Bird Flu Just Two Mutations From Human-to-Human Pandemic


This is apparently no joke. Cambridge University professor Derek Smith warned the deadly bird flu virus is only two or three mutations away from being infectious between humans, and said it is something the world should ‘worry about’.

It could become like the Spanish Flu pandemic which killed around 50 million people.

Such a virus today would have a ‘devastating’ impact on the world’s population…

Professor Derek Smith said,

…studies showed it only needed five amino acid mutations – which happen naturally when the virus evolves – to become transmittable between people.

Scientists have discovered two of these mutations are already common and a third has been seen in some parts of the world – meaning it would take just two more.

You may or may not have heard recently that in the United States the ‘bird flu’ is raging and more than 20 million turkeys (and chickens) have been killed as a result.

“Virulent H5 avian influenza strains have spread to 14 states in five months and affected about 24 million birds so far, mostly egg-laying hens and turkeys,” according to USDA. The outbreak, which is also affecting two Canadian provinces, shows little sign of slowing.

While the virus has not yet spread to humans, its rapid spread coupled with the risk that it’s apparently very close to jumping over to humans, should serve as yet another wake-up call to one’s preparedness and realization of the systemic risks we face as a modern civilization.

It is difficult to imagine the horrific depopulation that would occur so very rapidly in today’s modern world. It would be overwhelmingly debilitating and shocking, and there’s little doubt that our systems of distribution and just-in-time inventory and deliveries would be broken.

Additionally, people would be fearful (rightfully so) to be among others, which would further enhance the contraction of supply chains.

A real pandemic is difficult to comprehend because we’ve not experienced such a comparable depopulation in our lifetime. When it happens again (and you know that it will…) it could potentially be bad enough to radically alter our current way-of-life.

While there’s little that you can do to prevent a pandemic situation such as the ‘bird flu’ from ‘jumping’ to humans, you can do your due-diligence to prepare for such an event. During a pandemic, survival is very dependent upon your non-exposure to the virus (whatever it is). This means relative isolation. Which in turn means that you will need adequate food and supplies to make it through the ‘hot’ period (at least).

This warning regarding bird flu mutation (two away from human-to-human) reinforces the need to store food in your home. Not just 3 weeks worth, but at least 3 or 6 months worth. One year (per person) should really be a very good goal to work towards. Of course there is more than just food to be concerned about. But it’s a good start (and a very important one!)

Pandemic is one of those things that can begin nearly unnoticed. You might hear, read, or see a report here-and-there, but suddenly it will seem like it has spread all over. When it happens, it will happen quickly in today’s world of fast and global transportation. Particularly when governments have already been proven to hesitate and/or refuse to close borders and impede travel. Your survival will likely be up to you – not your government…

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  1. “Your survival will likely be up to you – not your government…”

    This statement is probably the most important thing to remember regardless of what subject we’re discussing here. Baltimore riots, Ebola/Bird Flu outbreaks, an EMP, etc, etc, etc.

    I thank God I “woke up” several years ago and realized the Matrix is real. Once it goes down, and it doesn’t matter how, you’re on your own.

  2. The only problem with this is that by the time you hear about it, it is most likely too late. You could have already come in contact with people infected several times over since our news reporting is slow or non existent when it comes to critical news.

  3. Aids/Hantavirus, 3.1 million/year
    Ebola, 11,132 and unstoppable so far
    Black Plague, 50 million in the 14 century
    Measles, 197,000/year
    Malaria, 584,000/year
    Cholera, 42,000-142,000/year
    Yellow Fever, 30,000/year
    Typhoid, 200,000/year
    Lassa Virus, 5,000/year
    Dengue fever, 12,500-25,000/year
    Hepatitis B, 521,000/year
    Hepatitis C, 56,000/year
    Influenza, 250,000-500,000/year
    Rabies, 55,000/year
    Rotavirus, 61,000/year
    Human Papillomavirus, 275,000/year

    These are just a few for a quick review, Info found via quick net search, the numbers may vary on where you look.

    Any Questions?


  4. Any word on how long the virus can survive outside a host? Let’s say I hunker and there is a mass die off. I come out a year later. Can I still catch this from an area that was affected a year ago?

    1. I’m not an expert by any means, with that I know a lot of these viruses have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. If a new virus pops up (lets say Bird Flu mutation) it’s almost impossible to say. It could last only a few seconds or for many of years outside the host. That’s the problem, there are wayyyyyy to many unknowns to predict what, if anything, will happen.

      What’s really frightening is that just because the “media” (read government propaganda) is not even reporting on Ebola anymore. Does anyone really think it’s just gone away? And that’s only the tip of the provable Iceberg. But what the heck, as long as the Fed’s get their tax money, why should they care??????


          1. and how about that it now comes out that Ebola seemingly lives on in a victim’s body, long after the person is declared “cured”? Evidence the Doctor who recently had it “discovered” in his eye? etc.

    2. Your first question is kind of irrelevant. Wild birds, especially ducks, can harbor the virus without having any symptoms. Once an area has had a deadly strain of bird flu, it is forever suspect.

  5. While watching a power plant documentary, I learned TVA teamed with another corporation (interpret: govt. funded) to supply electricity to the farmers in sparsely populated areas.

    How sparse? 4/5 farmhouses every 100 miles!! :-)

    We are so far removed from reality, it is past humorous.

  6. a pretty good fictional account of a pandemic is the movie CONTAGION

    although I do think they severely underplayed just how bad food shortages would be

    the “just in time” delivery system will collapse in a heart beat

    When Trucks Stop
    America STOPS

      1. Just read that article, good read Ken. Sure wish you had a “print” function on your page, would love to print some of these to circulate, WITH your name on them of course. and your permission.

    1. my “adopted grandson” is a truck driver. he told me once that if the ALL the trucks stopped (a called for action) for just TWO hours, the entire JIT would be down three days. Three Days. Wow~

  7. if nature doesn’t get us
    we will get ourselves !

    just another in a long LONG line of lab “accidents”

    U.S. military mistakenly transfers live anthrax to laboratory

    [broken link]

    and while we’re on the subject
    let me put in a plug for one of my favorite books THE JAKARTA PANDEMIC by Konkoly

  8. Like someone else has said ” On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everybody is zero”.

    1. Bill Gates quoted, “I rate the chance of a widespread epidemic, far worse than Ebola, in my lifetime, as well over 50%.”

      It is interesting that he recently said that…

  9. Just on the news today- live Anthrax was shipped all over the country!! Most of these are not Accidents, As they claim.

    Ebola was patented by the CDC. Do some research on it.

    why the recent news of a couple isolated cases of Pnuemonic Plague ??supposedly spread by household pets!!

    Bio warfare has been going on for years, by every major country. We will continue to see more of these False Flags, and probably a pandemic created just at the right time to take the focus off the financial collapse, or other contrived Black swan event. Check out the first “rule” on the Georgia Guidestones. We are all considered useless eaters to the Globalists.

  10. I’m pulling out the doomer card on this one. Something I rarely see talked about on MSB. When this hits, JIT delivery will be the least of our worries. What happens on a global scale to the 440 nuclear reactors when the operators are dead, dying, too sick to leave their house, too scared to leave their home, or are caring for sick loved ones. Imagine Fukushima 440 times over. We will ruin this planet permanently. A commenter above asked if he leaves isolation a year later, will the virus still be present. That is the very least of your worries. Again, Fukushima, 440 times over.

    1. That’s true. The bird flu is just one domino in a row of hundreds. It just takes one.

  11. That is until they are weaponized. You do know where the two biowarfare labs are located, yes? You know, two of the countries that declined to sign the biowarfare treaty and then received mucho $ from the World Bank and IMF.
    Just gist for the mill.

  12. Alright, this off topic and Ken I’m sorry, but if you follow Satori’s link to the chinese newspaper, one of the leading stories is about Lindsay Lohan’s probation coming to an end. When a chinese site for chinese readers is discussing the end of Lohan’s probation I wonder if the human race deserves to overcome pandemic. Okay I tied back into the original post at the the end there.

  13. Interesting though for y’all, and a little food for tossing around, is the human race not a “pandemic” on the earth? at 7.5 Billion it seems we are more like a deadly virus that the Bird Flu.
    Just something for the discussion

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