Coronavirus Is Worse Than You’ve Been Told

Coronavirus is named after corona, or crown, because of its spike appearance.
coronavirus – named after corona or crown

I’ve been following the coronavirus story very closely, especially since the end of January (officially named 2019-nCoV). This morning I watched a video from Chris Martenson, who is among a group of people who’s opinion I value. His latest message will be worth your time (see video below).

Why? Because information is important. And good information is even more important. You must remain informed about this new strain of coronavirus. This could be (not saying it will be), the next 1918 ‘spanish flu’ situation, in my view. Time will tell. And I believe we’ll know one way or the other — pretty soon.

Why Mainstream News Is Quiet About Coronavirus

Here’s one thing that has me concerned. So far as of this posting, the mainstream news media have NOT hyped this up. It’s fairly quiet. This is shocking.

UPDATE (early March): The mainstream news media caught on a few weeks ago. They couldn’t ignore it any longer. There may be other motivations too (political/economic) but that’s beyond the intent of this post. More updates and linked articles below.

There are approximately 40 million (UPDATE – now more than 100+ million) people who are essentially quarantined in China, right now. When the mainstream is quiet about a situation that could be easily hyped up (which is what they do best), then something’s up…

UPDATE (1/26/2020): Beijing just went under a Level 1 Emergency. Meaning, no travel in or out. And we’re talking about ~ 20 million people there. How long can a city survive without food coming in? (This should tell you how serious this is). Presently there are ~ 30 major cities/provinces under lock-down in China, right now.


The mainstream news has apparently been told to keep their mouth shut. I even heard Trump yesterday who in essence said that this was under control and no big deal. That surprised me. This is anything but “under control”.

Do you know why they’re keeping quiet and downplaying this right now? I do…

To prevent PANIC.

Because that’s what will start to happen. And when the entire population begins to panic in this regard, lots of systems are going to break.

UPDATE (early March): The panic buying has begun. It started at Costco stores in Washington. Now it’s happening in other parts of the country.

[ Read: Panic Buying Has Begun | Fear Is In The Air ]

It’s about the money. Panic will disrupt the markets. Banning travel costs LOTS of money. The stock market will be deeply affected (can’t have that, can we?). Supply chains will break down. “Just-in-time” distribution channels will be badly affected by panicked people. This is what they are trying to prevent, while HOPING that this coronavirus will not become the next big deadly pandemic.

[ Read: Just in Time Food Disaster Is Looming ]

Be Responsible | Prepare For Pandemic

As a responsible preparedness-minded individual, I am preparing for what could become inevitable. I hope that you are taking this seriously too. Don’t bet your life on government fixing this.

[ Read: How To Survive A Pandemic ]

Steps To Take

I am not panicking and don’t want you to either. Just stay informed. Do some preparedness, NOW, rather than later. If this blows over (and I hope that it does), you will still be prepared.

Listen. If and when the population panics about this, they are going to rush to get food supplies. All at once. They will know that avoiding human contact will be the best behavior when it gets ‘bad’ – so they’re going to try and stock up with as much food as they can.

When that happens, the grocery and supply chains will become crippled. So, my advice is to get your food supplies (and consumable supplies) NOW, before (if and when) it gets ‘bad’.

Get whatever consumables that you need NOW, in order to minimize having to go out later, when the pandemic is ‘HOT’. That’s when you will want to stay away from grocery stores and other people.

UDPATE (early March): It’s getting HOTTER

Wash your hands. I repeat, wash your hands. (Do it the right way). This virus apparently may stay on surfaces for longer than a week, maybe two!. How many people have punched that debit-card keypad at the store before you (for example)?

[ Read: How Long Coronavirus Stays on Surfaces ]

Keep hand sanitizer in your vehicle or on your person. Use it every time after you’ve touched suspect things (like the digits on a public keypad).

[ Read: What to Look For in Hand Sanitizer ]

Stay away from crowds, people. This coronavirus is apparently airborne via aerosol. It has a high transmittance value – meaning it’s easily spread.

[ Read: My articles on Coronavirus ]

I will update as more information becomes available.

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Another suspected case in Chicago already. How many others out there that we have not heard about?

Masks of all types are selling out rapidly.It is my understanding that the
N-95 is a good one to get.Unless you plan on barricading at home and banning all visitors it’s time to have good supply.
I’m going to do any shopping at zero dark thirty when it’s not crowed.
Good luck to all.

N95s or better…

Lest you get too freaked out. The virus is very easy to kill on surfaces with just soap and water. Same for on hands. Singapore closed all their schools. Hong Kong did not, but the rate of infection was just about the same. Most people recover .

We are now told in East Tennessee that we have new case of people getting it that have not been around any infected persons so it seems to be evolving.

I agree

Why are we seeing videos of Hospitals that are empty? This thing has now killed over what Swine Flu did in the USA, except Swine flu killed About 400 children.

Use Walmart Grocery pickup!

I wonder about something. If we order food at a drive thru or to be delivered, and the person who prepared or packaged our order has no symptoms, but in fact is infected, are we at risk?

I’m gonna say yes. I’ve considered ordering pizza. I could accept the order with gloves. Take the pizza out of the box and put it on a pizza tray and put it in an waiting preheat oven. Then immediately take the box out to the trash and come back and scrub down the table while the oven is killing any germs.

I’ve considered it, but I’ll have to be pretty desperate to actually do it.

As far as other takeout orders go, way too many moving parts to disinfect IMO.

Tommy- yep….

leave that to God ……to decide. enjoy the life while still alive…..people dont appreciate what they have while alive…..everyone must one day so dont worry too much…

yes. wash everything you bring into your house. Wash, blanch and freeze fresh produce for longevity. a vacuum bagger works great

You bet you are. It’s the infection that gets you, not whether you see symptoms or not. Symptoms may take their time before they actually manifest but if the disease is in your system, it’s already prepared to do the dirty works.

You have that right; best to shop when stores are less crowded. Mr. Munchie, Good Comment on the Black Plague (1918); really affected me when I read a book about it; heartbreaking. My hope is in God. My health was compromised due cancer and a coma so I am sure of it; there are many with underlying conditions. But I am taking precautions as much as possible. We do have today’s advantage of technology and research that has been done. I am glad for that. The Peace I have only comes from God.

amen!! Jesus is going to save those who him to we belong

What store carries that type of mask? Thank u

It is already in Winnipeg, Man. Canada. They are telling us we are the lowest and yet it really is at our front door. Food supply is still good. Hard to get the heavy duty masks though. If you don’t know where or how to buy they are actually refusing to sell to general public. Only Health Care etc.. Really don’t know what to make of it because there are still people out there that believe it will not get them. Walk around unprotected, etc. We don’t know anymore how to respond. Our city is shut down but now because our numbers are lower than anywhere else they want to reopen. I think it is crazy. If the virus doesn’t get us the domino affect on our economy will make it a terrible struggle. Yes, which is worse? Death or struggle to survive? The poor people are already struggling. So are the druggies. That’s another thing. Once it gets into the street people, or really druggies leading a split life who go everywhere but don’t care?

That’s just the point. For each infected individual that is non-expressive (and therefore uncounted), the fatality rate goes down. With the know infection counts indicating a fatality rate of just over 2%, there are models based on SARS that would imply a much smaller fatality rate (like under .5%). Also, keep in mind that the Spanish flu epidemic was compounded by a limited medical technology (e.g., no inoculations for viral illnesses).

They are mass producing testing kits and a lot more cases are being detected. This increase is an increase in detection, not infection. The way this data is being presented to the public is disgraceful and extremely misleading.

Zerohedge has been updating the situation. Almost every news event has a behind the scenes story and this one seems to have a massive one. I can’t really know for sure what to make of it but results are facts. Other than avoiding it, my biggest concern is the likelihood of a catastrophic global economic collapse.

Ken Good video, Thank You.

If I stay in my house and no one comes in, can my house still have the corona virus and do I have to keep wiping it down?

Carol Westfall
Remember the warning about where your shoes walk? It may not have entered in to stores(yet), but the parking lots where many business are located at, will have the dead cells laying waiting for a pair of shoes to tread upon those cells where by you place them into the vehicle you are driving then in to the home where you reside.

Shoes & vehicle mats will be something to consider, spraying with isopropyl.

If you live in an apartment complex youre pretty much doomed. Apartments all share a common ventilation system for heat and air conditioning. The virus can be blown threw the ventilation system from one apartment into the others.

I wouldn’t think so. I don’t think the virus is naturally occurring in the atmosphere. it has to be admitted in via a host.( you or any others that may come into your house) the best way to avoid it getting into your house is to start with your outside door knobs and inside door knobs. spray them several times a day with anti bacterial spray whenever someone goes in or out. wear leather gloves whenever u have to go out to shop. leather because it can be more easily sprayed down with any anti spray after use and left in your car. if you go out, before u put you gloves on, clean hands with anti bac. first, then put on cleaned gloves. upon returning to car take one clean hand out to open your car door. grab anti spray from front seat and spray down gloves. leave to dry for next time. your hands are clean. u don’t spread it to steering wheel door latch radio etc . if u have to make several stops with gloves spray down all areas of car that were touched on your final descent from car. come in house, wash hands right away or at least apply hand gel. retrace steps and spray down all surfaces u touched including water faucets upon entering your home. this may seem tedious but u can feel safer in your home and not feel paranoid.

Thanks Ken for the footwork and thoughts on this topic.

Ears should be pricked. As with most things of late, unprecedented events. Thank you for your pulse check, you are in tune. Strength and courage.

Excellent reporting Ken, could we have Papa Smurfs bleach machine article soon please?

We might be needing a LOT more bleach than you can safely get from the madness of the stores.

I’ve been meaning to do an article on the MSR SE200 community chlorine maker. The manufacturer also has a section on what strengths to use for disinfection. I will try and get more information out later. If you’ve been considering one now is the time to buy it. Do not expect delivery services to continue much longer. Available at Ready Made Resource and ask if you pay extra can they expedite delivery? Might also be available on Amazon and don’t forget to use Ken’s link.

[Edit: Ken adds: (here’s the link) from Ready Made Resources. If you ever buy something there, let them know you came from Modern Survival Blog – thanks /end-edit]

For those in a position of concern this is the time to start considering essential service personnel, who is absolutely needed at work and who can be told to stay home. This is going to cause a huge disruption in absolutely everything. That huge day care service AKA schools will shut down. FedEx, UPS, USPS will also stop doing deliveries.

If you work in power delivery services your managers need to be thinking about stocking cots and food because what employees do show up may need to live in the plant for a time if it is to keep functioning. How long can a nuclear reactor go untended?

What is going to happen in the nursing homes if nobody shows up for work? It has been my experience that hospitals have a higher work ethic. When the majority of your nursing staff are minimum wage nursing assistants they tend to have a lower work ethic than more professional nurses. This is not to say that I have not seen CNAs with a huge sense of responsibility and dedication. Hospital too are going to be hugely impacted. If a nurse has to make a choice of caring for a loved one at home or caring for a stranger at work the answer is a no brainer.
During the Spanish Flu nurses were being kidnapped to care for people being turned away by the hospitals.

As Ken said grocery stores will empty out. Clerks will be staying home and JIT deliveries will come to a grinding halt. We are looking at a potentially huge die off. I figure we have maybe a week or two to get our last minute preps up to date. This will spread exponentially. One last thing. Pray!

Ken J
Printed it out for my knowledge & the binder.

Is time for the article on making own colloidal silver..
This is a virus that is encapsulated, and it is mutating rapidly.. so rapidly they will not be having a vaccine any way soon…the things we have discussed before have shown effectiveness on many such organisms…
prevention is our best defense. Make antiviral hand sanitizer from base ingredients.. use duck duck go to look up recipes.up to 60 million ppl.

CDC hasn’t updated since Friday (not surprising) and I suspect they won’t for the coming week. By that time I think we’ll know whether it’s an emergency without their say-so.

I think the problem won’t necessarily be the disease, but the timing of the decision to tell the general public that this is a CLIMATE EMERGENCY and send everyone racing to the stores. The number of people stocking up before that announcement will tell us how many are not trusting the .gov statements.

China has quarantined 40 million people, so basically the same number as California.
No traffic in or out at all.
A spread rate of approximately 2.4 and a death rate of 3%.
Thinking those sorts of numbers could cause panic for sure.
You want to know why the .gov and media are so quiet?


If only 100 million people or 1/3 of our population contracted it in the US, that would still mean 3 million deaths!!!!

Gray one,
Thats assuming mortality is at 3%.
If it is being intentionally understated, and it is really at 15% or so, thats some serious thinning.


Just read this…

“US health experts hosted fictional coronavirus pandemic ‘tabletop exercise’ simulation to see how authorities would react – three months BEFORE the outbreak in China”

Maybe the CDC is quiet because they want to prop up the markets a little longer and make sure the Super Bowl gets played. Billions of dollars tied up in that with all the ad revenues. Not playing it is not an option. Wouldnt want to be anywhere like that crammed together with others…mask or no mask!

Yes they sure did ! It’s called Event 201 and it’s a So Called still? Of exactly what is taking place right now

It’s a so called drill

Woke to the cheery news that So Cal has its first confirmed nCoV patient. Came through LAX on Wednesday.

But, not to worry… an epidemiologist at Harvard says this is not any more virulent than any other flu we might see in the US in a given year. Oh, and the Dept of Health says the risk of contracting the virus through “casual contact” like at the grocery store or a movie theater is low.

So, all those people in China being told they must wear masks out in public, the same people who can no longer get on a bus or go to a movie because the theaters are all closed had nothing to worry about, because, well, you know – it’s not passed through casual contact.

All I’ve been able to find out is that the sick person is quarantined in an area hospital (not disclosed)… oh, and officials will be looking for others on the plane this sick person took to get to LAX. Isn’t that special. But, not to worry, as long as all his seat mates only had casual contact for all those hours – I’m sure their risk is very low. Really, the dept of health is confident… I’m sure this is all just a formality.

Well, this is just great. I have so much confidence in our health officials at this point (sarcastic face). Ken, you are spot on, this is all about keeping people from panicking. I feel ill, and it’s not because of a virus.

So Cal Gal
I saw a photo taken (I assume) of a journalist through a hospital window, of supposed patient….Not a one of the staff had protective gear mask, no gloves, no suites etc

Where did you see the picture?

So Cal gal — sorry, didn’t take note. some online news site. And I said I saw a photo taken of a journalist, should have read “by” a journalist.

also, last night saw video, on tv. (don’t recall which channel), from over there, where emergency workers were in full hazmat, transporting a patient down a hall. Patient was strapped in with heavy leather belt, and should harness (that sucker was not getting away). Odd thing, though, all the journalists snapping pics, with camera lenses maybe a foot from patient , and personnel….NONE had masks/gloves/hazmat/etc ..We thought maybe it was a “demo” photo op…but…

The picture I saw was full on hazmat gear on the staff.

I wonder if colloidal silver and elder would help?

Silver is more antibacterial than anti viral. Elder is good all the way around for the immune.

I don’t know for sure, but I have my jar of colloidal silver, my “Sambucol” black elderberry tabs, garlic, vitamin C, surgical masks, Lysol spray, anti bacterial hand soap, etc. ready just in case. If all else fails, I guess I’ll have to see a doctor. (sigh!)

BigBadCat, Good Job! sounds like you are in good shape. I only added a few things to that list , d3,zinc,..we will use some of our remedies on a preventive basis….a single dose daily…

Just Sayin;
Got both of them to. Can’t be too prepared ya know. Good to see your ready also.

Don’t forget the tin foil hat!

Kula, Yes to both.elder esp effective.

Just Sayin’ – you taking elderberry as preventative, say once a day. or is it just once sick?

Have been adding elder berry and elder flower to my tea, think im going to get some extra,

Colloidal Silver Water is a very good immune booster / fighter . My hubby makes silver water here at home with a machine . And Elderberry works amazingly.

There is a good rundown on this bug by Doctor Joe Alton at
doom and

Read a article over at south China morning post, that the mayor of Wuhan said that 5 million residents had already left the city before the lockdown was implemented.

Also saw a video over at vidmax where a supposed nurse from China stated that their are 90k infected. I’m trying to see if what she is saying matches up with the subtitles. Sent it to a friend who speaks mandarin and also has contacts in China. I’ll let you all know if I find out anything worth reporting.

I have it on good authority that this disease first showed up in central China in mid-November and it has been a silent fight until this point. Mid-November is also when I made my made last trip over there too. They have these large water tanker trucks with powerful vapor cannons mounted on the back. They traverse open highways via a lane closure during mid-day, shooting huge billowing clouds of what I was told was plain water, for the purpose of “dust control”.

Dust control sort of made sense when I was there in August, despite being a humid, verdant area. But in November?? No way; it made no sense at all; heck it was drizzling half the time. While it made no sense to me then; I think it is starting make sense now.

You missed the proverbial bug, thank goodness! Bet Mrs. Tmc is breathing a sigh of relief!

So glad you are back here!
I looked but did not see a post, how is your CEO?

Was wondering the same thing about his CEO.

Hi SoCal Gal and AC:

Our CEO made it back just fine, albeit 24 hours later than we expected. He looks no worse for the wear. He’s a great and vibrant guy with a bone-crusher handshake, only this time it made me think before reciprocating. I think I mentioned the vapor canon trucks after the August trip, when I still thought they were a great idea to knock down particulate matter from the nearby factories. Maybe that’s really all they are for. … but why truck mounted and not fixed locations? -shrug-

All I know for sure is the US gen-pop didn’t learn about this virus until mid-January. Then a co-worker told me it’s been widely known in China since December. Then while chatting with my boss he tried assure me it was no big deal, because it’s actually been going on since November.

I was rather pleased with myself yesterday when I discovered a fresh box of 25 3M, N100 masks I put up, and forgot about several years ago.

About hand sanitizer after touching keypads and other things, everything I have ever read said that hand sanitizer does not kill viruses.

BTW, add to keypads used by others gas station nozzles, door handles and knobs, and supermarket cart handles. Should this thing go full pandemic, add the mail delivered to your home that has been handled by numerous people before it arrives.

I carry Lysol wipes in my purse contained in a plastic bag. When paying for items with the debit card I have been known to clean that key pad before touching it. Yes, have had people look at me as if I am nuts, but is ok.

Survivormann99 – what does kill them? peroxide wipes? alcohol wipes?

Viruses are non living therefore peroxide and alcohol won’t have the same effectiveness as they do on bacteria. Truthfully…I will be using diluted bleach…UV light works as well. But…ur best at home bet… IMO…is bleach. Heat should also denature viral material.


When bleach, over time become ineffective and it takes too much fuel to boil everything (water, clothes, bedding, ….) and one has enough solar energy stored to light a UV bulb, this may be good a long term solution.

But don’t mention it again because when I did a while back, someone just told me to go outside. And crickets. You would think I was talking the complexity of backyard nuclear energy. bit of sarc

I hear what u r saying but bleach directly effects nuclear material and the coronavirus is a single stranded RNA virus. I am somewhat skeptical about UV bc it causes thymine dimers and RNA has uracil not thymine. I’m not saying alcohol won’t work, it just needs to be at least 70%. My understanding is that the alcohol disrupts the viral capsule and I think the coronavirus is encapsulated.


I so wish I was smart enough to know what you wrote. Do you have the “coronavirus” possible kill solutions for “Dummies”. So far I see; bleach, strong alcohol, and boil the shit out of it.

Hermit…yup…I’d stick with that. Lol

kynase, this virus is encapsulated. elder is highly effective on encapsulated virus of many types including this family,and eboli…so is oregano.

I am going to backpedal here. After a little digging, it seems that hand sanitizer has some effect on viruses, depending on the type of the virus, but that soap and water are better.

I wrote the same thing AND I agree with you. It kills bacteria and “some” viruses. This one, I don’t think so.
Better to use disposable gloves…

If you look on the back of a can of Lysol spray disinfectant it says that it kills corona viruses . Just doesn’t say this particular corona virus . Either way I’ve got spray , wipes etc…. and am constantly wiping everything down . My mom lives with us( dementia n health problems ) and if she were to get sick she wouldn’t make it .

CNN now reporting that virus is contagious before symptoms show. So how many people coming from China were checked, showed no symptoms, were allowed to pass, while being contagious?
Thanks Ken for this article. This event has had the hair on the back of my bristling for a week now. Could be a black swan event, just need to stay calm but very aware.

Minerjim — You got it! Asymptomatic but infected for 5 days or more. No wonder this virus is spreading around the world. It’s almost as though the govts aren’t following their own ‘guidelines’….

Watch the 9 minute video that Ken has in this article. Martenson discusses all of this — he really takes the “screening process” to task. Martenson has a couple more videos on coronavirus too — he is updating frequently. iMO, everyone should closely monitor his Youtube channel and/or website because he is as on top of the coronavirus as is possible.

The concern which gives me pause, is how many areas in the US have flight training schools for the C students?

In the State of Jefferson, I know of such a school which these young people attend. Also the store where they do their major shopping. Until they are orientated to the area large buses(greyhound size) take them to their destinations. Most live not far from a local W/mart store and bus line for getting to class and back to their apartments.
Did they leave for their family celebration and return to the north state before the sanctions were in place?
Why?? It would have been the correct time for exposure, with a return flight back to this area before symptoms would appear in any of them. Hopefully none of them returned ill, as I have not heard anything from family members who are in the medical field.

Down here, all of the community colleges are scheduled to start their semesters tomorrow, with many foreign students having just arrived for the start of school. Many Asians among the freshly arrived student populations.
I assume the same for the larger colleges and universities as well.

I share this concern, especially as my son is currently away at school. I think colleges and universities may be one of the most likely venues where we see new cases develop. Returning international students who went back home between semesters, cramped quarters…

Yes as in the student from Tenn. Tech U who ‘tested’ negative, hopefully!

Kinda freaky when I was driving to Costco Friday I looked in my rear view mirror and the guy in the car behind me was an Asian wearing a face mask. Then at the check out line there was an Asian woman buying $200 bucks worth of, 10 boxes of Emergen-C Vitamin C 1,000 mg. Variety Pack Drink Mix, 90 Packets…that’s all she had in her cart

Be conscious of what you touch and handle in public; door handles, cart handles, packaging, rest room items. I wear gloves in stores.

Democrats tried to warn us. Not using correct pronouns and electing Trump is bringing catastrophe upon us. No coincidence that Trump, Pence, Wuhan, China, white, males, and virus are all 5 letter words.

Sarcasm needle is buried

Dennis:Now that’s hilarious!! A little humor in a poop storm is good.

A long
….with Soros, Gates, Anti’s….

Just to add a few to the Dennis.list

Joe c,

Yeh, but, but, but………they all have sworn allegiance to the Exalted Rainbow Unicorn. They are acceptable in the realm of those approved for existence in the utopia to come.


….but, but
I think I just vomited a little….
My head is dizzy…..
Ah, a unicorn….
A Utopia?
Ohh my….
More sand, please….yep around my neck area….
I can yet see a little bit of the proceived truth.

I only have 1 thing to say…


This thread was informative until now. We elected Trump because we needed him. Obama had us in a economic crisis. My 401k made like a hundred bucks in three years compared to 7k since Trump. Democratic run states are poverty stricken with people moving out rapidly. Liberal Democratic views are basically considered mental illness now.

This is where the Chinese Star Anise anti viral comes in to play. Can make a tea. It is mostly the seed in side the star shape. Could crush seed to help release more of the medicine. Make sure it is Illicium verum and NOT the Japanese variety, Illicium anisatum. The Japanese type has poisonous properties.
If you live in an area that has Sweet Gum Trees go out and get those prickly balls still on the tree if possible and make tea.
Just an idea. Natures Tamiflu.

Mrs. U,

Thanks for the tip on Star Anise. Wife wants to do grocery shopping at 99 Ranch (Asian supermarket) later today. They have a medicine/herb shop adjacent to it; I’ll come prepared with the translation and see if I can score some. Also interested to see how many are wearing masks there today. This might be our last visit until this blows over. We may be wearing masks too. For sure the Lysol wipes are going with us.

Agree 100%
Seems like a bad idea

I think you are right; I rethought that idea just after hitting ‘submit’ – this is why we prep. Anyway the pandemic has been suspended, wiped off the news by the Kobe Bryant crash in Calabassas. Expect it will re-capture the headlines by tomorrow.

tmc, available on line also from reputable suppliers. Starwest sells on Amazon.

Starwest is excellent, I’ve purchased 1 pound bags of many spices and herbs from them. Great idea; Prime should have it here in a day.

tmcgyver, perhaps a better alternative would be to order your star anise online and let the box sit for five days to get past the live cycle. Star anise is one item I keep on hand, along with elderberry.

I have to say, the thought hit us that perhaps dad had been exposed to something on this last trip to China. He didn’t make it off the plane from China (to Chicago and then to Florida). He was taken off the plane unresponsive and never regained consciousness. The infectious disease doc only asked to take blood to check for HIV. I said he didn’t have HIV but allowed them to take blood to check so their workers would feel better being around him. They said they follow a safety protocol so that wasn’t an issue, but never indicated there was another concern. We were advised dad’s heart gave out, but he went into shock, a fib, low pressure and organ failure.

Did you see the posting from Tmcgyver where he said apparently this broke out in the middle of November over there.

If they would stop eating bats and snakes this type of thing would stop happening. Eat a damn carrot. How many people have to die before they realize eating bats will kill you and 40 million others because you had to munch on a bat. My God this world is sick

We are what we eat? Look at the problems the farm industry caused by feeding animals to animals. Soylent green is not far off.


Egads, stay away from the Asian markets right now.

Amazon sells the Star Anise Illicium verum. Do a search with those 4 words and you’ll find the spice listed. There are also capsules and tinctures. (Use Ken’s Amazon button if you order!)

Absolutely a must – the Lysol wipes and spray! Read the back of label on a can of Lysol disinfectant. It says it kills Corona virus . I use it all day long 👍

Mrs.U, if no balls on or near the tree can always use small twigs and bark. it does take 6 weeks to make the tincture., and two batches of material.

Maybe the CDC is quiet because they want to prop up the markets a little longer and make sure the Super Bowl gets played. Billions of dollars tied up in that with all the ad revenues. Not playing it is not an option. Wouldnt want to be anywhere like that crammed together with others…mask or no mask!

I saw about 3 days ago on the news a report where they are going to build a hospital in 7 days. It looked like 20 large backhoes were digging all together at the same time. One can only guess it will be a large metal structure. It is to house and care for those infected with corona virus.

Mrs. U:

I question that project, with all the backhoes, and no other trucks or equipment in sight. 7 days… I imagine they could make a very wide and deep -hole- by then… not so sure about a usable structure. Wonder how that project is coming along.

Ken and tmcgyver….we all thought same. Hundred or more backhoes, no trucks, no piles of dirt etc….Looked more like a mass grave to me (but still where were the piles of dirt). Bogus. Why??

Mr. thought about the mass grave idea also.

They did do a similar hospital in 8-10 days for the last viral outbreak they had over there… the SARS. they are doing it because each person averages infecting 14, and the victim is contagious from the time they are exposed.Those who are exposed and have no idea can infect a LOT of people.

Ah, ya think? LOL. Only track hoes, no dump trucks, no graders. Seemingly no one cutting trenches for utilities. Not even a small group working together in one direction. Like everything the Chinese Government puts out- it was all for show. “See! We are really doing something we are so concerned!”. Have to ask yourself why they are so intent on showing the world they are doing something.

tmc, agree then again I can picture a bldg. going up barn raising style in China. Wonder if we will see the completed project???

2nd case in So Cal just confirmed, one in Orange County, 2nd in LA County. Both in undisclosed hospitals. Officials quick to say both just arrived from Wuhan and had little contact with anyone during recent days. Sure, these people flew in feeling fine then isolated themselves before getting sick and going straight into isolation.

Anything to avoid a panic. Nothing to see here, everything is under control. Sure.

Of course they don’t want a panic…..

I went to Disneyland dec 30-31 and got sick 4-5 days later. Obviously wasn’t this virus. A friend of the family (2 adults and 1 kid) went to Disneyland last Monday and by Friday all three were sick.

I was planning on going this Tuesday but decided to cancel.

The horseman of pestilence rides!

Past blogger some of us know of, she is now a practicing herbologist. Years of study & learning recommended this book to me. She said anyone interested should have this in their library.

It is at Amazon by Stephen H Buhner “Herbal Antivirals”, page 160 was her recommendation because of what is happening. Thought you, along with others on the site may like to have this for JIC.

yes. great books, I have studying them now for 9 months.(he has one on “herbal antibiotics” too). Glad I spent the time harvesting our elderberries. I have 4-5 gallons frozen in the deep freezer, will make a heap of elderberry syrup. Also, you may want to look at page 235 of the same book. Another very potent anti-viral.

The syrup make only what you can use for a certain amount of time, as it does not hold that long. Not compared to the tincture which stores forever, something I learned from Michele when she was sharing her knowledge on the old blog site we left.

Thanks I will consider that next go around. So far we have been making batches with 5 cups of berries (frozen), and it makes a gallon and a half of syrup. I took this exclusively with the cold we just had after Christmas. DW took over the counter meds. I would say that even with the minor amount I took (1/2 shot glass every 4 hours) my cold symptoms were reduced by 50%, and the duration was cut way down. I think if I had dosed properly ( more often, through both day and night) I very well might have gotten rid of the crud much, much sooner. Last year, DW and I had a small glass of elderberry wine each night, never got the flu at all. Just stating for data purposes.

I’ve known about it since before Christmas. International students.

It is common in China for everyone to wear those crappy dust masks. You see it everywhere. The polution is the main reason. But sick people often wear them and so do those with a weakened immune system. In Japan it is common courtesy for you to wear one when you are sick.

It is also quite common for the Chinese to go in pseudo lockdown. The people are very obedient. For most middle class people in China they have less freedom than a poverty-stricken minor in the US. They are also conditioned to this kind of thing and actually keep supplies in their home because they are conditioned to supply chain issues.

It is rare for quarantine to happen like this.

Can you imagine living in a place that because the Russians drew a line in the map decades ago that you can’t have central heat in your home? That is what it is like in China.

It must be bad though because normally Chinese government workers get the first week of the Chinese New year off and they are calling people in.

I’m not that worried yet. Do the same diligence you do during the holiday flu season.

So I have a lot of reading here to do, but would like to throw in my skeptical opinion.
Two China hospitals, being erected?
Really? And how long does that take, let alone two?
Will they be using sold US hazzardous drywall upon completion?

FWTB showed me an article on Fakebook.
An article of ‘Benefits of oil of oregano’.
I’m sure it will be a sold out product here shortly…..but on the other hand….
You can also have my “required” injection.
In the meantime, I’ll be waving my hands about with cloves of garlic and singing chants with Just Sayin’.

Inject up

Just Sayin is our resident expert on Oil of Oregano. Strong and ok if you like the taste of spaghetti sauce…. for awhile after!!!

Gosh I almost forgot about my large bottle of oil of oregano. That stuff will kill anything. I’ve only used it topically as I suspect in raw form it is way too strong for direct ingestion.

Oil of oregano is good stuff.
Upped the usage since JS, said so.
(She’s a good knowledgeable gal).
As with Mrs U…
The flavor sticks with ya for a while. It’s like a spaghetti dinner every night.

tmc,oregano oil must be diluted to 6%carvisols to ingest.6 parts olive oil to one part oregano oil. result is OIL of Oregano. I use internally for lyme. as long as i take it with some regularity i do not have any flares. but skip it for a week… and i have joints that swell.i put mine in a little coffee and hold sublingual..for 3 min. Better than having joint pain every where. and last year when DH got the flu, I did not. he took our homemade tamiflu on q4h.

Don’t laugh… But it will probably take a week. It is all prefab and built on an assembly line. No bureaucratic nonsense and no waiting on some fat old white guy to approve the inspection. Endless cheap and easily replaced labor. Think of the Egyptians but with technology.

Is most likely some sort of prefab field hospital structure that they have for military. Big tent more likely than not.

Joe C,

What’s wrong with erecting two 1000 bed hospitals over night? The Glorious Peoples Construction Committee just goes down to the local Harbor Freight Wuhan Store #17 and orders them up. Of course the ones approved for installation in Wuhan City are back-ordered, but will be in after the Chinese New Year.
On a more serious note, it can be done, but I suspect far too late. Again the average Chinese citizen is the one who suffers from the failings of incompetent government officials.(just like in every other country on the planet) I will be praying for those souls in the midst of this epidemic, they are going to need it.

Joe C, Minerjim, et al…

it occurs to me, there may be no need for these hospitals to be sturdily constructed. Say, if they are constructed for “show. Say if they are constructed to “concentrate” in one place all infected. Say, if they were to be destroyed, if things are even worse than stated.

Just got back from Home Depot, They still have N-95 masks on the shelf in our little out of the way town. Brother in Norfolk VA, reported their store was empty but he found them in Virginia Beach.

Stopped at Wally World for some bleach, Chlorox has a special bleach for “disinfection”. Equate bleach marked as concentrated is the same strength for half the price and slightly more product.
As far as the concentration goes it is mostly marketing. Last bottle we bought was 8.75% new bottle is 6% sodium hypochlorite. If I recall the old bleach used to be 5.25%.

has anyone heard, are they (the vaunted officials) at least insisting the deceased be cremated as medical waste? There are so many differing burial customs, (in china and elsewhere) it seems unlikely. But we are hoping.

Jane Foxe –

I read from a reasonably credible source that it was the overwhelmed crematorium operators who first leaked the severity of the situation.

tmcgyver — ah…

Tomorrow morning I’m heading out to stock up on raw snake meat at my local Asian Market!🤢

Can’t say we were not warned… At least we have a 10-14 day warning at this point. It is what you do Monday morning that matters. Be cautious have a plan warn those who do listen to you. You still have time. Most of us on here are more or less ready for most events that come our way like storms, unemployment, other day to day issues. There should be no panic among us.

Adapt and overcome, but do not panic. Keep a level head and watch things closely. 40 million people quarantined???… Well we have all never seen that sort of thing in our lifetimes. I guess there is a first for everything. Hot dang!

Of course it is– they ALWAYS cover this stuff up
We just do not know how bad it really is–

Protect yourself and others
Stay away from crowds

3 cases confirmed, LA, Chicago, and WA state, forgot the city.

The most successful of virii attenuate over time. It doesn’t pay to kill the host. The virus makeup will change with every new host.
Hopefully, that happens in a good way soon.

14 day incubation period before showing symptoms is pretty intense. I’m assuming that’s for infected individuals. Correct me if I’m wrong but viruses can only live on surfaces for up to a few hours?

Ok a quick search just informed me that viruses like cold viruses can survive on surfaces for up to 7 days. From what I’ve read the corona virus is closely related to the cold virus. So 7 days on surfaces and 14 days in people.
Be vigilant!

Grits…may be at least 28 days..(from NIH study 2010)
“Effects of Air Temperature and Relative Humidity on Coronavirus Survival on Surfaces▿

Assessment of the risks posed by severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus (SARS-CoV) on surfaces requires data on survival of this virus on environmental surfaces and on how survival is affected by environmental variables, such as air temperature (AT) and relative humidity (RH). The use of surrogate viruses has the potential to overcome the challenges of working with SARS-CoV and to increase the available data on coronavirus survival on surfaces. Two potential surrogates were evaluated in this study; transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV) and mouse hepatitis virus (MHV) were used to determine effects of AT and RH on the survival of coronaviruses on stainless steel. At 4°C, infectious virus persisted for as long as 28 days, and the lowest level of inactivation occurred at 20% RH. Inactivation was more rapid at 20°C than at 4°C at all humidity levels; the viruses persisted for 5 to 28 days, and the slowest inactivation occurred at low RH. Both viruses were inactivated more rapidly at 40°C than at 20°C.”

Grits, and then there is this from “Semantics Scholar Research Paper, 2015”

“We show here that a closely related human coronavirus,

229E, which causes upper respiratory tract infection in healthy individuals and serious disease in patients with comorbidities, remained infectious on surface materials common to public and domestic areas for several days. The low infectious dose means
that this is a significant infection risk to anyone touching a contaminated surface. However, rapid inactivation, irreversible destruction of viral RNA, and massive structural damage were observed in coronavirus exposed to copper and copper alloy surfaces.

Incorporation of copper alloy surfaces in conjunction with effective cleaning regimens and good clinical practice could help to control transmission of respiratory coronaviruses, including MERS and SARS.

Grits…the latest warning is 14 days. Yesterday it was ten. few days ago it was seven. And, with recent warning from China, is highly transmittable prior to any symptoms. (will it turn out to be much longer?)

Jane Foxe,
14 days is the incubation period for someone infected with it.

I was curious how long it survives on the sneeze guard at the buffet at Olive Garden, or doorknobs, mail, shopping carts, etc, basically everything those dirty humans touch.

To go along with Whiskey Vision’s comment a while back:
Is it known how long this virus can stay ‘alive’ on objects/produce?
Can it be transferred via?

I have N-95 masks but what can work for small children?? They seem way to big.

The problem of children and decontamination and bio-protection equipment is an old one. Gas masks will not fit, doses of counter agents are not made for those under 12, they are often unable to behave properly to prevent contamination, or to be decontaminated…parents of the children go crazy as they are told there is nothing we can do for them.

In the training I have received…children are not expected to fair well in any CBR event.

Joe C,
I have seen news feeds saying the Virus can last up to a week on surfaces. Can be transmitted by contact, through airborne means (think sneeze droplets here), also through the eyes. Looks to be fairly nasty if you can contract it through the eyes, those 1/2 mask face masks( the ones that cover nose and mouth only) aren’t going to do much good are they? I’m thinking full face mask with p99 filters? Maybe best to stay home and avoid crowds until we see how this plays out, if you can.

eye protection=Big sunglasses or clear curved safety goggles.

Ahhhh—– Is the Black Swan finally flying? :(

Deep South:Maybe.

Well I’ll be jumping on a petridish with wings tomorrow and flying in and out of Atlanta. Will have to make the same trip on Friday. I’ll let you all know if I see anything out of the ordinary. The ordinary is creepy enough. No worries though I know judo and tae kwon do so I’m pretty sure I can handle the Kung Flu. Lol.

As far as the validity of my earlier post on the nurse from China on vidmax. My friend who speaks mandarin said the subtitles were correct with what she was saying. No more confirmation on what she said was actually true. He has not spoken to any of his friends in China but did cancel his trip that was supposed to take place in 2 weeks.

Would it be wrong to go to the airport in full MOPPS gear? Asking for a friend.


The information being officially released regarding the Coronavirus is being deliberately censored.

The actions of the Chinese government are completely out of proportion to the official reports to the point of absurdity.

What we are being told are lies, the purpose of which is to forestall a global panic.

Behind the scenes, within all the applicable services and departments, a grim, desperate, urgency is taking hold of their personnel, who are well aware they are simply not ready to deal with this rapidly evolving pandemic.

When a Chinese health worker, in violation of specific orders, gets on their phone video in full biological gear, and tells us the Chinese government is lying about the number of those known to be infected with Coronavirus, and the actual number, just in Wuhan alone, is 90,000 cases…then begs for relief supplies and tells everyone to stay inside…it all makes much more sense.

When Doctors fighting the outbreak are dying from it. When Doctors fighting the outbreak are dying from exhaustion. When ALL the hospitals and clinics are completely overwhelmed..when chronically sick people are turned away from them and told to go home…even when they are coughing up blood…, when the Chinese start to hide the deaths from the outbreak by falsifying causes of death…, when over 55 million are locked down…and scores of new cases are being found in many other countries…when the experts outside of China are scared to death, calling the a viral “Thermonuclear explosion”…when the infectious rate of the virus is said to be 3.8…and the infected will shortly number in the hundreds of thousands…

This is the pandemic we all knew was coming…and it is now here.

A few short weeks is all the time we have left…use the time to your benefit.

This virus could be a weaponized virus, whose origin was Canadian, which was stolen by the Chinese bio warfare scientists Canada kicked out of their Class 4 labs, last July. The stolen pathogens these Chinese agents sent from Canada to China were some of the most deadly known to Man, including various forms of the coronavirus.

It is interesting the major Chinese bio warfare lab where these agents work is located just 20 miles from the Wuhan marketplace, which is said to be the starting place of the outbreak.

This would also explain the Chinese robust and unprecedented reaction to the current outbreak, as they may know it to be the result of an accident at the lab.

Perhaps others have read the same articles….

Under the article: “How to Survive a Pandemic”.

Find the call sign MSG on 1/26/2020 @ 7:35am, you will find a posting with an attachment regarding an article where the Chinese researchers aka thieving spies/doctors were escorted out of Canada. Way to late they had apparently stolen samples of the vials from the level 4 research lab there. (great protocol CANADA for protecting these deadly pathogens-snarky)

Apparently not long after being tossed out, they must have had an accident at their lab in China from what I understand it is not that far from Wuhan.

Antique Collector — not so sure they were “stolen”…Recall reading about this in the news, and had the impression they were “shared”, quite voluntarily. Seems impossible to believe. I googled for some headlines from around that time..Check out

(Aug 2019)–“Bio-warfare experts question why Canada was sending lethal viruses to China

‘I think the Chinese activities … are highly suspicious,’ one expert said, after it was revealed a Winnipeg lab sent samples of Ebola and henipavirus to China”

But this March that same lab shipped samples of the henipavirus family and of Ebola to China, which has long been suspected of running a secretive biological warfare (BW) program”

3 dead for every 20 infected,


That doesnt sound too good at all.

What will the next few days bring!

Where did you get those stats?


Natural news via a link on Steve Quayle

Ah ok. Thanks. Hope they are wrong.


Who knows these days, truth is in short supply

Kula and others..
I heard the same stats with further breakdown .. those over 60 have mortality rate of 50%.. I listen to so many things…not sure…where..

The Lancet is one of the more prestigious medical journals in the world. I read an article last night that was way over my paygrade but confirmed the 15% death rate.

Try this one. A small study, but corroborates that 15% number.

Hello, just bought the big berkey filter thru the site with an extra set of black filters. I have plenty of food, medicine, other preps but only 120 days of water. Any recommendations on the berkey filters I should be using?

Water filters are good for biologic issues and particulates. However, trying to filter your water for a virus is just about impossible. Treat the water chemically, or boil it.

Thanks, but more worried about the breakdown of utility services. Just left a convention in LA, the cesspool of humanity. Noticed all asians in LAX had face masks. They were mostly surgical and from what I am told not effective against virus or bacteria. It has been 8 days and I would have quarantined myself from my family but with the hustle of the trade show had no idea anything was amiss. Sales allows me to prep and is my biggest challenge….

All the earth moving equipment we have been told are for the emergency construction of hospitals is also probably a lie… No need to construct brick and mortar hospitals, when military field hospitals are quicker to get into operation.

Most likely, the equipment is for digging mass graves near the existing hospitals.

With so little real and accurate news on this virus, I’m wondering whether or not people ARE starting to panic. As I went to pick up more scripts today overheard (not on purpose) two people waiting in line behind me talking about the virus and China. One of them said it reminded them of the old movies, The Andromeda Strain and The Stand. That caught my attention, then the other person made the comment they thought the Chinese government released it on purpose to clear out their country as they have too many people there and it got out of hand. Don’t know where that came from as it was my turn at the pharmacy desk so I don’t know what else was said. But that makes me concerned that people are speculating and if something like that guys comment is taken out of context or spread,it could cause a lot of trouble. Like I said don’t know where that guy was coming from but it kind of made me think of what else are people are saying out there.

Rumors are flying, and yes I’ve heard that one too. Along with a lot of others. People would much rather see a distant conspiracy than think about the effect this may have on them. It also allows them an out if they have to place blame within their own minds.

Ken touched on a point. We’ve been fearing the arrival of a global epidemic on the scale of the 1918 Spanish flu since about 1919. And discussing that it’s been “overdue” for at least 20 years.

In 1918, the US had a population of @ 103 million. 28%, nearly 29 million, were infected and @ 500,000 – 657,000 died. Mortality rate of @ 22.6 per 1,000.

The 2009 novel H1N1pdm09 global pandemic saw 43 – 89 million (14 to 29%) out of @ 307 million in The US infected and @ 9,000 – 18,000 deaths. Mortality rate of @ 0.2 per 1,000. There’s 90 years of improved sanitation, housing, hygiene, medical care, and epidemiological surveillance for you.

So far this flu season, we’ve had @ 15 million infected and @ 8,200 die. Almost as many deaths as the 2009 pandemic; but twice the rate of those infected are not surviving, @ 0.55 per 1,000.

Something to think about.

We’re into the preparedness lifestyle for a reason. Let’s pray together that this 2019-nCoV is not it.

Gotta say it – seems like the only thing accomplished by running around with one’s hair on fire is scorching one’s ears. And the tin foil hats – never a good look.

Someone mentioned Event 201, a coronavirus tabletop exercise hosted by Johns Hopkins a few months ago. Yep. I’ve worked with these folks in the past. Among other things, we conducted tabletop exercises re global pandemics. Included were pharmaceutical industry, medical field philanthropists, medical suppliers, international NGOs, governments, and militaries.

That’s how all emergency preparedness is planned out. Military, FEMA, state level, even your local emergency preparedness groups all employ this tool. It keeps folks aware of probable logistical needs – supplies, transportation, people with expertise, finances – as well as time to spin it all up and get it where it needs to go.

Why coronavirus this time? Probably because Ebola has been done enough, and there have been about a dozen coronavirus eruptions in the past couple decades. The group’s statement re the exercise is here

God bless us and keep us all safe.

Salutations to all of MSB,
Been out of pocket for a good while…
Ken: first off, this may be one of the most important articles you have ever posted. You have given people the opportunity to survive with the Information posted. Truly hope folks heed the warnings.
Their public concern and so called monitoring measures are smoke and mirrors to placate the terminally clueless sheep.
Taking people’s temperature as they travel and disembark planes,trains and automobiles would be laughable if this wasn’t so serious.
They know it has a long incubation period. People presenting symptoms are in the late stages of incubation not at the beginning.
It defies logic(at least those of us with common sense) that they can say that they have a handle on it.
They already have the talking heads from WHO and other agencies out in the news. Watched one right before posting here who brilliantly danced around the questions asked by the news station talking head.
“No one will know…
Til everyone knows”
One of my favorite quotes from “Contagion ” btw.
Not sure how others will act . I’m not one to “panic” but our group is taking this very seriously.
This has the potential to be a pass /fail situation.
Pass you live…
Fail ya die…
Peace and prayers to all…

Bill Jenkins Horse

Please comment more often. Have learned so much from you over the years.

Thanks Ken!

Taking “Airborne” as an immune system build-up three times a day. Started DW, myself, and dog on probiotic also to stay stronger. 5 cases of Wu Flu in U.S. as of this morning. 80 dead reported in China. Heading out to Publix grocery store this morning to get more bleach/coffee/Parmalat milk.

Whole church is in prayer, fed 148 needy people in Farm Share program last Saturday. Don’t know what these folks will do when the SHTF?


Seminole Wind, I bought a few blister packs of the cheap Chinese LED flashlights last Christmas that come with 24 AAA batteries for the 8 lights in the package. I like the lights as they are dirt cheap and do last quite awhile but I won’t use cheap batteries in anything I own. I passed on one of the lights with the 24 batteries to a homeless guy and he was very happy to get it. It also got me to thinking what is going to happen to this guy if this problem goes full pandemic. Answer to what they are going to do is be turned away from the full to the brim hospitals and quite likely die out in the woods under their cheap tent or tarp.

From what I read in the Lancet many of the folks do not require ICUs and most of those dying already have other health issues. It is hitting the elderly the hardest and that stands to reason as we are the ones who have acquired the other health issues.

Last Friday evening, we decided to go ‘red’, just in case. First time EVER to be at this preparedness level. Saturday morning, my husband went to Costco for an extra-run (extra TP!! and he got a few more meats for the freezer). We are now a ‘closed household’. We will be staying out of stores and any public place, and we figure this time frame will be anywhere from 30-90 days. Or more. We don’t know how things will transpire but we are in the age group where transmission and death rate are higher. We’re taking no chances.

We’re well prepared and already have a case of N95 masks, preventative herbals, bleach, alcohol, and even tyvek suits if needed. Unless one of us gets this virus, we won’t need to use the masks or suits because no one is coming in and we aren’t going out. If nothing comes of the coronavirus (which I doubt), “this is a drill.”

We have plenty of foods, coffee, dog foods, and the comforts of home…as long as we remain healthy. Speaking of health, my gym sold their business last month and the new place is larger, “corporate”, and much further from home, so I opted out. I was bummed, but oh well….I had already purchased some at-home exercise equipment so the only things I really lose out on are the classes and the strength machines I enjoyed. Most of the equipment I bought (hand weights, rope, stretch bands, medicine ball) are able to give me the muscle workouts now. I’ll miss the people I grew fond of, but can’t stop ‘progress.’ lol

BTW, where is our lovable Asian healthworker, Calirefugee? We need his input!

Well, I guess you could just stop watching the news…and just type “coronavirus” into your Goggle search engine…and stand back.

I thought maybe…but, I like to type…ya, know?

Hong Kong medical experts are now calling for drastic action to try and save the city from infection of coronavirus. These experts have estimated the actual number of infected Chinese in Wuhan to be around 44,000 now…and all infections in China to double within 6.8 days.

If so, think how absurd a 1,000 bed emergency built hospital will be, or two, or three, of them…when they will only be ready in time to act as mortuaries. If one does not have the materials to fight the coronavirus outbreak…it does not matter how many hospitals you have. It becomes a process of managing the panic and the dead.

You manage the panic with lies about the situation…and the dead with mass graves, which we used during the last pandemic in 1918.

Thats all that matters eh,,,
Baskets balls and hoollywierdos

Heard on the radio this morning that 1/3 of all students at the University of Florida down in Gainesville Florida are Chinese citizens. Many of which just recently “went home” over the winter break. The University stated that they are “monitoring them ?”.

Is this the same numbers at other collages? Given the large numbers of students and the Tourist Season here, it could be a recipe for SHTF stuff?

Oh, well… I live in Ocala, Florida..not too far away from Gainesville. How many, I wonder, visited the outbreak area?

Pardon me, while I pour myself a Scotch…

Good plan, Alcohol based beverages might help the spread of the disease!

They are monitoring them,
You mean the monitors are the same non binary, rainbow warriors who give antifags a pass while beating the hell out of conservative kids with a red hat on and calling for more control of hate speech?
Oh, i feel sooooo much better

Such a comedian.

Feeling all philosophic this morning. What if they threw a panic……..and nobody did?

Not downplaying the concern for the corona virus, or the possible repercussions, but how worried should I really be? After all, we are fed only the information that “they” (those who ain’t us) want us to know. Every bit of information given us, is given expecting a reaction. Hoping we will act in a certain way, hoping we will follow the herd.

How concerned should I really be? In the not so distant past, we were all gonna contract AIDS…..even if we were not engaging in risky sex or sharing needles while injecting illegal drugs. We were bombarded with staggering statistics of possible death rates. No one was “safe” they told us………….yet, here we are. Relatively few people outside those living a particular lifestyle, were affected. (I knew one. Contracted HIV from a blood transfusion given during heart surgery. HIV didn’t kill him, doctors experimenting on him did.)

Of course, AIDS wasn’t airborne or spread by casual contact. But, if you are rarely around densely populated areas or close to regions where international flyers frequent, and your immune system is in good shape, what is your actual risk?

Whatever. My risk, here on the mountain, back in the hills, is pretty low I would think. Might increase my bath frequency to twice a week, just as a precaution.

Not downplaying the corona virus, just thinking…….out loud.

Dennis, your risk IS fairly low and one important region is because you are in a rural location.
Those who may be getting more and more concerned are the people who work, those in dense populations, and those with suppressed or compromised immune systems. I thought of your son several times today and have already said healing and protective prayers for him.

Be well!

*Reason, not ‘region’.

So if you’re gonna up your game by taking two baths a week, does that mean I have to stop picking my nose and scratching my eyes??
I guess I could go for more than a once a month shower, also.

This ain’t no fun.

Stay healthy, Mr.

I suggest folks read or reread your particular states pandemic outbreak plan. Every state has one as well as the Federal government plan.
( btw,they can initiate Martial law 18 months prior to the outbreak reaching our shores so…)
The second thing that is concerning is we are in an election year. How would voting take place if we are under lockdown? Massive mail in,internet voting? Can you say voter fraud ×10?
Who has the most to gain from this and would benefit?
(Hint: not patriots,conservatives,rural America)
2020 has the makings of being a perilous year and it’s only January… and just one of many reasons I have been absent of late

I expect martial law to be declared. Something about never letting a good crisis go to waste?

GLAD to hear from you Bill Jenkins Horse. As we have spoken before about sanitation I posted a few How To’s in this thread about home medical isolation, proper putting on and removing of personal protective gear, establishing your “Outside Person” and personal decon after returning from work-shopping.

Hope you saw it. And I am glad to hear any additional suggestions.

I am already the designated outside person and did my “Whores Bath”, and clothes to washer drill this morning. My diet has now increased live culture Kimchee as well as various other supplements I’ve found useful.

BTW cytokine storm is when the body OVERREACTS to a infection like a virus. It was NOT the Spanish Flu that killed so many HEALTHY Military Aged Men in 1918 it was cytokine storm some researchers said it was actually encouraged by the “New Wonder Drug” of that era. Aspirin. Seems it irritates the already sensitive gut and encourages over reaction of the immune system.

Fermented foods like yogurt, unpasteurized sauerkraut, and kimchee are good for calming the GUT which is the vast bulk of our Immune System. And some studies show it useful for keeping cytokine storm at bay or reducing it’s effects.

My shopping trip today had me meeting up with three Chinese Students for the local college. Odd how I never really noticed them before. One was talking about how everybody was sick at the New Years party. I almost fled in my haste to keep a long social distance.

Praying for our Republic.

you should read Stephan Buhner’s book mentioned in Ken’s article. He talks all about the cytokine storms and the immune system. (I had to re-read it several times to get the main points, but got it in the end.) The book is well thought out, and does a fairly good job of explaining things. Also lots of references are included to back up his writing.

minerjim would love to read it but I cannot find the book your referring to in this article?

A title would be nice then I could ask the hospital for their copy?

use Ken’s link to the big A and buy yourself a copy. Actually, this author, Stephen H Buhner has written two good books. The first, which I mentioned, is called “Herbal Antivirals-Natural Remedies for Emerging &Resistant Viral Infections”, the other is “Herbal Antibiotics- Natural Alternatives for treating Drug-resistant bacteria”. Both a very well written, give lots of medical background info, as well as herb descriptions, formulations, applications, contraindications. You just seem to be in to the medical side of this stuff, and I have found these books to both supply a lot of good info. One herb he describes is Lomatium, or fern-leafed biscuit root. The Washoe Indians of Northern Nevada used this to get through the Spanish Flu epidemic with no losses to their tribe, when people were dying around them. It was investigated and reported on by a Dr. Krebs in the 20’s in medical literature, but not much else was done. This plant only grows in the Great Basin of the west, and I have seen it growing like weeds in places. Strong antiviral.
I am hoping to plant a number of these antiviral/antibiotic plants here in a garden on the farm, to use in my own formulary. We cannot rely on TPTB to get vaccines in a timely manner, we have to have something in the meantime to protect ourselves. These two books have been a good starting point for me. just my humble opinion.

Thanks minerjim now that you mentioned the story of the Washoe Indians of Northern Nevada and the Spanish Flu I think I read some of that information.

Will check out the titles.


Now the stock market is falling…so, many more people will suddenly learn why it is…and become aware of the coronavirus pandemic.

Looking at publicly available masks, I see many stores are reporting low stocks already on those masks of any worth against the pathogen. I wonder, though, if a N95 rating with a .03 micron rating will do the trick? Why not go for the N100 rating instead? I do. Why not invest in some quality filtration? After all, you can use it for painting around the house and spraying lacquer in the garage…and while dusting.

Get an actual mask, which provides a tight, gap less, fit to the face, which should be clean shaven…and which has external filtration elements, which can be changed to suit the desired filtration level. I like the external filters, as they can be changed easily…even while wearing the mask.

I remember the old military gas masks they gave us…whose filter pads could not be replaced without much effort and risk. The nerve agent filters were good for a day..if not penetrated by the the moisture in your breath caused the filter element to develop cracks large enough to allow the gas to pass…

Get some goggles too, or a diving mask…and cover the head with a waterproof hood…and put on gloves…and wear long sleeves and pants..tape the cuffs…and wear a rain coat. Then go out and mow the yard…

Can you imagine?

Go with the N100 rating…as the Coronavirus is .125 microns in size…or 125nm. This is more than half again smaller..than the .3 micron filtration of an N95 filter capability.

The N95 is good enough because the virus is in water droplets which are larger.. the virus is not floating by itself in the air

Bob Jones,

Main thing is you have to have a tight fit all around the edges to get a good seal against the face. Especially over the nose to the cheek.

Just don your MOPP suit and gas mask
Or a Hazmat suit with hood,,,
Fun stuff

Been thinking on this quite a bit.
We all agree that the statistics coming out of China are fiction. It’s very difficult to assess the extent of the threat except by looking at their actions, which are extraordinary considering the small number of afflicted they are claiming.

But one statistic I’ve seen on both ZH and BBC is showing about 3,000 diagnosed, 81 dead, 50-odd recovered. If we scale that up 10x, or 20x or more (based on various estimates) and allow for the obviously low counts on those who have died, it still adds up to more people reported dead than recovered.

Yet, the story continues to be buried or glossed over by most outlets. Most people still seem to not know about it, or think it’s some new flu that happens every so often… ho hum.

We have supplies readied, and a bug out plan in place ready to go at a moments notice. I think Ken is right, the next few days should give us the indicator of which way this is going to go, right now it’s not looking good.

So Cal Gal. In sailing taking in a reef refers to reducing the amount of sail that the boat has up. It is done if the wind is increasing and the boat could be overwhelmed. The harder the wind is blowing the harder it is to reduce sail.A general rule is if you are asking yourself if you should take in a reef you probably should.

Considering where you are located and how hard the wind is blowing would it greatly inconvenience you to take a trip now? For some of us it could mean getting fired from our jobs if we don’t show up. Can you go now? Maybe it would be better to go sooner than later. Hard decision.

This coronavirus is not going to ever go away, although it will continue to mutate, for the rest of our lives. It is now a human virus and it does not have a limited existence, like some storm passing. From now on, this virus shall come and go, just like all the other influenza virus it now joins. The danger shall only pass, when the new vaccines are created, which have been made effective against this strain.

New efforts are being made to create universal vaccines, which are not virus specific, but which provide protection against ALL viral identities for life. Currently, this effort requires seven to twelve shots to effect…and the current problem is getting this number down to less than three.

Animal studies on this concept have all proven its validity. Human testing should be near, or already in progress by now.

Before this is over, we must wait for the vaccine.

A vaccine is likely a year away, if you listen to the talking heads.
I have been taking the path of figuring out herbal antivirals like elderberry, star anise, licorice, lomatium. etc. and how to dose these strong antivirals. My thinking is this, we will all be exposed to these coronaviruses, but these antivirals can keep them from overtaking our bodies. At the same time though, our bodies will be exposed to the viruses and develop natural antibodies to fight them off. That’s the way God made our immune systems.
Either way, live or succumb, my life is in God’s hands, exactly where it should be. When my times comes, I’ll gladly go to be with my Creator.

So, they are admitting that 5 people have it in the US.
Now,the big question is when did the Doctors know they were positive? Was it last week? Today,yesterday?
Were they positive and presenting on day 5 or 14?
Most folks who work outside of the house probably come in contact with about 25 people a day. Now those 25 come in contact with 25.Thats over 600 people a day. Now with an infection value of 2.8? (Or higher)
The big question is, how many people have potentially been exposed?
I’m being simplistic but this can get out of hand pretty quickly. We are a mobile society which means that even if we live out in the middle of nowhere someone we know or meet could of come in contact with a carrier.
Erring on the side of caution is prudent until we KNOW ourselves that the danger has passed. Not some talking head “official” with a slick voice and a plastic smile…

Hand sanitizer does not kill viruses, just bacteria.

So much for the alcohol based beverages. My brother said he will be taking his Corona as a virus free cold beer with a slice of lime. Sounds good to me.

Corona goes well with Lyme disease. ROFL

And when municipalities or ourselves no longer have effective bleach (chlorine) to dump into our drinking water???
Our water filters will not stop or kill virus. So, boil or put water in clear bottles out in the sun for a day or …. no I will not repeat it.

Question: How are they screening for this if it’s now known that it has a 14 day incubation AND it is contagious during incubation which makes it more dangerous than SARS.

Wouldn’t it be more practical to just quarantine all of China?

Question for doctors: Can this virus infect someone that’s already infected with something else? Would “camouflage” as used in the movie World War Z be effective against this until they come up with a cure and a vaccination?

This virus may infect a person without regard to the person’s current infections. It just means the person’s ability to respond will be less…than if they were healthy at the time of coronavirus infection….as resources are being used upon other infections.

We have bio weapons which deliberately goose the immune system into failure by overloading it. A virus can be produced which has been engineered to mutate its genetic identity just enough for the body to think it is a different virus. So, one virus can make the body believe it is being infected by an unending, constantly new, viral infections…until the body cannot defend itself from ANY of them. One dies from follow-on diseases caused by the body’s lack of immune response.

I actually do not know the answer.

How does “pool shock bleach”, differ from liquid bleach? How do you mix it to get the proper ratio for disinfectant uses or water purification?

#2: Do I “HAVE” to use distilled water in my Colloid silver generator? Or, is distilled water my only choice?

#3: Is Hydrogen Peroxide a virus disinfectant, or vinegar? At what temp is this virus killed?

#4: How much exposer to UV, is enough for safe disinfectanting?

#5: Are Blueberries as good as Elderberries?

I have a clue of what to do if infected, but what are some of you Patriots protocl for treating yourself or a family member, if infected? It could happen, no matter how careful we are.

Stand my Ground I don’t know the answers to all your questions. Maybe GOOGLE could help?

If you mix pool shock for use as bleach it’s Bleach. There are directions in Ken’s articles I think.

#2 Think of this way. Your trying to use electricity, distilled water and .999 Silver to make Colloid Silver. IT’s a Medicine friend. It needs to be Distilled. What other chemical reactions could you get if you added say City Chemicals “safe” water to a Medicine or whatever random minerals and such in your well water?

BTW to be CLEAR USE Distilled water and .999 or better pure silver. Coin silver as in junk silver has 10% copper in it. NOT for Colloid Silver use. Possible heavy metal poisoning.

#3 Hydrogen Peroxide is a gentler Oxidant than Bleach. Oxidation kills bugs-viruses as I understand it. Vinegar is an acid and also harms microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. Not as good as “Real” Disinfectants but useful for reducing them. Like soap and water doesn’t kill them just reduces the bio load of viruses on washable surfaces like you and your clothing.

Your not going to sterilize yourself but you WANT to reduce the bio load to give your IMMUNE System a fighting chance.

#4 GOOGLE please.

#5 Ask GOOGLE, I know blueberries are good for IMMUNE support BUT not in the same class as Elderberries.

Stand I already posted basic instructions on how to establish a Home Medical Isolation system. I discussed setting up a “SICK ROOM” with negative ventilation. I discussed establishing a “Outside” person (for needed going to WORK and Shopping) and the decon suggested to keep from contaminating your household. I discussed use of and PROPER Removal of Personal Protective garb for the non-medical.

I suspect most household cross infections of corona virus is from IMPROPER removal of used gloves and THUS spreading the joy through out the home.

And lastly as we are both men of faith, know God is in Control, some will die from this event and I hope they have a working relationship with God.

Psalms 136 HIS love endures forever

I know about the Home Medical Isolation system, but, with this virus, maybe showing a 10 to 14 day incubation period, it’s possible the whole tribe could get infected. That’s the question I was asking, just not specific enough.

I have a machine with 99.9% pure silver rods, with extra back ups. I just do not have distilled water, although I will get some.

Another question. I have wondered if I could re-hydrate stuff like bleach wipes, personal body wipes? Sterile water? distilled water?

This tribe, just can’t self-isolate. That’s the fact. So, getting the flu or a cold or this virus, is a possibility here. I’m just looking form info and options.

Thanks me2, your a real help. Just keep on keeping on.!

Stand my Ground if every person who heads out from the Tribe for work-shopping and such used the “Whores Bath” protocol I mentioned it would greatly reduce the bio load of everybody in your tribe.

If everybody who goes out CARRIES and is ready to USE (no matter how “Embarrassing”) a Mask that also would help. Wash your HANDS BEFORE Touching your FACE…. That’s the #1 way to carry this into your system. Yes an actual victim Coughing into your face is an issue but that’s where the mask and “Whores Bath” protocol helps. I’ve used many a bathroom to wash my hands and face at work when face to face with a real sick person.

Step ONE is reduce the Exposure. Less unneeded trips out of the home. In my house my beloved works from home and I am the Designated “Outside” person. Then when you return from outside the decon steps I mentioned helps everybody. The 94 years olds Lunches out is DONE for a long while I suspect.

Step TWO is BOOST your Immune System. It’s your primary protection from viruses. Plenty of good advice from Just Sayin’ and referenced in my postings.

Step THREE is establish a Negative pressure SICK Room Isolation for anybody who gets sick. No sense spreading the “joy” around. I suspect going into the FLU HOT ZONE aka the Hospital is NOT a good option. I wear a mask all day long there BECAUSE I don’t get the Flu Shot. So I am actually better off than some.

If you and yours ate more fermented foods like Kimchee soup “Super Jewish Penicillin” on a daily basis that helps me with two 94 year old O2 dependent elders in the house through several years of FLU season.

I use Elderberry Zinc gummies right now because the Deer ate all my elderberry bushes last year. No more left in the freezer. I AM Currently MAKING a 5 gallon pail of Kimchee. Will be ready in about a week. I have enough jars of Unpasteurized live culture Kimchee to eat Super Jewish Penicillin for two months right now.

Wal-Mart distilled water 80 cents a gallon. BUY a lot friend. Or build yourself a distiller?

You and your tribe are in my prayers

Sorry missed the rehydrate thoughts.

NO one use throw away. Bleach wipes that are dry have little disinfecting left in them. Personal Body wipes one use only GREAT for that “Whores Bath”

Use Cloth, soap and water at home. Soap and water works just fine.

Bleach wipes and personal wipes which have gone dry..sometimes they will just be dispensed dry… can be rehydrated using the appropriate solution. For body wipes i would use a listerine type formula…6 oz water and 2 oz listerine.The mint flavored one works well. Have done it when caring for Parents.
Can make up water like going to use for disinfection of water.( i use double of drinking water strength directions, when used for disinfection/skin contact…ie.. we don’t drink any bleach treated water)….. let it set til mixed and timed as ,water should be safe to drink and use that for rehydration of bleach based wipes. That will keep you from having to throw away precious supplies,as wasted.
Oil of oregano comes in capsules. My daughter uses 4 of those little things 2x a day.. and has kept her well.she can even get her DH to take those… dose as for the previous use you know works. a preventative would be half that as daily.

SMG, the problem with this one is…people are carrying and spreading it before they know they are sick….or exposed. some kind of daily preventative will be justified, for safety of all…in your group and out. if enough ppl use daily or regular anti virals- this can be stopped.

Me2 et al
A good disinfectant and sanitizer for hard or porous surfaces is an agricultural product called Oxidate
It is a strong concentrate, mix it about 1-300 for general disinfectant use, is primarily for sanitizing food processing surfaces, equipment and containers. Very effective, not bad cost wise, 2 gallon jug is about 170$ but goes a long ways,
Is very useful for sanitizing hydroponic systems and treating soils or plants for viral and bacterial contaminates. Excellent for cleaning water treatment hardware as well as tools etc to avoid cross contsmination. I use it in the field, packing room and greenhouse for all sorts of issues including cleaning hudro system between batches, residue is minimal if you follow the lables

Stand my Ground I posted all this on the How to Survive a Pandemic article.

Stand, blueberries, consider the wild not the big fat hybrids, do have some of the properties, however Bilberries, which are a cousin to the blues, are more similar and some herbalist consider Bilberries to be as potent for the immune system as Elderberries. Also Bilberries are highly regarded for their vitamins for the macular/retina in the eyes. You can purchase Bilberries on line the last time I made a tincture I ground them 1st so the inside would be more available for the PGA to extract.

Ok so I’m wayyy behind on reading.
You folks type a lot with this virus going on.


On elderberry tincture:

I made a couple quarts years ago. I do believeI I used the Everclear…..the smaller proof, as the higher proof is not sold here in this state.
I DIDN’T boil the berries, I just added berries to the alcohol, shook them up for a couple weeks, then strained them.
Knowing, that the seeds have cyanide, I’m wondering if I did this correctly……

Am I/are we , safe to use this concoction????

Thanks in advance

Joe c
Yes, you can use the tincture you made. As long as you keep in a cool dark place in your home.
Some put a teaspoon in to a cup of tea with honey. They use it every day this way, since you are using it for medical reasons, not trying to get a balli hi😊😂

Thanks… I have been taking swigs now and again the past several winters.
Nahh, I like mine straight!

And yes it is in the basement…..dark and cool.

Joe c.
You consume the berries after straining?

No I didn’t.
Just mushed, strained and disposed of.

I knew the seeds contained cyanide, so I discarded all pulp.
It wasn’t til later that I read, it was advised to boil/simmer the berries first.


Whiskey Vision
We were taught to toss the berries after they have been used for what ever you are creating.

Interesting. I would like to try this! Always great info on this site!

“If the coronavirus continues to spread across the world at its current rate, then it could become a global epidemic in the weeks or months ahead. It seems Bay Area officials are taking no chances with immediate preparations for the worst possible outcome.”
(Zerohedge snippet).

I’ve read that those hardest hit by the virus are the elderly, which you folks involved in health care can understand of course. With the median age of mortality being around 75. ( In China), not aware of fatalities elsewhere. Have also read that the average life expectancy of the Chinese male is 75 yrs. Female 77.9 yrs.
With the Gov.’s of the world having a greater knowledge of who has been where while traveling, it seem as if being able to notify most of those people possibly exposed could possibly happen rather quickly. And that they could notify family, friends, and acquaintances, etc. of possible exposure as well.
All in an effort to effect containment to whatever degree possible.
The human race has endured issues of this nature in the past. And something tells me that this probably won’t be the last one.
We are better equipped for it now, more than we have ever been.
From what I can tell, be ready as possibly to protect yourself from a upper respiratory pneumonic (sic) virus.
Hat’s off to Ken for the succeeding article.
P.S. Hermit Us, watch out for those moose and elk!

For people not familiar with elk and moose, bulls in rut can be very aggressive and many people have been hurt or killed by them. Must be a hormone thing :)

Hermit US,
well, bulls may be aggressive during rut, (that’s why we carry rifles in the woods, eh?), but you don’t even want to think getting around a Mama moose and her mooselets!

The one study I’ve seen indicated that the median age of contracting the disease (based on a small sample taken on January 2) was 49 with the highest age in the group being 69 years. The death rate is about 15%, but not broken down by age.

Someone on another site also suggested a link between social score and medical care, which I believe is all too plausible. The death rate may well be lower in an area without socialized medicine.

Most of these people were symptomatic for as much as 8 days before going to the hospital, which I also believe is a side effect of the socialized medicine system. If the disease follows the suspected path, they were contagious but asymptomatic for as much as a week prior to showing symptoms.

Barricading roads, building 2 new hospitals, people dying in the streets, homes and hospital floors. Its the STAND 101. The is a bug that got out of the level 4 virus research facility in Wuhan. Intentionally or unintentionally is the question. Why does that matter? UN agenda 21.


Dà liúxíng


Did you know the Chinese ran a “Drill” for a release one week before the symptoms showed up? Its a cover up. It is a bioweapon. 15% & 83% is just the beginning, its going to get much worse.

Are you just conjecturing? Or would you like to cite a source for this information?
One or the other please.
Don’t want to get everybody upset over conjecture, and want people to have a basis if you can cite a source. either one is fine, just identify please.

Minerjim, Thor1

I agree. Provide a source.
What we don’t need, is a bunch of info, that’s “Fake News.”

We need to stay on course, with info we can verify.

Situations are bad enough, Drama has no place here.!

Stand my ground & minerjim

The source has been taken down. Probably to overt a panic. Governments like to do things like this. I will check some other sources.

Must be true if they removed it.

Scary thing, they are bringing 200 Americans back from the hot zone. They will only be quarantined for 3 days. It can incubate up to 14 days. Bad idea…..

Supposedly that plane got diverted to a military base, saw something on ZH
True? Who knows

Info on plane from hot zone. China to anchorage alaska a closed airport for health checks . plan was to take it to base in Ontario calif. those people @ Ontario Calif…questioned safety and it is going/landed at Marks AFB , a reserve base that has tenant housing. so ability to quarantine and they have said they will remain there at least 14 days. looks like someone awoke.

8 people have been arrested in Çhina for providing “Fake” news on the internet.

Gee how convenient….

In New York City’s Chinatown, residents and doctors brace for coronavirus’ arrival.

LA Times

When its detected in NY…there is a problem.

One source was an Israeli Colonel.

Fake as in not the official commy BS

Dave Hodges released in a video last night that some Doctors have been shot.sounds like a terminal arrest.

Interesting comment thread;

Don’t know about where you all are but where I am now (away on a work gig), there isn’t much in the way of N95 masks. I saw a couple of single mask packs for about $9 in one hardware store and that was it. I know they aren’t to be found where I live. I have a few with me(prepper) but I wanted to send some to a close family member. I ordered a pack online from Walmart but they didn’t arrive; sort of doubt they will even though I ordered them about a week ago. Ordered another pack from Amazon; maybe these will show up?

If any number of people in the US decide that they want to purchase masks, I doubt we will have the supply we need. I wonder if our government is paying attention to that? I have heard that some Chinese in the US have bought up a bunch at stores here to send to their family and friends in China who can’t get good masks.

I think if we’re going to see a big problem of this in the US we will likely have a better idea of it in the next week or two. Given the incubation period and the numbers of Chinese tourists as well as our own citizens who have traveled back here from China in the past week or so I’d think this is when we will find out how many arrived already infected. If the US continues to allow people from China, HK etc into the country while this is unfolding then all bets are off; it could get pretty bad.

Re: hand sanitizer. All indications are that an alcohol based sanitizer will kill this virus as it would any other corona-virus such as cold germs. Alcohol content of over 60% is suggested.

Also, it’s doubtful if live virus would still be present on any package or manufactured goods arriving from China. There could be live virus present on packages due to handling at the local mail facility/UPS/FedEx etc as well as the delivery person. Allowing the packages to sit somewhere for several days should take care of this; even better if they’re in the cold I’d think such as an unheated garage or shed.

Info i have is HOT temps above 75 degrees for 48 continuous hours kills.
Goes into dormant in cold. i would spray the mail with a antiviral spray before i touched it. use a empty plastic… bag– as a glove, and turn inside out as you remove had around it… and respray it from other side.. hard surfaces hold virus for 5-7 days and carpets for up to 7 weeks… bleach, and peroxide are your friend.
goggles as important as masks that seal. add oil of oregano or frankincense oil to hand sanitizer commercial…ones, …better to make own sanitizer from base ingredients. recipes on natural web sites…and cheaper if you stock any essential oils,mucinex in generics, expectorants, elderberry, look up anti virals and immune boosters. see that thread- on this site…. a lot is posted there.

Husband ordered 150 3M N95 surgical/respirator masks, reinforced surgical gloves and goggles from a place called Enviro Safety Products out in Cali and just learned that when they took our order last week, they did not have stock (weren’t informed DURING the sale) and that all are on backorder. They said 3M is making them as fast as they can, but it could be up to 6 weeks before they even ship. I told them it was UNETHICAL in the current situation to take peoples’ orders when no stock currently exists; salesperson agreed and seemed absolutely beside himself with frustration and worry. Said managers/owner are pushing them hard. Were receiving 100 calls per day and yesterday they had upwards of 4,000 inbound calls. Still selling product orders they cannot fill. They did say we could cancel our order — and we will be doing that today — but my husband has been scouring the sites and stores and not much to be had in our very large town in KY. Just wanted to warn everyone to not rely on online orders being fulfilled. Also wanted to thank y’all for such valuable conversation. God bless everyone!

Yes. I suspect that will be the case with my Walmart order; doubt they even had the product when I ordered it. My Amazon order has shipped (a single package of 10 masks I believe).

What is a virus?

Question clarified: What’s the difference between a virus, bacteria, germs? Do they have anything in common in the way they are spread, prevented or cured??

Think of bacteria as criminals–they get in there, create a mess, the police stop them (or not) and it’s over.

Viruses don’t have any way to replicate themselves outside of a living host cell, and most (unlike bacteria) can’t live long outside of a suitable host. They are the terrorists of the macro world. They sneak into a cell and trick it into creating more viruses. When the cell can’t hold any more, it breaks open and the new viruses escape. This is why antibiotics won’t work on viruses–they hijack the physical structure of the body and convince it that they belong. Rather like macro terrorists in that way.

That was a good answer.

Thank you.

Clarification: That should be terrorists of the micro world.

Using DD Go put in this site an should give you the information you are seeking:
www dot quora dot com ‘what the difference between germs-bacteria and virus’.
Should answer your questions hopefully in laymen’s terms. Just found this so I have not read it myself.

Well, per my earlier post on 1/26 when I speculated about college and university campuses being a venue that we would likely see more cases pop up given the prospect of returning students who may have traveled during the break between semesters…we just received this…

Miami Family,

Please see below for a message that was sent to the entire campus community about Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Mark Pontious
Director of Parent & Family Programs

Good morning,
On Monday morning, one student at Miami University presented at Student Health Services with very mild symptoms, and with their recent travel, met the criteria and are being tested for possible infection with the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Health providers quickly recognized that the presenting patient met the criteria for 2019-Coronavirus testing; results should be back from the CDC in the coming days. This student and his traveling companion are isolated in their off-campus residence while awaiting the test results. Miami and healthcare professionals continue to communicate and collaborate daily with the Butler County Health District and the Ohio Department of Health and are following their recommendations and protocols. We will share information with the community as it becomes available.
We are assisting and supporting these Miami students who are awaiting test results. We continue to work closely with local and state healthcare professionals and the Butler County Health District and Ohio Department of Health. If you are experiencing symptoms and have traveled to the impacted area, please first call Student Health Services at 513-529-3000 to receive guidance on next steps. Miami has set up a call center to address any general questions or concerns at 513-529-9000.
Meanwhile, we are still in flu season, and these precautions are recommended for both the flu and Coronavirus:
Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
It is especially important to wash your hands:
Before, during, and after you prepare food.
Before you eat and after you use the bathroom.
After handling cash.
More frequently when someone in your house is sick.
Before/after smoking/vaping
Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
Clean your doorknobs/light switches and areas commonly touched with disinfectant wipes frequently.
Avoid contact with sick people.
Miami Health Services and Student Life professionals acted quickly with appropriate protocol, and we will continue to follow the best practices currently known. We have proactive partners in local and state healthcare. We will post updated information on myMiami as it becomes available. Please check announcements there regularly.
Jayne Brownell
Vice President, Student Life
Terri Buzzell
Director, Student Health Services

High risk areas…..

1. Airports

2.Hospitals, Doctor offices

3. Chinese restaurants / Chinese owned companies

4. Shopping malls

5. Movie theaters

6. Elevators

Anyone think of more ?

Medical Clinics/Doctors’ offices
Any Meeting
Any group lesson
Grocery Stores
Public Transit

JF, put them in order of which are the most dangerous. I forgot pharmacies.

Then avoid them like the plaque…… We will know in 14 days.

Gas stations, pumps wear gloves

I actually have a 6-month checkup with my asthma doc (allergy/pulmonology) on Thursday and am wondering if I should keep it. It seems counterproductive to cancel considering the very nature of the Coronavirus, along with the fact that I’ve been fighting a cold for the past four days (and using my inhaler more often) and the FIRST place I feel anything is my lungs. Maybe I’ll just wear a mask to the appointment to be safe. I rarely get sick, but with all the rain we’ve had lately, the mold count always sets me off and then it cascades into me having to whip out those darn inhalers (which I’ve been off of regularly for about ten years now just from making healthy changes to my environment). Any thoughts on venturing into a doc’s office, guys? Thanks and God bless!

Go to your appointment.

Protect yourself with a mask, gloves and sanitizers.

Getting Pneumonia now, would be devastating.


I 2nd what SMG just said. Go to your appointment, just use a mask.

SMG and Miner:

My husband agrees with you both, so I think I’ll take the sage advice and go. I was leaning towards that. Not sure if I should put this out there, but I’ve been fortunate to have never had the P-word! But I’m due for a checkup and that means prescriptions should I need to fill them and a good thorough lung check, so probably a good idea. I will definitely wear a mask, will take Purell wipes with me (they have sanitizer everywhere there also), and as for the gloves…can I leave the MICROFLEX® Integra® EC N87 Ansell’s at home?! Would a pair of regular gloves work so long as I wash them when I get home or do I need to go full on surgical? Thanks!

Gods protection to you

Ellie, consider adding oil of oregano capsules to your routine for the mold exposure.It drastically reduces my symptoms.

Ellie that j post is mine i have it in a typo and can not get it to go away.. Just Sayin’

Just Sayin/J: Thanks for the suggestion! I love me some oregano, but can’t say I’ve ever tried oil of oregano. Will look for it and consider adding it.

SMG: Thank you so much for the sweet comment. I’m one of His and I know He watches over me! Blessings to you.


Basically anywhere people congregate, touch the same things or come into contact with each other. High traffic areas=higher risk. And that’s literally almost everywhere.

Gunnar, think of the most dangerous and put them in order then thats the threat level.

Food and meds are a necessary evil….. 14 days and we’ll see

Here in So Cal there are many busy areas that I either normally don’t go, or have stopped going in addition to those listed:
– 99c and other discount stores, many are heavily shopped in general, Asian in particular

– Swap meets – these are several very large swap meets in the area, heavily Asian in vendors and shoppers

– Strip malls in heavily Asian populated communities, with a mix of stores and other businesses in each little strip mall.

– DMV and other gov offices throughout many towns where there are always crowds and heavy influx of Asian and Central American folks needing services.

– Costco – you can’t drive into a Costco parking lot in So Cal without almost being run over several times and walking by large, extended families scarfing down cheap pizza. A real melting pot at every store.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

SCG, I heard there were 5 confirmed cases in California now.

I’d put that on my list. Be careful.

Bugs have a way of getting out.


The Chinese half of the office suddenly “got woke” today and wanted to ask what I knew. Beyond that, they were incredulous that the US government is still allowing inbound flights from the hot zone. They were really perplexed and concerned by that. I had no good answer.

About the best I could offer was wisdom learnt here, from Just Sayin’ and others. They took notes.


Yeah the US is “stupid is as stupid does”

The Almighty $ wins every time.

tmc, see the other one on immune booster’s posted earlier today…. fresh bone broth with astralagus sticks…yum.

Bone broth, in chicken noodle soup, with garlic star anice and???

Might as well mix it all up and make it taste good!

Reminds me of the old seven/eleven diatribe by Joe Biden. Or maybe the dunkin donut…..

Thor1; 2, 4, 5, 6, no problem, SOP. 1 & 3, I’m doomed.

tmcgyver, let me guess, you work at a Chinese restaurant in an airport ?


I guess you have to find humor where you can. Don’t drink the water..

That’s pretty good Thor. Actually, new product development, power tools, job site equipment and emergency backup power systems, all different types; the kind of stuff we talk about here every day. With brand names and retail presence that might surprise you. I’m back and forth a lot to our factory in central China. Plus my wife; 29 years together; she’s from HK. Happy New Year!


I guess I saw the worst and hoped for the best.

As Tim Allen said take the turbo off the Saab and put it on the dishwasher… LOL

Don’t play Chinese Checkers.


1.Don’t drink corona beer

2. Don’t get the Kung Flu

3. Don’t worry, its made in China and it will break soon.

Patriot Nurse has good short vid on YouTube concerning the outbreak.
Also understand that if the odor of alcohol is present in hand sanitizer, then it ought to be sufficient at disinfecting pathogens by disrupting the cellular walls, as well as denaturing proteins.

CR, I check out er channel time to time. Smart lady

IDK, putting viruses and alcohol together….GUi… Germming under the influence…. Sounds dangerous…. LOL

Bleach is better. BUI

Two quotes from BBC News today in an article about Hong Kong starting to restrict travel w/China:

On Monday, Germany and Japan confirmed they had cases involving people who had not traveled to China, but caught the virus from someone who had. This had previously been seen only in Vietnam, which borders China and where someone was infected by his father who had traveled from Wuhan, the city at the epicenter of the outbreak.”

“In Japan, authorities (that word again) said a bus driver caught the virus after transporting tour groups from Wuhan earlier this month.”

– Germany claimed to have a single case, so how did infection happen? Or is there really more than one case?

– Assuming the tour group flew into Japan and hopped on the bus, would that not negate the claims that the virus is NOT passed by casual contact such as movie theaters?

– If the BBC is correct, this makes 3 countries known (so far) to have the virus pass to people who had not been to China. Doesn’t that meet the WHO criteria to declare a pandemic threat?

At what point do these agencies start fessing up? It’s already too late to stop the spread and the panic is likely inevitable… so why not finally tell the truth? It’s certainly going to get worse from here… so who gains by managing this info so carefully?

So Cal Gal, Air travel and the elite big businesses, wall street…… After all its OK to kill people but don’t lose money…..sarc.

WHO said that any declaration might cause economic problems–as someone else said the other day, that’s not their job. Their job is public health.

I’m afraid we have the same problem with the CDC, so politicized that they can’t see past the dollar signs.

The CDC hasn’t updated their page. It still says: “No person-to-person spread has been detected with this virus at the time, and this virus is NOT currently spreading in the community in the United States.”

That wording hasn’t changed since the 24th.

Lauren — mayhaps the person supposed to do the updating is out of commission…a)isolated with said virus b)hiding in the “safehouse” to avoid said virus……mmmmm

Eyes, our eyes are also a entry for viruses! ie being around cough or sneeze particles. So maybe glasses will help some.

If you are trying to protect others from YOUR germs…you do not need a face shield. If you are trying to prevent being infected by the sick…who may not be wearing ANY protective gear, nor even care…you cannot be safe without a face shield…AND the ability to protect your hands and exposed skin from possible virus being expectorated by the contaminated.

In the home, you will not need a face shield…unless the ill are part of the home. If you must go among the public, touch communal artifacts, like door knobs, elevator buttons, push bars, counter tops, and goods…you must weigh the known hazards in your area…and take the proper precautions…regardless of others around you NOT doing so.

Get ready NOW…then STAY HOME. Isolation from everyone should be the policy and only ONE person of the home should be designated as the one to go forth…should the need arise.

You will know when it gets serious in your area.

Be aware. Supplies specifically for anti-viral protection…are already running out in the U.S….as the above comments confirm. If you have to order something online, chances are…you may not receive it…it may become delayed…re-routed…seized…or lost. Try to go to GRANGERS..and try OFF-BRAND products only pros use.

I have noted the earth movers the Chinese told us were for hospital construction..are busy digging up the roads to put them out of action, digging trenches across them..and piling up the dirt across them. The dirt berms seem to be made long enough to prevent vehicles from trying to go around them, ending upon other natural obstructions.

From the videos I have been watching from China…this is a true disaster unlike I have ever seen.

It is terrifying for me. I have recently found myself fighting to remain calm, and it alarms me I had to do so. I do not want to cause my wife stress. But, my training lets me see the previews of coming attractions all too well.

It’s just fine to be concerned. DO NOT, beat yourself up. In fact, it’s quite smart actually, your NOT a SHEEP.

Positive Mental Attitude. Your a Prepper, your smart, your WAY ahead of most. Use this time to set yourself up to survive.

Use your training to talk with your wife, She needs your strength and power. She is your partner, she deserves to be on the same page as you are. She’s strong, she will be just fine.

Gods Speed to You and your Wife.

Ision, what if they are digging mass graves ?

Naturally, this equipment is probably already digging mass graves. As in 1918, and other times where such graves were needed, mass graves are usually placed in fairly remote, or undeveloped areas, such as small forests…where they are not obvious. The sight of bodies being stacked in a pit does nothing for the local population.

I wonder how many deaths happen in a city the size of London…when no food..or anything else…is being delivered to it? Who is out and about in the hot zone making sure there is enough green mustard and sardines?

I know most ethnic Asian homes usually have a robust supply or rice in them. Often over 50 pounds of rice may be on-hand. A little flavoring and water..and done. So, maybe the Chinese might be able to last longer than Western homes…just for this.

And yet my understanding is that “hoarding” is illegal in China. Punishable by years of imprisonment in prisons which few people survive. How they define hoarding I don’t know, but I’m guessing most people won’t take the chance. My information from other sources said that most people in Wuhan get dinner from the markets on their way home. Eating fresh is almost a fetish.

Thor1, Xi,s quote was situation is “of GRAVE concern” .. now wondering how literal that was…

Just Sayin’,
He also called it “a demon virus” if I read correctly.
Wonder if TMc will weigh in on this, as he has familiarity with Chinese Culture. From my limited exposure, I came away with the idea that the Chinese (especially their govt) play things ‘close to their vest’ and are very closed to handing out information. This is why I think this outbreak is very, very serious. just how . serious remains to be seen. but when the president China makes comments like he has, you can only wonder.

Minerjim – When I first met my inlaws, the phraseology in play roughly translated to “blue-eyed, white devil with yellow hair and a big nose”. But they were common folk; sort of Chinese rednecks. They also came around pretty quickly when they discovered my McGyver skills.

For someone like President Xi to invoke demon and devil language is unprecedented.

I too can see ‘previews of coming attractions’ of the ‘not so nice’ type. I will have to admit this does tend to be a bit frightening.
Look at it this way, this is just your God given talents at work warning you to prepare. That’s all you can do, is prepare the best you can, the rest is up to the Lord. Leave it in His hands, all will go well for you, one way or the other. Peace of the Lord be with you brother.

Ision — I hadn’t seen the “digging up of roads” etc….Sounds ominous, for sure.

The smaller communities around the quarantined cities are trying to keep the refugees from invading. These were the first torn up roads. I haven’t seen any official tearing up of roads, but I haven’t been focusing on this.

Re: torn up roads- I’m sure with all the satellite capability, the U.S. govt knows exactly what’s happening over there.

Sunday, February 2, 2020;
Anyone know what happens on this date?????
Think in terms of Number of Seats in the Super Bowl Stadium.
Let me help ya out here, Approx. 75,000.

What dose that have to do with the price of Rice in China do you ask????
70,000 people completely unprotected from a virus or 1000 other things.
Now add someone or a few that are infected with the Coronavirus.
Still wondering if there is a problem?

PS: United Airlines just suspended all flights to China.
AND “GOP senator calls for ‘targeted travel ban’ over coronavirus”, Fox News.

There is a LOT of chatter going on around the Net. Stay informed y’all, sort out the Fear Mongering, the Fake News, and decide for yourself what you should be doing…

Me? I’m heading for minorjim’s tunnels under the Rockies.


those dark, wet, dripping tunnels are starting to look better and better, hunh?? I got the elderberry syrup, you bring the TP. LOL

I also got the Shine, is very good with the Elderberry Syrup

At least is not being played in San Fran, or Seattle!

I find it interesting that Netflix released a series called “Pandemic” the same week that the Wuhan Coronavirus is released. Also interesting that the series is funded by Obama, Gates, and Soros.

I saw this series… It is basically a plea to secure American financing of International Health efforts, by showing Ebola efforts in Africa…Swine Flu in India…and the plight of remote hospitals in the United States, which may be staffed by only one doctor and a few nurses.

Videos from China now showing actual construction (on hospital) taking place, supposedly on same ground as earlier videos of all those track hoes doing dirt work. Pouring concrete slabs and placing what appears to be prefab room units with cranes.

Government promised completion in 10 days from start. Can’t imagine the cement curing enough to support multi-story.

I guess one could call a facility for handling the dead a hospital…

Ision – a wise person I used to know long ago, like to say …”worst comes to worst, hospitals and doctors just bury their mistakes”…mmm

Concrete could be ‘high-early’. amazing stuff, can take foot traffic in 6 hours, light vehicle traffic in 24 hours. So I guess it could reach 80% strength in a few days. They have come a long way since I was a kid.

I’m surprised they aren’t showcasing the new 3D printed building technology for this.

Thought you all might like to see this…

It is a (seemingly) very honest presser with the two leading epidemiologists from the University of Hong Kong giving their analysis of the scale of the coronavirus in Wuhan.

The first video is the (very) abbreviated version; the second one is the full length version. The ORIGINAL higher quality full length version has already been scrubbed from YouTube.

[infections could be 30x higher]

FWIW. Got to thinking about a comment about the possibility of coronavirus piggybacking on mail being handled by possible carriers of the virus. Occurred to me that running the mail (obviously only paper items) through a microwave oven to kill the virus. A little research found that this will work.

If worried about contaminated mail, should the worst fears be realized, you might want to consider this option.

Dennis I just looked up how long corona virus can live on non-living surfaces. 3 hours. That fits well with the data on other flu viruses as Corona is a Flu.

So maybe you don’t have to worry about burning your microwave up by “Discovering” some bit of metal foil IN that mail or metallic ink in your newspaper?

If it gets that bad US Country Boys will NOT be seeing many firemen or truckers or…..

me2 this one lives 5-7 days on hard surfaces and 7 weeks in carpet.. Look again… think again… mitigate.dangers.

Can you point out your source Just Sayin’ please?

I got mine from my hospital infection control site, I need that source so I can correct their information.

me2 , I have listened to several Doctors reports and investigative reports…. seeking all info i can find. this is not a normal cold virus…It has been replicated in Australia.. … Try Jennifer veterans4 truth interview with Dr Pedersen… he talks about a silver solution… and transmission..Deep south Bama w Mr. Tom, did one on info and what pics mean to him… . Bp earthwatch has done several…Dr KenDBerry, i dated 1/24.. part of info from it…also one called MedCram.( a series).. has lots of info.evolutionary energy arts has had a good amount of info.. I have not been able to find the place that showed the graph… was a Dr.. but i have listened to several…interesting that some of them were by Drs posted thru financial people….info they have gathered… I was gathering info for personal knowledge and did not write all sources down. another one was… Townhall prepare don’t panic by dave hodges…

Thanks Just Sayin’ I suppose we are still in the hoping and guessing stage of this disease. Not exactly like we have had much time to research the facts.

If for example a carpet would keep it viable for 7 weeks just walking into any carpeted building or your home is a ongoing death sentence to everybody who walks there. How long would a contaminated Mattress be dangerous?

Maybe the Medieval habit of burning down the plague homes WITH the Folks still inside looks promising?

Listening to some folks you’d think soap and water will not work either.

PRAYING it’s more like a Flu than Ebola.

me2 : and others interested…The other site that has a LOT of information, I could not find earlier.. It is you tubes “Peak Prosperity” with Chris Martenson… many video’s and i have watched several of those.
The only good thing about it possibly being a mix is the treatment for both of these is the same, Anti-virals. Elderberry is one.equally effective on eboli or other coronavrus types..
If one knows they have been exposed then treatment can be started sooner rather than later.. This is a good case for using a daily preventative of some type. rotating them a couple of days at a time…take remedy #1, 2 days Remedy #2 2 days, remedy #3 2 days… repeat. could keep antivirals in the system and replication interrupted. Everyone is waiting UNTIL they get symptoms to start anything…primarily because they have no idea they have been exposed.

me2… see this one… peak prosperity update #3, labeled scientist challenges data.

Just Sayin’ Thank you for the Peak Prosperity site, I’ve been reading that for some time.

Dave Hodges I tend to ignore. He want’s clicks and drama is clicks.

The situation seems bad. But remember that LAST YEARS Common FLU (and that is what the Corona Virus IS (A FLU) killed over 2.4K people in the USA in 2019. BUT NO DRAMA was made about that.

Sanitation-self isolation-hand washing-social distancing-use of masks-OUTSIDE WORKING or SHOPPING Person Decon Protocol (To keep it OUT of your Home and carpets) , pre-emptive antivirals, boosting your gut health (the basis of your Immune System) with fermented foods like Kimchee seems the best defense from this “Demon Bug” as the Chinese Leader described it.

If our beloved 3 letter agencies RELEASED a true Bio-Weapon (and I fear given Chinese deliberate use of the words Demon Bug) then I hope they and their families suffer and die off with the rest of us. But I suspect as those 3 letter Agencies are involved in Bio Weapons they have an effective vaccine for themselves.

Praying that God in HIS mercy makes this into a Nothing Burger for it seems that Pandora’s Box is indeed been opened.

I am amazed by the nonchalance that Americans are displaying for this virus that is infectious prior to showing symptoms. I HAD to go to town today, Doc appt, plus, stock up on non essentials.

5 stops, and not ONE single person was wearing a mask.!! 1000’s of people, in a town, where Influenza is epidemic.

Just me, and my medical gloves and alcohol wipes. People stayed way the hell away. It was hilarious, the look on their faces. Not a single person in the checkout line behind me.

I ain’t gettin sick, screw them idiots.

Stand my Ground

I went to the doctors office for a regular appointment. With all the flu and corona virus’s going around, I wore an N95 mask and surgical gloves. I got strange looks apon entering by staff and patients. Some who were coughing and sneezing. The receptionist said she had been sick for 2 weeks and asked me if I was sick. I said no and I want to keep it that way. The Dr. Said what I did was very smart.

Now I am getting over a stomach bug… Go figure

If Corona virus hits NY China town where many people may have traveled to from China, it would spread like Wuhan…..