People Will Revolt When Food Levels Drop Below Trigger Thresholds

food shortages

It feels surreal to be writing this. But it’s happening. Food shortages in America. And it’s going to get worse.

I just wrote about the possibility of upcoming major food shortages (beyond what we are seeing today). Not surprisingly there are even more reports of shutdowns within the food production / processing industry. People are getting sick with COVID-19 and plants are closing down as a result.

I’m not going to rehash what I said the other day, “Severe Food Shortages in Weeks | Leaked FEMA Document”. However I do want to bring up something for you to think about as it relates to this…

People Are Going To Revolt When Food Runs Much Lower

There will be trigger thresholds. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s going to be a bit different for everyone. But, there’s a certain point when a person will see those mostly empty shelves where lots of food is supposed to be — and they’re going to be triggered.

It has already happened. Many weeks ago. That’s when all the TP and anything related to “disinfecting” vanished from shelves. Then, they hit the pastas. Next it was the flour. Rice, beans. Then much more…

It didn’t happen everywhere at first. But I suspect that it’s almost everywhere by now.

But now, we’re looking at more closings at processing plants. Meats. Massive distribution warehouses are getting very low according to some inside reports.

At what point will people freak out?

People got “a little” bit accustomed to empty TP aisles, and other products that were initially hit. That was apparently just round-1. Looks like we might be getting a round-2, and it may look a lot worse…

What will they do?

Panic — even more than before… which will make the problem that much worse – as they buy up anything in sight.

If and when it really starts to sink in that we as a nation are in really big trouble with major food supply problems, watch out…

When people get hungry, it’s going to get crazy

Most Americans are used to getting what they want. It has been a very bumpy road the past month or so. They are going to get much angrier as this drags on.

Blame — there needs to be someone or some entity to blame. Who will they blame? Well, there’s the Wuhan virus itself. But that’s invisible. Difficult to vent blame onto.

And I suspect that most of the general public are incapable of comprehending that COVID-19 may likely be a bio-weapon (and the blame and follow-on ramifications thereof)…

For starters, many will probably Trump (a sitting President typically gets blamed for bad times). You name it. They will look for a target. Maybe they’ll blame YOU because you’re prepared and they were not.

Will there be Revolt? Food Riots?

Maybe in some of the heavily populated areas. Will it spread? Maybe. Depends how bad the shortages get. That is it really — how bad it “might” get (further severity of food shortages). And that’s what I want you to think about. “What if”. And to further your own preparedness (including your security as it gets “real”).

People will demand an end to this

At some point, people in general are going to reach their trigger thresholds with all this. Food shortages. Massive job loss. Loss of income to pay bills. Continued lock downs. We as a nation are essentially sheltering in place. Food’s getting more scarce. The systems are breaking.

I don’t have the answers to this unprecedented situation. But I do have a bad feeling about where this is all going. Will people begin to revolt as supplies dwindle further while effectively being locked in their homes via orders from their governments?

What do you think?

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As long as the masses are able to get a weeks supply of food, we will not have riots, but when the colas, and chips, the frozen foods, and koolaid are not available….that is why…military is called be used to pass care packages (canned goods?, and pasta). .to keep order and to stop some of the gangs from creating havoc.

“ CHICAGO—Smithfield Foods Inc, the world’s biggest pork processor, said on Thursday it is temporarily closing a plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, because of the CCP virus, the latest disruption to the U.S. food supply chain from the outbreak. The company will suspend operations in a large section of the pork plant on April 11 and completely shutter it on April 12 and April 13, after employees tested positive for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus, according to a statement. The plant has a total of 3,700 workers, Smithfield said. It supplies nearly 130 million servings of food per week, or about 18 million servings per day, in the United States, according to the company, which is owned by China’s WH Group Ltd. Tyson Foods Inc said on Monday it closed a pork plant in Columbus Junction, Iowa, after more than 24 cases of COVID-19 involving employees at the facility. U.S. beef plants run by JBS USA and National Beef Packing Company have also shut.“ -epoch times

Thank you, WV, for this post. I have been following the plant closures and had not yet seen this story. The number of closures is growing, a few more each week. Scary.

Buy ammo !

Our dictator governor (notice lower case) has closed all gun stores and the big box stores are 100% wiped.
Good times are a here my friends.
AND Blue is pizzed, he’s worried about hunting season.

You guys haven’t even broken 1k yet… at least reported infections…. who know what the real numbers are.

You know what makes me feel good… Got dem berries on your cedars yet? heard they are good for flavoring Gin… 😉

yep, steel and brass taste so good.
Powder ? looks kinda like pepper I guess, from a distance.

People on this site should have a clue, “should” have at the
minimum basics.

Panic anything is stupid, no reason other than ignorance.

Yes panic is stupid,costly, painful,disastrous, sometimes deadly and does nothing but put a person in a very precarious and uncomfortable position. To step back from a panic level is to get some breathing room to make a sensible decision to get you closer to safety.
I have been there a time or two and because of prior training avoided making a decision in a panic mode.
We are in or approaching uncharted waters ,perilous times if you will. Definitely not a time to be in a panic frame of mind.

Almost too late for that 9mm 357 38 556 762×39 out of stock locally.

Too late for ammo… When the TP went, the ammo was next..

Speaking of ammo, a good friend, avid hunter, and weekend resident on the mountain, rode his ATV over to my place a couple of days ago. Seems he went buy ammo for his favorite big game rife, a .280 Remington (aka 7 mm Remington Express) and found that there was none to be had. He has bugged out to his 80 acres and a cabin about a mile from my place.

MidwayUSA had one set of dies left. I ordered them and 100 Nosler Partition bullets. Should be in next week, hopefully, as they said the rush on ammo and components are causing up to a 2 week delay, even for what they have in stock. No longer taking back orders.

I’ll load them up for him, using his brass, my powder and primers, as soon as the dies and bullets get here.

I imagine I will be getting lots of requests in the future. Not worried, these folks who would ask for ammo, or reloading services, will keep me well supplied with processed game in return.

He opined that he hasn’t been hearing me performing my therapy as much as in the past, only a few dozen rounds a day. Said he figured I was saving for live targets. I didn’t tell him any different.

And besides Tysons, I know Smithfield Foods is owned by China. How many others do they own? Not good. No wonder Kissenger was confident-sounding regarding comments he’s made regarding food shortages will break the will of Americans and we’ll welcome the UN and camps to be saved.

Smithfield Foods is a Chinese owned company by the way…


Whiskey already covered that, unless it was rhetorical!!!

Iowa is a state where no one is under a stay-at-home order. If it is not important to stay at home, it is not important to them to follow the rules to prevent the virus from spreading.

They are also ordering dairy farmers to dump milk ( because plants are shutting down because of the virus.

Didn’t the Chinese buy Smithfield a few years ago?

Sorry, it is stated in the article.

It’s not just supplies that may be scarce, it is the money and credit maxed out to buy anything.

Already there are runs on many items in the stores, so what they can’t pay for, they steal. They can do that in California and other liberal states without prosecution under a certain amount of value.

As Ken has reported here, most people live hand to mouth, and without jobs, they are depending on that government relief check to come in–some will be deposited in their account next week, but two weeks before mailed checks come….

But I have faith that people who have will help the have-nots. Already there has been overwhelming response to feed the needy around the country, but I suppose someone will steal a delivery truck loaded with TP because I don’t see that relief coming. 😉

With all of the changes that people have been forced to deal with, I am sure that many are short-tempered and angry. Routines have been busted, jobs lost, plans destroyed, kids home to be taught/helped by “someone”, etc. Heck, even people having affairs won’t easily be able to sneak around these days. ROFL! My guess is that typical family dynamics are probably testing quite a few at this point and unless a family has a yard, their house with 4 walls & Netflix running 24/7 won’t be entertaining for long.

Personally, we won’t be off the property unless necessary. We certainly wouldn’t consider shopping in the dark, or dusk/dawn. Our gates stay locked, as do our house doors. Two doors have had auto-locks installed to prevent a mishap with an unlocked door (one of my husband’s worst habits is to forget to lock the door). In the not-to-distant-future, a call to 911 may not be answered and police may not respond.

I don’t know what our stores are like but the last time we ventured out, the traffic seemed fairly normal. I don’t think people are buying Gov Blackface’s orders. If those orders are enforced, the game will change.

SECURITY: We have been hardening our back porch — it was much to ‘easy’ to access our French doors leading into our kitchen. So we are enclosing the back porch and are nearly finished with walls. We’ve added a locked and bolted entrance door, using the long bolts to secure the door frame. This adds another ‘layer’ onto the back of our home, and it’s a welcome ‘layer.’

Two more security lights have been installed. One of our generators is now in the house.

FOOD: We plan to venture out soon to try and replace what we have been consuming (minus the FD/DH foods). If possible, we will try to add a few items, too.

GAS: Tomorrow all vehicles get topped off and we’ll fill a few gas cans that have been used recently for chores around here.

Concerns about the future continue. Added worries include the possibility that “cured” patients carry no antibodies and can be reinfected, or relapse. The basic coronavirus gives no antibodies due to the variability of the virus, so this isn’t too surprising. And of course, COVID could also have been engineered to perform this way, too. Scientists in South Korea are studying this problem and have 51 patients who have either relapsed or gotten a second COVID infection. This scenario might dictate a mandatory vaccine program (which makes no sense if the virus is rapidly evolving), but Bill Gates has his Master Plan…

Modern Throwback,
I see the news reports that those couples and families that don’t get along in this stay at home rule are at each other’s throats. Domestic violence is way up since the lockdown! So you got it right, especially those who have affairs, LOL.

Can you imagine TV news and ads in the 1950’s,1960’s or even 1970’s to educate parents on how to “entertain’ their child? What the Heck. No wonder we are I deep poo poo. Sad really. Very sad for humanity.

Mrs. U;
I do remember the way My Parents would entertain us….
1. When chores and School Homework was done, ya got to eat dinner and a little TV after you cleaned up your dinner plates.
2. On the weekends again once chores were done you got the “Be home before total dark for dinner, and wash your feet off. “I know your going creek stomping for crawdads”
3. Ok everyone time for a board game or two

NRP, ya have right. Neighborhoods were a bit more safe then. Used to ride my bike everywhere I wasn’t supposed to!

I’ve watched people live beyond their means for years not expecting it to ever get to this point . We’ve seen a large influx of southern michigan people come north feeling its safer up here . They flock to our little stores like locust’s buying everything in sight . They cant understand why our stores cant keep up . I dont know where this will go but its sure going to be interesting when they find out the locals have no pity for them .

Trapper, your attitude is what these vacationer-type “transplants” never figure on. They believe that they can just move on in and people will accommodate them. This is why having bugout locations can be tricky. (“Could you chop my wood?”) ;-)

I feel the same as you, though it isn’t a vacationer-type here, it’s the suburbanites who move to the country but want HOA/city regulations to control us locals. LOL No pity parties at our place either…

LOL most have summer cabins with little or no heat , hey its still winter lol in fact we had snow squalls today . One place down the road has a little wood stove like you see in a tent , but no wood so they took their neighbors camp fire wood lol now mind you its been stacked between two trees all winter , it would be good for skeeter smudges lol

Trapper, that is so low of them to do. Not surprising though.
“What’s yours is mine. And what’s mine is mine.”
I hope they get eaten alive this Summer.

It’s unbelievable that it’s coming to this in the United States of America. We are about to find out what people are capable of when their children are hungry. Luckily, we are fairly rural here, with good neighbors and a plan in place. I am essential, so I’ll continue to keep working until it gets dangerous here. I’ll continue to keep getting fresh and perishables until we lock it down. I think the Chinese virus is going to be the second most urgent threat if food shortages materialize. Keep calm and carry on until then.

– I’ve added another $30 worth of seeds, not for this year, but the year after next. TP is still in short supply around the area, and I have only been in about two stores so far this past week. Meat is available, eggs are available although prices are up, water can be had but not more than two cases at a time. Both stores had pasta, rice, lentils and pinto beans. Bananas, well, they’re pretty green, but available in plenty. Lots of fresh veggies at the moment. And that’s it for west Texas.
– Papa S.

– Oh, milk is available, just a little limited.
– Papa

Thought I might buy additional seeds, too, for next year.
I’m only starting but at seedsavers, this was the message:
We are temporarily not accepting new orders.

Due to a sharp increase in seed orders, we are not accepting new orders at this time. We are still shipping previously placed orders and will open ordering back up again once we catch up. For a local source of Seed Savers Exchange seeds, please visit one of our Seed Rack partners near you.

Baker Seeds (another heirloom seed business)

Due to an unprecedented increase in order volume our website and farm are temporarily closed to restock inventory and disinfect our workspace. We have scaled back our operations and staffing to ensure the health and well-being of our employees, our customers, and the community at large. We understand that during these trying times food security is more valuable than ever. Our remaining crew here on our Mansfield, Mo. farm is diligently working to deliver your orders and restock the shelves. We will be back online as soon as possible!

And the big, MacDaddy, Burpee Seeds isn’t taking new orders until April 15 because of high volume.

– MT,
Try Tractor Supply, local feed stores, even smaller grocery stores and chains. I got the majority at a local feed store, where I could buy things like a quarter-pound of carrot seed. Hopefully this will be a prep I won’t be praying will get me and my family through tough times, but I’d much sooner have it and not need it than otherwise. It’s cheap insurance, anyway. This gives me enough seed to plant for a third year if I should have a garden fail.
– Papa

We are going out for gas today and will check Southern States.
I am a seed saver but get a kick out of new tomatoes so I always order a few unheard of varieties. What I will get for next year’s seed bank will just be extras of what we grow, just in case.
I think we may open up our Garden #3 this year and simply broadcast kale for a late crop to overwinter. I have just about enough to do that, but if there’s a crop failure, would be depleted. I’ll be getting a 1/2 pound of kale today if they have it. Did I mention we love kale? lol

Seed Treasures are still selling seed. They don’t have as many varieties as the larger seed companies but they are all open-pollinated and non-gmo. I have bought from them previously and they are good quality. Mail order only.

Had a lady send me a text yesterday “just checking in”
They couldnt find garden seeds
A little late to learn how to garden!
Whats better is they have a big fenced terraced garden plot, couple thousand sf, and theres 6 adults and one kid there.
Last i saw, garden was completely overgrown again,
People like that will all starve

not if we got 3 or 4 years worth of food stored, and enough assets to trade for damn near anything we need! i aint growin’ nuthin’. i might not “get through this”, but it won’t be from starving! i just hope my food for 4, for 3 years, doesn’t turn into food for 50 for a month….with me not being invited to the party…..

Big difference between you n them bro,,,
They got maybe a few weeks at best, my bet is not even that,
You on the other hand, well, ya know.
Im of the same mind though, hope that stash of food doesnt have to feed a whole bunch of unintended recipients, it most likely will, but am hopefulnot


Done the same with the seeds. Slowly building up a small stockpile. Before everything got real bad was picking up a few packets every week. The way there’s been a run on everything I’m a little surprised the seeds at our Wally World were as well stocked as they have been

Because all these meat processing plant closures have been rolled out one at a time, reading a single story may not mean much to the average head-in-the-sand person. But it’s going to add up as the closures continue.

I just read an article on the Star Tribune out of Minn/St Paul about the huge Smithfield closure that WV posted. They are saying it’s a 3-day closure, and not likely to affect meat supplies. But, then you read on about other plant closures, employees getting sick in large numbers, and even a shop steward —(among others) who have already died. I don’t know what would change in 3 days to allow the Smithfield plant to re-open. I haven’t bought Smithfield or other brands since their ownership went to we-all-know-where, but it’s another instance of product that will be interrupted at retailers.

I find this trend highly concerning. As Ken wrote about the other day, if employees in food processing facilities can’t get protective gear, and they are already falling ill in large numbers… it seems inevitable there will be supply disruptions. And the worse the disruptions, the more frenzied people will get… and the panic will set in. How long do we have until we get to that point?

Think exponential. For want of a nail.

Not to mention when the truckers start calling out sick. Now you have less people to deliver a smaller amount of product. Things could escalate quickly.

When will people revolt? Soon I think ! Like just saying said when the masses can no longer buy a decent week’s worth of food, largely comfort, easy food they will get violent. Majority of sheeple still have no idea what to do or how to make a meal out of beans and rice. They soon will try to take what others have.Then there will be more casualties caused by covid 19.Everything were seeing will get exponentially worse. I haven’t shopped for a month, but maybe I’ll go tomorrow masked up and packin,and see what I can load up on 1last time.Stay well all.

I would mention to all again see if you can call in an order to your local store owners. I would stay out of the wally worlds and cost cows at this point. The last time I went to one it was full of coughing seniors… My skin started to crawl… Try and find places where you can order online or by phone and then pick up outside. Pay with your credit card over the phone.

There are places like restaurant supply stores that sell bulk staples Gordon foods, Restaurant Depot etc.. These place still have a good stock in my area.

If rural also do not forgot your local feed stores you can get a 50 lbs bag of whole kernel corn feed if there is nothing else you can grind it up, sprout it, Makes good shine too!

Maggie’s Farm
Go tomorrow do not put it off, even if it means going to several different stores.
Dress accordingly…be safe!

Maggie’s farm,
Don’t make that a maybe. Had someone local to area i follow posted tyson chicken processors in GA have shut down ops due to kung flu.. 2 have died in one of plants and many sick was her report. now stack that the reports of milk, eggs and 500k un hatched meat birds, this is a multi level assault on food supplies. coming after a huge loss of grains last year. this is gonna be ugly …

Maggie’s farm
If you’re a canner, another item to add to your shopping list is canning jar lids. I’ve noticed we still have some on our shelves, but they are starting to dwindle. No reusable Tattler brand lids available on the shelves anymore. Seeds make plants, plants make food, food has to be preserved.

I have had a hard time finding lids. By the time I get to check out online they’re sold out. Also there gouging terribly for canning lids. Finally found both at two different places online. Get him if you can as soon as possible.

I bought reusable canning lids at The brand is Harvest Guard. I’ve never used them before, so can’t speak to how well they work, but the reviews were good. It looks like they’re still in stock and are offering free shipping. Mine arrived late last week, and didn’t take long to ship.

Farmgirl, Yes we grow big garden Added30 % more garden this year.Missus and I can ,preserve and freeze lots.Bought 12 dozen new lids month ago.6dozen new jars unopened yet. And we have 150 full jars on shelves. We’re good for a while.🙂

Only God knows the future and He loves those who love Him. Rom 8:28

As scripture also says, ” The (human) heart is deceitful and wicked, who can know it?”.

There is an old saying that goes, ” All Nation’s are three missed meals from revolution” .

I believe that the Wu Flu (apologies to all Commie Chinese trolls) is just one more step to destabilize the U.S. and create a Civil War.

Time will tell?

On the subject of our good “friends” The Communist Government of China, as most of us know, they rounded up 1.5 million Muslims in western China and put them in gulags. Now surprise-surprise they discovered oil on the land previously held by the same poor bastards in the camps.


The Uighurs.
And yet China is appointed on a UN Human Rights Council.

No hypocrisy…

The Native Tribes, Mexicans, Irish, Persians, Japanese – and of course, those who built our railroads….. And yet the US is appointed on a UNHCR. Total hypocrisy.

Yes tmc, we get that you are very much aligned with CCP.

Let’s talk numbers. How many millions have been murdered through genocide in China? We’ll just count the information that is actually known, not hidden.


Cheap shot, against a salient point. I have come to expect better from you. Have a nice weekend.

Pretty safe to say governments are the problem,
Most individuals not so much,
But horrible things have been done by many in service to a flag. Many flags,

That was for you,
All nations at one time or another has been guilty of horrific actions

Tmc, let’s stick to the subject at hand. You chose to lay equal blame (or worse) on the US.
The truth is, there is no comparison between the atrocities that China has done to its own countrymen, and around the world, and the United States.
I asked a legitimate question, but you can’t answer it without showing your prejudice against the US. I wonder why you live here, to be honest. Not a ‘cheap shot’ as you say, but your words and sentiments.

Governments are always a problem.

But people can be too. The ideology of communists, and many socialists, are actually a pretty sore point among many of us here. So it actually IS a people issue because of their beliefs. I’m fairly sure you and I wouldn’t do well with communists as your neighbors. I have known several living in the US, 2 of whom were professors and authors. Their values are not as ours are, and though they professed to be communists, they were very much personal capitalists, enjoying the many benefits of tenured university positions, even to the point of feigned elitism.

I don’t think people will get to the point of severe violence or rioting. Well, maybe the big cities. I think we will all be allowed to resume our normal (?) lives soon. If we don’t, the economy will collapse, and not just bigger unemployment numbers. Of course, I am now in the camp of this being a global economic reset. Remember, never let a good crisis go to waste….

I have cautioned my dh about opening the door when a stranger knocks. He is very trusting; I am not. A few years ago I heard a puppy parking on my front porch. Knowing this is a standard way criminals get homeowners to open their door, I looked out the study window (Glock 19 in hand) and saw the figure of man run off. (My German Shepard scared him off.) I had to remind dh not to open the door even to UPS or FedX.

I think we will see an increase in home invasions. We keep our garage door shut now and the study window blinds closed. We have paper products and cleaning products in the garage, along with dozens of cases of empty canning jars. Anyone with half a brain passing by our house would label us as preppers. We have turned the study into another food storage area–hence the closed blinds. We don’t want people knowing how much we have stored.

I doubt anyone would target our house for home invasion given that we have a large dog. But do pay attention to young teens hanging around your neighborhood. Gangs have young teens go around and mark houses–nothing to steal here, avoid this house, easy target. Then the gangs come through and attack the soft targets. This will happen first in the cities. But I expect them to come to the suburbs eventually. They will break into homes when residents are not home. We have talked to most of our neighbors. All but one is armed and ready. (The other is a liberal who called the police because dh shot a rattlesnake in the backyard. The officer asked to see the snake. My dh said, “I grabbed the first shotgun shells I could find and that was 00 buck–that snake vaporized into red mist instantly. The cop laughed.)

Curious what do all the restaurant supply companies do now? In fact one friend who works as a delivery driver for a restaurant food supplier was offering 50 lbs of flour and rice for free as they could not resell the stock once it was on the truck. Many of the restaurants were closed or refused to accept the orders since they had limited need and sales. I don’t think we will have a major food shortage, just a minor blip on the supply chain. Also, has anyone read Logan’s steak house and Jim’s closed their doors for good. Many more will follow so where will the demand for their supplies move to? Life is a balance for every bad there is eventually a good to level it out. A temporary shortage in one area is offset by an overflow in another. We just need to look for it and hope it is a short one

We have ranchers in our neck of the woods.They are taking a terrible loss on selling their cattle. I was thinking this was just a trial run but after reading these blogs I am beginning to think this could be it. Sounds like it is time to harden our property. Thanks all

Old lady
Please harden your place now.

2 weeks ago I got cheap steaks… 1+ lb. T-bones for $3, and thick ribeyes for $4, unheard of here. So I cut each steak in half and horizontally filleted them 4-5 meals from each steak for my diet. They just were not selling at our store, but I bought enough to fill my refrigerator freezer for 2 months. That was during the early shutdown orders, and people didn’t buy steaks but the stores ran out of hamburger and eggs and put a sign with a limit on them to buy. Can’t keep up with the hamburger and eggs but steaks were selling cheaper than hamburger. So I wonder if the steaks are being ground into hamburger to keep up with this demand?

Good deal, Stardust! And good for you to figure out how to work with those cuts to stretch the meats to your needs.

I don’t think the majority of our population has caught on to the possibility of food shortages – even when it is pointed out and examples given. They think this is all temporary and will get better quickly. I keep. pointing it out to friends and family and they say yeah, but….. they think we have already seen the bad shortages. OMG!

Meanwhile, my ex DIL who lives in GA with our only two grandchildren and recently divorced from another hubby continues to build her food reserves as funds permit. We have been shipping critical food items to her as I am able to locate online. So many times, I have them in my cart and then two days later, I am told they are no longer available and won’t have them for 8-10 weeks. Whether it is Amazon, Walmart, or even restaurant supply Stores (yes, I used them also), they have each reduced my order. Thankfully some of it is getting through. The places that sell freeze dried and emergency type foods haven’t had anything available for a long time. I continue to urge her to hit the stores as often as possible to find what she needs to keep her kids fed. It is now easier to find food in stores than online.

They have been invited to come here and see this play out with us. We have a good relationship with her and the kids, but she doesn’t like our cold climate and feels she will be back to work shortly…although she does think something is not as they tell us. My son, her ex, is an essential worker and cannot yet leave his employment. But he will if things get worse (he says). He will get kids and ex and bring everyone to our self sufficient homestead.

The good side is I have had several prior buyers of our poultry contact us to obtain breeder American Guinea Hogs and/or goats and more poultry. They see what is coming and want to hit that next level faster if possible. Normally, we would not be selling our older hogs as breeders once we raise them for almost a year as they are worth more as meat. However, these are unusual times and that pig may serve a better purpose producing more meat in the future for that family. If they have the set up to care and feed the animal and have a workable plan and the knowledge, they will get preference over a meat sale.

The general masses are already at their limit. They will be going berserk shortly because they need their special food already prepared for them- even when they are not working! We are seeing heavier traffic and long lines at Starbucks again and the polite behavior is again on the back burner.

Get what you are able (everyone has some holes in their preparedness), help who you can without jeopardizing your own family, and fasten your seatbelts belt…we are wheels up!

DAMedinNY, i told someone..the poop has been thrown, has not landed in fan yet.!


DAMed, you are an inspiration! It’s comforting to hear stories about ‘ex’ relationships that are still able to function together.

You’re right about adding to the Guinea population through additional farms breeding them, too. Great decision to help others help themselves.

MT, well, we are fortunate because it does take all parties involved and she is good too. We feel blessed is that regard.

DAMedinNY, It definitely makes it much easier, on the children out of those relationships, to have everyone pulling for the children and doing what is best for them…I have been thru divorce, and have a better relationship with my ex’s Mom than I ever had with DH’s mom. (Ex- even tho were not together tried to always do best for the child.-.. and DH’s mom are deceased.)It does take extra effort- on everyone’s parts but is truly worth it. MY DD is 36 today .She is well adjusted and has a good relationship with all.

I’m more worried about the politics and the long term effects on the economy. I think we are going to look back on this time as 1 month in to a greater recession.

Long lines at some food banks.
No I.D. needed, of course.
Maybe 10 million illegals in the USA right now, many are/were working in food service, hotels, meat processing plants, construction, the gig economy… a lot of critical backbone workers in limbo-
they are not going to self deport if it’s not any better back home, for many this Is home… and right now the border is tight too…
(& fentanyl citrate shipments are held up, cartel vato’s are stymied…)
Sanctuary cities are like a crafted layered society. And now we are starting to see checkpoints and curfews across the U.S.
Around Cinco de Mayo many may not have a lot of money to buy food, if there is food be available to buy…
(you can’t get a .gov relief check if you’re illegal, they say…)

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere…
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

” IF YOU can KEEP your head,when ALL ABOUT you, are LOOSING theirs and BLAMING it on YOU”; “IF”, by Rudyard Kipling

“So it has been written,
So it shall be done.”

I don’t think that riots will start just yet. We are going to see an increase in break-ins, and home invasions first. One store in our area is limiting people to two packages of meat per visit, which is insane as most people buy for the week. This will cause more people to be forced to shop more than once a week. As the stores get more crowded, the risk of getting the virus increases. Maybe this is their plan, more people die, means more food for others.

The past two weeks I have concentrated on security and barriers. Looking to harden critical areas. Finally had to go out earlier this week for gas for the tractor. I had been using the tractor much more that I normally would and cycled through all that I had stored. First thing I noticed was that my steering wheel in my car had cobwebs. At the gas station 2/3’s of the people were wearing masks. That was my first trip anywhere, so it was a bit of a shock.

This week I will continue to cut-up two trees that my DD and SIL cut down for me as my battery chainsaw could not handle the width of the trunks. I also still have wood down in the woods behind the house which I have to move soon, as the barrier that I cut through is starting to close up. I want it to close up before things get dicey. The weather has not been cooperating though.

I know this isn’t about food but indirectly it is since we’re ordering a lot online. I just heard the post office could close by June if they don’t get a stimulus package from the government.

Old Lady & Ken
Is that not how to implement Socialism?

Kill all small businesses and build up worthless cash by printing Trillions.
Make the people more and more dependent on the .gov and their worthless moneys and bailouts. aka Free Free Free

All awhile promising things like Universal Healthcare, Guaranteed Income, Free “this and that” for everyone, then mandating we give up our rights/Constitution and our will to “do better for the good of all”.

A question for all;
How far can you be pushed, taken advantage of, Taxed to extremes, loss of Freedoms before one loses faith in the Country, before we lose the will and allow “Them” to dictate everything in our lives?

We are a Country of FREE thinking people, We are some of the hardest working people in the world, We have fought the entire world to be free, WHY are we so willing to lose our Freedoms to those that want to destroy this GREAT COUNTRY!!!!!!?

We are freely allowing “them” to literally destroy millions of Small HARD working businesses and using this C-19 do turn this country into a dictatorship…..

Don’t believe me? Look at what your governors are doing, what congress is doing.
Take a good hard look at your Grocery store supplies and the Millions of closed stores.

The Major town where I live looks like a Ghost Town. Restaurants closed permanently, Mon & Pop stores closed permanently, Nothing left to survive except the Big Box and Billion dollar chain stores.

TPTB are winning and it seems the .gov is literally handing it to them.

Just a PS;
Cash is worthless if there is nothing left to buy.

You are so right NRP. That is why I am considering biting the bullet so to speak to purchase a much needed generator. It will put me in debt for a few months, but I would rather have it than the worthless cash.

I consider a Generator as an investment.
Do some research and ask a LOT of questions.
I would recommend a Duel Fuel unit, gas and propane.
I would never consider having food storage in a Freezer without a backup Generator. Most Freezers are done after 3-4 days with nada power.


Talk-To-Us before you spend big money on a generator. I do a lot of FMA reports and statistical analysis of warranty claims for exactly those products. There is a lot of production right now being hustled into factories not in China. There have been some stumbles in the transition. Check out any manufacturer on BBB. there will always be some complaints, but some manufacturers are clearly more responsible than others.

You do get what you pay for. And with tariffs applied, maybe not so much anymore.

That scene in movie The Road where he and his son are searching in a house and they walk over a pile of $100.00 dollar bills like they were just more trash in the floor. Sticks in my brain.

drinking that jar of peaches was MY moment. that was my epiphany moment that i realized i didn’t have enough fruit…..that CANNED food with moisture-content would be very important, because every TIME you drink water, you risk getting sick/dying. therefore, now i am a believer in having food that doesn’t require water to prepare it. sure, i still got that other food, but the canned is forefront now.

NRP, Welcome to Atlas Shrugged, did you enjoy the ride, no? Don’t worry there is a lot more to come.

What WE have HERE is a FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE!……. Ya think?

Ohhhhhh heck, the ride is just beginning……

ole Luke never kept trying though and neither should we.

Mrs. U;
I really felt for Luke….. Seems he was the loyal Sidekick that somehow was just discarded.
Can just picture him sitting there at the front of the Train waiting.

Interesting how Bill Gates is on every show and network lining out how you will have a mandated certificate for the virus so you can work/travel.
He is positioning himself as the world Messiah/King to protect us poor misguided pilgrims from this viral boogeyman. Did you ever read Ayn Rand’s first book “Anthem “? Its only 105 pages or so. Couple hours of reading at most. Maybe over a couple gin and tonics.
It is worth reading…

Bill Jenkins Horse;
I actually have the book, have not read it….. Will be doing so.
Rereading Atlas Shrugged now.
As far as Gates…. I can not reply to that here, there are words we cannot use…. hehehe

I first read Atlas Shrugged, while working for the N.S.A.. It was life changing for me. I became an Objectivist Epistemologiest and decided to leave government service. Now, I make Ayn Rand look like a Communist.

I believe I have read everything Ayn Rand, (Alice Rosenbaum), has ever written..and own all of her works.

“We are a Country of FREE thinking people”
That’s the problem..
free gimmedat.
warren/burnie said that collage loan I read, knew all about and
signed with my lefty hand was theft and wrong, and unjust and and
I shouldn’t have to pay it back, you should.

I’m actually going to stock up a little on junk food and extra ground beef next time I go to town, I’m so afraid of reality.

I’m waiting for the horror/comedy titled something like
*Going to town.* or “going shopping in 2020”

Keep in mind too that the PO has been operating in the red for decades. So I don’t see what has changed?

I do believe the PO is NOT a government agency, but independent co. with a permanent bailout.

Aka, NRP, and old lady,

The USPS will have to close by June unless something is done to bail them out. The $2Trillion “stimulus” did not include funding for the Post Office. And rightfully so!

This agency is run in a very separate manner than other government agencies, and they’re held financially accountable for their operations.

Secy of Treasurer, Stephen Mnuchin, studied a number of wasteful spending issues a year after Trump was in office. They specifically identified the USPS as an agency that was not financially sound. It has been my belief that Trump/Mnuchin had planned to do something radical w/ the USPS. To date, nothing has taken place, yet there were those results from that comprehensive study.

Now this….it makes me wonder. We actually don’t need the USPS because private enterprise can do it cheaper and much more efficiently. A great deal of mailings come from other corporations (UPS, FedEx, etc). The USPS is a classic example of an outdated Federal agency w/ hundreds of billion$ in unfunded liabilities, at taxpayer expense.

UPS and FedEx cost a fortune. FedEx smartpost is costlier than USPS and yet relies on the USPS to deliver the last mile.

If the USPS were allowed to charge what it really cost them to deliver all the foreign mail they would have no funding issues.

The USPS does a fine job given their operating parameters. If they were either a government entity or a true corporation it would be better. But it is both and neither.

But like I said the PO has been billions in the hole for decades and I know I’m not saying anything that you don’t know. So why now? What is different? The US is so many trillions in the hole that we talk here of how does it keep going.
It seems to me that I read something about the PO maybe closing in June but that (I thought) had to do with CoVid.

There was a good comment posted about the food supply being supplemented by the closure of restaurants. Seems plausible that that could help to offset shortages to some degree.
One would hope that maintenance of the food industry would have top priority.
Is it probable that, until that which created the recent panic about TP and hand sanitizer likewise creates as similar fury over food products, should the supply of them become critically short, that we could possibly get along quite well, for a time, without an emotional tsunami.

Our town has really had very little TP for about a month now. If those huge restaurant rolls showed up at WalMart people wouldn’t care about the size, they would buy them and adapt a way to use them.

From Wiki: In 1973, Johnny Carson joked in his Tonight Show monologue about comments made by Wisconsin congressman Harold V. Froehlich about the possibility of a toilet paper shortage. Subsequently, consumers purchased abnormal amounts, causing an actual shortage in the United States for several months.

Toilet paper has been one of the commodities subject to shortages in Venezuela starting in the 2010s; the government seized one toilet paper factory in a failed effort to resolve the problem…

Troy I don’t need Wiki to remember that !!! ha

Common Chick Weed. Edible. Do a search and you will probably recognize it. Grows almost everywhere.
Considered a delicacy in Europe. Has substantial amounts of C and A. Pick and eat before bloom. Some plants get a bit bitter after bloom. Both sides of my deck were covered this year. I could not find the exact plant in my Wildflowers of Tennessee the Ohio Valley and the Southern Appalachians book, can find on Amazon. Sooo I emailed the Tn. Native Plant Society and they identified it for me. Had taken a small bite and it was mild in flavor. But wanted to be sure of id before doing anything with it. Of course in the mean time Mr. raked it out and I fed it to the goats next door. Now I know for sure that it is edible and is something to consider as a worthy food source.

Mrs. U, excellent food for poultry too. Our hens come running when they see us picking it.

Chick.……weed. makes sense

Maybe they get a buzz, too, Mrs. U. :-)


That reply was for chick…weed. 🐤

I was picking up my son at the Greyhound Bus stop in a small college town in middle S.C. Parked on the railroad tracks were a long line of gray isolation trailers, refrigerated trailers and a couple of large generators on flat bed trailers. I wonder where they went?
Annie’s seeds are taking email orders only.

Guess you all saw the lines for the food bank in San Antonio. 10,000 needed food.

Just got back from picking up an extra load of goat pellets to supplement their grazing. On the way home, we notice one of our local Amish garden places was open so we stopped in. Picked up three more fruit trees, a pound of corn and same for Bush beans, and half pound of peas and snap peas, and Lincoln peas.then bought 20 more lbs of potato seed and more onion starts. Wow. We are planning to plant a lot this year! That is what happens when spouse rides with me to pickup grain (grin). I love it….even though I have a lot of seed already we will have a safety net and we will save seed too.

Our nephew stopped in to pickup 6 dozen eggs. He lives north of us in a larger town and eggs are limited to one carton a visit. He was coming to pick up his pork from the butcher so we were on the way. They are well stocked as well. He mentioned they still cannot get TP, paper towels or cleaning products up his way. I suggested he stop at Dollar store on way out of town and he will find what he needs. Yep, he got what was needed to replenish what had been used.

Today Glenn Beck had a guy on that is in the cattle industry named Corbitt Wall, been in the industry his whole life. He mentions that in probably 2 weeks we may start to see a significant decrease in beef as well as other meats/proteins. Go to The Blaze and click on podcasts (its free) then go to “Here Comes the Impact” go to the 1:07 mark and listen to what Corbitt says. You can also go to dvauction dot com to get some news. He says things may get bad with the processing plants closing down due to Kung Flu, etc. But also says the plants can also close the gap quickly once they get back up and running. Its a good and informative listen.


Heard that broadcast.
FYI fill the freezer….
This stuff is not over…
Some say 18 months.
“Is 600 rolls really enough?”

18 mos?
600 may not be enough!

I missed this story on Friday:

A Hormel plant in Illinois was ordered closed for a minimum of 2 weeks after attempts at mitigation of the virus did not work. ZH made a spam joke about it, but I looked at the company website and the plant produces bacon, ham and those little microwaveable hormel meals. This plant employs about 800 people.

These closures are continuing to add up.