Storm Clouds Gathering, and the Reasons Why Preppers Prep

Why do I prep? It’s simple really; for me, it’s just logical, and makes good common sense. Being prepared.

You never know what life is going to bring (or throw) your way – be it a manageable disaster or even a SHTF collapse.



We buy insurance for things – such as renters, homeowners, automobile, health, liability, etc. – and to ‘prep’ is simply another form of insurance. Prepping (becoming better prepared) is different only in that you are paying yourself instead of an insurance company.

Additionally, your preparedness (insurance) efforts (payments) and preps are not wasted if there’s no disaster or SHTF. You can rotate and eat your food storage, and the practical knowledge, skills, and supplies that you’ve learned, practiced, and procured will be with you always – and will improve your self reliance, independence, and liberty as a human being.

Preppers prep for are all sorts of scenarios, and each of those may be weighted by the following things:

1. Probability of occurrence
2. Magnitude of occurrence and the follow-on effects

As to whether or not a logical minded person chooses to prep for a given particular scenario depends upon the probabilities (as perceived our understood by them), coupled with that person’s risk tolerance to the likelihood of occurrence.

ANY prepping is good, regardless of the reason or magnitude of preparedness, because prepping establishes a mindset of being responsible – being more self-sufficient (even if just a little) – being less dependent upon others or other systems – being more independent minded.

Unfortunately this type of thinking (independence and responsibility) goes against the modern establishment way of thinking, and unfortunately ‘prepping’ has been demonized in the mainstream media and by government itself. But that’s what happens when a large part of a population becomes effectively ‘enslaved’ and dependent on government and others. That’s what happens when a government is allowed to balloon to a gargantuan behemoth of ‘ruling class’ elites of government-business ‘Oligarchs’ and so called politicians who really could care less about you and I while instead feathering their own nests with the riches (from you and I). But I digress…


A Few Reasons Why Preppers Prep

You or your spouse may lose your job and you wish to minimize the effects.

You live in a risk area for catastrophic weather events.

You live in an earthquake zone.

You believe that the financial system as we know it today – may partially or completely collapse in some way, leading to certain social chaos.

You believe that today’s very high population density (where people live) will result in social chaos from just about any type of major disaster.

You clearly realize that most people today are not prepared (at all) and could not take care of themselves or make good decisions following any type of disruption – as evidenced by your daily observations (of these ‘sheeple’).

The power grid vulnerability to EMP (electromagnetic pulse), ‘Carrington-event’ solar flare, or power grid cyber attack – any of which could lead to complete societal collapse.

You can ‘feel’ the bubbling unrest just beneath the surface as more of the population at large become fed up with a gov’t hell-bent on trashing parts of the Constitution and making you more dependent on them. You realize that this (and other coupled reasons) may lead to civil unrest.

And then there’s WWIII.

Nuclear exchange.

A nuclear meltdown.

I could go on and on with scenarios why some people prep, but hopefully this will nudge you to examine your own perception of risks which you face…

So, getting back to the question, why do I prep?

I prep for a number of reasons and scenarios. For one, by prepping, it just makes me feel better. Lots better. Every step I take towards relying less on external systems for my survival, the better I feel. The feeling of increased independence is powerful. If you are a prepper newbie – you’ll discover what I mean as you get into it. It is an empowering thing – even if only partially accomplished. “Try it, you’ll like it” 😉

I prep for a number of “what if” scenarios. Some scenarios are possibly (hopefully) fairly unlikely, but should they occur they would have terrible consequences (perhaps relatively low risk but very high follow-on consequences if it occurs). Other scenarios are more likely and many of them have just moderate consequences.

One of the scenarios that concern me is the western banking system and global financial turmoil. Dare I say, economic collapse?

We are living within the largest global financial bubble in history and I’m not confident that the powers-that-be can hold it all together and keep the debt-based ponzi scheme going forever. I am also not confident that the U.S. dollar will continue to remain the world’s ‘reserve currency’ – especially given the events having taken place lately between China, Russia, and others collaborating their own alternative exchange systems (other than the dollar). If and when the dollar fades, we as Americans will be devastated by the effects (devalued dollars). That in itself will trigger massive social chaos, IMO.

I believe the likelihood of occurrence (financial turmoil) is high (enough to prep for), but I do not know if the crash landing will be somewhat controlled, or or a rapid nose dive to the earth. In either scenario though, I believe that life as we know it today will be changed very much for the worse. So I prep.

There are other reasons and scenarios why I prep, however let’s hear from you – if you care to share any of the reasons why you prep, leave a comment…

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