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  1. Did the normal morning dog walk, the mosquitoes were all over me bouncing off my face, head, when I turned around there were several following me.

    Those nasties were so easy to forget in the cold months.
    Remember your bug spray if you go out.
    Need to make sure I have adequate bug spray in my car stash.

    1. Strangest thing…here 15 years and never had a problem with mosquitos.
      Same with mice–I just saw the first one in 15 years run into a hole in the foundation of the house!!!
      I don’t have any mice poison OR mouse traps.
      Happy Monday, everyone.

      1. Flour/cornmeal, sugar and baking soda. Put in cheap plastic container with hole in one end. The poor little critters can’t digest soda. Not a good way to go but keeps the disease ridden critters out of the house. Oh they might stick a bit after dying!

  2. I want to mention again about the homeopathic remedy of Apis Mel for bug bites and Rhus Tox for poison ivy’s, oaks and such itches.
    I take both before I mow and if I get a chigger bite or any other. It really works. Just let the small tablets melt under the tongue.
    Homeopathy works by like curing like. A distance cousin idea to immunizations.
    There are tiny tiny tiny amounts of the honeybee in Apis and tiny tiny tiny amounts of poison oak in Rhus. If you have any allergies you can start slow with one tablet.
    Read up if you are interested and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

  3. Interesting…….according to CBS News senators are being issued sat phones in case of “natural or man caused” disruption in normal communications.

    Probably no reason to question why the precautions……..if it was something they know is coming, surely they would tell the rest of us…after all, they work for us.

    1. Now don’t put things together, that’s not for the plebs.
      Remember 1+1 doesn’t always equal 3.. or whatever so long as you tried right?
      Don’t be white and there’s no problems.

      Have your schmitt together including popcorn and drinks for the fun to come.
      There seems to be a shortage of sugar pepsi but vodka in a wonderfully plastic bottle is lacking only if you don’t have orange juice.

      I thinks they are telling us something is going to happen in the near.

      1. Heres a thought

        False flag

        A foreign actor would take everything down

        However, our own government would cut the lights and shut down comms

        1. Personally i think ham radio would be more reliable, for those rubes even though they wouldnt have a clue how to work em, but as you are sayin, satellites are easily taken out or disrupted by all manner of phenomena,

        2. Kula, Around here it’s idiots stealing wire off the cell phone towers.

        3. Dennis, OTOH maybe the phones and satellites they connect to are hardened. Wouldn’t be surprised.

  4. Anybody else see this!??
    A railcar loaded with 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate from explosives company Dyno Nobel left Cheyenne, Wyoming, on April 12, heading to California, according to KQED, which cited an incident report from the company. But two weeks after leaving Cheyenne, the railcar arrived at a rail stop in the Mojave Desert where it was found to be empty, per the report.
    Supposedly fell out an improperly closed bottom grate while being transported!

    1. I read a story about that too. If I remember correctly, the presumption was that they all just fell out along the way. Must have been a bumpy ride or something.. Nothing to see here, move along please..

  5. A couple years ago, my mower wheel got so turned by the braindead driver(me), it was stuck under the metal bumper/part. I have no one to help me, but tried a lady’s house I’d seen in her yard a few times.
    She told me to try her renters next door, and the man managed to get my mower manageable by lifting it….yay!!
    Well, his wife, Gloria, became a person I visited and shared religious convictions with since her husband wasn’t of the faith….I took things like fruit/cake and lots of times a big bill I knew they needed.
    She died of COPD two weeks ago and I asked him to help me move these 40 lb bags to my shelf behind the shed and I now have grow bags of tomato plants and cucumber plants.
    The other 5 bags on the shelf will allow me to do as I did before with 20 lb bags—-slit top bag with box cutter and soil into 5 gallon bucket –easier to manage for me.
    Mistake? trying to save money and buying $2.70 bags without checking the weight.
    I saved a bit of money, but will have to stick with 20 lb. bags now.
    Damn, getting old isn’t bad; hitting that bad spot in your back though knowing you should be more careful really sucks. Honestly, I mowed/weed eated/yard work like always and felt bad that night, but it progressed into a back infection.
    I love the grow bags and look forward to finding out if I can grow in them.
    God is great; God is good. Let us thank Him for our food.

  6. False flag? This story (happened last night) is almost laughable……….

    “The driver of a rented box truck that collided with a security barrier near the White House on Monday was arrested and charged, law enforcement officials said.
    The U-Haul truck crashed at about 10 p.m. on the north side of Lafayette Square near the White House, officials said.
    The suspect was identified as Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, of Chesterfield, Missouri, according to the U.S. Park Police. After ramming the bollard, Kandula exited the vehicle and began waving a flag with what authorities say appeared to be a swastika on it, and that is when officers from the U.S. Park Police detained him.
    The FBI interviewed Kandula and told law enforcement that he wanted to seize power, take over the government and kill the president, according to three law enforcement sources.”

    Ok……a lone wolf…with an unpronounceable name…tarvels half way across the country to rent a large box truck and ram the White Huse gates…unarmed, with only a nazi flag? Yep,…has white-supremacy written all over it.

    1. Dennis,
      Chesterfield Mo is an upper middle class neighborhood in west St. Louis County. I would never consider it a home for white supremacy, but it is home to Pfizer.

    2. ….and poof…it was gone……

      After mainstream media spent a day of speculation on the right-wing, white supremacist, neo-nazis angle…his picture is released. Dark skinned south Asian.

      Seems he was upset that the swastika, which is a symbol of peace and well-being in his religion and his ancient heritage, is being denigrated by modern culture.

      Original charges of threatening the life of the president and vice-president with a deadly weapon (the box truck) have been dropped and replaced with one count of “degradation of property over $1000” (the steel bollard he hit with the truck).

      Don’t you just hate it when the media gets splattered with egg on their face?

    1. Hugs Stand. Maybe if you get time look into strophanthus tincture at dr. thomas cowan’s site. I take them everyday twice a day and have not had any tachycardia in over a year. Was having a spell once to twice a year. It really is a special plant for the heart. Hawthorne in too but not as much so.

  7. Surprise, surprise, surprise…the FBI admits it can’t produce documents connected to their investigations of reported malfeasance by Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation as requested by congress…because they were destroyed after Biden took office.

    The old “dog ate my evidence” excuse.

    1. Same ole poop when J Edgar was there. Unlike Watergate there seem to be no investigative journalist anymore that hate a president enough to look into it the ‘plumbers’ working all hours of the night. Nope folks it is what it is and we just have to shore up what we can of our own small lives.

    2. Hilary Clinton is guilty of several felonies, involving deliberate violations of the National Security Act, and plotted acts of espionage, to the benefit of various enemy States, in exchange for monetary gain.

      You all remember her illegal internet Servers, right?

      This one crime, by itself, should have put her in prison for a very long time. This was how she delivered classified information to those enemy Nation’s operatives, who paid her, via contributions to her charity foundations. The requested classified documents were then illegally transmitted to these servers, where that information was easily harvested…all without having to risk the more traditional methods of smuggling the information out of a secure area…such as stuffing documents in your underwear, or socks. You didn’t need to sneak in a camera, or special devices, designed to copy classified documents, into these areas, nor worry about getting them out, again.

      I know Hilary is guilty of many felonies, simply from her documented testimonies and established, and undisputed facts, regarding her servers. Never mind the fact of her deliberately destroying evidence, on her servers, that is a moot issue. The mere existence of those servers, is a felony…compounded by any transmission made to them from ANY secure area…each being a separate felony crime.

      When nothing happened to her…I knew we had lost the country…as it would require the cooperation of our intelligence agencies…and the DOJ…to pull off. Had anyone else been caught performing the same acts, they would still be in prison to this day!

      Hilary is not only guilty of espionage for profit, but also of MURDER, for her part in the deaths of several of our intelligence operatives in the field, and several military personnel serving on foreign soil.

      Hilary should be tried, and then hung….along with several other well known political hacks.

    3. …….and a slew of FBI agents breathe a sigh of relief knowing they are no longer suicidal….not realizing that just the fact they were privy to the truth keeps them high on potential risk of suicide.

    4. Dennis, Golly gee! FBI records management regulations are that records pertaining to exceptional case files are scheduled for PERMANENT (all caps are theirs) retention. That’s for “investigation of a significant person, event or organization; or evidence of a precedent-setting program; or in some other way constitute a landmark case.” Hope the DOJ’s OIG jumps on that quick.

      1. Anony Mee,

        I know your comment is tongue in cheek. We both know FBI does nothing that’s not run by DOJ first. My best guess is Merrick Garland ordered the destruction.

        1. Different matter…same policy/rule

          FOX NEWS article….IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel told Congress the Justice Department (DOJ) made the decision to purge an IRS whistleblower from the DOJ’s probe into Hunter Biden, according to a letter sent to House Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith (R-MO).Werfel said the decision to remove a whistleblower from the tax investigation was at the DOJ’s direction, confirming what a second IRS whistleblower alleged Monday.

          “The IRS whistleblower you reference alleges that the change in their work assignment came at the direction of the Department of Justice,” reads the letter, obtained by Fox News. “As a general matter and not in reference to any specific case, I believe it is important to emphasize that in any matter involving federal judicial proceedings, the IRS follows the direction of the Justice Department.”

      2. Anony Mee,

        In unrelated news… the House Ethics Committee, after a two year investigation, has decided to take no action on Eric Swalwell’s sexual affair with Chinese spy “Fang-Fang”.

        1. Now if that was anyone except a demon-crat they would have been in club fed by now……….the demons have been let loose in this failing country. This is depressing until I kept reminding myself of the second coming of our lord/savior 🎯

  8. Herb Pharm in Oregon has a sale on their 4 oz tinctures. $9 off 2 and free shipping.
    GoBig is the code. They have a tincture for fungus which I purchased last time out of stock right now. Have not tried it yet hope I never have to! They have Stinging Nettle for gout, prostrate and other urinary issues.

  9. Stand, how are you? Doctor’s visit – how’d it go?

    Anyone hear from “Stardust” anymore? She was doing so many repairs to her place… Miner Jim? And Beach’n? Miss some of the old posters here. Hope all are well. And many of the other ‘oldies’ as well.

    1. DJ5280
      Thank you for asking. The visit, for Me, went poorly. Nothing but speculation, and more tests. They think the plastic valve in my left ventricle is leaking. More test coming up.

      I don’t feel very well.

      1. Stand, ok. Sounds like it’s time to sit AND REST a bit and start making a list of what you absolutely NEED to get done vs. everything you WANT to get done. You are the busiest person I know! Ask our Heavenly Father to show you what the NEEDS are. He will. Get the tests done – I just took my DH for some today. Find the answers. Hope all goes well, my friend. Praying for you.

  10. The weather was pleasant today, only 72. Got up early, watched the sun come up, fell fairly well. Got 72 Roma toms planted, drip line on the orchard repaired and a new line on the elderberries, along with a lot of rest breaks.

    I’ve got 1700, black oil sunflower starts bout 8″ tall, gonna start plantin them tomorrow, the beds are all ready, including the drip lines, just needs planted. This is gonna take a couple of days.

    I know I’m in trouble with My heart, so, I’m going at things very slowly. Gonna get WAY behind at this pace, but, it is what it is. I’ll get all the starts planted, then not plant a 2nd go around, one and done.

    There’s a lot going on with my Health that I’m not gonna post. I’ll work through this, I did it before and I’ll do it again.

    Thank my Heavenly Father I’m well prepped.

    1. Stand, if I were your neighbor, I’d be glad to help you with your planting. I think you’d run circles around me, though. I’d love even a portion of your energy. I’m sorry for your health challenges. I’ll be praying for wisdom for your doctor and for healing for you. Sometimes God uses these things to slow us down, so we can remember what’s most important in our lives. Take care.

  11. @Stand – please know our thoughts are with you regarding your health. Heart issues are tough to deal with, but technology keeps getting better, so we are wishing you the best for restoration of your health.

  12. Light, concerned about light.
    I have so many way’s to light up a space or room but I still feel it’s inadequate.
    I like the dark but there is little to do if you can’t see anything.

    Retro? over 30 pounds of candles is basically a last resort.
    I feel there may be a need for them in the end.
    All the doom news is really getting to me even though I have cut back significantly on that addiction.

    The pucker factor is high.
    Only one time in history have we been on the very edge of nuclear war and now the general population does-not-care, doesn’t want to care or doesn’t want to think/talk about it.
    Our gov. is causing the entire situation, all of it.
    The best one, “That’s not going to happen” -then they change the subject to something benign.
    Wish I could afford a bunker.

    1. Horse,

      On redundant lighting. I bought several solar walkway lights, the ones with a directed beam and an on/off switch. Set them on the highest piece of furniture in a room (they are also wall mountable) with the beam directed at the ceiling and they light up the whole room and will last all night if need be.

    2. Horse, Kula, and whoever gives a darn…..

      Once you come to the realization that everything we are seeing, the seemingly senselessness of it all, is western world leaders following a script…a script written by unelected, unaccountable people…it all comes into focus…what is coming is inevitable. Our wellbeing is not inconsequential in their plans, in fact, a huge reduction in our numbers is most likely part of their end game.

      I’ve been in numerous altercations over my lifetime (thankfully, when I was much younger)….fights not of my making. Sometimes one on one…sometimes with several attacking me at once. It’s hard to explain the sense of calm that envelopes you the moment you realize there’s no way to avoid the fight, the odds ain’t in your favor, all you can do is your best, and you will find out after it’s over whether your best was enough.

      That sense of calm is where I’m at now.

      1. I can relate, its almost like that slow motion that takes over when something catastrophic happens, you are there but above it all as if viewing it from someone disassociated. Feels like a calm, sometimes as surreal and resigned. We know whats going down and are walking through it in our minds as it evolves.
        I think more aggravating than the so called leaders acting a tyrant is the throngs of ignorant who support and cheer them on. Our fight will be against them as much as the witless wonders who would say they are our leaders

        1. Frankly, i am just plain disgusted with the blatant criminality and lying from those who are supposed to be the protectors of the Republic. They have shown their true colors, there will be no going along

    3. Horse, be sure to also pick up some headlamps for your household. (They strap around your forehead). I love mine. Keep them in all the rooms. Some have batteries to swap out, some are charged with your phone charger or a solar lantern can charge them. I like the fact that many have multiple brightness settings and some include the “red” lamp which is great to see in the dark, but maybe ‘others’ cannot see you (very well, that is). Especially for walking around outside at night. I think they are a great prep item.

      1. I have a couple very bright ones that take those lithium 18650 battery’s and around 30 cheap ones that take the cr2030 batteries with around 150 batteries stored.
        And a few AAA versions.

        I have all powered options for lighting covered along with boxes of candles, kerosene lanterns and several gallons of white gas for my Coleman lantern.
        Multiple solar lights also plus 12v lighting options.

        I even bought a large roll of glow in the dark tape for marking places so I can walk in darkness without hurting myself.
        just one momentary bright light and that stuff is visible for hours.
        also makes important objects easier to locate at night.

        1. Dang! You have got it together! Well done! I would never have thought of the glow-in-the-dark tape. That is excellent!

  13. On the subject of solar lights I would like to mention these from Amazon.
    Work really well and have held up too. Could put in house at night. Also these closet/undercabinet lights are good to are rechargeable.

    Solar Lights Outdoor 120 LED with Lights Reflector and 3 Lighting Modes,Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights, IP65 Waterproof Solar Powered Wall Lights

    Closet Light, LOFTer Motion Sensor Light Indoor with Adjustable Sensor Time, 100-LED Rechargeable Battery Operated Under Cabinet Light for Closets, Wa

  14. Ya’ll familiar with Ryan Hall Yall weather on you tube? He has 8 min video on the El Nino on the way. ‘They are saying it could be a Super El Nino. Might be helpful to watch for planning ahead.

    1. Never heard of him, so thanks for mentioning this. Watched it…. appears this super el nino is going to be a hot/dry issue for N MN. Hopefully it won’t bring swarms of grasshoppers and pestilence. Of course the grasshoppers are a protein source. Anyone want to share a recipe for Justin Case? ;)

  15. solar lights
    I bought 2 litom solar lights.
    Quality things.
    Mine were used from goodwill, I put them up by my horse pasture three years ago and they do show some weathering but they continue to work, bright and I want more.
    these are more expensive than the regular common solar lights.

  16. NRP & Blue snd others interest in hard red winter wheat. This is from the USDA’s May 2024 report – –
    “Hard Red Winter (HRW) production in the new marketing year is forecast at 514 million bushels, down 3 percent from 531 million in 2022/23 and the lowest output since 1957/58. Production of this class was affected substantially by persistent drought which resulted in both lower yields and higher abandonment. The harvested-to-planted ratios for Texas (30 percent), Oklahoma (47 percent), Kansas (81 percent), and Colorado (73 percent) are all historically low.” Our population has nearly doubled since 1958. Exports are expected to fall about 7%. (

  17. I got WAY to many sunflower starts. Not enough room to plant all them, and I just don’t feel like doing anymore bed preparation. So I had my Sister put them on Facebook marketplace. $30 for a tray of 72, one person bought 14 trays within an hour of posting them., $420, just that fast. Blows my mind, she paid cash and was just tickled to death to get them. I thought there was NO WAY I’d even sell 1 tray!
    Maybe I should just plant and sell starts!

    I’m still flabbergasted, people do/buy the damnest things. Good for Me! $420 will pay for the polycarbinate roof of my greenhouse!

    1. SMG
      That is just awesome! It was a pretty good deal for the buyer, too; plant starts around here in Georgia are $3-$4 EACH, and that’s only if you can find them on sale.

    2. I just don’t get it, that kind of money for what? $2 worth of seeds?
      And as. Chipmunk said, $3-4 if ya can find them????
      Grandma would roll over in her grave if she heard people are paying that kind of $$$$ for a “start”.

      1. NRP & Blue
        I know, I’m still amazed. Sunflowers at the local Farmers Market, in a 4′” pot, 1 single plant is $2.50. Tomatoes? $3.50 to $6 depend on variety, heirlooms sell for more.
        $7 for a dozen eggs, that just blows Me away.

  18. I figure the first sign for many that something bad is about to happen is no internet or no internet signal for wireless.

    My wireless signal dropped for a couple minutes, that is rare.
    Another questionable moment.

    the end is near.

  19. If the problem were an incoming asteroid, incoming missiles, I doubt anyone would be told beyond selected officials.
    Keep the calm until the disaster, pretty much the way with anything major.
    I have faith in my government we will be the last to find out anything.
    We only fine the truth the hard way.

    I remember someone here saying when the gov people start vanishing, that may be the only warning we get.
    This I completely believe.

  20. Horse,
    I think you are correct about us being the last to know.
    Maybe that’s what the Congress only Sat phones are all about.
    Don’t pay attention to what they say, but what they do.

  21. Yall notice how there hasnt been a peep about the border disaster?
    Its all queers this and queers that and this stuffed shirt going to run or that stuffed shirt going to run, but zero on the border. Zero real info on the escalation in Ukraine,

    1. I did read msm bs that suddenly people at the boarder trying to get in decreased by some 50%.
      I also read about large amounts in migrants just being let in in random area’s.
      It’s illegal to transport illegals, you’ll be fined into the poor house for it but bidens gov are spreading them throughout the entire USA with your tax dollars.

      All the destruction that happened, is still happening in Europe is intended here at home through mass migration.
      Easier to control a divided population than a somewhat united one as you know that’s been in the works for decades.

      Crime, violence, rapes, home invasions.. population replacement.
      The gov needs to protect those loving people by removing your right to protect yourself just like they did in europe.
      If you hurt them through self protection your guilty, your violent supremacist.

      By killing the killing the first amendment, speaking out will be demonized.
      It’s all evil, destructive push towards socialism.
      The usa will look like the hell europe has turned into.

      But it’s sunny this morning in central WI, supposed to be 73*
      Everything in my sight is all ok, for now.

      1. Horse, That’s because they changed definitions and procedures. Now many are getting papers from DHS before they cross the border instead of after. Et voila! Fewer “illegals.” Just as many border crossers.

    2. Yeah, remember the good ole days when there were only 3 news stations telling us what to believe. NBC CBS ABC they were only on once a day, that I recall, in the evenings so our working daddies could see the news after supper.

  22. Well, I had a few tomatoes and cucumbers last summer after 6 years of a bad fungus.
    I have the potato growing bags with tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers in them.
    I ask for your prayers that that fungus doesn’t show up this year.
    I really am liking these bags, but there will be more watering than when I had the raised bed with concrete blocks…couldn’t do that this time.
    Christ is King…I write that on ALL my envelopes!!!

    I started a few late tomatoes today from seeds.

    I know that my dad had a garden every summer and never planted till school was finished. North Tennessee and he usually had a fine garden.
    I miss those turnip greens in the fall…..ahhhhh. We had it made and didn’t know it.

    1. I have one fabric potato bag not used,,,,,,was gonna plant late tomatoes…heck, I forgot to plant a summer squash….I love fried squash.
      Boil, drain, add diced onions and pour in skillet with bacon grease and cook till dry.

      1. MMmm Bacon… Anyone ever try the Bacon from Pleasant Hill Grains in the “Nasa-Pak” Supposedly if kept frozen, will last indefinitely?

        1. DoubleTap:
          Bacon, a food group of its own.
          I like the good old Safeway Signature brand thick sliced, I used to but it a box at a time when on sale, 3# for $8.99
          Now it’s $21.99 for 3 #s.
          I would bring it home, mark the date, add it to the inventory, set in the deep freeze, I’m using Bacon now dater 2017. With zero freezer degrading at all.
          Now get me a hunk of homemade/cured Bacon, it won’t last a month, GREAT stuff.
          Time to find me some Pork Belly and get some going.
          Good smoked and salt cured for sure. 🥓🥓🥓

  23. Trip to town…trip to Wally World. This inflation stuff is getting a little (putting it mildly) scary.

    Liquid laundry detergent, all brands, has more than doubled pre-covid/Biden prices. Canned veggies had held steady for the most part, but now have started to rise…selection and stock is dwindling…they had zero/zilch sliced carrots.

    Found sliced carrots at the only other grocery store in town, over twice the price per can as other canned veggies.

    While in Wally’s, heard a call over the store intercom for “police to pick up on phone “. This is in backwater rural Arkansas. Never knew this store to employ security in the past. I’m wondering if the shop lifting plague hitting the rest of the country is hitting the hinterlands now…and if rampant theft is one of the reasons for the skyrocketing prices.

    In the past, it was unusual to encounter obviously Hispanic families shopping locally. Now it seems as if you see them on every aisle in the store. Nothing racist in this observation, just an obvious change in local demographics.

    I found myself anxious to get back home on the mountain…where life is still good.

    1. Wife went to Subway last night and got 2 footlong sandwiches, price was $32.00.
      Looked at the receipt, they now have a separate price for turkey and ham.
      Guess we won’t be going there again.

      1. blackjack22:
        $16 for a stinking foot long sub????
        You have GOT TO BE KIDDING????
        So much for subway anymore,
        Put them right up there with Target and Bud-Lite, and any other co that wants to push their shit on people.

      2. Last time I went to a Subway (about 3 yrs ago) I ordered a Philly Cheese, 6 inch. They smeared about 2 tablespoons of a paste like meat across the bread, topped it with the thinnest cheese slice I have ever seen and charged me $8 CDN (included a drink). I never went back.
        I rarely eat out anymore as I figure I can make the same food that a fast food place makes in my home, with better ingredients, and for much less cost!

      3. Same here with a dominos pizza had not been to one in maybe five years ordered a 10 dollar pepperoni, well it was burnt on the bottom, tasted like bug flour and I never seen pepperoni that was so thin you could almost see through it…… bye bye dominos as far as subs 27 bucks for 2 foot long subs but at least they were pretty good, put subway to shame, more and more due to inflation eating out is a very expensive hit or miss, enjoy my own meal preparation by far. I remember in high school eating out at MickeyDs for about 1.75 two burgers fries and a milkshake… a Mac double is 3.99 for two thin burgers…thanks to the loser in chief

        1. Realist
          Cant get out of local mc Ds for less than 20$ if its got two big macs and fries and a large drink each,
          We only get take out from one place, a joint called Kalei’s, they have great local style comfort food, but with a tip its about 45$ for two meals, it is big though so usually ends up being 2 meals if we dont act like hogs, othewuse it just isnt worth eating out, i can do better right here at home.

        2. To add,
          Only reason we eat out is convenience, general rule, we dont, just not wirth it

      4. My rare go to is Arby’s. Still ok with their fresh sandwiches and wraps. Sometimes you can get 2 fish sandwiches or others 2 for $7.
        I buy frozen pizzas and dress them up with veggies and ham etc.

  24. Dennis, you can save a bundle on laundry detergent by mixing these:
    arm & hammer super washing soda, and a grated bar of Zote or Fels Naptha.
    Stir well and I use a tb for a load. If really dirty, use two.

    1. I make my own laundry detergent using washing soda, borax, and dish soap mixed with water. Works best in a warm water wash, but I usually wash in cold water. One container of each lasts me a year or more for a family of 5 with a total cost of under $25 CDN. I do however, keep Woolite on hand for very delicate clothes and wool. Can’t beat Woolite for cleaning wool clothes and blankets.

  25. JJ: I’ve made my own laundry soap for years….. Basically the recipe you posted, however; I add borax to mine. I’ve used Zote, Fels Naptha, & Ivory. For a time I made my own fabric softener using the cheap Suave hair rinse, vinegar, & water.

    1. Mrs. Ree, I have been growing squash in raised beds for several years now. We started out building the beds out of wood, before the prices went through the sky. I then started ordering the metal ones you assemble. Last year, I used a trellis, and grew some good sized winter squash. This year, I have black acorn squash growing over the sides now. To protect the vines, I buy those dollar noodles they use for swimming and slit them all the way down. I place the slit over the side. Waiting until the vine is big enough to travel over the side, helps hold the noodles down in wind. I have successfully grown zucchini, yellow squash (picked six off of two plants yesterday, many more almost ready), butternut and several others. You can trim back your bottom leaves on your bush type squash to save room. It also puts more energy into the veggies.
      Someone mentioned starter plants in Ga. for three dollars. I have not seen them. I raise all my own. Good seed is high, but can be stored for years. Just like other shrinkage, there are fewer seed for packet this year. I keep mine in a metal seed box, in alphabetical order and according to date, so I can see the change… Unless we have some wicked weather, we can grow at least two crops here. Secret with successful raised beds is planting vertical to the south side of your tomatoes and peppers (like squash and cucumbers) so the tender plants don’t blister….also need to rework your soil often to use max planting space. I love raised beds! I NEED raised beds!

      1. I couldn’t use raised beds this season…back problems. Concrete blocks are not gonna get lifted here.
        I bought fabric potato bags( I think $5 each at Temu) and have tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and today, squash.
        They need a little more attention like watering; but guess what??
        I will not be weeding…Yee Hah!!!!

        I’ll let you know if they work, and when I discover how long their shelf life is.
        Only thing is the stakes(tobacco sticks) for tomatoes will have to be on outside of fabric bag and string used to make the cage-like structure.

  26. JJ: Use 1/4 cup of white vinegar…no water or hair rinse necessary…pour into the fabric softener cup…works great, no smell or residue and will leave clothes soft with no chemicals~

      1. Mrs. U
        Not sure exactly how it works, but I know that vinegar helps get rid of soap residue. I use it as a rinse in my laundry, to clean my shower of soap scum, and to rinse my dog’s coat after bathing him.

    1. I haven’t use fabric softener in years. I have the wool balls from Amazon for the dryer.
      I read a Maytag man said the dryer sheets ruin the dryer more than anything.
      I love these wool things…I was surprised since my body has a lot of electricity and I shock easily.
      I bought in July, 2016. They still work; I save money on dryer sheets, even the generic ones.

  27. My trip to wallyworld was as expected, less brand selections, along with low quantity and quality that has gone to hell. E.g. clear ammonia, one bottle on shelf, jar of dill pickles that I thought was ok but at home the top was able to be popped, no yoke noodles, 4 bags only, milk was 5 days to use by date, pork sausage jimmy dean now the only selection, truly miss bob evans,, bag of carrots were cracked lengthwise and broken, so many brands have been eliminated because Walmart has both a cash and credit shortage.several items were not in stock on my wish list. Smuckers jams and jellies were empty spaces and the price has almost tripled since the loser in chief has installed himself.

  28. A have a question for y’all.
    “What, if anything, new,special,different are you anticipating for your Preparedness for the 2024 election results?”
    I honestly believe the Dem’s will retain control of the WH, with the obvious hate fest comming between Trump and DeSantis again dividing the Republicans, plus with Kennedy running for the Democrats.
    So, again. Anything differant? Or more BBBs?
    Here is my short list.
    1. Dissolve what little mortgage I have left.
    2. Try to go more energy prepend, hopefully getting off da grid.
    3. Obviously more food independence and storage security
    4. Establish a tighter “group” for reliance.
    5. Basically get a better handle a few things.
    6. Be better prepared for total unknown .gov intervention into everything.

    What are your thoughts????

    1. NRP & Blue,

      I’m a Trump supporter…Trump will not be our next president. I have problems with DeSantis (I’ll flesh out the reasons later).

      Trump will not be our next president because those who are entrenched in the bowels of our governments, both federal and strategic state and local, cannot and will not allow it. The true string pullers who control them won’t allow it. He is the greatest threat to their power and their end goals…a second term for Trump cannot and will not be allowed.

      That said, in answer to your second query, preparation should be based on whether you expect a continued slow…changing to rapid, descent into poverty and extreme shortages of basic necessities for all but the “elite”….civil war….or a series of catastrophic false flag events in order to keep their power.

      Me? I’ve been debt free for years (except for a credit card I pay the balance off each month). I live where crime is not a problem (yet). I have a good stock of food on hand (not near enough…never is). Have skills to procure more (but physical ability to do so is waning with each passing year).

      So…as I’ve tried to describe in the past…I’m in a state of calm resignation…knowing I can’t stop what’s coming…I can only respond with my best effort to survive.

      1. I am hoping the conservatives get one more shot at power. If it is DeSantis perhaps he can bring over some moderate Dems, Libertarians, and independents. Trump more than likely cannot do that. I saw a street interview on Fox and the question to a 30 ish young white working woman was, “What do you like about Biden?” After several several seconds she answered, “He is not Trump.”
        Trump did some good and was a strong leader but a divisive leader. So is Biden.
        Only one more shot folks then it over. Their control will be absolute for years to come.

    2. I honestly dont think any of these stuffed shirts will make one iota of a difference.
      Things will continue to deteriorate, a war would complicate stuff but i doubt mist of the world has appetite beyond proxy somewhere else.
      I will watch election through the corner of my eye because it really wont matter.
      I will continue to work until things start getting too dicey or too expensive, then ill just stay home and pick up cash gigs when or where i can. Im kinda over it though and rather just dig around in the garden and make stuff in the shop.

    3. NRP & Blue
      I think there will be enough anger and suffering brought on by the Dems in the next year that Trump and Republican numbers may be so overwhelming that the cheating can not overcome them.

      As per your list:
      No mortgage but the property taxes rising faster than inflation.
      Got enough firewood for several years.
      Have more food in long term storage now than we could eat in three years.
      Many people here still have head in the sand not seeing the coming storm.
      Have just a few knowledgeable friends to cover maintenance and repairs.
      The gov BS about climate change designed to rob us is growing with no way to fight the idiots.

      I can not believe that the American people have slowly given up their rights to the point now that some drastic measures are needed to restore the country. The crash will happen some time either by a civil uprising or by an unsustainable country direction. Be safe.

      1. hermit us & Mrs. U:
        A word on P-taxes.
        Here in my State/County there is a guarantee 3% (or less, LOL) per year increase on Property taxes, not by a higher rate, but by evaluating the property for more. 3% is max by law (yes I know laws can change….) But, we also have a freeze on that evaluation at the age of 65, and guarantee tax cost of that time. Also we have a “head of household” deduct. AND a low income deduction if under $35k IRS taxable.
        Don’t know if this is country wide, but ya may look into it.
        What the heck, every dime helps.

      2. Hope you are right hermit. I see an army coming across the border. This army will marry all of the sad young white women the white men do not want.

    4. Pay ahead on property taxes if you can. I am southern and my blood recalls the swooping in of the carpetbaggers to get land cheap when the southern folks could not pay them. In this case it could be from any other country you could imagine.

      1. Lordy, I have thought of this for two years now—I didn’t know one can do that.
        What happens when the tax is increased??
        Only once in 14 years have the taxes here been less than previous year.
        I will check on this Monday…..right after I get an answer from the roofer when he is coming,,,it’s been almost 3 months and when it rains, my ceiling stains just grow!!!

        1. JH:
          I have talked to my County Assessor and the County CEO, Both I know personally.
          The CEO has committed to not raise the County “Tax Rate”, tis political so they dump it off on the Assessor’s department.
          The Assessor showed me the Laws reflecting the max rate of incress, and the regs for locking the current property value, discounts, and such.
          Nice to live in a small town area ya can actually talk to officials.

        2. I always paid ahead for my old house. Here they won’t allow it. But they wouldn’t allow it in Utah either, until Mom had requested it several years running. First year was a flat no. 2nd year, “We’re not set up for that.” 3rd year they called in a supervisor, who was able to ok it. 4th year they had systems in place. Keep on them, keep requesting it.

  29. Anticipating being unemployed.
    More food, wider selection.
    A few items I want but was currently not willing to spend the remaining on them.
    A long distance scope + better peashooter to put it on. $

    I have no debt aside of monthly annoyances.
    pay the cc off every month.

    If biden/camel stays put, I’m expecting SSDD but far, far worse.
    Mass migration significant increase, just look what it did/is doing to europe.
    BTY it’s illegal to talk about the migrant destruction/crime/murders over there.
    They call it hate speech, the very thing the far left want here.
    No first amendment.

  30. Was able to get the garden in last week. I hope it produces. The smoke in our area can get quite intense and without proper sun, plants don’t grow! Plus I’m not there everyday due to my current employment contract. The family says they will look after it. I hope they do.
    Getting rain in areas with bad fires which is good! No significant rain in my area which is not good. I suspect the water bill will be high this summer. I put the rain barrels in place while at home. I would like one more but can’t afford it at this time.
    Local fire crews are keeping the various fires under control. Mostly searching for hotspots now. Job well done to all of them!

  31. Mrs. U: Vinegar naturally softens laundry by removing the soap and residue build-up. Vinegar contains small amounts of potassium and sodium, which softens hard water and can dissolve mineral build up. :)

    1. Mrs. U:
      I have not. But here are my thoughts.
      A dehydrator remover the water in foods, there is very little water in Bacon, mostly fat. The meat in bacon would dehydrate but most of the fat, in my thinking, would go rancid.
      But again, have no idea, I just can or freeze the “Pure Heaven” of the food groups LOL

      1. I think doin it old school, cured, smoked, bedded down in a tub of salt, otherwise can it, canning it is iffy too thou because o the fat, always seems a bit rancid,

  32. We have been debt free for years.
    I am a Trump supporter and will vote for him.
    DeSantis is good Governor here in Florida. He has a Republican congress that helps him get done the things he wants. He will not have that in Washington.
    He will be treated as badly as Trump was/is.
    I don’t believe either one of them will be allowed to win— can you say Dominion?
    They did it in 2020 and no reason they won’t again.
    The things happening now are all planned and scripted and will probably continue at max speed. ” Finish the job” doncha know.

    1. I can’t understand why desantis doesn’t see the plan–it is to weaken Trump’s support, NOT to get him(desantis) elected…duh

  33. This week I did taco meat, sausage and spaghetti sauce. Since there’s only 1 of me I’ve been doing pints, and I am now officially out of pint jars.

    I got some more seeds planted. I have noticed that the chickens seem to go after plants that are surrounded by wood chips or bare soil. They seem to be completely ignoring anything planted in grass or weeds, aside from the usual periodic nibble.

    They also like plants that are protected. I’ve lost 5 of my 8 surviving seedling grapes to them, while the plants just dumped in the ground have escaped their attention.

    My last three seedling grapes will not be put out there until I get the fence up. But I did get fencing, so it’s closer than it was.

    I got the aquaponics tanks in place and have a tentative plan for the house system.

  34. There is only me here; widowed 2 years ago.
    I use the Pillsbury 3 pack (for $1)from DG to store my meals and even those give me 2 meals sometimes, like spaghetti sauce.
    I also use pint jars for my chilis and soups.
    I wish I was near you–I have 20+ mason jars on CL and no one wants them.
    The Amish lady I just met says to bring them to her mini warehouse where donations are made and then given to agencies but she will sell these for me.
    She wants nothing for doing this.
    I think $10 a case is fair.

    I have given so much away for the last 2 1/2 years. I am still giving stuff away.
    I don’t want someone coming in and finding a mess when I pass.

    Get those jars if you see them in stores-I read they won’t be there long…more folks are canning.

        1. Horse,

          As a native Texican I’ll offer this. Texas has become a “red state”, but for most of my life it was democrat. Many of those elected as republicans would have just as easily ran as democrats had they thought they could be elected.

          Ken Paxton has been a staunch “Tea Party Republican” since the beginning of the movement. In the process, he’s angered a lot of establishment types.
          He defeated George P. Bush (Bush clan and establishment’s choice) in the republican primary for A.G. in the last election (2022) by a wide margin, almost two to one, a huge embarrassment to them.

          I don’t have a dog in this hunt, but I suspect Paxton’s main sin is p*ssing off and being a thorn in the side of the “go along to get along” republicans (not to mention, democrats).

          Don’t know what you’ve read, but I looked at his wikipedia page, whole thing was a negative appraisal. Then I looked at the bibliography, pretty much every refence cited was liberal newspaper articles or liberal news outlets. Is he sin free? I doubt it, but like Trump, he has weathered a lot of accusations…few seem to have stuck.

  35. Kula, I hadn’t eaten out in over a year. I had no power for 4 days so took a friend to eat–let her choose.
    Capt D’s….over $25 and I will not do that again.
    Nope, nope, nope.

  36. All here, have a pleasant weekend. Enjoy your family, friends, whatever.

    I’m gonna sit on back porch and watch my tomato plants grow!! ?? !!

    1. JJ:
      As Dennis says “Life is good here on the Mountain”
      Me… Life is good here on Lightning Point.
      And both of us would agree…
      “Life is good sitting here watching the Tomatoes Grow”

      1. Ya know NRP
        Life really is pretty good
        Gotta go to work, but its good work that pays well,
        Got all sortsa other stuff i gotta do, but i get to do them.
        Really not worth grumbling about stuff, because its all just part of showing up.
        We have to do that to participate in this thing dont we,
        So yea, life is good on this rock

  37. Well, the greenhouse is up and fully planted. my back aches. The vine bed is fully planted. This weekend I am digging the vineyard holes and planting the grapes, currants, blackberries and raspberries. My back aches just thinking about it!
    Thank the Lord for the hot tub!!!
    The turkeys are all laying eggs and enjoying each other. The chickens are all happy and also laying like mad. The babies are all growing and the incubator is full of trkey eggs.
    All the herbs have been moved out of the pantry and into the outdoor kitchen area, and the outdoor kitchen is as amazing as I hoped it would be.
    Life is good in the San Luis Valley. Keep the lifestyle folks…it is truly worth the effort.

    1. Pioneer Woman:
      I’ll agree 1000% on this being a “Lifestyle”

      Sounds like your extremely busy, don’t forget to smell the Roses on the way…..

      Life really is good, it’s what ya make of it for sure. 👉👍👈

  38. Hi MSB’ers,
    Have been MIA from online and emails for a while. After death in the family and struggles that went along with that, DH hurt is back – pretty badly. He had 1st surgery a couple of weeks ago, and 2nd surgery coming up in a couple more weeks. He has been in a ridiculous amount of pain, and I have been stretched about as thin as you can get with he & MIL. It’s been a rotten year so far.
    All prep’s ground to a halt just trying to keep up with full-time work, and care giving. Surgeon says 2nd surgery will make a world of difference getting DH back to being able to function without all-consuming pain… so, that’s the plan.

    Glad to see some regulars here posting, and I hope to get life a little more under control soon and be able to participate more often.

    Meanwhile, everything I read and hear and see points toward our economy and really our society being off the rails. We’re dealing with crime, war, insane inflation, the erosion of the USD combined with the geo-political shuffling that is going on (crazy bedfellows around the world these days), and the very fabric of what I was raised to believe our country believed in/stood for is being purposefully torn apart. Constant lies, and many people still falling for the propaganda we’re being force-fed.

    On this Memorial Day weekend, I think of all those who sacrificed so much for our nation and our way of life. And here we are. So many who gave their all for us – and for our country. Absolutely tragic that we are now where we are now. We’re gonna need a miracle to get this turned around.

    Wishing all MSB’ers the best as we continue to fight the good fight.

    1. So Cal Gal
      If you can, look into magnetic therapy. It was saved me. Works slow, but it works.

      Heavenly Father, please Bless So Cal Gal, see needs your help. Amen.

      God Bless you and I’ll keep you in Prayer.

    2. SO CAL GAL
      Good to hear from you.
      Please keep us posted.
      Sometimes it seems without bad luck there would be no luck at all.
      Prayers with you and all your family

      1. NRP and Blue,
        Thank you so much… I keep telling myself things are bound to get better. Just have to hang in there through this tough stuff.
        Big hugs to you & Blue from your pal SCG.

    3. So Cal Gal,
      Good to hear from YOU. We are sorry for your circumstances, and have you in our prayers and best wishes. Keep your strength up.

      1. Hi PW,
        Thank you very much!
        I appreciate your prayers and am looking forward to better days ahead.
        Didn’t I read that your outside kitchen coming together… I’ll bet it’s great!

  39. Oh man, I may be the only one here that knows what he is going through.
    I’m extremely healthy as far as taking no prescriptions and never bothered with any illnesses. I hurt my back mowing/yard work April 4, got worse and by the 10th was at the emergency room……given a shot and tablets said to help…within a few hours I was miserable again….I went to ER 4 times in 7 days.
    I read online and found an article with all my symptoms and started taking amoxicillin. I felt better within 24 hours.
    I do sympathize with him.
    He is in my prayers and I ask God to give him some relief and get him through this.
    Nights were worse for me.
    You feel helpless I know; but, hang in there.

    1. Not really.

      33 yrs ago today I crushed my L5-S1 vertebrae in a tractor, accident. I was 35. Worked somewhat all summer and had an operation on Nov 5, 1990. The pain was disabling, inscrutable. I took codeine, 4mg every 4 hrs for 4 months. I got addicted to it and ended up going through withdrawals, not fun. The disc ruptured 75% central, and the bone fragments caused nerve damage to my left leg. They took out the disc, but did not fuse the joint, now it’s bone on bone, plus the other 4 lumbar disc are all bulged to the left.

      Surgery was just barely a success, Orthopedic doc instead of a Nero-surgeon. It was a train wreck. I had to learn/force my body to walk again, it took a year, I toughed it out and recovered to about 90% mobility.

      33 years I have suffered chronic back pain at about level 6, it NEVER goes away. Over the years I have gotten use to it. I decide back then I was gonna live my life the way I wanted and just learned to deal with the pain. When it’s REALLY bad, I do take narcotic pain relief, but only as I am going to bed.

    2. JJ,
      Thanks for your support and sharing your experience. Nights seem to be the worst for DH as well. He tends to get some sleep in the early morning hours, and I think he gets a long nap in after I leave for work… it’s reasonably quiet and he seems to relax then.
      I’m just so glad this next surgery is coming up next week, it’s got to bring him some relief… no one can or should have to live with this kind of pain. His is an injury, and the only way to fix it is to get in there and set it right, and get the pressure off the nerves. Hopefully he will wake up after surgery next week and say “Wow… that’s actually better!” :)

  40. Oh, anyone have grapes in your grocery??

    I have been getting them for the last months from Rulers for a reasonable price…1.69/1.89/2.50 …well, I checked all the stores here; there are 5.
    Not any and what few packages there are, $5 a lb. look to be battered and wilted.
    I do believe I’m gonna miss grapes.
    I don’t splurge a lot but I did have grapes every week. Those days are gone.
    Floods in Cali. took care of that.

  41. I think the way to honor those who have served and sacrificed so much, including giving their lives, is to uphold our Constitution and continue to fight to keep or restore our God given freedoms. They gave their best and they deserve no less than our best as well.

  42. Memorial Day Weekend on the mountain means the off-roaders in their jacked-up side x sides were out in force. Last evening, just before dark, I hear music and voices up by my mailbox, just out of view from my house. The sounds continued, not moving from that location. I jump into my side x side to go investigate. Found two parked side x sides with two young couples drinking adult beverages, and 4 small children sitting in lawn chairs in the middle of my driveway, off the rock county road.

    My appearance sorta shocked them, like they’d been caught skinny dippin”. Realizing they were blocking my driveway, they apologized, explaining they had broke an axle on one of the side x sides, had finally got a cell signal by my mailbox, and were waiting for a friend to bring a trailer from some hour and a half distance away. They related to me that they had traversed some 27 miles of off-road trails through the National Forest that borders some two miles to my west and one mile to my south before ending up at my place.

    I could have been confrontive with these folks but I chose not to be. They treated me with respect, I responded in-kind. I stayed with them, chatting with the adults and cutting up with the children until their rescue trailer arrived. Through casual conversation I learned their names and towns of origin without making them feel as if I was interrogating them.

    Life is still good on the mountain.

    1. Wow!…talk about coincidence…just read a story (New York Post I believe was the source) where two cars, lost in a rural area of upstate New York, pulled into a driveway and stopped around 10 P.M…owner of the home fired on them from his porch, striking and killing a 20-year-old woman in one of the cars. Has been arrested and charged.

      Believe I handled my encounter a little better.

    2. Dennis, well played buddy……….I also try to understand the situation before deciding on a course of action ……I always preface my actions with a thought, well this effect my firearms ownership in the future. Reminds me of what my father always preached “think before acting stupid”…….

  43. ….also yesterday, my closest neighbor, an 82 year old widow, called about two nuisance juvenile black bears that have been trying to enter her house. I met with the game warden who came out to investigate her complaint. She described the bears as young…maybe 150 pounds…one healthy, one eat up with mange.

    The game warden gave me permission to eliminate the mangy one and give him a call after the fact. Wouldn’t outright give permission to take out the other, just winking at me and saying “unless you feel threatened”.

    Hopefully they won’t return, but neighbor says they’ve been aggravating her for several days. I sorta enjoy seeing the bears, but would hate to see my neighbor getting hurt by hungry young bears, off on their own after their mother ran them off to raise new cubs.

    1. Busy weekend!
      Theres a lot of folks with UTVs now, even on our rock, they are fun, i opted to get my JK rather than the new Polaris even though it was a bit over 12K more because at least i can use it to go to work and can justify it a little easier than paying 25K or more for something i cant really legally run down the highway, that and there are not enough trails here.

    2. More than likely the other cub has the mange too. Horrible death. The foxes around here had it. We actually had a wondering bear in our area 2 years ago. Was not far from our house. Was in late summer.

  44. Its drain the pond and clean it weekend this weekend, do it every year about now, get all the leaves and gunk out of it that accumulates over the year. Is a chore but then we run a pool pump and filter with a creepy crawley in it and chlorinate it and have a giant pool for 4 months or so, might keep it going longer this year. Not like it really gets cold here.
    Got a friend bringing up a dozen or so goats today, figure i might as well graze the place now rather than keep mowing it. So will see how that goes, hopefully they stay put.
    Huge gratitude to those who served and paid the ultimate price, hopefully get the chance to honor your sacrifice rather than just allowing others to destroy us

  45. Just watched on Fox about the 93 year old woman who won her 10 year case in the Supreme Court. Local and state courts dismissed the suits. She had not paid her original property taxes $2000 but $15,000 included fees etc. and the state sold her home for $40,000 then kept the rest of the money.

    SO here is what you might want to KNOW.

    There are several states that allow LEGAL Home Equity Theft. They are’
    Ore, Ariz, Colo, Neb, S.D., Minn, ill, Ala, N.Y., Maine, N.J., Mass, DC. Taxes can be paid underneath you and quietly take your home equity leaving you nothing.

    These states allow it in limited situations.
    Mont, Idaho, Nev, Calif, Alaska, Tex, Wis, Ohio, R island.

    States not listed protect home equity.
    For more info go to Home Equity Theft . org

  46. Antenna.
    I was looking at 1/16″ stainless braided cable for a sturdy reusable antenna.
    Anyone know if that’s a bad idea?

    I wanted something that would last, wouldn’t break, easily wind-able for storage.
    was thinking a 328′ roll to make three separate antenna spools.

  47. Someone mentioned a fried squash recipe on here the other day that sounded so good! Would like to make it if I can get the recipe…it was squash cooked in bacon grease, with onion…but do I blanch the squash first? Thanks in advance!

    1. Blanche is good. I cook/boil till really soft, drain.
      I heat a few TB of bacon grease in a skillet, add diced onions, as many as you like, cook them till soft.
      I pour in the drained squash and add a little water and cook pretty fast till it looks like all the water is gone.
      I think the bacon grease makes this meal.
      I love it and one reason I have squash planted.

      Good luck!

  48. Gardening. Best thing I’ve done so far is break out those floating row covers for my broccoli and cabbages. Wow. Not a pest on them! I’m getting more of those covers. Just hold them down at the corners with rocks. Water and sunlight goes right through them. Wonder if they will protect my pepper plants this year from ‘sunburn’ yet still grow alright. Hm. I’ll try it.

      1. I have. a few bags of sand lying around. I could probably make up some smaller sandbags to keep permanently in the garden. Good idea.

      1. Kula, I’ll have to try the hoops with the tomatoes and peppers. I usually just bend a cattle panel and stick it into the sides of my 4×8′ beds. Then I’ll toss on a row cover. Thanks!

        1. Another thing i have used to hold down tow covers was short pieces of PVC pipe filled with cement, worked pretty good until it got windy then they sorta rolled off the cover as it blew around but mostly worked pretty good, lady i know fills hers with water, also works well

  49. Didn’t feel very well all day, so I did nothing but the bare minimum, rest and eat. Feel weak and very sore from all the stooping and planting.

    Went over to the cemetery to pay my respect to some old friends who paid the ultimate price for our FREEDOM! I sure do miss some of those guys.

    Elk Hunter, Door Gunner, Dangerous Ken (LARP), These were really GOOD MEN, REALLY GOOD FRIENDS.! I miss them, They’re watching all this bullsh-t going on and shaking their heads in disgust. These guys were HEROES!!!!

  50. Looks like we (taxpayers) are getting screwed again with this debt deal. Somebody pointed out on another channel ‘ the republicans started with a deficit of 1.4 TRILLON dollars and they came out with an agreement with the debt being raised by 4 TRILLON. Their saying this is a good deal???
    I don’t know about you but, I haven’t recovered from the last one yet.

  51. What a way to spend a Memorial Day…cutting back an 18-year-old evergreen holly hedge that suffered heavily from this winter’s sub-zero temps. We keep them trimmed and shaped, but had reached close to 6 feet in height. Extreme temps had killed them back to the ground, with only new growth coming from the roots.

    Forty feet of hedge, multiple branching over 3″ in diameter close to the ground. I had purchased “pruning blades” for my reciprocating saw just for this project. A total waste of money and effort. Went to my Ryobi 40V battery chainsaw. Handled the entire removal on one battery.

    Started a fire in a parking area of the gravel driveway. It burned hot and quick. House looks different, we’ve lost the privacy the hedge gave our front porch, but I believe the hedge will eventually recover. All but one of the 30 original plants show new growth from the base.

  52. It is Memorial Day. ONE DAY a year to honor those that died during war battle. Many died of causes after the battles for several reasons. Some are now on the streets addicted to drugs or are so broken they can’t find their way back. Each human has their own tolerance of what they can endure.
    YET, the small small small community of trans alphabet groups get a month to be noticed. I have no more words……………..

  53. My wild lettuce, lactuca virosa, is dry now and I am going to try the process I watched on feral forager on you tube. The lettuce is escaping its bed as the seeds from last year floated or were blown away. I am going to put some seeds in my fields. I have read that the lettuces will inter pollinate. I have serriola in the field. Going to do the same process on it too.
    HEY Plains Medic. How is your lettuce bed doing you planted. Come on Back!

  54. Hand lotion, I think to some degree is a prep.
    The more I play in the dirt the more dry my hands are.
    I hate cracked painful hands.
    I think its a good idea to go to the $1.25 store and get a few bottles,

    1. @Horse – my go to lotions for hard working, dry or cracked hands are corn huskers lotion (REALLY works, has been around for a long time and is non greasy) and heel rescue ( works really well to help heal hands, elbows as well as feet). Skin lotion I use is borage skin therapy by shikai. All on amzn.

  55. FYI for vacuum sealing jars off grid.
    I was watch Rain Country on you tube. I want to make some jerky. She was sealing her jars with a Brake Bleeder pumps it up to 15 psi. Attached to top and manually pulled out the air. She reuses her metal lids too.
    Thought this was cool!

  56. JJ: Thanks for the squash recipe! I followed your instructions, except that I fried some bacon and crumbled it into my squash and onions…yummy!!!

  57. Just back from trip down the mountain to get some blood work done. Driving down the state maintained two lane, came upon a pickup with the airbags deployed, nosed off into the ditch….a big black bear lying dead in the middle of the road. Everyone but the bear and the pickup wear ok…shook up, but not bad hurt.

      1. Kula,

        Only bear meat I’ve eaten was some summer sausage a neighbor makes using the meat. It tastes like…summer sausage. Joking aside, it tasted good, but really couldn’t tell much difference than regular store-bought summer sausage.

        Having said that, if it comes to it, bear is on the menu same as anything else that’s edible.

  58. Another iteration of “location, location, location”……..

    When the phlebotomist called me back to draw blood this morning, as I sat down, she asked “What’s the clip for?”

    “What do you mean?” I asked.

    She points at my waist line…and then I realize the spare magazine for my pocket pistol was sticking out a little from the watch pocket I carry it in.

    “Oh, that’s for my little .380” I replied.

    “Do you like the .380?”…”I’ve got two 9’s myself”. She offered. She then related how her father had taught her to shoot as a child.

    Reckon what would have transpired if this had occurred in…oh, let’s say, …New York City rather than the Ozarks of Arkansas?

    Location, location, location….life is good on the mountain…and not bad, even down in town.

    1. Ain’t so. In our area a drug addict decided to rob a house at 3:06 in the afternoon and ran into a retired tactical operator who was home. Addict is the hospital and the local news writes it like hey that is cool!

      1. Mrs. U. I just finished a jar of vac sealed beef jerky from 06/2022. I make a brine in a crock with a gallon of cheap Gallo red wine, lots of salt, garlic, onion, bay leaf, rosemary, pepper, let mixture set 2days, stirring couple times a day, then add very lean (trimmed all fat as possible) beef strips (use same brine for venison) soak meat in brine for 2 days, stirring again twice a day. Remove from crock, pat down meat w/towels, add more pepper then directly into the dehydrator. Takes about 10hrs to dry 9 trays, rotating and flipping strips. Cool down, vac with diss. And ox pack, store in cool dark location. The longer u chew the more wine, garlic, pepper, salt flavor bursts on the taste buds, entire family loves my jerky. GGM

      2. Ha ha. With the step grandson here I am sure the 1st batch will go quick too.
        You know I am looking for at least a 5 year storage. Hate to say this but thinking about adding sodium nitrate to some of the jerky to enhance storage. Yes it is associated with cancer.

        1. Not to open a can of worms, but, I believe the sodium nitrate thing has been over-hyped as being the worst thing ever. Not saying it’s good for ya, but I don’t believe it’s the nail in the coffin either..

  59. Rebuilt the bolt on the 10/22. Got the parts in by mail this afternoon. Installed the new firing pin and extractor + springs. Removed the red dot sight before I tore it down, didn’t have to, but makes it easier when trying to finesse the bolt and recoil mechanism back into place.

    Mounted the red dot back, went straight to the range to check zero. Was dead on without any adjustments. Pleasantly surprised.

    Just watched video footage of 3 Marines being attacked by a “mob” of 40 teenagers. Had the volume down on the TV…believe it took place in California. Seems like not a day goes by without these “mob” attacks taking place around the country. Just a matter of time before vigilantes start opening up on these punks. I fear it’s going to have to be citizens taking back control of their cities…politicians have restrained the police to the point that’s about the only option left.

    Life is good on the mountain….I’ll take dealing with a few mangy bears occasionally over mobs of roving lowlife humans any day.

    1. Sounds like vermin.
      Likely few to no daddy’s to teach them manners.
      Reminds me of dogs, long enough without human contact they go feral.
      Some few can be rehabilitated, some just need to be put down.

  60. Ken, I agree with you totally on the salt thing, back decades ago worked in manufacturing with our unions requiring members to have salt tablets dispensers ….and last year OSHA reinstated salt tablets in the work place. I have known more people with a salt deficiency and major medical problems, than those with a healthy salt intake. Time to get back to common sense usage moderation is a key word mentioned in the Bible…… remember when salt, butter, eggs and whole milk were not in favor…..stupid is as stupid does

  61. Really enjoy watching Alaska granny’s utube videos….her motto “be prepared, not scared” cracks me up, she offers some really interesting topics that are worth contemplating.

  62. Thanks KEN for reinstating donation button . I cannot use your amzn link and cannot afford a lot but its nice to make a small contribution .

  63. From Joe C
    I have it under very good authority that he bought the ring and has FINALLY proposed to his girlfriend and she said ‘maybe’ LOL.
    He gave his permission to put this on MSB.
    Hugs and Many Good Years Joe C

  64. This is what I’m trying to work in today.
    Wind Advisory…Northwest winds 25 to 35 mph with gusts up to 45 mph. Temp 65, UV 11, humidity 30%.
    The wind is just beating the snot out of all my garden!

    1. Touched 85 degrees here on the mountain today. Daughter had a doctor appointment in town, said temp was 90 down there. No wind, 50% humidity…not a bad day. After a really wet winter and Spring, never thought I would be saying this, but we could use some rain.

      Played on the range a little with the 10/22. Rebuilt the bolt yesterday, went through maybe 50 rounds flawlessly. No more light primer strikes with the new firing pin. The little rifle is happy now.

      Therapy went good…life is good on the mountain.

  65. After a very wet spring we now have a drought in central WI
    Fields are not growing, the hay field here is only inches tall, it should be over a foot tall.
    Supposed to rain three days but ya know that climate change..
    It changed.
    Hopefully we’ll get some rain tomorrow.

  66. Daughter used the Wally World app to place a pickup grocery order where they do the shopping today. Not unusual for them tobe out of some of the items in your order and they substitute a similar higher priced instock item in its place..

    She had ordered a 3 lb. bag of onions. Normally there is 4-5 onions, 3″-4″ diameter onions in a bag. Got home and found they had substituted with one single 3 lb. onion. That sucker is the size of a cantaloupe.

    We all got a good belly laugh out of it. Now all we need to do is figure out a dish that calls for 3 lbs. of onion. I bet those order fillers at Wally World are still laughing about it too.

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