..there is no overdose on using this way… 10% colloidal silver can also be used . even the NIH says it is effective.
      The third common herbal is Oil of Oregano..( w 6% carvisols) i use up to 27 drops -total for 24 hours…, in small amount of coffee., hold sublingual. i start day with 8 drops and break up remainder thru the day… in 4-6 hour intervals.. smaller amounts are easier for me… and again herbals have a 4 hour active window…If you have “Oregano Oil” it MUST be diluted with 6 parts olive oil before these general instructions are followed.

    4. Minerjim, I used to get sinus infections regularly because of allergies. I take Oil of Oregano capsules and use colloidal silver 20 ppm nasal spray. It seems to take care of the issue for me. TOJS probably would have the best info per herbals….I’m not sure my store bought capsules are considered naturals but they work for us for many types of infections and to prevent them. The same holds true for the silver. I just made a new bottle by adding 6 parts distilled water to one part colloidal silver 120 ppm as I am in pollen season here.

      1. Ha! I see TOJS responded for you….I should have read all comments first. 😁. Good news for you though.

      2. DAMedinNY/Minerjim, yes they are considered naturals…they are not pharma, and can be grown/produced with resources. I would hate to have to grow enough Oregano to get Oregano Oil or Oil of Oregano! There may also be homeopathics that would work as well, I have not explored them.Once i find something i can stock, grow and tolerate, i tend to get enough to do a while then add periodically.
        Make sure when using the silver to wash out any used bottle well , especially the cap, and scrub it under hot water..then rinse it with distilled water. Silver reacts with all kinds of minerals.. 20 ppm strength requires half the amount of 10ppm for internal/sublingual use…in our experience. Having and using alternate sources for remedies and knowing how our bodies respond will be absolutely necessary going forward.
        A good way to find Naturals or herbals that will accomplish a remedy- is to put in problem “fungal infection”.. and “herbal remedies” or “Natural” or “Homeopathic” remedies using a search page not affiliated with G, if possible.. start page usually works. Run the search using different ways to ask the same thing.Go to Herbal sites and read several sources. Note the warnings and cautions on every page, check to see if there are medications noted that react w/ what ever one is using.
        consider for chronic sinus allergies.. using..Ravensara as an Aromatic.. uncap bottle, and smell it, passing it under nose for a deep breath thru nose 2x every 2-4 hours. Over the course of a year i have had people report it substantially reduced their sinus infections. this comes in extremely small amounts… used as an Aromatic, i try to get 2 bottles because 10ml bottle is hard for me to find…

    5. My youngest son has had allergies his whole life. What I recall was yellowish mucus is a bacterial infection, greenish mucus is fungal.
      Sulphur is also an anti fungal as well as antibacterial. Usually well tolerated. This you would take internally. I get sulphur from Fish Mox Fish Flex. It is mixed with trimethoprim.
      I just saw a sulphur/silver sinus spray at All Star Health. Never used it myself. I do use homeopathics for runner nose/sneezing. One is from Boiron,,their Histaminum and my fave is from Uriel Pharmacy Lemon Quince. Both of these are small pastilles that dissolve under the tongue. No bitter taste. Prevention is the key when possible.

      1. Some bacteria can also come out green…. staph and strep are common and one is green the other yellow.. both come in various tints of color… never got diagnosis of sinusitis in fungal, but then i take Oregano on a fairly routine basis for tickborne problem.It is also effective at preventing various fungals after taking an antibiotic.

  91. Seems that Oregon has hit a new ‘high’ at least for gas. Central Oregon cheap gas is $4.89 and in places it has apparently topped $5.00 – never seen before in this state, at least that is what the radio says.

    1. We breached 5 bucks a gallon for regular here in Nevada over the weekend…..diesel was even higher.

  92. It’s only gonna get worse, people.

    Two incidents,
    Last night and this morning,
    A family, last night, were nosing. “Looking for asparagus and mushrooms. Hearing chickens.” They told the other half, they came from a town, 15 miles away.

    Another, this morning. She came across a walking dude, looking for mushrooms….into our yard. Once again…heard chickens. Public right of way. Property not posted.

    She gave him the low down, big time.

    Why don’t these peckers show when I’m around?

    Time to get my asshole ‘tude on.

    1. Joe C,
      You need to post, period. Then get your Better Half to start carrying. Even having a little Heritage Rough Rider would be good. Don’t let the clowns give you the “right of way” crap. I’ve got a canal with a road along side for one side of the farm. Posted it, then proceeded to boot several asparagus hunters off. It’s your land, ROW is for irrigation company and county, not public access. No problems for past couple of years, guess word is out about the Mean Old Miner that lives there.

      1. I certainly defer to your State’s situation, if different, but generally any easements along public roadways (not across your property) are indeed public access. A whole bunch of YouTube channels are built on 1st Amendment Auditors taking pictures/recordings of people, places, and things on public property and public access along roadway easements.

        This is pretty well established in the court system all the way up to the SCOTUS, but many LEO’s pull the stop and identify routine (even in States where there are no requirements to do so) On going education.

        Make sure your “meanness” doesn’t get you in trouble, if there is any possibility you are wrong.


        1. Bb_in_GA,
          Naw. I’m not really mean. I am always courteous with people that wander onto my land, even if they walk right past NO TRESSPASSING signs. It’s just that some people who have been trespassing for years unopposed don’t like being confronted with the truth. I just become “a Mean old man” when I calmly call them on their nonsense and ask them to leave.LOL.

      2. Here in GA, a 60 feet wide easement around public roads is pretty common. I have transmission lines crossing part of our property with an easement granted to the Xmission Company and they have access through a locked gate on the fence line.

        I think I would be within my rights to chase any trespassers off the power line easement actually on our property, but have nothing to say about people walking along the shoulder of the road which would clearly be in the 30 foot distance from the center line and is public access.


        1. Bb in GA,
          That is a public right of way along the road. Very understandable fir them to be there. Utility ROWs are often abused by normal folks. They hear “Right of Way” and think it applies to everyone. Nope. I spend a lot of time educating people about water rights, land and mineral rights and ROWs.

          1. Yes, I littered the lawn/trees with postings, last night.
            Also, I told the Better Half to carry her p938, in case her new ‘friend’ returned, as she made him look like a fool and countered his lies.

            ROW applies to utility and county. NOT to the public.

            30 foot ROW easement from the center of the road? People could feel the need to walk thru my chicken coop, be halfway between my house and driveway.
            The shoulder of the road is where Joe Public is allowed. You wander further in than that, we will have a discussion.

  93. Lots of comments/questions about coleman lanterns/stoves/fuel. They are definitely fine products and I applaud those who can fix ’em/use ’em. I would encourage folks to build themselves a small rocket stove. Fuel will ultimately become a BIG issue for all things. There are many designs and DYI plans online. I built one out of an old metal paint can and a couple of vegetable cans. The fuel is twigs. There will always be twigs around and they’re free.

    I was a little skeptical until I fired mine up. Wow, that thing puts out a LOT of heat. Easy enough to make a pot/skillet stand. I used the grate from an old propane grill. It won’t be as handy as a coleman stove. You’ll have to stand there and feed twigs into it. Definitely old school temperature control, but doable. The wife has actually cooked on it a few times. I’m the twig collector/eater. Make it a fun thing. It really works pretty well. Far better than an open fire and uses much less fuel. Total cost: a few metal screws and my time.

    1. While you’re at it, look up “penny stove.” They will burn many different liquid fuels. 91% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol is the cheapest. I have a grandson who loves to make these little stoves. He’s 10 and has been making them for a couple of years now. They’re made from soda/beer cans and work amazingly well. Total cost: one pre-1983 penny. Well, that’s not really true. You get to keep the penny.

  94. Well, it appears the people of ID liked their current governor enough to re-elect him as the Republican choice to run in the next race. Appears. Did the voting machines, ballot drop boxes, auntie fa stumping for him, and mobile voting trucks have any say in the outcome? Certainly not! And if anyone thinks so, they would be spreading disinformation, heck, probably *mal* information, which is really bad. So don’t do that!

    I’ve been reading every post Michael Yon puts out lately. I’d encourage you all to look at his latest one, and start thinking about how to be one who “sails through” the next phase of our transformation. Food. Growing it is work, buying it is expensive, storing it properly takes skill, but how about keeping it? That’s the real issue, I think. Time to get creative and think outside the pantry.

        1. She looks better than she did 20 years ago,
          Just sayin is all, i aint no spring chicken neither!

  95. You might want to hop on over to Cap’s site at and read his latest article; “Pockets of Both North and….+ IRAN ROLLS OUT DIGITAL RATION CARDS.” I read this and thought that the food shortages must be part 1…. followed by part 2, the food ration cards. Remember, these shortages are global. So is this plan, I think. Thoughts?

    …and growing sunspot activity…..

      1. DJ5280, Couple months ago was chewing the fat with some friends. Tossed out a prediction that seems more and more likely to become true. First the stores will ration items in short supply, like many have been doing off and on for a couple of years now. When short supplies are steadier and impact a substantial number of items the guv will step in with a grocery holiday. They’ll stop sales until they’ve rolled out EBT-type cards to all and sundry. Those cards will be loaded electronically with the items being rationed and the amounts allowed. If the stores are closed too long then there will be looting and burning in some places and likely the damaged stores won’t open again. How will they know who to send cards to? Well, they’ve got the list that received those covid checks. Am sure the guv will start there. What’s looking short these days? Products with long season crops in them – grain-based, legumes, vegetable oils, sugar, meat, dairy, egg-based products, and pet foods. Stores already are ordering less, letting shelves show empty, and wasting almost nothing. As someone who routinely hauls off some of that waste, I’ve seen a significant drop in the past couple of months. So much so that I’ve cut back on the number of days I pick up pig scraps. Sure hope I’m wrong, but don’t think I am.

        1. Anony Mee, I don’t think you’re wrong either. And was just reading this morning about the (coming) blackouts across the country this summer on Zerohedge. Part of Cyber Polygon you think? We are hustling to get as much of our lifestyle off-grid as possible. I was wondering if these rolling blackouts begin…but then power doesn’t come back on-line for areas for weeks or months at a time? I’m not sure people can understand how devastating this would be. I dunno. I think too much sometimes…….

          1. And Christian at has a new video on Iran rolling out biometric ID’s for food rationing. Gonna watch it now…..

  96. Been on the mower for the last six hours…temps pushing 90 and humidity about 60%…I’m pretty much whupped. Cornered a rattlesnake while mowing…second shot cut a .358-inch wadcutter size hunk out of the right side of its head…not ashamed it took two shots…I was using a 2″ snub nose and the snake had started crawling off. Looked to be about four foot long, about as big around as my forearms…if I counted right from my seat on the mower it had nine rattles and a button. I’ll go back and check for sure after I slouch back in my recliner a bit and cool off….and yes….life is good on the mountain

      1. NRP & Blue,

        Not this time…I’m too tired to mess with it this evening…that and the neuropathy I’m nursing in both hands. Did measure it though…was 54″ long counting the rattles…which turned out to be 8 + a button.

  97. Now it is Monkey Pox. But wait… they already have the vaccine! Faster than warp speed! I learned of this disease years ago and it was supposed to be overwhelmingly fatal. News says 1 in 10 could die… but this is a “milder” version, so maybe 1 in 100 will die. But they go on to say that around the same number will die as with covid. …. Hmmm – So like 1 in 10,000 with comorbidities? What the hell is really going on?

    1. Whats going on is theres a buncha bureaucrats who need to be ventilated or given a somali rubber tire lei, fauci, gates would be a good start

  98. If you need a good laugh look at 1776PATRIOTUSA.COM on May 15th. Scroll down to the kid opening the mailbox.

  99. Maggie’s Farm
    Have not heard from you in a while, thought would check to see if you are reading the blog when time allows.
    Hope you are doing as well as you & Mrs. can be.

  100. Reply to Mrs U: Yellow phlegm is bacterial. Green phlegm is actually a sign of pseudomonas – another type of bacteria. From my days spent as a vent tech during a bad flu season in a larger city. I am also having a tough time with allergies in my AO as well. Thank you for your continued suggestions on herbal remedies. I just have to keep experimenting until I find things that work.

    1. Thanks for the correction as that is what the doctors told me years back. So would the bacteria irritation create a growing field for fungus?

    2. Consider reading about anthroposophical medicine. There are subcutaneous injections available of the lemon quince ampules. This is a reported cure over time. I do not know where you are but there may be a doctor in the area who can give you the amounts to use. California has several doctors there if you visit Cali maybe you could take the time. The ampules can be purchased at Uriel Pharmacy and at Weleda with a prescription.

  101. Well, I am gonna be doing a whole bunch more gardening by hand, like all the rest of it.!

    I lost the main internal hydraulic pump and my tractor. Major breakdown! It is inside the tranny, $2700 for a new pump, AND John Deere can’t find a replacement one, that’s just crazy. I’ll have it re-built, if I can find the parts.

    Truth is, I getting burned out. I’m very tired and quite sore. I don’t think I can keep up. This old busted up body may not be up to this big of a challenge. I’m gonna try, but I know I’ll start to slow down as I get even more tired and sore. I have literately thousands of plants yet to be transplanted, plus all the direct seeding that is timed to do now.

    “When times get tough, the tough get going”, we will see how that old sayin plays out real quick.

    1. SMG,
      Sorry to hear about the break down. Murphy never sleeps. Maybe you could rent one to get your crops in or barter with a neighbor who has a tractor. Once a year I rent a Kubota 46hp 4WD to scrap my driveway and it costs $350 for 5 hours delivered and picked up at my driveway. I don’t use a tractor enough to justify buying one.

      1. Romeo Charlie
        Check on rentals, nothing available except huge zillion hp monsters. I thought about neighbors, but could not think of one who has a cat 1 tractor, no luck there.

    2. Stand My Ground,
      Oh Crap! What you just had is what worry about on my old ’65 Ford 4000. Here’s a thought. Contact the local high school chapter of FFA. See if you can get some help transplanting in exchange for a good $ donation. Worth a try, plus the kids will get hands on experience. And you might meet some of your future farm hands! Good luck! H

  102. Nursery rhymes – fairy tales – fables

    At least some of these ‘stories’ were a means by which the people could vent without ending up in some dungeon.
    “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is a good example. In a way these fables described then current events and actual people. Thus, could you say they are snippets of history?
    On another hand, I think it safe to say most preppers know about the grasshopper and the ant? But, there is another one. “The Three Pixies and the Fox” which later became “The Three Little Pigs and that Big Bad Wolf.”

    The first little pig sits in his house of straw, staring at his cell phone all day.

    The second little pig sits in his house of sticks, looking proudly at the half dozen cans of beans and a box of band-aids sitting on a shelf.

    The third little pig, taking a break from working in the garden all day — with it stacked to the rafters, quietly sits in his house of bricks.

    Then there is “The Goose that lays the Golden Eggs.” But that is a story for another time. Other than to say that we the people are that goose. And the sweat on our collective brow are the golden eggs.
    But for now, the garden is waiting…

  103. Fun fact….

    When carried by a soldier, an AR semi-auto/full auto, select fire carbine is called an individual weapon…
    When a semi-auto carbine is carried by a police officer it’s called a patrol carbine…
    It’s not until a semi-auto rifle is carried by a civilian that it magically becomes an assault rifle….

    OK…back to the range for more therapy…..

    1. Dennis
      It is not amazing that a simple use of words can change a firearm to one that the public should have never used. But low and behold it was originally created for the public market then the military picked it up & loved this gun in Nam.
      Now we are not allowed to have or, own such a weapon. Depending on the state in which one resides. 🤔 Geese,,, they call us lacking, in reference to the skills one must obtain in order to own such a piece of equipment.😣😤
      Time for me to figure out what I am going to fix for dinner. Hope you & your family have an enjoyable evening.

      1. AC
        Sure enough, a simple change of words. That a rifle, shotgun, or handgun somehow is a weapon.
        A firearm can be a hunting tool — a “deer rifle” a “squirrel or rabbit gun.”
        It can be carried for protection — two or four legged or that has rattles on the end of its tail. It can be a piece of equipment to be used in competition. Call the same firearm a weapon and it is suddenly evil and sinister.
        Correct me if I’m wrong, but as I see it a firearm is not a weapon until it is used AS a weapon.
        No more or less than a bowling trophy is a weapon until used as one.

    2. Or the new media and anti-2A buzzword “weapons of war”. I guess axes, muzzleloaders, flintlocks, pistols, rocks, tree limbs (clubs), bolt action rifles, M1 Garand, knives, hammers, swords etc are also all “weapons of war”.

  104. Found the problem and fixed my tractor, piece of cake. Kinda hard to explain, but older JD tractors ran on an open flow system. While taking things apart, way down and out of site was a quick connect that some how came loose, causing an interruption in the open flow system. Break-clean it, re-connected (gonna replace it) and Yabba Dabba Doo, works as normal. I’m saved.!!

    Gonna take some time and think on how to garden, without depending on machinery. No till. Lots of mulch. We’ll see what I come up with.

    1. SMG,
      Hallelujah! Sometimes scares like that are needed to reevaluate our plans, situations and it gives us the opportunity to patch a new found leak in the preparedness dam we’ve built.

  105. Charity flights inbound from Switzerland with baby formula. They must be going to Indy because the final destination is Plainfield, IN. …. Isn’t that where the Walmart DC burned down? I wonder what the founding fathers would think of all this or what they would do about it.

  106. In the latest article by Victor Davis Hansen, military historian and all around super intelligent guy… he ended the article saying this……

    “When revolutionaries (like those in charge at the White House right now) undermine the system, earn the antipathy of the people, and face looming disaster at the polls, it is then they prove most dangerous—as we shall see over the next few months.”

    The entire article can be read over at AMERICAN GREATNESS.

    1. Dennis,
      Words of wisdom. The left has already announced this will be a “summer of rage” over the anticipated SCOTUS abortion ruling and you can bet BLM and Antifa are going to be in the thick of it. I had planned on attending the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, WI at the end of July but I got an uneasy feeling about being so far away and all of the cities I would have to travel through there and back (Chicago being one) so I called by buddy and canceled my trip. Everything and anything is on the table and never underestimate the willingness and ability of evil people to do evil things.

      1. Also with the price of gas going up (expected to be near $6 a gallon by mid-summer) and combined overall cost of the trip (lodging, food) was another reason for cancelling my trip.

        1. Romeo Charlie,
          Gas station pumps in Washington state are being reprogrammed to accommodate $10 a gallon and even higher as the summer driving season begins amid tight fuel supplies, according to a report on ZeroHedge.
          i was planning a trip out west , but i don’t know now.

          1. scout,
            I saw that article and today the stock market is tanking again with the S&P500 entering Bear market territory. The Covid drums are being beat again and already talk of lockdowns in some areas. I think staying up on the mountain, mega-canning from the garden and spending my money on items I can use in the future instead of burning it up in fuel on a road trip vacation this summer is the wise choice.

  107. To Mrs U: The conversation regarding fungal infections of the lungs and upper airways reminded me of the large numbers of patients I worked with who had contracted coccidio mycosis (spelling) the common name was Valley Fever. The difficulty in treatment began with the difficulty in diagnosing for the disease in the first place. The patients I worked with were prisoners from CDC (CA Dept of Corrections- convicts). the prisoners came from all over the state but when incarcerated in prison, most of the prisons are scattered up and down the Central Valley and other inland locations. Once it was correctly diagnosed and an aerosolized antifungal was administered thru nebulizer treatment, the fungus could be killed or treated. By the time I saw them at my state hospital, they were late stage and pretty sick. Most recovered after many weeks of nebulizer treatments. The most common profile of patient with cocci was: older, immune compromised, poor health status and/or older. Living in the Central Valley of CA, coccidio mycosis is endemic to the area. Young people riding dirt bikes are another high risk group for cocci. When I left the “Golden State” for Oregon, I traded the high rate of coccidio mycosis for aspergillosis or lung infections from people living in buildings with black mold. Fungal infections of the lungs are very real and I have been around long enough to spot it and tell the younger clinicians what the f#*k they are looking at when the antibiotics do not work and the patient continues to have s/sx of a lung infection.

    1. Thanks Cali. I also watch Monsters Inside Me on the tv sometimes. There are some horrible tiny creatures in dirt and such that can affect humans. Early intervention seemed to have the best outcome. When it comes to herbals not sure what would help with fungus in the lungs. Just keep the patient comfortable…..

    2. Cali, what was the drug/method of use… of choice for MOLD induced lung issues?.. asking for reference… material..

  108. Correction: Most of the nebulizer treatments were some type of corticosteriod to reduce inflammation. the antifungal was taken in pill or capsule form. Treatment took a long time and was not always successful for a late stage, immune-compromised individual.
    Now we will see how many hypochondriacs will be triggered into commenting on this site.

    1. I have some treatments for the” Bird passed fungals that were prevalent in East Tn areas.from wild black birds in the mid 60’s and 70’s…, just did not know protocols for mold.. Black Mold is common issue in our area temps of 90 already and times of humidity runs 80-99%… .

  109. Reply to TMAC regarding flights of formula from Switzerland or Germany to Indiana:
    When I was tending the tube feedings of patients at care homes and hospitals in the CA Bay Area, I was surprised to see that most of the formula we were using back in the 1990’s were from Sandoz nutrition (based in Germany) and Nestle (Switzerland) is also in the business of manufacturing baby formula for decades. Part of my job was to order supplies for the weekend so I did the logistics of reorder every week on a thursday night. I wondered back then why US based hospitals did not order from domestic suppliers. Both companies sold a solid product that had very high standards of quality. I have no complaints working with them.

    1. yes those are good products used them extensively for care in nursing homes and later in personal care of DFM..

  110. I believe that two of the goals the democrat revolutionaries have are forcing folks to live in cities and eliminate petroleum dependent vehicles for the masses.

    The last 23 years of my career, I commuted 123 miles round trip from my farm in NE Texas to my duty station in Dallas every day. Gasoline prices are quickly approaching the point where, if I were still working my paying job, I would have to make a choice….move to Dallas or swap my pickup in on an electric vehicle.

    Reckon how many younger workers are facing that dilemma today?

    1. Ive got friends over here who work on the west side, need their trucks for work and are spending upwards of 250 a week in fuel

    1. And is “Event 202” for real? The (supposed) planned event on how to deal with a Smallpox outbreak?

    2. absolutely the K is silent and the ‘P’ is in our face. The two are always together.

    3. Don’t worry.. The MP jabs are ordered by the regime. JB saves the day. (ready since 2019, apparently)

  111. We are in perilous times…no doubt about it…so many controversies confronting us and dividing us as a country. Gas prices are real…looming food shortages are real…possibilities of a war, possibly on two or more fronts are real.

    Question…ask yourself…how many transexuals do you know? How many have you actually met? Known for a fact they were actually men or women who thought of themselves as the opposite?

    I ask because I am 72 years old and I’ve only known two. They were both black and worked as prostitutes…street walkers in south Dallas who preyed on drunken illegal Mexican laborers who they thought they could fool into believing they were women. I recall that one went by the street name of Tina Louise. “Tina” died of a slit throat at the hands of an enraged customer who discovered the ruse…I know because I answered the call.

    I ask this question because this subject is being used as another wedge between our citizens…destabilizing us…dividing us at a time when those same people pushing it are destroying our economy and possibly our country itself….why do so many buy into it?

    OK…I hear ya…I’m heading out to get some therapy…..right now…quickly….

    1. ^^^ This is 100% truth ^^^ My wife works at a supermarket here in the land of freaks, fruits and nuts. Pink haired boys and butched out girls are common; but a full on tranny is a rare sighting.

      1. We may not see them but they are making themselves known to children in elementary schools, local libraries and community events. Drag queen storytelling has become a popular event and the kids look at them as clowns with their makeup and costumes so they are being indoctrinated to accept them as normal and fun.

        They hide in the shadows and you most likely won’t see one walking around Tractor Supply but like termites, just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there destroying the foundation. THEY are the ones driving a wedge into society by trying to force their perversions and mental illness on us and to be accepted as normal, acceptable behavior. And those of us that disagree are labeled homophobic bigots. I could careless of being labeled (bigot, racist, homophobic, blah, blah, blah) as it means nothing to me and if it means taking the country to a civil war to fight this garbage then so be it.

  112. Reply to Dennis: I saw quite a few while transporting from street corner to Emergency Department. Most of the ones being transported had suffered the worst of the beating or had multiple lacerations and stab wounds. As a young EMT it showed me how dangerous life can be walking on the “Wild Side” (in reference to the old Lou Reed song)
    Myself: I’m old, bald, fat, hetero and I go to church. (..boring..) I will never be on TikTok unless somebody films me tripping and falling.

  113. To Dennis: I finally traded in my old 2×4 p/u truck so I could buy a new AWD Subaru Outback for my wife. She had a smaller Subaru compact which she did not care to drive anymore and I no longer hunt anything larger than a badger so…I have finally transitioned from 2 wheel drive to AWD. I do not live in the hinterlands and I generally stay on the asphalt. We do get ice storms up here rarely. AWD for us makes sense because of where we live and drive. For the past 2 years, when I hunt, I have been willing and happy paying a bit extra for the guide fee. I only go 1x per year so, for me, it is worth it.

  114. The WHO convenes an emergency meeting for global Monkeypox. America: “Won’t get fooled again”

  115. I believe there’s 100 confirmed cases worldwide.
    100 cases within a world population of 7+ BILLION PEOPLE.
    simply terrifying, sarcasm off

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