The Los Angeles Times headlines, “World population hits 7 billion on Oct. 31, or thereabouts”, serves to remind us that every day there is more and more demand for resources as humanity remains on a steep growth curve.

We have added 1 billion more living people during the past 12 years. That means that the world population has grown by 17% during that short time in human history, while we humans have been on this planet for… how long? You get the idea… in just over a decade, we’ve added almost one-fifth more, or nearly 20% more people to this planet.

We are rapidly adding greater demands and strains to our already optimized systems that mass produce and distribute items ‘just-in-time’ to keep these people fed, clothed, and presumably productive (which requires ‘oil’ in today’s definition of productive).

The take-away from this milestone is that the world’s resources are increasingly heavily strained due to this enormous population growth, and there is only one thing that can happen with this circumstance… that is, the prices that we pay for these resources will continue to rise as the demand for them increases.

The only way that this could not happen would be if there were sudden miraculous optimization techniques than already exist today in agriculture and natural resource exploitation, or new massive discoveries of surplus natural resources, or massive world depression with less production – productivity – and demand for resources, or massive population die-off.

So, it may be a safe bet to summarize that prices for food and resources will continue to rise as demand increases. And, even though our governments are doing their best to devalue their currencies, it may be a smart thing to buy some of these ‘life’ resources now rather than later.


What is it that I can buy today in order to save some money over the longer run?

Well, FOOD for one thing… Also supplies (yes, a very general term). Here’s an example… several years ago my wife and I bought a ‘boat load’ of kitchen supplies like bulk-size aluminum foil, saran-wrap, zip-lock bags, things like that. We’ve been slowly going through those supplies the past few years and have not had to buy much of any in ‘today’s dollars’. I look at the prices of those items today and they are significantly more money. So we have saved quite a bit of money over the long term by having purchased so much of it years ago (we also bought on sale).

So, you cannot go wrong by stocking up on consumable supplies and food TODAY, because their prices will ALWAYS go up over time. Not only will you save money, but more important, you will be prepared!


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