When the power goes out, and when you’re without electricity, life as you know it – STOPS.

Our way of life as a civilization requires electricity. Without the ‘lifeblood’ of electricity, many of you would perish (after awhile). Literally. How long would it take (to perish)? That’s debatable and dependent upon a number of things.

That said, let’s brainstorm the things you would be without – when the electricity goes out…

In no particular order,

Stove – Oven – Microwave oven
Hot water heater
Furnace heating systems – pumps, blowers, fans
Electric heat
Washing machine
Clothes dryer
Air conditioners
HVAC systems – Office, Apartments, Hotels, ‘High-rise’
Municipal water system pumps
Well water pumps
Sewage treatment systems
Cable, Satellite
Computers, Laptops, Tablets
Cell phones
Office equipment
Gasoline station pumps
ATM cash machines
Cash registers and checkout machines at stores
Traffic lights
Hospital and Medical equipment
Irrigation systems – pumps – mass agriculture
Phone systems

As you begin to fully contemplate life without electricity, you will realize the repercussions of the disruptions as time marches on. In one way or another you are dependent on many of these systems for your very survival. Transportation, food distribution, and water supply will at some point become priority. Depending on season, the loss of heat (or HVAC) may nearly immediately present life-threatening issues. The purchase of goods will be 99% ‘down’ due to reliance (requirement) on electronic systems of payment and transactions for most outlets.

How long would it take for things to go ‘critical’?

Most power outages are very short lived – hours – and are typically very localized. Once in awhile a major regional disaster will bring down a large populated area (e.g. 2012 Hurricane Sandy, 1998 New England ice storm, etc..) and endure for a week or several weeks. But can you imagine the disruption and devastation for an even worse event? Think it can’t happen? Think again…

Let’s hear from you – add to the list…

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