food shortages

It feels surreal to be writing this. But it’s happening. Food shortages in America. And it’s going to get worse.

I just wrote about the possibility of upcoming major food shortages (beyond what we are seeing today). Not surprisingly there are even more reports of shutdowns within the food production / processing industry. People are getting sick with COVID-19 and plants are closing down as a result.

I’m not going to rehash what I said the other day, “Severe Food Shortages in Weeks | Leaked FEMA Document”. However I do want to bring up something for you to think about as it relates to this…

People Are Going To Revolt When Food Runs Much Lower

There will be trigger thresholds. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s going to be a bit different for everyone. But, there’s a certain point when a person will see those mostly empty shelves where lots of food is supposed to be — and they’re going to be triggered.

It has already happened. Many weeks ago. That’s when all the TP and anything related to “disinfecting” vanished from shelves. Then, they hit the pastas. Next it was the flour. Rice, beans. Then much more…

It didn’t happen everywhere at first. But I suspect that it’s almost everywhere by now.

But now, we’re looking at more closings at processing plants. Meats. Massive distribution warehouses are getting very low according to some inside reports.

At what point will people freak out?

People got “a little” bit accustomed to empty TP aisles, and other products that were initially hit. That was apparently just round-1. Looks like we might be getting a round-2, and it may look a lot worse…

What will they do?

Panic — even more than before… which will make the problem that much worse – as they buy up anything in sight.

If and when it really starts to sink in that we as a nation are in really big trouble with major food supply problems, watch out…

When people get hungry, it’s going to get crazy

Most Americans are used to getting what they want. It has been a very bumpy road the past month or so. They are going to get much angrier as this drags on.

Blame — there needs to be someone or some entity to blame. Who will they blame? Well, there’s the Wuhan virus itself. But that’s invisible. Difficult to vent blame onto.

And I suspect that most of the general public are incapable of comprehending that COVID-19 may likely be a bio-weapon (and the blame and follow-on ramifications thereof)…

For starters, many will probably Trump (a sitting President typically gets blamed for bad times). You name it. They will look for a target. Maybe they’ll blame YOU because you’re prepared and they were not.

Will there be Revolt? Food Riots?

Maybe in some of the heavily populated areas. Will it spread? Maybe. Depends how bad the shortages get. That is it really — how bad it “might” get (further severity of food shortages). And that’s what I want you to think about. “What if”. And to further your own preparedness (including your security as it gets “real”).

People will demand an end to this

At some point, people in general are going to reach their trigger thresholds with all this. Food shortages. Massive job loss. Loss of income to pay bills. Continued lock downs. We as a nation are essentially sheltering in place. Food’s getting more scarce. The systems are breaking.

I don’t have the answers to this unprecedented situation. But I do have a bad feeling about where this is all going. Will people begin to revolt as supplies dwindle further while effectively being locked in their homes via orders from their governments?

What do you think?

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