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  1. This Thanksgiving, not everything is right in my world, but I have so very, very much to be thankful for. One of the things I am grateful for is MSB, where I’ve learned so much. I pray for God’s abundant blessings for all of you and your families.

  2. 50 years ago to day D.B. Cooper parachuted out of a Boeing 727 with a briefcase full of money.He probably made it unless they gave him a bum chute.That would’ve been the smart move but remember we are talking about the Federal Bureau of

    There was a joke in the law enforcement circles that F.B.I agents identified themselves by means of wing tip shoes and a stripped tie.

  3. Might want to look at the article “An Impolite Message To Those Who Got The Covid “Vaccine”” By Walter Gelles
    over on today’s Lew Rockwell dot com sight. There is a lot behind the jab that will not come out for a long time and there is a reason to be really upset about the whole damn program. Both sides are upset and most do not know what the real truth is behind the jabs. If you find the real truth it is going to hurt and we are all pawns in the game.

  4. To nyscout,

    For off-topic conversation, do it on the open-forum.

    Others who happen across a particular article (perhaps by a web-search) are interested in the article’s subject matter as well as on-topic comments in order to gain insight. When off-topic comments derail the conversation, it is often a ‘turn off’ for others.

  5. To nyscout,

    To address your comment that you had typed over on the Turkey Cooking Time article which read as follows:

    “so i guess we are down to posting recipes now , how sad is that with everything else that is going on now. so sad. sank to the bottom of the barrel on this one. their are going to be some people who don’t like this comment. IDC Geeese, what a waste of script and my time.”

    Feel free to start your own website/blog whereby you could tailor it to your own personal interests and such.

    If it were me, I would never walk into someone else’s house and start telling them that their furniture is ugly, or their food sucks, and what a waste of time it was being there. But that’s just me.

    I get the feeling that maybe you’re looking for doom-and-gloom 24/7 365. There are plenty of those taverns out there. Feel free to go find them.

    I have been posting that Turkey Cooking Time article (and the How-to Thaw a Frozen Turkey article) for many years at this time before Thanksgiving. They have been immensely popular on search-engines while searching on that subject, with tons of traffic.

    Besides, its my blog, my topics, my choices. My tavern is simply one of many along “Internet Street”. Feel free to come and go as you please. Just don’t walk in here and spit on the floor. Thanks.

    1. And I appreciate it Ken! I visited today to confirm the temp needed. It is a perfectly timed article, thank you.

  6. To everyone on MSB,

    I hope that you all enjoy this day of Thanksgiving. The roots of which are from celebration of a good harvest. May your future harvests be plentiful :)

    Smell the roses.
    Live life to its fullest.
    Do not fall victim to constant negativity.
    Life. Liberty. The pursuit of Happiness. That’s what it’s about…

    Thanksgiving Turkey

    1. Wow what a beautiful spread to give thanks for :-), as its still around breakfast time is it from last year perhaps?

      I bet Sampson will be eating GOOD today.

      May peace and health flood your homes today MSB folks.

      1. Haha! Actually that picture is from our Thanksgiving dinner during 2011 (just happened to have it saved on my blog from an old post). Yes, Sampson will be getting fat today (grin).

        1. Smiling about Sampson.

          For those that pray a moment of prayer for my SIL and her daughter. Our plans to do Thanksgiving at their house was stopped by the facts that both of them were exposed to Positive COVID people at their schools. All involved were fully vaccinated and some even boostered. Just got the message this morning.

          God is just in both His mercy and His vengeance; I am praying for His mercy on my family members exposed to the dread Bioweapon COVID.

          Be safe folks, enjoy the day of giving thanks and be safe.

          1. NH Michael – It is my prayer that you and your house along with your SIL and her daughter are covered by HIS mercy and protection as promised in Psalm 91. Amen.

          2. NHM,
            Will keep them in prayer.Please keep us posted…Encourage them to do the immunity boost things we have discussed here. D3, selenium, iodine, zinc,( first dose only should be given with Vitamin A) If they become ill, they should be able to get the antibodies. They have helped those i know who received them. The sooner the better effect.
            …. schools everywhere and injected populations are becoming ill .
            ….Also has struck our church family who are also in schools and injected.Those with many co-morbidity’s and inflammatory illness’ are being sickest -first.
            Multiple Family Members in Minerjim’s “vacationing city” have also become ill and placed their family gatherings on hold..Some have mild illness, some are pretty sick.
            It is important that we lift ALL who are sick with bioweapon up in prayer .Remember God knows every name and condition whether we do or not…..Then use every available effort to help those we now personally recover.Encourage them. Tis illness is so bad because they barr people from doing things one would normally do for this type of illness.saying there is not a known treatment…ie.. get up and Move, fresh air is important.Take deep breaths. get plenty of fluids.Eat lots of garlic. raw if possible…a bulb of garlic every 8 hours.It keeps the vampires away :>) Use essential oils as chest rub.. oil of oregano and Peppermint 6 drops of each in 2 tbsp of olive oil is a good remedy expectorating and opens up airways.can also use on bottoms of feet. put on avoid falls.

          3. NH Michael, I’ll be praying for your SIL and her daughter. If they test positive, encourage them to get the antibodies infusion. About 20 members of my family got COVID and we all got the infusion. Nobody got sick enough to go to the hospital and for most it was like a mild case of the flu.

          4. Thanks All, prayer works. Pity my BIL and his family still thinks that the Vaccine is worthwhile.

            Someone smarter than I said it well “A lie told often enough and loud enough becomes Journalism”.

            Proverbs 16 …3Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be achieved. 4The LORD has made everything for His purpose— even the wicked for the day of disaster. 5Everyone who is proud in heart is detestable to the LORD; be assured that he will not go unpunished.

            Peace and health to you and yours.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
    My prayer is that each of you have something to be thankful for. I am so thankful to be able to communicate with you all. So thanks Ken🙏

  8. Wow there is a lot I have learned from all of your posts! I am very thankful to have found you guys. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Thanks Giving Day…a day we set aside…one day a year…to reflect on all that we have reason to give thanks for…

    There is a story of a pastor walking down the street and as he passed a rickety, little shack, he heard a voice saying in wonderment, over and over. “All this, and Jesus, too!” Not being able to pass by without satisfying his curiosity, he peeked in the window. At a meager table knelt a withered, old man, his body ravaged by years in the mines. In his coal-stained hands, he held a piece of bread and before him was a small bowl of very thin porridge. The dear saint lifted his eyes and hands toward heaven and once again exclaimed, with deep adoration and thankfulness, “All this, and Jesus, too!”

    We, as a people, born into this wonderful place called the United States of America,…tend to be among the least grateful of all people…even as we take food on our tables, heated and cooled homes, free running clean water, one/two/even three or more cars in our driveways for granted…sure, we worked for them…so why should we be grateful?

    We tend to blame others for any shortcomings in our lives…always have an excuse when our actions backfire on us…we look for reasons to get angry with others…while overlooking our own mistakes but taking full credit for the successes in our lives….

    Trust me…your lot in life can change in an instant…from overflowing joy, to bottomless sorrow and despair…in a twinkling of an eye….life is like that….

    So…fix your eyes upon your blessings…knowing you “deserve” none of them…they are a gift…join me in giving thanks…not just today…but everyday…every moment…without ceasing….”this is the day that the Lord has made…I will rejoice, and be glad in it”

    Leave your anger and cross words at His feet…He will gladly dispose of them…and life will be better for it….

  10. I hope everyone here on MSB has a safe and happy Thanks Giving. I am thankful for all of you, and especially Ken on/for this site, your ideas, encouragement, and your positive attitude has helped/encouraged me. I am thankful for all that I have but, most of all I am thankful I was able to wake up this morning and see a new day start, to see my wife and my son (DD is living out of state), to pet the “new” member of the family, duke.
    For all of this I am so very grateful.

    On a sad note I see where another professional athlete has died while playing a game of football (soccer to all of us in the U.S.), he was only 24 yrs. old. This is the second one in two weeks. I will say a Prayer(s) for him and his family.

    Happy Thanks Giving and prayers to all, may whoever/whatever you believe in keep everyone save this season.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving all,
    Wishing you a most excellent holiday season,
    May you be safe and blessed

  12. @MrsU,
    Here’s one for you. When one of my children went through childhood immunizations they had a bad reaction to the pertussis. The doctor did not give the boosters. Fast forward about 35 years and they went to get a tetanus shot. After a bunch of arguing with the nurse that the shot was to be tetanus only they agreed to give it to her. They lied, gave her the whole TDaP, she got a raging case of whooping cough.

  13. This is a tough day for some as it has been a tough year. My prayers are for all, but specifically for those who may find it hard to give thanks this day. God is in control and HIS plan is perfect even though we may not understand it. So I say to you who may be hurting, if you glorify HIM by your faith in these dark days… your prayers of thanksgiving are the loudest prayers heard in Heaven. I pray HE gives you peace in your heart.

    1. SoulSurvivor,
      thank you and i hope you have a good Thanksgiving. this is my first Thanksgiving without my mother, i also lost a close uncle about the same time. been a hard year for me.
      they say time heals all wounds but wounds to the heart heal slowly.
      love ya, and thanks for all of the good inspiration that you give us.

      1. nyscout

        I’m so sorry for your loss. My mom has been gone for 3 years and I still miss her very much.

        Sending a soft hug.

      2. nyscout – The only thing I can offer is to say I know your pain…..your loss is my loss, your trouble is my trouble. That’s what brothers and sisters are for… pick one another up when we are down. Rest easy and know HE is with you every step of the way.

        1. thank you SS,
          i’m not going to push it but if i was to accidentally pull out on the HWY in front of a log truck my first and last thoughts would be “thank you Jesus” this world is just not fun anymore.

          1. nyscout – I hear ya……but there are some of our own we gotta look out for first. If not us….then who? Think about it…..we could have been born anytime in history, but HE put us here now….in the final chapter for a reason. HE has me curious as to why. Granted, its not going to be easy. The easy day was yesterday. I figure as long as I take care of the possible, He will handle the impossible. I trust Him. When He says my time is up…..He will get no argument from me either…..just a smile. Death won’t claim us……Jesus will.

      3. nyscout,
        I know that pain, It has gotten easier for me. I have zero regrets..I would not ever want any of our parents back to be in pain and helplessness…6 years ago my DM passed in March, DH’s..DM in late May, and Dad in Sept.. so many losses so close IS difficult.
        The last several months of all of their lives, each was totally bedbound and dependent.
        The thing i have found comfort in- I gave each of them the very best care i could as long as they were on this side of eternity. (Another sibling took care of D’H’s Mom in her last year. ) Each knew we cared for were as comfortable as we could make them. None doubted our love and respect for them.
        When we cry we Must understand- we cry for ourselves- and it is OKAY. Give yourself permission to grieve.. To be thankful for the things you were taught by your family members. In honoring those memories we come to acceptance they were and will remain in memory and the legacy of our life. Pass those lessons to your children , grandchildren + nieces and nephews.Let them know the source of those lessons. Hope this helps.

  14. Wishing our entire MSB family of friends a safe and bountiful Thanksgiving. I give thanks to Ken for this site, and for all of you. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    1. All MSB family. Happy Thanksgiving ! I hope each of you are well and content for the day and the blessings of each new day. For those who have little family left- we understand.
      Our family is scattered, so we had a Turkey pot pie from scratch using jarred turkey.. and a light desert. Our two fur boys got their Christmas presents early-they got new beds.They were both thrilled and spent much of the day curled up @ our feet in them.

  15. May Y’all be blessed this day. Thankful for the blessing of our Heavenly Father.

    My Ranch is sponsoring a dinner for the community today and it looks like a YUGGE success. Many thanks to all the people of this community, who stepped up to make this Blessing possible.

    May Heavenly Father Bless each and everyone of you

    1. Don’t you know that Old Homesteader is a complete fraud.He is not now nor has he ever been or done any of the things that he claims.He considers himself an elitist and expert on all matters.Best to write him off as the miserable old troll that he is.

      1. Ah the random “expert” has arrived again. What would be YOUR Qualifications aside from having an ax to grind and urge to throw *hit around?

        Random expert sounds so much better than dweller under a bridge, don’t you think?

        Old Homesteader has a good track record around here, you?

        1. NH Michael
          Now that is a hoot, thank you for the morning smile. The ax grinder, does not speak to the ‘expert’, as a few of us have via phone, and some have visited his homestead. Rest well NHM, your ax grinder will go away.
          Hope you had an enjoyable Turkey Day, although you have family that may be ill. Sending my best that they are or will be doing fine in the coming days.

          1. Thanks, AC for the kind thoughts.

            Community, something dwellers under the bridge never know about.

            Odd though how quickly “Ron” Dottie” or other unknown names show up when OH has a spat with Stand. Seen that over the last few years. Maybe they just get excited about OH getting bashed and jump in but Stand seems immune. Odd.

          2. NH Michael,

            Something else to consider: trolls thrive on sowing discord. It could be they simply recognize a tension (hard to miss!), and seek to use it to create division in the community, drawing as many community members as they can into attacking one another. Highly effective tactic. I hope we don’t let them succeed.

            Prayers for your SIL and her family, that their God-given immunity overcomes even the choice they made to take something that represses and seeks to destroy it. Never underestimate the power of God’s creation. Blessings to you and yours.

          3. You speak the truth Farmgirl trolls do thrive on discord.

            Thus perhaps the massive amount of tv-movie “shows ” where discord is the main event. Flip or Flop, most soaps,, sitcoms and so on.

            Maybe self-restraint and gentle words are less common than I hope.

            Thus I Treasure kindness like your concerns about my family.

            Thank you Farmgirl.

      2. Dottie,
        It has been my experience-to observe.. and is part of playbook of” the rich and famous”.. first to accuse others of what they themselves are doing. When that is ineffective because one’s deeds are known ahead of they have a track record,then they are personally attacked and smeared by some accuser.
        With today’s modern technology an identity is not easily hidden.
        Be careful at the stones you throw-they could come back and injure you…Just Sayin’

  16. My sister purchased a quarter of a cow from a lady up north of here. It worked out to 6.99 per pound. That’s for all the steaks and so on, but last year it was 2.99 per pound.

  17. The COVID camps in Australia look like genocide to me. So far it’s just the aboriginal towns that are affected. Unconfirmed rumors that they’re taking the parents and then jabbing the kids left behind. Also unconfirmed rumors that some people are running into the bush to protect their kids.

    My personal opinion, they’re testing this stuff on a population that doesn’t get much press at the best of times, using them as a litmus test to see how the rest of the population responds. Just like Hitler did with the gypsies, homosexuals, etc., before he started in on the Jews.

    1. Lauren,

      I saw information about that, too, and a call for help put out by tribal elders. It makes me want to *do* something, but what would that be? Our state legislators aren’t even listening to their constituents anymore, and fed pols are just a joke. Makes me sad to see this happening. And I believe you’re right about them choosing this population to target.

  18. FYI, I was looking for 4 ounce graduated droppers for tinctures and found Premium Vials. They have quite an assortment of many other products, like RX supplies, Lab supplies, along with all manner of jars, containers, syringes…….the most I have seen anywhere.

    1. Thanks for the info, Mrs U. Picked up a new microscope and lab supplies this year for medical/veterinary use. Always need a source for supplies.

      1. Oh, and I hope everyone is having a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! We are actually celebrating tomorrow with family.

      2. While looking I saw some veterinary items. Do not recall what they were. I was enthralled with the stuff.

  19. Helped cook supper and celebrating at the local fire station. Thankful for Ken’s foresight in establishing this blog and fostering this community. And for all of you, even the curmudgeons, today at least. Also thankful for finding regular rings and lids at one store and wide mouth at another yesterday. Blessings of the season to all.

  20. A group of nearly 200 state legislators from 30 states on Thursday sent a letter to President Joe Biden demanding he rescind his vaccine mandates, calling them “unconstitutional.”The lawmakers said: “We demand that Biden and the federal government leave people alone,” adding, “we cannot and will not stand by while Americans are being forced to choose between a jab and a job. No one should be forced to take a COVID vaccine against their will. And no President has the power to require that American citizens undergo a medical procedure of his whim.””The States give the federal government their power, not the other way around,” she added. “We will not be mocked, nor will we be defeated. The cost to lose is much too great. Today, we stand as the 57th Signer and we pledge our lives, fortunes and honor against every unconstitutional edict. Today we fight.”
    guy’s this is how the first civil war started. it was not about slavery but states rights to govern themselves, contrary to what is taught in schools now.
    pr, newsmax

  21. nyscout

    It’s very good news! Thank you.. It’s true..I looked at Rep Stewart Jones facebook and it’s there!!

  22. I just read the rather short Newmax story, sounds interesting, nyscout cross posted the gist of it, thanks.

    However even MY tiny state of NH has over 400 “State legislators”.

    So, we need to put that “A group of nearly 200 state legislators from 30 states” into perspective.

    A small start but I’d be far more happy if the signers of that letter were State Representatives or State Senators currently in Congress.

    1. NH Michael,

      You do realize that New Hampshire is way out of the norm for its number of state reps? That number breaks down to about one rep for every 3,300 residents. Texas only has 150 state reps, or one for about every 169,000 people.

      1. Dennis, I got curious about that. Seems of the 400 State Legislators only 171 get paid an average of 49K yearly the REST get gasoline mileage at an average rate of 100 dollars a year.

        Still when you look at 200 “State Legislators” over 20 some states using TX 150 legislators as a baseline that’s 50 states X 150 = 7,500 of them or about .02 some odd ratio.

        It’s a start but not exactly a mandate.

        I say this not to discourage but to get people to realize that some news reports (maybe ALL) need to be looked at with other facts in hand. For example, If NH chose a really tiny TIMEFRAME they could Legally (For Journalism purposes) CLAIM today we had a 50% INCREASE in COVID Deaths today as 3 died instead of the 2 in the past week (probably WITH COVID but other co-morbidities actually killed them) OF COVID… Much ALARM here, rush to get your shots folks, DOOM showing up for Christmas.

        Pray for wisdom and act upon it. Today you can if you wish SEE just how folks behave over a cheap TV Set. They are Not Hungry or COLD, just acting out in a MOB situation about a Cheap TV Set.

        How are they going to act when their EBT cards FAIL to Feed their children.

        1. NH Michael,

          It would seem that NH is an outlier. Like I said, TX has 150 reps, Florida has 120, my state of Arkansas has 100, and New York has 150 what they call assembly persons….

          All that aside, and as a subject for debate (as opposed to argument)…if your analysis is correct, and the 200 signatories represent only 2% of the total number of state representatives…doesn’t that number/percentage approximate the numbers said to have actively pursued what we now call the constitutional republic of the United States?…and maybe this is why the founders chose a constitutional republic over a pure democracy…to prevent the tyranny of the masses wielding unchecked power over the individual.

          Whichever…at least there appears to be a possible rising up by a few politicians against the unconstitutional mandates forcing other people’s will upon the individual and individual states…and that’s a start.

          Maybe…just maybe…the shot not taken may well be the next “shot heard ’round the world. (pun intended)

          1. Dennis that hope is my prayers.

            I don’t want my family going through tyranny nor ethnic cleansing as I’ve seen some of that overseas.

            HIS Will be done.

      1. on any journey the hardest step is the first one, the further you go the easier the path.
        its understandable why some people hesitate to take that first step. to commit to something. it’s the fear of the unknown, look at farmgirl and others here. they were brave enough to take that first step.
        my hat’s off to people like that. they have all of my respect.

    2. NHM, Have you considered that certain people have attempted to vett the current critters in dc. most have accepted bribe money from various organizations. less than 5 were found to be acceptable by their standards.That is out of both houses..
      ..It sounds like honesty and integrity has a possibility of existing and the ship of state has begun the process of uprighting..

      1. TOJS maybe they were shopping in the bargain bin?

        Matthew 17 speaks to this: 15Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.…

        It’s a sad thought I need to buy two Moderate Democrats (Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema) a dinner and a drink for derailing some of the madness supported by the rest of the Uni-party.

        They have been mobbed by the leftists accusers in the toilet and in public trying to scare them into “Buying In” to the Build Back Better (OR Better said Build Back BROKE plan).

        Bribery, terrorism (mild or worse) and such are the marks of FINE UPSTANDING Socialists. They appeal to the greeds and fears of man to gain even more power over others.

        “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”

        ― Benjamin Franklin

        The Uni-party is using OUR Tax Dollars and DEBT of our future generations to fund their power buying schemes. They are one trick ponies, only knowing how to steal from the productive to shower Everybody with fiat (FAKE) Money screaming LOVE and OBEY ME as I Gift you everything. False God Syndrome.

        We drove God out of government and schools and we have the brass to ask His aid and blessings to restore our Republic?

        Maybe America is under God’s Judgement? Bible history points out how God’s Chosen People went under Judgement to slavery more than once before they repented and were restored by God.

        Praying for wisdom

  23. FYI FYI I think is IMPORTANT to watch.
    Switzerland is having a referendum on Nov. 28th there are three on the ballot, but the one that could spill over into other democratic countries is the so-called Vaccine Certificate or ” health pass”. Yes, the vote is on. I saw this on the Solari Report. Consider reading it on the before its news site, Nov 25.

    (below is from an American site for Swiss people)

    The Covid Law:

    This referendum is mainly an amendment on the Covid Law which was already approved beginning of this year.

    With the amendment of the law in March 2021, the parliament extended financial aid to affected persons, who until then could not be supported or too little. Contact tracing to break chains of infection was further developed, and it was established that the federal government can promote covid testing and cover its costs. Parliament also created the legal basis for the Covid certificate it required for those recovered, vaccinated, and tested to facilitate foreign travel and enable certain events.

    See the words….”enable certain events”………..finances folks, is what it means……….
    Italy is considering a QR code, not being issued by the Ministry of Health, but by the Ministry of Finance.

    Just a heads up on the creeping darkness…….

  24. By the way Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has a new book out, The Real Anthony Fauci. Solari posted a brief report on it. boy o boy o boy……….horrible things humans do to other humans… sigh…………Can be purchased on Amazon.
    RFK jr is head of The Childrens Health Defense which brings to task the poisoning of children and other big pharma lies.

  25. The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense)

    “Dr. Joseph Goebbels wrote that ‘A lie told once remains a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.’ Tragically for humanity, there are many, many untruths emanating from Fauci and his minions. RFK Jr exposes the decades of lies.”

    “If you have any interest in doing a deep dive into the more than 100-year history of what led up to the COVID-19 pandemic, then The Real Anthony Fauci is an absolute must-read. In addition to exposing Fauci, the book reveals the complex web of connections between Gates and Big Pharma and many of the most important players that were responsible for seeking to implement global tyranny and profit enormously from the propaganda behind the COVID injections, masks, and lockdowns.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

    “Standing as a pivotal work for the history of science and medicine, this book unveils the astonishing, twisted truth about a man (Fauci) and a corrupt institution (NIH) that have betrayed humanity at every turn in order to achieve profits and power. If the American people knew the truth that’s documented here, they would be marching by the millions, demanding criminal prosecutions of all those who are complicit in these outrageous betrayals of humanity.”

    1. In 10 days, the book is already sold out. Can get on a Kindle, but a hard back would be good for adding notes and easier to verify the information.

      1. Might try Mike Adams of Natural News. Few days ago it sounded like he had stocked a bunch of them.

  26. – Left a comment, but the site ate it(Told me I was posting too fast, then swallowed it like the whale and Jonah). Had a good T-Day; Don’t care to re-write all my comment. Hope everyone else had a good one too.

    – Papa S.

    1. Papa Smurf and others:
      If you get that “You’re posting to fast” message, simply use the Browser Back Page to return to the previous page, do not use the “Back” button on that message page, it will eat your comment.
      Once back the the previous page simply re-post the comment and it should post just fine.
      I believe the problem seems to be that the “Spell Check” in the software is causing the error because it’s not completed the cycle before ya post.

      But who knows, I’m just some dumb fool that is having a GREAT life living here on Lightning Point, time for a hike with Ole Blue.

  27. – Went to DS’s new house for T-Day; He and oldest DD have both bought new houses about 6 minutes apart, but he is nearer through moving in. We saw most of their families, and I got to hold newest great-granddaughter for a few minutes. I mostly helped supervise the bird (Son borrowed turkey-fryer and cooker)

    DW turned out three pumpkin pies; DS bread Pudding; DD brought a family recipe peach cream Pie; and I contributed a strawberry-rhubarb pie, that went over pretty well. We also took sweet potato casserole, and demolished a huge pile of rolls and a lot of other goodies.

    DW and I have both had the Jab; DD too, she is a special-needs teacher. All of those are employer mandated. GD is home from Active-duty Army, so I suppose hers is the same. Did get to hold my new great-granddaughter for a few minutes. Fed a lot of friends, family and so on.

    (Special Count here, Cali will know what I am talking about.)

    – Papa S.

    – Papa S.

  28. Thanks Giving,
    Just the wife and I this year. VIPs are scattered and have busy lives. We had a great day. Constantly teasing each other, we even use slightly bad words in a playful way. The wife cooked a roasted chicken. A new recipe for her and hopefully she’ll do it again. A new pear cake recipe as well. Yummy. I helped her with her cooking and of course, took ALL the credit. Doing dishes took forever, because we had to wrestle a lot. Hard to do dishes with someone tickling you from behind.

    I truly give thanks for all I’ve been granted. The simple joys. Finding a genuine smile on the one you love. Finding yourself smiling for no reason. Phone calls were plentiful. Lots of ‘facetime’ calls. Not a traditional thanksgiving, but a good one nonetheless. That “old girl” had better watch her step. She’s on trial basis, for the last 45 years.
    I really do deserve “ALL THE CREDIT.” hehehe

  29. This morning as the ‘we need your attention’ for news clips flipped by one caught my eye. A person who is dowser/diviner, locating well sights in the state of water restrictions(ca).
    Please do not take this wrong. IF he states what he can do, he should have known the well at the vineyard was not up to specks, before the driller was called.
    I am not perfect on the wells, and I will admit it, my 100% rate was downgraded because of TN wells.
    The hardest state for water location I have come across to date is TN because of sulfur in their underground water sources. Even after all these years what works in one state does not work in all. Reason dowsers need to know what is the main issue for water purity in any state, before they are going to be working for a client.
    I have had to alter my search parameters for TN, because of this major defect in water purity.
    Why am I a little perturbed over this news article. He did okay, but I gathered he was either not trained by a member of the Dowsing Society or an advanced practitioner. Otherwise, he would have known that site location was bust before it was drilled saving the client a lot of money. mho (cost was over $10K)

    1. AC,
      Understand your upset. Amateurs posing as experts can give the profession a black eye, so to speak. All the doused I have spoken with would give me depth, quality, and quality. I was wondering if there was a way to somehow “mask” the sulfur that throws you off. Perhaps by the way you phrase your questions?

      1. Minerjim
        I had to change the search parameters in the phrasing search because of those issues.

        The person was trained via passed on knowledge from grandparent to parents, so they are trained, but not trained in the proper form which effects accredited (in class room) dowsers by masters in the field. Need more chocolate🙄!

  30. Someone posted about getting a tetanus shot and how although assured it was ‘only’ tetanus turned out to be a lie. I had something like that last year. Time for a tetanus booster and said “ok” . Thought I was getting just the tetanus later I looked online at my visit info and found out it was ‘tdap’. Wish they had told me that. Lie by omission.

    1. aka,
      That was me. My adult daughter went through that fiasco. I wanted her to sue the Dr., nurse, and clinic, but she didn’t. Indeed, a lie by omission.

    2. There is no tetanus alone vaccine made
      For adults It is either tetanus with diphtheria
      Or tetanus with diphtheria and pertussis (a/k/a whooping cough)

      There’s a few more combos ( with hep b
      Polio or haemophilus influenza too usually for kids)

      1. Regardless, the client should be given full disclosure and have the opportunity to refuse. The doctors should also be more careful about medical malpractice due to lack of disclosure. All they need is one person to die because of an allergy to something they were not told they were being given.

        Although I suppose the doctors could just change the client’s medical records and claim they were never notified of the allergy…

        1. Lauren,
          over the years i have used the term” board of medical licencors” to get several doctors and medical staffs attention. it has always worked well for me and they seem to take a better, different attitude when i do. “the state insurance commission” is another good one for dealing with billing problems.
          either one will get their attention quick.

  31. FYI
    If anyone is interested, on the Childrens Health Defense site there are testimonies of vax takers. Scary if all are true.

  32. With another variant of the China flu emerging and some travel restrictions already announced a person has to wonder if there is another lockdown coming just in time for Christmas. Hmm

    1. aka,
      they will do a lockdown, ONLY if the people sit idly by..and accept the farce..
      there are some basic facts. well people do NOT spread disease, Masks are too porous to stop a virus, The immunity system was designed by the greatest designer to repel a vast array of attacks. Give it nourishment and support.
      There are three notable quotes we should be able to know the challenge of each and understand why each was made. There are applications for each in todays world..Each of us must decide IF, How and When we apply such principals in Our individual life..IMHO
      ” …… who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”
      …”As for me and my house we will serve the Lord”
      …..”WE Ought to obey God rather than Men”..

      1. Yes, I agree with you but I am not so sure that the people here in the US have the will to do anything.
        Most the stores around here have the obligatory “masks required” at the door but are not enforcing it. If someone should insist I do have a mask made from a single layer of cheese cloth. : /
        My church has never shut down, does not encourage the jab and masks are not required. Pastor says – walk with the Lord or walk with the world but you can’t do both.

        1. Most of business’ say they abide by the China Disease Center guidelines, have not been recently asked to wear a mask.. when the craziness first started one day… i went into a couple of businesses wearing a mask i crocheted from cotton crochet yarn and i could stick a finger thru anywhere.. even it bothered me. and i was short of breath..The dollar tree employee looked at me like i fell off the turnip truck but she did check me out.(was in another state.) was in store for less than 7 minutes.
          if anyone insists we mask I do not enter OR use their business again.
          That includes ….Physicians and clinics (DH’s only exception has been for his lab. rules vary/month to month.It is better than driving 4 hours for 30 second test.His call..His big heart clinic are making all their staff get jabbed, so think we will need to find another doctor within 1-2 year.)
          There was a article on BIN title was “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” It listed several physicians, order of encouragement of others to be injected and their sudden deaths from heart attacks, stroke, sudden death after injectons. One was an ER doctor collapsed on duty.One was an avid biker..all had been deemed healthy.until collapse..
          Eateries .. Places that have large corporate headquarters with over reaching…rules:.wendys,burger king, kfc…. the other options are small private restaurants that are locally owned..
          Our local city gov. decided to shut down a lot of businesses.. we stayed home and did not use any business.

  33. aka,
    yep, they will never let it go as long as they think that they can control the sheeple with scare tactics.
    covid 99, go and get your 50th booster. wow it’s coming to a town near you.
    let them lock it down again, i never noticed the first one nor has anyone else in my small community. we just keep plugging along. rednecks, it’s what we do for good or bad. we have not caught even one fish that had covid and it has not bothered the 4 wheelers so we are good. do you guy’s think that maybe fresh air may be the cure ?
    something to think about, really.

    1. Yep,
      The deer dont have covid
      The veggies in the garden dont have covid
      I like fresh air, actually cant wait for the lockdowns and vaxx mandates from my employer,
      I be stayin home

  34. Replacement for Salvation Army?

    I see that the Salvation Army has gone social justice ‘woke’, so, I am looking for a replacement good cause to send my charitable giving to (or be corrected in that the SA has not gone social justice ‘woke’). My current thoughts are to reallocate my SA donations to the Shriners Children’s Hospitals, which I already donate to (sick kids…), however I’m open to suggestions for Christian based orgs to donate to in lieu of the SA.

    1. DLS, unsure what region you are in… my suggestion would be to look for a small local congregation that feeds and/or distributes needs to the elderly , physical or mental handicapped.or has a SMALL religous school. My first question would be if they require the jab for worship or services.If answer is affirmative, would disqualify from receiving my money. Normally would say St Jude but they are mandating jab. Be sure to investigate what portion of any gift would be used for that work you wish to support. Some organizatons already have any payroll met and will use 100% of any gift for the feeding or pantry stock to take care of NEEDS< IF specified.

    2. DLS,
      I like Heifer foundation. It is a hand up not a hand out.
      I also donate to st. Judes.
      I don’t know the politics of either charity. I give to the kids and I like Heifer because it is a hand up and you have to pay it forward. Toys for Tots is one the grandboys save up for all year( change jars). They get to decide what to buy for a kiddo their ages.
      Hard to give a gift that you really want for yourself ,but a good lesson to learn young.

    3. DLS
      I like the suggestion of TOJS. If you are unable to find one that fits those areas of not enforcing a jab on their parishioners. What about the Boys & Girls club, they can use the support?

      Gift boxes for soldiers overseas, check with the local DAV, VFW, American Legion. They are making up gift boxes with candy and other necessities for the troops. Things they would like to have and do not always receive, it will be our way of paying them back for putting their lives on line for our safety.

      From the widow of military member who served and enjoyed those gifts when he was in a country far away from home.

    4. I like National Jewish in Denver. I don’t know their policies about covid, but when a friend had a child needing help they were there.

      1. DLS
        I said that wrong. I should have said St Jude in Memphis a children’s hospital. Not that National Jewish isn’t ok. It was St Jude’s that helped my friend’s child.

  35. OH, I was concerned about this being the norm. It is Nothing to laugh about, but to mourn over all those who have been coerced, ridiculed and injected against their wishes during overreach
    . Some researchers have posted things to make a difference. there are many things that prevent information from reaching the masses. information was changed/covered like scat and promoted with “research was done” “safe, trust me, take my word for it.” was neither safe/ complete . it is effective at achieving the global mass deaths required for agenda 2030 or rosetta stone….

  36. This is my prep check-in, a bit early though I guess it’s technically Saturday now for me. I took a pause on getting more supplies this week. Between filling holes and canning up freezer stuff, there are unorganized piles that need to be inventoried and stored properly. In getting to know our area better, and making more personal connections, it’s getting easier to find needed supplies that are bartered, deeply discounted or that people simply are happy to find another home for. Spent part of today introducing a neighbor to a great second hand store in the area. She grew up in Germany, in a family that was very self-sufficient, and I’ve learned a lot from the stories she’s shared.

    We’re putting more effort into engaging our neighbors, knowing that the more prepared we all are, the more we all benefit. We gifted our big homeschool blackboard to a neighbor setting up a homeschool co-op, and yesterday were loaned some great history books written by Rush Limbaugh on the founding of our country. The boys and I watched the video he made just last year on the true story of Thanksgiving. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching. Can’t help but wish we had his voice right now, though I’m grateful he’s not having to suffer through the present shenanigans.

    We set-up a ‘therapy’ training session for a small group of trusted neighbors last Saturday. Very good teacher, uncompromising safety focus, and the boys responded very well and asked a lot of good questions. God continues to provide what we need, at just the right time, for our minds, bodies and spirits, to handle what comes our way. Whenever I feel like I just can’t keep up, or get anxious and discouraged, He finds a way to lift my spirit. My biggest prep, always, is bringing my attention back to Him. Praying for all to stay strong and resolved, and be blessed with good guidance and allies.

  37. NHM
    Although this isn’t the exact recipe we followed, it is from the same source, ‘the canning deva’
    We tweeked it a bit and used turkey.

    12 large chicken breasts
    5 cups carrots, chopped
    4 cups frozen peas
    2 cups celery, chopped
    2 cups onions, chopped
    4 Tbsp butter
    1 1/3 cups Canning Gel
    1 Tbsp salt
    2 tsp black pepper
    2 tsp celery seeds
    2 tsp garlic powder
    8 cups of chicken broth
    half-n-half (after canning, when ready to bake a pie)

    Boil chicken breasts in water until cooked through being sure to reserve some of the liquid to use to ensure you have a full 8 cups of chicken broth (if using store bought broth its only 14.5 ounces per can). Remove cooked chicken from boiled water and coolchicken pot pie fillingon cutting board. Once chicken has cooled, chop or tear into bite sized pieces.

    In a large stainless steel stock pot combine celery, onions and butter. Sautee on medium heat until onions are translucent, about 8 minutes. Add carrots, peas, chicken, salt, pepper and broth to the onion mixture. Bring to a boil stirring well. Once at a boil stir in Canning Gel. Boil for 5 minutes then remove from heat.

    Ladle hot pie filling into hot jars being sure to leave a generous 1” headspace. Use a warm washcloth dipped in vinegar to wipe each jar rim and screw bands. Place sterilized lids and rings atop each jar and hand tighten.

    Process jars in a pressure canner at 10 pounds of pressure; 75 minutes for pints and 90 minutes for quarts.”

  38. Thank you Joe for the recipe. The Canning Diva is a good site I guess?

    First real snow this morning, happily but a dusting really but stuck on the roads.

    Will be interesting to see how well folks remember their last lessons in snow driving today.

    Peace and health to you and yours

    1. – NHM,
      You should see the drivers in west Texas when the ice and snow finally do hit! (I do literally mean hit, too!) We might not get a lot, but they make up for it in enthusiasm. Not a good time to be out and about.

      – Papa S.

  39. The ‘new variant’ Omicron actually was spelled different and had xi in it somewhere. The xi was taken out as to not offend the so called pres of China. His name is xi. Heard on Fox, do not recall where.

    1. May be wrong, but my understanding was that they’re using the greek alphabet and xi was just too close… so the WHO pulled it and gave it a name rather than an alphabetic designation. Makes no sense, since in the past when a named storm or something had a problematic pneumonic, they just skipped it and went to the next letter.

      1. I do recall now something about the Greek letters. When have they used Greek letters? Thought medicine was all about some latin words.

  40. This is my first day feeling somewhat normal after a long bout with a virus. I came down with a bug almost two weeks ago. It knocked me on my butt and the fatigue has been overwhelming but I am pushing through. We followed the iver mec tin protocol to be on the safe side and thought I was getting better after 5 days but then relapsed. Today, was able to get some house cleaning done and I continue to take care of the farm needs each day. Still have full sense of taste and smell and have not and will not get the shot. We cancelled Thanksgiving at our home as we did not want to get anyone sick…nor were we up to entertaining anyone. Spouse is running three days behind me in his recuperation so he has a few more days to go.

    The good news…our home is fully stocked so had everything needed to limp through. On Thursday, we had multiple good friends leave dinners on our doorstep. Even though we did not have a full appetite, we enjoyed some turkey and fixings. We are blessed to have so many people watching out for us!

    We have donated to St Jude’s and Heifer International for years. This year we added the T2T organization as they are doing important work also.. I am no longer happy with Salvation Army so need to find a redirect for the funds we send there throughout the year. I refuse to participate with any organization that is hurting their employees. If someone wants the shot, they should have it. And those who chose not to participate should have that option. I believe I will buy the Rush 5 book series to donate to our local library though.

    I pray everyone stays healthy for the holidays.

    1. DAMedinNY
      Sorry to hear that you & your dh have been ill for some time now. I figured you were off line do to cooking for the family get together.
      It is good news that you are both on the mend even if it is a very slow progress. Neighbors who step up to take care of their fellow friend and neighbor are a true blessing. Hope you both are feeling & doing better in the coming days.

  41. A thought occurred to me that is scary. When a leader or country gets into a “bad” spot frequently a foreign enemy is used as a scapegoat to distract the populace from their problems (think war). Biden has voiced “unconditional” support for Ukraine and support for Taiwan. With Biden’s approval headed toward single digits I hope I just have an over active imagination.

    1. Xiden has already made it clear (regardless of what he SAYS) that Taiwan is on its own. And he cares about the Ukraine only to the extent that he can use them to start a proxy war with Russia. I have no idea why the Dems want a war with Russia so badly, but O, Hitlery, and now Xiden are pushing for it. O and H said it flat out.

  42. I think I already mentioned this, but I kept the chickens in the greenhouse/coop for about four days before I let them out and they had a hayday playing in the garden. Then they got all confused and couldn’t find their way back and panicked. They refused to leave the coop for something like a week, but now they’re over their panic and playing in the garden. They wait at the door for me to open it in the morning and make plenty of noise if they can’t leave the coop for whatever reason. I haven’t seen any hawks yet, but a neighborhood cat keeps watching them. Two of them are bigger than he is.

    I have a tomato on each of the hydroponics plants. I added a smidge of phosphorus additive to each, and it seems to be working. No sign of algae yet. One of the plants started flopping over on the ends so I trimmed it back.

    Nothing else preparedness related that I can think of. Still cleaning and organizing.

  43. Good to hear that so many of you had a fun Thanksgiving with family. DH and I had covid. 9 days of fever. He’s on home oxygen now which saved him. We weren’t prepared for it to be so bad because we had a mild form last March. Our immunity ran out apparently. We tried everything, vitamins, some ivermectin. Be cautious, everyone, especially if you’re unvaccinated. (Still won’t get the v though.) I’m going to assess our missteps and be more prepared. One was that we should’ve gotten antibodies right away. In Colorado there were hoops to jump through and an appointment needed…in the ER! They were 4 days out on appts. After 10 days they wouldn’t do it. Poor DH tried VA Hospital and they did nothing. Our local hospital stepped up when DH’s oxygen went to 88. Finally got good care, but there never should have been restrictions on iver and HCQ or antibodies. Anyway, we thank the Lord for the good things that came of it and for saving us! God bless you all. I love this blog.

    1. OH – I recall in Mar 2020 your alert about ivrmctn and hcq. May I ask if you also took the zinc, quercetin, vit D3 and vit C while you were fighting it? or did you stop those?

      1. @ 0ldhomesteader,
        By the way, in the USA you ARE allowed to say (whatever). Maybe you choose not to say (whatever), or some private platforms may silence what you say on their platforms, but here in the USA, in the public square, you can say (whatever). It’s called the 1st Amendment. (Just being a stickler on this important detail)

      2. Ken, I don’t know if you get the Union Leader but the lead article is interesting to SEE just where the 1st Amendment “Right” to speak costs. This nurse will become unemployable.

        Right here in the Live free or die state.

        If you don’t need employment then your freer than most. For now.

    2. hug hug Rose to you and your DH. Stay strong. Do you have Quercetin, L lysine, and L Cysteine, vit D, some sublingual zinc, or any zinc, C, get some A too, fresh chicken broth and freeze. Echinacea would be good too. We are not sure if it helps but we drink a little tonic water every other day it has quinine in it which is similar to hydroxychloroquine. The end of the name denotes quinine.

  44. PJ,
    I’m sorry you and your DH went through all of that. Not great anytime, let alone the holidays. Thanks for your story. It helps to hear these experiences for our own preparations.

    Our Thanksgiving with friends and family was enjoyable, but on the way home a car sped out from a driveway and I T-boned into it. No time to stop. Airbags deployed. The driver took off. My DH, my son, and I have sore backs, but it could have been so much worse. If I’d been even a second faster, my DH would have taken the brunt of the hit. A good Samaritan and a witness were both on hand to help.

    God is merciful. A reminder of how quickly life can change. The car and driver were found. A 16 year old with no license or insurance. His mother just bought him the car for his birthday. Not the best idea. His case is being referred to the prosecutor for the hit and run, and he’ll get a citation for no license or insurance. I hope he’ll be held accountable in some way, or he’ll have no motivation to change. Our car is totaled. We needed to buy a newer car anyway, just not this way. God’s ways are higher than mine. I pray He’ll use these things for His glory.

    1. – NW Gal,
      I’ve been told it sounds funny for someone in the mainstream medical system to recommend this, but if your back pain has not gone away in a reasonable time, I would see a chiropractor for help. the very Best of luck with your unlicensed assailant. Do you have insurance for uninsured/underinsured drivers?

      – Papa S.

    2. That just stinks. Sorry to hear about your accident, but thankful that the 3 of you didn’t suffer major injuries. Praying that you will all heal heal soon, and that the replacement car will be reliable for years to come.

    3. Thats a real bummer NWGal, hope it all gets sorted out and isnt too much of a hardship on you folks, especially so close to the holidays,
      Sending you well wishes

    4. NW Gal, hug hug and yes chiropractors work and many insurance companies will pay for it now. Just find one that actually does physical adjustments. Some want to use a thumper gadget.

  45. Thanks OHS, I’m going to get the ivermectin right next time, and as a prophylactic. NW Gal, so sorry about your car. Pretty traumatic for you. Sure hope your injuries aren’t long-term. Thanks for your kind encouragement. Really appreciate it. I told my DH that we’ve had years of good health and we will again, but sometimes you have to take on the bad times, while remembering the good. And never give up as long as you’re still on earth.

    1. PJ, Papa Smurf, Tom, KulaFarmer, and Mrs. U, Thank you for your kind words and prayers. My best friend’s husband is a chiropractor, so we’re established patients and we’ll see him on Tuesday. We do have uninsured motorist insurance, but we’re going to check on the coverage for our other vehicles because it apparently wasn’t as comprehensive as I thought. We also switched to Geico so this will be our first time dealing with them. My DH and I are doing better, but our son is having a lot of back pain. He’s had other medical issues and has a weak back. We surely appreciate your prayers. Thank you!

      1. I’m a chiropractor who specializes in traumatic injuries…the reason you see the chiropractor, rather than the medical doctor, is because sprain/strain injuries to muscles heal with scar tissue…the scar tissue attaches to your vertebrae…this causes Misalignments…the chiropractor adjusts the spinal misalignments and rehabilitates the muscles with physical therapy…Mrs U said above to get a physical adjustment and not use the thumper…she is incorrect…all adjustments are to move the bone, however it is done….trust me, a recently injured person certainly does not want to be snapped, crackled and popped in the beginning….if you have no recourse, use your uninsured motorist and any other insurances you may have on your vehicle…you’re paying for it already, might as well get something out of it…Also, I would speak to a personal injury attorney and see what they have to say, they will consult with you for free… depending on your injuries, which could include disc herniation’s, you may have a lot of care that is needed to be paid for… anytime airbags go off, that’s a severe injury, including concussion. That kid was wrong, and he needs to be taught a lesson, as to his parents.

        1. One other thing… Any insurances that his parents have on their cars should also apply to cover your injuries in most states… Even though that particular car wasn’t insured… That’s why you need to speak to an attorney, they can help make sense of all that.

          1. AMK, We’re trying to sort through all of this so I appreciate your advice. Started treatment yesterday and had some immediate relief. Makes me more hopeful, but I will admit I dread having to work through this with the insurance company and possibly an attorney. I’ve already been through this once before and really don’t want to do it again.

  46. Life is good on the mountain…..

    Been trying to get my old Suzuki Ozark 4-wheeler ATV that I bought new back in 2003 back up and running right…it has sat idle for several years in the barn/shop building, unused after I went to a side x side while recovering from heart by-pass surgery, a hip replacement, and carotid artery cleanout (how’s that for a run-on sentence?).

    Anyhow, I ended up buying a new carburetor for it…came in yesterday…took the rest of the afternoon doing the swap out. Took a chance on a Chinese aftermarket carb…$50 as opposed to $270 for the Japanese original. Four wheeler started right up and seems to be running good. Low speed fuel mixture may be a little lean…I’ll adjust that today.

    Folks, if you are not already fully paying attention…we are just beginning a series of “sorrows”…things ain’t gonna be getting any better for awhile. Me…I have no doubt that what we are seeing is orchestrated…planned…and executed to wipe out the middle class…they have their forces in place…trained…and carrying out orders when called upon.

    And us? Well, we keep telling ourselves…eventually they will push us too far…then there will be hell to pay….and “they” laugh.

    Just remember…a man with 2 billion dollars is still a billionaire if inflation takes half his fortune….a family making $50K a year slides into poverty.

    But….meanwhile, it’s sure good to have my old 4-wheeler up and ready to be used again…I’ve got this grand daughter…….

    1. Spot on Dennis, thats why they smugly say everything is going perfectly as the border remains open, restrictions and mandates are imposed on every day folks like us and the cost we pay for everything goes up.

      More of the 101 reasons i dont want to participate, if they give participation trophies id rather have the distinction of being a non participant

      1. Kulafarmer
        Heard the best description ‘WE’ who are not of the ‘herd mentality’ on Geo Engineering this morning (repeat broadcast from Saturday). The analogy was 40% were take me to your leader types-do anything they are told, 30% are ‘what do we do type’, and the other 30% are “Are you kidding me–NO Way!).

    2. Dennis, krep in mind these people (WEF and friends) are on a timetable. Some things to be accomplished by 2025, some by 2028, and everything else by 2030. And they are very well organized with most pieces already in place. The Lord keeps putting it on my heart to live as simply as possible. Simplify. Keep under the radar, so to speak. We are weaning ourselves from much that is electronic and some electric (appliances and such). Not everything, mind you. But I’ve always mentioned that we prepare as much as possible like it might be the 1800’s. Just MHO.


      1. DJ
        Im figuring on needing to live like that not because modern stuff isnt available but simply wont be able to afford it

  47. Garden clean-up is complete. Deep roto-till and additional shallow passes. I can only hope the future gardens will be as good as this one was. Moved the chicken tunnels again. The birds love the fresh tilled soil. My garden is huge. Fully enclosed with 5′ chainlink. The coop and tunnels are within. We typically don’t plant the whole garden. There are only two of us, for now. If need be, we could readily increase production in the garden. Well, with the right weather we could. Mother nature is in charge. I/we have done all we can to prepare for next year. Usually start a few plants from seed each spring. Planning to up our game this year. Who knows if those little 4-packs will be there next year? Got potting soil??? Seeds??? I left one corner undisturbed, wild lettuce seeds.

    Question: I planted wild lettuce seeds a while back. A few oak leaves are currently covering the area. Thought about carefully removing them. Maybe I’ll just leave it as is and hope for the best. Oak has tanin within the leaves. Thoughts.

    1. My thoughts are that the oak leaves may be too much for the wild lettuce and maybe even a bunch of other tenders you may want to grow, we have certain trees here that nothing will grow under them or under their leaves likethe oaks, got to compost them unless using them to mulch pathways etc

      1. Plainsmedic, Oak Leave are Allelopathic.

        Snip from a Master Gardener comment: Oaks give off a chemical substance called coumarin that discourages herbs and grasses Oaks are indeed Allelopathic.

        Unless somehow Plainsmedic you have FOUND Wild Lettuce Growing Under Oaks, I’d remove those leaves.

        Once Oak leaves are shredded and fully composted the coumarin that stunts-kills competing plants to the Oak is resolved. I have only one good sized Oak on my property and there is a wide skirt of ONLY Oak Leaves around it despite plenty of underbrush and herbaceous plants growing nearby.

        That reminds me I need to find some Wild Lettice seeds for my property.

        1. Kula, NH Michael,
          The wild lettuce seeds are collected from plants I found growing naturally. Two types, canadensis and seriola. I’m yet to find virosa in my area. I collected the seeds in late August/early Sept. Just scattered them on the surface and very lightly gave a once over with a leaf rake. The seeds are tiny with the white fluff still attached. Similar to a dandelion. I just mixed the seeds all together. After several years of using the lettuce, I’m finally confident in plant identification. It took me a while. I made separate tinctures of canadensis and seriola. They both seem to work equally well. Having it close by in the spring/summer is great. I much prefer the fresh leaves between cheek and gum.

          I was very skeptical at first, but wild lettuce is the real deal. No real high involved. It just works for knocking the edge off of chronic pain. I very much recommend it’s use. Here’s hoping I can get it to grow in the corner of my garden. I think I’ll remove the oak leaves, very carefully.

          1. Good read over at strictlymedicinalseeds
            Under Richos blog, good info for wild lettuce

          2. I have oak leaves to remove too. Planted my virosa seeds from Stricklymedicinalseeds. I think they are sprouting. The spring will tell for sure. Wild lettuce germinates under weeds and grasses, but think oak leaves have too much tannins.

  48. Majority of you probably do not listen to radio as much as we once did. Saturday’s broadcast (11/20/2021) on Geo Engineering was on the CV-19, it was very informative. Be prepared for other data he shares on that date, but the engineering of the human genome destruction was really interesting. Show has no commercial break fyi.

  49. FYI, The people of Switzerland passed the Vaccine Passport law. Which as I stated above includes the words
    “enable certain events”.

    the word event means,
    something that happens or is regarded as happening; an occurrence, especially one of some importance.
    the outcome, issue, or result of anything:
    The venture had no successful event.

    something that occurs in a certain place during a particular interval of time.

    (below is from an American site for Swiss people)

    The Covid Law:
    This referendum is mainly an amendment on the Covid Law which was already approved beginning of this year.

    With the amendment of the law in March 2021, the parliament extended financial aid to affected persons, who until then could not be supported or too little. Contact tracing to break chains of infection was further developed, and it was established that the federal government can promote covid testing and cover its costs. Parliament also created the legal basis for the Covid certificate it required for those recovered, vaccinated, and tested to facilitate foreign travel and enable certain events.

    See the words….”enable certain events”………..finances folks, is what it means……….

    1. Why do I keep bringing up Switzerland? Because it has been a strong democracy for a long long time, but now has become, overnight, a Technocracy. The world is watching and we are becoming a world of the vaxed and un vaxed. Italy is considering a QR code, not issued by the Ministry of Health, but the Ministry of Finance.
      Be very watchful for the creeping darkness. One of the bright lights in Europe has been extinguished.

  50. I have a question. My 200 pound horse may be coming down with worms, not sure. I gave the horse a 200 pound dose and I was wondering how often i am supposed to give it to him?

    1. old lady maybe if you put in Ivermectin into Ken’s search box up on the top of every page your answer might be there.

    2. Old Lady,
      On the FLCCC site go to the treatment protocol page. It will tell you how much (per kg of weight) to give that old horse, depending on if you just wantvyonprotect him, or if you want to cure him once she/he has “worms”.

  51. New list of what China owns, there were 26 listed, but some were English stores and clothing. Posting what could concern us.
    Dirt Devil,,,Hoover,,,MC Rover,,,Rio Tinto which is an aluminum mine,,,Oz Minerals Australia, copper,,,Volvo,,,Club Med, well somebody might go,,,AMC Theaters,,,Sunseeker Yachts/boats,,,Addax Petrolum, Canada,,,
    Smithfield and Cooks Foods, Pork,,,Motorola,,,Waldorf Astoria,,,Tommee Tippee baby items,,,
    Legendary Entertainment independent films, largest in Hipcracywood,,,GE Appliance which is combined with China’s Haier brand. Some of this is older news, but worth repeating. I would have bought a different stove than GE.

    1. Mrs U,
      Source of your info? Rio Tinto is the 2nd largest mining company in the world. The Chinese do not own them to my knowledge, (unless they bought them out over Thanksgiving). Maybe they own 10-15% of the stock, maybe they bought an aluminum (bauxite) mine from Rio Tinto? Or JV’d with them?. OZ minerals may be partly owned by the Chinese, but all? Doubtful. Both companies are Aussie controlled.(and Aussie miners are a damned independent lot) These big mining companies are “multi-national”, with mines all over the world, and partnered with whomever govt to get the deal done. No biggie, just saying.

      1. Miner, I should have posted that too. I apologize cannot find the info now. It was one of those rolling news feeds either on Microsoft or Hughes which is our satellite internet provider. The post did not provide all of the info. There certainly are probably more than that now. So I should be more careful and be more specific.

        1. Mrs U,
          No worries. Been out hunting and without news feeds for 3 days, and I come home to find 1/2 the free world’s miners bought by the CCP. I’m tired, but that got my B.P. up about 30 pts, LOL.

          1. Minerjim…. please elaborate with links when you get settled back in. Thanks.

          2. SDMan,
            I was being sarcastic about Mrs I’d comment. No, China has not bought up the second biggest mining company in the world. If you want to follow worldwide mining industry news, try entering “Infomine” in your browser. It all starts with mining or agriculture.

    2. Made In America
      Look for the Made in America logo on GE products that feature 70%-90% US Content or give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you find one of these Made in America products.

      Some GE products Made in America include French Door Refrigerators, Electric Ranges, Electric Wall Ovens, Dishwashers, Top Load Washers, Dryers and Water Heaters

  52. Mrs. U
    I bought Kenmore (a good name, right?) products when I built the house 1999. The stove is all I have left, with issues. Ain’t a damned named product, one can trust now a days.

    Brother states propane now at $2.50/gal. Has his heat set at 44°. Old farmhouse. Very limited income. Wishing I could do him more, than I can.

    Our current administration will crush us, the middle class and those below, but that are above relying on .lets go Brandon .gov assistance.

    Spent some time at my past employer, Wednesday, the ax is falling hard on long time employees, while office staff is struggling, grasping hard to save their own asses.

    The other half continues to can food stores , I continue to think above the continuous demise of the common people.

    Have I gave it my all?
    One shall see…

    1. Does your brother own a tent? Close off most of the rooms. Rearrange furniture and erect the tent in one of the rooms. Use the tent for sleeping, the smaller space will be warmer with the body heat pf people and pets all in the same enclosed area. Is he running the dryer at night to dry clothes? That will help a little to heat. Also use the oven at night for initial baking and roasting and then reheat the foods the next day. Just a few suggestions that may help. Many utility companies have an “energy help ” program for seniors or limited income .

    2. Something I have done in older homes I lived in was to block off unused rooms that didn’t require heating by hanging blankets. For example, a back bedroom at the end of the hall was closed off with a blanket at the start of the hallway. I would just nail the blanket to the trim but I suspect there are better ways. You still had access, but it was amazing the difference in temps between each side of the blanket.

      1. Desert/MamaLark
        He partitions off the small hallway for sleeping quarters and his computer.
        As far as getting any type of assistance….
        He’s too proud to accept help or too stubborn. I’m not sure.
        There is a fireplace, but the chimney would need work. I’d like to get him an insert with double wall stove pipe. I’m not so sure he would go for that. But it would be the right thing to do.

        1. Joe c
          What about making the stove pipe a present to your brother, if that is doable? Putting a big red bow on it from you & your SO. If that is possible…thinking outside the holiday gift box.

  53. New article today (Nov 28) at Zero Hedge from doc in Africa who discovered Omnicron variant of covid says it is EXTREMELY MILD. Not to worry much…….But we’ll see what the governments of the world do, eh?

    1. DJ5280
      The way the bla bla NO news is reporting it, the sky is falling. If you get this new covid your hair will catch on fire and anyone close to you the same thing will happen. 🙄🤔😣.

      Thanks for the real & correct update.

    2. OH…Interesting article at SB. Im still not sold on groups tho. One person destroyed all the ‘community’ we had built here so they don’t seem to work out around here. We’re just sticking with mostly family and friends. Think crypto will be successful? ‘They’ can turn it off, steal it, or just take down the internet system whenever. Do not forget about ‘Cyber Polygon.’ I’m sure the WEF and BG haven’t. In their back pocket until they need it….Im thinking the government will use it to their advantage only, never ours. Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion to have funds in a bit of each type of currency out there. Fiat, silver, whatever. CYA!!!

      And let’s hope this virus mutates to a lesser degree. All experts have been shouting to the rooftops that you NEVER vaccinate DURING a pandemic! That could make the virus stronger (hello Dellta variant!!). Africa hasn’t been vaccinated much, to my understanding; which is why it is probably a milder variant there? Just a guess….

      1. I read the article on SB and am trying to get junk coins when I can. I’m very nervous about bitcoin because of it being tied to the grid. I think that his suggestions were good, just hard for those who still rely on outside employment. Any other suggestions?

        1. Pecora
          If finding pre 1965 coins is difficult, you can ask about silver rounds. They come in 1-ounce units, and they are less expensive than the pre-65 coinage. It would give you something to put away and use for future purchases. There is trading them back in for those 65’s when or if they become available.
          Something for you to think about, and this gives you options for the future.

      2. DJ5280 ,,,,,,i have some experience with ‘groups’ from the valley, a group can work I believe , But it takes a strong leader and people willing to follow ,sort of like my analogy of a life boat ,every one willing to pull the same direction,or get out of the boat , the problem starts when comunue thinking starts , and the I want but I won’t work for it sets in ,,, in the group setting with everyone having there own place /thing. And sepret with responsibility to there self and the group only when a group effort is needed ,i could spend time trying to explain ,,, maybe another time ,,,, , , as for crypto I like it,can it be lost yes ,ofcorse ,will a grid down hurt it ,NO if done right,you can keep your account on a thumb drive, you can trade face to face , you don’t need the web,but it would help , in central America crypto is fast be coming the way trading is done ,face to face even the smallest shops now do crypto , all with a crypto wallet not using a exchange,,,you can carry 10 dollars or a million dollars in the same thumb drive ,next chance I get I will try to go into more details ,tis late,day light coming ,night all

        1. 0ldhomesteader,
          You said, “i have some experience with ‘groups’ from the valley”

          Your ‘groups’ from the valley.

          Some time ago, you were banned here on MSB. One of several reasons was/is your apparent philosophy and control over others. Bragging about your ‘cultish’ communal colony in your ‘valley’ and the control you had over those people. You were some kind of king over ‘your’ people. They were apparently not allowed communication outside of your ‘valley’. Couldn’t buy anything except at your ‘trading post’ for silver (I wonder how the IRS liked that). You even began attempting to recruit people here on MSB. That was the red line.

          In my view, your apparent control and manipulation was/is the antithesis of freedom, a free people, liberty. If you don’t know what antithesis means, basically, it means “the exact opposite of something”. It is disgusting, in my view.

          For some soft reason, some time ago I “un-banned” everyone who had been banned here. Kind of a second chance I suppose. Probably stupid on my part. I had to swat down several again. Some people are oddly relentless in this regard.

          Over time I am disturbed by what I’m beginning to observe from you once again. The apparent and likely false claims of all sorts of high credentials and stature – coupled with the oddness of constant unusual grammatical errors and sentence presentation in comments – not characteristic of an educated highly credentialed person. The talk about ‘the valley’ again. The recent slander made towards SMG again, for example. Many things. Every single comment having a new IP, which is highly odd.

          Anyone can say anything on the internet. As such, anyone can pretend or impersonate to be whatever or whomever on the internet. There’s no way to know if someone is legit unless there is direct personal experience, or perhaps by the Spidey tingles one may get via non-direct communications over time.

          In any event, I’m nipping it in the bud, so to speak.

    3. @0ldhomesteader,
      It’s spelled “virus”, not “vires”. You’ve been spelling it “vires” for quite some time. That is not correct.

  54. Hi all,

    Thanks to all who provided thoughts and recommendations for alternatives to the Salvation Army for charitable giving (seems Goodwill is also going down the DIE (interesting acronym) path.

    Just finished reading Rawles’ book Patriots. Interesting read. I don’t know if I agree that hyper-inflation (increasingly plausible) will lead to collapse of society in modern America, however I can see it leading to increased social unrest.

    I have seen various article on major companies announcing price hikes in 2022 of 20% or so on everyday goods. I believe there are many folks who are already economically ‘on the edge’, what will be their response when prices rise and they have to make choices of what bills don’t get paid (or who doesn’t eat) while seeing the ‘haves’ continue to do ok? Increased crime, including organized looting? Other unrest? I think 2022 will be interesting.

  55. MSB Family,
    Today is the start of Chanukah.
    I know many do not celebrate this Holiday, but I still want to wish all of you blessedly peaceful days ahead.
    My family will be mostly together after not being able to gather last year and see truly thankful.
    We wish you all Peace.

    1. MadFab…a blessed and happy Chanukah to you and yours! We all love and serve the same Almighty God. Wishing you Peace also. God bless!!!!

      1. Mrs U and all,
        Thank you! Had a really good time last night!
        A couple days of small gatherings then another big get together with family. Not at my house this time , lol. Gonna take 2 days to recoup lol.
        Sure had fun, and my Mama just sat and beamed and basked in her family. Bittersweet with out my niece, but wonderful all other ways. 2 more great grandbabies coming next year for her, and a Bar Mitzvah for one of my grandboys. Life is good, just have to remind myself more often.

    2. MadFab,

      Happy Chanukah to you and your family. It’s wonderful that you all get to be together! May God bless you all with His peace this season.

  56. MadFab, Happy Chunuka to you. May “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

  57. I printed out the FLCCC pdf and will prep for next time. Thanks Kula. We did a lot of vitamins which eventually got our stomachs upset…that was a problem I didn’t expect. Thanks, all, for help. Very interesting discussion about oak leaves. I learn a lot here.

    1. Pojo Rose, we always take our vitamins right after we eat – on a full stomach . No stomach upset.

  58. I fall back to one of my earlier comments about enjoying the blessings we have. Today I had 2 baby chicks break free and come into this world from eggs from my flock. My DD had a Science assignment/experiment and she choose documenting chick hatching from an incubator vs. naturally. At 2:30 this morning the dogs were going wild in the living room. One of the chicks in the incubator had hatched and was chirping like a banshee. Later this afternoon, for my first time ever, I watched the other egg in the incubator and saw the chick fight its’ way out. The miracle of birth!!! This evening was spent with two chicks snuggling on my chest, trying to climb into my beard. The other half of the experiment is still ongoing. One of the girls is broody, and has been sitting on the eggs for 3 weeks. One of the eggs is cracked but not moving. Since Momma has been off a couple of times and the temp in the hen house is lower, I’m thinking it might be a few extra days. We’ll see.
    It was absolutely incredible to watch the one chick win it’s fight out of it’s egg. What a glorious day!! Stop and appreciate all that we do have……

  59. Saw on a number of places that looting is happening in various places nationwide. Just a thought here, but once the stores are cleaned out, gas doubles in price, and the Bideninflation rates keeps climbing, will the “mobs” start going after homes/farms/ranches?

      1. blackjack22 and Pitchfork,

        A good reason to have an idea of the kinds of groups/individuals living in your surrounding AO. I’ve seen several mentions of doing an AO study – knowing where potential problem sources are located, so one can monitor and take appropriate measures to defend against/counter.

    1. Pitchfork,
      Agree with Blackjack. These looters only go where they know they will be unopposed, gun-free zones, locales where the police are defunded or DAs do not prosecute. Coming into rural areas and rioting? They may be lawless, but not necessarily stupid.

      1. Consider the future where to shop, you walk up to a locked area, show your face in a camera, shop, then go out a locked/unlocked door with your goods. Or perhaps similar to going through the airport scanner.
        Our QR code is coming.

        1. and by the way, the left does not want to call it ‘looting’, sheds a bad light on the perps, I kid you not, was on Harris’s show this morn.

        2. Mrs. U, Not only shopping.. Most HOA’s have camera’s limited access and EVEN rules.. down to paint color, and how close to a fence one can place a building. The best option is, One does not desire limitations, don’t move to that area- where ever it is…Once you accept the terms you are there til you move- or negotiate different conditions..Some forbid dishes and all to receive internet must have a certain cable( only one is provided – there is no choice) How do i know? I get calls from a big internet company that starts with a “S” who would offer me a deal but even tho they call me- they have NO ability to provide me with service because my regional cable is another exclusive provider by their own agreement between mega companies. another example of us getting what we accept.

    2. Pitchfork,

      You are right to be worried…” will the “mobs” start going after homes/farms/ranches?”….

      That’s been a nightmare of mine. It’s easy to boast that they can’t get away with such lawlessness when they come to rural areas…but consider this…most states don’t have justifiable homicide exceptions for theft of property alone…burglary yes…simple theft of property, no matter what the value. (although Texas makes an exception for “theft at night”).

      My thinking…absent a complete breakdown of the system, dog eat dog/wrol scenario, protecting property with deadly force could result in your own prosecution.

      Something folks need to think long and hard on….and like always, have a plan.

  60. Kulafarmer
    Good thing you did not touch him, he sounds like the type if you give assistance. Next thing you know, you are being served with a lawsuit for rendering medical aid to the lovely [snark] neighbor of yours.
    As the unity in this area whither away from outlanders, the desire to assist & or be friendly fades farther away.

    1. Yep, some nighbors i would do anything to help, some i would kick em in the arse as they teeter on the edge of a cliff

  61. If the mobs try to ravage home,farms,or ranches they will quickly discover that it is an activity that doesn’t suit them.
    Our pigs will eat anything dead or alive.

      1. Mrs. U,
        LOVED that show!! Swegin, San Francisco ( bad word) lol
        Hated the actor that played bullock but loved Jane and Charlie.

  62. FYI, This is an observaton.
    I am a poor example of knowing one language, I am further handicapped by letters and numbers on my keyboard that never print properly unless i type with extreme force.unfortunately spell check does not always miss parts of words.
    There are many people in this world who live in other countries, and some even visit this board. English is their second or third language. The Feminine languages of the world often say things that are backwards to OUR way of thinking. My DH is /has been studying some of these languages for many years. The languages are fully integrated when one dreams in another language. He has been able to explain that many phrases are OPPOsite to HOW a purely Amercan- English speaker will express. So WHEN something is presented oddly consider this person has experience in more than one language. It is NOT an expression of being “less” mentally. I have had a death in the community and i do not have time to follow drama.and making something from nothing..i f you have my e mail and need me i will be there with information i have.

    1. A very good Observation TOJS, even with English being the persons primary language often nuances expressed in the sender’s mind and generally noticed in Face to Face by tone and body language get lost in short messages like this.

      Sorry you had a loss in your community. Hoping peace floods all involved soon.

    2. TOJS
      True comment on language. I live in a country were we have 2 official languages. When French speakers try to speak to me in English I cut them some slack. When I use my French they usually do the same and no harm to anyone. Each language has its own way of presenting ideas and it doesn’t always translate directly into English with the same in reverse from English to another language. You are to be commended for your broad minded approach! All the best dealing with your troubles!

  63. Federal district court grants injunction halting Biden’s vaccine mandate for Medicare and Medicaid providers and suppliers!! WINNING!

    1. Can you please provide official documentation? I want to pass this on to my sister to show to her employer.

      1. Lauren,

        It was a federal court in MO, I think, and applies to 10 states who had sued for this in federal court.. Wish Idaho was one of them…

          1. Thanks. The decision is at:

          2. Thank you all for providing this page to the group. It will not affect fruit loop underwear gang–yet, hopefully it will put a fire under their constituency’s backsides. Especially those in the State of Jefferson.

          3. It is on the quick ‘flash by’ reporting system for MSN. A here you see it, and a long pause on something not so important.

  64. The Power of Authority;
    It just runs rampant.
    Doesn’t matter where or what that position is,
    authority holds its iron fist.
    Damn you peasants.

    To humiliate, talk down, give orders, no matter the reasoning, no matter the end consequences of good, bad, or in between.
    (Must be a Monday)

    1. JC
      Ive had enough of so called “authority”
      They can kiss my arse.
      I cant wait till they try to lock us down again,

    2. Joe c the Wordsmith :-) I am impressed at this bit of prose.

      I’m printing this off to share with some of my friends.

      Pity authority abuse is both a liberal and conservative thing. It’s actually a human thing. Some folks want to be the “boss” (Leader), some prefer to be the peasant (follower), some confuse folks by being neither, not wanting boss’s job nor being abused by others that want to control his-her words-thought-beliefs.

      Some scientists came up with Alpha (Leader), Beta (Follower) and Gamma for the nonconformist souls.

      Joe c I think your a Gamma :-)

  65. Hello

    I got the info from reading Steve Deace’s twitter. lol We live in Iowa. Our AG did file with the other states. It’s rather late in the game, though. My DD took the jab to keep her RN job, as did hundred of others.

  66. The preliminary injunction issued Monday applies to a coalition of suing states. They are Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

  67. Can anyone explain to me why dry caning vacuum sealing narrow mouth is so hard? New lids, commercial sealer, clean jars, room temp, dry items. Wide seal very easy, but these narrow lids are tough, I’m getting some sealed 1st try, and they stay sealed, others is taking 2 or 3 tries. I have the most success using 2 lids, 1st seals, 2nd comes right off. Once they seal they are holding

    1. Stand,
      Maybe I’ll get yelled at for this but, why don’t you run a damp towel over the top edge of the jar and then over the seal on the lids. Sounds as if they are too dry. Just my guess. Good luck.

      1. Minerjim
        Ok, tried dry heating to 150 F, then wiping with damp cotton towel. Made no difference. But thanks for the idea.

    2. Stand,
      I really think it’s a design flaw. When I tried to contact the company about 2 years ago, all comments were the same. Wide works great regular is a disaster. Can never get any help from customer service. Ordered a new one but same problems.
      I have stopped trying and tossed both of the regular mouth and only use wide.
      Too bad . I love the wide mouth one.
      Good luck

      1. MadFab
        Not gonna give up yet, I’ve got way to many jars to do, 1/2 pints and pints, Don’t wanna use my wide mouth lids, to hard to replace.

        FYI: Tatler lids don’t seal at all, at least not for me. Narrow nor wide, hot or cold, with or wothout rings. Nope.!

    3. I use 2 lids, but the top lid upside down. I keep and reuse that 2nd lid on every regular jar I dry seal and it seems to do the trick. I also leave a small gap at the top when filling jars, if I get a jar too full the seal won’t take until I empty a bit out.

    4. SmG
      Just a thought, could it be that the narrow mouth lids are probably less flexible than the wide mouth lids?

      1. Far North
        OK, I thought well, he might be on to something there. I was using lids from 6/2007. Went and got a box I just got 11/2021 to compare. You were right. The older lids a heavier weight than the new lids. Tried out the new lids, some improvement but still about 50% fail, but if you use 2 lids, only 2 out of 12 failed the first time, (1 jar had a chipped rim I missed). I’m tired now, will give it another shot tomorrow and let you know results.

        Thank you for thinking outside the box

        1. SmG
          Yes, keep us up to date.
          Using two lids and then reusing the second lid…
          How about if you were to “re-use” a lid a number of times? As in flexing the lid to maybe “loosen” it up???
          Like stretching a toy balloon before blowing it up. What do you think?

  68. So Cal Gal
    That’s what I’m doing, only way I can get a seal. 1/2in head space works best.

  69. Call your Senators on the BBB bill. Tell them you need them to vote against this bill (a whopping NO), you do not care if it cost $1.00. It contains a wavier which will give {6 million illegal migrants} ability to use social services, and other financial programs. I will try to catch this show again when it airs on tv. If you know what time his show comes on the radio in your area, listen to it, it is in the second half hour of when the program first starts.

    Letting you know that by 5 democratic votes the Russian woman who wanted all our banking to be under the Federal Reserve (not a bank-private party’s) she was REJECTED.
    They will listen, we have to bombard their phone lines to keep this control factor from taking place. Or you can hope your neighbor or friends will call for you. This state has two hard liners but will do my part by calling their office anyway.

  70. Food Storage 101 ?
    I apparently eat much brass and led..

    Seems they were hoarding ammo for blackfriday at the local farm and fleet.
    288 boxes of .22 250r boxes- all aguila $14.99 sale price
    A few hundred boxes of 12ga (target) shot 25 round 6.99 sale price
    and the 5 round boxes of 12 slugs.
    What surprised me was 9 cases of .223 wolf steel, berdan 20 round sale $6.99 limit 20
    Was tempted to get more but I have other needs at this point, sadly nothing that goes bang with .223

    What I would like is .22mag but the cheapest I can find any is $0.34 per round.. for .22!
    that’s more than 9mm.

    It’s costly but ammo is coming back, and down in price somewhat.
    They have several kinds of handgun ammo in stock also.

  71. FYI: A video on “Before It Was News” by “Sons Of Liberty” American Frontline Doctor on how to detox from graphene oxide. It’s very informative.

  72. got a question if anyone can offer advice or prior experience. deer hunting this past 2 weeks, ruger 30-06 m77 hawkeye leaning aginst tree fell over, barrel hit rock and scratched small area on barrel. could see some of metal below bluing, i tried super blue but it just really only smuged the area. has anyone blued a small area on rifle barrel and was successful?

    1. 007
      Brownells used to sell Dicropan IM, I think it was called?
      You apply it with degreased steel wool & rub it in. Not dab it on like cold bluing.
      If nothing else, they should be able to point you in the right direction for fixing a Ruger… For example is the Ruger blued or blackened, etc.?
      Is the scope still okay?
      Take care.

      1. far north, thanks, i will look that up. all it is, is just the scratch on the barrel, everything else if A OK. also it is blued barrel. scope ok, did not hurt the scope.

    2. 007,
      de grease it good, i use lighter fluid. paint it in with a black magic marker and let dry. then oil it. it works for me on small spots.
      good luck.

    3. 007,
      I own the same rifle. It’s a good one. I take care of my rifle(s) as best I can. To me, they are tools to be used. I wouldn’t stress too much with a little scratch. Main thing, IMO, make sure the scope is still “on the money.” I don’t really do the display thing. I can appreciate those who do. It’s just not my thing. Keep the rifle clean and appropriately lubed.

      Every little scratch is a part of your hunting history. It’ll bring back memories of time/place/friends/etc. Maybe even a story or two. I have a VIP who hunts with an old mauser that has been all through our family. Generations worth of stories with that old rifle. There’s a small gouge in the wood stock from my turn with it. Whoops. Hopefully, ya had a successful hunt.

      1. plainsmedic, yes scope still on and good. you are right on about the memories from nicks and scratches on guns.

  73. Plainsmedic
    Thought I would give you a heads up (anyone else), if you need or have questions for TOJS. Post them, and depending which one of us reads it, will give her a shout out so that she is aware of a request.
    She has her hands full right now with family, rabbits, chickens, and a whole host of chores. Like all of us, we are trying to get projects done ASAP.

    1. AC,
      Thank you. Just Sayin’ has helped me many times with her expertise. Each of us has area(s) of knowledge. Most are very kind with their willingness to share. Please pass along my best wishes. Give her an atta-girl.

  74. We just buried Baby Cat. Was hit on the road across from where Merle was found. I can tell it was a quick death. There must have been something over at the horse barn that attracted them. Mice? For sure there is driver not paying attention on our road or one who hates cats. At least we found her and put her in the ground before the buzzards got to her. Sweet sweet cat. Lay in your arms and let you rub her belly and under her neck for hours. Addicted to hunting and kept the mouse population under control. Was terrified of other people and machines. Was surprised she was in the road. sigh, two gone this year and only Momma cat remains. Well, not the same as losing a person of course, but she was a pleasure to have for awhile.

    1. Mrs. U

      So sorry for your loss, it’s very hard to accept. Prayers for you and Baby Cat.

    2. Mrs. U
      Sorry to hear about your fur baby, no matter how we lose them they are/were a part of the family. Sending you kitties hugs from Z & C, my two PIMA’s but would not trade them.

    3. Mrs. U,

      So sorry to hear about Baby Cat. I’m glad you found her and were able to give her a decent resting place. It’s hard to lose those precious companions. I lost my favorite shortly before we moved last year, and miss him still. May the memories of her affection stay with you for a good long while, and make you smile.

    4. sorry for the loss of your cat. we lost our first basset hound we got almost 10 years ago. we lost her in april this year. i still think of her. she always was on guard in our house, did not like people coming into our house. she always let us know when someone was coming up to house, we did not know exactly what happened, about 3 weeks before died she quit eating, my wife had to give her broth by mouth and vet did blood work and did not find any obstructions. still bothers me her passing away.

      1. 007,
        I still miss the pups i have had and lost through my life. Great little souls they are for sure. I truly believe that God put them here as “helpers” to us, maybe i should say angels. All dogs do go to heaven. I bet your pup still comes back to visit in spirit, as do my old pups. Sometimes the way they pass is heartbreaking, avoidable, and tragic. God knows when it is their time to “go home”, and takes them lovingly. I fully expect them to be waiting for me when i walk through those pearly gates.

  75. A judge blocked all vaccine mandates for all healthcare workers.. great news

    Info from Gateway Pundit

    1. Decision is at:

      Interesting that it’s written in such a way that normal people can follow it.

      1. Lauren,

        That was a very good read! Clearly, a constitutional judge who isn’t afraid to call out the nonsensical overreach. It does seem like it’s written for educational purposes almost.

  76. Well MSB’ers
    I gave up. Trying to vacuum seal baking soda, cream of tartar and corn starch, just to fine, can’t keep it out of the seal, on jars. Switched to putting it in cheap zip-loc bags then into pint vacuum bags.
    Not 1 jar sealed.
    Oh well, worth a try. Geter done..!!

    1. SMG
      When you are working with a fine powdery product. I have used coffee filters cutting out a circle that covers the product, it works some of the times. It is the best information I can offer you on this type of material.

    2. Stand,
      The main point is you found a way that works and went with it to get stuff put up. Sorry the dry seal jars didn’t work for you, but vacuum seal bags may be better in the long run.( I could never get a single dry jar to vacuum seal myself, guess it is beyond my intelligence). Keep on prepping!

      1. Minerjim

        I’m gonna build a vacuum chamber out of 4″ PVC pipe, vacuum the chamber not the jar. Let you know how that works out.

        1. SMG,
          amazon has a F2C 3.5CFM 1/4HP HVAC Air Vacuum Pump Kit with/ AC Refrigeration Gauge.
          i have used these type pumps a lot in my before life. it will pull the vacuum down so far that it would collapse the pipe if you don’t watch it.
          yea, it sucks : )

        2. Stand my Ground,
          if you do that, i would recommend a heavier schedule pipe, maybe schedule 80. Lot of 4′ pvc is schedule 40. May work, but if you can get schedule 80, it may withstand the vacuum better. You plan on having a settable vacuum switch on this chamber??? that way you would not be guessing where you were at. Do let us know how this works out, i can think of several other applications for it other than food.

  77. Stand my Ground,
    i have thought about trying to dry can those kind of things in the oven but i have never tried dry canning before.
    i wonder how the heat would affect some things. DW has a friend in TX that dry can’s flower every year in mason jars. i’m going to try and get a word out to her and ask. i’ll let you know what i find out.
    take care

    1. nyscout
      Yea, I’ve read and watched videos on that, seems kinda scary, because excessive heat is an enemy to lots of foods.

      Maybe I’ll try 1 or 2 jars, just to see what happens. I’ll let you know results.

      Get’er done..!!

  78. Minerjim
    As I stated before I use the peach jars from Costco (glass food jars-store brands) I fill those with products that will not vacuum seal in a regular canning jar with lid. Leaving the lids on slightly so when I process it, it will remove the air from the jar and the bag.
    You place the jar in the vacuum seal bag (fit to size) then vacuum seal the bag with the jar inside. I have used baby food jars (largest size-4oz) to put up spices for long term. Dehydrated vegetables the 4oz baby food jar holds about 1/2 dry and which will equal 2 cups of rehydrated vegetables. It will depend on the type of vegetables; some are still bulky even after they are processed.
    Hope this helps everyone with products that will not vacuum seal with a normal canning jar.

    1. AC
      I have about 6 of those kind of jars, don’t buy much that comes in them. Maybe, I’ll try them in my vacuum chamber when I get it built.

      I’ll have friends start saving them for me.

  79. I got an awakening realization last night. I was sitting here, in the dark, just thinking how messed up everything is. If most of you are like me, you believe nothing MSM says, because as of lately, it’s all lies. They cry wolf over everything, We the People no longer believe them.

    But, what if? What if they cry wolf and the wolf actually show itself?

    Something to ponder on.

    1. Stand, can we sit on the sideline (with a bag of popcorn and a drink) and watch what the wolf does to them?

  80. blackjack22
    I think that’s what we all been doing. This actually caught me by surprise, I had never thought of it in that way. Just caught me off guard that something that simple had not crossed my mind until last night.

    Well, I will try to maybe pay a little more attention to things happening and just not write them off as all lies. Maybe.!

  81. just remember guys that everything said here is a mater of record forever. don’t ever think that the PTB are not watching sites like this.
    hold your cards close to your vest and watch your backs. we have had people who drive by asking questions that should not be responded to. let them move on. nothing to see here.

  82. i’m sorry, let me clarify, – asking the wrong kind of questions. if someone is asking for advice on homesteading or a how to or offering advice, by all means hear them out and invite them in. i’m old but still learning, and i dang sure don’t know everything. just getting real paranoid these days. spider senses going off ?
    ya’ll be careful

  83. In just the last day, two people I know personally have had orders for dry goods, from Walmart and TSC, cancelled. They placed an on-line order, then were notified days later that all or most of the order was cancelled. No explanation given. The shelves in my AO are not fully stocked, but they’re not empty yet. I’m curious as to why these food orders were cancelled, but don’t know.

    What I do see, are rising tensions around the world. One of my neighbors is from Germany, and has friends in Austria. They are not even allowed to buy groceries, or get fuel, if they are not fully injected. She has spoken to friends over the phone and confirmed this.

    Also happening, in orchestrated fashion, are central banks around the world introducing, or announcing their intent to introduce at the beginning of next year, digital currencies. Wish I’d gotten in to bitcoin several years back – could have made a lot of money. Now? I wouldn’t risk it. Banks don’t harbor competition. Gold/silver/junk silver and tangibles that can be bartered are better bets. If there’s a paper trail on the PM’s, I’d be paying careful attention to new laws about ‘wealth’ taxes and such.

    Lots of CEO’s are resigning, three big ones in the last week that I know of, and lots of demonrats indicating they won’t be running again. Rats are jumping the ship. Feels to me like the wolf is already at the door, crouching.

    I don’t see how we can stand alone. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been putting a lot of effort into community building lately. And treating others with kindness, even the ones many have written off as ‘dumb sheep’. And I’m not saying trust, I’m saying kindness. Sometimes, people need to be reminded of their own humanity, to help break the spell of fear – the fear that’s going to be weaponized against the rest of us. If I could only fly one flag right now, it would be an appeal to Heaven.

  84. Farmgirl I’ve written and canceled a couple of thoughts about your community building.

    We used to live in a high trust society where rule of law kept the less principled at bay. Not so much today.

    A few scriptures to share about trust and community.

    Abuse of power is nothing new Ecclesiastes 4

    All know the scripture about the cord of three cords but here’s the rest of the scripture:
    Ecclesiastes 4
    On Aloneness and Companionship
    7 Then I turned to re-examine something else that is pointless on earth: 8 Consider someone who is alone, having neither son nor brother. There is no end to all of his work, and he is[e] never satisfied with wealth. “So for whom do I work,” he asks,[f] “and deprive myself of pleasure?” This, too, is pointless and a terrible tragedy.

    9 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. 10 If they stumble, the first will lift up his friend—but woe to anyone who is alone when he falls and there is no one to help him get up. 11 Again, if two lie close together, they will keep warm, but how can only one stay warm? 12 If someone attacks one of them, the two of them together will resist. Furthermore, the tri-braided cord is not soon broken.

    Learn to layer your trust, have people show they are trustworthy in small things before granting them trust in important things. Someone that will steal and egg in “secret” is likely to sell you out for 30 pieces of silver (a month’s wages back then for a skilled laborer).

    Beware the easily angered, they are weak in self-control as was the betrayer of Jesus. Folks that want to “Start Something” are likely Feds seeking a promotion or a Hothead.

    Layering your trust reduces the power of betrayers. Pray for wisdom before you act not after you already did it.

    1. NH Michael,

      Very wise words, thank you for sharing them. You won’t know why, but your comments added to the scripture were divinely directed.

      Life experiences have taught, and unfortunately continue to teach me, that trust on a human scale is rather tricky. Best to place my trust in God. Showing kindness, and granting trust aren’t the same thing. I’m learning that. Most of my efforts now are about encouraging people to wake up, through careful conversation and small, low risk acts of kindness. I’ve seen some good results from that, and the more people start to wake up, the better for all of us.

      And it may seem trite, but just everyday human decency – holding a door, thanking someone, returning a cart for someone else, etc. – helps chip away at that division the servants of darkness are seeking to foment. I can do those things, while still being situationally aware. It probably won’t matter, and we’ll still get that ‘hot’ conflict so many seem to both dread and want, but if we don’t even try? Guaranteed it’ll come to that.

      1. Farmgirl God sees all and knows the heart of everyone. He is not deceived nor mocked.

        Kindness in His service is never wasted.

        Please remember that He never promised we will never see trouble but He promised we will never be abandoned.

        Scripture about wise as serpents is worth reading a paragraph above and beyond.

        I pray for strength not to become like the monsters ahead of us. We will be held responsible for all our actions.

        Scripture says commit to the Lord your actions. Pray before deciding.

        I will see you on the other side.

  85. Missed a section on Beck this morning about 20 minutes into the second hour. About energy and gasoline, several states have gotten board to put a stop. Apparently, it has to do with free market regarding energy. If I recall the number of states pushing back is around 10 to possible 15. Hope you get a chance to hear what this all about, wanted to give you a heads up. Corporate fascism using your money….

  86. I changed the title on the house yesterday, and when I handed the money across the counter the young man looked at me like I’d grown another head. Then he said, very quietly, “I think you’re the first person who has actually handed me the money. They throw it at me, or shove it across the counter, but no one has ever handed it to me.”

    And it occurred to me that he must be starving, if such a small thing is so significant to him. That little bit of contact, not even intended as kindness, but taken as such by someone who seems to be starving for positive interaction.

    Make contact. Eye contact, hand contact, emotional contact. People are starving for it, and we’ve talked about what happens when people are starving.

    1. People are odd now days, most cant take the time to just be pleasant, cant even be bothered with a howzit anymore, the world is screwed

    2. Lauren,
      Very good point. Always look clerks, wait staff, etc. right in the eyes, and use their name if they have a name badge. Let them know you took the time to recognize them as an individual. People need acknowledgment. It can pay back well if you do.

      1. And i forgot to mention, the DW and I always hand $2 to the person at the drive-up window at fast food, no matter how big our order. Try it, you will not believe the responses you get. People really need the individual attention now. We have been blessed, just one small way to pass those blessings on to people that can really use it.

        1. Lauren and Minerjim
          Good points to live by. I try to get people’s names when dealing with them on the phone and either use it during the conversation or thank them personally at the end of a call. You can really hear the change in their voice as they realize that you are speaking to them as a person not just a voice on the phone!

  87. Farmgirl and NH Michael, I agree with you….
    Recently I have been intently reading Holocaust survivor books including:
    Sisters of Auschwitz, The Hiding Place, The Dressmakers of Auschwitz, and We Got The Water.
    Reading the biographies and testimonies of people who went through those times, helps us learn a lot.
    I am like a student reading their words and what they did to survive, though as you know, many did not.
    I came to a part in the account of “We Got Water” by J.G. Klein where Gabi (a 16 yr old) was wasting away under extreme and unsafe labor (building rail lines) with starvation rations. A German engineer/surveyor who had come to do some work ended up working with Gabi for 2 weeks because Gabi spoke German. This German man had pity on Gabi and secretly hid nourishing meals plus milk in an empty SS dining barracks off hours, so for 2 weeks, Gabi received these meals (he also shared with a few friends in the camp). Gabi recalled it was this man’s kindness saved him. And was the most notable example of kindness he received during the whole ordeal. This book is a must read. It is written (published 2013) by Gabi’s daughter Jill who was able to extensively interview Gabi, and his sisters Oli and Lily who endured this horrible time and survived.
    It is obvious to you all here we are in a dark time and it is going to get darker. Read Revelation.
    We are waiting to see if our family members jobs are going to hold with a religious exemption.
    Mobile IDs are coming and are already available in some states. I understand the forthcoming plan is to connect vax status as well. Travel to Canada is not permitted without being “fully”. I just went through Canada’s official travel website. Many European countries have restrictions and “green” passes.
    While we wait, learn, prepare, and pray.
    Wisdom and Peace to all
    Psalm 23

    1. Birdee
      Thank you for recommending these other books.
      The book I read in grade school which moved in me more ways than a person can express was Ann Frank’s Diary. Believe I was younger than her when I happen to find this book in the library to read. What was notable it had not been checked out very often. After reading, several times I shared my insights of this book with my family and friends.
      Somehow, I do believe, reading her story of survival began my path of looking at the world in a different view. Along with the stories of surviving during the 1930-40’s which my mom went through.

      1. AC, yes Ann Frank’s diary is amazing. Sisters of Auschwitz: The True Story of Two Jewish Sisters’ Resistance in the Heart of Nazi Territory by R. Van Iperen also intersects with the Franks. It focuses mainly on Janny and Lien’s family history, the rise of the Nazism and how it affected their town and lives, their hiding and protecting many in the “High Nest”, their being raided and imprisoned, camp experience, and liberation. Also, Janny was friends to Ann and Margot even in the camp, and so you see the next part of the account where her diary leaves off. Janny was the one who from the beginning knew things weren’t right, even when others said things possible couldn’t get that bad. She took action and was a leader in the resistance, and was a source of strength for her family and the Frank girls and other in the camp. When she is liberated with her sister Lien at the end, you see Janny finally processing the enormity of the weight of the suffering and horror she endured. It was like she kept this part of her experience on hold till all that could have been done to help others was done and to where she was safe. The sister relationship between Janny and Lien is intensely loving and loyal. This account is gripping. Highly recommend.

      2. Something I found while reading The Diary of Anne Frank and other stories of survival against tyranny that Hiding and Disinformation was part of the survival plan. The folks that hid them were breaking the law and no doubt playing fast and loose with the truth to secure enough food for their “Guests “.

        Truth to those you trust is important otherwise they stop trusting you. But one must decide how truth can harm you and yours in a treacherous situation.

        Somehow someone figured out Annie’s situation and they obeyed the law and they were taken to the camps.

        Does anybody know what happened to the Dutch family that hid Annie?

        1. NH Michael, look up Miep Gies on the annfrank dot org web site.
          Also it is amazing her diary was kept by Miep the whole time till it was return to Otto Ann’s dad.
          Ann’s spirit lives on through her writing, think of how many millions who have been influenced by this young girl. In this day of rapidly advancing technology and digitization, never forget the power of pen and paper.

        2. From reading those books and other accounts, there are definite themes of survival that run as threads through many of these individual experiences:
          situational/community/regional awareness
          planning ahead
          being able to make decisions quickly
          being able to think clearly (as possible)
          personal connections (kindnesses are often remembered and returned)
          being able to make an objective assessment of one’s situation
          having a purpose to live/faith
          having a needed skill(s)
          taking care of one’s health as much as possible
          knowing some basic/emergency first aid
          to name some….
          So often the conversations focus on one or more of these areas
          Very helpful to many!
          Thank you for this site, Ken!

      3. Ac
        While I was in the Army I was stationed in Germany.
        I did some traveling, one trip was to Holland. The building Ann Frank hid in was a museum then ( 1970) as I walked thru felt a strange feeling, hair lifted on the back of my neck I had to say it was evil still lurking.
        Was not the only time I felt that feeling when I was there, personally I think that evil still walks the world, more in some places than others.
        Much older now, still walking this world and I believe that evil is walking the world today waiting, waiting for an opportunity to rise again!

  88. For those who haven’t seen it yet, US debt passed the $29 trillion mark this morning. (Us debt clock dot org).

    There’s no realistic way to pay off all this debt, and we have become a debt-based economy. At some point we are going to get the rug pulled out from under us, just no way to know when.

    We cannot stop whatever it is “they” have planned, but we can do our best to get and keep our individual financial situations in order.

    1. So Cal Gal:
      Heard/Read many moons ago on a Financial Report (don’t ask me what/where) that the .gov is just fine with $50 trillion debt.
      Can you just imagine what life will be like if the Marxist stay in control?

      1. NRP & Blue, I guess since it’s all on paper why not make it $50 trillion? If they keep the Fed funds rate at or near zero forever and the Fed keeps “buying” our own debt and adding to their balance sheet, then they can keep this scheme going until a global distrust of the dollar hits. That would likely happen when there is a real replacement currency (or mechanism such as CBDC’s) for the USD as world reserve currency. We still don’t know how much gold the world’s biggest nation has to back their CBDC (they aren’t telling the truth). But, it sure seems the W E F is determined to bring us down to the level of other leading nations/blocks, and create some kind of global parity. Seems our current administration is helping speed along that process, doesn’t it?

        1. So Cal Gal
          I had to look up the acronym for CBDC= Central Bank Digital Currency.
          In other words, since ‘they’ were unable to install the Russian, YOUR money is ours & they (they=da gov), have decided to do what I refer to as a work around in the financial system.
          You (meaning citizens of the USA) have chosen not to play by their rules, they will now sneak a hail Mary which will benefit their financial control over all of us. Oh,, wonderful! 😣

    2. I used to think/believe that it couldn’t possibly go on like this (the debt). That ‘the system’ would not hold up. That was a long time ago.

      It has gone on so long this way, I now somewhat believe that it could keep going on this way like the Energizer Bunny keeps on going…

      With that said, ‘they’ have made it clear that they are striving toward their ‘great reset’, which could be problematic for most of us, to say the least… Not good for the middle class me thinks.

    3. Look up “hidden secrets if money” by Mike Maloney.
      IIRC, the fourth installment of that series explains why there is “no way out” of the mess we are in because of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

  89. Ever hear about–S E L– in the schools? It is [Social Education Learning]. (Dr. Everett Piper)
    Ask your schools are they using this in their educational system. It is way of teaching socialism and loved this one thing there is a tab where it speaks about ‘your first time’.
    OHHH,,,yes. Exactly what you think it means.
    Not having to fire the first round… it is being done via your tax dollars in a so called public educational system. 🙄

  90. AC,

    I heard it mentioned in an interview as Social Emotional Learning. Not intending to be contrary – just if someone is searching and can’t find it one way, the other might yield results.

    IMO, it’s not a good idea to let a system that sees parents as the enemy educate our children!

  91. Reply to 007: A scratch on your barrel exterior should be nothing to worry about. While it may not add to the resale value, many of us that shop for a “new” used rifle bring a bore scope with us to inspect the rifling prior to purchase. Exterior marks are simply a sign that the tool was used for its intended purpose. I would keep that rifle and I wish you good luck this season with it. At 60 years of age, I have a few rifles that are so old the wood has shrunk a little. Dry rot is the enemy of old wood stocks. Periodically, the wood stocks need to be replaced. Replacing the wood with a new piece of seasoned black walnut can bring back beauty and function. I also like the looks of laminated stocks these days as well.

    1. calirefugee, i appreciate your reply, makes me feel better. most likely i will keep it. i just got it this year. will use again next deer season. can’t use this month, we have alternative at the end of december here in missouri, i will use my model 629 .44 S&W. just hope its not too cold.

  92. Condolences to Mrs U: I am sorry for the loss of baby cat. After you take the time to mourn, might I suggest getting a replacement at your local humane society. The cats I have in my herd are all from our local humane society and you will be saving a life out there. We lost our big orange snuggler last year 2 days before Christmas. He was in kidney failure so we knew his next vet visit would be his last one. It was difficult to watch him in his last days and we knew he was not comfortable or happy. Living outside on a farm can be a lot of fun. It can also be very dangerous for a small cat. At least baby cat had a lot of fun during its lifetime. (pets from you and hunting of mice – all in one day…sounds pretty cool)

    1. Cali, will consider adopting an older cat in the Spring. Problem would be me getting out of there with only one!!! Have to consider Momma cat and her ability to accept another feline. Yes we will pick a FIV cat. With care they can have a good life.
      Our dog has been dead for several years, also considering an older dog who must like cats. Dogs surely have other specialties that would be good to have in shtf. I have a lot of food put back as well as Frontline Flea and Tick meds. Might have to donate some and rotate.

  93. After reading SCG’s posting about finances. Now I understand why an old-time friend of my parents would not put his money into a bank. Instead, he put his money into canning jars, and not for pressuring purposes.
    His parents survived the depression because of their lack of faith in the gov’s financial escapades with the citizens money. Then on top of that, the recall of gold by FDR at a certain value only to be resold it for an increase of either $12 or $15 a piece.
    Anyone looking for old mayo jars? They may be your next best friend, along with a good shovel for the coming times of strife.

    1. Antique Collector:
      You may also need to remember once you deposit your $$$ into the bank, it is no longer yours, you just loaned it to the bank as an unsecured loan.

  94. NRP & Blue
    Note to self—need more mayo jars. Not for the FRN. You have any doubloons for FRN to trade?🤔🤩 lol
    Do my best to keep the FRN limited in the shysters building.

    1. AC:
      Remember when FRN’s were actually Sliver Certificates and backed by hard PM’s “Silver-N-Gold”?

      1. Yes, we have some, but laws were changed and cannot be turned in for silver. Just oddities now for paper collectors.

      2. NRP & Blue
        Have a couple of them from my mom. As Mrs. U states now a collector’s item, no turning it in for that silvery shiny stuff. 😞

  95. Thanks for the Baby Cat thoughts. Thanks to Ken for letting us post about our family and critters.

  96. I have figured out my sour dough starter. I ground some hard white wheat flour very slow so the kernels would not get warm/hot. Read where it would kill the natural yeast on the kernel if too ho much friction. Then I went outside with my batter in a bowl and ‘called the wild yeast’….yo wild yeast over here, waving my hand over the bowl.
    Put in the oven with the light on and in 24 hours I have a starter. Cool
    Now to make bread when my other is gone. This will be the real test.

  97. Jars, lids, vacuum, mayonaise jars, etc.
    Years back, the wife and I used to do some metal detecting. Old homesteads, stuff like that. At one spot, there was just a rock foundation. A partial rock (no mortar) wall. Found lots of junk; square nails, hinges, etc. We did find several ceramic canning lids. Actually found the remnants of old rings, but the ceramic lids were right there. Most were just pieces, but the wife still has two whole ones. They have a blue-ish decoration made into the ceramic.

    I can’t imagine trying to can with ceramic lids. In fact, before then I didn’t know they used to use ceramic lids. We never found anything of real value, but we had fun. BTW, always had the permission of land owners. We have lots of canning lids, but maybe we need more?

    Grandson here for a visit. The new holster for the ruger mark II is a hit. Went through some .22 but that’s ok. He really likes semi-auto. I’m quite pleased with his safety/handling. Accuracy, I’ll give him a B-. He beat his grandmother, but she was smiling a lot.

    1. I think the metal on the old lids was zinc or an alloy?
      Just a little ditty. I have some old 1/2 gallon Atlas masons and a Ball mason. Decided to weigh the old ones against the new ones. They are the same weight. I was surprised. The old ones have a tint to them, not sure of the age.

  98. Ken J,
    an article on first aid may be timely. books and med. supplies. just a thought, and thanks again for what you do here.
    i’m going to make a run into town tomorrow and stock up. i did an inventory today of what i had and found that i was woefully low on many things. it kind of slipped up on me, they are not items that we use everyday. many items were out of date. even band aids will lose their sticky after a while.

    1. nyscout

      In my opinion these books should be on everybody’s shelf.

      Book of Lost Remedies
      Where there is no Doctor
      Survival Medicine Handbook 4th edition
      Complete set of Foxfire books

      There’s a start for you.

  99. Catching up on the G Beck show from this morning. At the end of the first hour, I must have been outside feeding the horse and missed this medical breakthrough…scary is beyond words.
    Self-replicating nanobots… but here is the part that is beyond belief. Flesh replicating nanobots.
    Now I could be a little bet snide on how back in the swamp, who are of a certain age. Yes, they seem to not age in appearance at one time I suspect vampirism of the constant age reduction. It has been around for some time taking blood of a youthful, matched member of family and assisting an older family member. No, I am not nuts, our family physician knew of it back 2015 I believe. Do not hold me to that date, estimation.
    Then this comes along, and one has to pause and wonder how long it has been in usage before it was released in a medical journal or whatever the source was regarding this new technology.
    Physicians who do face lifts will be an antiquated business if this is allowed to proceed.

    1. AC,

      How very matrix of them…

      Wonder how long it will take before they can just grow their own ready made slaves? Sounds crazy, but so does a lot of other stuff that’s happened since March 2020.

    2. AC ,
      i saw that also, made from the skin of frogs. reported on CNN. they are called xenobots.
      a biblical plague of frogs in our future?
      yes, it is very scary.

  100. AC ,
    i saw that also, made from the skin of frogs. reported on CNN. they are called xenobots.
    a biblical plague of frogs in our future?
    yes, it is very scary.

    1. nyscout
      Messing with genetics, be it a frog is only one step away from man mho. I am so against this, believe these are a form of eugenics, of course they will state we are ONLY 🔬experimenting. Not for human use……right! 😣
      Mengele was charged for experimentation on humans without consent. In my book this is no different, they are going down a path for which there will be no return. Helloooo 1930’s into the 1940’s Deutschland revived, but with a modern twist.
      I am going to require a lot of chocolate.😣🤐

      1. Evil Evil Evil, but they are not really a bot per say. Can replicate and be ‘programed’ so to speak. Tyrus on Gutfeld said, ” just wait till they are dumped in the ocean, we will have Godzilla”. Wonder how long this has really been known in the lab???

  101. OMGosh,
    When does the everyday BS End?
    Came in from chores, People mag on the TV.
    Alec Baldwin
    “I never pulled the trigger.”
    Yep, I got one of those fancy guns. All you have to do is level it on a target. Some mechanical device hits the primer. …and bang. That’s why I’m so dMned good at deer hunting (sarc)
    Some prissy boy has an outside concert.
    The pandemic.
    Ohh, but wasn’t it almost a week ago, we watched the Macy’s day parade.
    NYC packed with people, shoulder to shoulder…..maskless. except for a few children.
    Watched the Lions lose and U of M win games. …no masks.
    Ohh the horror.

    Had enuff comedy for the night, so switched to Judge Judy.

  102. I didn’t see anyone else post on this, if this is duplicate info I apologize.

    It looks like last night Congress passed HR 550, a bill to modernize the infrastructure of our immunization databases. 130 R’s voted no, but 80 crossed the aisle and voted yes to pass the bill. The bill allocated $400 mil to better track and share immunization info… the expansion and enhancement of record keeping and reporting… systems supported by the C D C. It requires identifying, assessing, and describing how best to remove any barriers to cross-reporting of vaccine data. Reports to the committee on energy and commerce in the house. Guess I need to see who sits on that committee to see why this effort is reporting to energy/commerce as opposed to someone dealing with health.

    To me, this looks like the House just funded everything needed for stronger electronic record keeping and reporting on who got what shots and when… and we can all picture where it goes from there.

    1. Okay… just read the House energy and commerce committee runs health as well – they control health info technology, emergency response and public health and quarantine among other things.

      I gotta say, I don’t like where this is going at all. It may have been inevitable, but I still don’t like it. There’s a reason 80 R’s voted no on this. Any pretense of medical privacy is now shot to hell with a $400 mil mortar round.

        1. Sorry, shouldn’t type when tired. 80 R’s voted yes, 130 no per the roll call count online. All D’s voted yes by the looks of it.

  103. Today, in responding to 007 and Mrs U, I was reminded of the early days with my first cat that adopted me at a large apartment complex. He was a big black cat that loved to hunt and bring back mice and voles to my front door mat. If I was not home, he would dismember the rodent on my front door mat. I would return from work or errands and clean up the remains with paper towels. One day, I came back from hunting ground squirrels on a cattle ranch and realized we were both master hunters of rodents…the family that slays together stays together. We both used to fall asleep after eating a big meal too. When I moved to my house, he came with me. My home has always had at least 1 big black cat ever since.

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