What are the odds of Yellowstone’s super volcano erupting? What are the odds of a significant asteroid impact? What are the odds of a solar flare the likes of the one during 1859 to take down the power grid?

I could go on with examples of horrifically catastrophic events, and maybe Vegas could give you the odds on them, but you have to admit that most of those particular odds are probably pretty low to occur during your lifetime (although they ‘could’).

Most everyone just ignores the possibility of any of these seemingly less-likely events occurring. The catastrophes seem so intensely severe that it may seem pointless to even prepare for them.

On the other hand there are PLENTY of other events with odds of occurrence being much higher – much more likely. So one might say that when we choose to be better prepared, we are playing the odds of preparedness for events that may seem more likely.

What are the odds of an EMP nuclear detonation at altitude – frying all electronics beneath? What are the odds of World War III? What are the odds of a nuclear war? Do any of these events seem more likely to occur than say a Yellowstone eruption? Probably, yes, although we might still think that the odds are pretty low (or are they?).

What are the odds of a widespread killer pandemic? What are the odds of severe global financial meltdown and collapse? What are the odds of a major cyber-attack taking down large portions of the power grid for an extended period of time? Are any of these more likely?

What are the odds of a major terrorist attack within the U.S.? What are the odds of a stock market crash tipping over all the derivative financial dominoes? What are the odds of runaway inflation? What are the odds of a currency devaluation event?

What are the odds of a partial economic meltdown throwing us into a severe recession with major job losses? What are the odds of increasing civil unrest in the U.S. and the world? What are the odds of a civil war here in the U.S. or even a ‘hot’ one?

What are the odds that a major storm will hit your region and people will empty the grocery store shelves for a day or two or three? What are the odds that you or your spouse will lose their job or become ill creating economic hardship in your household? What are the odds that the Patriots will win the SuperBowl again next year? (had to throw that one in 😉 )

Okay, enough already! Here’s the point…

Sadly, even THE MOST LIKELY EVENTS (an ordinary winter snowstorm) will tend to empty many of the shelves in grocery stores! Why? BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE DO NOT EVEN HAVE ENOUGH FOOD IN THEIR HOME TO MAKE IT FOR A FEW DAYS!!!

That fact alone is enough to ‘scare’ me to be prepared (because others will become desperate REAL QUICK during a more serious and longer lasting event). To an extent, I’m probably more concerned about them than I am about my own preps and survival…

Hardly anyone has a ‘deep pantry’. Hardly anyone has food storage to last beyond 3 days or a week without having to go out to the grocery store. This is simply stunning. But it is a fact.

I listed a bunch of hypothetical preparedness scenarios including some that are less likely to occur while others may be fairly likely to occur. The thing is, 99% (or some similar high percentage) of people are NOT PREPARED AT ALL – even for the events with higher odds.

So I suppose that the takeaway from this (especially for newbies) might be to start preparing for the events that are more likely to occur. Just exactly what are those possible events? The ‘mainstream’ will not tell you… you will need to determine for yourself by searching beyond the MSM. Instinctively though, you might already have a pretty good idea (your ‘gut’ is often right).

While the mainstream WILL hype up an ordinary snowstorm into ‘The Storm Of The Century’ or ‘Snowpocalypse’ to get ratings while instilling fear into the sheeple, do your due-diligence and discover the other risks that are out there. Many of them actually ‘really’ are potentially quite severe and quite possibly likely to occur in your lifetime…

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