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We embrace emergency preparedness, having a plan for disaster, the right gear, skills,  a lifestyle of self reliance,  sustainable living, and common sense.

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1 Million (UPDATE: 40 Million) Visits to Modern Survival Blog

  ORIGINAL POST FROM MARCH, 2013 when we hit 1 million visits: This past week we have crossed a huge milestone here at Modern Survival Blog, when someone out there was number 1,000,000 to have visited us! When I started this blog in January 2010, I wasn't sure...

Drinking Water Storage – How Long In Plastic Containers?

A lot of people are apparently concerned about the (health) effects of plastic as it pertains to drinking water storage ('bottles', jugs, containers, barrels, etc.). I have spent time researching the general subject of various plastics versus their apparent safety for...

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Power Plants in the United States – Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Hydro, Wind

The modern world is entirely dependent upon, and fueled by, electricity from several power generation sources. Electricity power generation is primarily sourced from natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, solar, oil. The following maps show where each power plant...

Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge Requirements & Commentary

I love the Scout motto, Be Prepared! It fits right in with the theme of our site here on Modern Survival Blog and the things we often talk about. Lets have a look at their Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge. Why? Because I think it's cool that they have such a merit...

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Pros – Cons of Freeze-Dried, Dehydrated, Canned, Grains, Legumes

A pros and cons list of the various methods and types of food for deep pantry storage that you may consider in your overall diversified preparedness plan.   Freeze-Dried Food Pros Long shelf life. Very lightweight. Very low moisture. Reconstitutes quickly. Best...

How to Properly Remove Exam Gloves and Tyvek Suit

How to remove sterile gloves without contaminating yourself. The deadly Ebola virus rears its ugly head. Or a pandemic rages. Maybe you're using exam gloves for ordinary precautionary reasons. A question is, how do you properly remove protective gear like disposable...

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