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Here We Go Again.. Covid Fear Kickoff

Apparently, early last week, a ‘whistleblower’ at TSA said (in essence) that Covid related government mandates are coming back. Beginning with masks. And then apparently incremental progression into further mandates – just like before. Reportedly Phase 1 during September. Then a Phase 2, October. And so on.. Ramping up the Covid fear.

I heard this ‘whistleblower’ news on Thursday (or was it Friday midday?). I said to myself… “No, no, they’re not going to do this again, are they? And surely it would be pure coincidence (again) that it would be leading right up before a presidential election whereby ‘mail-in ballots’, ‘bulk drop-offs’, etc., would once again be allowed? Nah, that would have nothing to do with this whatsoever, right?”

But then, incredibly, it became exceedingly clear Friday evening when the legacy mainstream media began messaging (in a ‘parroting’ type of unison with exact words and phrases, regardless of network outlets) to begin scaring the public once again. An obvious coordinated messaging effort to kick it all off.

I thought to myself, “Wow, yup, they’re apparently going to try and do this all over again.” Shortly thereafter, sure enough, further news reports also began coming out, including statements about various colleges beginning to mandate (again) masks and mRNA shots in order to attend school. Other insider reports.. including apparently Kroger grocery store bringing back the masks (just the beginning before others ‘fall in line’ too)? During the past two days I’ve heard lots more ‘whistleblowers’ calling in to various outlets, revealing similar coming mandates reported internally. All of the sudden. Like a switch has been flipped. Just coincident though, yes?

Here we go again..

I haven’t posted on this subject in quite some time. I had hoped this crap was finally over with. The extraordinary devastation that tyrannical overreach caused to the middle class, and small-to-medium size businesses. To see that they are now obviously trying to whip it all up again – really gets me angry. I’ve tried to withhold from posting about this, because it doesn’t do much good other than to vent. However “if” people allow ‘2020’ to happen again, we are so F’d..

Have we not learned how so much of what happened last time was BS and didn’t need to happen? Are we going to let them lead us towards eventual lockdown again?! Are we?

I’ll tell you what.. I am very, very curious how the public at large is going to respond this time around – assuming the push actually continues. Although there will always be a percentage who will comply with anything – regardless of the illogic – the question is, this time around, how many will say “No! Not again!” ?

Now that I’ve vented just a little, how can I provide a bit of helpful messaging to this short post? Well, I suppose it begins with awareness. It looks (to me) like they are going to try this again. So, what can you do with that information? In my view, I would say, resist. Plan ahead. Recall all that happened last time (though it remains to be seen if they’re able to take it that far again). If they can lock it down again, just think how much worse the supply chains might be, given that it has not really recovered since the last time. Got enough TP? (lol).

What’s your opinion? Have you noticed the messaging kickoff? Are they actually going to bring us there again?


  1. I meant to add at the end of this article, I hope come September and October this has turned into a nothing burger, and that the apparent renewed attempt at Covid fear has sputtered out. I would like nothing more than to be wrong in what I’ve written above.

    1. Unfortunately, this is intended to escalate from masks to lock-downs. The upcoming presidential election is the motivator. Mail-in ballots and compromised voting machines are primed to “elect” the approved candidate.

      I’m incensed! My eldest son was forced to take the jab and a booster to continue working for Con-Agra in Louisville, KY. He’s nearly 53 and now has 100% atrial fibrillation. The doctors don’t know how to handle it after one cardioversion treatment was unsuccessful.

      My youngest did not get the jab.

      Forcing masking will lead to forcing people to take another jab with boosters so people can keep their jobs.

      This is evil and unconscionable.

      I hate to be so negative; however, the Covid episode led to real negative health consequences to many.

      “We won’t be fooled again.”

      1. My wife was fired from her job as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist at a regional hospital for refusing to get the jab. I am proud of her stand and we have done just fine. I refuse to comply with any regulation and I personally hope balkanization spreads like wildfire by this time next year.

        Time to completely cut ties with liberal states and citied that want to destroy our Constitution and conservative way of life. The political, social and ideological divide is way too far to repair.

  2. Opinion only. They’ve tried to panic the public with other diseases and it hasn’t worked, so they’re going to try again with old faithful. I mean seriously, one case of malaria and it makes national news?

    I think they’re running this to test public reaction. A small percentage have already started masking even without official confirmation.

    Some states will jump in with both feet (mainly those that were most rabid about lockdowns the first time) while others will gauge public opinion and act accordingly.

    Hopefully there’s enough pushback that they back down.

    1. Lauren,
      yea, and what happened to monkypox?
      kinda went away didn’t it. geeesh

  3. i think the public at large will respond this time around in the same way as they did to Bud Light, Target and others. they learned their lesson the last time around and have had an awakening as to what is really happening in our country.
    trick me once, shame on you..trick me twice, shame on me.
    the conservatives in this country-( just took at the maps and where they are) won’t stand for it again. the Liberal global elite are digging their own graves and the conservatives will back fill em in before it’s over.
    this nonsense has to stop now while we still have a chance!! for to long we have remained quiet, working, paying our taxes trying to make a contribution to society. but people are now realizing that it’s time to take a stand. if we don’t do it now, all will be lost.
    one way to start is with voting, and take it from there. I know that I harp on the subject of voting, but it’s something i feel very strongly about. I’ll not mention it again.

  4. I believe we are being herded…like it or not….into forced obedience. I see a reality in the near future where hands on shopping for food, clothing, any form of supplies will not exist.

    Rampant theft in retail shops will make profits impossible. Government shutdowns and draconian “pandemic measures” will result in purchases having to be made on-line, delivered to your home or picked up at designated locations with an appointment and designated time and date.

    Don’t think so? Three years ago I would never have dreamed that I would be making the 30 mile drive down to Wally’s, pull into a designated “pick-up” space and have the order of groceries brought to and loaded into my car…selected, ordered, and paid for at home. Right now it’s an option… how long, or what impetus would it take for Wally’s to make that the only option? Or, is that the goal? Remember back when FEMA leaked that Wally’s, with it’s nationwide distribution warehouses and fleet of deliver trucks, was being considered for nationwide disruptions?

    1. Dennis,
      that’s a good case for doing business locally in cash if possible.
      become ungovernable. we pay bills through the bank like lights, water and stuff like that. but when we pull money out of the ATM they don’t know where it goes.
      it could be fertilizer, ammo, hardware or cabbage and squash, and then it’s none of their business as it should be, and it helps our locals. HA, i can get all that and more at the same farm store here.
      they only know as much as you tell them.

    2. Dennis,
      Unfortunately a large percentage of the population wants to be and actually demands to be herded. They have no problem giving up their dignity if the government will provide housing food and money for lotto tickets. They send their kids to government indoctrination facilities (public schools) then whine and complain about the garbage they are being taught. Don’t use a strip club as a baby sitter service and then complain when your daughter ends up on the pole.

      Just wait until AI begins taking over jobs and the country is left with millions of unskilled, unemployable people who’s only option with be to turn to universal basic income (UBI). They will welcome it because they will be able to sit in their section 8 apartment, with an EBT card, smoke dope, play video games or post on FB and the monthly check will magically appear in their account every month. Don’t forget polls show that 40% say they will vote for Biden in 2024. We are being overrun with low IQ, pathetic, unmotivated garbage.

      1. We smirk and laugh at your post but we need to learn now and learn it fast–those futuristic movies about this subject aren’t really that far off.
        But who is that hero at the end?? Who will it be in real life?? Will it be ALL of us??
        It has to be ALL OF US!!!

  5. They had me in the early weeks of covid the first time round ! I will not conform or obey any stupid laws or restrictions this time round . Luckily It was obvious we were being misled with every piece of legislation and advice by the time the vax was being pushed . Even now bull S### stats are flung around I do not care about infection rates tell me hospitalizations , deaths , serious side affects ! It does not matter if everyone gets a minor cold . If enough people simply get on with life as normal they will drop this rubbish like a hot potato .

  6. It will be interesting to see if DH is forced to retire over this. Last go around, he was already working from home (he manages a team from all over the USA and some members out of the country), so he avoided the whole jab requirement. For some unfathomable reason the muckety-mucks at his large company decided to make EVERYONE drive in to work at least 3 times per week, disregarding the fact that would still be working via computer meetings with teammates elsewhere. DH said at the time he figured it was so that, should jab mandates return, the company could be considered good citizens and require all their workers to get it so they could go in the buildings.

    As far as individuals complying, I just wonder: have they not noticed all the people dying or having unusual and horrible medical problems from the first go-round? Me, I’m sticking with the immune system God designed. It’s pretty clear that the CDC, FDA, and medical system are NOT working for our best interests.

  7. I just learned that you-know-where has decided to un-revoke my visa every bit as capriciously and suddenly as they canceled it during the cough era. My travel plans have been drawn up and I’ve got much catching up to do with a few factories…… It’s been a long time since I’ve had a truly excellent meal too.

    I wonder what has changed. I can’t wait to compare reality to what the InterWeb feeds us. Geez I hope they don’t get stupid with masks and crap like that again. That’s the only thing that would keep me from going.

    1. TMAC,
      Safe travels and I look forward to hearing how things really are over there. When I lived in the Philippines and traveled SE Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan) one of the highlights was trying all the different local foods especially from the street vendors. Some not so good but the majority was excellent and it’s amazing how different the cuisines taste while sharing many of the same ingredients. Bon appetit!

    1. Kula,
      I think I saw you hand on the news giving Biden motorcade the middle finger. 👍🏻🤣

      Hope your friends and family are getting back on the feet. It will take years and hopefully they won’t be forgotten as the election cycle ramps up.

  8. There are old sayings that have meaning. For instance 3rd time is the charm. I wonder if this second time is to push us rebellious types to get caught in a 3rd time push, so to speak. This is the BETA and Gamma will come and the knock out will be Delta. They will have their way. Evil is about.
    The only true healing is Christ consciousness.

  9. Mrs U,
    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    The Good Book tells us things are going to get worse, like the world has never seen, and there is no way to stop or change prophesy.

  10. A good friend got scared into the jab, boosters and all. Last week he was sick as a dog. I asked if he still thought the crap coming from the .gov was still believable. He avoided the question. I am disappointed with him, i thought he was stronger minded than that.

    1. If we can, we should love those with fear all the more. We cannot know their heart in reality.

  11. Have your heard? The most recent strain of Covid has now been named. It is called Covid-EV2. That’s Covid Election Variant 2. Step right up and get your masks! /sarc

    1. Welcome back, my friends
      To the show that never ends.-
      and it will never, ever end in our lifetimes friends. get use to it, and best learn how to deal with it now if you haven’t already.
      for good or bad i have become a hermit. i have never really liked people as a whole anyhow so it was easy for me. people are mean, selfish and pathological liars for the most part. not all, but most.
      our life before 2019 is never coming back again, so get use to it and good luck.

    2. Bwaahaaa I also heard someone call the new variant “BS-247”.

  12. Ken, 🤣🤣🤣. I like that the research shows the co-vaxxed are most likely to get it. And we know they are the most likely to mask up snd follow guv dictates. Delicious irony. But sad for innocent victims:

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