The question is, Have you noticed ‘any’ thinning (or empty shelf sections) of certain foods at your local grocery store?

This is a question for you based on what may simply be a coincidental experience today at our local grocery store – or it may be a sign that more people are stocking up on food because of the Ebola virus scare – and affecting our JIT (just in time) food distribution system.

Mrs.J noticed today while at the grocery store topping off a few food supplies, she noticed that there were some foods that were not there on the shelves (empty shelf sections) – or there were only one or two left in that section of shelves.

More specifically, she noticed that the rice was gone. Empty shelf section. None. She also noticed that there were literally only two (1 pound) bags of dry beans left on the shelf where there normally are plenty of beans and variety thereof. While looking in the canned meats aisle, she noticed that there was only one can of SPAM left.

While this may be coincidental, I’m wondering if any of you are noticing any thinning of grocery store food inventory on the shelves where you live?

Given that ‘rice and beans’ (and SPAM) are stereotypical preparedness foods, and given that these foods were gone or nearly gone today at our local grocery store, I thought it VERY interesting. Are more people ‘prepping’? Is this because of Ebola? Or is it an anomaly?

If and when YOU notice any empty shelves or unusual thinning of food inventory in your area, let the rest of us know (comment below).

Just curious…

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