Human civilization has never before been so ‘modern’ and technologically advanced as today. We’ve never had it so good. We are able to live a soft and cushy life, and for the most part can get whatever we want, while there are safety nets for those who cannot get what they need.

Why then in the 21st century (if we have it so good) are so many people becoming ‘preppers’ and becoming ‘prepared’?

The preparedness movement is booming. This has not been just a blip on the radar. It is growing. People are taking action to become better prepared.

I believe it’s partly because people are understanding the big lie.

What is the big lie?
That everything’s great out there and couldn’t be better!

Who is parroting the big lie?
The mainstream media, their cohorts, and the government.

More people are becoming aware of the big lie as their instincts can no longer ignore it…

Burgeoning unsustainable debt and governmental encroachment on our lives, liberty and freedoms, are combining to trigger alarm bells for many thinking people. It would be one thing if these issues were sporadic and temporary, but they are not and have not been — and in fact are getting worse at a seemingly quickening pace. There is no apparent opposition and no indication that things will get better. Many are realizing that we have reached the point of no return and that this will all end very badly…

While most Americans are able to live a soft and cushy life, some of these same Americans are realizing that it may not always be so. They are realizing that debts need to be paid and that you can only kick the can down the road for so long. We’ve been kicking that can for quite some time, and the end of the game is ever closer. Those who instinctively know this are wisely preparing for it.

The Empire is broke, and the Empire is broken.

Some Americans are also seeing their own government put up more and more road-blocks to our liberties while paranoid alphabet agencies continue to spy on every electronic aspect of our lives at the behest of the executive branch and a limp and willing congress while they build mountains of dossiers on each and every American citizen. To what end?

There are those who prepare for natural disasters – and rightly so; but I believe that what inspires people most to prepare today is their instinct that the state of the economy is a house of cards being propped up by government intervention — and it’s so distorted that when it does crash down, it will be life altering.

What’s your opinion?

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