Liberty Loses On November 8th If You Don’t Fight To Get It Back

November 8, 2022 will (in my opinion) go one of two ways. It will either slow down the current and dangerous insanity coming from Washington DC and the globalist cabal, or, the liberty movement rooted in the principles of our Constitution will be done for good. Finished. This is not ‘just another election’. This one is different, in my opinion.

Originally posted mid-October. Now here we are on November 8th. Last chance to get it right. The wave needs to be big enough to overcome the seawall of fraud. Can we do it? We’ll see… What’s your opinion?

Now back to the original post:

A recent comment on the blog reads as follows…

“Someone made a statement a few weeks ago here, paraphrased as “The stolen 2020 election is a DON’T GO BACK EVENT”. In other words, the Woke Folks are not going to allow the “Red Wave” on November 8th to take away their 2020 power grab.”

“Dan Bongino is predicting that the Left will use the courts to delay results until they can cook up enough votes to turn the results in their favor. WHO KNOWS?”

~ Pitchfork

The Desperate Powers That Be

To the displeasure of TPTB, many people have been waking up to their ‘reset’ and dystopic plans for our future.

There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind of the unconditional determination coming from the powers-that-be. That is, to be victorious in their multi-decade efforts, which are culminating, right now. To destroy our founding ideals. To transition a ‘great reset’ from a multinational world, to one world, and a one world government – fueled by windmills and fluttering butterfly wings. But worst of all, the new world will be devoid of individual freedom and liberty. Because that’s the only way they can accomplish it.

There is also no doubt in my mind about who they are. I’ve done my research. And I know their motivations and what they want for you and I. They are, in my view, an evil elite who look upon most all of us as useless eaters.

Their mission is to achieve a sort of global utopian transhuman future (intermediary form between human and posthuman). A future where they have absolute power and control over you and I. Given all that they have done and nefariously achieved to date towards their goals, they are not going to let November 8, 2022 return a result that slows them down – without a vicious fight.

We have reached a crescendo

We have reached a crescendo. Time is short. We will soon know.

It is clear to me how things will go down if Liberty loses on November 8th. It will be the final nail in the coffin, so to speak. There will be a ferocious renewal to isolate, demonize, and rid the landscape of those who continue supporting the notion of individual liberty (and all that goes with it), in any way, shape, or form.

Most preparedness-minded people believe in the ideals of individualism, liberty, freedom (speech, religion, etc..), family, our Constitution, national sovereignty, on-and-on but you know what I mean… Although these ideals already put a target on your back in today’s twisted Woke World, you probably ‘aint seen nothin yet’ – should we not succeed on slowing them down November 8th. Because if we do not, then there will be no smooth road back, whatsoever.


The morning of November 8th. All instincts point towards the fact that we (the people) are waking up, and winning. Most everyone is fed up with all the crap these past two years, and where it has brought us. I don’t even see this election as being ‘close’. Joe Rogan recently said regarding the upcoming midterm ‘Red Wave’, ‘Going To Be Like The Elevator Doors Opening Up In The Shining’. In my view, if it’s ‘close’, that points to fraud. Why? Because no one in their right mind would vote these same far-leftist Marxist Communist hacks back into power. With that said, I do realize that many people are not in their ‘right mind’…

Now get off your arss and vote today (assuming you’re pro-Liberty). Otherwise, please stay home!


    1. Amen brothers and sisters, the cemetery voters will be out in full force, if they don’t win at the polls they will TRY to win in the courts. I truly feel we are a rotting corpse feeding the maggots until the bell tolls.

  1. “It is clear to me how things will go down if Liberty loses on November 8th. It will be the final nail in the coffin, so to speak. There will be a ferocious renewal to isolate, demonize, and rid the landscape of those who continue supporting the notion of individual liberty (and all that goes with it), in any way, shape, or form.”

    Yes. True, True. My friends, neighbors, and family will vote to defend our freedom(s) but I cannot speak for others in this country. Preppers are prepared for most calamities/disasters but I fear they are not prepared for what will happen after November 8. If the Left maintains power there will be sweeping changes to the way we live. I’m not just talking about a computerized way of life, I’m talking about taking away your way of life – for good. The IRS is armed. The FBI is chomping a the bit. Door bells will ring and doors will be knocked down – where ever you may live. Just because you live 200 miles from the nearest city, don’t think you are completely safe. Just because you grow your own vegetables, don’t think that your produce won’t be confiscated to feed the wave of immigration The real war is the one one your doorstep and it’s coming down the pipe. I promise you not everyone is going to follow. You can put money on that.

    The Wounded Knee Massacre, also known as the Battle of Wounded Knee, was a massacre of nearly three hundred Lakota people by soldiers of the United States Army. It occurred on December 29, 1890. History say it started because a single Native American refused to give up his rifle.

  2. Daunting for sure. We will do what we can and hope for a reprieve from this insanity. The Pres can only veto a bill one time then passed by the house/senate it becomes law. This will be one off the most interesting midterm elections since Obama was Pres. If the silent majority turns out perhaps it will be better than a shellacking and be a Titanic event!

  3. about 3 weeks to to go.
    got popcorn?
    a lot can happen in three weeks. please, please,PLEASE guys go vote.
    they can rig elections only to a certain point with voter fraud, but if we show up in force we can overcome that.
    many republicans did not vote the last time around and you see where we are now. we only have ourselves to blame for being complacent.
    if you don’t vote, then you are part of the problem, you reap what you sow.

  4. I find it interesting that we have less than a month to go, for the mid terms.
    Usually the air waves are now flooded with ads for this or that politician.
    In our area, I hear nothing, except for an ad that opposes a favorable running R governor.

    Regardless, i say
    down with Witchmore, up with Dixon, as governor.

    We are on limited time to get our priorities straight, for what is coming….
    And it ain’t gonna be pretty.

  5. I don’t believe there will be a civil war…at least in a historical sense…a division of states, standing armies, and such. Maybe localized skirmishes should conservatives win decisively in November and the organized leftist agitators and their minions show their displeasure, creating chaos (as they surely will).

    Conservative middle America just doesn’t have the temperament for carrying the fight to the streets…they worked hard for what they have and fear losing it to a retaliating government. Don’t think that the January 6th tribunals have gone unnoticed to the average American who may be displeased by the direction our country is going. Most will sit on the sidelines, slowly watching their comfortable lives destroyed.

    Hunger is a powerful motivator though…a game changer. The overwhelming majority of American working-class folks have never missed a meal due to shortages or rationing. If hunger comes, so does rebellion.

    1. @ Dennis
      “Conservative middle America just doesn’t have the temperament for carrying the fight to the streets…they worked hard for what they have and fear losing it to a retaliating government.”

      Sadly, I mostly agree. However, sometimes evil must be fought by a different kind of evil. Perhaps foreign, perhaps more greedy and more egotistical than a Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. Somewhere that evil exists. “My enemies enemy is my friend”, and so shall it be.

    2. Dennis,
      sadly, if things remain as they are now, hunger and cold will come for many here in our country in the near future and then it will be to late. people will get desperate.
      get ready, it could happen, i hope and pray not, but if it does it won’t be pretty. those in urban areas will be hit the hardest. the time to act and take this country back is on Nov.8
      best of luck friend.

    3. I saw this from National File and had to laugh. I debated this point with an elderly Auntie of mine. Tucker basically states that Americans have been taught to just accept election stealing. Here is the link

      But here is what I told my Auntie. Tucker, Youtubers, Bloggers can make as many videos, write as many articles as they want but where is the ACTION. The actual ACTION? There won't be any. My Auntie tried to tell me that there are thousands of "arm-chair warriors" and I replied, " So?"

      Is it easier folks to post responses/replies, make videos, blog OR, to gather people weekly/monthly/biweekly and drive to City Hall? Or, pass out flyers? Canvass neighbourhoods? My Auntie replied," Of course from home is easier! Duh! That's why I do it."

      EXACTLY! That's my point. I explained to her that if you have 100 Youtubers who make videos and 100 people watch it, that makes 200, right? Those 200 turn around and share the inormation and? My Auntie stated," Then we have more people informed! That's what!"
      And? So?
      It isn't that people don't know WHAT to do. It is simply that people don't CARE to know and don't WANT to WANT to do anytying.That is a big difference.
      Apathy has set in folks. Sorry.

  6. Hey you, out there on the road
    Always doing what you’re told
    Can you help me?
    Hey you, out there beyond the wall
    Breaking bottles in the hall
    Can you help me?
    Hey you, don’t tell me there’s no hope at all


    The last of Pink Floyd lyrics that popped into my head.
    Don’t know why

  7. Correction,
    Brain fart:
    Actually it was this capitalized lyric quote that popped into me head…
    (The first also falls into accordance)
    Am tired

    Hey you, out there in the cold
    Getting lonely, getting old
    Can you feel me?
    Hey you, standing in the aisles
    With itchy feet and fading smiles
    Can you feel me?
    Hey you, don’t help them to bury the light


    1. Joe c
      Can you ship that to me. I plan on sending it to those who do not read this site, it may kick some of those ol buzzards who are retired military where they need a royal kicking.

      Yes, it fits what may be coming.

  8. All,
    Gateway is reporting that Mexican President Obrador has announced the bidum/blinken have proposed a single North American Union. No borders and no countries, no national citizens. This election cycle with decide your very existence as an American. We cannot let the demented old puppet to continue to destroy the Republic at the behest of the string pullers.

    1. k-bay, Please read again. The proposal is Obrador’s. He was mad the Biden admin did not invite the commies in the region to the Summit of the Americas that was held here. AMLO wants free travel, including of the cartel and our enemies, across all borders. He’s a leftist, of course, so money is the only principle involved.

  9. Joe c,
    “Am tired Hey you, out there in the cold Getting lonely, getting old Can you feel me?”
    yup, a good day for me is being able to get my underwear and pants on without falling down.

  10. Great article Ken. I have no one even decent to vote for. This has been planned for decades. In 1913 they took over and have been running the country and world. Kennedy warned us about the secret societies. Bush 1 told us that we were needing a New World Order. So did Kissinger. I heard all of their sick stuff and I’m finding out more daily. That O Brandon really put the screws to us while O was in office.

  11. Ken, as a super conservative myself I must now say the future will prove your prediction of the events to come will not happen. Over my many years I have seen bad times come and go but the American people always seem to solve the problems of the time. I always respect your freedom of speech but spreading fear is just uncalled for. Respectfully yours

    1. No joke……I disagree with you 100%….we have never been in a over the cliff situation as we are today, there have always been tough times, but now we are very close to end times….repeat end times…we all need to wake up and smell the thorns of reality.

    2. No Joke,
      If I may, interject.
      You may choose to show a blind eye to the current events that are now befolding upon us.
      I, myself, find Ken’s articles as not fear mongering, but events we all should prepare for. A heads up, if you will.

      A Y2K was an event

      The Aztec predictions were an event to prepare for.
      Clinton years. Obama years, etc

      Rightly said, I was disappointed in all failed events, not even coming across this board, prior.

      Spead fear?
      Or spread preparedness?
      You choose …for the unknown.
      Best of luck

      And yah,
      No Joke
      but seriously

    3. @ No Joke

      I find it interesting that a self-proclaimed “super conservative” would poo-poo even the most obvious signs of a Leftist Totalitarian government. A recent post revealed that the use of money – “cash” was not only being discouraged but banned in a certain state. UPS and FedEx have stopped shipping certain firearms and firearm parts. YouTube and other social media are systematically terminating posts/podcasts that don’t agree with their liberal agenda. The IRS is hiring AND ARMING 87,000 new agents and all of a sudden building your own firearm is a federal offense. Etc. etc. etc.

      “spreading fear” is what Greta Thunburg does. Ken is accentuating the MANY problems that exist in this country. Unless of course you think this country doesn’t have any or maybe you believe in Greta more than this country.

  12. The last election was blatantly stolen and nothing was done about it.
    The left owns all the federal law enforcement.

    Who believes that a red wave will be allowed to happen?

  13. What do the working citizens have to counter in the upcoming election? There is a large segment of society that are free to spend every day fighting for more free sh*t. We saw what can happen the last couple of years in Washington State, Oregon, …. when people could spent months out burning, looting, harassing, …. as law enforcement was overwhelmed and politicians did nothing to stop it.

    What will it take to get the silent working majority to step up and take the country back if wide spread cheating happens again? Do we really have to wait for hunger to motivate the citizens to action? Are we so afraid of the corrupt agencies that we can not see that a few million strong can turn the country around. III

  14. A few things…I keep trying to prepare here like it will be the 1800s again (as much as we are able). Simplify! Also, when “Nancy P—-i” is NOT worried about the election, we should be. And finally, the Dems will grant full amnesty, citizenship, and voting rights to all illegals. Boom. Dems win (and keep) their seats. And finally, please God I hope I’m wrong!

    1. DJ5280, Process (asylum) takes time. Rule change to processes (speeding up asylum to citizenship) takes even more time and is not on the horizon. Constitutional change (illegals voting) takes a very long time and with today’s split politics is virtually impossible. Current wait for asylum processing is in the years. Fully staffed, which DHS is not, getting from refugee (asylee states) to citizenship is taking another 8-10 years, if all conditions are met and the person actually applies, which about a third do not. Not going to be an issue anytime soon. Court struck down NY’s attempt to let noncitizen residents vote. DC’s attempt probably headed for the dumpster too. In any case, DC is a small city with almost no place for many illegals to live. Far too much security and scrutiny. They’re mostly out in MD and VA.

      1. Anony Mee, I hear what you’re saying, but I sometimes think the dems will JUST DO IT, damn the consequences – and it will be too late anyway after the election. The fight against it will be after the elections. And we know this government will not overturn any election. I don’t think they care or will abide with any election laws, or laws period. What do you think? Can they get away with it? Even if it is challenged in the courts it might be too late after the election. Anyway, perhaps the states will prevent it. Most of them anyway. I hope so. But there is still the issue of mail-in ballots. Look at what just happened in Colorado. Oops! “Mistakenly” sent out all those ballots to the wrong people.

        I don’t even want to vote. Or care anymore. Sigh.

        1. DJ5280, “Time to remember the best voting advice I’ve heard: Voting isn’t marriage; it’s public transport. You are not voting for “the one” who is absolutely perfect. You are getting on the bus. And if there isn’t one going exactly to your destination, you don’t stay home and sulk; instead, you take the one going closest to where you want to be.” A quote included in an article I wrote: . . .
          Although we vote for individual candidates, it is the party that garners the power. The leader of the party in power in the chamber determines who sits on and who chairs committees, which committees draft legislation gets assigned to for consideration, and whether it ever comes up for a vote. It is the party in power that determines which Presidential nominees are considered for Senate approval and appointment. It is the committees that review and modify the annual federal budget details and send bills to the floor for voting on. Every funding bill that goes to POTUS for signature comes from these folks. We need to think beyond just the individual one out of 535 we vote for and understand how hugely the total numbers in each party impact every part of our lives.

    1. Horse, or grid-down – no power. Then yes, mail-in ballots. That’s my guess. Perhaps a combination of many different things all over the country. Looks more natural you know……

      1. DJ5280
        It may appear to be ‘normal’ occurrence to some, but not to those of us who pay attention.
        We have forgotten how to yell louder than those few who make a bigger fuss. We tend to ignore them as the spoiled rotten children in adult bodies which they are. Just my thinking out loud.

        1. AC, paying attention is where I get discouraged. I just don’t get people now. Many of my friends (and some ex-friends) have NO regrets voting for Biden. They wanted ‘change.” They never want Trump or anyone like him in government. They have ‘drunk the koolaid.’ They do not think any of this will affect them or their future. Hard times will just happen to other people. I am at the point of not talking to anyone anymore about politics, government, voting, etc. Never talk about preparing anymore except for the following: Just had some family visiting (they come every fall). Talked to them last year about preparing and putting up food, water, etc. Asked how they are doing with supplies. They have done nothing. Oh, okay. Final word: Don’t come here. I’m done.

        2. DJ5280
          Understand where you are coming from. Basically, have tried talking to the youngest sibling about this she does not wish to hear what I have to say. Am not sure if it is her job she started not that long ago or what is happening.
          Know she is prepared a little, but her attitude is ‘this will never happen’. That in it self-frightens me. Reminds me of a term heard long ago–mugwump.

  15. This ought to be a kick in the gut for America’s media and the democrats……..

    “According to the respected Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, despite two years of a 24/7 media hate campaign, Donald Trump is America’s most popular and favored politician.”

    Trump’s favorability is higher than any present politician in the country.

    1. Agreed Dweezil. To complete their plans the Marxists must take away all of our weapons. “Plan accordingly”.
      Out here.

  16. Oh I’m ready to fight to get it back… but I won’t be voting this time… they just laugh at us. Democracy has failed utterly and I’m not going to be the butt of a joke to some leftist mob. Driving home tonight…. Riverside county just “found” 5,000 duplicate ballots. How the **** do these ‘gltches’ keep happening?! Frigging INDIA fixed this shizz eons ago with a simple dip of the index finger in an ink well, one and done. 1.5 billion people, fraud checked. but here? Oh no! The black, lesbian, bariatric, trans, mobility challenged (Fat Ass) welfare whores can’t be inconvenienced by waiting in a line on one day, because… racism. Screw this country as it is is presently incarnated. DIRECT ACTION! Or it is gone down the memory hole forever.

  17. Em Brasil estamos correndo esse mesmo perigo de perder nossas liberdades, o ex presidiario Lula que foi condenado em mais de uma instância foi solto por um amigo do Supremo Tribunal para concorrer a presidência do Brasil, ja prometeu o desarmamento civil, a regulação da midia, a estatização da economia, enfim, a cada dia que passa a agenda maligna dos globalistas avança dois…

    “In Brazil we are running the same danger of losing our freedoms, the former prisoner Lula who was convicted in more than one instance was released by a friend of the Supreme Court to run for president of Brazil, he has already promised civil disarmament, regulation of the media, nationalization of the economy, in short, every day that passes the evil agenda of the globalists advances two…”

  18. i expected this, the new improved variant.
    “XBB was discovered this week, in Singapore. New COVID-19 cases more than doubled in a day, from 4,700 on Monday to 11,700 on Tuesday and XBB is almost certainly why according to the Daily Beast. The same subvariant just appeared in Hong Kong, too”

    Oh surprise..

    If this is used to force more masks, quarantine and mail-in-ballots (that only help the left) will be all I need to know this one was also intentional.

    Get ready for heavy election interference.

  19. Pretty funny that people actually believe voting matters anymore,
    Weeks? Days?
    I remember election results that night in the 60s, i call bullshit,
    Burn their asses if they screw with it again, enough is enough

  20. Voted this morning…wife and daughter voted yesterday while in town for a doctor visit. They’re making it as difficult as possible for folks living in the backwoods up here.

    Up until last election, we could vote at the community center about five miles from our house. In a “cost saving move” the election committee closed down all the sparsely populated precincts polling places, forcing us to drive to the county seat to cast our votes…for my family that’s a 28-mile drive, or 56 miles round trip.

    Wife and daughter cast their votes at the county office building yesterday as usual. I pull up there this morning to be greeted by a hand drawn sign saying that voting had been moved to the county library down the road. Once there, it was easy enough to cast my ballot and the poll workers were all friendly and helpful.

    1. scout,

      Yep, me too. I picked up 3 sacks of lay pellets and filled the pickup and two 5 gallon cans. Gas was still $3.09 but I noticed yesterday that crude is approaching $100 bbl. so I figured better go ahead and top off. I try to keep 85 gallons on hand at all times.

      Made a deal on a handicap scooter. Like new, it cost around $900 when new, gave $300. Don’t need one yet, but for the price I couldn’t pass it up. Been riding it around the yard some this afternoon playing. Wife made me hide it in the barn…she don’t want folks to think we’re crippled…yet.

  21. I have a mail in ballot that have always dropped off at a ‘legal’ voting establishment. Looking online to see if the local place where I normally drop my ballot off it was not shown. Yet there were lots of drop off boxes for one’s ballots. NO, thank you!
    Happened to notice the church was a voting designation so I stopped by there and they informed me I could drop off my ballot with them. Just place it in the voting box–wahh hoo!.
    In all the years of voting this is the ‘first’ time I have seen voters actually voting in this facility. You could feel the happiness in the poll workers, people coming out to vote. The other odd phenomenon, it was raining and cold outside. All the other times I have stopped by this voting designation not a soul could be found inside voting and weather was dry and cool.
    Make of it what you will but something is going on….

  22. I voted this morning. In going through the candidates information I unfortunately had to disqualify a lot of people because there was no way to get additional information. What do they represent? What are their goals, their stance on the issues? If they can’t take the time to give that information, they’re out.

    The other thing was the candidate statements. Most said nothing, in all the flowery language. But one or two were a hard NO…Sheesh. It ranged from “Republicans hate the poor,” to “Even if they vote wrong, you can still (associate with them).” Huh?

    Seriously, can’t any of these candidates leave their stereotypes and prejudices at home? (You don’t need to answer that. I’m well aware that prejudice and stereotypes are the mainstay for many.)

  23. Scout, the thing is that if they get enough people to believe this they can keep good people away from the polls. What is participation, something like 14%? HRC stated before the 2016 election that they had it sewn up, and they had the smallest D participation in history. Duh.

    As far as the vote not counting–maybe. Doesn’t matter. I intend to make my wishes known, and not voting is giving in. My personal opinion is that if voting didn’t make a difference there wouldn’t be so many commie pukes out there trying to convince us not to do it.

  24. Mrs. J and I voted this afternoon. Although quite a small town, the parking lot was fuller than I thought it would be for the afternoon. This evening we’ll turn on the tv and watch the attempted steal. Like I opined in the article above, I do believe this is our last chance to slow down the crazy train before it’s absolutely too late. And even if Liberty survives tonight, there is so much work and “undoing” to be done, one wonders about the extent to which it will get done (nothing much changes if McConnell remains in charge – traitor RINO). On the other hand, if Liberty goes down tonight, my personal view on our future is dim – and the road traveled will be a different one than the one I hope to take.

    1. McConnell needs to go too. It is time. Going to email my senators. Trouble is with these politicians who have been in office a very long time is, they know where all of the bodies are buried.

  25. Wonder how many “late night ballot drops” are going to take place again (all coincidently for the demoncraps) while results are delayed for days, even weeks? This is the seawall that the tsunami wave needs to overcome.

    ABC reports, ‘Early election night results might not indicate final tallies (and why that’s OK)’.

    The piece explains how Republicans may “appear to be leading their Democratic opponents, even by large margins” in federal and statewide races, but that their leads “will dwindle, or crumble completely” after “dumps” of mail-in and absentee ballots are counted after election day, which could take “weeks”.

    1. Ken,

      Things have now been conveniently set up for delayed ballot counting, due to so many provisional ballots being filled out by people trying to vote in various areas where machines are malfunctioning. Very clever, what they did there, huh? Any objections to late night counting and delays would disenfranchise those who showed up to vote today and couldn’t because of “issues”. Makes me feel sick to see what’s happening, though can’t say I’m surprised really. Once corruption takes a foothold, following the rules won’t root it out. And communists are *never* voted out.

      I did vote today, if only to add my voice to others so tptb know where things stand.

    2. scout, u think the demoturds r going to steal this election again? i know all results r not in but some don’t look too good. esp. our senator eric schmitt here in missouri, he is running against busch valentine , u know the busch beer people, i guess she is part of that family or married into it, she is a demoturd.

  26. I dont know about you all but from what im reading, i doubt this election will be legitimate,
    Its time to turn on those who feel they are our betters and teach them a lesson

  27. I’m just now looking at this crap show. Voting irregularities all over the country primarily in conservative areas. I considered the futility of voting, and it is futile, but I want to reserve my right to remedy so I shall leave work early this evening and go to the polls with my wife. But Ken made it very clear in the title of this thread… we will fight to get it back. It’s going to be a bare-knuckle fight and it’s on.

  28. They use felt tipped pens here. SharpieGate since 2016. I did vote but skipped my 89 year old senator. He’s been in office his whole adult life. (almost)

  29. Voted shortly after polling place opened at 730 am. Poll workers said our timing was good as the machines were not working until just then. Guess what kind of machine? Dominion. Rural area. Only one other couple there besides us. Met a neighbor working the polls I hadn’t yet met. There were public demonstrations of the machines over the past weeks to prove they count accurately. This configuration did print a record of the vote you then had to approve. But after reading on 2020, the fix was in the software not accurately counting. No Democrats ran for county office. So those votes were just affirming the primary.

  30. SoCal polling station – Weather is cold, rain and wind; the town is largely liberal but with a stark demographic shift to staunch conservative ‘above’ a certain road. The nearest ballot drop box was at the library. The box was over-stuffed to where you had to stick fingers in the slot to fan out the ballots to make room. There was a steady flow of people. all with a determined look of someone on a mission. The polls close in just over two more hours.

  31. well here in missouri, eric schmitt has less than busch valentine for senator so far, only about 50 or 60 percent of votes in here in missouri. i was hoping schmitt (R) would be winning more, of course not all 100 percent is in. also our amendment 3 which i am against (using marjuaian) for recreational use 21 and over is also getting a lot of votes. i hope these demoturds lose big time but i guess we will see as the night goes on.

  32. Ok now that Fetterman “won” do you suppose he will do the humane thing and change that freaking nasty Carhartt sweatshirt with the Rocky Balboa hood? He’s been wearing it non-stop since at least May. The damn thing has stiffened, every fiber is shellacked in that mans dried funk. We get it already, he’s a tough guy and man of the people…. go shower already, gaaack.

  33. Although the final results are not yet in this morning ((gasp)), it does appear as though there may have been a red ripple as opposed to a wave. I did have a certain amount of confidence that more people would have recognized where we’re being led – coupled with factors that are affecting every American — inflation, high prices for energy, food, everything… However, it appears at this time that the results were not overwhelming. Instead, more like a ripple. This doesn’t bode well for the future as more indoctrinated wokesters enter the system continuing to tip the scales – likely permanently. It was the last stand. Perhaps it will be a slight tap on the brakes, barely, at best.

    —–Here are a few interesting comments from around the net:

    —–“With all the painful issues that affect the American people I believed that common sense would prevail. Instead it was ignorance. I watched the Marxists tell lie after lie and a large portion of the population believes the lies! Another nail in the coffin of our Constitutional Republic. How the hell did Fetterman get elected???”

    —–“We officially have two Americas. The Patriot areas became more widespread and deeply divided from the leftists urban areas. The leftist doubled down on their cultism and elected/re-elected their masters. The Right was blunted by the voting fraud and corruption of the left. It happened everywhere across the US. The gap between the Right and left is very deep and appears to be worse than ever.”

    —–“The easiest thing in the world is to be a person on the Left. It’s easy to cheat and “win” when you own the levers of power. They’ve made too much headway with build back better; destroying the existing system & rebuilding it in their mage. Anyone who believed they’d take their foot off the gas pedal now was dreaming.”

    —–“Republicans believed they would have a great midterm. They forgot that America is now under the control of the Communists. God help us. Life is about to get REALLY painful.”

    —–“Maricopa County was besieged by machines that couldn’t count the ballots. That didn’t happen anywhere else in the state. Only in the county that should deliver a lot of GOP votes.
    Weird, huh?”

      1. kula: fox news talking this morning about lot of voters more interested in climate and abortion. my gawd. they r making it out like every female of child bearing age is getting pregnant every week and running to the abortion clinic on fridays to get an abortion. seems like no one is interested in the price of food and gas going up. just makes no sense.

        1. Yea i know Scout, but cycle after cycle it just keeps being a big far no on anyone i vote for, so why bother?

    1. Ken the results just reaffirms our need to truck on with our preps, statements made by ‘the squad’ is that people want change to this country, our constitution, which translates to our freedoms. My efforts and resolve have just been kicked up a few more notches and my commitment to our Lord and savior. Watch potato head do some victory’s laps today, ( I won’t can’t stand this loser in chief.

  34. I’ve never been to Pennsylvania. I see no reason to visit. I appreciate a good joke/prank as much as the next guy, but…….. really? Oh well, keep on keep’n on.
    “The people have spoken.” Nothing I can do from my perspective. Try to prepare for whatever may be coming. Head-up, chest-forward, walk as though you have a destination.
    Whew, the self-censoring can take one’s breath away. Paste that smile upon your face. Carry on.

  35. Plainsmedic – Save your travel budget. I’ve worked in Easton, Philly and Pittsburgh. One time I was holed-up inside my hotel room across from Three Rivers Stadium after their football team lost a game. Try to imagine 50,000 or so John Fetterman’s ransacking the place with a shrill battle cry and the climbing ability and toilet habits of a lowland orangutan. I slipped out the side exit the following morning before dawn to a dystopic wasteland of yellow and black colored trash which concealed a few meat sacks who spent the night on the pavement. I see no need to visit again.

  36. Morning Tmac,
    Your early morning dystopic wasteland is coming to a location near us all. I believe the number of folks becoming aware, has actually gone up. Far too many choose to remain oblivious. I can’t make that my problem. I have neither the resources nor the desire to help those who won’t help themselves.

    Watched fox news for election results, hey, ya gotta watch something. Pathetic coverage. Red team guy talks then blue team guy. Never a mention of election security, just glossed over it. Nothing to see here, just watch the intoxicated guy at the “big board.” What was his deal, anyway?

    Winter is coming. People are not ready. Many will die. I can’t make that my problem. As a paramedic, I’ve made it my business to help people. Gonna be tough to turn away. I can’t make that my problem. As cool hand Luke said, “I got my mind right, boss.” I can’t make………..

  37. Backwater India votes – one day, one person, one vote, dip your left index finger in 7-day ink = Securest elections on the planet, total cost, around $150.

    Greatest Country on Earth votes – Billion dollar security, accommodations for every category of lazy and oppressed blobish adult protoplasm, entire states frozen at 70% three days later, rando ballots showing up 57,000 at a time, results flipped with barely a flinch from the populace for this now routine biennial charlie-fox.

    1. Yea, makes ya wanna run out and vote,,,
      Cause mail in ballots are as effective as in person, the post that delivers my mail to others and others to me and smashes the hell outa any box that makes it here nevermind the donkey pawing through the piles of mailed in ballots unsupervised and pretty much un vetted, they really will hire anything with a heartbeat identifying as a biped,

      1. Oh Kula! I had a triple-dog special urgent meeting with a private carrier yesterday expressly to find a work around for those donkey-pawing, government, union, bipedal troglodytes you just identified. The biggest problems are Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and PR. ONLY a government subsidized behemoth can claim ownership to those line hauls – at a price point anyway. The postal service has gotten so bad to those locations that private, consolidated or co-op air charters make more sense now.

  38. Tmac,

    Pennsylvania just elected a state lawmaker that died a month before election day. ‘Bout time dead voters get their own representative. Rumor has it that they were about to rise up……

    1. Top of the morning to you Dennis. Yeah that sounds like the same state I worked at, sporadically a few years back. PA is really a charming place, away from any population centers. As a Chicago native your dead candidate reference resonates in perfect harmony with the dead voter miracles I witnessed as a child. “Vote Early, Vote Often!” I learned that in school. It truly is a wonderful world. Did you see our charming police chase last night?? Fool went full-on GTA LARP on half a dozen squad cars and untold number of civilian vehicles. Epic! Something like 60 LASD with guns on him. One clever deputy commandeered a homeless guys shopping cart as an impromptu sniper rest. It was glorious! Onward and awkward, the freeway beckons. Pray for me.

    1. Good article that points out the obvious advantages of a party that literally owns the media and has volumes of money to spend and it’s why I just couldn’t understand all the talk about a “red wave”. To me the fact that we came close in many races was the “reward”. Of course I would have liked to seen Walker and Oz come up winners but the reality of the situation was (and will continue to be) the side with the most ammo wins. Patriots need to understand that this is now the a red or blue country. What we have (the red states) we must cherish and fight not to lose it. 25 states have constitutional carry. This is what this country is now. Divided down the middle. If you live in a red state – you’re gold. If you live in a blue state – you’re f__k’d. It’s that simple.

  39. For at least ten years I have been hearing that I am an old fool for not ‘getting it’ when it come to BTC and other cryptocurrency. Power outage? No problem. See you have all your ‘keys’ on a flash drive, so in grid-down you just find another sucker with a flash drive and somehow you both are a bank – or something.

    This week we discovered that the lynchpin to unravelling this modern miracle is a vegan, gamer-boy kid sorely in need of a haircut who sleeps on a bean bag in his Bahamian penthouse office; and his goofy looking girlfriend who moved tens of billions of dollars at a time. The Ponzi scheme blew up and trillions of US dollars conveniently turned to vapor.

    “Atta boy Sam!” ~Your friends at the US Treasury (Sam Bankman-Fried will never see a courtroom or a jail cell, mark it)

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