Coronavirus is named after corona, or crown, because of its spike appearance.
coronavirus – named after corona or crown

I’ve been following the coronavirus story very closely, especially since the end of January (officially named 2019-nCoV). This morning I watched a video from Chris Martenson, who is among a group of people who’s opinion I value. His latest message will be worth your time (see video below).

Why? Because information is important. And good information is even more important. You must remain informed about this new strain of coronavirus. This could be (not saying it will be), the next 1918 ‘spanish flu’ situation, in my view. Time will tell. And I believe we’ll know one way or the other — pretty soon.

Why Mainstream News Is Quiet About Coronavirus

Here’s one thing that has me concerned. So far as of this posting, the mainstream news media have NOT hyped this up. It’s fairly quiet. This is shocking.

UPDATE (early March): The mainstream news media caught on a few weeks ago. They couldn’t ignore it any longer. There may be other motivations too (political/economic) but that’s beyond the intent of this post. More updates and linked articles below.

There are approximately 40 million (UPDATE – now more than 100+ million) people who are essentially quarantined in China, right now. When the mainstream is quiet about a situation that could be easily hyped up (which is what they do best), then something’s up…

UPDATE (1/26/2020): Beijing just went under a Level 1 Emergency. Meaning, no travel in or out. And we’re talking about ~ 20 million people there. How long can a city survive without food coming in? (This should tell you how serious this is). Presently there are ~ 30 major cities/provinces under lock-down in China, right now.


The mainstream news has apparently been told to keep their mouth shut. I even heard Trump yesterday who in essence said that this was under control and no big deal. That surprised me. This is anything but “under control”.

Do you know why they’re keeping quiet and downplaying this right now? I do…

To prevent PANIC.

Because that’s what will start to happen. And when the entire population begins to panic in this regard, lots of systems are going to break.

UPDATE (early March): The panic buying has begun. It started at Costco stores in Washington. Now it’s happening in other parts of the country.

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It’s about the money. Panic will disrupt the markets. Banning travel costs LOTS of money. The stock market will be deeply affected (can’t have that, can we?). Supply chains will break down. “Just-in-time” distribution channels will be badly affected by panicked people. This is what they are trying to prevent, while HOPING that this coronavirus will not become the next big deadly pandemic.

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Be Responsible | Prepare For Pandemic

As a responsible preparedness-minded individual, I am preparing for what could become inevitable. I hope that you are taking this seriously too. Don’t bet your life on government fixing this.

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Steps To Take

I am not panicking and don’t want you to either. Just stay informed. Do some preparedness, NOW, rather than later. If this blows over (and I hope that it does), you will still be prepared.

Listen. If and when the population panics about this, they are going to rush to get food supplies. All at once. They will know that avoiding human contact will be the best behavior when it gets ‘bad’ – so they’re going to try and stock up with as much food as they can.

When that happens, the grocery and supply chains will become crippled. So, my advice is to get your food supplies (and consumable supplies) NOW, before (if and when) it gets ‘bad’.

Get whatever consumables that you need NOW, in order to minimize having to go out later, when the pandemic is ‘HOT’. That’s when you will want to stay away from grocery stores and other people.

UDPATE (early March): It’s getting HOTTER

Wash your hands. I repeat, wash your hands. (Do it the right way). This virus apparently may stay on surfaces for longer than a week, maybe two!. How many people have punched that debit-card keypad at the store before you (for example)?

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Keep hand sanitizer in your vehicle or on your person. Use it every time after you’ve touched suspect things (like the digits on a public keypad).

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Stay away from crowds, people. This coronavirus is apparently airborne via aerosol. It has a high transmittance value – meaning it’s easily spread.

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I will update as more information becomes available.