Listen. There’s something very bad going on. Right now. In China.

Yes, this is my opinion, and that of MANY others. Based on what has leaked out from China especially earlier. Dribs and drabs of information has come through since, but not much. The communist government of China has shut down most real (on-the-ground) information leakage from that country. And in fact, Big Tech to an extent has been suppressing information as well.

But let me tell you something. I’ve researched this much more deeply than most others among the masses. I’ve read many, many reports and articles. And I’ve seen many videos. What’s happening in China is a major world health implication. It is a major human disaster, and the information we’re getting from their government is orders of magnitude less than apparent reality there.

There is no putting this back into the bottle. It’s out. And it’s a nightmare.

I have a new report, inside information from “on the ground” to share with you, thanks to one of our MSB readers…


Why the mainstream news is not talking more about COVID-19

They have been talking about it more, just of late. But not to any extent whatsoever of challenging so called “official” numbers from China, or addressing any of the reports, tweets, videos, and other information that has leaked out of that country. Nothing. It’s all quiet from our mainstream reporters in this regard.

Why? I can tell you exactly why. And if you ignore this, it will be at your own peril.

Again, this is my opinion. Based on information that I have seen, read, and heard. But this is why COVID-19 coronavirus is being suppressed in the media, by our own government, and by Big Tech controllers:


They CANNOT stop it. The R-naught (R0) is WAY TOO HIGH.

They know it. They are doing their best to manage the public. Putting off panic. Shortages. Disruption. Putting off market meltdown. Delaying the inevitable. Managing the release of information.

If you don’t hear that tree fall in the woods, then as far as you know, no tree fell in the woods. If they can blow the smoke from the fire another direction, then you won’t smell it. So as far as you know, there’s no fire. That’s what they are doing. Managing the breakdown.

Likely A BioWeapon

I believe the likelihood is high that COVID-19 is a bioweapon based on several seemingly scientifically legit and logical reports that I’ve read. Whether released by accident or on-purpose, obviously I do not know. One could support logical rationality for either.

Unless it is targeted at specific ethnicity (still a big question), it WILL infect the entire world. Humankind has NEVER seen this before. Our bodies immune systems have NEVER fought against it. There is NO CURE. It is VERY HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS. IT IS VERY DEADLY.

Try to wrap your head around what the government in China has done, and is doing. Quarantined hundreds of millions of people! Production in China is essentially SHUT DOWN. The R0 is so high, that even this will not stop it. But it’s all they can do.

Actions speak WAY LOUDER than words. Don’t believe the numbers from the “officials”. Do believe what is actually happening there (if you can find out).

This thing is so ridiculously bad, that not only might a person be shedding COVID-19 coronavirus to others for up to 24 days asymptomatic (yes, up to 24 days in some cases!), but listen to this… There are many reports that some of those who have seemingly semi-recovered from the virus, are being hit a second time! This time shutting down their organs and/or heart! A double-whammy.

Okay, enough of my “alarmist talk”. But is it really? I don’t believe so. It’s deadly serious.

A reader here on Modern Survival Blog posted the following inside information, today… I’m not identifying who it is, unless he wishes to do so himself. It’s someone I trust.

It is 100, or More Times Worse

Was having a rather (VERY) serious conversation with my Brother. His wife is Korean, rather well-to-do in SK. Brother is a Minister, they just spent 10 years in a Church/Ministry near the NK border.

Being in the Church there, one becomes very aware and informed from many other areas and Countries aka China. He tells me they know somewhere around 15 other Ministers in China, meaning they are well connected and the info is well trusted.

Brother had a conversation with one of these ministers this past weekend….

“Do NOT believe a single word coming out of China as far as how ‘bad’ this is, it is 100, or more, times worse”.

He went on to tell me there were literally people being locked up and tossed in jail for not wearing a Mask, or being out just trying to find food and water.

YES, just trying to find Food and Water…. Let that sink in….
Nobody is working, or traveling about.

There is zero help from the .gov there; all they are doing is keeping everyone in “Lock Down”. No services at all,

People are dying by the hundreds/thousands every day

Basically there is no escaping the infection.

This Chinese Minister fully expected to be dead within 2 months “at best” because of this Pandemic. In his area he fully expected that more than 80%-90% will die from this. We’re talking thousands and thousands of people, with ZERO help coming from anywhere. BTW, this Minister is in one of the “smaller” towns not directly in the HUGE cities.

When talking with Brother, I could hear it in his voice, the words of complete loss, knowing that a LOT of his friends and fellow Ministers will be gone within 6 months.

Anyone reading this, My brother is a very Honorable Man. I trust his words when he talks of what’s going on inside China AND North Korea.

So why am I telling y-‘all this? Honestly I’m not absolutely sure, for I know there will be those that think I’m full of crap and just telling a story, others may heed the words, and maybe just maybe ‘ONE’ person will start making plans to ride out this current disaster.

I pray this Pandemic does not take hold here in the US and the rest of the world, I’m NOT betting the Farm on that. I fear this is just starting. BTW, has anyone noticed the MSM and News are reporting more and more on this?

As someone I know often says “Up to You”, make your own decisions, prepare for this Pandemic, or maybe the next one OR just keep your head stuck in the sand and playing with your Smart Phone

Up to You.

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[Ken adds: I wish I could come up with a logical reasonable explanation as to why we don’t need to be highly concerned about this. What we are being told does not match with actions being taken, and on-the-ground reports of what is apparently happening. Something is highly amiss.]