The following tools are for finding sunrise-sunset time and direction, and hours of daylight, all based on a geographical location latitude-longitude and date-time of year. Knowing this information (or where to find it) can prove very useful for many different applications. I hope that some of you find them useful too.



This NOAA Solar Calculator allows you to zoom in on any location. At any time you can click the sunrise and sunset check-box which will reveal the time and direction of each. You can also adjust the time and date. There is an additional check-box for current local time which will display the angle of the sun in its current position.



Hours Of Daylight

This calculator displays the hours of daylight based on your latitude and date. Both parameters are adjustable. The least amount of available sunlight occurs on December 21 while the most hours of daylight are during June 21.



Find Your Latitude And Longitude

To determine your latitude and longitude, use this map tool which allows you to zoom in on any location for exact results. You can also simply enter a zip-code.



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