“If tomorrow a war were to break out between the US and Russia, it is guaranteed that the US would be obliterated.”

I recently read the quote above from an article on allnewspipeline sourcing a group of Russian insiders living in America, who also said, “If there is going to be a war with Russia, then the United States will most certainly be destroyed, and most of us will end up dead.”

There would no longer be…

-an electric grid
-no internet
-no oil and gas pipelines
-no interstate highway system
-no air transportation
-no GPS-based navigation
-Financial centers would lie in ruins
-Government at every level would cease to function
-US armed forces, stationed all around the globe, would no longer be resupplied
-At a maximum, the entire landmass of the US would be covered by a layer of radioactive ash

“We tell you this not to be alarmist, but because, based on everything we know, we are ourselves alarmed. If attacked, Russia will not back down; she will retaliate, and she will utterly annihilate the United States.”

US Shoots Down Syrian Warplane


BEIRUT (AP) — Russia on Monday threatened aircraft from the U.S.-led coalition in Syrian-controlled airspace and suspended a hotline intended to avoid collisions in retaliation for the U.S. military shooting down a Syrian warplane.

Russia Halts Cooperation With US In Syria, Will “Intercept Any Aircraft” In Russian Areas Of Operation

Russia announced that starting June 19 it was halting all interactions with the US under the framework on the “memorandum of incident prevention in Syrian skies.”

Pentagon Responds: “US Pilots Will Defend Themselves If Attacked By Russians”

There are factions within the US government who have apparently desperately wanted War with Russia via a Syria proxy – which I first noticed many years ago. I know that I wrote about those concerns back then and are buried somewhere on this website, however the “Russia” meme has been on fire lately, especially since November 2016.

The Russians did it! Collusion with the Russians! The Russians hacked it!
The Russians! The Russians! The Russians!

If you say something enough times, most people will start to believe it. That’s a fact…

It looks like this smouldering fire is getting an additional dose of accelerant as the apparently inevitable conflict between the US and Russia is drawing closer to the brink of utter disaster.

Anyone with a pulse and a double digit IQ should realize that we are being led down a VERY DANGEROUS ROAD with regards to the Russian meme.

A “meme” is an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person (Russia bad).

You and I cannot do anything about it. This ship has already sailed and the course is set…

A few questions come to mind:

Should we assume that if we enter into a shooting war with Russia that they will NOT use their nuclear arsenal? Should we assume that? Really?

Do you and I know the Russians? Do we understand their culture, how they think, how their government will react? How they will fight a war?

Do you really think that “Mutually Assured Destruction” (MAD) will deter them and that our vast military strength will ‘take them out back to the wood shed?’ Willing to bet your life on that?

Side note: Have you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones?

Have you looked at a nuclear target map lately?

People… What the heck are we doing?

Instead of attempts to foster relations and cooperative business opportunities with Russia, why are we increasingly poking bigger sticks in their eyes?

While most of us do not have top secret clearance and know what’s going on behind the curtain, and while I am not “sticking up” for Russia, I am suggesting that there seems to be some crazy $hit going on here while the “bad” Russian meme is continually drummed into the heads of Americans every single day. Every single day. Every single day. Every single day.


Unfortunately most do not ask that question, “Why?”.
They simply mindlessly accept it.

end of rant

What are your thoughts?

Russia has evidently drawn a line in the sand in Syria. Will we cross it? If we do, what is your opinion about what will happen next?

Also, feel free to talk about your opinion of the Russian meme in general. Why has it been the constant drumbeat of the mainstream news and where will this lead?

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