large diameter inner core of toilet paper roll

They Always Find A Way To Screw Us…

large diameter inner core of toilet paper roll
Looks like they found a new way to screw us…

Okay. Today I noticed yet another way that they are apparently screwing us. And this new way has to do with TP, toilet paper.

So, Mrs.J opens up a new pack of TP from our well stocked supply, and low and behold she notices an obvious difference between previous TP and this one…

The cardboard inner roll diameter is HUGE compared to a ‘normal’ roll of TP. I just had to take a picture of it. See picture above.

(Note: some TP has been ‘used’ off that roll – the original outer diameter was larger).

So, while not having taken the time to do analysis comparing TP square footage of this roll versus another brand’s ‘normal’ size roll, there can be only one thing to say about it. “They’ve found a way to screw us, again.”

I’m pretty observant of the various methods that they use to screw us one way or another with so many of the various products that we shop for. I see it all the time. And it really lights my fire!

Squeeze out yet another penny for Wall Street. The consumer be damned…

Gosh darn it that really gets me going!

So if I give this TP brand the benefit of the doubt (why would I do that?!), and hypothesize that perhaps the same amount of square footage TP is on this roll with the bigger inner diameter core compared to a ‘normal’ core… they’re still screwing us.

Why? Because the outer diameter of the roll will be larger, and therefore ‘appear’ as though there’s more TP on those rolls! Most shoppers may be deceived by this while making shopping choices. Let’s face it, most don’t read and analyze the fine print (the ply, how many square feet, etc..).

My guess is that they’ve done a little of both. You might say a ‘fine tuning’ or optimized screw job. They probably reduced the square footage of overall TP via the larger inner core while also increasing the outer diameter of the roll just a bit to make it appear ‘more for your money’.

But there’s no inflation, right?! The inflation is hidden!

My goodness I could go on about the various ways that they screw us. But I feel this rant getting out of control, so I’ll turn it over to you.

What new ways have you discovered that they’re screwing us?

Uncle John’s OLD FAITHFUL Bathroom Reader


      1. I noticed that his TP radar was up and running. The first to comment…

    1. BTW, now I have to get home open 700 rolls of TP and measure the cardboard centers…. Thanks Ken. HAHAHA

      Seriously yes the size of sheets are smaller, from 4.5″ Sq. to now about 4″Sq,
      Thinner sheets
      Larger centers, as Ken observed
      Less sheets per roll
      AND more cost

      It’s a NATIONAL TP-scam I tell ya, an all out SCAM!!!!!

      AND God knows with as big of an azz as I am AND as full of it as I am, I need the Larger Sheets, Thicker mill, More Sheets, AND a cheap cost LOLOL :-) :-)

      1. Of all the ways to cheat us! How rude! Just shows you how low we’ve sunk.😩 thank goodness we have a few rolls.

      2. When i shop for TP i calculate square feet per dollar. I have found 500-600 sq ft/$ is normal price, 700-900 is good. The best i have found is 1100 sq feet per dollar at the Dollar Tree stores which is their regular price – 2ply. That is where i get all my TP now. Don’t know if Dollar Tree is nationwide or not. Hope that helps.

    2. Indeed. And he hasn’t even addressed the inverse proportion of declining TP surface area versus continual expansion of the American backside. It’s scandalous and reeks of a Soros plot to deprive us of an essential cultural right. .

      …. aay yes, I’m waiting for work.

    3. I knew you would be the first person to comment. I hope you are well Friend.

      Doc, your favorite Combat Medic.

  1. How about almost everything you purchase.
    The overal weight of the.product deminishes (, oz, lbs, coffee, snacks) while.the.price.increases.
    What a scam.

  2. Now, this is just downright shameful. Messing with our TP. Where is NRP when you need him. I’ve noticed many things just the same way. Boxes and packages bigger, but the contents the same, Or the contents is less and the price is the same. I’ve also noticed cereal and other boxes getting thinner or shorter, with less in them, and the price the same, or the contents are the same, the container is larger, and so is the price. Good heavens, do they really think we’re that stupid that we don’t notice? But how do we stop this? I don’t know. I guess just grow and preserve more of your own food etc., and buy less. Maybe they’ll get the picture. Then again, It might be kind of hard to make your own TP, and other non-food items. I guess profit is the name of the game.

  3. When you pick up a package of tp, does it feel heavy? I have found it is best to pick the heaviest package. Comparing the number of sheets per roll no longer works because some companies are making the sheets thinner and thinner. You have to use 2 or 3 times as many thin sheets. I have noticed that some of the so-called “2-ply” tissues are actually flimsier than a 1-ply tissue.

    I have quit worrying about dollars per roll. As my father always said, “You get what you pay for.” I want to make sure I have enough tp to last. And even with my new shelves, I have only so much storage space. So when I shop, I pick up a package of each brand and buy the one that weighs the most.

    Ken, you wasted storage space with those empty rolls. You should pick up each stored package and start using up those that seem underweight!

    1. I know what you mean regarding 2-ply. The ply doesn’t matter anymore because some of that stuff is ridiculously wimpy. They have found miraculous ways to ‘fluff up’ the paper and bulk it up in appearance, while it’s mostly all AIR. I like your idea regarding overall package weight.

      1. Hmm- I have noticed that they are now offering 3 ply. Guess that I know why now-it’s the equivalent of the old 2 ply.
        On canned goods I do a ‘slosh test’ some items have more liquid than real product. Remember when something was labeled as ‘solid pack’ and it really was?

    2. DaisyK,

      You stole my thunder. I do the same thing. We have used “Bounty” paper towels exclusively for quite some time, mainly because of what we perceive as superior quality to other brands. All paper goods such as TP and paper towels have shot up in price lately.During a recent trip to WallyWorld, we were shocked at the $4 increase for the 16 roll pack. Beside the “Bounty” on the display was a new store brand with the same “select-a-sheet” feature, that was priced at the old price of “Bounty”. Fearing a con, I picked up each momentarily to compare weight, and surprisingly, the store brand felt heavier. We decided to try the store brand and found it every bit as good as what we had been using. Probably produced on the same production line.

      1. I was in Costco and was about to buy Bounty and couldn’t believe the price. There were a bunch of women buying a new Kirkland brand and they told me they were just as good as bounty and cheaper. They were right.

        1. old lady
          Same here, purchased tp-paper towels-tissues all “K” brand. Many do not realize that the ‘store brand’ is made by a the name brand companies you all like, just less expensive.
          Dh likes their products, so will be switching.

      2. You have to be careful with Wal-de-mart, though. Sometimes they just reach saturation in an area and they hike their prices because their competition has gone out of business.

  4. The reality is, “it is up to the consumer” to check out, study, and determine which brand is the best bang for the buck. The problem is most families do not have the time to put into, “what should be an easy and recognizable standard” for comparable consumable goods. The large corporations count on the dimwitted or over worked and stressed consumer for quick gains. Great find Ken as the battle for every hard earned penny continues.

  5. The larger diameter TP roll was implemented to revitalize the TP roll holder industries; now everyone needs a purchase larger spring-loaded “thingy” to mount the TP roll on so it will roll smoothly (after ya get done chasing the two part sprint-loaded thingy that flew apart because you missed one side of the yoke that holds the %*#^$ thingy and the *#&*#@ spring bounced into the twilight zone but really was hiding in the shower….not that I have experienced this).

    It’s also possible that the larger TP tube inner diameter was done to comply with the International Standards Organization (ISO) standard ISO-Tp-Tube-90018-0001 Worldwide Standard of Ergonomic Advantage of Larger TP Tube Diameters For Standardizing TP Tube Making; Machines or People.

    1. Have any of you noticed we have to FIT in to the rest of the world weights & measures. Ah, what happened to just keeping what we have/had it worked for us in the past which made us unique.

      Now if one of you could just figure out how to create a TP tree, we would all be happy.

      1. Happy to give you a laugh. Besides, I had nothing intelligent to add to the conversation.

    2. Thanks Grey. I like a man who thinks things through. LOL

      CD in Oklahoma

  6. Ken
    Remember when I recommended that industrial size bucket of TP? May it is time to look at it

  7. Looks like the package said TP and you got TP with more air and cardboard than expected.
    I’ve been looking at adding honey powder to my preps. Can’t believe that the FIRST ingredient in all brands of powder and granulated I’ve investigated so far is either cane sugar, cane syrup, or some other form of non-honey product. What gives!!??

    1. Anony Mee
      WHAT!!!??? you actually expected Honey in the Honey????
      See that’s what is wrong with customers now-a-days… Just like Ken, expecting a FULL Roll of TP when buying TP HAHAHAH

      PS; I store a lot of honey, I take a case of 1/2 Gallon Canning Jars to a local Bee Keeper and get those filled with “actual” Honey, keeps literally forever, I do Vac Seal it and keep it in a cool place of course :-)

      1. Whoa, this thread got weird. Bungholes to Bee Keepers in no time flat. Hand Salute to you NRP de la TP.

        1. McGyver;
          Ohhh hang around for a bit, it’s only getting started. LOLOL
          Such as White Cracker using the “Neighbor’s Drapes” for TP, interesting for sure :-) :-)

      2. We get honey from Young, AZ. He makes orange blossom and mesquite! It is raw honey. $10 a qt.

  8. Back when I was working on supermarket refrigeration. I often had a lot of waiting time.
    I spent most of this time comparison shopping, I also knew a lot of managers a district representatives. And was aware of these marketing tricks.
    To this day I still do some comparison shopping. Every 3-4 months I take my list of goods I buy regularly, and check prices. I don’t get fooled buy size of containers and other fluff. Most of what you need to know is on the edge of the shelf, in the cost per. , oz, ct, lb, ect.
    Through my years of doing this, I found most of the well known big box stores are actually the highest. I’m not going to name names here, but most of you probably go to the highest priced one thinking your getting a good deal. Are you?
    With mottos like,( We Sell For Less, roll back,) well I cant afford to rely on them being truthful. Because I have found that they aren’t.
    Add to the cost ,of poor wages and there employees being on government assistance. Well that comes from where?
    I would rather support a store chain that has fair prices and pays their employees fairly.
    I also use local farmers markets ( actually I sell there also) , and local farmers themselves. Cut out the middle man, go directly to the source.
    As far as TP, shop wisely!

    1. Otarn
      “Most of what you need to know is on the edge of the shelf, in the cost per. , oz, ct, lb, ect.”

      Yep did this today. My turn to cook supper. And GF had a hankering for tater soup. Need bacon.
      2# of good bacon. 24. ? Cents Per oz
      Or the 1# at almost 30 cents per oz. With lots of fat in the cut. Not a lot of savings, butt
      And who doesn’t love good bacon?

    2. I stopped trying to tell people about Wal-de-mart a long time ago. No one believes me, so I just keep my mouth shut.

  9. Other Options and Alternatives for TP to wipe your keester.
    *Warning do not throw items into and flush toilet. It will clog your septic and sewer pipes.

    1. Yellow Pages delivered for free. Just soften the paper by crumpling up and rolling into ball. then repeat until paper softens up.
    2. Old scrap fabric Cut into small squares.
    3. round flat creek stone.
    4. A Pine Cone ;)
    5. Dirt or Sand if you have nothing else.
    6. Foliage (avoid using 3 leaf plants)
    7. Go old school and use a wet rag/washcloth and bucket of water. Rinse/wash and repeat.
    8. Your Neighbor’s Drapes… Cut into small squares. :)

    Conserve toilet paper by using the bathroom in a squatting position. This is the natural position for humans and helps to limit a messy smeared up dirty keester.
    Now that you have that image burned into your mind hahahahahaha!

    1. White (is there any other kind?) Cracker,

      The “Religion of Peace” has some established protocols in re above. You left them out. .. Infidel.

    2. I remember reading where pages were torn out of the Sears & Robuck catalog, then they were folded and carried in the back pocket. It would soften up throughout the day.

    3. Old school huh! You men willing to do the washing on this idea!!! Oh well I used real diapers on the boys back in the day. Had a washer, electric of course………..

    4. I often wondered when using newspaper or a sears catalog, what about all that print. It comes off on your hands it should also come off as you wipe.

      1. Yeah, that’s a legitimate concern when using newspaper, but I figure that as long as I don’t let my britches wear too thin, I shouldn’t have people following me around trying to read the headlines, or worse yet, the “Rest of the Story”.

        CD in Oklahoma

        1. If I ever encounter a guy behind me that says “Hey Buddy, would you mind standing like you had your left foot up on a keg of nails?”, I’ll know it’s time to get new britches or buy some TP.

          CD in Oklahoma

  10. “I’m not giving up my TP though. 😉”

    – Pff… Faux Galt..

  11. Remember when a 2×4 was 2″” x 4″? How can they sell lumber that measure 1-1/2″ x 3.5″ as a 2×4? It is because the lumber lobby bought enough congressmen to make it that way.

    1. Old Chevy
      It’s the Chinese making the wrong increments on all our tape measures.

      1. Standard reply, “The mills start with 2 inches, but the blade takes off half an inch.”

        “Exactly half an inch, every time? And you’re trying to convince me that they’re losing half an inch of wood because of thick blades? They’re just cheating.”

        “Uh…Well…You’re splitting hairs!”

        1. Having run a mill for over 15 years its all in the designation of rough or S4S(surfaced four sides, standard s4s has been nominal 1.5×3.5 or under size of call out. Like a 2×8 is 1.5”x7.25”or 7.33” for a long time, you can buy rough but is generally called out as 8/4 x whatever you order, unless its random width/length, and then under all designations theres different grades

  12. I think you may actually have to quantify this in the interest of precision. If a new large tube roll is the same diameter as a new small tube roll you are being cheated if the price is the same. However if a large tube roll is also larger in overall diameter when new then the increased circumference of the outer layers may fully compensate for the increased diameter of the tube. On the other hand (which would of course depend on which side of the thunder mug the roll is mounted) you may very well have been cheated. I do think we’ve been cheated by the internet. Once upon a time large commercial firms mailed out massive catalogues to all their customers, think Sears and Roebuck, now they just put up websites. They’re even making telephone directories smaller now and hoping you’ll look it up on the ‘net ’cause you can’t read the smaller print they’re using. You ain’t gonna wipe nuthin’ with an electron and I can’t grow enough corn in my yard. Time to start a mullein patch.

    1. If you are depending on Mullein, better make that “two patches,” cause what I have only comes up every other year!

  13. I just wonder what would happen, say for example, Campbell Soup, came out and said, We are tired of screwing our customers, so we are gonna put our soups in 18oz cans and charger 10% less.?

  14. A while back I was in the grocery with my brother and I told him I needed to go down the Air Bag aisle. He asked me whats the Air Bag Aisle, I told him that’s where the bags potatoes chips are kept.

    1. Valley Forge;

      You got that right, Hence I do NOT buy “chips” that are 50% salt and the rest rejected potatoes.
      Heck take a look at the “stuff” In Cheetos some time…..

      As me Mom has told me many times “Never eat anything your Grand-Ma could not spell”. and “Don’t kick the Skunk if ya don’t want to get stinky”.

  15. I was looking at a bag of dog food and it was advertising “5 pounds extra”. I looked at the label and it was originally 42 lbs. the extra made it 47 lbs. They used to be 50 lbs. bags. So the 5 lbs. extra was still 3 lbs. short.

  16. Really Ken, the real question you should be asking, over or under? This question has divided people since the invention of TP. So which is it? Over or Under?

      1. Leave it to you Ken to do it sideways. I think NRP is rubbing off on you.

      2. If you hang toilet paper “over” and need to feed a little bit off to grab, you only need to reach back and smack it. If it’s rolled “under” and you need to do the same thing, it’s a little trickier trying to reach back and smack it “up” to spin a little bit off.

    1. I once answered that question with I always replaced it when it’s empty. That’s what I get for walking into the middle of a conversation, always with my foot in my mouth.

  17. “over or under”
    Who cares as long as it’s there when ya need it!

  18. On the subject of ‘being ripped off’, I noticed a week or so ago that the ‘generic’ can of coffee, that used to be 32 oz., had sneaked down to 26 oz. The ‘new’ cans are now 22 oz. All the same price. I have started using less coffee in the brewing process.

    Back to the original subject…….Winco now has one, two, and three-ply TP! I have decided that I am going to obtain some of each. The one-ply to be give-aways to those that don’t have any. The two-ply to help out close friends. (Not necessarily relatives) And the three-ply specifically for yours truly. It’s my tush. It gets the best!

    FYI……Northern tissue……”48 rolls”…….(It actually says ‘equivalent rolls’ on the back)…..4″ x 4″, 165 sheets. The normal roll is 96 sheets. Two times 96, using ‘the old math’, is 192 sheets. Twenty seven sheets short for the new stuff. BUT, it is the ‘fluffy’ type. Fluffy, smuffy……if there ain’t enough, it ain’t worth havin’.

    And…..five pound bag of sugar is now 4 pounds. Ten pound bag is 8.5 pounds. Half gallon of orange juice is now 1.8 quarts. My DW wonders why I only buy stuff on sale.

  19. I have to say that my hubby is a TP snob. No doubt about it. I can only buy Charmin, because according to him all other brands aren’t soft or strong enough. I have been doing this for the 20 years of our marriage. We normally buy our TP at Sam’s Club to get the big bulk size for my stockpile (NRP, I have almost as much TP as you do). Anyway, last year I noticed that Charmin at Sam’s Club had gone up to nearly $30–I think it was $28 plus. Each time I bought it I complained. So a couple of months ago, I saw a YouTube video on someone’s Sam’s haul and they got the store brand (Members). They said they liked it. So the next time we went to Sam’s I told my hubby that I heard that the Members brand was good. It was $18 vs $28/30, so he agreed to try it. I introduced the new rolls without making a big deal and he couldn’t tell the difference. I also quit buying Bounty for the same reason. I get Members brand and it is just as good. I was a former Bounty snob too.

    1. Oh he is the big blue bear! You must be the blue momma bear. Now we know who you are!!!!!!

    2. I found some of the Members brand a a local Bent and Dent… it is as good as the other I preferred/… the size I bought for 2 years has been changed, guess it was too expensive to make and sell at same price… and everything “compares to Angel”. air brand…

  20. Ohhh I have to go back to projects, can not take to much more ROWML–roaring out with Mass laughter.

    1. Hey, ya GATA be prepared right? HAHAHAHA
      Please note Toilet Brush at ready :-) :-)

    2. Disagree… NRP would have them turned 90 degrees for load bearing integrity. This looks like a millennial safe room.

      1. that is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. NRP, you the man!!!!

    3. NRP’s bathroom… I always suspected he enjoyed living in a padded room.

  21. I’m thinking on converting $100 into Venezuelan Bolivars. Should fill 2-3 18-wheelers. Lifetime supply of a&&whipe.

  22. Love those photos!!! We could on and on about the changes retail has made to get more money.
    Large pizzas that covered the whole table. Chip bags full of chips and not air.

  23. I have a travel bidet packed away. I hope it doesn’t have a steep learning curve. I wonder if cold water will work as well as warm. Only Ken and NRP could get me thinking about this!
    Stay frosty.

  24. I wonder if I should tell NRP how many rolls we have? Don’t really want to hurt his pride.!

    1. I’m keeping my mouth shut as well. The TP throne is not to be disparaged!

      On the other hand, does it count as half because I’m storing for two people?

  25. I bought some TP recently that was heavy and listed as 2 ply and cheap. It was like sheets of paper. No softness at all. It was worse than the stuff in a public bathroom. Guess you are right, you get what you pay for. I also noticed the difference in TP first with the Kirkland brand. They used to be great but became extremely thin for 2 ply. You have to be careful with those or you could give yourself a thrill you weren’t expecting.

    1. “You have to be careful with those or you could give yourself a thrill you weren’t expecting.”

      I can’t find the words to reply ;)
      Me thinks we’ve all been there…

      Hence, the need for 3-ply!

    2. old lady
      rowl….I was referring to the new Kirkland brand tp/facial tissues & paper towels. You are correct about the old Kirkland thin, and was right up there with the stories about corn cobbs….
      I have got to go back to my projects before I get myself in deep…

  26. I don’t know why you all are so upset, the foods all went to the more than abundant serving size for a grown gnat – so why would this not apply to TP as well. This topic has gone down the toilet.

    1. ..,..,.And flushed
      Butt wait..,
      We have not heard from NBANGER and his smart-butt comments lol.

        1. Lauren
          You’re probably right. Butt I was gonna give him some poo.
          Some Hawian trees native on the islands
          Banana tree…..leaves produce a talc- like powder.
          Breadfruit tree…..leaves up to 2 ft long.

        2. Ya, a while back Nailbanger said he had a leaky roof over his TP stash – not a good situation with the monsoon they just got.

  27. Besides TPwho is storing Depends?
    Us old farts better be prepared.
    Told my boys that even if I gotta wear Depends I can still stand a watch.LOL!!
    Now they are seeing if they can get Depends in Camo pattern.
    My son told me he could see me out there with nothing but Camo Depends on and combat boots holding an AK 47 walking the perimeter looking for bad guys …
    My boys show me no mercy!LOL!

    1. BJH
      If they find those special wears,,, will have to order some for dh…rowl.

      1. AC
        So much for those projects, huh?
        Or are you done for the night?
        This article of Ken’s is just like a bad tooth. Just can’t leave it alone
        Ahh we all need a good ROWL.
        Thanks Ken
        We ain’t laughing at you, just laughing With you. Wink wink
        Just Sayin

    2. Storing Depends? Thank the Lord I don’t need them yet. If I ever do need them, my plan is to run around naked , howling at the moon. Somebody will take mercy on me and take me out.

    3. Last year I bought the materials, plastic snaps, and snap plyers so that I could begin making non-disposable sanitary napkins for my granddaughter. Don’t know if she will like them, or use them, but I’m gonna try to sell her on them being ‘good for the environment’ as they’ll cut down on waste.

      I got the idea to make some small panty liners (aka mini-Depends), just in case I might be needing them. But I’m female — what do men do if they become incontinent? Do they wear diapers or use a catheter all the time? Anyone??

      Geez I hope that day will never come….

      1. MT, I can imagine my DH saying “it’s so nice out, I think I might just leave it out.” And that is how he would handle it. Until he manages the laundry, it won’t be an issue.

  28. Sigh….I understand your frustration. I am only somewhat embarrassed to admit the number of times I have stood beside a toilet paper sale display, calculator in hand, trying to figure out if it was indeed a sale, or there was less square inches of toilet paper. Sometimes I persist, sometimes I buy it, sometimes I only quit figuring when I realise the “odd” looks I am getting , and folks looking back over shoulders (maybe wondering if I have a Toilet Paper Fetish, and maybe they should call someone)…sigh

  29. Okay, maybe this will make it past Ken/maybe not, but here is a bawdy joke, hope no one is offended…maybe you’all have heard it..

    —-a man is travelling through some lovely countryside. Suddenly he notices a Nunnery. On the side wall is a huge sign…”Get Screwed by a Nun…— Fifty Bucks”……Well , he thinks, that would be something..So he knocks on the door. A lovely little Nun welcomes him warmly in. He stutters and points at the sign.. Oh, yes Sir she says. But we must have payment first, and holds out her hand. He hands over the Fifty Bucks. She smiles and points at a door (Which has a sign on it….”Through this door to get screwed by a Nun”. —Hot Dog, he thinks…He quickly walks to/through the door. It quickly sucks shut, and automatically locks behind him. He looks around, confused. He is on the sidewalk, outside the side of the Nunnery. He turns back and tries the door handle to query. Then he notices the large sign on the door…—-“Congratulations….You have just been screwed by a Nun.”

  30. Ok. The real question comes to “are you a ‘folder’ or a ‘wader’ of TP, and which uses more TP?” 🚽

    1. NRP,
      Maybe you ought to write a proposal for a study and submit it to Health & Human Services. Bet the Fed would pay out a million bucks for a study like that! They seem to fund everything else !

    2. Definitely a “folder”, and since I lack the dexterity to “visibly” observe the process, at my age, I am extremely careful in the “placement” of the folder, since, I do not wish to “smear”. We use Kirkland brand exclusively, and yes, it has gotten “thinner” in ply, necessitating an adjustment in the folding process.
      Same th8ng with purchasing ammo, since, most amm7nition for rifles comes 8n 20 round packs, the handgun ammo now does too. And at retail, it’s about a $1per round. Can’t afford to spray and pray, besides we reload. Haven’t figured out HOW to reload TP and pretty sure I don’t want to either!

      1. TPSnodgrass;
        Reloading TP for additional uses.
        1.. Place in washing Machine,
        2. Run on “gentle” cycle with minimal Soap, yet overdose Bleach.
        3. Spin Dry in Dryer also on low speed, High Temp till approximately 50% dry
        4. Place goo on flat surface and allow to dry 80%
        5. Run partial dried goo through Rolling Pastry Maker to flatten and cut into 2″ wide strips
        6. Place strips on counter top and use rolling pin and a slight dusting of Baby Powder to flatten to 1/32 thick and 4″ wide
        7. set outside to Sun Dry.
        8. Cut into 16″ long strips for storage in a Paper Grocery Bag (Brown Bag)
        9. Toss entire mess in burn barrel and ignite
        10. Go to Wally World and buy new TP
        :-) :-) :-)

  31. I’ll chime in here at the rear end of this subject (pun intended) . The paper today does seem to be much thinner which matches my SS check these days . Sears & Monkey Wards don”t do catalogs anymore and the free phone books are getting thinner cuz folks are going to cell phones . Butt I think we may need a nationwide group of protesters to rally the silent majority of citizens that are P C”d (paper challenged) .Perhaps a group like CRAPP (Citizens Revolting Against Paltry Plys) or FARTT ( Folks Against Rough Toilet Tissue ) or maybe POOPN ( People Oppose One Ply Now) . I don’t know what the answer is to solve the problem , butt in the it will all work out , it always does.
    See what happens when I have 2 olives in my martini.

    1. Bluesman, that is HYSTERICAL!!! The commode-y you shared was GREAT! :D

  32. Good day, Everyone,
    So yep, inflation is here too…
    A few examples…
    Orange juice not from concentrate, much smaller bottles, as in I went to pick it up
    and was like whoa this is lighter and smaller…
    a chicken product we sometimes buy at Costco went from about 12$ to near $18 in just a few months (not buying it anymore, not worth it, though I did have another option much better value)
    organic raspberries were $9.99 per container..,,,
    I do like some of the frozen organic fruits, they actually taste really good and are a good value
    Fresh good produce is getting very expensive…
    I’ve also noticed the quality deteriorating over the last years….
    the carrots are hit or miss, sometimes so bitter….
    I always enjoyed a good naval orange so sweet and juicy…
    When I was a kid, they were so plenteous and so good
    haven’t bought any in a few years first b/c I do see them or they look so poorly…
    Good providence and strength to all…
    PS We have clear skies today, wa-hoo!!!! :)

  33. One way to combat these higher prices is go to a pick-own fruit/veggies farm. We have a berry farm a few miles from us where we can go in and pick our own. It’s a little cheaper than the grocery store. This has several advantages over store purchase. First of all you are getting the freshest so there wont be any loss of nutrition. Next you wont get any bruised, squashed, or under ripe, because again you are picking it. At the same time you are supporting a small local producer.

  34. I am still working in the health care field so…at times, it is my job to clean other people’s backsides. Having cleaned my own backside for over 50 years and cleaning others backsides for well over 25 years I have the following observations:

    1. Find the brand of TP that you can all agree upon: My wife insists on Charmin. ( My wife tells me that girls have more delicate heinies..) I like Cottonelle. We are a house divided.

    2. Some things in life are never to be compromised: On one Outward Bound trip, the “leaders” told us to leave toilet paper behind at the start. ( little voice saying: “the hell you say?”) I was the Juvenile Delinquent that snuck in 2 rolls of Cottonelle in my backpack. I used one roll and made many friends with the 2nd roll. ( 6 day backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains.)

    3. When you go from skid marks to haz mat situation, forget the TP. Initial attack should be with gloves, spray bottles of Periwash and cheap cotton washcloths. TP is saved for drying off after gross contaminant has been removed. For those that are experiencing diaper rash or red skin, do not forget either Baza Cream or A&D ointment and powder to deal with excess moisture.

    4. Before you get too smug with your TP supply being adequate, remember how fast you went through 1 roll, an Econo-sized package of it when the Stomach flu, Noro-virus or spoiled food went through your home and kitchen. I agree with NRP in that more is better. ( BTW Ken: fun pictures of TP hangers- they make me envious.)

    5. At commode side, I keep mine in a plastic container because some one in my cat herd has used a hanging roll of TP as a fun scratching post. This is unacceptable because I am a folder.

    Lastly: to Dennis – If you lose your marbles to the point where somebody has to clean your backside, you may end up in my facility where me and my crew will doo it for you. ( so don’t worry/ be happy.)

  35. …I am in a hurry when I go shopping…My wife uses the TP with the smiling, dancing cartoon bears…that’s gotta be Charmin…grab a large package for her…Same aisle…Look for the picture of the happy puppy (white lab I think)…thats gotta be Cottonelle…

    Did you ever stop and think how to be creative in marketing a product like Toilet Paper? I can only guess what these people are smoking.

    BTW, Happy 420 day folks. Look up on U Tube: Champaigne and Reefer by Muddy Waters.

  36. I have a semi-connected rant lol-I’m a custodian at our church now and the previous custodian locked us into a 5 (!!!) year contract with a well known custodial service. We’re stuck with all of their dispensers (charged a monthly fee, including a $20 ‘soap fee’ that’s for absolutely nothing!), and they make their tp dispensers a certain size, so you can only fit their very overpriced tp on it, that has a special sized core. And to top it off, it’s crappy tp! Drives me completely batty!

    1. Svzee;
      Tis it not interesting that “the previous custodian locked us into a 5 (!!!) year contract with a well-known custodial service” obviously the previous ‘custodian’ did not understand the work he/she was hired to do, the custodial work…
      How very typical this is of the current attitude of ‘some/many’ workers… aka “Ohhh you hired me to do work, but I don’t want to work, just get paid”.

  37. A lot of the blame for this stuff goes to the government, they keep devaluing the dollar and it takes profit out of doing business.

    Businesses have a few ways to deal with this.

    Lower the product quality.

    Raise the price.

    Give less product for the same price.

    What I really dislike is when they lower the quality, or give you less and at the same time up the price.

    Ken you could always start using leafs to finish up your bathroom business…

    Too bad they don’t send out the Sears catalog any more….

  38. OK, I didn’t read al the comments, but instead of letting this worry you, why not just buy the ones that give the length or number of sheets.

    1. woodchuck;
      Butt Butt I have TB and need the softness of a Fluffy TP hehehehe
      Ohhhh that’s right, was not worried, but it did bring 133 comments :-) :-)

  39. This why soldiers never have sleeves on their tee shirts. MRE tp is like trying to wipe your ass with a zig-zag.


  40. I always keep an emergency supply of TP and wet (bum) flushable wipes, in case the rest facilities, are using the typical “logistically attractive”(cheap paper), which they usually are. My bum is worth it.

  41. I too have noticed that first, they reduced the length of the TP I purchased regularly. Next they cheapened the content, it now leaves reside when it did not before. AND, they raised the price. Thinking about changing but then I have a lot of testing to be done and that in itself is problematic so it will be a while before the task is complete. I did slow the purchase of TP, but continue to stock our wet wipes as these are used for dirty jobs. And honestly, when we run out, we will be used clothe squares and water. Whoever pisses me off gets to do the laundry- seems fair. He he he

  42. I’ve noticed it in TP for a while now…the brand I get is getting smaller in width. I know it has to be at least an inch smaller now than it used to be. The roll is the same size around but when I put it on my toilet tissue holder I could tell a major difference in how short it is.

    Also in food it is really bad. I use to fix tuna fish sandwiches when I was younger and could get at least 2 to 2.5 sandwiches out of 1 can…now I am lucky to get one sandwich. Pop Tarts keep getting smaller and smaller. If they get any smaller they are going to fall right threw my toaster.

    Also in hair products. I kept the old jar of a product I used and noticed that it had changed it’s look and the price was higher. I compared it to the old one I had at home well…my old jar had a lot more ounces but the jar looked the same size…I couldn’t figure that out until i turned the jar over it was inverted tremendously. It made me so angry not only because it was less ounces but because they had raised the price. That is just nothing but greed and the trickery behind it was ridiculous. I never purchased that same product again.

    I would much rather companies be honest about prices going up instead of trying to constantly trick us. We are not stupid….we all know what is going on!!!

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