A bit off subject for prepping and preparedness, but it might be fun…

Many of us have a hobby (or more than one) that we enjoy as a personal interest, for enjoyment, maybe to get our mind off the crazy world that we live in.

Sometimes we need our “down time” to step outside the box, to relax and enjoy what we enjoy.

Yesterday while listening to one of my radio shows as I worked around the house, I heard this topic brought up and thought it might be interesting to hear about each others hobbies.

So what’s your hobby and why do you think that is?

Maybe it’s not exactly a hobby, but something that you particularly enjoy doing outside the normal day-to-day stuff that you find relaxing. What’s your interest?


Need hobby ideas?

Upon self examination, I suppose that I have many hobbies and interests, and not a particular one stands way out over the rest. I tend to explore an interest for awhile, then eventually set it aside (or finish if it’s a self-motivated project) and then explore a different interest.

One that I really enjoyed was the solar power project for the house after we moved here (some of the panels pictured above) which I completed entirely on my own. It was a very satisfying project of interest (although one might consider a general interest a sort of “hobby”?)! I’m looking forward to expanding the system in the future with more panels, a better inverter, probably a wind turbine since we get our share of winds up here in the mountains.

Right now my primary “hobby” (project!) is the barn raising that I will be taking on this summer. Almost done with the plan…

A few of my other hobby interests for relaxation and enjoyment include exploring-walking-hiking new places, shooting, radio communications, audio (my previous professional career), prepping-preparedness (it’s liberating AND fun!), looking up at the sky on clear nights, weather (probably would have enjoyed meteorology as a career) ; and there are so many more now that I’m thinking about it – but I’ll let you have your turn…

What a way to get the ball rolling on this Friday, a Holiday Weekend…
The unofficial start of summer!

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