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  1. BGinTx, that is why they make shade cloth and misters, and watering tape.

  2. Gopher , don’t go to anyplace with old/allergy symptoms. treat at home. Tamiflu works on this stuff. Horse meds work, tonic water works, oil of oregano helps. colloidal silver works(subliingual)… must know exactly how to use natures remedies but they are there..cedar /fir needle tea, pine needle tea(certain types)

      1. Mountain Man,
        Take 500 mg of Vitamin C every 3 hours while awake and chew on a piece of peeled fresh raw garlic (get the allicin released) for as long as you can tolerate it, several times a day. Avoid refined sugars and cow’s milk. May you heal speedily and fully…

        1. Good advice. I take ~ 1000 mg Vitamin C every day dissolved into a glass of water. Sipped throughout the day. And, a fresh clove of garlic (sometimes two depending on size) every day in the morning. Crushed first (to release allicin) and then finely chopped and consumed with an avocado (they taste good together in my opinion). Haven’t had a cold in a very long time.

          [ Read: How-to Grow Garlic ]

  3. One super large (holds 7 quarts and 9 pints at once), one large (holds either 16 pints or 7 quarts) and one smaller that holds only 7 quarts. Set up the Camp chefs for 4 burners running so I can do spaghetti sauce and or bone broth at same time as canners. Lots of work! three timers running at any given time as well. Yikes. Fun though and feels sooo good to see the shelves filled.

    1. Loaned out my two burner camp cooker to a friend up the road yesterday so she can pressure can outside. In exchange, am getting a jar of peaches, and two fresh peaches. Perfect for making one of my favorite breakfasts – peach toast. Toast whole grain bread, butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, thickly slice ripe peach on top, then another sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar. Juicy, sweet, messy, and wonderful.

  4. Question for the chicken folks,
    I have access to corn. It’s still in the field and very much dried out. I’ve given the girls (8 hens) an ear or two, several times already. They really like it. How much is too much? They have regular feed pellets available to them. Just thinking I could easily supplement with the dried out ears of corn over the winter.

    The farmer/rancher isn’t going to harvest this field. Probably not a great crop, but still lots of corn out there.

    1. Plainsmedic – I can’t attest to chickens liking whole dried corn. They do like the smaller cracked corn whenever I have an excess of corn which is hardly ever. I do pressure can about 24 pints (no salt) every year as treats for the birds. They love this corn but I don’t feed them a lot of it as I believe it may not fully digest. MHO. If you have storage space and jars, I recommend canning extra corn for the chickens. Yes, our chickens are spoiled….

    2. As long as you supplement with a protein source, feed them all the corn they will eat.

    3. Plainsmedic,
      Had chickens years ago. Hard whole kernel corn can be hard for chickens to digest. Might think of gathering up a bunch and shelling it, then cracking it for them.

    4. Plainsmedic as long as you make sure it’s not moldy you have a chicken blessing there. Corn silk tea is excellent for urinary issues and stones. Chickens will do better with cracked corn. Kept dry it and rodent free will last.

    5. Good day, Plainsmedic,
      Yes, cracked corn is good, also cracked: wheat, oats, dried peas, and flaxseed as is….
      Balance is the key, too much corn can cause liver damage as corn is high in sugar.
      We use New Country Organics feed. The main ingredients (all cracked): peas, corn, wheat, oats…
      My chickens love left over cooked rice too. Our chickens are pastured too.
      Never feed them raw or dried beans very toxic to chickens.
      Remember oyster shell for good egg shells. We leave it out as free choice.
      Also freeze dried mealworms are always a big favorite.

      P.S. I have four Lavender Orpingtons. They are a little over 5 weeks old. I got them when only a few days old. The Lavender Orpingtons are so friendly! The outdoor enclosed mobile coop is big enough for me to get into (they are in there during nice warm weather). I go in and squat down and they all like to hop or fly on to me. They are adorable with soft silvery gray feathers and dark eyes. They are so cheery as well. I scoop them up and give them hugs and we chatter together. I feel like a character in Mary Poppins. Feed the birds…tuppence a bag, tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag… :)

      1. Birdee I looked up your Lavender Orpingtons. Nice birds :-) Did you get a rooster also? I’ve been looking around for a pretty quiet Rooster breed that has good broodiness in the Hens.

        Was fun to look them up and wander the internet for pure fun. Thanks Birdee for sharing your joy with your “ladies”.

        1. Good day, NH Micheal,
          We did not get a rooster this year, other than the Wyandotte bantam one earlier, who while super sweet as a young rooster, turned mean on me and would attack me. He is gone. In 12 years of chickening, we had 5 roosters all together. Two have been attackers of any humans (including one Buff Orpington), one was just fine “Absalom” named so because this rooster literally stole his dad-rooster’s flock of hens (he was a Black French Copper Maran- gorgeous plumage), and two have been sweet-natured: “King Copper” (Absalom’s dad rooster) he was huge and was excellent to his hens and to us and “Puffers” (Crested Polish rooster-he was given to us…if you haven’t laughed yet today, please look them up, funny feather “hair-do”). Puffers was small and a bit scrawny, but he tried his best. Some roosters turn out to be great others not so. Best to you and your chickening :)

          1. Laughing, Birdee I have a neighbor with quite the menagerie of chickens and Yes she has a Crested Polish Rooster :-).

            That funny looking Rooster is so nice you can feed it mealworms from your palm.

            Absalom biblical chicken names eh? Chuckling.

    6. Plainsmedic , the corn will help them stay warm in winter..if you can crack it , enough for a week at a time…it will more fully digest. I turned the light on for my hens tonight, for a 3 hour supplemental tonight ..and have increased their protein.( am using some old eggs, cottage cheese,yogurt.some protein powder i could not use)…until their molt is fully complete.. Roo2 is in the bachelor pad, he is not positively impressed.

  5. Probably won’t be posting for a while. Dad passed away last night. My brother gave him a blessing and told him he could go, that everything he needs to do here has been accomplished, he was gone 10 minutes later.

    He’s Home with Mom, now, but I’ll be busy at least for the next week. My brother comes in today, a minor miracle there and thank you all for your prayers.

    1. Lauren
      Am sorry to hear about your father’s passing, he knew he was loved. May you and your family share his wonderful life stories. Prayers to you and all of your family.

    2. Lauren, hugs and prayers for you and your whole family. So comforting to know you and your brother were with him on his journey to his heavenly home. The Good Shepherd hold u all very close and lead you gently through this time…peace, comfort, and many blessings to you, Lauren…

    3. Lauren, I am so sorry for your loss. You were blessed to be able to spend this time with him and I am sure it made his passing easier for him. I pray your tears will turn to smiles as you enjoy wonderful memories of your father. Peace be with you.

    4. Lauren,
      I’m so sorry to read that your father passed. This has been quite a journey for you, and I am praying for you & your family. Take care.

    5. Lauren – He is in the loving hands of our Lord now and nothing in this world can hurt him any longer. To love can be a painful thing……but it is a holy thing. My prayers are for you and your family.

    6. Lauren,
      i’m so sorry to hear of your loss. rest assured that your mother and father are setting a table for us to join them.

    7. Lauren
      So sorry to hear your dad has passed, I know you will miss him; but glad to hear that your brother got to bless him and that he passed peacefully into the arms of the Lord.

    8. Lauren,

      So sorry for your loss. I’m sure all your care over these years was a great comfort to him. Prayers continue for you and your family.

    9. Lauren,
      Sorry to hear of your loss. He is safe in the loving arms of the Lord. Will hold you and your family up in prayer.

    10. Lauren,
      I am sorry to hear.
      Your father was with family, that is a Blessing.

      That in itself, is a comfort to them, I believe.
      Happened to my mother, with Hospice. I was the last to talk to her.
      Still hurts like hell, but I was with her.
      Take comfort, take the time for yourself, in all that you have done.

    11. Lauren,

      Been on a self imposed sabbatical…but need to let you know you are in my thoughts, and prayers will be lifted up asking for comfort for you and your loved ones….

    12. Lauren,

      I’m sorry for the loss of your Dad. What a great gift to him, for you both to be there, blessing him on his journey home. I pray that gives you comfort, too. You’ll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, as you tend to all that has to be done.

    13. Lauren, Im so sorry for your loss. The Lord is taking many of His servants home now; may they be spared all that is coming upon us in these times. But it still hurts to say goodbye on this earth. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. One day at a time…..just take one day at a time.

    14. Lauren, you are in my prayers. Knowing where your dad is makes this bearable, but it’s never easy to have someone you love gone from your everyday life.

    15. Lauren, I am just getting on to the blog and found your post. You have done all you can for your Dad, and blessed him with love, and compassion. He felt that love and cherished it as you did in giving it.
      When we have been caregivers- the adjustments to no longer doing it are an adventure in it’self. I have walked in your shoes. Be gentle with yourself. Take care of what you must.. know our prayers continue with you and your family as you make this transition to another chapter in your life.
      Remember the good times, the funny things he may have said- the conversations you had w/him about his growing up and meeting your Mom. Write down those things as you remember them.. would be good to pass to the younger generations. The funny things will give laughs for many years.

  6. NH Michael, re 4th Turning. By nature I am a cheerful contrarian, so you my regret asking for my views. While I have friends who are deep in the weeds into the “4th Turning”, me not so much. The authors of the books are well-respected in their fields but nevertheless, cui bono? Their observations, which may have some validity, appear somewhat forced and simplistic. I find any reduction of complex human events to fit economic paradigms irritating, whether it be Marxism, pro-regressive Utopianism, or this sort of thing. Even if a valid perspective, where’s the value? How does it inform an individual’s role in society? Remember, they’ve arbitrarily set 20 years as a generation, with which I do not agree, and every 80 there is another 4th turning. Did anything that happened when I was 1 matter much to me when I was 21, or when I was 21 to me at 41, and so on? Not so much. As for this article, the author seems to have tossed every current observation into a basket pretending that that constitutes correlation. As we know, correlation is not causation. Seems to me that this sort of arbitrary colocation of ideas does cause confusion and panic in some. We choose, as individuals, whether we are alone or acting as part of a larger group or society. We choose; no one and no thing is forcing us to do anything. We choose, and though we be battered about by the actions of others, accidents, and natural forces, how our lives retain meaning is that we choose. Besides, if I live as long as my grandmothers, we will be in a 1st turning again, so there’s that. .. ..

    On the other hand, pendulums do swing.

    1. Chuckling, Anony Mee I always welcome well reasoned viewpoints. There would be No Sharpening if we always spoke to those that agreed with us :-) Proverbs 27:17.

      I asked for your viewpoint remember :-) I value it.

      BTW sorry a little late but Yom Kippur I pray your sealed in the Book of Life (If I remember my Jewish friends information about that date).

      Have not read that much of the turnings stuff. As your aware I am a student of History and Human Behavior as History is Human Behavior writ LARGE.

      I also recall a saying I’ve found correct more often than not

      Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.

      Charles Mackay

      Thus self fulfilling Prophecies tend to occur as Men go mad in Herds (AKA “Woke” perhaps?)

      As a Historian I see way too many similarities in the political and fiscal behaviors of CONgress (spelling intentional) to the French Revolution (Let them eat Cake, WE don’t HAVE to wear Masks obey Rules Royalty) Weimar Republic and the collapse of the former USSR in fiscal over extensions and creating divisions with in the citizens (the USSR was ignoring-abusing the non core satellite states before it fell).

      Need to rake up the leaves, run them over for shredding and get to making my winter compost piles. The spring gardens need them :-)

      I’d love to be wrong but trouble is here and likely to get far worse.

      Off to chores while the suns shining

  7. Lauren: My condolences. I am sorry for your loss. He is with his wife in the house of the Lord now so my hopes are he is in a better place.

  8. Lauren,
    My thoughts are with you.

    Just finished maintenance on the battery banks. You know, add a little distilled water. Cleaned several connections. The corrosion builds up after a while. Nice north wind, so the two little wind turbines are churning away. Large trees block some of the south wind. This is a nice break from the heat.

  9. Don’t know if anyone else saw this story: New Cooperative Group was hit with a ransomware attack over the weekend. They are “only” the 51st largest farm co-op, but the group says “that 40% of the nations grain production runs through its software, and that the ransomware attack would ‘break the supply chain very shortly’ if the hackers did not relent”. I found the story on Fox Business News and The Hill.

    Hackers asking for $5.9 million, and the co-op has taken their systems offline and thus contained the threat.

  10. From a recent post on the Wyoming Farm Bureau website (8/31/21), this is an excerpt:

    “We in Wyoming Farm Bureau have long advocated for water development projects which help conserve the water that does fall in Wyoming. These efforts have often been thwarted by federal regulations which delay or kill the projects. Meanwhile we also have aging infrastructure which supply water to our irrigated farms in Wyoming and the West that need to be addressed. Without the efforts of our forefathers at the turn of the last century it is doubtful much of the West would have the population or the ag production that supports our country. Now those projects are being threatened by regulations or political actions.

    In visiting a farming area in California, it became evident that we have choke points for some of our fresh and canned produce production. Certain areas of California produce a major part of our canned tomato products. If this area runs out of water and can’t grow tomatoes, then its doubtful other areas of the U.S. could make up the shortage. Just like when the beef and pork supply chain was interrupted, this interruption will lead to shortages on grocery store shelves. But unlike the interruption in the beef and pork supply chain, this one will not resolve itself quickly. What will American’s do when they go to the store and can’t find tomato sauce or catsup or any of the myriad of other canned tomato products for months at a time?

    Some of the water shortages being experienced in the West are a result of regulations which curtailed or prohibited dam development. Some are the result of water being reallocated from food production to other uses such as endangered species protection. When we have limited water and that limited water is prioritized as water for endangered species, then we may see food shortages.”

  11. So Cal Gal: I am not sure which farming area within California you were visiting. Southern end of Central Valley uses mostly well water pumped up from deep below the ground to irrigate crops. There are dams on every river that comes out of the Sierras but a majority of that goes to homes in Fresno, Bakersfield, Visalia, Sacramento etc. Agriculture is lower on the totem pole of power to gain water allotments compared to residential real estate. Recreation on the lakes and reservoirs like boating and fishing rank dead last in terms of use of water prioritization. Farms that tend to survive are the big operations that can sink wells deep in the ground and have pumps to bring that water up for irrigation. Within 2 generations, farms became a proposition of go big or go home because the largest farms are those that can drill wells the deepest and water their crops while smaller neighboring operations go dry.
    Every govt agency I worked for down there ( exception being a large Police Dept. and hospitals ) had their own in-house hydrologist within Civil Engineering because: Water is power in the Golden State. FArmers have relatively few votes while residents within towns have lots of votes. If there was a fire in the middle of the forest but not threatening homes, In drought years, a few guys would be sent to dig a scratch line around the fire and just let it burn during drought years. Nobody would waste water or helicopter time to dump water on a blaze in the middle of nowhere.

    1. Cali,
      Thanks for your reply & details. I was reposting an excerpt from the Wyoming Farm Bureau website which was commenting about water shortages and farm output.

      We have friends in the general area of Visalia (one full time resident, one has a western Sierra weekend home) and both have serious water issues. As you say, home use is low priority. They’ve both dug deeper wells, but not enough for dry years like this.

      There’s a lot of fighting over water here (typical for dry years), but it is worse than usual. A lot of uncertainty for anyone other than the biggest users who have priority. Even on the eastern Sierra, it is drier than we’ve ever seen it.

      Not sure what the final outcome will be for food production in affected areas.

  12. Freshwater in CAlifornia continued: In some cases, water is allowed to go underground in order to maintain good water quality and to prevent salt water intrusion in towns and farms along coastal plains like the Santa Maria Valley, ( one of many places that grow lots of tomatoes for commercial uses. Strawberries for Kellog etc.).
    Agricultural use along with municipal use must be balanced out during drought years or one will see a marked increase in salinity of well water ( hence a decrease in water quality ). That was why the town of Santa Maria stayed relatively small for so long despite being surrounded by farmland. ( sketchy water supply ). The Central Coast area averaged 17 inches of rainfall per year but there is no way to factor in droughts especially if they last longer than 3 years.

  13. Why are people so manipulative and why do they seek to cram their beliefs and rules down others throats?

    When the hell are good folks going to unite and shut this down?

  14. Reply to So Cal Gal: Nice town Visalia, I know it well. Sad to hear of their shortage of potable water. I figured water quality would be first to go in drought years there because the salinity of the water makes it not usable in homes or agriculture. This has been a problem down there before. I would pray for several “pineapple express” storms to come over that section of CA and park themselves over the area for 48-72 hrs in order to recharge the underground aquifers this winter. Since working in Natural Resources in Central CA, I took an intense interest in the rain cycles and hydrology of that section of the state. The old days of relying on snowpack in the Sierras are a thing of the past. Sadly, Pineapple Express type storms create some flooding and havoc but a majority of fresh water from the sky comes in that form in Central CA. One year I kept track of the rainfall and my county received all of its annual rainfall within a 35 hr window of time. Late Feb, a spectacular Pineapple Express type of storm.
    I remember doing some clerk/typist work within the Los Padres NF down there for dept of Civil Engineering: EVERYBODY was waiting for the report from the hydrologist. Farmers, ranchers and home construction depends upon a steady supply of clean, fresh water.

  15. This was posted by a fb friend. She’s very good at putting the pieces together.

    “Ok, I’m going there. Many of you may not be ready for this, but seeing as my account is still up, let’s play connect the dots…

    – Bill Gates pushing depopulation and eugenics.

    – Bill Gates pushing for people to eat synthetic fake meat.

    – Bill Gates buys 250,000 acres of farmland (making him one of the top 4 farmland owners in the US).

    – World Economic Forum staged a supply chain attack simulation.

    – Lawmakers are seeking to make it unlawful to kill animals for food.

    – YouTube just recently removed ad revenue on hunting and fishing videos (Big tech always supports communist agendas).

    – USDA’s own war games anticipated African swine fever (ASF) would arrive in the US via infected animal feed through refugee migration paths.

    – ASF is now gripping India and Haiti.

    – New cases of mad cow disease are suspending beef imports internationally.

    Is your left eye twitching yet? I’m willing to bet that simulated attack includes creating an alternative food source. And I’m willing to bet that alternative source is Bill Gates’ synthetic meat. Did you know the already distributed “beyond meat“ synthetic meat products in stores today contain fetal tissue as a source of flavoring?

    Soylent Green. It’s a movie that was made in 1973 about dystopian 2022. Watch it. Take notes. I’m not kidding. But I wish I was. This is only a piece of it. Wake up.”

    Such manipulation has to come from a dark, evil place.

    1. NWG:

      If it comforts you at all, there are about 900 Million acres of Farmland in use right now (‘in use’ includes fallow but collecting $ from Uncle) We also have a few Hundred Million acres that could easily be pressed into service for AG uses.

      And I haven’t even gotten to more marginal land (10s of millions of acres) like I live on in NE GA which is still commercially viable, but just not at the fantastic yields as places like Iowa or the Central Valley of CA.

      So Big Bill owns 250,000/900,000,000 = 0.00028 of all current AG land = 0.03% AG Land.


      1. bb, thank you for that information. I wondered about the acreage. Even if BG has questionable motives, it’s good to know. Ours is a massive productive country from an agricultural perspective. The land is there. We just need to be free to use it to produce food.

  16. Just saw a posting, Impeachment papers filed by GOP today. (Here comes the hyena! Be afraid, very afraid)

  17. 1995/1987 bean test. After soaking for 3 and half days, I cooked the beans for 6 hours and still are not very edible. Even the beans cracked into pieces with hammer did not cook up well. Would be too much fuel if shtf for most folks. Did not use salt in the water either. Sometimes salt makes a bean or pea tougher. So my opinion is use for ‘flour’. NH Michael mentioned a pressure cooker. Maybe would be better. I do not have a small one.

  18. Call out to Dennis the chicken/egg rancher: I’ve been tracking your hunting of predators around your poultry the past few years and I recently found a Savage model 93 in 22 magnum.
    I bought the rifle and took it home. There I mounted a 2 x 7 Leupold optic on top using tip-off mounts. Day 1 of sight-in, I was able to get a ragged 1 hole group at 50 yards. Day 2 at 100 yards, I was able to get the shots to group within a tennis ball.
    I have rifles that are more accurate though this rifle has real potential for the rancher or farmer that: (1). does not reload. (2) is able to find 22 magnum rimfire ammo. (3) may need to take down a creature the size of a coyote at 150 yards. These are the criteria that led me to build this rifle.
    I have had 2 cattle ranchers ask me about a rifle for predators in the past year. Nobody wants to buy and build a rifle in 223 and such a rifle would be too much for small properties where one can see the roofline and propane tanks of their neighbors property. In the meantime, rimfire ammo is available and relatively plentiful in the past year. ( some days they have it, other days, they are out.
    Dennis, Your adventures against the armadillos and coyotes on your mountain property around your chicken yard was the motivation behind the creation of this particular light, fast handling rifle. Built with the intention of protecting chickens and other livestock during these weird times. I may keep it a while but I will have no trouble finding a buyer for it among the folks I know raising beef, pork or chicken locally. Most people I know raising animals for sale are not that much into guns, shooting or reloading.

  19. Trying to think outside the box for defensive instruments other the standard we all have. Remembered as a child being shocked with a hotshot cattle prod, man that sucker hurt! That was over 1/2 century ago, can you imagine the improvements since then? If you have never seen/experienced one the unsuspecting would think just a useless stick or rod. Great surprise for two & four legged trespassers. Just ordered rechargeable hotshot and dc & ac chargers. Solar working great, thanks again Ken, AC started eureka hole, it’ll be a while, hate packed clay soil, using water to loosen, too old for this sh#t plus I am short, but got to get her done. I’ll stop whining/bitching maybe by eom 10/21? Using wa$er we** auger & Pcv pipe. (Is that just ok opsec) Best to all. GGM

  20. Just went over and got 10- 5 gallon buckets of pinto beans, right out of the combine. I’ve been blessed with the best neighbors. I help them with their equipment and homes, they share their sweet corn and pinto beans. Love being part of this farming community.

    1. Awesome deal! I got several buckets of organic wheat. Need to do some fanning to clean it up, but the price was right!

  21. FYI, I thought and I would mention Sage. Sage can be bought almost anywhere. Do Not take if breast feeding, pregnant or have epilepsy, take if in mesopause or irregular periods.
    Now for everyone it is an antiseptic and is wonderful for sore throats, nerve tonic, and lowering blood fats. Good for digestion and has been studied and is useful for memory. Moderate dose for memory worked better than large doses.
    Take as tea, tinctures or rub fresh leaves on surface wounds as an antiseptic, anti inflammatory.
    there is an old saying, ‘How can a man die with sage in his garden’.
    Peace Love Health

  22. Held off posting this information, but now it is a must. This year has been rather nasty for our household, with life just starting to have an even keel about it. A women started a fire, last night, looked like we would be fine but the northerly winds came up. Yes, we are residing in a hotel room me & the animals that I could take with me.
    They are using the large Boeing 747(I believe) to drop retardant on the fire. Neighbors who never left before are getting out while the getting is still safe. The digger pines, sugar pines are so dry that they resemble Roman Candle going off.
    Will we have homes to return too? I do not not know at this time. This is effecting a lot of those who live in that area possible a 1,000 homes, maybe more. Rain is not do until Monday, and I have seen this type of fire wipe out a lot of places. The only thing one can do now is pray for early rains with lots of water, and the winds die down to stop the spread.
    AC & critters

    1. Praying for your situation, peace of mind and plenty of rain for you and your friends.

    2. AC, praying for safety for you, your animals, and your home, and your neighbors.
      Father God, we are asking for Your help for AC and her neighbors in this intense time of need.
      Please assist the people with strength and wisdom and with holy angels to quench these flames. Protect people, animals, and homes. In Yeshua’s Name amen! Please keep up posted and we will continuing to pray for you AC and your critters (hug)

    3. OMG, AC – I’m SO sorry to read this. As if you haven’t been through enough. Just sent up prayers for you & your neighbors that you are all spared. Please keep us posted.

    4. AC ,,,,,,,,,I’m in and out a lot ,call when you can ,keep trying if you need to ,,you are in our thoughts ,,,i will check E mail more than once a day too ,,,,,,,,,mother earth ,,,father sky ,,,,,,,

      1. OH
        Connection at the hotel are iffy on internet,, I will call tomorrow as today I am royally pooped. Ate one meal and that was 5pm, was so busy getting things ready for the animals forgot part of my stuff but I have back up in the store room I hope. If not,, insurance will cover this since we were kicked out. Can not believe how lax I let myself get with having things ready to grab & go.

        Started by a woman from down Palo Alto area, why?? I do not know but many are ready to tie her to a tree that is in the path of the on coming storm. They are are really ticked off…..

        1. AC, so sorry to learn of fire threat of your home. Understand it’s between I5 & 299 heading for mtn. gt. Pray this fire will be under control quickly and your home is spared. That’s all the Rdg area needs is another fire with the drought. Pray for safe keeping for all you & DH built as well for all neighbors. agree PC women fate-sugar pine sounds just right. What the hell is wrong with people nowadays. My prays with all others on MSB. Keep us posted please. GGM

    5. Antique Collector,

      Having watched the roman candle eruptions of a neighbor’s trees as we evacuated, my heart aches for you and your neighbors. Miraculously, their home was spared, along with most in our area. Winds were high and blowing at all the homesteads, but the ground crew, fire planes/choppers were able to protect our homes, with lots of help from Almighty God. So even though it may look hopeless, miracles can and do happen. I pray you and your neighbors are protected by His Hand, and that His Peace is with you in the time of unknowing. I’m glad you were able to some of your animals with you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

    6. Antique Collector – How many times are we to be knocked down in this life? But… if we have the will to pick ourselves up and continue on for His purpose……we glorify Him. He is worthy. I pray that your home and animals are safe.

      1. Soul Survivor
        As last evening everything was fine. We have a neighbor who stayed at his place, he is watching over the homes that are still standing. He lost his home back a few months ago during one of those hot spells. Those of us who are like minded stepped up to help him, no questions asked. He had no clothes or shoes, so I went through dh items and provided him with brand new shoes(never worn)and clothing. Neighbors took him in feed him gave him a place to sleep, and his scared ol puppy. They bathed the dog, and I provided food to see that he was feed. No expectations that we would need him to reciprocate, just helping where we could.
        Believe it surprised this man as not all our fellow land owners are so thoughtful.

        1. AC – It is folks like you that helped me turn the corner. I don’t ever forget. You lift me up cause I want to be like you and those I see (here) that have the Spirit and the Heart. One day I may get there………y’all got some big shoes for me to fill. Blessings and hope for you and all here. And a special prayer for Dennis.

    7. Praying for you AC- we too are in wild fire country and this always scares the bejeezus out me. Hoping that the Lord spares your home and property.

  23. I am ever reminded that we are in a spiritual battle, not just a material one. The enemy, earthly or otherwise, is relying on demoralization to weaken the resistance to their agenda. The next few months are going to be very trying. I’m paying special attention to strengthening close ties and relationships, as these are critical for all of us keeping our heads above water during the tempest.

    What I’m learning:

    Give, even when the recipient doesn’t fully appreciate the gift.
    Trust, when the Spirit/Will prompts, even when you have reservations.
    Share, even when you’re overwhelmed to the point of breaking.
    Forgive, even when the pain of the slight still smarts.

    We are stronger together, and sometimes people rise to the level we expect of them. The enemy relies on the lowest common denominator. He sows discord, distrust and fear. We need to call forth the best in our fellow man, and be willing to put our pride behind us if it means another sleeper awakens.

    There are a lot of “normies” out there that are starting to wake up to the reality that a handful of rich psychopaths have betrayed all of humanity. They are the army we’ve been waiting for, to bolster the cause of freedom. Our empathy, forgiveness and compassion are potent weapons agains totalitarianism, soft and weak as those human traits may seem.

    1. Farmgirl – Yes….Farmgirl, yes. The gift of empathy, forgiveness and compassion are viewed by the enemy as weakness. But to put legs on those qualities in the face of adversity demonstrates a strength and power the enemy does not possess. And that, precious Lady, is why we win in the end. You see….the enemy has no defense against love. They don’t know what it is. We win more fence sitters over with love than we ever will with fear. When things go hot……I pity those that do not know Him…..on either side. The meek (overwhelming power under control) shall win.

      1. Luke 6:29-30, and deed is higher than life itself. Love of the deed, not what the deed will give you.

        1. Mrs. U – Oh so very true. Do more for others than you do for yourself. Some might say that you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others……I say, you take care of others first and Jesus will take care of you. HE will take care of you better than you can take care of yourself. I know this to be true through hindsight.

    2. Well said, Farmgirl, I agree with you..

      Also it is wise to listen sincerely and validate concerns and the intentions of those who have different opinions or ways of doing or seeing things. We see this when we communicate with family. Building bridges (which are essentially spiritual in nature) helps bring down walls of fear and me vs you thinking. If they know you truly care and can trust you, they may be more likely to listen to you and take positive action, especially when sharing vital topics/information in these confusing and unstable times.

      Clarity, focus, strength, and wisdom to all….

  24. Need to share a joyous moment on my last trip out of the area. Fedex delivered my order as I was filling up the additional water tank for the ol horse. In side was a bag of dog treats I had ordered the dog, and I took a bag with me to help with the adjustment of being out of the house. On my way exiting came across two vehicles in the road and slowed down not knowing what the issue was. When out came a beautiful husky dog they were trying to catch her and place back into the vehicle so they could leave. She was headed back home when I grabbed the bag of dog treats. Shook it and said I have treats! Said it again and she about ran me over to get into my vehicle, started laughing until my ol dog said, excuse me this is my car. The owner grabbed his dog & I said wait she still has her treat coming. Gave her that piece of chicken and gave him more to keep her happy while they got her back into the vehicle. Those young people were ever so grateful as they were having a difficult time, and you could see the emotional strain with not being able to capture their beloved pet. Kept hearing “Thank you so very much”…. no problem, be safe. Then to the dog I said you behave, they have more treats for you.

    1. AC your kindness will be remembered by them. Thank you for sharing a moment of kindness

      1. Mrs. U
        Back many years ago we had Huskies while we resided in MT, and they are smart, loving creatures. Well except for cats…lol.
        I knew the way to her heart and shaking that bag & tearing off the seal(great noses-lol). Yes, she listened to me, treated her like a two old child that needs reassurance that life is good. Can you tell I am animal lover?? rowl
        Even the 1200lb cow that needed a hug during her life time. Thank goodness she never stepped on my feet but then again I watch hers as she had biggin’s. (would give you a wink but I am using acdh’s computer).

    2. AC, loved it. I again look at life now as a journey, people passing through or crossing my path in life. I don’t stress anymore at people either. Hurts are quickly forgiven and forgotten (ahem, at least most of them). To do such a simple kindness for a dog and young owners is just pure ‘joy!’ Isn’t it?

  25. I got out today to get a few groceries.Our town of under 20,000 has a Walmart, one non large chain grocery store and dollar stores. Went to indie store, smaller than wm so can walk it easier. Turned 67 this week so appreciate that. Nice manager. Asked him about supply issues. He said he is allowed by his manager to order 700 grocery items at a time.Not sure if that is weekly. Said he usually only receives 250-400. He said he worries.

  26. And how many container ships are sitting off port now on the west coast? This is so crazy.

  27. He was also concerned about a plastic and glass shortage. For all the containers he needs for packaging to sell.produce bags, clamshells,etc

  28. JP Sears is great, but he’s in particularly good form with this short video – Beware the Tyrant Variant. .. .. I Will Not Comply

  29. Update:
    Where I am staying at there was a new influx of engines, would assume these are relief crews for those that are on the line. There were approximately 14 engines that arrived and 3-4 battalion chiefs with this group. I saw the following engines arrive: local, Bangor, Paradise and one from down south. I do not recall the logo on the side of the engine. They will rest, eat & shower here then around 5am will be leaving for the fire area.
    The men I saw reminded me of late teens to early 20’s, later arrivals. Then the there were the crews that were in the 30’s-40’s age group, they could be younger, but that life style can age those guys. Just ask Calirefugee, it was his old line of work.
    That is all I know for now, as updates come in will let you know. We are to be kept out for at least another 3 days, depends on the winds.

  30. I have two questions. First, there was a reference to star anise and Everclear to make a tincture. How much star anise do I want to crush up and add to how much alcohol? Second, I just had my first harvest of Elderberry. Now what do I do with it? Dehydrate (do I need to pierce them to dry out the inside), juice (then what), freeze dry the berries for later use?

  31. I have two questions. First, there was a reference to star anise and Everclear to make a tincture. How much star anise do I want to crush up and add to how much alcohol? Second, I just had my first harvest of Elderberry. Now what do I do with it? Dehydrate (do I need to pierce them to dry out the inside), juice (then what), freeze dry the berries for later use?

    1. Montana Home. I have never made Star Anise Tincture.
      The current information on strength of Star Anise Vs sweetgum : Star anise is 2x a strong as sweetgum. Sweetgum is a double extract of 2- 3 week periods each with fresh material using same alcohol. I did some checking thru a couple sources re: tincturing it. To decide how much you need- Answer the question how much do you want…. one dose is 10 cc for an adult weighing approx 200 lbs.( this makes adult strength Tamiflu). for a family i would make a quart… if i had adequate herb. I would grind/crush it to make it extract quicker and more completely. the information i have found says to use 1/3- 1/2 container of crushed or powdered. and fill container fully with everclear. time should be a minimum of 3 weeks… leaving it longer will continue the extraction some say leave it 3-6 months….

      1. Can you recommend a source for star anise. I am reading that one type is poisonous. I think the one to use is chinese but not sure who to trust. Thanks.

        1. veggies, the major herb suppliers usually have Star Anise, Illicium verum is the botanical name to look for. These suppliers are good and will not sell you a poison star. You will need to crush some of the slick seeds as well. The seeds have the most shikimic acid. Do you have a Vita mix? I bought the dry container for seeds and dry berries to grind. Put in jar and cover with 190 proof if possible, next would be 100 proof, 80 could be used as the stars are dried. Buy vodka in glass if possible.

          1. Thank you. I don’t have a vita mix but I do have a Victorio hand grinder. That might would work.

    2. Montana Home, Re: Elderberry put in how to use and preserve elderberriesin you tube search bar… there are several knowledgable people with video’s up on that subject..

    3. Montana, crush all you can, smash all the seeds you can, they have the most shikimic acid. Do folk method, which is put plant material in jar and cover with alcohol, wait. That’s all. If you have a Vita Mix get the dry blender container and use to cut up dry herbs and berries. The smaller the pieces, the quicker the tincture.

  32. My DW walked in the door tonight with a small crate. I though it was more Foster kittens (we always have some), but instead she had 2 Polish chickens. Funniest looking birds I’ve ever seen. Young, about the same age as the new Sapphire Gems I have in the big tub for the night. They are already trying to snuggle with them. I’m in love with all my flock. She was given them by a co-worker who has a huge flock of all different types, because the wife told her how much she liked them.

    It’s said that the more voices in prayer, the better. This co-worker just found out she has Stage 4 Cancer. I just wanted to ask if some of you could lift Vicki up in prayer. Our Father hears all voices. Thanks!!

    1. Double Tap
      Prayers will be requested for this lady, along with guardian angels.

      Years ago on an old blog many of us had the privilege to be given knowledge by Michele. First thing she taught everyone love your body even if it is ill. Then she passed on her knowledge, from the courses she took on plants for healing the body.
      Believe that TOJS saved some of her writing on the different items for healing the body.

      1. AC,
        Thanks. Not sure why, just feel led to raise her up, and I’ve never even met her. In the current times any bit of light is happiness. And Sorry Ken, I don’t like to clutter up or spam but more and more lately I’m feeling that spiritual preparedness is part of the whole package.

      2. Double Tap,/AC, graviola tea 2x a day. Pau de arco /dly..(can combine them and they taste pretty good). can get from capsuled version.
        …. reduce acidity in body…. (baking soda,in small amounts..1/3 tsp?)
        ….. Stop all sugars.
        those hfcs, laced drinks for invailds are killing ppl wth cancer they give treatment to reduce growth and feed the tumors/cancer. i’mectin. panacur both work on some cancers….from research i have done.

    2. DoubleTap,

      I will join you in holding Vicki in prayer, for healing and peace for her and her husband.

    3. DoubleTap,
      Prayers sent for Vicki. Honestly, these days, we can all use as much positivity and support as we can both give and receive. Wishing Vicki and her family a turn for the better.

    4. Double Tap
      I will be praying for Vicki. Please give us updates on her situation when you can.

  33. Hi All,

    I’ve been listening and reading about various shortages here and there and am still wondering if we are in a short term transitory state, or on the leading edge of a long term change of state. For the last few months I had been letting stock dwindle as I planned to move out of the Puget Sound area. That move is now ‘iffy’ due to work, and working with my Sister to get our near 90 Mother re-settled. I have started re-stocking on dry/canned food and supplies (TP, etc), while keeping thin on the frozen and fresh food. I figure I can box the dry and canned food with me when I move (or donate to a local food bank) and so would rather have it on hand if I need it rather than need it and not have it.

    I recently started listening to Glenn Beck again (podcast), so maybe I am being a little paranoid, however I don’t like, and am concerned by, the way the Nation, and. Washington state, are going and would rather error on the side of being prepared (as I can).

    I have notice a few shortages here and there locally, currently easy to mitigate by choosing an alternative brand, however prices are climbing. I haven’t notice particular price spikes, but the cumulative effect of many small price increases results in an overall food price increase (gasoline actual has dropped ~14 cents/gallon here).

    1. DLS from my point of view your thoughts here ” I’ve been listening and reading about various shortages here and there and am still wondering if we are in a short term transitory state, or on the leading edge of a long term change of state. For the last few months I had been letting stock dwindle as I planned to move out of the Puget Sound area.”

      Both short term transitory and leading edge of long term changes are BOTH correct. They are not in contradiction as many small “transitory” changes add up to a long term change, sadly in this context NOT in a goof way.

      Too many of my friends have let “Normalcy Bias” as in I “Want my Normal LIFE Back” have been allowing their stockpiles of “Shortage Goods” dwindle.

      That’s gong to HURT when the next serious shortage shock hits again ALONG with MOAR Money being dropped into the EBT Cards to keep the easily angered peoples under control. Yes just in the past few months of the Sock Puppets regime the numbers of “eligible” AND the Amounts of “Assistance” given has increased something stupid.

      Inflation is too many dollars chasing that loaf of bread. Hyperinflation is when WAY TOO MANY ever worth Less Dollars are chasing that loaf of bread. Our “Leadership” is a one trick pony, they can only throw MOAR Fake Money at problems THEY Create and thus MOAR and MOAR fake dollars will be chasing that loaf of bread.

      TODAY for all it’s Problems WILL be known as the “Good Ole Days” next year. Food, clothing, shoes and other real life(tm) needs will be in real terms MOR Expensive and Hard to Get.

      I wrote a comment about this on another site but it’s way past 2K characters

    2. You know it’s going to get worse if CNN is reporting how Costco is going to reintroduce limits to paper goods (Paper towels and toilet paper and cleaning supplies) AND they’re leasing their own cargo ships to help them with their orders/supply !!!

      1. Fireswamp, our local Costco yesterday had only one pallet left of TP (Scott brand) that’s it, and limited paper towels. Be prepared to think outside of the box or wrapper….

        1. Our Costco yesterday had a good supply of TP but no paper towels and they were limiting each to 1 per person. I also snagged a 10-pack of Kleenex (never know when they will become scarce) and a 5 pack of Clorox wipes that was hidden in a back corner.

          Prices are nuts on everything. The Kirkland coffee, 3 lb can, that used to be 8.99 last year is now up to 11.49. At our local Mennonite grocery store, 85% lean ground beef that used to go on sale for 2.49 a lb is now 3.69 – still got 10 lbs since it’s only going to get worse.

          I was shopping with my SIL yesterday, who never looks at prices, won’t shop sales and refuses to use coupons, and she actually complained about how expensive everything is now. She grabbed a pack of TP and put it back twice saying she just finished the last one and doesn’t have room to store it, which is utter BS! 3 bathrooms…3 vanities to store it in and a basement full of unused junk! She had just finished telling me that she just spent a ton on all new hand towels for all the bathrooms, and complained that her son already ruined one of them, so I joked that she can use those fancy towels to wipe the next time she can’t find TP. She was the one driving to 3 stores at 6 am one morning before work last year looking for it. And I have lost any and all sympathy.

    3. DLS, The answer to your first statement is Yes, both transitory and long term changes in progress. If you wait as long as end of year- it will either be very bad or will be on way up- one thing for certain we can not grow potatoes, tomatoes and pepper here in winter without more infrastructure.What is produced is it once those frosts and freeze’s occur. Goods in your house you will have- what has to be purchased- one does not have it til in possession. choose how many meals you desire to have a day /month/year and put those aside.
      manipulated shortages can only be manipulated so long.. generics and store brands are sometimes higher than national brands- because they have held the national ones in holding facility for a while….note those dates of canned goods are best by dates of 9-10 months-not the 2 years.
      .Brands from other regions are being transported… HEB is groc. store/line in Tx. found local store that gets HEB tp..(surplus?).@ signifcant savings.
      . Gas overall steady for last 2 months local. went up briefly as tropical storm passed nearby …and gulf production was shut down…still higher by 30 cent/gal that small rural area 10 miles south in another state. can drive 20 more miles from that town and get 46 c gal cheaper than local to me…
      DH heard yesterday the ppl on set incomes who have wages- (yes wages they paid in a system to have a retirement…as did the companies they worked for- it is EARNED income for their retirement) WILL receive 6%COST off living, to start Jan 1st… That is what the dot gov is saying there is 6% inflation… and they control the numbers- likely double or triple are real percentage.

  34. I forgot to mention that some of my ‘shortage’ preps include things like getting my eyeglass prescriptions updated. Again, maybe I am being paranoid, but I would rather get my glasses updated now, while it is a ‘non-event’ than wait a few months and hear ‘sorry, no can do’.

    My Thank You to Ken and all the rest on MSB for your info, teachings, and insights.

    Stay safe, prepped, and ready, we are in for interesting times.

    1. DLS
      I really don’t think you can go wrong by taking care of updates (like eyeglass Rxs) and stocking up as a hedge against inflation and shortages. The way I see it, access to health care and consumer goods can be taken away at any time, or at least interfered with to make them quite scarce.

  35. Prayers to you AC, your critters and your neighbors.
    It is not fun being in your position. A few times, my home and place where I stored my belongings was in the path of approaching burn. We all felt a bit more anxious being on the fire line during those times. I felt the same type of anxiety going toward the glowing skyline of a burning city being driven in a black and white wearing riot gear ( Rodney King Riots part 2 ). Most married-with-children officers were on the phone with family almost obsessively during our time off the line.
    Contrary to many movies about firefighters, most of us were of lean build like distance runners because we had to hike up and down steep terrain just to get to where we were to cut line. After the job or after being relieved, we hiked back out to where the trucks would pick us up. I never saw anybody that was musclebound weight-lifter type. Their body build just makes it too difficult to disperse the heat in Southern California. ( Never saw folks like Stallone or Gov Arnold swinging a shovel in the ashes ). This is September so the firefighters you do see have been working steady with few breaks since May or June. This time of the fire season, I would feel 10 years older than my actual age. I remember showing up in a new fire camp in a different town smelling like a goat and popping the blisters that had formed beneath my callouses on the soles of my feet. The school principal would silently point to the showers and tell us where the hot food was being served. ( many fire camps were set up in school gyms and baseball fields of the town ). It was an unsettled way of life and I did it for many years. I changed jobs and settled down before age 35 so that is my happy ending. I stepped aside to make room for more youngsters out there.

  36. DH out picking tomatoes again this morning. Planning another round of spaghetti sauce for the day….looks like enough tomatoes for another 12 – 14 quarts. YAHOO. Add to the 32 quarts already processed and I would say we have a GOOD crop!
    Hoping our MSB family is strong, healthy and spiritually happy. We are living in very strange times, and I fear only going the wrong direction (at the moment). Peace and blessings sent from my desert to you and yours.

  37. Update:
    There were over 20 engines here at the hotel. Received an accidental wake up call for everyone, someone hit the siren on the engine around 5:30am. Guess they needed a longer shower before going out on the line(wink). No, problem for me as I was already awake. Hard to sleep when I have 3 fussy cats that want to go outside. Gentleman I spoke with yesterday was packing getting ready to go work, wished him a good day on the fire line, said for all of them to stay safe.

    1. It appears that this person(no lady). Could be the cause of several fires which started in different areas but were quickly contained. I had suspected we had an arsonist in the area, as the fires were popping up away from the known homeless camps. Go figure….
      IF convicted she will spend time in jail, then be let out for good behavior. Remember this is the state run by the hair gel ad man. Who oddly was not recalled, go figure, ‘doe minion’ to the rescue.

  38. My apologies AC. You were evacuated from your home to a staging area where the fire fighters rest, refit and may get intel prior to getting assignments. It can be noisy being around the big engines and the crews that run them. I hope your home is still standing and prayers go to you, your animals and your neighbors in the coming days.
    Lastly, The cafes and coffee shops are going to be incredibly busy fixing food for the fire fighters. You may be better off getting some food from the deli section of the grocery store in town along with pet food for your critters.
    Stay safe out there.

    1. Calirefugee
      Do not worry, no apologies necessary. These men are making a living, and if the others who stay here have issue with their time schedule, they can take a nap at the next layover.
      I checked the fire map after I heard two rather large low flying boride bombers pass over the hotel on there way to start dropping. Will check the flight pattern for this area, of course after I make the dog lunch. Poor baby, meal time is hit or miss until life is settled back down for her.
      Did hear this morning on the local radio program a helicopter program had been set up a while back. If they were called into service would they come, and they did, 22 choppers showed up to dump water along the fire to keep it from jumping the freeway back into Shasta Lake City. All different makes & models of choppers working tireless to keep the fire at bay. Lady who lives near the body of water they drew from said it was a site to behold. Those folks doing their part to help where it was needed.

  39. Harvest is in full swing here, so I’m left to get some things done. That is until I have to “go fer” something. Yesterday I bought several pork loins before we get hit with the asian fever shortages. So today I have pork in the pressure cooker for pulled pork. I thought about canning it , but jars are heavy! Has anyone had any success freeze drying pork? If so, did you do just pork or make meals with rice or noodle combos? Trying to think done the line here about what will be best then. Suggestions?

    1. Gopher, I have freeze dried pork loin cut into dices and shredded after cooking it. Have also done a few batches of it as barbecued meals. Always pre-froze in the trays and it turned out great.

    2. The consistency of pork meat FD’s the best in my opinion because it rehydrates back to the best consistency. Dark chicken meat would be second. I have used in, yes Rice a Roni cut in small pieces, so can be use in a meal and FD. I buy tenderloin some times if price is good, slice and brown in ghee with some spices. I like to use regular paprika because it gives the meat an appetizing color. Can’t go wrong with pork what ever you chose to do. Cook well and dry well.

      1. Thanks for the info. I did spice it up a bit with some chipotles and soy sauce. Haven’t tasted yet. May try it with rice or some red beans and rice.

  40. So two of the big healthcare conglomerates here on Long Island NY are issuing the promise/ threat of termination from their employ IF employee is not “vaccinated” at least one dose by tues 9/28/21!! From what I’ve seen only medical exemption allowed! This is soo wrong on so many levels!!!

  41. Well snap!
    Just got back from Sherwin Williams paint store. They are now adding a 4% “supply chain charge” to the cost of each item. Clearly printed on the receipt. So the 5 gallons of paint costing $154.14 had an additional charge of $6.17. Every item purchased had the charge.

    Went to the bicycle shop. Nice operation, small business with the owner and 5 employees doing repairs etc. Owner mentioned that he read a Wall Street Journal article that said it used to cost $1,200 to rent a container used in importing stuff into the US. The cost is now $12,000. Wow!! can’t wait for that cost to be passed on to me.

    1. Antique Collector,
      Late once again,
      But thoughts and prayers for you, your critters and property, for safety and well being.

      1. Joe c
        Do not worry, but whisper in Sadie’s ear that the little one will have to hold on. You can always reach out to OH, since power is down for that phone system. CDF is now letting power crews into see what all has to be replaced, repaired before the power can be turned back on in our areas.

  42. As I was leaving a yard sale today, I noticed that the next door neighbor had a small pile of branches for yard waste pickup which were COVERED in usnea (a very useful herb/lichen). I have never seen so much usnea in one place before. I sneaked over and grabbed a huge handful, but felt a little weird standing there messing with a stranger’s trash pile (sheepish grin), so left most of it there. Unfortunately there was no one around to tell about what a treasure was sitting there; DH said that nobody would have been interested anyway. Sigh.

    1. Old Mans Beard? Read it was a good one to have around. Just ask them for some. I look for it around here never saw any. Lichens need clean air, funny, by garbage…………

  43. Many of us have food stored in buckets with Mylar and oxygen absorbers. I try to have both quantity and variety. In my deep larder I have wheat, rice, beans, oats, sugar and corn of course. But for variety I have pasta, barley, lentils, chickpeas, Arborio rice, coffee, pectin and even mayocoba beans and quinoa. Not sure what I will do with that but I got it for a really good price. One new thing I just added is a bucket of hard candies. Every time I go to a restaurant or the barbershop or the bank; wherever they have a bowl of hard candy, I grab a handful. I bought a few bags and added some leftover Halloween candy and Christmas candy canes and I had enough for a bucket. Nothing chocolate or soft. No toffees, gummies etc. Only hard candies will last; things like mints, lollipops, lemon, butterscotch, root beer candies, jolly ranchers. You get the idea. When shtf, people are going to want a little sweet treat. Plus it’s a compact form of calories even if there is no nutritional value. Has anyone else done this? What are your thoughts?

    1. Hard candy is good to have. I did put some Hershey’s Kisses, Werther’s, Juicy Fruit and hard candy in my kids survival buckets. Vacuum packed them with desiccants.

    2. put up a bucket of werthers, peppermints and jolly rogers. Smart thinking! as well as a bag of tootsie pops.

      1. Pioneer Woman
        The tootsie pops in glass jars with lids placed on them hold up fine. IF you and the kiddos can resist pull one or two out a day.
        Mine was from Halloween candy put up years ago, finally got around to eating them. No trick or treaters in our area, so I had to taste test the candy, to make sure it was still good. Yes, it was good up to the very last one.

    3. Burt G, re:mayocoba beans and quinoa, both are very high in protein.mayocoba produce gas, buttery flavor. quinoa i add to some stews.. experiment with cooking it now. write down your successes. cooks like rice.. seasoning and variety are key.add veggies and some meat for casserole/stir fry type meal. be sure to treat like other whole grains…it will develop weevils if not frozen and thawed..
      treats buckets, sweets and drink mix treats.. stuff for making hot cocoa, adding koolaids to teas, tea- regular and specialty’s-including sleepy time, throat coat and orange spice…, coffee, hard candies- check. as much variety as we eat. opened some hersheys mini bars packed w/ oxy absorbers.. 5 years old were good to last one.. banana chips? nope rancid – crushed and put in chicken feed.
      included in baking bucket recipe for baking powder+ingredients sufficient to make up in biscuits- stored separately are indefinite keepers. i added ghee this year.
      label treats buckets for stealth- so they are not obvious to the uninitiated… maxi pads feminine supplies etc…

  44. Haven’t posted in a while.
    AC, please know I am sending prayers Nd blessings for you and the fur babies. Hoping you will all be home soon.
    Lauren, so very sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing. Knowing how you supported him and cared for him will hopefully bring you peace.
    Papa S, Mozel Tov on the new great granddaughter.
    Anyone else I may have missed, please know that I did see your news, just can’t think very well right now.
    My niece passed away last Friday after delivering a beautiful baby girl. Amniotic embolism. Baby is fine. My sister is a mess as is nieces husband. Held funeral Sunday and sat Shiva for her. Last night my Mama passed out. Still in hospital and running tests. Possible TIA.
    I have to ask, when is enough, enough?
    Uncle!! You win.
    Sorry in a very bad place right now.

    1. MadFab
      I am so sorry to hear about your niece and family. Sending hugs to one and all. What your family is going thru is more important than what is happening to me down here. If I could be there to give you a helping hand would be on my way.

    2. MadFab,
      I’m so sorry for your family’s loss…May Adonai doubly bless that beautiful baby girl and may the memories of her mama told her her as she grows, give her courage and strength all her life…
      Prayers for her daddy and your sister and you and your families…
      ((hugs)) Psalm 34:18, Psalm 147:3

    3. My wish for you is you receive strength from all those who surround you with love and caring. You are in all our prayers, as is your family.

    4. Keeping you and your family held up in my prayers. Tough times for sure, but HE will give you all the strength to pull through.

    5. MadFab,
      Sorry to hear of your tragic loss. Will be praying for you and your extended family.
      I don’t know when enough is enough, but please hang in there. You will get through this.

      1. MadFab,
        Adding my prayers for your family ! so sorry for your loss . Hang in there! If you need to vent we are here… Those type embolisms are fairly rare, but rarity does not matter when it is your family member.
        Deaths of young vibrant women (and men-for that matter) are very hard for survivors to process.
        Take care of each other… support sissy and the hubs, allow them to talk, … while memories are fresh talk about the things your niece did and how they impacted each life.. record those if possible audio and written for the young baby.put together a picture book for the child…
        ..remember each person will process grief differently- there is no ONE right way- the wrong way is to try to bury the grief- counting it and considering as if it never happened…have seen that several times and that never ends well.

    6. MadFab,

      Heartfelt prayers for you and all of your family. I’m so sorry for such a tragic loss. I pray the little girl will know the overwhelming love and support of her family, and will know her mother through them. There is so much darkness in the world right now, it’s hard not to be overcome by it. I pray this little one will bring some light into all of your lives, and ease the sorrow and pain from the loss of her mother. Prayers for your mother, too. May God grant those caring for her wisdom and tender care, and to bring her back to you quickly.

      Hang in there; rest in Loving Arms, and let those who care for you give you comfort.

    7. MadFab – I am so very sorry for the loss of your niece. It was her time to pass….but in doing so, she gave the gift of life to a little one. One life for another. I pray that our Lord blesses and protects that little girl beyond measure and marks her as one of His own. And I pray that her father is given the strength to endure through the pain… and your sister finds peace. It is my hope that you find peace, and that your family is made stronger and bands together to raise that precious little girl. And may your mother be healed. From my heart to you Lord…..please. Amen.

    8. MadFab, so very sorry that your niece passed away. Prayers are being said for your entire family. Peace be with all of you.

    9. MadFab,
      I’m adding my prayers for your family. I cannot imagine your family’s grief even as you all welcome a new baby girl. Unimaginable circumstances just a few short weeks ago.

      I pray for each of you, and most especially for your nieces husband, parents and your own Mom. May your great-niece bring a much-needed ray of sunshine to you all, and may your Mom fully recover. Prayers that you all find strength in faith, and in each other.

    10. MadFab
      So very sorry to hear of your niece’s passing. Prayers for you, the baby, and especially her husband, your sister, and your mother.

  45. Hello all! I have been a long time reader of this blog but have not posted before. I wish to thank each and every one of you for sharing your knowledge – I have learned so much to continue what I learned in girl scouts to “be prepared” to help my family be ready for emergencies and I think of you ALL as “family.” AC in particular – my thoughts and prayers are very much with you right now.

    A couple years ago my DH &I fought a wildfire and saved our home and 4 others on our street after all the firefighters were pulled away to save homes near the coast. It was amazing and scary to see the 50′ flame wall come up the hill to the house. The water for our community comes from a huge tank on the hill above and it was completely drained dry as the fire came onto the neighborhood. We are on the south side of the community, so we had a few hours before the fire came to our home. We have extensive firefighting gear and a pool for water and my husband had firefighting training in the Navy. We are both older but still physically capable. Funny story Calirefugee may appreciate: During the most intense part of the fire, by myself I dragged the fully charged 2” hose all the way across the deck to save my neighbors roof. I think adrenaline in the “heat of the moment” added to my capabilities, as the next morning when I went to move the hose back, it was almost too heavy for me to move.

    I realize that the decision to stay and defend is very much an individual one but it worked in our situation. We did have our cars loaded and ready to go with 3 different viable exit routes if it got to be too much for us. If it would be of interest, I would be happy to share what we learned and the list of our equipment used (and we used ALL of it!!).

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, and for being a long time reader. If you are interested to share more about what you learned (as you mentioned), feel free to contact me via the contact form, and I’ll reply with my email address for you to send over your input. Thanks…

      1. Ken I just sent you an article, maybe a bit long, but it includes what we went through and what we learned.

    2. Would love to hear your story. And personal accolades go out to you. We took a similar stand during the Spring Creek fire to protect our poultry. Had the cattle ready to go, but what to do with 80 birds? (turkeys and chickens). So, we readied a fire system to keep the poultry barn from going up utilizing pumps for the creek etc…worked great, and fortunately the fire turned shortly before our mountain. Kudos to you. And welcome to the MSB family.

    3. Always Learning, welcome! It is always wonderful to hear from those who have “been through life”.

      1. What worked for us was the combination of removing fuel sources, concentrated multihose attack as it approach and quick dousing of spot fires. Most important was get the fire stopped where the embers went under the roof tiles. We expended more than 11,000 gallons of water to fight this fire.

  46. My wife retired so she thinned out her closet a bit and took the clothes to two separate community thrift shops in town but was told they weren’t accepting any donations of clothes as they had too many already and no where to put them. I guess things are pretty good with all of the government handouts and “free money”. So she brought them back home and we put them in a plastic tub and will save them for when things go down the crapper. Just like in the “Roaring Twenties”, times are great before they get bad. I think this time the bad will be on a biblical scale.

    1. There are Am Vets donation boxes around here for clothes and shoes. Not sure in your area. We put our worn shoes in a plastic tub. I need padding for my right foot, neuroma, and the shoe padding wears down, but shoe is still good. Old shoe better than no shoe.

  47. RC
    Was preparing to do the same with ACDH’s clothing, shoes, then I remembered the shortages in different garment apparel being limited or non existent for months. The newer non worn clothing I have put into containers for the just in case-poop hits the fan.
    Some of the used clothing was to be donated to a charity but where I was to drop it off was a business.
    Decided to give the clothing to the NIL, when he has a day off. I do not care to be in that area, not safe for anyone except a tall healthy young person. He will have his friend with him as back up, as that area is filled with those who are drug addicted. (his day off they are on their way to play a round of golf which he loves)

    1. MadFab
      So sorry to hear your families loss.
      May HE give you, your family and the precious new addition guided and continued strength.

  48. To MadFab: I am so sorry to hear of your loss of a relative. May God be with you and your family.
    To Always Learning: I have to ask: were you sore the day after dragging the charged firehose? Just do not let go of the heavy brass nozzle while spraying as high pressure going through the heavy piece of brass can do real damage on your head. ( the end will whip around like a decapitated snake ). Also, did you have a gas powered pump in which to use your pool water to charge a high pressure line to pump water on the fire? ( if the external tank was empty, water pressure drops to zero ).
    We set up Mark 4 pumps and canvas “tanks” next to a watercourse at specific locations in the foothills of the Southern Sierras marked on a map kept at Fire Cache at Park headquarters. One person that knows what they are doing can set these up in a day with a pick-up truck. but it can take most of a day to set up and fill the tank. Criteria for setting up these “tanks” was a combination of factors to include: low fuel moisture and oncoming weather systems such as an approaching lightning storm. These tanks were used to fill rotor wing dump buckets. ( they look like a big above ground swimming pool with wooden battans along the sides and guy ropes to stake out the tank ) Once these “tanks” are set up, they can be refilled by less-than-able bodied individuals that can refill the tank from the water source using the Mark 4 pump. ( a job for a clerk-typist from Park Headquarters )
    I also chose not to be evacuated from my neighborhood during last years Beachie Creek fire that was near my AO. With 1 dog, 4 cats and jobs we had to go to in town, I do not want to leave them behind.

    1. Yes, we use a gasoline powered pump (Waterax) with a Honda motor. Great pump – we have two. You are sure right about not letting go of the fully charged hose!! Funny story about the day after the fire: we walked down to the end of the cul de sac and when we went to walk back up, our legs felt like they were made of rubber. We had not realized how tired and sore we were. And how damned heavy the fire hose became they day after the fire! :)

  49. To Mrs U- to stop an oncoming fire with limited water you create a fuel desert by removing all burnable material b/t your home and the approaching fire. Engine crews use roads and streets as a starting point and expand outwards by making the shoulders wider and cutting down trees and brush. In wild land or backcountry areas, we dug a scratch-line ( footpath ) and set backfires using either drip torches or highway flares.
    When I was sent to a fire in my home county, I was not a firefighter or a medic. I was pulled off the line and assigned as a line-scout because I hunted the high ridges for deer as a child so I knew my way around the puckerbrush. My brief internship in the Mapping Dept of the Los Padres National Forest also helped me get that job. That Winter, when I returned to the homes of my parents and the farms of my relatives, I was tasked with pruning and removing trees and brush, creating defensible space around buildings using tractors and establishing portable water reservoirs in event of the next burn in the area. Even the burn piles we set up were a bit of an engineering marvel as only experience can teach you. We no longer waited for the fire departments to come and rescue us.

    1. Calirefugee,

      One of the things that helped save our homestead from totally burning down was all the clearing and controlled burning we had done in the spring. I’m very thankful to have had a great teacher for learning about that, though I still don’t know enough. If we’d had a water tank set up, perhaps we could have defended our home ourselves, but I don’t know. It was very windy, and the fire was spreading quickly. We have more work to do, and appreciate you and others sharing from experience. Looking forward to your article, Always Learning.

  50. On being evacuated from an oncoming fire: During the last fire in my area, the young police officers came to my door to gently try to evacuate me. I was the unshaven gray-haired guy wearing my phoscheck-stained nomex fireshirt with my old hardhat with the BIFC sticker on it ( vintage 1988- Yellowstone fire ). I told them that I wanted to stay. I knew the risks. This was not my first rodeo and the ground they were walking on was already saturated with water with 5 gallon buckets on standby. They shook their heads and went to the next house.

    1. When the sheriff’s office came to announce to us the mandatory evacuation, I told him we were staying. I think he was surprised to hear that from a woman, particularly a geezer. He then firmly said he would need the name of my next of kin so he could notify them on my death. I told him and then showed him where I had written it on my inner arm in sharpie.

      He smiled and left.

  51. Just opened a bottle of store brand vegetable oil from 2018. Rancid. Three more bottles were the same. My fault for storing in the hot garage. Bottles from 2019 were ok as was the Wesson oil. Put the rancid oil aside for lamp oil instead. Don’t know how well it will burn but it was actually cheaper than lamp oil is. Anyone have any other ideas?

    1. I have used old oil to start a fire. Could soak some kindling in the oil. Not sure about making soap, maybe?

    2. It will work for lamp oil and it will smoke up above it too. as long as you are prepared for that…would use for soap or burning things that need encouragement.. ( maybe garbage or bones one does not want dogs getting)…. for soaking some small wood in for tender for quick fire starting ability.. it is called insurance.. bought for food now will have another use… so not totally wasted.

  52. I wrote about a neighbor asking about ham. I suggested getting a couple of cheap baofengs while he studied for his tech test. He’s a smart guy, so passing the test is not even a question. Saw him today, he lives about 2 miles from me. He decided against it. Fine by me. I didn’t argue or berate him. It’s his choice. He went on to complain about our country and our situation. He’s afraid of grid/comms down, as many are.

    He’s sitting on the train tracks and he sees the train coming. I don’t understand why folks won’t at least get off the tracks. He talks on and on about the terrible things he sees coming our way, but chooses to do nothing to help himself or his scattered family. Mostly, I just listened to him. He’s planning to boil whatever water he may need. I mentioned a $20 dollar sawyer, but he wasn’t impressed.

    He’s not rich, but neither is he destitute. It’s sad to say, but folks like him will not fare well. There must be a modicum of comfort, having your head in the sand. Maybe it’s me? Henny Penny running around screaming about the sky falling, though I don’t do that. I believe I’m trying to prepare for difficult times without being crazy about it. I don’t want any of the shtf things.

    There was no arguing or cross words. We parted with smiles all around. It seems very sad to me. Nothing I can do.

    1. Plainsmedic,
      And when shtf, he will be the first one to come ask you for a radio, count on that. One week into no communication, he’ll be begging for it. Nope. I see it too. Just let it go. We are only in a group of maybe 5% of the population being good boy scouts following the motto , ” Be Prepared”.

    2. arrrgh, the same with my oldest son, just turned 50. He told his little brother he was tired of momma talking about water and water filters. Oh, he said needs a water filter in the fridge door. And son what happens when the power goes out? Lives on the lake so when the Berkey is finally needed he will UNDERSTAND. Told him you have health insurance, vehicle ins, home ins, boat ins, all of that won’t mean s–t if you can’t eat and have clean water. sigh sorry, venting….

      1. Mrs. U, Vent all you like. We’ve all got loved ones who are, to a greater or lesser extent, less than prudent when it comes to addressing future needs.

      2. Mrs. U,
        I feel for ya. I’ve never really “preached” to anyone, including family. Thankfully, my VIPs are at least somewhat aware. I want to be wrong about all of this. My life is relatively good, no real complaints. (doesn’t do any good to complain). You’re right about the water thing. I could survive without radios, but water????

        If ya have grandkids, I have a suggestion: Make up a BOB for one of them. A birthday gift? I did that and it worked out very well. By proxy, the whole family unit will have at least a sawyer or life straw. The adults may roll their eyes, but they’ll likely allow the gift. What could it hurt, right?

        Most on this site are well along with preparedness. I strongly recommend comms here, because of that. Good luck to you. I’ve learned many things from you.

      3. Mrs.U, i have a JUST WATER, system, bucket system.. it cost me 35$when i got the kit., years ago…purchased buckets separately…It works great. i have some- have told too…Poverty is a hard teacher for my family members…priority list has to be adjusted- slightly- no vacations. to eliminate, just adjustments…when you gift them any water filter they need to know to use coffee a pre-filter for any bucket system- if getting wild water….a survival handbook would be a good addition to that kit…if gifting…

  53. So I just got back from a trip to Ac3 hardware, and want to share my experience as a heads up. I brought my items to the counter and a slip for a wheelbarrow, and was asked as usual if I had a rewards card. The young woman was selling it a bit strong, as I had some large items and rang up a large total. I declined – no rewards cards anymore for me, on principle of privacy. She tells me the total, I pull out the appropriate amount of cash. She asks my name, first and last. That’s never happened before, and I asked why she needed that info. Evidently, ‘the computer’ won’t let her advance to complete the sale without that information. So I gave a name. I also had to sign said name on the little point-of-sale pad.

    I’m wondering how widespread this is, and if it’s triggered after a certain transaction total. It occurs to me that using cash to maintain one’s privacy is becoming more difficult, probably by design. Does this link in to the rule changes being proposed regarding reporting requirements for all banks, all transactions for accounts holding more than $600? My guess is they’re already doing the tracking, covertly, and have decided to make it official, including possible new rules for cash use/tracking. Anybody else run across this, or am I just being paranoid?

    1. Hmm have not had that happen and might just have walked. Have to think about that one. I suspect that she could bypass that though – suspect it’s a corporate marketing thing. I imagine that they will get a lot of Jane Does. I have a couple of websites that will not let me just browse without logging in first though.

    2. Farm Girl Had a few situations like that over the years. Generally it’s part of the marketing thing but then again I’m Mr. John Smith when it happens.

      Disinformation. How many chickens do I have? One now, the dog pack got them.

      We are only going to see more such intrusions. Active Disinformation is a good defense as long as it’s consistent. I cannot be John Jacob Jingleheimer Smit today and John Smith tomorrow you know.

    3. Farmgirl, It is not being paranoid when they tell you they are out to get you. It is called being alert and watchful. has not happened to me yet.. new name..NUNN-Ya-Cash

  54. It’s been awhile, but I had a severe low blood sugar about 7 AM this morning.
    I slept on the couch, crawled half way to the kitchen to retrieve my glucose tabs.
    Called the otherhalf to help me, twice, to recover.
    She was in the horse trailer, not inside the house…I was wondering why it took her so long to appear.
    I need to get one of those fancy monitoring devices. The one that alerts highs and lows of blood sugars.

    Been pretty much whipped most of the day, today.

    Wish Terra would respond, with her grandson’s diabetes progress.

    1. Joe c do you keep a note pad and pen handy? Making a list of what you eat, when you ate, what were you doing can show a Pattern of WHY low blood sugar happened and thus a way to work around it.

      As that old Chinese saying goes “The faintest pencil writing is better than the strong memories”.

      1. Joe c. you could sleep with the horse that alerts! LOL.. how about your dog?some animals are sensitive that way…they do have diabetic alert dogs.

    2. Joe c,

      NH Michael’s idea is a good one. I’ve only had ‘crashes’ now and then, but it’s always after eating a simple carb/sugar with no protein/fat, and on an empty stomach. I don’t have diabetes, but have had a few hypoglycemic crashes.

    3. Joe c, increase protein, and fat by 2- ADA servings in evening… peanut butter and crackers and 8oz of milk… make sure you eat something just before bedtime. to avoid morning crash… I keep something small and sweet… like a lemon drop of half of one of the hard candies. by my bed..
      . If you have a difficult time going to sleep… check your sugar.. a slow drop in blood sugar will produce an inability to obtain sleep.those tiny candy canes can be broken is multiple pieces to use as well..still hypoglycemic and counting on 41 years…so far i have beat the insulin dependent cycle my Dr warned me would occur in 5 years if i did not control…… That Dr scared me silly… What a favor she did me.!

  55. I’m guilty of using rewards cards. I know that they are used for tracking purchases. Should I totally get rid of them? Any work arounds?

    1. I have a Fred Meyer rewards card that has never had an info entered on it. Works fine as long as you pay cash. First time you pay with your debit card they will have your info.

    2. We totally ditched all of ours. Many stores give you the discounts without the rewards cards anyway.

  56. Pecora,

    I guess that’s for each person to decide. It’s nearly impossible to be completely private, but I don’t want to make it easy to compile a list of everything I purchase, along with my personal data. Look at it like this, is your privacy worth more than the $5 coupon, or whatever % discount? In essence, most reward cards are basically like selling your personal information for the amount you save. Only work around I know of is to find places that don’t require such information, or make up a name. Funny thing is, I’ve purchased many things there using cash, and this is the first time I had to give and sign a name for a cash purchase.

  57. Ken, I hope you will reprint the info from Always Learning about what they did and what they purchased and used to defend their area from an oncoming fire. That combined with a reprint of things to bring with you if forced to evacuate. Before I get too arrogant about working on fires, there are some things like high winds which can be a game changer when combined with a fire. ( fire jumped 6 lanes of freeway in north San Diego County during a high wind event ) When faced with this, I have had to deploy the fire shelter on several occasions ( and a wet bandanna over the mouth and nose to avoid burning your upper airways breathing in hot smoke ). Things are pretty desperate if you have to climb into your “poptart outfit”.
    Always Learning also mentioned putting out embers that get lodged beneath roof overhangs and uncovered soffit vents. For this I used either a garden hose or 1 gallon garden sprayers which provided a way for me to spray water upwards while standing up. During the Beachie Creek fire, our water pressure remained high but I still had multiple buckets of water standing about on the perimeter in order to refill the sprayers and put out any stray embers. Most house fires that destroy homes in such events are from windblown embers being lodged beneath the roofline or uncovered soffit vents if nobody is there to spray the embers with water. If all of your neighbors are spraying water based on faucet pressure, the pressure may go to zero. That was why I filled 5 gallon buckets and had garden sprayers on hand. ( it can be hard to find the old govt issue “piss pumps” used by mop up crews ).

  58. It is now late at night and I am sipping whiskey listening to the rain outside in my AO. My dog is snoring on the couch and the cats are quiet for now. I hope the rain is extending far enough south for AC’s neighborhood. I was able to cut my grass this afternoon before the rains started. Beyond all the things we do to prepare for the bad things I give a prayer of thanks for the things that I have, send a prayer out for those recently struck by misfortune and ask for wisdom and foresight in the coming days. When I was young and fighting fires, I did not think I would live this long. Now I have to think about retirement. All this talk about fire here reminded me of the old guys I used to work with. I am hoping this series of storms will tamp down some of these fires in Northern Cali. Get on with our lives and pick up the pieces.

  59. I’m up late, too. Or up, after an exhausted short sleep. I just read the hands down most impactful post regarding the challenge all of us are up against, and feel compelled to share it.

    It can be found on zero hedge, a reprint from the automatic earth, with a rather long title “Damn you to hell – you will not destroy America”. It’s a letter written by someone(s) going by the name of Spartacus, and it’s an incredible summation of our current dilemma.

    It’s long, it’s very detailed and thorough, and the medical parts of it are hard for someone who’s not a highly trained virologist/immunologist to understand, but it’s critical to understanding what’s going on. For anyone thinking they get what’s happening, and are prepping to survive it, it’s a sobering and urgent call to arms.

    There are no sidelines to sit on, no place to run to, and no waiting this out. We’ll either put a stop to it, however we can, or humanity as we know it is done. Sorry to seem so dramatic. Wrestling with how to get my family aware and motivated without freaking them out to the point of shutdown. I’ve been too slow, and slower myself to fully understand the urgency.

    Anyway, this is a must read.

    1. Addendum:
      The whole letter lays out in detail, with medical proofs that are hard to understand. For me, the most useful parts are the last three sections. The transhumanist info was the most jarring, and is what prompted me to share this.

      Also, we know antioxidants are important in fighting this; this makes clear why that’s so, and why the evil psychopaths (don’t want to call them TPTB because I feel like that actually gives them more power psychologically) are trying to remove access to them. Vit C, NAC, and the like are a vital prep, not an incidental one. Enough to last a family for at least a year is critical.

      1. add L-lysine and L-cystine if you can. This is according to Dr. Peter McCullough, the video Ken posted on the Attack On Liberty site.

      2. The medical info gives more details on what doctors have been observing happening (before their voices get quashed). There’s a whole lot of evil going on.

        1. Oh, and I clicked the link that supposedly had the text and the documentation and — big surprise — it has been deleted.

      3. Farmgirl, to help understand the medical stuff look up these two articles: They have pictures of slides from an electron microscope they’ve done in the laboratory.

        “Scanning & Transmission Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines.”

        “Covid-19 Ingredients Vaccine”

        I couldn’t sleep after seeing those. And I too, read the Spartacus article. Also, look up the video of the funeral home director in Britain and what he has seen. It’s on Rumble, I think. All of this is very, very dark. It’s going to be a “Dark Winter”, I’m sure.

      4. Farmgirl, Mrs.U, as you put back supplies remember those citrus fruit get the best quality you can and save the peels t o make quercetin.(dehydrate- so can make as needed)..don’t forget your fruit fresh for preserving fruit/ with more than one use one would require enough for several years n stock, it will not go bad and can be added to various drinks. TPTW= the powers that were..

    2. Thank you for posting this. It is indeed thought provoking and long. I needed two cups of coffee as I read it thru.

      I have already emailed the link to everyone I know.

      Thank you again.

      1. grandee, you did better than i, after about 3 sections i had to sleep on it..will try to finish it in a bit…This guy has tied this up n a neat package w/ bow on top.. very precise.If most ppl read it they can understand enough -IF they have the desire.. knowing language /latin base gives ppl the ability to understand what a word means-even if unable to fully pronounce- i knew the meaning. from the pre and post “fixes”. having been watching and trying to learn about this disease process and looking a clinical progression as posted on differing articles-also helped.

    3. Fascinating! I especially like the part that damns our education system creating a mass of ignoramus sheeple that have no idea how to comprehend what is happening. Very distressing.

    4. I have just read the Spartacus Letter and can find no fault in it. It is technically and factually flawless and precise.

      No one can expect any letter to entirely contain all the relevant aspects of this crime against humanity, or to contain references to all the players and map the entire timeline of this human horror.

      The information not included in this letter only increases the size and scope of the crime and provides a better insight into the mental states of those committing the crime and those, who work for them.

      There is no longer any rational justification to award any benefit of a doubt to any individual, or organization, involved in the execution of this horrific crime. Neither, is there any reason to withhold our judgement of these criminals, nor of those who aid to them, unwitting, or not.

      1. ISION/ALL,
        I just read it. What out own research and gut feelings have told us for over 18 months.
        The PDF download able file has been scrubbed btw…

        1. I got a copy using the “wayback machine” Scroll down the article and somewhere in there it asked if you want a saved copy. I don’t see a way to save though.

        2. BJH/AC,/all I have a copy saved in drafts. that article the parts i got thru is exactly right in the things i can confirm, from medical knowledge of supplements, way disease process works and supply available.. etc..was posted w/ credit given on before its news, by another author… i followed the link and gave me a 404, read , intro.conclusion and another section… to dh

        3. What is interesting is I have discovered specific design techniques used to create the mRNA serum from Pfizer, which is dated 2014.
          It has been made “invisible” to our immune system, by changing the normal “U” protein to another similar protein, 1-methyl-3ʼ-pseudouridylyl, which the immune system cannot “see.” They did this so our immune system would not recognize it as foreign.
          Pfizer also altered the serum’s genetic instructions by replacing as many third codon positions as possible with either “Cs” or “Gs.” This replacement does not alter what proteins are created by the modified instructions.
          By pumping as many Cs and Gs into the serum codon’s third positions, it turns out, the RNA is converted more efficiently into proteins. It “supercharges” the instructions of the serum.
          But, the synthetic spikes of the serum had a problem.
          Because the unmodified, freestanding, Pfizer spike-proteins collapse into a different structural shape than those on the virus, it could not serve as target to develop immunity. The immune system would recognize the collapsed spike protein, but that of the actual virus.
          So what to do?
          In 2017 Pfizer discovered how putting a double Proline substitution in just the right place would make the SARS-CoV-1 and MERS S proteins take up their same pre-attachment configuration, even without their having to be attached to a whole virus.
          Proline is a very rigid amino acid. It acts like “tent pole,” inside the spike-protein structure, which props up the spike’s proteins, so the spike better presents itself to the immune system.
          Problem solved!

          1. Ision,
            thanks for this post. I don’t understand much about you have written, but it is useful to me to help me understand how these “vaccines” where developed. What I get out of this is that these systems are very complex in nature. One thing I know from managing scientific projects for many years is this: The more tasks involved, the more complex the science, the bigger chance there is for unintended consequences to arise. Contrary to popular belief, scientist don’t know everything, that’s why they experiment to try and learn what their “new system” or “Process” can do. Same goes for “gain of function” research. Just playing with their “New toy” to see what it can do, oblivious to the chance of negative results.

    5. Farmgirl
      I am almost finished with the article… almost. I do understand the medical terminology or the gist of what the author is relying to the public at large.
      Could not link the article because where I am at, so I sent out email notifications for those who need to read it up & pass it along.
      Good catch on your part, wonder how many missed it.

    6. Excellent article, wish I understood the medical terminology better. However, I did manage to download the pdf to my computer this morning. Total of 41 pages, about 14 of which were text that you can see at Zero Hedge or The Automatic Earth Site (?). The rest of it was a list of sources. Not specifically footnoted, but extensive. I forwarded it to someone who has a lung specialist in the family, will be interesting to see what feedback they might have.

      Wondering if it was scrubbed by the author or TPTB? Since the main text is still up at the two places (for now), the only loss is all the references.

      1. FOCA,
        that letter is disinformation! Many of the things that the author has put down are simply not true, I was breezing though it
        and saw a number of errors and incorrect statements. That was MY impression.

        1. k-bay,
          Good to know, will be interesting to see what else comes out about it…

  60. Farmgirl points out well how a perfect storm is here. I also suggest you go to SHTF Plan and read todays article titled:

    These Dangers Loom Over the Fragile U.S. Economy, by Brandon Smith

    It shows how the 2008 banking crisis that has been papered over with stimulus and bailouts was NEVER Resolved and an even MOAR serious finical crash-stagflation has been COVERED UP my this COVID Pandemic Lockdown and stimulus.

    When an old Political Pro like Nancy Pelosi is openly saying THIS WEEK we MUST vote and PASS 3 Major Bills as Sept 30th the USA is Broke, that’s scary. I dislike her but she is a PRO at doing her job and she’s struggling to keep her “We HATE Trump” Party going in the same direction AND the Economic-Political Waterfall is with in view.

    One of many serious parts of this SHTF Plan Article by Brandon Smith Snip:

    The fact of the matter is, the CDC and the federal government are ignoring the Supreme Court on this issue not because they care about the well-being of those 11 million people, but because without the moratorium in place the cold truth of our economic crisis will be much more obvious to the average person.

    Unemployed people sitting at home, collecting checks and playing Xbox may not be productive members of society, but at least they don’t cause the kind of trouble the government worries about.

    Hungry, homeless, and unemployed people? They’re the catalyst for mass protests, anti-government revolts, even revolutions.

    With Dr. Nazi AGAIN chanting on CNN about a “Darker Winter” and such the storm is almost here.

    With out going into debt get hold in your hands critical supplies. Don’t go into debt as the history of the Great Depression PROVES that Bankers-Gov-Sheriffs WILL sell your home-farm on the courthouse steps for debt and failure to pay taxes.

    Pray for wisdom and act on it.

  61. Biden keeps pushing adding agents to the IRS. Wants 80,000 agents!!! Why? To keep better track of our business. Pushing to have the banks report every transaction of $600 and up.

  62. Hi everyone,
    My Mama woke up this am. No stroke, clots covid infections or anything. One Dr. thinks maybe too much stress lately and her body just shut down. I don’t care! She is alive and her same fiesty self. Ready to go home cause she has things to do!! Lol
    Man, I LOVE her sooo much!!
    Thanks to all of you for the prayers and good wishes you sent. I know they helped.
    Headed home for a much needed nap.

    1. Rejoicing with you MadFab, so glad to hear your mom is recovering so well!
      Abundant Peace to you MadFab
      Psalm 23

    2. MadFab – Behold….. the power and mercy of our Lord. To Him belongs ALL power, honor, and glory. Amen.

    3. Thank you EVERYONE!!
      Yes, I have truly been blessed by this event.
      Again, Thank you All!!

  63. MadFab
    That is wonderful news, take mom home and get her comfortable. Then you take a long time out, your body requires it.

    1. AC,
      Thanks. She is staying 2 more days, to her displeasure, but ya can’t go from ICU to home just like that, I told her. Lol
      Are you still away from your home? Still praying you all will be home soon.


      1. MadFab
        If they do not get control of the fire line after this wind front passes by, I am going to let them babysit 3 very displeased cats. I did not receive much sleep last night as they were growling, hissing and walking all over me.
        They are not happy at all, not going outside to chase mice, lizards or other creatures, so they are taking it out on me. :-(.

        I may see the place sometime around Friday, IF all goes well. Do I have a mess to clean up fridges & freezers that were without power. All that food is now garbage.

  64. I have a request (for those inclined) which is two fold. #1. Say a quiet prayer for the one (and family) that makes this site possible. His courage (in these days) is not un-noticed and I thank him for being tolerant of me. #2. Keep Dennis (and family) in your prayers.

    I think it might be time for me to focus on spiritually preparing myself for what is to come. “There has never been a time like it, nor ever again.” I must limit myself on commenting…….but just know that I am thinking of you all and I pray for all of you…….whether you see a comment from me or not. Truly……thank you….you are the salt of the earth, and I have been blessed. No response necessary…..I know your heart.

    1. Soul, our soul and spirit are the gift of life, the eternal, ands needs spiritual nourishment. The physical body dies and becomes carbon.
      Peace and Health

  65. Third try here: Yes on Sherwin Wm paint shortages. Thanks Tom for the heads up. Also, article on Zero Hedge today re grid power outages. May be their ‘new normal.’ Brings to mind the games played last July: Cyber Polygon.

    “Git ‘er done!” folks.

    1. SW states raw material shortages. Had to hit multiple stores for our paint. Still 1 gallon short on ceiling paint.

    2. …should have said ….article on Zero Hedge today re CHINA’s grid power outages… come many thing are missing from my posts? And sometimes I’m getting a ‘404’ message trying to post. What’s up? Somebody editing? Hm.

      1. @ DJ5280,
        Given your complaint of missing comment posts, I checked and discovered a number of logged entries in one of my firewalls. Evidently it blocked them because of a few various triggers. It detected hack attempts. Let me know if this persists.

        1. Thanks for figuring it out. ‘Hack’ attempts?! I can’t even do ‘cut and past’e without a ten-year old’s instructions…lol. Probably because I mentioned the word ‘Ch*na,’ eh? And in a sort of negative connotation…..

  66. Critical thinking or logic, it has no place in the modern society, without a drawing board diagram.:-(
    This evening to feed the ol puppy a different protein source(rotate). Because of her health issues(tender gums), I use chicken or hamburger.
    Chicken has to be dark meat, especially the thigh as it is soft, tender & moist for her to lightly chew and swallow.
    They were out of the legs for this combo package which I had order in the dark meat.
    Proposed a simple solution, charge the cost of the normal meal but up grade the price point difference between the cost of a leg virus a thigh. Price of meal (example: 4.00- one leg $1.00/price of thigh 1.40). My cost 4.00+.80= 4.80, they could not figure it out so the one whispered to the other one. Guess what I ended up with 2 thighs/1 chicken wing/1 chicken breast, the more expensive meal. Which had to be blended into the white meat so she would eat it. Yes, our country is in deep poop!!
    Comprehension, I hear the water swirling around in the toilet bowl. mho

  67. Almost forgot, a surprise to me. Remembered that the oil needed to be changed on the vehicle, so I pulled into the oil changing station. It has a marking for two different lines, so I picked one. Guy in a dress down med suit gets up goes to a station starts pulling items out for me. Asked I had a mask I said, yes. But I was not there for a corvid shot, but to get the oil in the vehicle changed. Told him I was sorry but that was why I pulled into that business.

    There were no signs stating it was a medical station for CV-19 shots. So I went on through said have a nice day & that I now needed to find an place to do the oil as it was way over do. Whew……..does the word sneaky come to mind on this set up.

  68. My sister is leaving today. Yesterday we went to Del Taco for lunch (she doesn’t have them in Kansas) and went through the drive-through. Since I don’t want fake meat, I asked the lady if they have real beef. She responded, yes, it’s all real, it’s Beyond Meat.

    I went for the chicken.

    1. Check out Zero Hedge this morning. Pfizer has miraculous come up with a new drug, right? PF-0732332
      But the price is so much more than the original item which was denounced by all the big pharma’s called–Pfizermectin. Yes, ivermectin same drug in horse paste….go figure. ;-)

    2. ha ha ha……..Beyond Meat. I f I not mistaken Taco Bell has had a mixed fake meat for a long time. Never could stand their food. I call it Farto Bell!

  69. Guess another person who missed the critical analysis party. You(Lauren) were a more gentle soul than I would have been, would have said. “It is not meat, it vegetables/soybean and the bugs included are free of charge”.

    1. “Vegan protein, unfiltered, unsorted, bugs extra!”

      Unfortunately I think I’m about to swear off fast food completely. Several of the companies have started marketing their “chicken.”

      Pretty soon, the only way to make sure you’re getting real meat is to raise it, or hunt it.

    1. Mrs U, Worms would be real protein,…still not for me…. they want everyone on GMO soy and sweet peas or lab grown junk with who knows what injected into it,,, can’t fix stupid…

      1. My first concern with their lab grown food is people who are allergic or sensitive to various substances. I have a friend who is allergic to EVERYTHING (yeast, eggs, iodine, fish, all brassicas, etc.). She essentially lives on beef and fresh vegetables because she can’t trust any kind of additives. More than once she’s ended up in the emergency room because she was allergic to the fillers when the pharmacy substituted her meds. If she can’t get real meat, she is dead. How many people are allergic to nuts, or legumes, or corn? What about the “mystery ingredients” they stuff into that junk? The binding chemicals? The flavorings?

        They don’t care–it’s all about money. If people die because they can’t get the real thing, those who sell this stuff will just shrug it off. Because to them we’re not human.

  70. ken,
    how are those chickens doing? haven’t seen a post on them in a while.
    winter is just around the corner.
    and thanks again for what you do here.

  71. Am I the only one who just cringes when I read an article referring to Biden’s ‘handlers?’ Gads…..

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