COVID-19 Coronavirus Map | USA Locations Of Reported Cases

Map locations of COVID-19 Coronavirus in the USA

UPDATED Map locations of reported cases COVID-19 Coronavirus in the Untied States.

I will keep this updated each week for your potential interest. COVID-19 reported case locations in the United States. First map at the bottom of page begins March 6, 2020.

Presently as of this Saturday morning update, there are more than 700,000 people in the United States who have tested positive for COVID-19 compared to 500,000 a week ago.

33,000 have died in the US which translates to a death rate of ~ 4.7%
(33K / 700K)

USA Map of COVID-19 Coronavirus Locations

(Where cases have been reported)

Images & Data source: The New York Times

4/18/2020 USA COVID-19 Coronavirus Map

701, 396 confirmed cases

4/11/2020 USA COVID-19 Coronavirus Map

496,636 confirmed cases

4/4/2020 USA COVID-19 Coronavirus Map

276,382 confirmed cases

COVID-19 Map of United States, 4.4.2020

3/27/2020 USA COVID-19 Coronavirus Map

85,381 confirmed cases

3/20/2020 USA COVID-19 Coronavirus Map

12,932 confirmed cases

Coronavirus COVID-19 USA Map 3-20-2020

3/13/2020 USA COVID-19 Coronavirus Map

1,663 confirmed cases

3/6/2020 USA COVID-19 Coronavirus Map

215 confirmed cases

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  1. Closing down of FL public school systems in my County. Its getting to that point. Already had the kids out of school for a week already…

    Yup those maps KEN posted are completely inaccurate.
    I don’t trust .gov one bit… You shouldn’t either. Testing is minimal right now…

    By the way do not use that GOOGLEr site Trump was talking about today. Sounds like they’ll be sending .gov goons to your door step to round you up. For your safety of course. Completely Insidious…. Stay Safe Brothers and Sisters!

    1. White Cracker,
      Just to be clear, the maps I have posted, and will continue to update, are apparently accurate to the point of reported cases and testing. I mentioned the caveats above in the article. I hope that it helps to inform some of you out there…

      1. Ken, Please do not take your reporting as unimportant…We understand that is the best information available and it updates. The problem is the lag between the reporting and the time it is posted.
        for instance Tn reports 228 cases . The closest thing i have to local news reports a total for Shelby countyMemphis Tn. is 30/not the 4 reported on site web site. and there are additional counties nearby that have cases not listed… Ms. has a total of 80 listed tonight.. and Arkansas has 100 reported on the same station… it is getting very close to changing our mode from going out 2 times a month for limited things. groceries, few fresh things, meds, …” to shut and lock the gate”..Our congregation is doing on line services and we will remain home and participate from home…
        beginning this week.

      2. Ken, the maps,
        Helps me see the progression as best we can. We can make our own assumptions about it. I just assume its worse.

    2. Cracker, heard today that they closed Disney, will that effect y’all? I think you once mentioned your are in Lake county, we’re on the Alachua/Columbia line. We lived in Clermont 15 years ago when it was a small town.

      1. Seminole, nope nowhere near Disney Im in South FL… Yes Ken I understand that is the best available info from our .gov the maps are as accurate as a Chinese map of corona virus “recovery numbers” cough cough cough….

        I would multiply those numbers on your shared maps by a factor of x30 (conservatively) for a more realistic overview. > .gov is simply not testing all relevant probable cases… But now the cat is out of the bag so to speak…

        Our .gov delayed testing for weeks…. This is a huge issue for public safety. The .gov was more concerned about their FAKE stock market portfolios…. then giving real time estimates of community spread. They purposely dropped the ball to give time to save their FAKE stock market investments. I would love to see their investment portfolio when they where buying and when they started to sell off… I bet they started 4 weeks ago…

        EVEN RUSH LIMBAUGH SOLD OUT said this WUFLU bio weapon is nothing to worry about… Well F_ck him! and the horse he rode in on. He will soon die from cancer. He can answer to GOD for his sins.

        1. White Cracker, It sounds like you didn’t read what I said in the article above before your comment. Please re-read. There is a approximate 2-week lag time. And other caveats.

          1. yes, Ken and a lot of cases pop up in 2 weeks….about 4 weeks ago .. i was following the flow of the cases in Memphis because one of closest huge cities.. not close but close enough to watch…. first case was in Memphis.. one was treated, second case was isolated til symptoms developed that needed support…along with approx 70 more. first case has now been sent home… second is being treated still? and new cases are popping up in Bartlet(bedroom community to Memphis) Shelby county schools lunchroom personnel and police dept… my question is did they also got to Marti Gras? or did they catch from one of 70+ initially “self isolated?”

        2. Dude, doom and gloom much? You need to take Valium and chill out, you’ll live longer.

        3. They could test everyone that had a headache and that would do nothing to stop this virus. There are people who have no symptoms and therefore no reason for them to want to go take the test. You want to blow up at people for not panicking or causing people to panic because of this virus. Would you feel better if Trump his administration and Rush tell everyone that they better kiss their rears goodbye because your all gonna die. Which is true, nobody lives forever, but at least 97% of everyone who gets this virus will live though this virus.
          More people will end up dying if people panic over this. People will be killing each other over toilet paper, over TOILET PAPER. Would that make you happy??? Short of stopping all non essential travel into the US from all other countries and quarantining for 14 days with testing for all essential travelers. Then shutting down all travel in the US with road blocks so the virus cannot spread any further than it has, not every town has it, but they soon will. Then everyone has to quarantine for 14 days and everyone has to test negative after the 14 days before they can be released, but if you test 100,000 people a day it would take 8.9 years to test everyone in the US, so that isn’t possible. But after the 14 day quarantine everyone but those who test positive can leave their houses and get back to work. Travel to and from the places that have people testing positive after 14 days remains stopped but travel inside the US to and from places with no cases can resume. Nonessential travel from other countries to the US has to remain banned until there is a vaccine a cure or the virus runs its course in other countries.
          Of course this isn’t possible, it goes against the Constitutional rights of people, so unless martial law is enacted don’t expect this to happen and martial law isn’t likely to be enacted for a virus with a mortality rate of .7 to just over 3%. The country that ran the most testing, South Korea found that the mortality rate of people who tested positive was .7% because several people don’t have any symptoms at all so are not counted in other countries that don’t test everybody, only people that have symptoms.

          1. good morning John Doe Such a large paragraph to tell us all there is nothing to worry about…. Sorry Ken those fake news maps from the NYtimes just piss me off. The numbers are larger than the maps suggest and I am actually very angry that the American public has been lied to for so long. The lies and half truths of the MSM, .gov and even Rush Limbaugh will cost lives.

            I make my judgments based on the actions of China (fumigating the streets with military vehicles really?) , Italy (6% + death rate) , S. Korea etc.. If they are shutting everything down it is for a good reason.

            All we want is the actual truth.

          1. Lol exactly. You know what causes that in people? Insecurity about their abilities.

  2. Well, I live up here in North Idaho, and so far so good. However it seems to be moving in all around us. Spokane over in Washington is still clear also as of this writing. I’m sure it’s going to get here soon enough. All the stores I have been in look the same. Bare shelves. At least everyone is pretty well prepared here. And if they’re not, well it’s their own fault. They have had plenty of warning. Stay safe, be careful, and wash your hands a lot, everyone.

    1. It’s now 3/14/2020. It looks like our first case has shown up here, in southern Idaho. Down around Boise I think. Well, we lasted quite a while, but all good things come to an end eventually.

      1. BigBadCat,
        Boise is “Southern Idaho”, the Panhandle is “Northern Idaho”. I have always maintained that they might as well be two completely different states. Chances of you getting the ‘beer-virus’ out of Boise is much smaller than your chance of getting it out of Spokane.

        1. minerjim:
          When I said “here”, I meant Idaho. I have lived my whole life in North Idaho, and yes, I agree with you, the North and South should be different states. We can always hope.

          1. Thats where i would like to be, wayyyy north, somewhere north of Ponderay up around Colburn, nice area

  3. Two more presumptive cases in Missouri were announced today, bringing the total to four (presumptively). The first two were both college students returning from Europe. I don’t know about the next two yet.

    The three largest cities have taken some action: Kansas City has banned events of over 1,000 people. St. Louis has banned events of over 250 people. Springfield has suggested canceling events with more than 250 people.

    I had already decided not to go to church after this week, as I still had responsibilities this Sunday. Now they’ve canceled services (still accessible online), so I don’t need to worry about going. That’s a relief for me! (Yes, I’d prefer that this disease wasn’t a problem and we could go without danger, but that’s not the situation we’re in.)

    1. Ms. Wendy
      We made the same decision about going to church as well. Will listen to service at Moody Church out of Chicago on the radio instead. Dr. Erwin Lutzer , the pastor there, gives some pretty good sermons.

      1. We are going to have home church outside with extended family, but chairs placed strategically far apart. DH will bring lesson, SIL and I will lead music with guitar.

    2. Two days since I posted this, and instead of groups larger than 250 people, now the governor of Missouri is “strongly urging” that events of more than 50 people be canceled or postponed. This is following the CDC guideline that was released today. Of course, the guideline suggests to cancel groups of more than ten if it’s a higher-risk population. That even cuts out many Sunday School/Bible study groups!

      1. I’m finally getting to work from home! Today was the first day. Social distancing is a lot easier to do in the privacy of my home, needless to say.

        The largest cities in Missouri shut down earlier this week. My county announced this afternoon a “stay at home order” for thirty days. They’re giving everyone a day and a half to prepare before that. Thirty days is so much more realistic than the two weeks I hear about so many places. (Those of us who have paid any attention know that it will end up being much more than two weeks.)

        One problem with the shutdown is that there are many, many “essential” services, so lots of people will still be out and about. Grocery shopping, of course, is considered essential, so people won’t go crazy because they don’t have food. We’re encouraged to use parks, go fishing (licensing requirements are suspended), and do other outdoor activities that allow us to keep a social distance.

        I told my son (online college student) that there was a shutdown, and he just shrugged his shoulders and went on. I had him stop going anywhere except work and church two months ago, church stopped two weeks ago, and he stopped work more than a week ago. This new “stay at home” order doesn’t affect him at all.

        Someone asked on one of the other threads if anyone had noticed an uptick in home break-ins, since people are out of work and don’t have sports to distract them. Since more people are staying home, I hope it is a deterrent to that sort of behavior. Most criminals prefer to burglarize an empty house rather than rob one with someone who might fight back in it.

  4. Was just given a mandate to telecommute until at least May 1st. Sheesh. Meanwhile the LEO kids in Denver Metro area have been put on “on call” 24/7 while their children have no open schools to go to…..the grandkids arrive here tomorrow for an indefinite visit. Kids are unhappy, but at least know the grandkids will be safe and well cared for.

  5. Mr. Ken, thank you for all of your hard work, care, and kindnesses to us here.

    The Powers That Be must be expecting this situation to get tougher or else Trump would not be taking all of the many steps he outlined today.

    Food for thought: If they are setting up a mobile testing site at a Walmart/Target/CVS/Walgreens, does anyone who does not have the Wu Flu really want to shop at any of these places? NOT ME!

    Second case in Alachua county Fl., just south of where we are. Stay safe-God Bless

      1. Not necessarily.
        If you have never been here you really wouldnt understand, or if you have but never got out of the tourist areas.
        We are rural, can see the neighbors house but rarely see them, if i dont leave the property i might not see anyone for days if not weeks.
        Not that i mind, i love my solitude. Have a honey do and i want to do list a mile long, so actually looking forward to getting shut down

      2. Poorman,
        Kula is on Maui not Oahu.
        Maui has about 150 people per square mile and most live on the coast.
        Big Island has about 50 people per square mile. I still have a couple rentals on the Big Island.
        Oahu has about 1500 people per square mile.
        To put it in perspective Los Angeles has about 7500 people per square mile.
        Maui and BI.are very rural areas for the most part so Kula should be ok…

    1. Funny you mention that. First thing I thought of when Trump mentioned Google and then announced all the places you could get tested was wow what a great way to get everybody’s DNA.

      The tests are free. Although I’m pretty sure they may have parameters to who gets tested but Google is running this.

      Oh well they probably already have mine from being in the military.


  6. Is this a bad time to point out that average age of COVID-19 fatalities is 80, and the average life span in America is 79?

    1. I know that evidently this is affecting the elderly more than middle age or young. But would you reference a source that average is 80 years old? Thanks.

      1. Ken/Dennis,
        did a google…on World Economic Forum…(which does report on stats fr if those are inaccurate…..)

        “How the fatality rate of Coronavirus changes with age
        •Officials in China have released a major report into fatality rates for the Coronavirus.
        •The average fatality rate is 2.3%, but it changes significantly with age – rising to nearly 15% among those over 80 years old.”

      2. Ken / Dennis
        and then, from Scientific American re Italy’s High COVID-19 death rate
        “Why Deaths from Coronavirus Are So High in Italy”

        “One factor affecting the country’s death rate may be the age of its population—Italy has the oldest population in Europe, with about 23% of residents 65 or older, according to The New York Times. The median age in the country is 47.3, compared with 38.3 in the United States, the Times reported. Many of Italy’s deaths have been among people in their 80s, and 90s, a population known to be more susceptible to severe complications from COVID-19, according to The Local.”

        and from “the Local”
        “But while Italian health officials have been quick to point out that the people who’ve died so far have had an average age of 81, many of them with pre-existing health conditions, that fact does very little to reassure people – particularly in a country with a population as elderly as Italy’s.”

        1. Another nice little fact regarding Italy is on Feb 1. The prime minister posted on Twitter to “Hug a Chinese” to show opposition against the Chinese for the outbreak of Kung Flu.

          PC is a death sentence.


          1. Read the same info today.

            Good thing I’m not a PC rubbish person, nor a stranger hugger….livestock, dogs and occasionally the other half.

          2. Forgot to mention the Chinese population in Italy was 320k+ in 2013 per wiki. Regions with significant Chinese population, Lombardy ( Italy’s ground zero,, that’s where Milan is, big clothing industry there), Tuscany and Veneto.

            So let’s all hug a Chinese person who have probably just flew in from China. That’s real smart.


          3. Relevant (maybe) to your comment, evidently about 5 million Chinese in the US. About 15 times more than Italy? Doubt it matters though for comparison. It’s beyond containment. Now its mitigation.

      3. Ken,

        Found that originally at Can’t find it now, but is still a great resource on following the COVID-19 statistics. I’ve seen that 80 year old average quoted on other sites as well, just can’t remember which ones or want to take time to retrace my browsing. Rest assured, I didn’t make the figure up, it was quoting others.

        1. Ken, that site may have taken that 80 year old average down, as the site is updated constantly as statistics change. They post comprehensive breakdowns of statistics from all affected countries.

          1. Only much lower probability of dying the younger you are, if infected. Another stat was folks in the 70 and above group were 10 times more likely to succumb from complications than those younger.

            If you go to that site, the “worst case scenario” Dr. Fauci projected, will scare the dickens out of you (Based on no action being taken to stop the spread).

        1. Touchofgrey,

          Out of curiosity, how would you calculate average age? Maybe have the age of every fatality added together, and divided by total number of fatalities attributed to the infection? I would assume a site dedicated to gathering data and reporting on this as numbers and demographics come in would do it that way, if they report it as the “average age”. Of course, I’m sure they also develop logarithmic probabilities to predict the future expectations based on current data.

      4. Ken,

        I’m headed to bed. Please understand, I’m not making light of the situation, just trying to inject levity.

        Am I concerned? Absolutely. I would be a fool not to be. I’m in the age group most likely to succumb to a COVID-19 infection. I have several of the “pre-existing conditions” to boot. I’m taking precautions, and me and mine battened down the hatches today. We’re set to ride this thing out. I’m in position to do that, in no small part, because of my interactions with you and others here at MSB. Being prepared gives a feller a little room to face adversity with a more secure attitude, and just maybe, a little humor, knowing you’ve done what you can to be ready.

        I’ve led a blessed life. God bless all y’all. I see you tomorrow, Lord willing. Good night.

      5. Ken,
        It seems folks are mistaking arrogance, stupidity and incompetence of bueracrats and politicians for bio weapon conspiracy . Worrying about if it’s a bio weapon is mental masturbation. None of us have control even IF it was. We can only assess the threat to us personally then act on what we can control.
        My doctor friend told me that this WILL KILL younger people. Give it a month or so. He’s of the opinion that it was probably killing younger people in China and they were worried about their work force. They Quarantined millions and kept the death rate/age Information under wraps.
        But hey, if people want to run around like their heads are on fire and their asses are catching so be it. I got plenty of butter for the popcorn. The reason people are snapping is because they have Information overload. Paralysis by analysis.

        Now is the time for folks to keep their wits about them and put the Information you posted to good use to plan for the next phase of events.
        This storm is just getting started…

        1. Bill Jenkins Horse

          I agree.

          Work the problem, don’t become the problem

          Positive Mental Attitude.

        2. Yep, I put the info & opinion out there. Some go into denial, others anger, sometimes there’s agreement, and a few (just maybe) will be motivated to do their own due diligence — asses, plan, adapt, overcome.

        1. NRP & Blue,

          Yep, that’s the way I took it. I may go out with a grin and a bloody ear in my hand after all.

        2. Dennis, NRP & Blue;
          I must be getting slap happy from watching the chilling numbers grow. Your first comment (80/79) sent me on a laughing jag, then just when I got it under control, NRP & Blue chimed in. I need to step back and go sew or something. But that laughing did feel good.

      1. Dennis
        No need to be sorry for voicing options, thoughts, ideas, additional info, etc.
        Right, wrong or indifferent.

  7. Alabama just announced all public schools will be closed starting March 18th till April 6th. Just lefted Sam’s Club and it was a madhouse.

  8. Our school are closed until April 24. Our DD is an elementary teacher. 3 cases in our county. Time to stay home. Haven’t been out much in the last week.

    1. Wisconsin public schools will close this Wednesday 3/18 and reopen on April 10th at the earliest. Grocery stores have been very busy the past couple days. I wonder what tomorrow (Saturday) will be like. I’m tempted to go to a few just to observe. Probably not worth the risk, but I’m curious, even though I know what they say about the cat.

  9. In my neck of the woods (Colo front range) all of my counties school districts decided yesterday to stay closed from the end of today till March 30th. It took the Diocese till this morning to follow suit, in fact I got an E-mail yesterday from my sons school saying they would not necessarily be following the local districts lead.
    An hour or so later our local news stated that the diocese had also indefinitely cancelled all live masses.
    Anyway on to my real point we are now up to 77 cases including one death. Also every grocery store anywhere near me has been stripped of anything but junk food.

  10. Hi All,

    I live in the Seattle metro area, Snohomish county, and it is not end of the world here. The majority of COVID-19 cases, and deaths, are from one elder care facility in Kirkland, which has had some safety/health care violations in the past. Schools, libraries, rec centers, etc, are being closed, however life goes on. I am now working from home for the time being, my employer
    has us working off site. Local service industry businesses (restaurants, coffee shops, hair care, etc) are starting to hurt, so will be some long-ish term pain there. Stores are pretty well stocked with the exception of isopropyl alcohol and disinfectant wipes. Having learned much from this blog (Thank You Ken) I am pretty well prepared if I have to ‘bug in’, or am subject to local shortages. As long as the fishy crackers and IPA hold out I’m good. Stay safe all.

    1. DLS, That’s great you can work from home. And I’m glad this site has helped your preparedness. Hunker down as best you can and let this wave roll over your head… Come up for air, then watch out for a second wave, just in case…

    1. The age of the person in the next county that came down with this was 29. So not just older people anymore.

  11. The SoCal school district I work in has closed for 4 weeks. Students are confused, some excited, some worried. My colleagues are scratching their heads. The stores are insane! People I know stupidly waited until today to prepare and have no groceries in their homes and none are available at the store.

    My kids will have a schedule starting Monday…get them learning, outside in our yard, gardening, cleaning, playing, etc. Going to keep their minds and bodies appropriately stimulated. They will each be keeping a journal of their experience.

    This is why we prepare.

  12. Here in south central PA, people are starting to lose their minds. The Costco in Harrisburg had no TP today. The parking lot was out of control by 10 this morning. All schools are shut down for the next two weeks minimum. On a positive note, the stock market had a good day.

    1. No worries. Our goobner “Wolf” has eeevvvvyting under control. Don’t go to Delaware to buy booze. DSP now has permission to search your car if you got Pa plates. Glad I’m out of the game cause I would never violate my oath(s).

  13. Been getting my numbers from:
    Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)
    Interactive map.

  14. SITREP Eastern LA County, 60 minutes ago.

    My wife, having made the last pharmacy run earlier today, asked me to pick up dinner from one of our favorite take out places. Her logic was, if we were to be restricted for a time, may as well enjoy this one last treat before digging into the storage. This place is inside a large outdoor shopping center with a busy supermarket as an anchor store. It has a huge lot, with plenty of overflow parking out on the 4 lane frontage road, shared with an auto center. I’ve NEVER-EVER had difficulty parking there, even during the holidays.

    Tonight, the line was backed up all the way out the 4-lane, back to the freeway off ramps. The main lot, was hopelessly and totally jammed. Brain dead idiots blocking every passage with a hopeful blinker on. I parked about a third of a mile away and hiked in, through moderate rain. Finally, I see what has traffic backed up for blocks. A morbidly obese hispanic woman stopped her car right in the middle of entry drive, put her 4-way flashers on, buried her face in a phone app while her passenger jumped out to go get some food. She blocked the entire entry way, putting dozens of cars in harms way, for her own stupid, fat, selfish, a-hole, entitled convenience. … I went momentarily insane and I unleashed a LOUD verbal tirade upon her gelatinous, stupid, inconsiderate ass, pointing at her and drawing ridicule from others who were previously too timid to speak up… She put the phone down, put that s**t in gear and slinked away in about ten seconds. Onward.

    Waiting for my order, I watched a steady stream of determined faces, pushing square-wheeled shopping carts from considerable distances to queue up just to enter the supermarket. I ended up being supremely entertained by another brain damaged fool who pulled deep into the lot with no parking, in command of a 24 foot U-Haul moving truck! THAT was a sight to behold, when this idiot, who thought he was clever with a cunning plan to fill that truck, got in so deep into that gridlocked lot that he had no hope of ever retreating, or exiting before midnight. He just got totally stuck. No other vehicle would yield, back up or accommodate him whatsoever. It was glorious.

    I think we are overdue for a cull.

  15. Well, it’s been a heck of a Friday the 13th. WA schools are closed for the next 6 weeks. Large gatherings, including church, are banned, regional library just closed.

    At @ 6 pm local time a friend drove past the National Guard armory 30 miles from here. Parking lot was full, lots of folks in uniforms, military vehicles being worked on. Did POTUS federalize the guard? Would trust it in his hands more than in libsider governor’s.

    The friend stopped over to ask if I thought this would get worse, as he had heard all kinds of chatter on talk radio. We talked about the cascade effect of children at home necessitating a parent at home and how that might impact utilities, infrastructure repair crews, available medical care, staffing at feed and grocery stores, truck drivers and loaders/unloaders.

    Maybe transmission paths will be broken in 6 weeks. Wouldn’t that be good news.

  16. Well the last state to hold out- Montana- finally joined the party. 4 cases today in 4 different counties.

  17. Find it interesting that so many people I talk to write this off as “it’s not a big deal mostly only effects old people” A) Do the elderly’s lives not matter as much as people that are middle aged? B) If anyone’s (the non elderly) main concern is getting the virus I’d suggest looking at the financial markets, the floundering fed, and let’s call it what it is, the panic among the general public. This thing is nothing but the catalyst for bigger problems on the horizon.

  18. A bit of perspective on COVID-19

    Jan 15 First US COVID-infected person, male in his 30s, flew to Seattle, from Wuhan.
    Jan 16 US Patient Zero felt ill, went to see a doctor.
    Jan 17 CDC and DHS began ‘enhanced health screenings’ at 3 airports: San Fran, NYC, and LA (where all incoming flights from Wuhan go to), with 2 more airports to follow.
    Jan 21 CDC confirms first US COVID-infected person who was admitted to a hospital with precautions taken for suspected infection of coronavirus based on his symptoms and travel history.
    Jan 22 CBS and other news agencies reported CDC announcement.

    The first known COVID patient recovered, but was in close contact with 16 others who were screened. So, from our public records, we know that Jan 15 was the first known infection in US (not to say there weren’t others).

    Now, March 15, almost 2 full months later, in the US, there are 2,329 known infections and 50 deaths, according to the Worldometers compiled data. Our COVID testing has been inexcusably horrendous, but these are the statistics we have at this time.

    More important than the statistics is the FACT that COVID is a SARS-type virus. It is NOT Influenza, aka “just the flu”. I am unaware of any US-based study of COVID epidemiological study, but we have a Chinese CDC study to glean information from — but bear in mind this is from China and these are Chinese patients.

    Here are the Chinese CDC figures from Business Insider:

    A study of more than 44,000 coronavirus patients showed that around 15% of patients older than 80 have died.
    Patients in their 50s had a death rate that was three times higher than the death rate for patients in their 40s.

    I will post the URL in another comment to follow.

  19. We here at MSB have shared so many thoughts and ideas over the years, thanks to Ken and his steadfast encouragement. Important to note that he has NOT fearmongered…misinformed….or led us astray from our OWN research and lifestyles while encouraging us to share and develop a “community of like-minded. THANK YOU KEN.

    My kids no longer see me as crazy or odd for my chosen lifestyle. Instead they are grateful and relieved that I had the courage and fortitude to continue on and save in a manner of usefulness!

    Any/All of my grandchildren (and their parents…if they can get away) are welcome here for the duration ….and NOW my kids “get it”.

    Thank you MSB family for being a caring and generous group. Thank you for being careful in your sharing and polite to one another. My LEO kids are telling me their jobs have gotten much crazier this week. My own job has been put on telephone appearances ONLY….and life will be strange for a bit. PEACE.

  20. 3 cases reported in our county. Tried to be at Costco at 945 AM this morning and the parking lot was already full and I mean FULL. Good thing we dont need anything was making a last minute run. Now that the herd is spooked its to late. All three local grocery stores have no home delivery or pickup dates available.

  21. Ken,
    I want to echo what a few others have said,
    Thank you for running this site. It has been a great source of information and ideas over the years. Am much better prepared for almost any eventuality because of it.
    So Thank You!

  22. Still baffles me why the “panic” world wide if the numbers are true, when tens of thousand die from the flu every year. And it only seems to strike the old. Must of came out of a lab somewhere. Trekker Out

    1. Well, Mountain Trekker,

      Here’s my very general answer/opinion…

      It’s looking more and more like this virus could kill millions. Those kinds of numbers scare people.

      Plus, it’s very, very much more contagious than the flu. This scares people too (rightfully so).

      On top of that, a very large portion (the vast majority) of the population is not prepared at all. So when they reach their “oh $hit” moment, they panic. Preparedness has not been ingrained in our American culture for many, many decades. In fact it has been demonized. So, most people live day-to-day. Now, suddenly, they’re facing the issue of surviving for weeks, months, on their own. Scary.

      One last thing. Although as with most virus deaths the elderly are whacked hard — in my view their lives are still of value. I value life. My dad is in his 80’s with an underlying condition that will surely kill him if he gets this virus. There are many who flippantly argue that it’s just the old people dying – as if it’s okay. (I’m not saying that you said that – but I’m just saying what many others are saying).

      Anyway, that’s my short answer…

    2. Mountain Trekker

      Panic is the right word. The concerns maybe warranted or not, time will tell but I include this quote I read

      “I envisaged the End of Days to be more exciting than starving to death
      trapped in your own house while wiping your bum on a sock.”

      1. I would also like to start off with a huge thank you Ken! Don’t post a lot but read regular, have learned a lot. Best part is sitting here reading and nodding my head and silently thinking that we are all in most ways so alike in our search for knowledge.
        In all the time I have prepped was sure the economy would be the problem. Now it looks like the perfect storm is about to hit. Think I am ready!
        To tell the truth I am very concerned at 70 years and having pneumonia two years ago I could be on the short list. Having survived Vietnam and everything life dealt since then guess I thought the worst was past! Well I still have a good wife and kids and grandchildren to watch over and teach.
        We all know that this perfect storm is probably going to be bad,let’s do what MSB does and pull together not bicker and hopefully pull out on the other side!

        1. I am in central NH about 60 miles south of Ken closer to Me2. Last report was seven cases in NH.
          Last two days wife and I have been filling in holes in preps. Never saw so many people in BJ’s and a Hannaford Mkt. Carts most all full to overflowing! Wife and I got odd looks because we had so little compared to most.
          Will say most all were polite, girl in Hannaford let us go ahead because we had so little in the cart!
          Went to the farm store,Running’s, to get animal feed and odd supplies. Not busy but more than usual. They will not have chicks till the end of the month, have to go back then.
          Hope this is it, we will do our best to stay home to best of our ability.
          Virus cases here started with a Dr from large hospital Me2 works at,Dr who was in Italy broke quarantine to attend a social event! He infected another man who exposed students at college affiliated with hospital. And so it spreads!

          1. Yep, even rural, it’s on EVERYONE’S minds.

            My hope is that most people will stock up to the extent they feel safe, and then the JIT system will catch up and backfill the channels. We’ll see. The problem though will be as Coronavirus cases continue to go ~ exponential. That’s going to continue to break systems. And continue the panic. Now is certainly the time that preparedness is paying off…

          2. Much the same here in the Monadnock region. As long as there is still no community spread, I feel fairly safe here. Still going to the store, trying not to break into the deep stores until we need to. I am concerned about the DMV worker in Manchester kicking off spread, but that is still pretty far from us here.

  23. I found an interesting fact that might explain why South Korea has done so well with COVID 19 and Italy so poorly and also where the USA MIGHT be Heading into soon.

    “But South Korea is doing fine, with no massive lockdown!”
    Yeah. And they also have 22 hospital beds for every 1000 citizens there.
    Italy has 3.2.
    The U.S. has 2.8.

    I CHECKED his numbers they are correct.

    Look to Italy for our future in about two weeks. That COVID19 only kills a small percentage that GETs into a Hospital bed, what about the ones that DON’T?
    Let me know when the penny drops.

    YOYO is the name of the game friends. Your On Your Own… Pay attention to Just Sayin’s herbals, social distancing, Ole Remus’s “Stay away from crowds”, Self Isolation, SANITATION, Wash your Hands, Wash your Hands, Wash Your Hands….

    Think hard about stripping off outside clothing to laundry and a hand wash-face and hair washing (buzz cut anybody? I have one…) hand wash again and shower BEFORE you touch anything you hold dear like your Wife and kids?

    Place needed shopping outside for some sunshine wouldn’t hurt. Every little bit helps.

    Really HARD to wash that nastiness out of your rugs and couch friends. As someone on this list said “Think of yourself covered in *hit” and act accordingly. A good quality HEPA filter might help.

    ANYTHING that reduces the amount of virus your Immune System has to fight is good.

    We talked SMACK about China having to put people in locked buildings with a cot. Guess what? We might have to also. Italy has Dead People inside their own homes awaiting official burial teams… Empty malls or such *might* become our locked in cot.

    If you have any doubts about that THINK about Katrina and the SUPERDOME situation….

    Pray for our Republic and don’t touch your face with out washing your hands…..

    1. me2,

      indeed s.korea has had no lockdown, they just closed schools. Even their airports are open, they just quarantine you.

      But they DO force everyone to have regular health checks (temp . test – using forehead measure device, then an examination by a doctor, who’s behind a screen, if you are suspicious. If you don’t get tested, then because everyone has an ID card, then they come looking for you.

      Its interesting, there’s a statista link out there showing that their biggest mortality age group is 20-29yo. I guess that’s because there are so many infected at that age, coz they are the most socially interactive age group, partying etc. :)

      They don’t practice social distancing, they just use a mask.

  24. Ken
    After speaking with the nephew this evening the younger generation raised with the JIT system believe we are nuts. He told me they consider me the crazy aunt, which is just fine by me.
    When reality bites them in the butt, guess I will not be so crazy after all! 🤔😆
    Guess 15lbs of hamburger, an chicken will be good for two weeks.

    Why is everyone so wrapped in hording TP. When he is about to have hours cut and end up with on unemployment because of everyone going nuts for the flu. Oh, they are good to go for groceries a two week supply. OhhhKKK.

  25. Any body else see the piece at washington examiner that said admin eyeing shutting down domestic travel?

    Our Lt gov and a house speaker in state legislature are both calling for a shut down of incoming tourist. Definitely unprecedented.
    But its just a flu

  26. Total Recovered

    Total Deaths

    infected as this morning

  27. Well the good news at some point the entire urban regions with in the country will become so over whelmed that maps will not matter any more… Everyone will know to avoid urban areas as the saying goes “avoid them like the plague”

    I wonder when the mass migration out of urban to suburban/rural will begin?

    I already informed my wife if we survive this thing and when things settle down a bit that we need to pickup and get way far away from all humans. I know that is difficult. But hell people suck they are still running around here without any masks or other PPE on… even though the entire area is starting to heat up my map area is starting to gain steam as testing continues. We are self isolating now my primary business is crashing and burning so I have plenty of time on my hands. Secondary and third will not go unscathed either.

  28. News report everyone who had been tested in the county (where we are stuck) for the time being and the county below us. Came back clear & free of Wuhan-NOT the flu. The one man was tested two times an according to the medicals, he is clean.

    After doc’s appt, may go shopping just because the gov said it was ok…(snarkey)
    he is a derrière hole.

  29. Cases popping all over our Sunshine State. 90+ down in the greater Ft. Lauderdale area. Miami just south of them has cases climbing also. Most are dang NY Yankees bringing it from outside or Collage students/stupid’s, many from G**Dang Red China!

    DW took a drive through our little town today. 1/2 mile long line at many drive thru food places.
    Is eating a Big Mac really worth catching this and having your lungs destroyed?

    By the way, according to an M.D. that I heard on Hannity yesterday, the majority of those in the I.C.U.’s in the U.S. with Convid-19are between the ages of 30-50.

    1. – Seminole Wind,

      Sorry it has taken so long to reply to your comment. As far as those in ICU beds, let me put it this way. If I have one bed available and I have three people who need it, one is an otherwise healthy 33-year-old, the second is a diabetic 45-year old with possible liver disease, and the last is 70 years of age with a history of lung cancer and other health problems, who do you think is going to get that one available bed? Sorry, that’s just the way it works.

      Our relatively remote small city where I work in west Texas now has five active cases; we show one on Ken’s map. Now add trying to explain 30 times a day that we cannot test your child unless he meets the criteria the health department people have given us, and even then we have to send you elsewhere for the swab itself, which will in turn be sent to Austin and you might hear a result in 2 – 8 Days.

      Add to that idiot bosses who have decreed that we shouldn’t use our limited PPE until our docs have declared that someone is a probable candidate for testing, so we don’t want to waste it. Don’t even put it on until they are declared a “probable.” Yes, I work for real geniuses. (FWIW, I have already told my immediate boss, “Ain’t Happening”, it’s going on as soon as I hear we have a ‘possible’.) I got no argument from him.

      OTOH, we are being told we will probably not be getting any additional PPE until June, just so you know. What we have on hand, right now, is expected to be ‘it.’

      Yeah, it’s getting to be fun

      – Papa S..

      1. Papa S,

        My prayers are with you (and all our medical warriors) during this stressful and dangerous time. i am blessed to be able to sit in the middle of my rural property and let all the craziness pass me by….you’re right in the middle of it!

        Saw an interesting video referenced in MedCram 38. It’s by an ER Doctor on “How to Use One Ventilator to Save Multiple Lives.” Apparently this technique, tho’ not officially approved, was used during the Las Vegas shooting. Is this something that is common knowledge, or that can help if there is a shortage of ventilators? Sounds like some companies are beginning to make adapters already? (put the usual stuff in front)

        Take care and God Bless!

        1. – FinallyOuttaCA,
          It’s an interesting video, and I would have to say not ‘common knowledge’ among Doctors. The unfortunate part is just the ventilator is not all that is required for an Intensive Care bed. You also have to have physical space, Staff (which is easy to overload) and more and also sometimes different Supplies available with the space to store it where it can be quickly and easily obtained. I have spent several years working Intensive/Coronary Care both as staff and as relief staff, in addition to 8 years in ER. I am now to the far end of my career, and hope to just get through a couple of more months until I can retire. Plus, Retirement keeps looking better and better! I had thought about continuing to work until I just cannot, but I will admit to having second thoughts here recently!
          – Papa

          1. @Papa

            Thanks for checking it out. Very good points about the other items needed as well. I’ve been having a hard time reconciling all the reports of “not nearly enough” vs “we have plenty of” ventilators available.

            I had the sad duty of being the DPOA-HC and Successor Trustee for my best friend, who eventually passed from ARDS in 2014. Saw what it takes in an ICU for that kind of patient and understand how “intensive” the ICU is.

            Don’t think I could do the jobs you do, and sure appreciate those who do! Retirement sounds like a good choice!

  30. It is clear that it is all hands on deck to slow the spread of this virus so the medical system is not overwhelmed any more than it currently is. You know the phrase, lower the curve and lengthen it.

    It is also probable that we can not prevent the spread, no matter how careful we are for the next year. So, going bankrupt taking isolation measures may be a fool’s errand if exposure is likely in the long run.

    I think, this is why so many are ignoring medical advice and saying “just let it rip”

    At this point, arguing over the source of the virus, the increasing number of people exposed, … is not critical. Maybe we will eventually just have to do as other countries have been forced to do, increase cremations and digging trenches.

    But, my thinking has not changed. 98% to 99% will probably survive, some with ongoing health problems. So, my hair is not on fire and I know I may have a virus battle ahead.

    1. Hi again

      The link that I post is not a map..It’s the world wide statistics of the virus.
      Great site..Thank you Ken and all

  31. Had a discussion with our neighbor nurse this evening. She said they still have no positive patients but the other 2 hospitals in the county have some. Odd why they dont, she wonders about the testing and validity.

    She said the hospital has a very limited qty of N95 masks and they were told to only wear them if the patient has tested positive, which makes no sense if you have a patient you are still waiting for the test results to come back. Hospital said to just wear the standard surgical masks over and over since they have limited number of those.

    At the end of the day they throw the surgical masks into a garbage and the hospital is going to try and sanitize them for reuse is possible. Crazy.

    She has 3 N95 masks and reuses them and also covers them with a fresh surgical mask each day. I gave her a box of 10 that I had purchased last month. She needs them more than me right now.


    1. RE: surgical masks, re useable are easy to make… there are several sewing channels that have patterns for free and directions to make.
      . Some hospitals are requesting specific kinds… Several different styles. ..using different material… mostly fine woven cottons , in 6×9, with 3 layers, and a couple of 7″ pc of elastic.One has a design that allows for a pocket to install some type of thin filter… if that filter was saturated with silver solution, and dried- wold give an antiviral layer.. these are reuseable that can be rinsed in disinfectant water , rinsed well, then autoclaved for sterility.

  32. Just Sayin’
    My mom is making masks in Washington. She said Joann Fabric has almost out of elastic, so grab some of that ASAP.
    Thanks for helping out during the crisis.
    I am very gratified to see more people working for the common good and coming together.
    I am hoping that as the virus runs its course that we see much more if it.
    Also hoping that when it truly is over that we do not revert right back to the status quo.
    Peace and sanity to all.

  33. Yea,
    “But its just the flu”
    Wonder how thats working out?
    I have still read that response in local news site comments.
    Our state cut its foot off and completely shut down tourism, unprecedented, these money hungry bureaucrats wouldnt do that for “just the flu” this is something wicked.

  34. Oh come on!….. IT’S JUST THE FLU!!! (not)

    Miami is now close to 1,000 cases. The county that we live near had her first case two weeks ago, now has 65 cases.

    Took a drive to town today (just to run my truck a little) must have been 25 people lined up at an ATM to get some cash.

    I understand that many who can’t take the stress are killing themselves, so sad.

    1. Starting to get a little radioactive in Miami-Dade and Broward (ft. Luaderdale) Counties, Over 4000 for the state as I type…

      Govenor DeSantis wants to have Trump Shutdown all air traffic from the NYC tri state area keep those infested people from flying here on over 100 flights per day landing in our state. DeSantis is Already creating check points to stop N’awlins residents from fleeing their sheet hole urban center and flowing into Florida…

      Why the hell is everyone fleeing to FL? What we need is a good ol’ fashion CAT 4 to rip through the State that should send the roaches back to were they came from.

      1. Cracker, you just cracked the DW and me up LOL!

        I have been worried bout y’all down there. Stay safe and pull a cork or two.

        1. Seminole you stay safe too… We are over 100 in this county, still cant say if we have a hockey stick curve yet (exponential growth). Those counties that I mentioned are starting to spike for sure know exponential growth is well under way for them…

      2. White cracker ,
        Fight or flight response…
        “Move to live…”
        Except that response should of been in January.

    2. Saw the same thing yesterday in my state…….Cars lined up down the highway waiting on the bank drive thru windows/ATMs….The after effects of the virus are growing……The dominoes are all starting to fall……

      1. They have changed all banking to drive thru…appointments for certain things can be made, loans, and other transactions..
        We got our first reported case in my county reported on saturday result came back on friday. (TN, here.)
        ..None in county where DD works at a necessary business. She got travel papers a week ago-she lives 2 miles from job.. areas surrounding large cities are exploding..BOOM is present there… we have been under necessary business-only , personally for 2 months.. state has been under the advisement of avoiding large gathering since the 12th….

  35. Will point out that Italy and Spain have a form of socialized health care. They are not doing well fighting the virus. Italy in the beginning had a ‘let it be go on with your life’ attitude so that did not help. Spain has accused China of selling them faulty test. Assume China has health care for all also.

    1. Mrs U.,

      Use the search engine DuckDuckGo with the search “south-korea-confirmed-and-suspected-coronavirus-cases” (no quotes) and you should get an article on statista about South Korean statistics. It looks like they have it under control there.. keep an eye on it in the next week. The mortality rate there is falling and is now around 2.5% (139/(4528+139)) and falling (as recoveries rise without further deaths).

      I am sure that the problem in both Italy and Spain is the weather conditions. Most of the cases and the deaths are still in the North West (COLD & WET) for Italy, and Spain is wet too at this time of year, having a western sea-board climate (wet & windy in the winter).

      (Italy & Spain were probably not helped by RC communion mass, where they drink wine from a shared around goblet.)

      You can see the same for the US map at the moment. Cold (North) and wet (West/seaboard – New York) areas are suffering the most. Dry (central eastern) and warm (central south) areas are the least affected, excepting anywhere where the air is so cold that it’s completely dry (arctic regions/snow covered mountains).

      Viruses need humidity and cold to help them survive. Same is true from the secondary bacterial chest infections, that is the real killer here. They like it damp and the cold impedes recovery (as the chest can’t dry out). See TB/Pneumonia/Bronchitis for past cures to chest infections before antibiotics were invented.

      1. Chinese tourism and Belt and Road workers caused the outbreak in Italy. And the WuFlu seems to be doing well in warm central south New Orleans.

        1. In some areas where there’s plenty of “social interaction” then there will be plenty of fresh cases. The seriously ill/death rate should be lower due to the warmer climate, but despite the heat, the humidity there is high too.

          Those of you with North European (places where Coronavirus Colds are historically endemic) genetics might find you have some in-built immunity too (too early to tell yet, until we see the final figures for Europe). Remember the damage that the Europeans caused by carrying the Cold Virus to the New World (Aztec peoples etc).

          WARM & DRY folks, that’s the key to to keeping the killer secondary infection bacteria at bay.

    2. Socialized healthcare is not the issue ( and I wish people would stop using it as a boogeyman in healthcare issues all the time). We don’t have it in the States, but rest assured, our healthcare system is crappy as it is-NY, NJ etc is a prime example right now). The issue is that medical products like medicine, face masks things too many to name here, are not produced here in the States where we can control the raw materials, the way and type of production (quality control) as well the manufacturing cost after the research-development time and then trials and field testing including a national stock pile which should be rotated and distributed to the public ( medical, first responders, military ). An example: city of 100 000 people has only 5 hospitals with a total of a 1000 beds plus staff ( normal conditions ). Imagine 50 percent got sick and is dying ( Bergamo-Italy has the situation), how can you provide care for 50 000 people being really sick in your city? You can’t, because at that point it is irrelevant what kind of care you have, private a la American, or European. No system anywhere on the planet is fully prepared for a pandemic. Mrs. U, this is not an attack on you, but I have lived on both continents, half my life each, under each healthcare system. I do have a different perspective having lived on both sides of the pond, paying taxes. We should all work together, instead pointing fingers and trying to look for who or what to pick as a scapegoat. I guess I am just venting too, like you.

      1. Tx inEP,
        I have not lived on both sides of the pond.
        Observing that the initial countries have a socialized medicine is not the issue.
        The ISSUE is: the policy and first response, of each country that has made the difference. addition to the response and attitude of the people. The Chinese did comply with some horrific lockdowns…and they welded doors to complexes shut..people inside without sufficient supplies to feed themselves. Dr.(s) warned what was happening and many medical personnel sickened and died.
        The rest of the world was given a warning and some decided to HEED that warning, taking it serious. and some have not. Those that do not consider it serious will end up being sicker…stressing our respective healthcare systems. Counties that are heavy in elderly and fewer people who ravel have lower incidence.
        People who made the news… the Marti Gras, the beach goers in Florida..Now look who is getting sick.. Here in Tn primary ages are 19-30…Memphis, Nashville. main centers of disease /cases. Other countries did equally stupid things that increased their spread…
        Until treatment is available for everyone.. flu symptoms= just GIVE the cocktail. . No not vaccines. those are a year out. the drugs are being used with fantastic success. now to get them widely used, for those not allergic to mycins.. the full cocktail…..interview Of Doc by Rudy gilliani(sp?)699 treatments, no deaths. treated with first diagnosis. Dr said trick to prevent death is to do as early as possible. includes quinine used since WWI, for malaria already, z pack for secondary lung infection and zinc.. entire course runs 20$.. so drug company can not make big profit on it…. so the powers that were are dragging their feet.on this.

        1. Just Sayin’

          I agree with you to what you said. It is people not heeding the warnings when this came out first in the news. Common sense should have kicked in. And I agree that the malaria treatment is much better in treating this virus. Another issue I have with people is having a lack of personal hygiene when it comes to cross-contamination. That is a huge factor in preventing spreading diseases. We should not be told to wash hands on every media site, this should be a given. As to the drug companies, I would not be surprised that they sat and salivated about how many of our freedom bucks they can make, which I think is a inhumane thought to make money out of peoples misery. I hope each country will learn from this ( ours included ) and be better prepared for the next round ( there always will be next rounds ).

  36. Let’s work on keeping safe and positive.
    The virus is an envelope virus. That means that it has a kind of fat layer around it. It’s not a real strong virus and can be killed by destroying the fat layer. Yes, soap and water or use the next best thing, a hand sanitizer. ( I’m currently using 91% rubbing alcohol with a small bit of aloe vera gel to increase the dwell time.)
    The primary mode of transmission is when we touch a surface others have touched and then touch the face and the virus comes in contact with a mucus membrane like the mouth area, nose, and eyes.
    So when we go out, we end up having to touch places where others have touched. Use that hand sanitizer. You can touch thing with, say your elbow. Be creative. If you use gloves treat them like your hands. The most important use of a mask is to keep you from touching your face.

    1. Paleo,

      Its true that Coronaviruses have some lipid (fat) material in their outer coat, but not all detergents will destroy that easily, so don’t rely on detergents alone. The hot water will have more effect.

      The lipid was stolen from your cell’s walls, along with some of your cell’s walls proteins and the viruses proteins are tightly dispersed in amongst that material. But essentially, it’s still mainly protein in the outer coating, though what the virus picked up does give it camouflage to hide from your body’s protection mechanisms.

      Your alcohol rub will work well, even had gel with alcohol as low as 25% should also be able to cause that lipid/protein coat to become unstable.

      Hot water (tap heat – not scolding) for your body is the cheapest/easiest way, a little soap won’t hurt. Also, scolding of utensils and surfaces is easy, just wear rubber gloves and dip a sponge lightly in boiling water then wipe and repeat, a little detergent will help the water spread easy on a work.

      Masks are essential and are a no worse than social distancing itself, so wear one if you are out where there are people. If you don’t have a mask, a piece of old bed sheet material folded in 2 and sewn into a mask will do. A little elasticated band is best to help keep it on, but cords will do. I made a few masks for all the family with a sewing machine in about an hour.

  37. People fleeing from a plague is as old as history. New York and New Orleans are two areas that people are fleeing from now. They are running away from danger (they think) but are furthering the spread of the virus. Where do they run to? Areas they think are safe, more rural areas perhaps. The point is they are the current vector for the virus and are on the verge of panic. As most know a panicked person is not rational and can be dangerous in other ways.

    A lock down of your homestead may be boring to some but the best that can be done at present. I am planting the largest garden I have in years. It will pay off even if the virus goes away tomorrow.

  38. Good morning , update from Charlotte county Florida.
    We are doing much better than counties north or south of us.
    With only 16 cases in our county,
    Several were from travel into the state.
    In general people are staying in,the general public is staying home. Not to many people out and about.
    In the last two weeks we went from 2-16, 100% recovery rate at this time. We do have a high percentage of older population.
    Be careful, stay home and we will beat this.

  39. When they close beaches, marinas, launching ramps, to keep people away from the freshest and cleanest air available, it’s not about safety – it’s about Control !
    Of course it’s not called Marshall Law. The new term is Shelter in Place.
    The privileged minority (richest) who have places on the water, are beachgoing, swimming, boating with impunity. This is out of Revelations, with one of the Four Horsemen proclaiming the food shortages and stating “bother not the oil and the wine”, meaning those of privilege can still get what they want.
    How long can this go on ?

  40. And the Police, who are supposedly there to”Serve and Protect” – it is these Privileged Few, who are being served and protected.
    (From the rest of us.)

  41. FEMA has ordered 100,000 body bags…

    The Defense Department is working to provide 100,000 body bags to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a Pentagon spokesman confirmed Thursday, as the country braces for what President Trump has said will be a “rough” and “painful” two-week period in the coronavirus pandemic.

    FEMA requested the body bags from the Pentagon’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). Lt. Col. Mike Andrews, a Defense Department spokesman, said the department and the DLA “have a longstanding arrangement with FEMA to procure key commodities from DLA’s industrial partners during crisis response operations.”

    “DLA is currently responding to FEMA’s prudent planning efforts for 100,000 pouches to address mortuary contingencies on behalf of state health agencies,” he said in a statement. The request was first reported by Bloomberg News.

    Source: CBS News dot com

  42. My hair is catching on fire regarding the economy more than the virus

    “According to CDC: 0.2% to 1.8% of All US Deaths Since February are Confirmed or Presumed to be Due to COVID-19 — And They Want to Destroy Economy Over This?”

    I have faith in the ability of the citizens of this country to rally against most enemies except the globalists, corrupt politicians, and China’s determination to rule the entire world.

  43. An interesting analysis of the Coronavirus data 10 days or so ago show us why cities like “New York” are going to top the infection and death statistcis.

    Do a DuckDuckGo search for “coronavirus cases per size of population” (no quotes) and you should see a forbes article on population adjusted figures. Drop down to 2nd proper graph there and take a look at who is really getting infected the most, given population size.

    I must say here though that the method used to display this data stop us from seeing the who data and only allows us to see the early part of each countries Coronavirus rise. They should perhaps have put all the value down according to a simple date format, as most of us can compare data like this for differing START UP dates.

    So as you can see, those countries using “face masks” as a general health control feature are getting the CoronaVirus 2019 under control a lot quicker that those countries (China & S. Korea) where there is no mask wearing at at except for medical staff (Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany).

    At home here I’ve plotted this data on for to today and the difference is VERY stark, especially if you add the mask wearing countries like Japan, Taiwan, Philippines and compare them with countries that introduced “Social Distancing” like France, Italy, Germany and the UK (where the National Health Service specifically told the public that masks did not work and are now paying a heavy price in deaths for this bad advice) or those where there is/was no protection at all (UK/Italy/France early on).

    THERE IS STRONG EVIDENCE here that masks ARE definitely HIGHLY protective. My advice is for a call to St. John Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center to do this direct comparison, and to update their data and widely publish it. This is VITAL to stopping the Coronavirus.

    As I used to tell everyone in early February, “2.5 billion Orientals can be wrong ! So wear a mask !”

  44. – My little community, (>1000 people) now houses 5 tested positive for Covid-19. At the moment, that is also the count for the entire county. And yes, I know all but one of those.

    The small city where I work is now over 70, and we have had 4 deaths that I know of. So the Wu-Flu has definitely made its way to us. The city is on lockdown, the small town it has been “recommended”, but the mayor is deferring to the Judge, who is looking at the medium sized community in his county being the only one in any trouble.

    The larger and the smallest towns in his county still have no cases, but I do know he is thinking about locking the county down. Haven’t really been out and about recently, but am not hearing a lot about shortages other than paper goods are still not recovering.

    That’s it for west Texas right now.

    – Papa S.

    1. – Oh, and as far as gardening, we had still another light freeze last night.
      – Papa

    2. Papa,

      Covid-19 is now on nearly all wards of our hospitals, including the maternity & baby care wards. Most nurse & doctors on those wards have had no protection, only a few “at risk” ones have even been given masks.

      As my keen gardener father would jokingly say before he passed, “When there’s a Nip in the air, looks for ZEROs” (hint ‘C).

  45. And now my family does not think I am crazy for prepping…………… more jokes. I think I am being appreciated now! haha……….

    1. Texasgirl again;
      Nooooo, just let the family keep on thinking yar crazy…..
      Not sure about most, but “crazy” is a comfortable place for me HAHAHAHA

  46. NRP, I think they do feel I am still a little on the crazy side! hahahahahaha…………and that’s ok……I am a redneck Texasgirl after all……

  47. So, the public was really spun up and the result is a crashing economy that may kill way more than the virus. Made for good TV and traffic on doomsday web sights.

    “HOST: Are throwing those kind of numbers out actually helpful because what they do is scare the hell out of everyone to social distance? Is that the purpose?

    DR. REDFIELD: I think different people may look at it in different ways in terms of transparency. CDC had models early on. We didn’t really publicize the models. We used them internally to understand deviation strategies. I think part of the importance of getting the American public’s attention that these models did, we really need the American public to be fully engaged now with great rigor and vigilance on the social distancing. As you pointed out, those models that were done, they assume only about 50 percent of the American public would pay attention to the recommendations. In fact, what we’re seeing is a large majority of the American public are taking the social distancing recommendations to heart. And I think that’s the direct consequence of why you’re seeing the numbers are going to be much, much, much lower than would have been predicted by the models.”

    We will pay a steep price for being panicked into more than taking good precautions on distancing and PPE.

  48. Well this evening I was flipping through our channels and saw this crap on the following channels.

    SYFY, USA, BRAVO & E (entertainment channel). They all had a celebrity complication praising the healthcare workers. Which I completely agree with all the time even when we don’t have a pandemic!!

    But when looking into it more what they preached was: ” ONE WORLD TOGETHER AT HOME” they also had this constantly on the screen “GLOBAL CITIZEN”.

    The description of the show stated: ” A Global Entertainment Special to Celebrate the Heroic Efforts of Community Health Workers and Support the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION and the Global Fight to end Covid19.”

    Is it me or is this more propaganda BS for the (failed, communist) WHO!! All of vids showed regular sheep and a bunch of celebrities. This whole thing is way bigger than the Kung Flu!!! But I’m sure you all already know this.

    Btw I switched channels and watched Talledega Nights. Funny every time I watch it.


  49. I posted a link to a video I saw this morning but not sure if it went through or it’s in the spam folder. No biggie. Go to weasel zipper or zh to see the video.

    It’s with 2 drs from Kern county CA, addressing the media with data/science and the reason we need to reopen. I thought it was pretty interesting. The first video is about 50 min and the second about 12.


  50. Walla Walla is apparently a new area of concern, and for an odd reason

    A New Source of Coronavirus Spread: ‘Covid-19 Parties’

    wonder if too much lead in the water has anything to do with their fuddled thinking..

    In Walla Walla, the state map’s data shows a Level 10 — the highest risk on the scale — in a core area stretching from Country Club Road to the Washington State Penitentiary. It includes many of the older homes in the city.

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