There is no inflation. Right? Isn’t that what we keep being told by ‘big brother’? Well my weekly shopping expedition that I embarked on today proved otherwise. I came home and ranted to Ken. Then I felt the need and the responsibility to rant to all of you.

We always knew the prices of food would increase to outrageous amounts, but it is happening much faster than I anticipated. Let me tell you about my sticker shock experiences today.

First I went to a local drugstore chain for some sale items. It’s one of these chains that also sells many grocery items. One of the items I was going to purchase was a 30 ounce jar of brand name mayonnaise. They were ‘Buy one get on free’. I approached the end cap, looked at the price and walked away in disgust. It was $6.29 for one jar! $6.29 for one 30 ounce jar of mayonnaise! The heck with that. I left and went to the grocery store.

I needed to get some Smart Balance buttery spread (45 ounces). Normally the price I would pay would fluctuate from $5.49 to $5.99. I almost had a heart attack last week when I saw the price had gone up to $6.49. In retrospect, I should’ve bought it then. Today, the price was $7.49! YEESH! I bought several because I am afraid of what the price will be next week.

Then came the frozen blueberries. I would like to point out that I think the stores think we are idiots. The 32 ounce bag was $8.99! I thought, well that settles that, we’re not having blueberries in our protein shakes. Then I spotted the 16 ounce bags, regular price, $2.99, on sale for $2.49.

Okay, so I could buy 2 – 16 ounce bags for $5.98 (that’s a total of 32 ounces) OR 1 – 32 ounce bag for $8.99….HELLO! That’s a big ‘no brainer’. So, now I’m getting angry at the grocery store because not only are they screwing me with the high prices, but they’re insulting my intelligence. I grabbed all 7 bags on the shelf. They won’t spoil before we use them and we have the freezer room. I couldn’t help but wonder how many people bought the big bag.

As I was getting ready to check out, I passed an end cap with, you guessed it, mayonnaise. What do know, they had 30 ounce jars of the same brand name mayo for $5.39. I thought to myself, well that’s cheaper than the drugstore price. I thought about picking up a jar and thought, ‘Wait a minute. The generic has got to be cheaper.’ yes, it was all the way at the other end of the store and I was ready to check out.

“Resist the impulse buy!” some little voice was saying. Aaw, what the heck…the walk to the other side of the store will do me good. So I trekked, on the prowl for reasonably priced mayo. I walked out with 2 – 30 ounce jars for a price of $3.28 EACH! Ha, ha I thought. I outsmarted the super grocery store, or did I?

Beware people, soon and very soon (it seems), we won’t be able to afford toilet paper to wipe our ‘you know whats’! I know…I’ll strike it rich by inventing some sort of reusable toilet paper that you can launder. Yeah, that’s it, like the cloth diapers in the days of old!

What about you? Have you been noticing rapid price increases in your neck of the woods?

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