The Powers-That-Be Are Driving The World Towards Nuclear War


The current regime in Washington (and their controllers) are absolutely ‘poking the bear’ (Russia), as they and their mainstream partners in the ‘government-media-complex’ continue to manufacture a threat and vilify a nation which has not threatened the United States or NATO in any way whatsoever.

I believe that the recent and accumulating aggressive actions of the U.S. and NATO towards Russia is one of THE most dangerous current-events in the world today. Why? Because the events are heading towards World War, and the nations we’re talking about (United States, Russia, and even China) have enough nuclear weapons to terminate most all of us…

Ever since Russia ‘put their foot down’ about the planned American overthrow / invasion of the Assad regime in Syria, coupled with the coziness between Russia and China (and other partners) trading on the world stage together while not using the U.S. dollar as a medium of exchange, the powers-that-be have decided to make an enemy of them…

There has been an organized NATO naval presence in the Black Sea (off the coast of Russia). There’s no other reason for this other than to be provocative. No different from Russia establishing a naval presence off of our East coast or West coast…

NATO organizing another naval presence in the Baltic Sea.

‘We’ keep announcing more troops, more tanks into the Baltic countries – into Poland…

We persist in efforts to build anti-ballistic missile bases along Russia’s borders.

We continue to hear Russia described as an existential threat to the United States.

This is all ‘reckless’ provocation, and the Russians have to take it seriously. Russia (Putin) must reason that there’s no real basis for any of this provocation, so ‘they must be getting set to attack us…’ What else would they think? If Russia began doing all this to the United States for no apparent reason, we too would think that they must be getting ready to attack us…

The current Washington regime (and the-powers-that-be) are trying to do the same thing (provocation) with China. South China sea, Chinese boundaries, etc.. Conspiring to build more bases around China to control shipping and resource flows in and out of China…

Since all three of these countries have nuclear capabilities of a high order, we therefore see Washington driving the world toward a nuclear war – which simply will mean the termination of much life on earth.

Many of the so called ‘elites’ have been reportedly moving to the southern hemisphere. Should a nuclear war occur in the northern hemisphere, much or most of the upper-atmospheric nuclear ‘fallout’ will remain in the northern hemisphere due to the influential properties of the equator as it relates to geophysical properties of the earth and its atmosphere.

Do they know what’s coming?
Are we heading towards World War?

Will World War lead to nuclear war?

Would this not be a convenient time to implode the gargantuan bubble economy?

So what do you think about this? Have any of you been following the alt-news regarding what’s really going on out there to provoke ‘the bear’?

Note: Some of this article was inspired by a recent interview with Paul Craig Roberts (whom I listen to now and again) which can be found here…

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