Get A 90-Day Supply, Now


The warning signs are all around us; Wars, rumors of wars, North Korea threatening to set off WWIII by an untested young leader who likely possesses ‘Super-EMP‘ capability, a soon-to-be nuclear Iran who openly threatens annihilation, middle east turmoil, revolutions, talk of revolutions, currency wars, paper money devaluation, debt levels that will never be repaid, the one quadrillion dollars in derivatives that are in the financial system, desperation from the controllers of the western financial system, rapid uptick in government disaster preparations and purchases, an international and domestic assault on the U.S. 2nd Amendment, and an obvious high stress level of freedom loving Americans and others who are paying attention who sense that we’re closer to the precipice than ever….

Those who are in tune with the current events that matter in our world, know that much of it is up-side down while portrayed to be right-side up; hidden behind modern day trivial distractions and celebrity, and unseen by the majority who will be pulled under when the ship sinks.

For those who ‘see’, should heed the warning signs and prepare for a collapse, should it come…

You’ve got to start somewhere. Start at 90 days. Through whatever means necessary, get a 90-day supply of food and an assured clean drinking water supply. Withdraw your comfort-level of cash out of the bank, and plug any holes that are obvious in your survival plan.

Some of you are all set and require nothing more to live 90 days without any external help or supply. Others of you have not started at all. Whoever you are, now is a good time to do it.

You can build a food supply almost overnight by simply purchasing ready-made supplies from any of our advertisers or others who sell food for storage. You can choose to buy your own at your local grocery store. I’m not going to tell you what or how to do it in this post, but I am suggesting that you do it soon.

Look at it this way… If nothing happens, you’ve lost nothing. You will consume the food over time.

Look at it this way… If something happens, you will live up to 90 days longer than most others.

Look at it this way… Imagine the desperation after being hungry without food for several days in a row. Imagine the consequences for you if you have nothing, and imagine the consequences for you if others want what you have. Think it all through.

This world is a powder keg waiting to explode. We are tiptoeing over tripwires… in the dark…

The Titanic is heading straight for the iceberg. We are living under a financial system that has never in world history come even close to its size, systemic risk, and dependencies. One major event, panic, or black swan could send it straight to the bottom.

Just because you’ve never experienced collapse, disaster, or chaos in your lifetime does not mean that you never will. The world is not fair. The world does not care. It just happens.

Be ready.

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