7 Billion People On Earth, OCT-31, 2011


The Los Angeles Times headlines, “World population hits 7 billion on Oct. 31, or thereabouts”, serves to remind us that every day there is more and more demand for resources as humanity remains on a steep growth curve.

We have added 1 billion more living people during the past 12 years. That means that the world population has grown by 17% during that short time in human history, while we humans have been on this planet for… how long? You get the idea… in just over a decade, we’ve added almost one-fifth more, or nearly 20% more people to this planet.

We are rapidly adding greater demands and strains to our already optimized systems that mass produce and distribute items ‘just-in-time’ to keep these people fed, clothed, and presumably productive (which requires ‘oil’ in today’s definition of productive).

The take-away from this milestone is that the world’s resources are increasingly heavily strained due to this enormous population growth, and there is only one thing that can happen with this circumstance… that is, the prices that we pay for these resources will continue to rise as the demand for them increases.

The only way that this could not happen would be if there were sudden miraculous optimization techniques than already exist today in agriculture and natural resource exploitation, or new massive discoveries of surplus natural resources, or massive world depression with less production – productivity – and demand for resources, or massive population die-off.

So, it may be a safe bet to summarize that prices for food and resources will continue to rise as demand increases. And, even though our governments are doing their best to devalue their currencies, it may be a smart thing to buy some of these ‘life’ resources now rather than later.


What is it that I can buy today in order to save some money over the longer run?

Well, FOOD for one thing… Also supplies (yes, a very general term). Here’s an example… several years ago my wife and I bought a ‘boat load’ of kitchen supplies like bulk-size aluminum foil, saran-wrap, zip-lock bags, things like that. We’ve been slowly going through those supplies the past few years and have not had to buy much of any in ‘today’s dollars’. I look at the prices of those items today and they are significantly more money. So we have saved quite a bit of money over the long term by having purchased so much of it years ago (we also bought on sale).

So, you cannot go wrong by stocking up on consumable supplies and food TODAY, because their prices will ALWAYS go up over time. Not only will you save money, but more important, you will be prepared!


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  1. As Ken has always, rightly so, preached from the beginning….prepare. The title of this blog site says it, he says it day after day, week after week, prepare. Want to survive? Follow his articles and prepare.

  2. There is a hidden celestial side to this story … but nevertheless … if those in high seats had not allowed the deliberate contamination, destruction and even the sell-off of the Mother Earth resources … there would be more than enough …

    It always seem that humanity are blamed for the this and or that misfortunes they now face … but the finger points at the higher seats who control things from behind the scene …

  3. With all due respect but I don’t by the UN crap about over population.
    The 7th billion human born simply was a propaganda action from the Un to put the overpopulation bomb scam on the radar again.

    When we arrive at 9 billion inhabitants the numbers will decline.

    We have all the resources to support a much bigger population.
    If we give every inhabitant a house with a nice garden the entire population would cover an area as big as the State of Texas.

    The UN wants to reduce the population and reduce the carbon footprint of the West under a Global Government.
    This is a fascist concept and we should reject it with all our power.

    Instead we should promote freedom and free trade so we can lift people from poverty and create wealth.

    The current political process described at ‘green’ is aimed to shackle our populations on false grounds.

    As long as we can afford to process 40% of our food stocks into bio fuels, we can easily feed 12 or even 15 trillion people.
    One of the most populated area’s in the world is the Netherlands.
    We have 17 million people living on a postal stamp. We have almost 10 million cars driving around and millions more due to transit traffic. Schiphol Airport is visited by 40 million people every year and rising.
    Besides that the country is a major exporter of flowers, vegetables and meat.

    It still has clean air, wonderful natural parks, clean waterway’s and a flourishing industry.
    In fact, the Dutch are one of the most satisfied and happy people in the world.

    So please do the freaking math, project the Dutch example on a Global scale before we refrain to the doom and gloom propaganda from the Club of Rome and the UN.

    When you do that you see how crazy the entire population bomb concept really is.

  4. As for the calculations of arable land and agricultural out put, the numbers add up perfectly but the concept is not realistic.

    What triggers hunger in the world is poverty. People living from 2 USD a day.

    We have been boosting food prices by processing huge food crops into bio fuel and the federal policies of printing money if there is no tomorrow has severely undermined the US dollar value.

    Now we are cutting tropical forests to make place for palm oil farms because crazy pun Virgin Richard Branson wants his fleet of 747’s fly carbon neutral.

    We really have to stop the madness that’s going on and start building a real world based on eliminating real problems instead of wasting our wealth and resources on non existing problems like Global Warming and over population.

    A real capitalist society would see the incredible opportunities to serve a growing population.

    But if we let the socialists and the fascists have their way we all end up as plant food.

  5. You are right. Now define the solution. That is where the problem lies. Should countries like China, India and Bangladesh be nuked? How do you reduce the population and more importantly how do you reduce those populations that have grown the fastest (mostly third world countries)?

  6. I agree that mother nature or man’s greed will probably solve the population problem but undoubtedly it won’t end with a decent result, i,e, the intelligent people surviving and the neanderthals disappearing.

    China’s policy makes sense but isn’t working. China has too many people, they had too many people when they implmented that policy and now they have more people. That equals failure.

    In general the educated more intelligent people choose birth control to limit the number of children and the less educated masses choose sex as an outlet and welcome children as their “retirement plan”. I see nothing that would change this even if we gave birth control to every person on earth.

    You cannot compare very small countries like Holland with large populations like China. Holland and many of the small European countries has a huge advantage in this system. That is they have small and educated populations and a HUGE world market they can compete in. China or India could not emulate this model simply because of the size of their population.

    Bottom line is we can’t fix it, there is noo solution that will work given human nature. We will all take this ride on the population bomb together for better or for worse.

    1. @GWTW, “…there is noo solution that will work given human nature. We will all take this ride on the population bomb together for better or for worse” Right you are, there really is no solution. We’ll all ride it out together…

  7. With all due respect for your all of your remarks but the fact is that we don’t have an overpopulation problem at this moment in time or in the near future.

    To keep hammering on this clueless notion that mother nature will solve the problem when we build cities in the Arctic circle simple makes no sense.

    I rather see the world from an optimistic view from live and let live.
    We’re having a swell time besides some economic down turns, the planet is ok, we have more proven energy reserves than at any time since we started burning oil and we have 500 tons of copper available for every citizen on the planet.

    Just continue the good work so in the end everybody has a year of food stocks available.

    Elect the right President next time and have a look at this video

    When Idea’s have sex

  8. By the way? Who mentioned 100 billion inhabitants?

    We won’t even make it to 10 billion before the end of the century and probably never will.

    Populations from Russia, Europe and many other modern nations are in decline and only maintain their numbers by immigration, just like the USA.

    High birth rates go hand in hand with high mortality rates especially among children.
    The moment a country manages to gain higher living standards birth rates virtually collapse.

    As for arable lands you should know that in Europe farmers get payed not to plant their land.
    Yes, they receive subsidies from the Government not to grow crops.
    In Eastern Europe former Kolchoz area’s from the cold warhave been left barren.

    We’re talking millions of acres of prime quality land here.

    However the second agricultural revolution is around the corner.

    The next generation green house, already demonstrated and certified is build in the middle of the city and generates sufficient output to feed the entire population. It’s a high rise with hundreds of floors, with plants growing without any soil. The plant float on the water that contains the perfect amount of nutrients.
    Production continues all year round 24/7 and the quality of the food is perfect.

    So really there is a solution for all our problems although the current state of mind of our green eco friends is exactly the opposite. We have a problem for every solution.

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