large diameter inner core of toilet paper roll

Looks like they found a new way to screw us…

Okay. Today I noticed yet another way that they are apparently screwing us. And this new way has to do with TP, toilet paper.

So, Mrs.J opens up a new pack of TP from our well stocked supply, and low and behold she notices an obvious difference between previous TP and this one…

The cardboard inner roll diameter is HUGE compared to a ‘normal’ roll of TP. I just had to take a picture of it. See picture above.

(Note: some TP has been ‘used’ off that roll – the original outer diameter was larger).

So, while not having taken the time to do analysis comparing TP square footage of this roll versus another brand’s ‘normal’ size roll, there can be only one thing to say about it. “They’ve found a way to screw us, again.”

I’m pretty observant of the various methods that they use to screw us one way or another with so many of the various products that we shop for. I see it all the time. And it really lights my fire!

Squeeze out yet another penny for Wall Street. The consumer be damned…

Gosh darn it that really gets me going!

So if I give this TP brand the benefit of the doubt (why would I do that?!), and hypothesize that perhaps the same amount of square footage TP is on this roll with the bigger inner diameter core compared to a ‘normal’ core… they’re still screwing us.

Why? Because the outer diameter of the roll will be larger, and therefore ‘appear’ as though there’s more TP on those rolls! Most shoppers may be deceived by this while making shopping choices. Let’s face it, most don’t read and analyze the fine print (the ply, how many square feet, etc..).

My guess is that they’ve done a little of both. You might say a ‘fine tuning’ or optimized screw job. They probably reduced the square footage of overall TP via the larger inner core while also increasing the outer diameter of the roll just a bit to make it appear ‘more for your money’.

But there’s no inflation, right?! The inflation is hidden!

My goodness I could go on about the various ways that they screw us. But I feel this rant getting out of control, so I’ll turn it over to you.

What new ways have you discovered that they’re screwing us?

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