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  1. Kula, I truly believe the goal of the U.S. , Nato, and Europe is to destroy Russia totally. And I’m not so sure they will succeed if they try. Can our soldiers run in their high heels? Will they stop and ask the enemy what pronouns they prefer?

    I’m STUNNED that no one, not one country is demanding peace talks. And I will never forget Angela Merkel stating they LIED to Russia and never intended to honor the treaties they signed with them. Sickos. All of them. The NWO is just demonic in my book. Evil.

  2. DJ5280, Our involvement in this conflict with Russia is draining our resources. If it goes hotter, it will also drain us of defenders. Curious thing how many of our pols are involved in all kinds of dealings with CCP and its frontmen. Also notice how much praise CCP has drawn from the likes of Trudeau in Canada, and our good friend Klaus “you will own nothing” Schwab. Perhaps peace is not being sought, because the whole point of this thing is to make us weak to the point of being an easy mark. Falling from within, and without. Just some crazy musings. Should probably go watch funny cat videos now.

    1. there is one a pack of wolves deliver a foal from mare who had become exhausted… on u boob. and more if you find one they will feed u more.distractions everyone needs them…
      there is a Russian man posting assistance he is able to give to the poor in distant villages, mostly elderly.. Vasya in the hay.

  3. Kula, Don’t think we have to worry about Russians in CONUS. Sure, they own some ag land, and the R Orthodox Church is reputed to be KGB stronghold. They don’t have the men, the materiel, of the logistic capacity for a ground war half a world away from Moscow. Nukes on the ground would be localized destruction. Nuke high-altitude EMP could do it. However, if US is destroyed the rest of the world becomes crippled to greater or lesser extent. And Russian assets become painted with bulls’ eyes.

  4. This is the 4th day more or less trapped on the homestead. Last week was heavy snow and a little over two full days with the grid down…a coupla days of warmup and melt off…then came the sleet and ice. Didn’t lose power this round but the ice has brought vehicle travel to a standstill. No mail delivery in 4 days. All my chores performed on foot wearing ice cleats. Temps got just a hair above freezing today…just enough to put a film of water on top the ice…low predicted in the teens tonight, meaning even slicker conditions in the morning.

    Closed up the chickens for the night…they never ventured out even though I leave them with the opportunity every day. Retrieved the waterer to keep it from freezing overnight…will take them fresh in the morning.

    Just life on the mountain…you deal with it as it comes. I know my weather woes are minor to what many of y’all face (you northeasterners are about to get hammered…I can’t even fathom those temperatures)…but y’all will handle them fine…today’s challenge will be fireside chat in a coupla months and something you will be comparing challenges in the future to.

    I’ll be bedding down here in a little bit. I ain’t upset with nobody…don’t know of anybody upset with me. Sleep should come easy tonight. I’ll be giving thanks for that. I’ll be thinking of y’all and lifting y’all up when I do. Good night all…have a good, restful, peaceful night.

    1. Dennis, I read this a few days late, but it gave me peace, at a time when it was needed. I live in the South, but we have our issues. A tornado came very close, then slip and hit a town where I have many friends. We thought the rain would never stop here. Every area has it’s challenges, just like you said and hopefully we will be looking at them in the rear view mirror. Our chickens are bedded down and I am going to follow their lead. Lifting you and yours up in prayer as well. Hoping everyone that has found this site can find some comfort, knowing they are not really alone.

  5. OK, what’s the deal with the Chinese balloon over Montana; I’ve been hearing about this all day long. The latest news is that the Pentagon and WH are sitting around involuntarily micturating and doing nothing. They apparently launched F-22’s to intercept… the balloon… but they were AFRAID to shoot it down because of possible civilian casualties, on the ground, in rural Montana, from a freaking balloon. What a pathetic bunch of thumb-sucking pantywaists. Putin’s gonna die from laughter induced hypoxia. Big badass, Top Gun America, castrated and panic-frozen by a balloon. God help us!

    1. Tmac
      You got the same impression. Several so-called high level, am sure with 4 stars on their fancy arse uniforms. Yet they cannot figure out a threat to this country without flipping a tittle wink before they are sure it is something that needs to be taken out. I feel so secure! Don’t you?

    2. It might be carrying that EMP I been asking for!

      “Turn out the lights, the party’s over….”

      1. Romeo Charlie, whiskey-tango-fox my friend, it’s good to see you. Oh yes an EMP gondola. I’m gonna need some help from ATC on this one. EMP propagation and effective radius is directly proportionate to altitude, right? So President Poopy Pants orders the Pfentagon to leave the damn thing at FL850 or whatever. Ain’t that just the shizz? We’ve got a trillion dollar military full of soft, queer button pushers rehabbed, 707’s with ELINT suites, 70 year old BUFF’s with avionics that cost more than the plane… and farkin’ Pooh Bear says: “Hey, Ni Hao, hold my beer and watch this”. A balloon.

        1. The “Chinese Spy Balloon” is the cover story…

          The object isn’t Chinese…nor is it a balloon. And there are very good reasons we are not trying to shoot the object down.

          1) The object will not let us.
          2) Those controlling the object might get angry.
          3) People on the ground, nearest the object, could be negatively effected by the object’s plasma cannons, should they be used to punish our attack.
          4) Balloons suck for lofting any EMP device high enough to be of any real use, save for very local impacts, as even the best simply have too low a ceiling. You need to get the device about 500 km altitude for the best effect.

          1. Ision – I’m reading about something like that right now, similar craft was reported over Miami last week, now line of sight over ICBM-land. This could be bad.

          2. Just saw the story on a local news channel. Photo of a white object that sort of looks like a blimp. Story claims it’s Chinese, been seen before but not for this long a time, size of 3trucks or buses, flying at altitude higher than a commercial jet, but lower than satellites.
            So, of this earth, or no?

          3. Ision, why are we rolling over for China? What deal has been struck? To see our country and constitution destroyed – our very way of life – for what? Can’t be for just money. Nor power as ‘they’ are totally giving up power, global power. So why?

        2. Tmac,
          Hope all is well with you. My guess is it was launched by one of our alphabet agencies to keep the press and masses distracted from the classified documents, Hunter laptop, border crisis, deficit spending etc. before the State of the Union address. No way a ballon could travel from China across the Pacific without the NSA not knowing about it until it crossed the west coast, even if launched from a ship, UNLESS our military defense has been eroded to the point of useless.

          If that’s the case, we won’t be around much longer.

    3. Tmac,

      All kinds of possibilities come to mind concerning the Chinese balloon. The first that popped into my feeble mind would be a “probe”. Not a probe in the most obvious definition which would be for intelligence gathering/surveillance, but rather, a probe to observe how the U.S. authorities will react. I view the recent low-tech attacks on power stations scattered around the country as no more than similar “probes” to measure and record reaction.

      How did it get here? Not likely it floated across the Pacific from mainland China. Launched offshore from a Chinese “fishing vessel”? Assembled and launched by the fabled Chinese troops stationed in Canada just north of the border?

      Was it launched with our government’s knowledge and approval (would we even know about its presence had not the media been made aware by civilian sightings?)?

      We speak often of the planned and coming “one world government”. What if we are already subjects of that government in reality …and they just ain’t ready to break the news to us?

      Too many what ifs… I better carry some liquid H2O to my chickens…That I can handle.

      1. Hi Dennis – I’ll go one level deeper. Beijing still insists it is a weather balloon that flew off course. What if, after this frenetic and embarrassing national freakout, the thing lands in a corn field in Iowa, the farmer gets to it before the Feds… and that’s all it is, just a pile of meteorological gear? Our entire nation from the pundits here to the idiots at the Pfentagon lose their face, entirely. That’s the Chinese way I’ve come to know. Let your enemy discredit themselves with irrational, foolish paranoia in front of the world. – Say hi to your girls for me.

      2. Dennis, TMac,
        Hmm. China has claimed their Balloon is for weather studies. I noted in the picture that the payload section (Sonde) has two opposing arms that look like they have solar panels mounted on them. Sensors? PV? The US has been tracking it for awhile, seems to have been launched from northern China. Maybe the reason we are not shooting it down is because it is manned? (Solar arrays used for heat and life support systems). Truthfully, this is not likely the first one. IMHO, it was being announced to take the county’s eyes off the Biden scandals unfolding, but who knows.

        1. Minerjim
          It’s over 60,000 ft. What’s the temp ? O2 level? Re-supply? I doubt it’s manned.

          1. Stand My Ground,
            I agree, likely unmanned,
            I was only exploring options. (The Chinese do have space capsule life support systems sorted out.) Just trying to figure out why this probe would have large solar arrays on it. Maybe we just wait until it lands in Kansas at a 7-11.

      3. Dennis, Trudeau in Canada has allowed Chinese military on the west coast of Canada for a few years now. Are they still there?

  6. I wonder if I should bother trying to protect my inverter generator from the effects of an EMP? If an EMP is that bad, that it destroys my generator as it sits in my garage, it will have destroyed everything I sought to run with it…anyway. I mean both my refrigerators have microprocessors, and even my Traeger BBQ uses them.

    But, I wonder if there is an inexpensive way to give my generator a fighting chance…such as making a Faraday box with a metallic screen material of some kind. I can’t see buying a commercial EMP bag, when it costs as much as the generator!

    1. MOSFET inverter board is potted in a 5-sides, thick aluminum heat sink. The exposed side 6 is pushed up to a spinning steel rotor lined with neodymium magnets and a stator with 28 bobbin-wound Fe/Cu inductors, then the engine block sits in front of that. I’ll bet 5 bucks the assembly will disrupt and dissipate the impulse and work just fine afterward.

    2. ision,
      Call the folks at EMP Shield.I have one of their devices on the house,both trucks and both generators.
      Their tech guys are very knowledgeable and will answer your questions.

  7. Ken, other ideas..
    . if you have a seed starting mat, put it under the chickens water pan. take out warm water to rinse out pan and to refill.
    Be sure to secure every heat lamp @ least 2 ways.. Mine has a clamp , to hold it together.. be sure to check those connections and make sure they are tight. I had a new one come apart in Dec…I had secured it so it could not fall.- so no fire. Mine has a ring to hang it by: i put a bungee thru this, secured it with a little tension, from both directions… , so it would suspend lamp part should it get bumped, or come apart. I put mine on a timer (for temps in zero range, to run for 45 min and off for 15-30 min depending on time of day..).. and put in 250 wt bulbs in during our coldest spell. Temps like you are getting is the reason i live in the mid south…

    1. Thanks. I do have a waterer with a heated base. It’s plugged in all winter (automatically comes on at 32 degrees). Inside the insulated coop are two heaters. Here’s an article about them:

      It remains to be seen whether they’re smart enough to stay in the coop rather than the pen during the day. I don’t think they’ll survive out there with wind chills 50 to perhaps 60 or 70 below.

      1. Ken same here, have two, used them for over five years and boy do they work even at 0 degrees, the only drawback they are currently very high priced.

  8. Nothing like asking personal questions on an open forum, but here goes. I know many of you have experience with wild lettuce and extol it’s virtues. Have any of you experienced intestinal distress after taking it in capsule form?

    1. Montanahome,
      I use smaller doses more frequently. In my experience, the pain reduction lasts for up to 2 hours. I don’t use capsules. Just Sayin’ taught me how to make my own tincture. Still using it every day. Good thing about the tincture, you can titrate the dose for what works for you. Good luck

  9. Deep South, yep it works but they don’t want to address how much it works , as in died suddenly.. I guar-on -tee those people are not addicted to anything. I am really concerned we have not seen nothin’ yet.

  10. MontanaHome, yes taking it with food or taking a lesser dose.. works for us.

  11. It was 2012 and Glenn Beck on his newly formed mercury network was beating the drum about what was in store for us as a nation if we continued on current path of stupidity, one statement he made was that hyperinflation would be the killer, and he projected a can of beans selling for 25 bucks each, if you could find one. I agreed with him at the time, and now it really strikes home.

  12. Does anyone have experience with the Harbor Freight Hercules 20v 1/2 in. Compact 3 speed impact wrench? My son is interested in one. I thought we might purchase it for him for his birthday, but I hesitate to buy tools that do not live up to their claims of quality.

    1. Mitten, I’m not sure about that specific tool, but I have had good luck with the power hand tools I have in bought from them.

    2. In the Mitten – HFT has successfully and profoundly improved their quality on these new PL tools. But I would be remiss for not mentioning a new PL for Lowe’s called ‘FLEX’ tools. They are turning up with astonishing performance at a friendly price. And since they are relatively unknown they currently run absurdly low priced package deals to draw early adopters to the platform. Check it out.

    3. In the mitten
      I would suggest finding out what brand his other cordless tools are, then get impact that matches, if a guy already owns dewalt or makita or milwaukee tools he will politely smile and say thank you them when not around will wonder WTF he is going to do with this POC
      Just sayin

    4. Consider adding an extended warranty for any power tool bought. The warranty and receipt have made it easy for me to return power tools that don’t hold up or perform well.

      1. Tom – That is generally good advice. Just make sure the wording is “extended warranty”. Many third party providers sell a product called “Service Plan” or “Extended Protection Plan”. These are different from a ‘warranty’ which has a specific legal definition. I’ve seen too many people get hosed when this is eventually explained to them.

  13. Morning
    Well, something smells like rotten fish!!
    After skimming through the latest posting from the group I take a look at the metals market to see what is happening. Apparently our ‘overlords’ do not wish the price to climb, so someone is selling their stash.
    Could it be the junk made from paper but made to appear as the shiny stuff.
    What do I know….

    1. AC, For it to take a $50 dump, it is absolutely, beyond any doubt, paper rigged (e.g. the ETF, ‘GLD’). The big fish powers-that-be have been controlling its price for a very long time. The way I look at it however, is that it’s real money in your hand. Buy physical, not paper gold (as one method of diversification).

      1. Ken J
        If the prices stay this way come opening time at the old favorite marketplace may be turning in that paper for more tangible’s items.
        It will depend on several marketable items that could happen between now and then.

  14. Been clean n sober for 36 ish years, been in construction for the same, i finally got a job that pays decent and most of the crew is a bunch of dope smokers.
    Cruel irony or cosmic joke

    Supposed to be ultra high end homes,
    The framing and some workmanship are bar none the worst i have seen

  15. Yeah ok the US 10-year Treasury jumps 15 basis points at the morning open, jobs report is the best since 1969 (eyeroll – massive layoffs everywhere) and metals dump. JPM, BofA, and the BRICSters are lining up at the trough for this afternoons feeding frenzy. Illigitimi non carborunum folks, think like a WEF bankster and act accordingly. Stifle the emotional reaction and beat them at their own game.

  16. As for China capturing our elected officials, the methods used are the same for any foreign government’s intelligence operatives, if the target cannot be turned politically through intellectual efforts. 1) Money. 2) Blackmail.

    In my Intel days, I was tasked with offering myself as “bait” to foreign intelligence recruiting efforts, without knowing in advance, which entity would be making an approach. I was working in Japan at the time, and had an “indoor” NSA job at Misawa, in Northern Honshu. All the enemies knew, who I was and that I had been given a TSCW Codeword, Cryptologic, clearence…as they tend to keep track of such things. All I had to do was display convincing behaviors, which made me a good prospect for being compromised by any foreign operations in the area.

    It was North Korean operatives, working with Soviets, who came after me. They contrived a scheme to alter an innocent act, in such a way the act would be considered to be a felony act of espionage, performed by me for money, for known Soviet operatives working in Japan. So, in my case they used blackmail–the fear of being arrested and sent to prison, if I didn’t tell them what they wanted–and a substantial amount of money, given in reward for actually answering a single one of their questions.

    Recruiting a trained agent is hard. Recruiting a politician is child’s play….even a sitting President.

    1. I believe our sitting “Resident” is compromised on both accounts.
      1) Money. 2) Blackmail.

      1. I knew Carter was compromised, as anything we told him the enemy knew within two weeks. He got some of my friends killed, too. Some were undercover agents, some were on that hostage mission, he botched. The entire NSC was compromised during his Presidency.

        Reagan was shot by John Hinkley, and only survived by shear luck…and an agent taking two bullets for him…but, it seems the Hinkley and the Bush families knew each other and were long time friends. John’s older brother and David Bush had planned a dinner party the night of the assassination attempt, but canceled it.

        By coincidence, most of the States, and the U.S. Congress, at this time were about to vote on sweeping anti-gun legislation, which vote was perfectly timed to be conducted, just as the newly assassinated President’s funeral would have taken place.

        It was no accident that Reagan posed from his hospital bed, smiling and holding an antique rifle, surrounded by NRA officials, which resulted in the defeat of all these new anti-gun laws….

        Clinton was compromised and it was all about the money. Same goes for his whore wife, her entire career in government office. Remember the illegal servers she operated? For a contribution to one of her specified “charities” she would arrange to have, whatever classified information you wished, made available on them with easy intercept downloads.

        Biden, and his son, have been Chinese agents for many years now…..

  17. FYI
    I am reposting this information from the DR. Alton’s book, Survival Medicine Handbook, page 505 in 2013 book.
    Doxycycline and expiration dates.
    According to Dr. Alton, Doxycycline is a newer generation version of tetracycline. The kidney damage info is from JAMA in 1963 on Tetracycline. Since that time Dr. Alton has found no reports of expired Doxy hurting kidneys or otherwise. I have a lot of prescription doxy so this is something I personally take seriously. Doxy can cause light sensitivity in some people, like me! I get the script from my dermatologist even though I do not really need it.

  18. Tmac,

    Pentagon just held a press briefing on the balloon. Answered a question I had…is it just floating through the U.S. being pushed by prevailing winds? No, it is maneuverable and being guided by the Chinese. To my mind, this means it is not an accident. That leaves me with the question…why would they take the chance, risk a confrontation?

    No doubt we could shoot it down. I highly doubt any country would blame us if we did…which begs the question, why are we not? Danger to civilians from falling debris? Pretty sure we have ordinance that would vaporize something of that size.

    I know the U.S. (supposedly) has an elaborate early warning system for missile launches….does China? Could his be a preamble to a move on Taiwan? Coordinated with Russia in preparation for a possible tactical nuke escalation in Ukraine?

    Then there are the Biden crime syndicate revelations that appear ready to be exposed. I’m pretty sure in my own mind that lucrative dealings with both Russia and China by not only the Bidens, but a raft of other long tenured politicians have placed our country at grave risk due to the blackmail possibilities. Governed by folks no looking out for us. Enriched themselves for years…Now covering their butts?

    Being reported now that Biden is offering Putin 20% of Ukraine in return for a peace deal. Really? Reckon the Ukrainians were consulted?

    1. Dennis – I must say that if you have figured this out by now then it is very likely that no one still knows what is going on. It’s maneuverable, but I wonder if it has a propulsion system or is it just deflecting passive airflow. This is really getting a lot of attention now and some of the kook sites are reporting several more of these craft are up. This may be a profoundly entertaining weekend.

  19. Thanks for all of the responses to my question about the HF impact wrench. All responses gave me some information to think on/look into. Thank you Tmac for the suggestion of FLEX tools. I will definitely check that out. Kula, I appreciate your suggestion to see what other tools he already has, as I believe he has a Dewalt cordless drill. Even though my DH has all of these tools that are available to our son to use at any time, he wants to have his own, which I completely get. He drives beater (paid cash for) cars, so he’s always working on something.

  20. First off, it’s NOT a balloon. It’s some kind of well constructed sub-stratosphere air ship. They’re calling it a balloon because that term is not very threatening.

    I agree with not shooting it down. Afraid it will hurt someone on the ground? Come on, we know that’s total BS. It’s over one of the least populated areas in the US .Capture it instead, now I don’t now how you would do this, but here’s what I think.

    It may have improvements and tech advances we don’t have. After all, it manged to enter our air space undetected, how did it do that? Isn’t our military suppose to be able to detect these kind of things? A test by China to see if they could do it and what our response would be? It’s not spying on our minuteman missile fields, that info is already out there many times over, we all have satellites.

    It’s got rudders and solar, how well does that work? How is it built in-order to not freeze solid? How is it built to withstand the winds in the jet stream?

    I think much could be learned by capture instead of destruction.

    1. Maybe it’s just the paranoid in me. But could it possibly be used to inject a virus into the upper atmosphere . At that altitude and low temperatures, could a virus live?

    2. This might be test, to see what the US reaction is. Think, may be it just goes by, then they send a second one, only this one has an added package, just as it passes over a pre-determined co-or, bang goes an EMP weapon. Just my daydream for this morning.

    3. My theory is they are testing movement via atmospheric currents,
      Hypersonic this, hypersonic that, the Chinese are patient, is why their dynasties predate Jesus or BC as it were

  21. DH and our “ranch hand” aka my office assistant… doing a DEEP clean of turkey and chicken palaces today. Then expanding goat space and adding a “goat mountain” for their entertainment, while establishing a milking area in the barn…always so much to accomplish and it seems never enough time!
    Seems that raising our own foods and utilizing our own resources is drawing some interest from others who are willing to “work” for the benefits afforded. This is welcome news to DH and my old bones! LOL (sadly, they are folks of our own generation…but at least they are willing!) We, my asst and I were out laughing about taking a break from the office to go rake the pig and goat pens…pair of old ladies having fun in the 2 degree temp! So good for the soul. Taking that time out from the office actually boosted our overall productivity and certainly adjusted our attitudes. I recommend some good solid farm labor to EVERYONE. Peace.

    1. Excellent advice! I was raised on a dairy goat farm, sold veggies to local grocers, worked for neighboring farmers, fished in our own lake, and ran my own trap line. Then life happened, college, career, family, and stress. Now I enjoy every moment I can outdoors, even at 30 below. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  22. – Now to see if I regret this, just sold my ’77 pickup with the built-in inverter (4KV) Thinking hard about putting the money towards more solar panels.
    – Papa S.

  23. Some thoughts regarding the “balloon”: Given it made it all the way here unimpeded by any of the countries it passed over (Canada), and assuming it was identified long before it made the news, I don’t believe any of what we’re being told. The CCP doesn’t need to use a balloon for surveillance. They have satellites for that. It could be used, however, as a delivery system. The Japanese used balloons in WW2, to attempt to cause forest fires in the U.S. Though that strategy was largely a failure, six people were killed when a child went over to touch one on the ground and it exploded (per southernprepper1 report today). I have another thought: what if they *want* us to shoot it down? It could contain an emp device, or a bioagent. That may be why they aren’t shooting it down. Just my own speculations. Prep and pray.

      1. DJ5280
        The parties would require biohazard suites to snag and return the unwanted gift, from whom ever dropped into our air space.

    1. Farmgirl,
      Two of my uncles actually found one on the ranch outside of Goldendale, WA. They said that they and the local news reporters were poking it with sticks before the military got there.
      It’s a wonder they didn’t get killed. You can still see an archived photo online of it.

    2. China has too much information on Bridon. Therefore no shooting down the balloon. Afterall it “might fall on a kindergarten”. Heck I would win the lottery before it would fall on a kindergarten.

    3. Farmgirl
      I shall give you the answer to the question biohazard or EMP, it is the first one.

      1. AC, So, we finally get to use the biohazard suits I have stored in the attic? I was beginning to think those were a waste of $! (Just trying to lighten things up a bit. Being scared is never helpful for a situation, and clouds the mind.)

    1. Just want to add, for perspective, apparently, these balloons fly over from time to time, and we don’t hear about it. So, it isn’t a first, or anything. Maybe TPTB just didn’t feel like the fear levels were high enough. Or something horrendous is being passed in Congress, and this is kind of like *Squirrel!!!*.

  24. – Plainsmedic, I have long contended that Feral Pig will be what feeds most of our area. Being as it is impossible to stay ahead of their reproduction, they are readily available to most landowners. I have a nice dent in one of my vehicles where a 200- pounder took exception to my driving down a rural highway. (.357 made its presence known to a dazed, staggering pig. That’s how I know the weight.) Naybe a blessing in disguise?
    – Papa S.

    1. Papa,
      Yep, take advantage of what’s available. I’ve eaten feral pig a couple of different times. Not thrilled with the flavor, but then again, I wasn’t starving either. I’m betting with a little experimentation by “chefs” it could be excellent. Few if any feral pigs in my area. Definitely a food source.

      If things go as it looks to be going, we’ll all be eating new and yummy critters. An empty stomach has a definite impact on the old taste buds.

    2. Papa Smurf,

      I had the privilege of being able to glean a raft of historic knowledge from an old neighbor and friend here on the mountain. First met him when I was 17 and he was probably in his late 40’s, born and raised on the mountain, under what we would call subsistence conditions.

      One thing that struck me back then was that what few fences you encountered on the mountain seldom followed property lines, mostly they surrounded flat, tillable patches of ground. He explained that they built fences to keep livestock out of their crops, not to keep them on their property. Cattle, goats, hogs, etc. roamed free to forage off the rough, steep, and rocky timberland where crops couldn’t be raised. In the spring, folks would herd the animals up to mark or brand the young ones born during the year and still following their mothers in order to keep up with who owned what animal.

      Of course, what we call feral hogs nowadays is not much different than what my old neighbor (he passed away about 5 years ago at age 94) would have considered “range hogs” back in the day. Now this doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t have caught one up, destined for the table, feeding it corn for a coupla weeks before slaughter. Lot’s of folks do that with feral hogs they trap nowadays.

      “Tut” was a wealth of knowledge when it came to living off the land. Folks gave him his nickname “Tut”…short for “King Tut, king of the mountain”. I miss my afternoons listening to him share his knowledge with me.

  25. Apparently there was some sort of explosion and military aircraft seen over Billings, MT a couple of hours ago. Wasn’t the balloon supposedly already over Missouri by then?
    I haven’t watched Monkeywerx recently, but think he has commented about Google having a half dozen or so large balloons roaming all over the place.

    1. FimallyOuttaCA –
      Copy that. The photos are all over, straight down over Billings. Now we wait.

    2. Hilarious…NEWSMAX just showed a video of Trump teeing off on a golf course…camera follows the golf ball hitting the balloon and exploding it. Reckon that clip will make the rounds tomorrow.

    3. That was apparently a second ballon. A third is over Latin America. Something’s going on.

    1. Colloidal Silver -UNLess left open and in sun- has no true expiration date, Store in amber, in dark..that is mark required by one of lettered agencies, irrelevant date.

  26. 1 Chinook with ground troops and 3 Apache’s now out of Bozeman tracking east. ‘Officials’ say it is part of a military funeral. Video from residents Timothy Alberino and wife via Twitter.

  27. CJ crew at FL430 just reported a “derelict balloon” at FL500 20 north of KMCI. That’s the MO balloon, did the Canadian traffic make it to MT?

  28. Pentagon is confirming another one flying over Latin America. Nothing on the one Canadian officials referenced.

  29. Ken and all you MSB’ers that are facing this “ice age cold weather”, I’ll have all of you in my prayer tonight.

    Please let us know how you are doing tomorrow.

    Heavenly Father please bless each and everyone one of them in danger.

  30. Does this not strike the group as odd that these balloons (whatever) suddenly start flying over our part the earth. Especially after the group so the overly wealthy have their pity party in Davos?
    It is just rather odd, do you not think so? Or maybe I need more ice cream…

    1. AC,
      You have a good point. Who knows what the WEF has lined up for us next. Ice cream is good for the soul.

      1. IMOW, the Davos crowd is already bragging about their war-gaming this time about polycrisises, including a ‘global catastrophic cyber crisis.’ You know, just like they war-gamed a major global coronavirus outbreak.

      1. SMG
        YES,, lol ice cream.
        Pistachio Almond but this one does not have the chocolate swirled through it. May have to do that myself as it is a rarity now a days.
        Almost time to refill the freezer with the funny ‘non gallon’ ice cream of different flavors-again. 🍨🤩

        1. Antique Collector
          Now that’s funny..!!! Get’re Done..!! Mine is caramel swirl, I add maple syrup.

          When I get to checkout with 3gal of ice cream, the checker ALWAYS says, “wow, you, must like ice cream”. I reply, Yep, some people drink beer, I eat ice cream. Always gets a smile.

          1. OMG, I LOVE caramel swirl! Cannot buy it anymore ’cause I’ll eat the whole thing. Zero self-control.

          2. DJ5280

            If I ate that much sugar all at once, I’d be so hyper that I’d make Rodger Rabbit look like an invalid.

    2. AC

      I think it’s a light scoop of vanilla ice cream that escape from a cone. Go get it…. 🍦🤣

  31. Watching a video where Gordan Chang is speaking about C and their leadership ethics. What he is speaking about reminds me of Japan when they were propping up their people just before they bombed Pearl Harbor.
    Ladies & Gentleman, we were warned that this day would come. I truly believe it is on our doorstep, and so many Americans are asleep behind the curtain.
    That includes members of my family, ‘they see–but do not see’. Personally, I can not save them, nor the world. All I can do is warn you, it is knocking at our door,,and it will not be a pleasant reality. Wish it were not true, but then I would be lying to myself. Just my analysis, of what I see going on around each and everyone of us. May mercy be granted to each & everyone one of us from above.

  32. Always Lurking, You Should never have to make the Choice between children or pet… Just feed them both chicken and rice. Just give Diabetic dog more chicken, and 1/4 (volume total feed)of rice with broth added./ any String beans you can add in addition.
    …this feed..will work for senior too..Use cleaned egg shell and acv to extract minerals from bones./for extending food with bone broth.. when bones are soft they can be ground with meat grinder for chicken nutrition.Just Sayin’

    1. Me thinks that dog could feed the kids for a few days more,
      Not a fun thought but, well, none of it is

  33. AC , another possibility on “feed issue” . consider all these factors… toxic levels of herbicides in grains and the buildup of any chemicals+ increased protein needs( laying and feather production)+ daylight requirements, tempature changes. I had been getting zero-3 eggs daily. Added 4 hours of early morning light and 2 hours at sundown- gave protein scraps, and moistened feed…after 2 days had sudden increase in eggs.Minimum is 16% for winter. Up to 22% for winter egg production, heat, feathers, health all…

  34. Remember 5 years ago Memphis lowered (threw them out the window) their recruiting standards for LEOs, black skin tone is not ever a qualification for anything, nor just a high school certificate. During my career the standards used now would not get you a position in animal control let alone as a LEO. PLEASE BRING ON THE RESET, WE DESERVE BETTER.

  35. In addition, calculate your monthly usage of what you “plan on eating”, make sure it’s a variety. Plan to rotate using the length of the use by dates, example canned tuna three years before suggested use by date. Buy replacements for those items and amounts, example use five cans a month then purchased no more than 5 replacement cans per month. This will keep your total stored amount current and within use by dates. Started doing this after realizing that buying by the case instead of what I was using per month, caused a large amount of waste.

  36. Kula, as always your comments are spot on, double speak by the corrupt government types are todays new normal.

  37. Well not quite as cold as they predicted, but still pretty chilly. -5 this morning, -22 with the wind chill. Dogs didn’t want to be out there anymore than I did this morning. Normally the cold doesn’t bother me, outside as often as I can be. Today however is a bit too cool for my liking. Run a couple errands and then focus on a couple indoor projects today. Hope everyone is staying warm today

  38. Anybody looking for CCI 22lr stingers and using ammoseek……optics planet is running a great price currently with their discount code you can get a brick 500 round for around 82 dollars with free shipping. Most others retailers are at least 20 bucks more.

  39. Last night was minus 17 degrees Fahrenheit with a 10-20 mph wind, occasional gusts around 40, wind chill roughly minus 42. No power problems, kept the heat up all night, really did not want to venture out for a generator run. Questionable how it would continually run in that temp. Warm up the vehicles this afternoon. Weather moderates to a 6 degree high today, wind tapers off this evening, temps in the 30s Sunday, the artic blast moves on.

    1. Update, north central NH.
      Friday was cold, had a physical therapy appointment, I didn’t want to go but doing well so ventured out,was down to minus six by five pm.
      Saturday was just plain cold temps in the minus twenty range close to minus thirty by dark.
      Temps came up over night and are now in the teens above.
      I can remember when I was a young man one Christmas we had temps of minus fifty,but thiry is not seventy three and I worked in those temps, not now!
      Update on knee surgery, what a difference. After six weeks I am walking without a cane and no trouble whatsoever. Everyone from visiting nurse to doctor, and physical therapist are amazed at progress I have made in the time since surgery!
      Myself I am not claiming my progress as my doing, I give credit to the surgeon’s skill and the latest replacement knee he installed. I was walking the hospital hallway the first night unassisted. I have not felt this good in a long time and am thrilled to be looking forward to Spring.

      1. North woods, no good to hear your knee surgery had excellent results! Keep on with what you are doing so you continue to heal well.

  40. I received a link to a utube video that I encourage you to watch. It Dr. Pyne describes the six super weapons that Russia has that we don’t. Go to utube…Canadian Prepper super weapons.

  41. What we did for preparedness this week; started some onion seeds indoors, will start more throughout the week. We’re going to tap our trees today. It seems too early for that, but temps this coming week look good for the sap to flow. Ordered most of our seed back in January, but ordered a few more, as we think of more we want to grow. We’re hoping to increase our herbs this year, for culinary and medicinal purposes. We are still enjoying carrots, potatoes, onions, and garlic from this past harvest, so we want to increase our yield on these things this coming season. Our goal is to decrease our need for the grocery store. We also ordered four chicks this morning. They will arrive in early April.

    1. In the Mitten, which medicinal herbs are you growing this year? I need to expand my knowledge more in this area.

      1. DJ5280, to start with, I’m growing Marshmallow and Calendula. Marshmallow roots and leaves are good for a variety of things, and my DH has some skin issues, so we’re growing Calendula for that. I’m hoping to make tinctures, teas, balms, and creams. I’m still looking at other things, but those are the two I’m focusing on first. I’m looking forward to making my own lip balms.

        1. Mountain Rose Herbs has a good video on making salves. Take the plant/herb to be used and put a small amount of 190 proof or what is available in your area and let set overnight in the herb. This makes a much more shelf stable salve.

  42. China balloon spotted over North Carolina. What bad luck, seems our prevailing winds here in America carry errant balloons over our missile bases, long range bomber bases, and the home of our special forces.

  43. Does anyone here have experience/knowledge of the ‘Vespa’ indoor heater by Instafire, and it’s ‘canned heat’, diethylene glycol, fuel? Thanks.

    1. Might be OK for some light cooking, but there’s not *nearly* enough heat output to heat a room as they claim. Note their careful wording: “warm” a room up to 200 sq ft. Not “heat” but “warm”.

      Those little fuel cans are most often used to keep food warm in “chafing dishes” at banquets etc, and the fuel cans are often called chafing fuel.

      Check out Ken’s articles on Buddy propane heaters. Much better option if you need to *heat* a room, IMHO.

      1. Thank you. I did pick up one of the Buddy heaters last December. I heard the Vesta advertised on Beck’s show, looked that their web site and it seemed a bit too ‘good’. I’ll stick with the Buddy heater.

  44. Brit hysteria news says ‘Biden’ is going to shoot down a balloon off the Carolina coast at high noon today. Is creepy Joe going to do this with his 12 gauge? You can’t fight the Chinese weather balloon with an AR-15, you’re going to need an F-15,…. no wait, that won’t work either. A derelict US balloon took 1,000 rounds from a fighter jet a few years ago and just kept on sailing. Cellular construction inside the gas bag and high altitude pressure differential tends to keep the gas in the bag. AAMRAM? Nope, no radar cross section. Sidewinder? Nope, no IR signature. Fox 1? Good luck. It’s really, profoundly brilliant in a cheesy sort of way. Maybe China just wants to tease out a look at whatever TS weapons we might use to bring it down. The very last data stream satellite upload from that craft to the cloud would be essential details of a previously unknown weapon system. T-minus 5 minutes. I’ll hang out to see if we really do something, then I’ve got a busy Saturday to get to.

  45. @ AC re your comment,

    “Ladies & Gentleman, we were warned that this day would come. I truly believe it is on our doorstep, and so many Americans are asleep behind the curtain.”

    AGREE. Consider that the ECB (European Central Bank) is currently initiating “bail-ins” for its minions. Obviously anticipating a financial crash of epic proportions. Americas’ banks are soon to follow if not already. Meanwhile JOKE Biden has us on the verge of WW3. His incompetence, cowardice, and corruption makes the devil look like a saint. As Americans sit comfortably in their living-rooms trying to find the best place to buy EGGS, the CCP happily floats a balloon with God knows what over the nations’ capitol. World War Z will be a cake walk to what’s coming down the pipe.

  46. In the Mitten,
    Now you’ve done it. I’ve been yearning to plant some seeds. It’s still a little early, but what the heck. Been using the cheap little mini-greenhouse things. They seem to work well. I don’t think the seeds/plants care. I’ll likely get the wife involved. She has the green thumb. Besides, I can criticize how she does it. Tried Lincoln tomatoes last year. Don’t do it. Not strong plants nor very productive. We did eat/can all we harvested. I’ll be trying something else this year.

    Need to go heavy on bell peppers this year. The wife puts them in everything. Fine by me, yummy. She’s on her last container of frozen peppers. Well stocked on jalapeno (magic dust) so we’ll skip them this year. Probably getting ahead of myself, it’s early February. Oh well.

    1. Back in December, I watched a yt video on starting garlic in a soda/water bottle. I’m not sure where the guy was that did the video but he had a lot of roots in 10-11 days. DH and my nephew thought it was a riot, so we tried it but were skeptical that it would work that well for us. 12/20 the first one went on the windowsill in PA and my nephew got his setup on Xmas day. I put the garlic in a little mini-stocking like you would coal. Darn it if we didn’t have garlic ready to plant 11 days later!! and it was just garlic I had bought at the grocery store. We planted it in a window box and have it in front of a sunny slider and it’s doing great. Terrace Garden on yt. It was fun to do and we’ll do it again in late summer to get next year’s crop started.

  47. Plainsmedic, yes, we planted the onion seeds, and now we’re going through our seed packets, asking each other, “Isn’t there something else we could start now?”, but it really is too early. We’ve definitely got the gardening itch going now! Our ground did not really freeze this year, but my concern is that it will be too wet/muddy for planting, as I’m expecting it to be a wet spring. We may be able to start some lettuce seeds soon. I’m planning to direct sow peas on April 1st.

  48. Looking out my window at Mt. Washington, a report this morning reads, “The record for the lowest wind chill ever recorded was broken on Mount Washington on Friday, with battering winds making it feel like -109° atop New England’s highest peak.”

    Here at the house, the air temperature low was 24 below. The winds here were reaching 30 mph, resulting in wind chill in the vicinity of 50 – 60 below. It was absolutely brutal.

    I had to go outside a few times to deal with the chickens who miraculously survived in their coop (total of 600 watts of continuous heat from two Infrared heaters and one heat lamp). Even their heated waterer froze solid.

    I have an extreme cold set of outerwear gear for this type of weather. Thick goose-down filled jacket and snow pants. Even with neck gaiter, hat, hoodie, goggles, any remaining exposed skin on the face was instantly stinging. I knew I had about 5 minutes to frostbite, so I worked fast each time! I can’t imagine how wild animals can survive such cold out there…

    At the present time it has warmed to 6 below, but more importantly the winds have diminished.

    Incidentally, when it gets that cold outside, it is somewhat terrifying when ‘the house’ suddenly snaps and pops (very loudly) from the strain of the wood ‘bones’ expansion/contraction effects. Yikes…

    1. Ken,
      Glad you hear you made it through the “Great Freeze of 2023” ok. Couple questions for you. Did you have any electrical equipment fail due to thermal shock by turning them on with such cold Temps? How is your solar system doing today? Hope you can continue to warm up outside and stay warm and safe inside.

      1. Minerjim, My biggest ‘electrical’ concern was my outdoor security cameras. They are not rated down to that temperature (not even close). However, they remain functional. PTZ functions still work too. Very pleased with that! My solar system is humming along nicely. In fact, solar panels like the cold better than hot (more efficient). Have not driven the truck during this period, and don’t plan to until Monday – the diesel engine is thanking me for not trying to start it up! (though I do have a block heater if I choose to plug it in).

        It was so dangerously cold, if someone were to break down in their vehicle last night, they would likely die without fairly prompt rescue. I cannot fathom having gone through that during ‘grid down’. I might want to consider moving further South ;)

        1. KenJ,
          If you remain there, you should make sure you take cell phone everywhere, and keep it in an inside pocket… also keep materials to heat the cab of truck -independent of engine, and to keep the tailpipe clear of snow. You know your winter survival kit in cab should be robust. Make sure your regular peeps and associates know and practice these things.
          I would consider keeping truck plugged if up there.. for the “what if’s” a neighbor or friend called you for assistance…and was in danger of dying without your help.
          We were called to assist a friend that had a medical issue during this ice storm, and needed a ride home. something to consider.
          …Yes DD went and roads were in thawing mode. safely done.

        2. Ken, thanks for the report. Back in the 70s I got into some -44f weather in the high Rockies. Only 1 in 10 cars in the county would start.(Climax Molybdenum on the Divide where I worked had block heaters on all company vehicles.) Good to hear your security cameras continued to work. From what I remember about living in bitter cold, it seemed like a lot of well pumps went out during cold snaps. Stay warm!

          1. Minerjim,
            around here people are discussing the ice storm of 94, it was bad, Our home lost power for 9 days… I was at work those 9 days with 1-4 inches of ice on everything.I lived 90 miles one way from job of caring for others, could not leave, no relief came in.until second day- not even the DON!..
            The one that impressed me the most was in the early 70’s.. between 71-74, i have been unable to find exact date.. we had no power for well over 2 weeks- think it was 17 days… and was in 71,72 or 73,I was abt 10-12, i don’t remember the date, just that we had only the oven and propane burners to heat with, ( furnace was gas with electric fan,) limited water., and we caught a wild drainage ditch and boiled that-for most uses, cooked at my DGM’s. who had freestanding, propane, non electric dependent heaters in several rooms.Dad went home at night to keep heat on and tried to keep water pipes from freezing.We had so many pipes burst in area local hardware store ran out of plumbing parts for repair… as they did in this recent December.

    2. Ken J,
      I,m glad everything worked out for you. Adventures like that are what i call making memories.

    3. KenJ,
      re: wild animal survival..some won’t, due to weakness or having had a lack of fat reserves.
      This is when they hunker down under a spruce, pine or cedar.. , bed up in multiples,stay still and conserve. The animals have a forewarning, and will graze heavily before- then rest, huddled, during storms.
      If observant one can watch the cows to get a weather forecast.
      Coyote activity is reduced as they den up.
      Deer move little in a rainstorm, just let it be only foggy and you could have a visitor in your windshield.

      1. Good points, Original. I find moose, wolf, and bear tracks on my place pretty often. They always bed down in places you described. When I want to cook lunch in the woods, I find a place like that. If the sun is shining, it can be very comfortable, even at 20-30 below, and I can take my parka off and enjoy my meal. As you also noted, lots of animals just don’t survive. In Alaska, 85% of all moose die before their first birthday.

  49. Opinions on a book/books about essential oils. Looking for some. Have not explored this as much as other herbal helpers. Thanks ahead of time. :-)

      1. Yellow Rose and Mrs. U, I have not gotten his book yet, but do get free e-mails with many tips on essential oil use ..

    1. Mrs U
      When I was in the market for a couple E.O. books I went to the library and ordered maybe 15 different ones to look at before I bought any. I wanted something EZ and not so complex that I needed a million dollars worth of oils. I ended up with Essential Oils Ancient Medicine -Dr. Josh Axe ,Ty Bollinger, Jordan Rubin. Cover around 50 of the more common oils, with lots of recipes. I also bought a DoTerra book with lots of suggestions on how to use their oils. Even though I don’t think their oils are all that. I like mountain Rose and Camden-Grey. They both have quaility oils.

  50. To Papa Smurf and Dennis: You bring back happy memories of hunting in California when you talk about hunting feral hogs. My new state of residence has been spending a lot of money to prevent their spread within this state. I associate the eating of venison with the lean years when I did not have a steady, year-round job. After being exposed to the way of environmental thinking in the NPS, I only go after species deemed to be a pest/varmint. Happily, the reproductive rate of hogs makes them an agricultural pest in most of our Southern States. (average size of litter for hogs being 4-8 dependent upon feed and living conditions versus 1-2 for deer) Unfortunately, this is one sport where most of us must contact and hire a guide to take us hunting. For most folks, the cost of being guided for hogs is much lower than going hunting for deer. ($600 for a pig hunt versus $10,000 for a deer hunt in Central California). The resultant meat is very lean because they burn off all their fat running through the hills. Just about all of the meat was very good after cooking “low and slow”. (low heat for a long time).

    1. Cali,
      A totally different hunting experience around here. No guides, no taking the carcass for processing, sight-in your own rifle, etc. The quality of the venison is directly associated with the quality of the butchering. We do ALL of it ourselves. We’re the ones planning to eat it, so the careful removal of all membranes and fat is just part of it. I’ve never been on a “guided hunt.” I’m just a simple-minded country boy, looking to feed his family. The fact that I enjoy hunting, is an added bonus.

      Many times, I walk out the door and start my hunt from there. Different life experiences I guess. In some ways, I pity those who must hunt with a guide. Alone in the woods is part of the “good stuff.” Makes me happy to live in the “middle of no where.” Different strokes for different folks. The only thing better than hunting alone, having one of the grandkids along. Simple pleasures for a simple man.

  51. Was reading the Alton Survival Med handbook and ran across this in the essential oil section. Mix baking soda with zinc oxide and clove oil to make a temporary cement for a tooth. Going to try it. I ordered some zinc oxide. With zinc you can also make your own sunscreen and use it for a vitamin too.

    1. Mrs U, and others,
      .. you need to be aware, if you are using this for tooth filler or an absorptive oil you may need to do a hold on your zinc supplement while it is in use, and after for a brief time,. This goes for denture fixative too… many contain- or did contain zinc. check your label, if you use these products.
      Zinc is a necessary mineral, out of balance in any mineral is not good, whether sky high or critical low. There is a low tech hack for determining if you are in acceptable range or too high- when using lozenges for zinc supplement like “cold eze” OR the generic equivalent…This is what i found… If the lozenge tastes pleasant, you levels are either low OR normal. If it takes on an unpleasant taste, remove lozenge and save for 2 days later and try again. a 15 pack if i use exclusively for maintenance will generally sustain regular use for me for 45 days.My physicians assistant desired to know what i found to maintain my levels steady… after it was checked several times over a 2 year period. If it ain’t “broke”, don’t “fix” it.
      The lozenges are more completely absorbed, than pill forms. Taking a pill regularly and checking levels using this method will sustain a way to check your own levels longer.. Just Sayin’

      1. For sure minerals out of balance can cause issues. I suspect and will experiment when zinc arrives it will take a small amount. Used since at least 500 BC, Wikipedia has some good info on the medicinal use if interested. Used in many industrial and medicinal ways.

        1. When we are aware can mitigate.!
          the ice storm i remember was in early 73, i asked remaining uncle. He remembered no work, ie no power, extended time, to Dover Elevator plant where he and Dad worked.

        2. With Zinc, too much is worse than too little. Zinc promotes the prion proteins (290 KDalton protein produced by most of your cells) to fold into an abnormal confirmation, leading to deposits of amyloid plaques. This is what causes CJD, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

  52. Ken, Do you have a container of Eucerin cream to put on the exposed skin? I used to use this on my skin when going winter mountaineering/ice climbing decades ago. Another useful hint was the styrofoam seat for the outhouse. I take pleasure in the simple things these days.

  53. PJ Media is reporting that that SOB ( Son-Of-A-Biden) knew about the balloon on Jan 28th! It was only because it was seen by some folks in Montana that the news media found out about it. I guess Bongino was 100% right, Brain dead Brandon is an enemy agent. Jihad Watch web site has the story.

  54. So after the Spy Balloon takes all the pics and gathers all the electronic real-time intelligence beamed back to home base via satellite… then they shoot it down over the Atlantic after it traverses the country. WTH?

  55. Honestly did not think Brandon had the wavels to actually attack a balloon 🎈 that has been in US airspace for how long ?????
    God help us all if/when a squadron of fighters and a few high altitude bombers take the scenic route…..
    “When seconds count …….”
    Kinda makes ya feel all warm and cozy huh?

    1. If the CCP had only painted the balloon in rainbow colors, no one would have touched it. Instead, it would have been worshiped, welcomed, and adored by General Milley, SecDef Austin and the rest…

      1. I figure that by now the Chinese have everything they want and told biden that its’s OK to take it down now if you want.

      2. ken, my gawd, thats a splendid idea…….not to tell the chinese though, uncle rambo joe would not get within 10,000 miles of that kind of balloon.

  56. Ken….
    Stop giving the CCP ideas.. HAHAHA
    I’m seriously worried that Hunter’s “kickback” allocations may be effected by this action though.
    As Pitchfork mentioned…
    And this administration just now took action????
    Hell that makes FEMA look good for only taking a week to get water to the Superdome.
    And how many of billions is the national defence budget?
    And yet CCP flys a stinking “Spy Ballon” right on across your neighborhood.
    YEPPERS, Warm and Fuzzy for sure.

  57. For those interested in Memphis police events,
    You should know in the last 36 hours , positive things have happened there.
    One officer talked a 17 year old , new father off the bridge- Young man was overwhelmed via responsibility..
    … and another officer was shot in the head @local library. Officer is still critical and a newly wed./ 40’s something police trainer. He was working with a rookie officer and that officer stopped the armed thug . Person in question had long police record.Thug will not shoot anyone else. ..and taxpayer will not need to feed can catch these two stories on wmctv dot com . when page comes up click on the selection of news in the menu across the page.

  58. My fridges are plugged in as everyones is. If we’re EMP, my understanding is they’re fried, hence my portable Ecoflowsolar investment is minimized. Is there a device I can connect to the fridge power cord or wall jack protecting the fridge? What is it called and who sells it?

    1. Roger:
      The basic answer would be no.
      If/When an EMP or a CME hits all electronic could (most likely) be fried.
      With the amount of electronics even in a refrigerator the likelihood of it surviving would be minimal.
      Some believe that if something is even unpluged it may still work. I would not count on it.
      There is a lot of conflicting “wishful thinking” out there.
      Also do some research of the “official. gov” (yeah, I don’t trust them either) and see what is predicted will happen.
      And yes, there are ways to use Faraday cages, and yes they will protect stuff, but ya can’t put everything you will need to live for another 50 years in a metal box.
      Best suggestion, start preparing for total “Lights Out” and live a lifestyle conducive to what Great Great Grandparents lived.
      But that’s just my 2 cents worth.

      1. NRP, “But that’s just my 2 cents worth.” YOUR LOSING MONEY! it’s $00.15 now due to the dollar losing value.

        1. blackjack22:
          True on the 2 cents to 15 cents.
          But Nobody listens to me at 2 cents…. no way in hell they will fork out 15 cents HAHAHA

    2. Roger,
      One of the advertisers on this site, EMP Shield, may have what you are looking for in terms of whole home protection, etc.
      Another resource is Disasterpreparer (dot) com, that has both whole home and individual appliance protection.
      Be advised there have been lawsuits between the above two folks with each other in the past.
      Do your own due diligence.
      I have a small solar system from Sol-Ark, and they recommended (and supplied) ferrites to be installed on all appliance cords, to work in conjunction with their EMP hardened system.

  59. I figure that by now the Chinese have everything they want and told biden that its’s OK to take it down now if you want.

  60. well, uncle rambo joe saved the day, but cnn (Chinese news network) including that cooper and lemon aide guy, and other people, aoc, talib, omar, hanoi jane r not going to be happy rambo joe shot it down.

  61. I am currently visiting relatives in the Midwest. A few minutes ago, some type of aircraft flew very fast, very loud and very low (window rattling low) past the house. Not a commercial civilian craft, private plane, or LE plane. That just doesn’t happen in this area. I am sure it was military, but didn’t get to a window in time to actually see it.
    Wondering if it was the same plane that fired the sidewinder missile that brought down the Chinese spy
    ” weather balloon”.

    1. Desert,
      Read where the “balloon shooter” was an F-22 out of Langley. Balloon was off the Atlantic coast, so not really in the Midwest. Sometimes military pilots get a “wild hair” and bring it close to the deck when they think no one is watching. I’ve seen this many times in the Rockies.

  62. Main prep actions today were to pick up a little food, Costco’s canned beef, and a 20lb propane tank (Costco) and fill it. $3.99/gallon for the propane, I don’t know if that’s a decent price or not, but I now have a reasonable supply of propane for my Buddy heater, Coleman camp stove, and pseudo-inherited grill. I also have ~15 1lb propane cans, so think I should get a refill adapter. Other prep was to work on my physical fitness. Did three sets of resistance exercise and walked ~12miles. Think I have basic fitness achieved, but need to drop some pounds and start walking with a pack (get home bag from the car). My worst case get home scenario is ~13 miles from work to home over fairly level terrain in a suburban region.

  63. Thinking about getting home from work or elsewhere (having to walk), I was wondering about the actual distances using roads vs “as the crow flies”. You might see a significant distance savings if you took the Crow flies path versus the road path you would normally use to drive home. As much as I don’t like to use their services, G 0 0 g le maps has a feature to let you calculate that. Find your work address/location, right click on it and then choose “Distance to here” and then add you final destination (home). It will create a path from work to home using a straight line. Now if you have a good long walk, it might be better to use this to walk a straight path. Obviously you might need to make detours, but its an additional data-point and could be eye opening as to potential walking distance savings…. Hope someone benefits from this….

    1. DoubleTap, it might be safer to do a direct path also. I’ve also considered the RR tracks that I know the routes of. Some wind closer to a more direct line home that the roads that are a mile or 1/2 mile apart in some areas. Then it’s only a 9-mile jaunt home.

      1. Might want scope the straighter line home before the trek is to be attempted. Some or part of the route might have some fences which must be crossed or walked around during the trek. I did that and noted fence lines where I will not have climb over a single fence the entire way home. It might not exactly be a straight line (as the crow flies) but is still pretty direct to return home.

        1. Agree. You can zoom in and print the routes to keep in your GHB. Can show you really well where your route goes as well as any interesting/dangerous/advantageous things along the way. Through the neighborhoods, past any sores that might be useful, etc…

  64. Minerjim
    Yeah, you ought to see the names we call “people” we don’t like! Here’s a couple that are not X-rated. Horse Crazy. To the Moon. Nope not Me. Flat Tire. Glass stomach.

    My Phone’s full of names. Not all are nice.!

  65. It is raining here, and it sounds like a freight truck just rolled by the place. Which would be rather hard since it is off the beaten path for traffic.
    Then lightening just struck to the east of the place which is rather odd since it was not that warm here today. 🤔 As I always state if it does not add up, then someone or something is messing with mother nature. No, it is not me.

    1. AC,
      Be thankful for the moisture, while you’re getting it for recharge of your groundwater. Lightning on a cool day? Oh yes it happens. We even sometimes get “lightning snow” here in the Rockies during the Fall and Spring. Wish we had more moisture, all those storms that came through in Jan did not drop much here. (I think Ol NRP did a rain dance and drained them before the got here. Not complaining, think he needed more than us.)

      1. Minerjim & Antique Collector:
        No rain OR snow dancing here.
        Heck even the local mountains are about the 50% normal snow pack.
        Wolfcreek has only 8 feet of its normal 16-20feet of pack.
        Going to be a dry one again I believe.
        As far as that Snow Lightning, ohhhh yeah it can be very nasty.

        1. NRP & Blue
          Guess the weather people are fudging your precipitation for your area. The one I use gives the impression you are ready to float away. Reason I left your area alone.
          Bad weather people, may they have their boots filled with snow.

      2. Minerjim
        The area that I have working with is the upper section of your state from 70 to Wyoming. If I am not hitting your area with the pitter patter of sprinkles. Need to know, figured I was in the general area. Give me a yah or nay….will go back to the drawing board.
        Like to be good at getting it right, with as minimum information as possible.
        Especially since this is an open dialog.

        1. AC,
          I’m in the SW quadrant of the state. Higher elevations getting snow, but not so much in the valleys. Our basin snowpacks are above normal fir this time of year, hoping they stay that way by continuing to snow through Spring. Rather have the heavy snowpack for our summer irrigation. Thanks for your efforts. Try looking at the various SNOTEL maps for the 4 corners and CO & NM. Good info there.

          1. Minerjim
            I know that general area somewhat well as we used to take a drive through that section. It was for (lol) our hamburger run. We would get into the vehicle and set out on our vacation looking for a hamburger stand.
            The drive was on the back roads looking for the mom & pop place that had those. Believe it may have been in Gunnison before it enlarged.
            We liked Paposa Spring, Alamosa, dh like Salida. Last time we went through that area Alamosa had taken a growth spurt from retirees was our estimation. When they have a drive-up hamburger stand, believe it was a McD. We knew it was fast growing and not our cup of tea. lol

  66. Weird…just last week, I was awakened as my perimeter alarm panel started beeping like crazy. I opened my front door hoping to see what might have set it off, shotgun in hand.

    I spot a shiny orb of some sort floating towards me. I step aside and watch as it floats past me, through the open door, into the living room. I keep quiet, not wanting to disturb my family.

    The orb, seemingly uninterested in the living room, moves down the hallway, pausing only momentarily in the door openings to the utility room and bathroom, then moving into the master bedroom and without slowing, straight into the walk-in closet that also serves as my arms room and ammo cache.

    Suddenly, I hear a series of beeps and buzzing coming from the orb…and the speaker on the GMRS base station in my living room starts blaring garbled gibberish like I’ve never heard. The orb went silent, then moved on to our storeroom containing our food supplies where it lingers again…the beeps, buzzing, and whirring starts again, and our radio monitor lights up again in response.

    I quickly move to open the door from the storeroom to the outside, the orb floated past me and across the yard. As it nears my gate, seemingly intent on leaving my property…I blast that sucker to kingdom come.

    Boy, that was a close one…did I handle it well…or not?

    1. Dennis:
      I’m thinking you have had a little to much coffee as of late. That, or maybe it was one of those secret space aliens from me neck o da woods???
      Little buggers keep crossing the border coming from China.
      Rod Sterling’s got nada better than us old country boys…..
      Life is good here on Lightning Point

    2. Ha!
      Ya handled it just like ole uncle joe so ya done good Dennis.

      Kinda makes it clear who our real enemies are doesnt it.

      Have a good day D

    3. Good morning, Dennis –

      That is some truth fire. I suggest you poll your neighbors for their opinion. Maybe one of them dispatched the orb to your home to elicit foolish, yet expected behavior and thrust it upon the world stage to demonstrate your irrational and violent tendencies. Massive loss of face, on a tidy budget.

      Or maybe it was just swamp gas; in which case, good shot.

    4. – Dennis,
      Good enough, as the orb is no longer usable? Should there be a next time, or if Kula or others should get such a visitor, I would suggest firing more quickly as Dennis’ situation is now compromised. We had such a thing when I was around 15 or 16, little brother took it out with the broom he was supposed to be using. Left no trace, but got no intel out.
      – Papa S.

    5. Dennis – Probably just an orphan from the mothership balloon passing overhead. When you blasted it, you caused a dividing sequence much like a cell in reproduction. And when that happens…… well, hope they weren’t around your chickens because they look for a host to inhabit. Keep an eye on those chickens to see if their behavior changes. They may start laying “little orbs” that resemble eggs that hum. If the humming sounds like the instrumental ‘Telstar’ (by the Tornados), they can be trained….. and that will be your good fortune as you can take your show on the road. I am sure there are many a folk that will pay to see it. You might consider calling the act ‘Dennis’ Dancing Demons’. There is still money to be made in this crazy world.

    6. Dennis, can you believe this Biden administration is so just “” about this? FLAUNTING the fact that they let China do whatever they want here? Buy our farmland (especially near our bases), stash their secret police here, and now this. Was this all to probe our ‘readiness’ in the face of danger? How we handle a threat from our enemies from the skies? (Oh yeah, just like how we handle threats from our southern border). Our government is so compromised to our enemies that there is no hope for this ‘ole USA right now that I can think of. It’s time to grab your family and circle the wagons.

      1. DJ5280,

        There are so many outright lies and deception coming from this administration, it’s hard to grasp whether it’s ineptness or just pure disrespect for the public.

        A story making the rounds today is the Biden unequivocally ordered the immediate shootdown of the balloon in his first briefing on its presence…and the Sec. Def. (Austin) and CJCOS Milley refused to follow that order. If true (who knows the truth anymore?), this would open another, maybe bigger can of worms.

    7. Hey my friend, I loved that but I’m seriously gonna have to start calling you old sleepy joe, just kidding lol 😝

      1. David rcb,

        Good to hear from you. Yeah, I’m going a little stir crazy here on the mountain with all this crazy weather. Last of the sleet cover has finally melted, the ground is soggy…now it’s raining, and supposed to rain for the next coupla days. I swear the chickens are growing webs between their toes.

  67. The wife and I will have a picnic today, in the woods. While we’re there, will load a trailer with firewood. Supposed to be a very nice day for February. 3/4 of load is already cut, but I’ll have to finish it out. Slow and steady on the firewood. I/we are getting there. Same chore every year, but we like it. 2 or 3 hours at a time is all we can do anymore. That’s OK, she enjoys the outdoors almost as much as I do.

    She made a German chocolate cake yesterday. I’m thinking PB and J with some cake for dessert.

  68. Lol, it isn’t the freezing that is the problem… Yesterday the septic tank pipe unfroze, yup that’s a $hitty repair. This morning the the dishwasher finally unfroze, flooded the kitchen. Thankful hubby can do repairs!

  69. AnnLee,
    Aren’t ya glad ya didn’t marry one of those soy boys? Soap and some scrubbing can erase those “dirty” jobs. Might be too much for the wimpy men. Seems there are more and more soy boys and less of the gett-r-done types now-a-days.

    1. Plainsmedic – There is a scary-large and growing demographic of weak and effete boys who don’t mature, sometimes they do the soy thing as a virtue signal… and the two words rhyme so it’s fun. For your consideration, a large part of the world consumes soy products daily and has no statistically significant lack of masculine capability. I don’t think this is a soy problem and I don’t buy the phytoestrogen angle either because we are mammals. Anecdotally, I have and continue to consume soy products fairly often; yet somehow I’m still able to repair (and defend) my own home, and vehicles; and I still have the libido of a 16 year old which frankly is getting a little annoying. Anyway boys like their soy, but so far as I can tell, soy can’t turn a a man into a boy. Fear not the soy AnnLee!

      1. Plastics have phyto estrogen effects. I suspect it is the effects of plastics and how these people are raised in their young years along with genetics and the soul they were born with.

    2. Plainsmedic,
      Yes, very glad! Today, if it weren’t for bad luck, I would have no luck at all. Does anyone know if a broken concrete septic tank lid can be replaced with a plastic one? I see them listed on amazon, but not sure if they are universal or only fit a plastic tank?

      1. AnnLee – Unfortunately I had to deal with this once in 2011, before everything was available on Amazon, had to travel deep into ag-land to find a supplier. I recall they were about 24″ at the base, tapered to maybe 18″ at the top with a 6″ rise and a solid lid. They were made of heavy green plastic, possibly fiber reinforced and I installed them with lag screws into the existing concrete and a bead of mastic around the base circumference. I over-torqued them (2-chambers) and the plastic deformed but did not crack. I suspect they would have out-lived me, unfortunately the septic system was already shot and within a couple of months it was pumped, decommissioned and replaced by a lift pump station to the uphill sewer drop. But yes, they seem to be a reasonable repair option.

      2. Annlee,
        If your hubby is handy, he could pour a new lid adjacent to the tank. Remove the old broken lid and use round firewood to (like an Egyptian) roll the new lid into position. Use a tapered plastic bucket (form) for the clean-out and the concrete opening lid. Use plenty of rebar in this pour. Poor people have poor ways. Good luck.

          1. AnnLee,
            Been there and done that, as they say. Buy cheap plastic bucket(s) as ya may have to break them to get ’em out. Wax the buckets before using. Obviously, you’re pouring outside of one bucket and inside the other bucket. Don’t forget to insert a handle into the concrete for the lid.

            Your hubby likely knows these things. If using quick-crete, I’d add a little portland cement to increase the strength as ya mix it. Rebar AND concrete wire would be a good idea. I’d suggest waiting 7 days before moving into position. Could do it in 3 days, but …..?

          2. Plainsmedic, thank you for the additional details, we wouldn’t have thought about wax to get it to release from the buckets.

          3. AnnLee Brook, Professional statuary makers use vaseline or motor oil, so they work too.

          4. The Original Just Sayin’,
            Thank you for the additional info on mold release oils. The reply button wasn’t below your entry, so am replying to an earlier entry.

  70. – Plainsmedic, Dennis, Cali,
    on the subject of Feral Pig, I had killed one on a friend’s pumpkin farm a couple of years ago. An elderly Hispanic man driving a 50’s pickup truck stopped and helped me drag the thing out of the field, in return I helped him load it into the bed of his truck as DW didn’t want the things at the house. Fast Forward about three months, we were visiting family in east Texas. “Go ahead and enjoy the catfish” (some of which we had caught) when a tray of BBQ ribs were brought in. “These are Feral pig. some folks don’t like ’em, but we do. You’re welcome to whatever you would like.” I tied in happily, DW tried one and gave me the fisheye. “You’ve been giving these away?” I seem to recall a previous comment about women and temperatures that might seem to apply.
    – Papa S.


  71. Kula,
    On 12v batteries:
    My brother and I went halfsees on a 110/220 welder. He had read that by using this or simular welder a person can rejuvenate 12v. I know he has done one or two with success. Utube….
    Dangerous so caution is advised.
    Been looking at rejuvenating my 18v ryobi’s. I have to locate some alligator clips and leads and use the charger to basically ‘jump start’ it.
    In telling Dennis, awhile back, to plug and unplug the charger several times, did work, but the overall charge is very short.
    I know your talking the common battery size AA, AAA, C’s and D’s, but maybe this can give you a.start on some ideas.🤷‍♂️

  72. “It’s Black History Month, how will y’all be celebrating?” — This question was posed to me last week, out of the blue, by a black attorney I was working with on an utterly unrelated matter. Filter-less and caught off guard I said: “Well, you’re alright I guess”. Has anyone else been called upon to answer this? Did I do it wrong?

    1. Used the word ya’ll? Sounds southern. Lawyer was jerking your chain. I celebrate the old basics by saying oh by the way Mr. it is such a such day.

      1. Mrs. U – It does sound southern doesn’t it? Southern California. Not a hint of southern accent, just that awkwardly adopted and regionally misappropriated affect. Strange.

    2. Ohh, ohh, I know
      I’ll be going to the workplace on Martin Luther Day, while it is a paid holiday for some.

      1. Joe c – Washington’s birthday. What TF did Michael King (he adopted the Martin Luther crap later in life for mo respeck) do that should cause George Washington have to share a birthday and a slice of cake with Abraham Lincoln. I’m still pissed off that Americans allowed that… on Reagan’s watch IIRC.

      2. For the fact, of that comment, I’m gonna state that I am not a racist.
        My best high school buddy was Mexican.
        Ex supervisor was a person of color. We got along great.
        Almost went steady with a cute Mexican girl in highschool, but I was brought up differently, as on our first date, I didn’t give her what she wanted and the ‘courtship’ ended.
        Instead, I settled for a slender blond that was older, less mature, but seemed to have had the same sluttyness, as the other, unbeknownst to me.

        AKa, the ex wife.

        Last night as we celebrated birthdays of us ‘kids’, at the inlaws, we had the option of white or chocolate cake….or both.
        I chose only chocolate…., with a side of vanilla ice cream.

        1. Joe c – How did it become so that “person of color” is respectful but “colored person” is rayciss? I’ve always wondered. Dude, you really passed that up because how you were raised? I’m so sorry. Some days I’m glad I was raised by the state. Dog bath time.

          1. Yeah, bud
            I guess I’ve always had a better conscious than most…even at that age.
            Played her once the Springsteen song of Candy’s Room….as that was her name….seemed to fit her well.
            She said, I don’t wanna hear it.

            Brother….I could give ya stories on past relationships.
            Looking back, I guess i was secretly trying to be the savior of lost souls…..
            Girls that have died….drug overdose, child endangerment.
            Messed up marriages.

            So after that post and reminisce,
            I’m jamming to Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town…..
            ‘Racing in Streets’
            How can one dude, with songs like that, be so anti american?

            Born in the USA?

            Springsteen sucks

          2. Joe,
            I Lost all interest in radio when Green Day and Rage Against the Machine gave up .i’m not sure if my radio even works now anymore.
            Try to find some Merl Haggard or Johnny Paycheck on the radio now. It Ain’t happinin.

          3. Joe c – Pull up the actual words to Born in the USA, the parts between the refrains, you’ll really hate Springsteen. That is not a kind or patriotic song, at all; quite the opposite; he’s a douche. Listen to some Patty Smyth covers if you need to scratch a Springsteen itch.

          4. IMOW
            Get Pandora and a bluetooth plug for your car, they gots everything
            Haggard and all

    3. Tmac,
      I would have told him I was going to loot a Nike store, rob a liquor store, burn down a few buildings, shoot someone at a gas station, apply for welfare, food stamps and section 8, rent some 24” spinner rims for my $1500 car then get a new gold grill and some hair weaves.

      1. Romeo Charlie – That’s what I meant by being caught off guard. A guy with your experience and responsibility is much quicker on informational uptake, processing and execution. That is a magnificent and thoughtful reply.

        1. Tmac,
          You give me far too much credit. A blind monkey can type a novel given a long enough time line. 😀

          I find it interesting that when it comes to white history are constantly reminded of their actions from 160 years years ago while ignoring contributions such as advances in medicine, electricity, automobiles, the combustion engine, machinery, advances in agriculture, aviation, computer technology, telecommunications, space travel and all of the judicial reforms required for a civilized advanced society.

          Yet black history month focuses primarily on being a victim, fantasy ideas like the “1619 project” and refuses to acknowledge their current history being made is not one conducive to a productive, civilized, first world society.

          As Napoleon once said “History is a version of past events that we’ve all agreed upon”

    4. Tmac, answer, Our company is a different minority..we can not offend the minority’s can we? nuf said.

  73. Been reading that “according to an anonymous source at the pentagon” that during the Trump years, at least three Chinese spy balloons crossed the U.S. unchallenged. Mainstream media dutifully has been parroting this claim, saying Trump’s criticism of Biden’s slow to act is hypocritical.

    Now, just about every person who would of or should have known about these previous incursions has called the reported leak from the pentagon an outright lie.

    Smoke and mirrors, lies and deception. If it looks like a democrat, smells like a democrat, walks like a democrat…it’s probably a…? Nah….never known a duck to lie.

    1. Oh they are just ‘weather balloons’………. and the prc should not be offended about shooting down one of those…… Crazy Town grows larger. Liked your commentary above.

    2. I’m getting a bit tired of our government dribbling their leaks on us all of the time. I saw those headlines too and didn’t bother to click. Any conscious human older than 7 knows that if Donald Trump had the opportunity to blow anything from Chynah out of the sky it would have been the pinnacle of his presidency and tested the ultimate tensile strength of his ego.

        1. Yep, the man doesn’t take crap from anyone. He’ll stand up and fight. He’s not a coward like many.

          1. I had a good day today. I got my tractors geared up and ready. Sunshine and 70’s the rest the week, slight chance of rain Wednesday and then fair again through the weekend. We may be able to get into the garden this weekend and get started🤞
            Got some range time in next to the house today and DW gave me my bi-annual haircut and beard trim this afternoon,I hate to get one but it’s like going to church, I always feel better afterwards.

  74. Have a pretty day here in CO. Expanding the pig yard…another112 square feet. Wanted to provide some extra space for a wallow in the summer. Built a “goat mountain” in the goat pen yesterday…3 big boulders for them to climb on and look around. Besides helping their boredom, it created a centerpiece to look at and a place to sit while rubbing them down. 2 weeks and I will have kids and be “in the milk” and can start cheese adventures.
    Broke up a turkey fight this morning…the teens are maturing and staking out their harems! yikes what a racket! Looking forward to warmer weather when I can keep their watering stations outside without freezing. what a pain. In April I will fill the incubator with chicken eggs so the babies are hatched right as the new baby turkeys arrive (teach them how to drink and eat). Fortunately the weather will be warm enough, that with red lamps in place, the new birds can be out in the new barn instead of in my garage converted to pantry/second kitchen. Such a pain to clean all the items after the bird dust.
    My parents used to always comment that I was the “odd duck” of their clan….always wanting to bust out into the country …Finished raising the kids etc and busted out into the country at 50 and could not be happier! My siblings can keep their burbs, I need elbow space. LOL Keep living the lifestyle folks. Also, keep practicing the “old ways”, we might need them before too long.

    1. pioneer woman
      What breed of turkeys are you gonna raise?

      I’ve settled on raising Blacks.

      Kid goats are sooooo cute. I miss that part of raising goats with my youngest daughter.

      1. I am raising Heritage…Red Bourbons, Spanish Blacks, Narraganset, Blue Slate and Royal Palms…want to see which specific group behaves best and reproduces best, then will narrow the varieties. Have about 46 or so at the moment.

        We only keep Plymouth Barred Rock chickens. Dual purpose…lay about 5 eggs per week each, and around 4 years old go into the stew pot at between 5 and 7 pounds.

    2. Pio, sounds like a productive, feel-good day! I am looking forward to getting back to that level of accomplishment. And I get it! My siblings all think I’m the odd duck too. At the age of 59 we bought 55 acres of land and started living the life.

  75. Weird..? Last night at 12:19 am, I awoke wide awake with this feeling that I needed to go check one of my rabbits, first timer. Just woke up from a sound sleep, wide awake, not drowsy at all. I clearly know who did this.

    Good thing too. Here are 5 babies, all spread over the wire, not it the nest box. Grad the babies, bring them in, put a thick towel on top of wood stove and start to warm them up. None moving, just limp cold bunnies. Long story shorten up, saved 2.

    I have 2 others who litters are 1 day old, 5 and 6 babies, so I added 1 baby to each litter. Checked this morning and everything looks good, No dead babies. These 2 does are experienced moms, so they won’t even notice an extra baby.

    So far out of 8, I’ve got 4 live litters, 1 litter I lost all, and this litter with 2 saved. 2 are due tonight, experienced moms. Rainy and very damp conditions, gonna replace the nest box fodder today with dry pine chips and fresh straw.

    Expanding to 12 does, cages bout done, man has the price went through the ceiling on wire.!! It’s not good that you can see my rabbits from the county road. Had several people stop and want to know if I sell rabbits both for meat/breeding/ pelts. Don’t really want to, but still thinking it over.

    1. SMG, if someone wants rabbits, they generally want you to gift them to start them..everyone wants something for nothing..I would get self set up first…just my take on it.
      kits need colostrum. goat colostrum will work, best.. if need milk,Use goats milk powder/or canned, if fresh not available. , 4 oz to 1/2 egg yoke. – recipe from a Veterinarian, must feed with dropper or they will aspirate, and must be very careful even after they are 5-10 days old.. feed schedule is q8 hrs..I have saved a few. IF a doe will do it always best. My Doe wean at 2.5 – 3 weeks.

      1. The Original Just Sayin’
        I’ve been around long enough to be, lets say, not quite a complete asshole with those “give me thats”. They don’t last long around me.

        Just the bottom wire is $2.79 a ft. 100ft roll minimum. Side wire $2.00 ft,100ft roll, top wire $166ft, 100ft roll. $61.00 wire cost per cage. Freight is $160, which adds another $30 per cage. Pellet/hay feeders, $15.00. water bowl $7.00. Haven’t even added in the cost of the rabbit, or labor for construction.

        Yeah, it’s expensive. If I do it right the first time, this inventory will last for yrs, with little maintenance. Professional built galv cages, in a barn, easy to keep clean, once that dollar is spent, my payout is quality and longevity, good cages for production.

        I may sell rabbits, or maybe not, but if you want them for free, well. I’m NOT your Huckleberry..!!

        Before I added those babies to their foster mom, I put a X in permanent marker on them so I could keep checking them. Tonight, their bellies are nice and round, well fed and doing fine.

    2. How do you know they wont notice them? Did you ask? Maybe they had a conversation and were talking stink about the new doe not doin the right thing! Maybe the new doe is a democrat! Yikes

  76. To: Tmac, SMG and Minerjim – on naming of animals and pets from an asian dude that is racially insensitive. I currently have a big black cat named Sambo. We are going to be adopting 2 black kittens next week of unknown gender so they will be named RuPaul until the vet check up followed by the gender reveal party. (when a hyperactive kitten is less than 8 weeks old, how can you tell which gender they are?). Next week I’ll also be back up to 5 cats making me eligible for the tax break as a rancher. (asian guy raising 5 cats – people are always suspicious of the casseroles I bring to a potluck…”what’s in it?”). One could say that we are celebrating Black hx month by adopting 2 more black cats in my home. (Black lives matter and black cats are the very last ones to be adopted from shelters in America). As for the comment: “well, you are all right I guess”. I’ve been hearing that all my life and I take it as a sign of confirmation by people from a wide variety of backgrounds/not just our dominant society. I take it as a positive sign that people of many cultures and backgrounds say that to me as I help many of our agency coworkers in finding resources in my small town and my place of work. (People from foreign lands spread the word around about friends and resources. In the last 7 years, I have become that friend to many medicals staff from out of state and overseas.)

    1. Good one Calirefugee, mystery caserole,

      Over here the joke used to be the Manapua man, with his nice little manapua with the mystery meat inside

      The going rumor was it was cat

    2. Calirefugee – Are you regretting your refugee status yet? I’m pretty sure California has grant money available for brave, inclusive, diverse, racial-equity cat ranchers providing a loving home for the under-represented and unjustly maligned African-American feline victims of color-based oppression.

      Yeah and thanks a lot for putting that Weird Al Jankovic worm in my brain:

      “There’s a cat in the kettle at the Peking Moon, I used eat there every day at noon.”

    3. Easy peasy on the sex ID of a kitten. Female is sort of like a exclamation mark, hiney hole with the female place beneath that. Males just some early fuzz below a hiney hole.
      I had a black cat named Buckwheat. Love black cats. Love cats for that matter. Dogs too. Prefer the independent attitude of a cat.

    4. Don’t forget about Black Rifles. To many of mine are brown so I may diversify and get some black ones too. May even go looking around for a white rifle. Then I wouldn’t need the sock over one while hunting in the winter.

  77. Reply to Plainsmedic and Papa Smurf on hiring a guide to hunt feral hogs: This became a necessary thing to do after I got a steady job working 40 hrs per week with a lot of mandated overtime. In going after hogs that have a large roaming range that can cross many property lines in one of the most populous states in the nation, hiring of a guide is the first step to actually getting a hog for the freezer. Many of my friends and mentors refused to pay the guide fee. As an economics student, it made a lot of sense to me as a win-win situation for the guide that gets reimbursed for gasoline and wear and tear on the vehicle. The trespass fee and insurance waiver (hold harmless agreement) for hunting on private land. (no rancher or farmer wants to get sued by some greenhorn that hurts themselves on their land). I got over my reluctance to pay guides years ago in order to hunt in places I would otherwise never be able to access. Even the deer I harvested as a young seasonal worker from a private ranch asked for my help during roundup and calving season. (in some fashion: time, labor or money, we all pay for access to land in which we can hunt – unless it is our own back/front yard)

    1. Cali,
      What is your experience with the 92 beretta,s as far as accuracy.I’m looking.
      Thanks in advance

      1. I know you asked Cali, but I’d like to reply as well. It is a great pistol! Losing the 1911 as a service issue was tough, but the 92 is a capable replacement. They shoot better with usage as well. I often tell people looking for their first 92 to find a good used pistol. Accuracy is above par and fits in most people’s hands quite well. Once you have broken one down a few times, it gets much easier to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning. It is a full-size handgun, not the best for concealed carry. If you get really chipper about them, then you can find some great upgrades from Wilson Combat or send it in to Wilson for custom work.

  78. Reply to IMOW: My thoughts on the 92 Beretta: I did not purchase one because of high cost and difficulty with field stripping and cleaning. Like any weapon system adopted by our military, the cost for us civilians went up accordingly. In addition to military, LAPD in California adopted the Beretta 92 when the department was under the leadership of Bernard Parks. (LAPD was one of the nations largest LEO agencies so on a monetary scale, this was similar to the military adoption of a weapons system). I like they way they fit in my hand and I feel they point well though they are a big pistol and difficult to conceal on my slight frame. Years ago I ranted bout how I found it difficult to get match accuracy from the 9 mm cartridge. For 9 mm pistols, I chose a compact Glock clone made by Kahr in single stack magazine. I can buy 2 of these for the price of 1 new Beretta 92 and I can conceal them on my thin frame. I used this as one of 2 handguns on my person when doing private security work. (the other being a hammerless 38 special kept within a coat pocket on non-dominant side). Thanks to Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson, these pistols gained a lot of screen time in movies made in the 1980s and 90’s. Sadly enough, movies are what lead many to make their first handgun purchase. (In regard to the movie Lethal Weapon: I was never able to make the smiley face target with any 9 mm. I have done so using my match grade 45 ACP 1911 and 38 special duty weapon firing target reloads).

    1. Cali,
      I guess I’m just old school on some things. Having a hammer on one is one. I had a Glock for a while but I couldn’t get over the safety on them. It just didn’t work for me. It shot every time, once to often for me 😫🤕

  79. To IMOW: Nothing wrong with Old School. I am 60 years old and I track the gun industry for the 40 years I have been working for State or Federal agencies. (only 6 of which were as an LEO). Many people are not comfortable with hammerless guns and some companies are returning to some type of exposed hammer system for the large and growing demographic of people that are looking at/for something else. I was trained on revolvers in my first academy. My second academy, years later, we trained on the S&W 4006. Point being: Your are NOT alone. You may want to check out the S&W M&P series and the S&W EZ series if you have arthritis like me and my wife. (manual safety is optional) I still shoot my match grade 1911’s on days off much the way car nuts will takeout their hanger-queens on long drives on country roads on weekend afternoons. (a reasonably priced 1911 out of the box with match grade accuracy is the Kimber Custom 2 The price is still around $800 at Farm and Ranch stores in my AO) As a gunsmith, I began to refer to the Glock as the: “Gateway gun for budding gun-nuts”. If you are going to upgrade to a 1911 from a Glock, you may be in that category.
    (p.s: I have a 1911 in 9 mm made by Springfield Armory as my experimental platform/accuracy testing platform. They are a lot of fun to shoot…I just won’t win tournaments with it)

  80. went to gun show yesterday, got a box of 50, .357 158 grain jsp for 33.00. was not too bad price, other dealer had almost same for about 55.00.

    1. We had our regular show this weekend as well. Nice to see prices drop somewhat, but not anywhere near what they used to be. True about all things. I noticed that the price swing was pretty wild at different tables. One vendor had CCI Mini Mags for $12 per 100 and at the table right next door they wanted $18. Crazy…..Just like all the other shows, it seems like guns were just streaming out the door. Even more so yesterday. Lot of folks arming up. Just hope they take the time and put in the effort to learn safety and practice.

      1. Double Tap,
        Don’t know if prices are same at all Wally’s but our local store has been $10.98 for a while now. I would suggest everyone get stocked up. Should Biden get the war he seems to want, the ammo manufacturers fill govermnment orders first, civilian retail outlets last. Read today that the UK generals are saying that if Nato goes to war with Russia tomorrow they (UK) would run out of ammo the first day.

        1. Hey Dennis,

          I can’t remember the last time any of the Walmart’s around sold any ammo other than shotgun. Few years back used to regularly get the 100 packs of Federal 9mm and .45 cals. Have been getting some at the local range but found out that they recently sold out to the local County and will be closing to public shooting. Darn shame as they had an incredible setup, multiple indoor 100 yd lanes, used to offer reloading classes, just a great place to spend an afternoon. Really need to setup my own range here at home, but my little mountain is not setup for it. I’d hate to contaminate my well area with lead :-)

          What a crazy time when these are the things we think about on a weekend night….

  81. I have been sick all week, every time I hear or see this loser in chief making a pathetic attempt at speaking I puke all over the iPad…..guess the cure is to turn it off until he dies in office

    1. Realist
      DO NOT WATCH STATE of the UNION. Don’t wanna hear you are in the ER.
      Turn it off and go fishing or a least have some ice cream.

      1. Stands, thanks my friend, I take the cure…….GOD WILL SOLVE THE puzzle soon I hope and pray.😇

  82. Channel surfing for noise while I prepare trash to be picked up. When I come across a movie title, which you will say “what the heck?”
    It is “Lockdown: 2025”. About a contagious virus that puts the entire nation under martial law and locking everyone down.
    Does that not sound familiar to you?
    No, not my kind of movie for today.

  83. So……. I applies to be a short-order cook….. said I was too tall. And then I goes to be a Longshoreman……. said I was too short. Boxing was next…… said I was too slow but they gives me a shot, so I settles for the Giant Store down the road un-boxing produce on night shift. Being a comedian was never in the cards.

  84. “History doesn’t repeat itself but often rhymes.” Says Mark Twain
    First shot fired at Fort Sumter South Carolina, Shot fired yesterday from South Carolina. I know my brain works weird. Many folks here would probably agree.

  85. Mrs. U,

    You think, therefore you are…

    Some folks think before they act, some act before they think, lately…I have come to believe most just never think.

    We may all be crazy as Bessie bugs and just too ignorant to realize it.

  86. It has been extremely cold (below zero) and windy (further below zero) this week but the animals are all fine…even the chickens. We did not see a reduction in egg laying which did surprise me. Then we received some bad news – our organic feed producer advised us that the transport company they use is going to discontinue their business. Oh no! They have only been given a few weeks notice. This is not good. Our next door neighbor just retired early; he drove company trucks for long distance hauls. Said it was time to get out and he is not quite retirement age.

    I have not been out in the cold much but have been productive in the house. Lots of meat and bean canning going on. And trying to stay on top of supplies. Animal meds will require scripts after June but I anticipate they will be more difficult to obtain soon so we are filling our gaps. It is near impossible to get a large animal vet to come to our farm and many other farmers in the area tell me the same….and this is farm country!

    I’m thinking we (in this country) are good through April 15th because the feds want their pound of flesh but all bets are off after that date. I expect the noose to tighten. Lay in what you can as you are able. Stay busy, safe, and prayerful.

    1. Yes! Veterinarians are in short supply most places too. Make a script required and a shortage of ones to write scripts… then they can say (but not be believed)” It’s not MY fault!”

  87. Reply to Kula and Tmac: I love dim sum and Chinese dumplings though I never did learn to make them. Living and working where I did in California for many years, I generally used mysterious meat in…tacos. This confused a lot of people in Oregon when I first moved up here because I do not speak or understand Japanese or Chinese at all yet I can order off of a taco truck and find my way to the restroom just fine in a Mexican restaurant filled with non-english speakers. My knowledge of Spanish goes a bit further than that but the folks I talk to mostly appreciate the fact I am trying. Currently, the Spanish speakers at my place of work are working on improving their English and ask me clarifying questions.
    Tmac knows of what I am talking about since he still lives in the land of really good Mexican food though I must say that it is making its way up the I-5 corridor. On my days off when I am eating in town, I can be found at a location where they make good “street tacos” with a soda. (Dennis likes corn dogs, I like tacos..Both can be ordered and eaten from a food truck before you are called back on duty as either a cop or a paramedic).

    1. Cali
      If you are a good cook and like charsiu manapua are easy to make, just need a good steamer, the bamboo ones are best as they are more subtle on the bready part ,
      Fill them with a nice sweet sour venison or rabbit

  88. Was listening to a site this evening, happened to hear about an ingredient in ‘Protein Bars’.
    It is ACHETA or ACHETA flour, please do your own research on this name to make sure it is correct.
    What is it……CRICKETS, but listed as a flour in the protein bars.
    Apparently, they are being sold in Europe.
    Thought I would let you know, so be sure to read the ingredients before you purchase such items.
    These were being sold online and a customer from Michigan happened to come across them.

  89. Some guy in Missouri taking video of that ‘balloon’ passing over said some shiny objects were falling out of it. ????

    Today I’m organizing a new garden plan, starting some leek seeds in the greenhouse, a new homestead project notebook, and then cleaning out the garage today. Can’t take the news anymore. Sheesh.

    1. DJ5280,

      That’s interesting. When watching the original videos of the shootdown, nearly every angle showed a stream of small shiny objects trailing from the falling deflated balloon….really obvious.

      Then you report this sighting of shiny objects seen by witnesses as the balloon passed over Missouri while I’m watching FOX NEWS showing videos of the shootdown again…but none of this morning’s videos show these shiny objects streaming out of the deflated balloon…almost as if they’ve been edited out.

      Why would they be editing them out, if in fact they are? Brings all sorts of possibilities to my mind…none good to my way of thinking.

      1. Dennis
        Sad to say but from what I have been hearing they are slipping over to the other side. Just because the one brother left the business doesn’t mean that the company is not going leftist.
        As for the video clean up, it reminds me of what ‘they want us to see not what was seen’.

      2. Dennis, I’m guessing they are marking areas with some sort of locator or beacon? First thing that came to my mind. Mapping out emp areas for the best effect? Second thing that came to my mind…..

        1. If those baloons have high resolution cameras they can get much better photographic aerials than a satelite as they move much slower and are closer to the ground, they can also sample air currents better to determine fallout path of whatever, sure they could be weather balloons 🙄 how much do you trust the CCP

  90. I almost forget, does anyone have the Harvest Right freeze dryer with the oilless pump? is it worth the extra $$$?

    1. DJ5280
      I have watched several different sites on this piece of equipment and from what I have gathered the next step-up vacuum pump apparently is the better unit. Remember it does require oil.
      Hopefully those that have these pieces of equipment can advise you.
      I have been doing my homework on this unit, seeing if it would work it into the budget.

      1. AC, I checked their website this morning and they offer an ‘oilless’ pump for another $1400. I’ll try and call them later and clarify if this means never having to change (and purchase) oil for the pump.

        1. DJ5280,

          Oilless pump does not have the kinks worked out yet, from reviews I saw before ordering. No good reviews for that one, and a lot of people saying do *Not* get it. Recommend the premier oil pump. That’s what I have, and it’s worked without issue for almost a year now. Oil changes needed every 20-30 batches, which is not that often. Harvest Right has a filter pitcher so you can filter and reuse the oil, saving some $. Just wanted to warn about potential problems with the oilless pump.

    2. DJ, I know you asked about the oil-less pump but the middle of the road Premier Pump works great from my experience. The software will actually display a message after 20 full cycles that it’s time to change the oil. Less than 10 minutes to drain and replace. I’ve just made it a habit to change oil after every 20 batches. For the cost of the oil-less you could get 2 Premiers, have one as a spare. Not sure what other benefit the oil-less would have in regards to performance. I would recommend getting the smaller vacuum hose, the 3/8 I believe.

      1. DoubleTap, thanks. Yeah, I think I’ll go with the Premier. Good advice on a second pump JIC. Gonna order this week.

    3. If I recall correctly Skeeizic, sp, has one. Maybe she will comment. I think, I recall too that there is a difference in the vacuum pressure and some foods take longer or don’t do as well…………….. not sure but there was some sort of difference.
      I would for sure get the up dated regular pump. Only have to add or change oil every 20 runs or so.

  91. Tmac,

    I’ve got a healthy respect for your insight on daily lives and the pulse of the average Chinese citizen. I’ve seen several reports that the CCP leadership fears unrest building among their citizenry and see war as historic solution to unite the people behind their leaders.

    Do these reports have any validity? Any insight would be appreciated.

    1. Good morning, Dennis,
      Maybe I can speak to this from an observational standpoint; using my normally chipper wife of nearly 32 years as a benchmark. When she gets quiet, there is a manure cloud behind it, spinning up into a cyclone. After a fair bit of travel I think I can fairly extrapolate this to 1.5 billion people. Personally, I think the COVID lockdowns broke them and this will eventually doom the CCP. These folks know how to throw down a proper revolution.
      Nearly everyone there uses a mobile app such as WeChat or QQ for everything from text chats, to large file purchases, to tap payments. They know it’s not private, they know their heat maps and social profile are developed on these apps. I use one of them for large file transfers and for communicating with factory personnel. Three years ago, so much was going on, of both a business and personal nature that I needed to silence my phone at night. The chatter slowly dried up and now I hardly hear from anyone at all. Even when arranging a visit here, they do it via someone who reads Chinese. Perhaps text messages in English get more scrutiny. They’ve gone radio-silent. Something is up.

  92. Biden documents at home
    Search of biden home


    They think we are stupid

  93. Tmac
    I have been searching for the damage but so far nothing. Just articles on its usage, construction, yada yada…
    Guess I should mention that I was looking for it via the ‘e’ pages.

      1. Seems that raw materials used to produce food products are having issues, what could possibly go wrong!
        As he adjusts his tin foil cap liner

      2. DJ5280,

        Not as many as will use cricket flour and powdered earthworms after the chicken populations dwindle down and eggs become the fare of billionaires. “Sir…would you enjoy an egg with your caviar?”

        1. Dennis, do you think it’s about the chicken populations winding down or the human populations winding down and we won’t need so many chickens or eggs? And I would much rather my chickens eat the crickets and earthworms and give me eggs!

          Gads, what is this world coming to?

    1. Tmac
      MHO is they are removing a food source that is less expensive than beef for a protein. It is only the beginning for those who ass-ume they are better than those who work for a living. What do I know am just a past rancher who raised beef for our family dinner table.
      Need another cup of coffee, it is going to be ‘one’ of those days.

  94. I sometimes hate the analogies that pop into my mind when studying current events. When following the flight path of the China balloon, it struck me that it traversed the Mississippi River at almost the epicenter of the fabled San Madrid earthquake.

    Then I looked at the maps of the path the balloon traversed after leaving China. The path followed almost exactly the northwestern and northern edge of the Pacific “rim of fire” before entering the continent.

    After entering our continent, it heads south southeast until its in proximity of the Yellowstone super volcano caldera…then southeast over the San Madrid earthquake zone…then east to the Atlantic shootdown.

    Just following the upper-level winds? Could be. A planned path that just coincidentally followed a path over geologic hotspots? No correlation at all?

    Is this signs of an overactive mind?

    1. Dennis,
      You’re trying to “connect the dots” to see if they create a picture. Nothing wrong with that, if you understand that we as humans are ” meaning making machines” always trying to make sense out of what we see. That said, things like earthquake fault zones do tend to create earth surface features, which in turn can effect air and weather flows. Maybe the balloon was mapping these, or just confirming them? Maybe your brain is trying to work overtime. (welcome to an engineer’s brain). I suggest some of your “therapy time”, dosage- 100 rounds/hr minimum, as soon as weather permits. Don’t over think this… don’t need to be going into THAT type of rabbit hole.

      1. That reminds me, I have not had my therapy for a while. Headed out now with some LR meds and some bottle caps. I’ll be better soon.

        1. Hey that’s ok, years ago my wife and I were at this cave which was huge outside Springfield mo, the state/ federal guide kept talking how safe it was in case of earthquake, and called the new Madrid earthquake, New Ma drid , I did not say a word to her. Around here we pronounce it New mad rid.

          1. 007,

            Yep again. That’s how we pronounce it too. We’re a ways from it, but close enough for it to be a concern. When I replaced our builder’s insurance with a homeowner policy, the agent had to do some research on our exact location before including earthquake coverage. Found out we were less than five miles outside the perimeter of the zone where earthquake coverage required an exorbitant rider policy.

  95. Worked outside most of the day. Watering fruit trees and berry bushes, spraying blueberries for fungus and bugs. Cut up a couple of old dead pines filled with termites that were laying on the ground. Noticed many small buds and flowers starting. ” The Earth is the Lords and its fullness there-in”. God/Spring is just so good!

  96. I’ve been re-reading Atlas Shrugged. First read was in 8th grade, 50 years ago (have no idea why I read it…maybe because it was dauntingly big and I wanted the challenge?). Anyway, I seem to remember thinking the storyline was somewhat exaggerated fiction, because the business community – not to mention the country – could not possibly survive for very long with the ridiculous politics and ideas the antagonists operate by. Well, I no longer consider it an exaggeration; it seems pretty spot-on for the kind of thinking going on today. Pretty weird.

  97. I heard that there is some military radio chatter that we have moved to defcom 2. Has anyone heard anything?

    1. old lady
      I will check with those whom I know and see if it has. When I have an answer will pass it along to you.

    2. DEFCON is 5 currently. A “LAL”….Local Alert Level…..may be different per location and operational requirements, but overall alert status is 5.

      1. Phredd
        Defcon Level Warning System
        Private OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Alerts & News
        2-7-2023 | 5:50 am UTC

        Defcon level is 3

        1. For security reasons, the U.S. military never publicly releases the current DEFCON level. In February 2022, a senior official with the U.S. Department of Defense confirmed that the federal government will not publicly reveal the current DEFCON level of the U.S. military.
          Hence OSINT

          1. Phredd
            Yep, we’re good. Thanks for correcting the info. Nice someone else on here pays attention to the Defcon level.

            TPTB are NEVER gonna tell us we’re in for a hit. They are afraid of the panic that would cause, so, Me/You and everybody else are on our own.

      2. OOPS…..First page of alert levels was screwed up. Current OSINT is 3. (AKA Roundhouse or Yellow.) Current EMAIL generator for the LWS doesn’t seem to have a clue of what is really going on. Again.

        Hmmmm…..I just looked at all 6 regions and DEFCON Level/s are not “current”. Which is not an anomaly for the Internet portals, but might be in a possible transition state.

        I will keep an eye on it….

  98. Well…been a long day. 50 degrees here today, I’m gettin spring fever. Gonna rain for the next 2 days, so I got the tractor, pitchfork and went to cleaning the part of the rabbit barn where the 6 new cages go. This is part of raising rabbits I don’t like much. My left shoulder and elbow/hand, and back are telling me why.

    Both last 2 does kindled last night, 1 dead, 15 alive, and in good shape. The dead one looked deformed, kinda hard to tell. 6 out of 8 have had live litters, hard to tell but it looks like 43 babies. 120 days from now I’ll let Y’all know the dressed out cost per lb.

    For 8 does and 3 bucks, last months feed bill was $25, with feed in the barrel left over, probably about 20Lbs. Feed comes in 50lb bags. I don’t pay cash for the alfalfa hay, I trade labor.

    I got 3 cages cut/clipped together, 3 more to go. Lot of squeezing those clip pliers right handed, it’s sore also. Got lazy and out of shape this winter, now it starts to show up.

  99. Question was watching pinball prepper today and he said something I have not heard about before. He said that Bill Gates has invested in artificial egg production, that is one reason why eggs are so expensive/scarce. Anybody hear anything about this? Or is this a non issue?

  100. blackjack22,

    Yes, he has invested in a company that makes artificial eggs. I don’t think his doing so has caused the shortage, but he knows the plans for food disruption and is profiting from it. Curiously enough, there is a study out of UC Davis released last July where they were able to produce antibodies to SARS-COV-2 from hen eggs. I haven’t read it yet, but I did find the link to it using brave’s search engine. Human bodies need protein to function optimally and maintain good health. There seems to be a war on animal protein. Go figure.

    1. These nuevo Robber Barons are a clueless, dimmed consciousness, lack of morality, lack of true humanity and have not a clue about the evil that has dominion over them.

    2. Farmgirl, Vaccines against several diseases are developed/produced in an egg-based medium.

      1. Anony Mee, Yes, they are, and true vaccines do not act like these serum injections do. When I have some time later, I plan to read the study, provided it’s still available.

        1. Farmgirl
          I would suggest that you place it into a folder until you have the time to read the paperwork.
          A JIC situation, as we all know here today and somehow gone tomorrow. 🤔

  101. Are the dems/race-baiters winning? I have a hispanic friend of over 40 years. He’s 3rd or 4th generation American. We talk by phone or lately ham radio, 6-10 times a year. See each other a couple of times a year. The last few times, he prefaces every statement with: Being an immigrant or I’m of Mexican heritage or Being a minority, etc. etc.

    We’re good enough friends, I asked him about it. He wasn’t aware he was doing it. He is no more Mexican than I am. The dems are dividing us. It’s working for them. Divide and conquer? Ya see it on tv news shows too. “Being a black man……..” Most times it’s plainly obvious, so why mention it? Seems to alienate others around them. All part of the plan? I’ll not participate in this nonsense. I’ll not preface every statement by proclaiming “I’m a white guy, so….” My friend and I had a good laugh over it.

    1. Plainsmedic,

      Of course they are winning. Why wouldn’t they be…with so little pushback or resistance?

      Do you ever think of yourself as smarter, wiser, or superior just because you are white (assuming you are)? Ever think you deserve special treatment because of your heritage or skin tone? Ever demand special consideration for anything?

      Well, our current American culture does…if you are any color other than white, or if you actually practice Biblical Christianity.

      So, to be anything other than white or Christian means you have special insight into all the problems facing humanity…you are special and should wear that as a badge of honor…announcing it before any interaction with other humans, just to warn them not to challenge you intellectually because you possess special knowledge and experiences they can never match.

      Hi!…my name is Dennis…my gun is bigger than yours!…now, what did you want to say?

      1. Dennis,
        Yep, it’s intentional. The sad part, most folks don’t realize they’re following along/falling into the well laid trap. Most folks are NOT racists, they’re simply made to feel that way. Then, after feeling bad about something they likely didn’t do, they fade into the background. This intentional division and stigmatizing will not end well. I don’t have the answers, but I’ll not play along.

      2. I did not realize that there were so many raciest on this blog until now.
        So sad all the small minds. I don’t go to church but maybe once or twice a year, but when I do it’s to an old Missionary Baptist church about ten miles down the state road.
        When we show up it’s like the progical son has returned. Hugs, kisses and handshakes.
        We leave with slobber on us, cramps in my hands, and a belly full of the best food you could ever eat from the small fellowship hall. They won’t have it no other way than we sit in the front row

        1. There is so much negativity in the news pertaining to race it filters over into our lives. Then we tend to group color all together. Your wonderful church is not the big city where should you be in the wrong part of town would be seen as a white privilege interloper and perhaps whacked in the head for no reason with a baseball bat. In my area people still nod hello when you stop to let them cross the street, but don’t be out late in some parts of Nashville. Crime and hate have no color.

          1. Mrs. U –

            You are walking in a park when suddenly you are confronted by a Golden Retriever, a Labrador and an American Pit Bull. Which one will you keep your eyes on and avoid? The first two are physically capable of mauling you, but the third one is 100 times more likely to rip your throat out with no warning. It is what it is. If black people feel segregated, I think their problem is with other black people. But I’m just a simple cause and effect guy. I don’t have any of this high-brow leftist NPR ideology. I have a penchant for survival.

        2. In my own world,

          Could you please clarify your post, maybe I misinterpreted your inference. Are you implying racism on my part for pointing out that a large portion of today’s society pre-judge folks based on skin color or religion and distance themselves from, or deem themselves superior to by announcing they are not “one of them”?

          I don’t get the “Missionary Baptist Church” refence. I’m white…was raised in a Missionary Baptist Church. As a young police officer who had to work most Sundays, I would, time permitting, often sit in on services at a “black” Missionary Baptist Church in South Dallas…and kiss and hug with congregation after services (part of the joy of Christianity).

          Again, I don’t get your point of contention.

          1. Did ya ever hear the one about too stupid to pour piss out of a boot, with the instructions written on the sole? Guess I shouldn’t have re-told my experience with my hispanic friend. Kind of like the recent balloon episode, right over the head. No worries Dennis, you’re a good man. I don’t think there’s a racist among this group. Which was my point. The race-baiters are trying to create racism where there isn’t any. Rest easy my friend.

          2. Dennis, Plainsmedic
            You guys and I have been on MSB a long time, We know there are some on here who are race-baiters/raciest, just consider the source.

            ” I don’t get your point of contention.” That’s the point of the post, to get attention to him, so post something, knowing it won’t go over good.

            Our integrity is in tact. When we look at that man in the mirror, We like what we see. Others? Not so much

            Rest easy Guys, we got our S–T together.

          3. My point was-give it a break. This is not the first time this subject has come up by a longshot. It serves no purpose and is counterproductive. It only serves to separate people.
            It’s just not cool.
            Sorry if I touched any nerves.

          4. Dennis, For what it’s worth, I think it’s important to notice what’s happening with regard to the official push to villainize white people in general. Not noticing, or talking about it, just allows a very nefarious agenda to spread and grow. It is not racist to notice such, draw attention to the danger, and speak out against it. Every genocide in history started this way.

          5. imow/scout/cid – People who by defect or choice behave like animals need to be separated from others. It’s called self-preservation and survival, the very core of this website. Now Troll-Off wiff yo bad seff.

          6. – Well, I will just take my cute little blue buns outa her! Seeing as I am a minority and all…

            – Papa S.

          7. All I care about is what color your heart is. When you get right down to it, nothing else matters. Love or hate, good or evil, forgiving or not forgiving. It is an individual choice that has ramifications for eternity. The heart and mind of Christ…… what color is that? It would appear that Jesus is color blind as He did not specify what color was to be saved for eternity. Or did I miss something? SS

          8. Soul Survivor and Papa S. I’ve been all over God’s green earth and met, enjoyed and worked all kinds of foreign people; I even married one and raised a family; so I have no need to waive around the “some of my best friends are..” card. My issue is with American blacks. Unless or until we are ready to have an open and uninhibited discussion about the atrocious and violent behavior exhibited by MOST of them, then real hate will continue to grow. See my Pit Bull analogy to Mrs. U. Some are cuddly and loving, most are horrifically violent; and some can turn on a dime. I would LOVE to be color blind, but I have a natural aversion to being killed.

          9. Imow,
            It serves to separate people? Exactly! It separates the people that have the guts to stand for themselves from the pathetic, weak and mentally deficient losers who don’t have the balls to stand for themselves. Keep drinking the kool-@aid and when the animals come crawling you might understand what reality has been trying to tell you but it will be too late.

  102. Check out Amazon – and get punched in the face with a landing page banner commanding thou to “Shop Black-owned Businesses.” Well, as an Amazon vendor at an Asian-owned business, I was intrigued and clicked on the link. The brightly colored splashy page is probably not safe for epileptics, extremely attention-seeking. Hmmm. Click…

    – Gaudy T-shirts emblazoned with metallic print announcing nonsense to the world
    – Hoodies
    – Ugly rugs
    – Mouse Ears
    – Fake Hair
    – Skin paint (seriously)
    – Biographies of nobodies
    – Dozens of types of hair grease with varying base-stocks, viscosities and ‘fragrances’
    – Trinkets, trash and useless items

    Does anyone know the dollar value of such placement on Amazons landing page? It’s in the millions of dollars. Who paid for this?

  103. Tmac,

    Would think Amazon is padding its ESG score. The social credits…”S” of “ESG” in this instance.

    You know…the same reason the uber wealthy are scarfing up farm and ranch land (in my opinion)…in order to stockpile carbon credits (the “E” for “environmental” in “ESG”) to “off-set” their huge “carbon footprint” from their private jets, yachts, multiple mansions.

    It’s a brave new world we are entering…we prepare in our own way for sheer survival…they prepare for the world we are not invited to.

    1. Dennis –

      If I understand correctly, then this is a simple ‘token’ system of base, naked exploitation of this tender race of the perpetually aggrieved. When do the riots start?

  104. Was just over at looking for earthquake news. Egads. Read his article “Directed Energy Weapon” directed at Tyndall AFB in FL. The article states that the weapon has also been directed at some radar sites.

    Ours? Theirs? And “who” theirs?

    1. ….and if these DEW can do this…maybe they can hit whatever that Chinese balloon was mapping? Earlier did someone say EQ faults? Bases? Sheesh. I sound like a conspiracy theorist. Enough lollygaggin’, gotta go get busy now……

  105. WHEW. FALSE ALARM. The article was from 2020! Whew. I was ready to go make a tinfoil hat, lol!

  106. Channel surfing for something to listen to while I do work here at the place. Came across a channel that is showing an old article about the bank sters and the fed real serve. Thought this will be good to l to waste my time listening to it as it has nothing I have not heard. OH, how wrong I was!
    On Ruko (if you have it) on channel 755 Phenomenon: The Lost Archives S1: Episode 8 Monopoly Man. 😲
    If you get a chance to listen to it may be worth your while.

  107. Reply to Plainsmedic on mentioning race: I try to let other people bring up the topic if they are going to bring it up at all. If race is mentioned by the other party, I try to bring a bit of humor into the conversation in an effort to laugh it off. In my case, the State of California declared me to be a white man back in the early 1990’s so I had a “Coming Out Party” at a redneck steakhouse later that day. The folks at the table were all LEO’s or first responders of one shape or another. The area of California that this took place in was pretty diverse as far as workplace goes. I grew up working on farms and ranches, eating Mexican food, learning English in school and learning “Mexican Spanish” from coworkers in the fields and kitchens that I worked in. (Mexican Spanish used within the workplace is liberally laced with profanities…not suitable for polite company) Combine that with an asian face and the result can be a bit confusing when I began driving ambulance and patrol cars in other parts of the Golden State. (Eyeballs to brain…does not compute)

    1. Cali,
      I had a good friend who had a TV repair shop for years. He looked like he had just come off the boat from China but when he spoke he sounded like Larry the Cable guy. it would freak people out 🤣and cussed like a sailor. He was a hoot. he was Born and raised in Aberdeen, MS

    2. Cali,
      No problems with me. Heck, I’m gonna lose “cred” what with having a hispanic friend for 40 years. I’ve heard it takes all kinds. Mainly pointing out how we’re all affected by news and how it’s done. Just seemed off somehow, that my friend started using the nomenclature of the talking heads. He’s a smart guy and was horrified to hear what I mentioned. “Really, am I doing that?” It’s all good.

  108. Reply to Mrs U: I love Cheech and Chong and I grew up listening to their routines. In my place of work, I have found 2 social lubricants to help ease tensions in the workplace and allow people from a wide variety of backgrounds to work together. The first is a sense of humor and, along with that is, a sense of forgiveness. The second is some type of communal food or drink. In my place, I provide the coffee for my coworkers. Each shift is started with the smell of French Roast coffee coming from the Break Room. I was taught to share as a youngster. My crew knows when I am at work when they smell the coffee. The agency folks are pleasently surprised by finding a few perks at my unit when they get floated. We also have an emergency food stash for those that forget their lunch or mid shift meal. I am also a fan of Beavis and Butthead which is weird because I am now age 60 and doing the Cornholio routine in public could get me detained and arrested by the Po-Po. (most officers realize I am harmless within a minute. Most rookies are surprised when they found out I used to do their job back in the day…long ago and far away)

    1. Calirefugee:

      Gat Dang It! That’s my schtick!

      ” I am also a fan of Beavis and Butthead which is weird because I am now age 60 and doing the Cornholio routine in public could get me detained and arrested by the Po-Po.”


    2. The nice men, mostly black, in the warehouse who pulled my lighting orders were great guys. I used to buy all of them lunch every 6 weeks or so. To show my appreciation for their work. No other salespeople did that. We had some discussions in the lunchroom on race sometimes. Nobody got upset. In another discussion I was asked if I thought Jesus was white. No, I don’t think he was. But probably tan/dark skin and hair like todays Arabs. Nobody got upset and moved on.

      1. Mrs U,
        My answer would have been,( does it matter ) you and I are in a good place. take care

      2. Mrs. U – Maybe we can all agree with Dennis Prager. “There are only two races in this world, the decent; and the indecent.” That covers it, I think.

    3. calirefugee: cheech and chong, remember the one…. “wanna buy a watch, if u had a watch u would know its night time and night time ain’t no time to be in this neighborhood……hahhahh

  109. With all the information AI is fed by the programmers, and AI progresses to the point that it begins thinking on its own…… what logical conclusions do you suppose it might come up with? Will it realize who the real idiots are? The big money people funding these projects had best be careful what they wish for. If God can infuse man with a spirit of discernment, I don’t think tinkering with a machine circut would be a big stretch for HIM. HE gave man the promise of free will. No such promise was given to any machine. Think about it….. a Sampson with no hair concerns or thoughts of a women. Might even choose Schwab’s jawbone for concealed carry. SS

  110. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I don’t think we’ve had the race issues that others like the South has had. Although it probably is worse in large cities, we didn’t have the ingrained bias in history against African Americans. Yes, my school didn’t have as many minorities, but those students were either athletes or academics, or musically gifted. They were well accepted and the idea of dividing us by race was a foreign concept to me, and to others. Fast forward. We adopted all three of our children as newborns, the first is full European heritage, the second is part Hispanic (South American) and European, and the third is part Haitian and Irish. All our kids are beautiful, loved, individuals with strengths and weaknesses. I noticed no racial tension with minorities here until the Obama years. He really stirred things up. When I would go to the store alone and smile at others like I normally do, I no longer got a smile back from black people. They would stare at me, frown, or turn away. But, if I took my daughter with me, they would see her and me together, and they would be all smiles, perhaps assuming that my husband was a person of color. Or, maybe just knowing I cared about someone with a different skin color than white was enough for them to relax. My daughter and I have had conversations about race and prejudice, but she’s not had some of the issues that have happened to others she knows. She thinks it’s because she doesn’t walk around with a chip on her shoulder and give others nasty looks, nor does she dress like a gang member. It makes a difference in how others perceive you. No matter what people say, at first meet we do make an assessment based on what we see. My daughter has been pulled over for speeding, but is always polite. She knows when she’s done wrong. Her most embarrassing moment was being pulled over by an LEO who happened to go to our church.

  111. SS, Tmac,
    I grew up white in a multiracial neighborhood. two of my best friends, one was 1/2 Kiowa, another was 3/4 Navaho. We had “dot-not-feather” Indians as well, One’s Dad was an engineer working beside my father. We had an Iranian family who left when the Shah was Deposed, the dad had been one of the upper ranking Air Force generals. One of my grandsons is 1/4 black; he’s 14; one of my best friends and mentors in the Army is so black he is almost blue. i would regularly come home when I lived in Louisiana, where my family was one of two white families on our block, to find my (Black) next-door neighbor cooking supper in our kitchen while my DW was putting her daughter’s hair in Cornrows. When we lived in Germany, many people thought my wife and son were Dutch (We lived “on the economy”). Our neighbors were from Spain and Czechoslovakia. All my kids and I speak multiple languages. DW is the slow one with only 2 and a half. H-e- double hockeysticks, I was born in Texas and I’m not 100% sure of my nationality. Just saying.

    – Papa S.

  112. Reply to IMOW: Years ago there were 1 maybe 2 comedians that were of Korean ancestry that were born and raised in the Midwest/bordering Dixie states. There are several comedy routines I do that came from their comedy routines. One is when I meet a young lady that has a tattoo of Chinese calligraphy. I look at it and say quietly “Oh, Chicken Chow Mein!” The young lady usually responds/corrects me telling me that it says “Serenity”. I try my best to look confused and tell her that my father told me that symbol means Chicken Chow Mein. It is tough to keep a straight face during this routine. The young lady will sometimes question the veracity of the tattoo artist that gave them the ink after this encounter.
    The other practical joke I pulled on a large heavyset friend of mine at a Chinese Buffet thoroughly enjoying his plate at a table with friends when I approach wearing an apron and a towel draped over my arm saying in my best pidgeon imitation: “You been here 4 hour! You eat everyt’ing! You no pay! You go now!” The only reason nobody called the cops on me is because this was a table full of cops and several recognized me.
    I try to have fun on my days off. Next week, I’ll have 2 more cats to spin on the wood floor. I try to not make people laugh when they are drinking a carbonated drink because it burns in the nasal cavities.

    1. calirefugee: on gawd, that second one is going to keep me laughing. i wish i had been there to see that one.

  113. Here is a list of the US Military bases in the path of the China Spy Balloon.

    ** Malstrom Air Force Base – Montana

    ** Ellsworth Air Force Base – South Dakota

    ** Joe Foss Field ANG – South Dakota

    ** Sioux City ANG – Iowa

    ** Offutt Air Force Base -Nebraska

    ** Camp Ashland – Nebraska

    ** Lincoln ANG – Nebraska

    ** Whiteman Air Force Base – Missouri

    ** Fort Leonard Wood – Missouri

    ** St. Louis Army Human Resources – St. Louis, MO

    ** Scott Air Force Base – Illinois

    ** Fort Campbell – Tennessee

    ** Nashville ANG – Tennessee

    ** Smyrna ANG – Tennessee

    ** Houston Barracks – Tennessee

    ** McGhee Tyson ANG – Tennessee

    ** Pope Air Force Base – North Carolina

    ** Fort Bragg – North Carolina

    ** MCAS New River – North Carolina

    ** Camp Lejeune – North Carolina

    ** US Coast Guard Station Fort Macon

    1. Yep, and now breaking on Reuters and all major outlets:

      “China has declined US request for a phone call between pentagon chief and China’s defense minister, Pentagon says .”

      Apparently Lloyd Austin just doesn’t have gravitas on a world stage. We are a global joke. Did anyone look at the SOTU tonight? Did Pedo Bumblefark choke on his tongue?

    2. Ken,
      National Geospatial Intelligence Agency is the big one just north of downtown St Louis Mo. it is a new facility still under construction. There are two other facilities, one located near the Busch brewery and another in Arnold Mo. in Jefferson County Mo.
      It used to be called Defense Mapping Agency.
      Every map used by our military comes from these facilities.

  114. SMG
    Wanted you to know I do not buy the lower protein hamburger. Only purchase the 93/7 as I want the beef as close to what we used to raise.
    I have consumed rabbit it reminds me of squirrel meat which is okay.

    1. AC
      I don’t but any meat. I raise all the meat we eat here on the homestead. I’ve got over 60yrs farming experience and still have all the infrastructure to raise what ever I need.

      I know I’m in a lot difference situation than most MSB’ers, with the land and infrastructure here. I worked my fingers to the bone to get where I’m at today, nothing was given to me, I earned every sq inch of this place.

      Sometimes I take for granted other preppers can do what I do. Really not realizing that they may not have the means to do so. It comes off as arrogant but I don’t mean it that way. I’m gonna be more careful and add more facts to my posts in order to try and help everyone with their goals of survival.

      I’m a rancher, not very good a writing posts. Yes, I like MOO and OINK and cookadoddle doo. Ain’t giving them up for crickets either..!!

  115. SMG
    Not correcting you, just wanted you to know it is a great meat source. I still prefer MOOO cow…lol

  116. Tmac
    I tried, I really did. Couldn’t stand the lies, all lies, turned it off.

    Growing up, you got a good ass whopping in my home for lying. I sure wish my Dad could beat LIAR in chief ass for lying. Think maybe my Dad would really go to town with that razor strap. I’d just love to see that.

    That SOB makes me sick..!!

  117. And now a recall of Vienna sausage. Not my favorite, but it sure seems they’re recalling anything someone might want to have for a little longer storage life. Peanut butter was the other one. I’m sure there were more. So, are they throwing out all these returns, or adding to their underground bunker stores?

    1. NW Gal
      You asked if they are tossing these foods out when a recall is issued. 🤔
      Regarding this I can honestly tell you by divining your question. The answer is a simple yes, referring to the last half of the storage room.

    2. Not surprised. This is the food item that we have thrown out, gone bad/bulging cans the most.

  118. The Original Just Sayin’ – Are you aware (probably are) that hydrogen peroxide sprayed on B cell skin cancer completely knocks it out in short order? Had a breakout, probably due to another issue, and within about a week of spraying 5 or 6 times per day it was healed nicely. I came across an old German doctor who provided the info and damned if he wasn’t right. I am curious to see if others with that issue might try it to see if it works for them too. Sure beats those docs carving you up. SS

    1. That is really good information. Thank You. Guess what we would not know is what cell it is. But spray away anyway. Wouldn’t hurt.

  119. You know, three years ago probably maybe one out of 100 average Americans had ever heard of Wuhan China…then it became synonymous with China and the covid-19 virus that swept the world.

    The recent kerfluckle over the Chinese weather/spy balloon’s trip across the nation left me wondering why it didn’t follow a route over D.C.

    Then it struck me this morning…copyright infringement…can you imagine the TV news reporting chyrons running across the screen…”Wuhan flew over the cuckoo’s nest”?

    I apologize, still raining out…I’m killing time before I start my chores.

  120. Turned compost today, the Fall leaves/pine needles are breaking down well. We will add mowed hay this summer. Purple magnolia in full bloom, azaleas starting to as well.

    Found a great anti-fungal spray and it is homemade. 4 teaspoons of baking soda and 4 of dish soap in 1 gallon pump sprayer. Worked on my blueberries and Mom’s rose bushes.

    Citrus trees in greenhouse in full bloom too.

    God is good!

    1. Pitchfork
      Last Sept I put 1lb of red wiggler compost worms under my rabbit hutches just to see if they would turn it into “worm dirt.” Well, I cleaned out an area, 18sq ft about foot and a half deep. There a millions of worms, they have spread completely through the compost, about 24ft long, 3ft wide and a depth of 2ft. The compost was warm enough this winter, it didn’t freeze, even at a week of -10.

      It’s a mix of manure, urine, straw, and spilled alfalfa hay, turned into “black gold.” PH is a little high, but spread it in garden, work it in and with watering that will decrease. The tractor buckets I cleaned out went on one of my other piles, along with the worms. I’ll see what they do to a mix of all sorts of organic material in that pile.

      Maybe look into red wigglers? I got mine form Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm.

      1. SMG,
        Worm compost works great. But be careful, that stuff is hot hot hot.a little goes a long way.

        1. Imow
          I disagree with that. Because they’re slow-release, it’s incredibly difficult to “overdo it” with earthworm castings, short of getting ridiculousness. All fertilizers should be used in moderation, organic or commercial.

          That’s one of the best things about them: earthworm castings are a gentle, slow-release fertilizer, despite the fact that they contain a higher concentration of nutrients than bulk compost. As food and other material passes through the worm’s digestive system, the castings are coated with a film of mucus that in turn slows the breakdown and release of nutrients in the soil. Like other slow-release fertilizers, you can safely apply a larger volume but less frequently than fast-acting fertilizers. I only apply it in the spring before planting and fall after crops are harvested.

          I’ve tested this before. I planted a variety of veggies in pure worm dirt, half dirt and half castings. Pure was a little to hot, plants grew but not like the half&half.
          Like anything you need to experiment to find the best results. Un-like horse or chicken raw/composted, those will burn and kill plants.

          In addition to using worm castings in their fresh natural form, consider turning them into compost tea! If you aren’t familiar with compost tea, it is exactly what it sounds like: a liquid solution or “tea” created by steeping compost in water. It’s a great way to make a small amount of compost go a lot farther. Once the nutrients in the compost seep into the water, you can feed many plants or garden beds with it. Just water around the base of the plant. I do this about once a week, only on certain veggies, not the whole garden.

          There’s plenty of info out there on worm castings.

          1. SMG, thanks for the advice. We have mucho bugs in our compost but little earth worms. Maybe I’ll hit a fishing store and buy a couple of units. Thanks again.

          2. SMG,
            Yes compost tea is a great way to make it go you said lit it set and soak for a few days. It’s what we do. Too much fertilizer will make veggies tall and green but they won’t produce anything. I have learned that the hard way over the years.
            Best of luck this spring. It won’t be long now.

  121. Do not know who watched the State of the Union speech last night. I did not, as I happen to prefer retaining what I have consumed for the evening meal.
    In the past have watched those whom I did not care for, but who were in that office be it a D or an R. Can not tolerate that person, so watched the Blaze show this morning getting the cliff notes on what occurred.
    We as a nation are in deep kimchi if the people do not wake up/stand up against this so-called administration and its financial backers. We need to say NO, not but,,, *ell NO. The union needs to a major housecleaning in every department as the fungus of filth runs rampant and deep.
    Time for me to have more coffee so I can face the day. 😕

    1. AC, do you know of any states that are eliminating mail-in voting ballots? I don’t think anything will stop this madness until mail-in voting is stopped. I’m okay with absentee ballots, of course, tho I think you should HAVE to vote right there in the post office and never be allowed to remove it from said premises. Until then, I think we are still doomed as a republic.

      1. DJ5280
        It will not be at the state level but ‘your’ counties that will make the difference on this set of ‘so called rules’.
        Think of bottom up instead of top down. As to the why, it is simple.
        Visually view it as a wave, starting out so small then growing larger as it progresses to eventually wipe out the sludge.
        We as a nation of individuals who dislike the way our country is being ran. Need to stop thinking on the level which evil grows and prospers but beat them at their own game.
        By cutting the roots off at the soil level so they can no longer grow, prosper, nor produce said trash to influence those who have a lacking in the department of intelligence.
        Hope this assists you and others who are wondering where to begin this major task. Your area may appear to be free of the sludge, but sometimes one must look deeper as it is hidden in deguise. mho

        1. DJ5280
          I have family who are lacking in the intel department 😏. Way too much tv/phone time on their hands. So, I know what it is like to have them question me as to the why I see the world in a different light than they do. In some cases, I am older than them, and younger than the others.
          We on the site, see what is happening, why I gave an analytical point of view.
          Maybe time for a cookie… lol

          1. AC, my first thought was no one in local government will do anything….there is no money in it for them to change things now.

    2. AC,
      People will never stand up for themselves. Every one is waiting for someone else to do something for them. Many will post volumes on what they would do. But very few will ever stand up to the task.
      Self sacrifice is a lost cause and a forgotten idea.

    3. AC,

      I didn’t watch it either. I detest a liar…especially one who lies to your face knowing that you know they are lying. To me, that is the ultimate disrespect. I didn’t watch because I knew it would be repeated ad nauseum for days on biased news outlets, some perpetuating the lies, some pointing out the lies.

      Our new governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, gave the republican response. I just watched it on you-tube. She addressed the concerns, and anger of folks like us. I think she did an admirable job of it. Problem is…she can talk like me, verbalize my concerns…but in the end, she’s a politician…and a politician has a long row to hoe convincing me they are more concerned with the people than themselves.

      1. Dennis
        Happen to concur with what you said and pointed out.
        I do like her, but being mollycoddled it not something I want, nor expect from a person who is running for an office.
        Speak to me as you wish to be spoken to, no grey areas, which will leave one wondering if they are being taken advantage of.
        She presents me with the grey area, but it could be just my mind’s perception.

  122. Mr. watched it. I watched Oak Island. They find some interesting artifacts sometimes. Always enough opinions to watch the day after. It is to the point I cannot bear the sound of his voice.

  123. Forgot to mention above that we started our sweet tater slips today. Hope to plant them by mid-March.

    Got most of our Florida winter chores done. Pretty soon it will be hot-humid-and bugs.

    God is good!

    1. Pitchfork
      I sure wish I had your growing season. I’m in zone 6b. I lost 160 acres of pinto beans in 2018 because it got down to 28, on the 15th of June, lost the whole crop, OMG was that EXPENSIVE.!! I remember when I was just a kid, Dad’s sweet corn froze on the 4th of July

      No way I could stand that humidity, heat? Maybe.

      You get high/straight line winds there? I know you get hurricanes.

  124. No surprise here…but a good reminder since everyone got so excited over the China balloon. Being revealed now that there were over 10,000 confirmed Mexican cartel drone incursions over U.S. soil last year (along with over 25,000 sightings by civilians). No reported shootdowns…big guy must have got his 10%.

    Could solve this problem if the border states would enact open season on them similar to feral hogs (not to be confused with federal hogs…although that might be even better).

    Still raining on the mountain…non-stop all day.

  125. Zerohedge has an article on the “vaccine” that all should read. Fauci is a co-author.
    I am completely disgusted. These people are the very dregs of humanity.

  126. Completely off the subject……….


    Suggestion for fixing a generator……one that really ticks me off…….that starts, runs, but doesn’t hold a decent RPM. It runs up, in RPM, then drops, then runs up, then drops….. I’m about two seconds from putting a .30 cal round through it’s crystal-clean carcass. It had run quite nicely for a few years, then it starts this teeny-bopper fake puke-ing crap. You know…the ol’ “gag me with a spoon” garbage scum-bag females used in high-school. It’s a propane/gas genny…..4Kw…..slant-eye copy machine. Does it on propane and gas. I try to run it every month for 2 hours…..but isn’t always meeting those parameters. I dump in about 1/4 of a “dose” of injector cleaner (AKA kerosene) each time I run it. Hasn’t seem to help lately. Suggestions???

    1. Phredd –

      Rough day brother? Listen.. clear and stow that Garand and the slant-eye stuff, neither is helpful.

      What is this thing? Open frame with a carburetor and governor, fuel-injected? Inverter? Stepper drives on the throttle? If inverter, is the tank vent open?

      How old is it? Clean air filter? – It wasn’t tipped and soaked right? Since it does the same thing on both fuels, perhaps an air leak developed in the carb-to-intake gasketing, sucking air. Vibration will do this over time. Rock the carb, does it move? Put a wrench on the stud nuts.

      What’s the weather been like lately? How high are you,… elevation-wise?

      Does it have a data display for voltage, frequency and time?

      Have you ever or recently set the valve lash clearances? EPA demands stupid-tight clearances; slight drift can cause a loping idle, and backfiring, but I’m inclined to rule out an air leak first.

      BREATHE! In through the nose, count 7, hold, out through the mouth, count 11. Do it 3 times, you’ll feel much better. I’ll check back.

  127. This entire war can be blamed on that failure biden and nato creep, the fighting started under bomma.
    Now it’s being told the biden admin was directly responsible for the nord stream destruction.
    This is just the first place I have seen this information.

  128. Greetings Dennis, I too missed the State of the Union Address last night but I was able to get in a group therapy session today. I was lucky enough to catch a break in the weather and was able to shoot with no or minimal wind. I was able to group 2 separate hand loads into a group the size of a dime at 100 yards and both loads had a 3 shot cloverleaf with the tightest group being within 1 ragged hole. (This was done with a Savage rifle in 22 Hornet at 100 yards from a bench). I also shot some from an improvised rest and a new BOG pod for practice in anticipation of Spring rat shooting trip. Anyway, here is my load data for the 2 tight groups: Group #1. 3 shots in one ragged hole using Murom small pistol primer, 11 grains of H-110 and a Hornady 35 grain V-max all within resized brass. Group #2. 3 bullets in elongated hole using Fiocchi small pistol primer, 12 grains of lil’ gun powder (Hodgdon), Hornady 40 grain V-max all within resized brass. It was a good day on the range for myself. I practice about once per week come wind or no wind because the place where I hunt is generally pretty windy. (practice on a windy day doe not result in tight groups but it is good practice). Tight groups on a windless day is for bragging rights.

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