Here’s a question I’m putting out there for those who have experience or recommendations for a heavy duty durable rider mower which has the power and capability to chew through fields and perhaps multitask…

What is a good rider mower?

I’ve recently moved to a location which has 30 acres of land, about a third of which are fields of brush and other such vegetation.

For the time being I’ve hired someone with a tractor and ‘brush hog’ to mow down the larger fields, so as to get it short enough to manage – and to not lose it to the woods.

Eventually I hope to acquire my own tractor, however in the mean time to keep up with mowing closer around the house – I have a regular lawn mower – but I really need to get a rider mower given the amount of land that I wish to keep in control…

I would like to get a rider that is big enough to deal with heavy duty use; adjustable blades (height up and down); ability to go up and down hills without getting stuck – but still able to get around tight spaces without too much trouble.

It would be a bonus if such a rider mower could multitask by towing a utility wagon, or even attaching a small plow to the front.

I thought I would throw this question out there and see if any of you might offer suggestions.

Also, if any of you have a tractor, I will appreciate any additional advice in that department.

Thanks in advance-

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