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A handful of conglomerates – corporations, control the media ‘programming’ (yes you are programmed) which is shaped and determined by only a powerful few.

If you really think that a ‘free press’ is working in your best interests nipping at the heels of big government or calling out and exposing the crookedness of the so called ‘greedy’ corporations, what you need to realize is that all media (not just the news) is under the control of a handful of mega corporations who shape your perceptions.

Ever wonder why on a given day when a particular news event is being presented – that no matter which media outlet you turn to, that they are ALL using the same ‘key’ word phrases? This is NOT a coincidence. The ‘programming’ comes down from ‘on high’ and is repeated across the teleprompters of the cast members who are shaping your perceptions and beliefs. And that’s just one example…

Here’s who they are:

Through a history of mergers and acquisitions, the following corporations have gobbled up ‘the media’. They control the programming that you see, hear, and read – as well as the shaping of your perception of current events and the so called ‘norms’ of life (especially towards the young and impressionable).

These five conglomerates (also corporate members of the Council on Foreign relations) are,

Time Warner
News Corporation
Viacom – CBS

Murdoch’s News Corp owns Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, Barrons weekly, the London times, far Eastern Economic review, the New York Post, and hundreds of other large and small city and community newspapers, magazines, and internet properties.

Time-warner owns Time Magazine, Fortune Magazine, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, CNN news group, Turner networks and movies, Warner brothers films, DC Comics, Times online systems, and much more.

And Disney is not just about Mickey Mouse Cartoons these days, as it owns ABC Television, magazine publishing business, Disney Films, Lucas Films, and a huge number of other media and entertainment enterprises.

CBS and Viacom are ‘relatives’ and are global mass media companies. Viacom’s assets include Paramount Pictures, MTV, Nickelodeon, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, Channel 5 (UK), and much more.

Bertelsmann of Germany is a multinational mass media company which not only is a major influence in Western Europe, but also in the United States (increasingly so) and includes Penguin Random House, RTL Group (television), Gruner + Jahr (magazine publishing), Be Printers (printing) and BMG (music).

Their control spans most of the newspapers, magazines, books, radio and TV stations, movie studios, and much of the web news content of the United States. These conglomerates are largely responsible for instilling (brainwashing) the social, political, economic, and moral values of both adults and children in the United States.

There are additional mega-corporations which would follow-on to the list above, however the principle is the same (domination of the entire media array by only a few). This is a VERY powerful thing. It empowers the entire shaping of one’s ‘world’ and has alignment with government policies – all enabled by the mega banking sector (‘money’ is the glue).

Have you noticed how the distinction between news and entertainment has diminished to the point of being barely discernible at times?

Have you noticed how even your friends and neighbors will ‘pick up’ on the phrases that are being fed to us through the media?

Have you noticed how even you can be fooled at times having been persuaded (by the media) that something ‘is’ the way it ‘is’ (often after a constantly repeated ‘programming’), only to find out later that it wasn’t true at all?

Have you ever noticed how TV programs (and movies and even cartoons) promote certain outlooks, apparent behavioral norms, and ways-of-life? As if there is an underlying agenda? (hint: there is)

Now more than ever before we must be critical thinkers and skeptical thinkers. Whenever I see or hear ANY news report (for example) I am ALWAYS immediately looking for the slant – the underlying reason that it’s being presented a certain way – because I KNOW that most all media is slanted (and nearly always towards the favor or benefit of ‘big govt’, ‘progressive’ ideals, etc..). I do not believe that it has always been this way. There was a time in our history when the free press was truly a free press (or a free’er press), and they really went after the truths. Whereas now, they are all owned and controlled by big interests.

So, I suppose that my message is this. To understand that there are ‘powers that be’ who control most of what you see, hear, and read – and that what you see in the array of media is often an illusion, often warped, and not always (rarely?) ‘the truth’, or what is truly ‘right’.

That’s just my opinion. What’s yours?

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  1. I watch various news stations off and on thruout the day. I consider them versions of the Cartoon Network.

    The one question I always ask myself is: CUI BONO?

    Have you ever wondered why Big Pharma runs all those ads for drugs that you cannot purchase. “Ask your doctor if _______ is right for you”

    What do they get for their $2-4 billion annually?

    Lets see who has the answer.

    1. Most Doctors are very wary about prescribing newly FDA approved drugs.

      Even after all the drug trials, etc., many side effects do not become apparent until after 100’s of thousands of people have been taking it.

      For instance there was a new seizure medication on the market a few years ago. It was pushed as the latest and greatest breakthrough. about 2 years after people had been taking the drug, many of them either went blind or almost blind. They pulled the drug from the market.

      So this (in my opinion) is a way for the pharmaceutical companies to push Doctors to prescribe new medications by using their patients to insist on the new drug, because they saw it on the TV.

      Just think about how much cheaper our meds. could be if they stopped spending millions on television ads…they’re not cheap.

      I’m sure there are more sides to this story, but, this is just my personal observations and opinions… Can’t wait to hear more!

      1. Too true. Sadly MDs have become nothing more than drug salespersons for Big Pharma. It is what they are taught in the medical schools (which or course receive huge grants/endowments from the pharma corps).

        Just research Michael Taylor and the revolving door between Mr. Taylor and Monsanto. He is currently the Food Safety Czar appointed by Obama in 2011.

        The point I was making is that you will rarely, if ever, see any coverage of the negative impacts of pharmaceuticals covered by Big Media as they do not want to lose their income streams. Money can certainly buy influence.

        1. I must say that one of the main reasons big pharma has resorted to pushy television ads is because MOST Doctor’s will NOT become the drug salesperson for them.

          Granted there are some Health care “providers” (Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathy, Nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants) that do get mesmerized by the idea of prescribing too much too soon.

          But, the majority of Medical Doctor’s (MD’s) that I have known and work for now, do not. The older guy’s were trained before the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid succeeded in turning medicine into a “put your patient into this cubbyhole” and treat them this way only, career.

          Medicine is not only a science it is an art. Physician’s used to be trained that every human being is different and that experience and intuition about a patient is an art. Most of them still practice that way, in spite of the government trying to push them into something different.

          Which brings me back to my point, pharma has to influence the patient into believing that what they see on TV is smarter and better medicine than what their Doctors are doing for them. Which, I believe, explains all the stupid commercials.

          Sorry for the rant. It’s a sensitive subject where I work. We’re inundated every day with pharmaceutical reps (most of them nice and polite) bringing in information and asking for a “few minutes” of the Doctor’s time. The doctor doesn’t have any time…he’s taking care of his patients! And by the way, we’re not going to interrupt a patient’s appointment time because a sales-rep just walked in!

          1. I like your take. I have a nephew who had his own practice for 30 years and a niece who was a drug rep (tho years ago) and numerous family who are nurses. I talk to them often about what is going on but they may couch their answers to me. Hmmmm…. Perhaps it is a combination of all 3 points (and ? more). I will certainly ponder at length on your reply. Good discussion. Thanks.

    2. There would be two reasons I can think of, one is that a person is already using a prescription for the ailment, but either isn’t satisfied with the results from that medication, or is experiencing some negative side effect, so they think this new drug might be better. Next doctor visit, they are asking their doctor for this new drug. (These new drugs always cost more than the old drugs, so they make up the cost of advertising and then some) The other reason is that there are a lot of susceptible people, some are hypochondriacs, the advertisement lists off some symptoms of an ailment and they think they might have that, because of some minor problem they might have that is really nothing, but because they made the connection in their head, then they believe they have this ailment. Most of the drugs they seem to advertise, there aren’t any solid tests to detect the problem. Like depression, you cannot draw blood, have it tested and have it come back positive for depression. I know there are symptoms of depression, but it is the patient that is giving the only verbal clues to the doctor for diagnosis. Do you feel sad often? How often? Does it last for more than so many hours, or days? Someone could think that these pills might make them happier, even though they don’t really have depression, just that they want to be happy all the time, or a higher level of happiness and tell the doctor what they think will get them the prescription.

      Who knows, one day you might be sitting there being bombarded with those commercials and run across one that makes you have an epiphany, you have been living and suffering with governmental stupidity far too long, and now there is a new medication that will make it disappear.

      One thing is for sure, they do profit from these commercials, and it is probably far more then a rational person would believe.

  2. It goes much deeper than the press. 4 major banks own controlling interest in every fortune 500 company out there. These banks are controlled by a small group of people that make decisions on how the world is run. IE what countries go to war,what countries are successful ect. It has been talked about by JFK Winston Churchill ect. Google ” the six families ” it can be very scary reading.

  3. “Have you noticed how even your friends and neighbors will ‘pick up’ on the phrases that are being fed to us through the media?”

    Answer to that question is a definite yes. When I have tried to point this out to them they look incredulous and have no idea what I am talking about. Joseph Goebbels news networks are doing a great job in propagandizing our populace.

    1. You are spot on Sgt Bill with your analysis of brain washing effecting ones neighbors and the public at large. If a person pays attention they will not only be shocked the way the media influences attitudes towards different subjects it will also scare the heck out of you on how easily it is done.

    2. My coworkers believe anything on the leftist news. They come up with wild stories of mermaids living in the sea and no snow and ice left in Greenland that they get on TV. Every day they come up with more lying propaganda and try to involve me in it to gang up against me. I just walk away and shake my head.

    3. Google Edward Bernays, “The Engineering of Consent”. He is the nephew of Sigmund Freud, and worked closely with Freud’s daughter understanding how to get the masses to think a certain way. He published his work in “The Engineering of Consent,” and was hired by countless marketing companies, consumer goods conglomerates (e.g., Proctor and Gamble, etc.), and most importantly, strategic political campaigns. You can find some of his most notable campaigns here:

      Makes you wonder why we really chose Dixie cups for our bathrooms, or Ivory Soap, or why we vote the way we do, etc. The mass media of today is the greatest tool ever invented for propaganda and those who use it. That is exactly why the government wants to control the biggest threat to this propaganda machine…The Internet! ergo, “net neutrality.”

  4. I find it ironic that the main stream media has such a strong alliance to this Administration. We hear only what they want us to hear, their version of course. Read and article that had names of different media heads that have a family member working for or in this Administration. I tend to watch Fox…or cartoons – it is online with mainstream media, ha!

  5. My Father, a very intelligent man, rest his soul, would interject,

    “Never believe what you read and only 1/2 of what you see”.
    “If a politician tells you the sky is Blue, you better go outside and check for yourself”
    “If the government says everything is OK, you better head for shelter”
    “be careful of the man that only owns one gun, he probably knows how to use it”
    “never sleep with a woman that’s mad at you, she WILL hurt you”
    And my favorite…..
    “the worst day fishing is 1000 times better than the best day working”


  6. Out of all the alphabet “news” stations, which would you consider more accurate? If none, than where would one look to get a more current/factual based report? I mean if it’s on the internet it must be true…right? LOL
    Ken I love your site keep it up brother!

  7. News = Propaganda. (Read the book by Bernays!)
    What most people do not realize is that the “news”, no matter what or where, is completely controlled by some other entity. There is a reason that a story becomes publicized!

    I have ceased using the word “news” because it’s inaccurate. We are subjected to controlled storylines and propaganda so that’s what I generally refer to. I liken all on-air storylines to soap operas….drama at it’s worst. LOL

    It’s so curious to see how a storyline can appear and then become churned elsewhere. Even the “alt news” does this. And the talking heads EVERYWHERE are plugged in, too. Today’s mumbo-jumbo is about Bowe Bergdahl; Clinton’s email scandal, the Fast & Furious or Benghazi stories are so yesterday. They served their purposes. Today it has been offered that WH email has been cyber-breached through the State Dept. Now won’t this storyline give us the convenient-truth as to why Hillary used a private server? Wait for it…

    Once you can figure out the whys and wherefores of a story’s timing and the needed effect a story has, you can better understand the machinations of polit-business. Everyone who watches and reads the news is being played. It all comes down to whether you are a mere observer or a consumer of that propaganda.

  8. The media does not have any influence on the Admin.
    Quite the contrary–
    The main stream media is the Admins steno pool!!
    They report what the Admin says to, and does not report what the Admin does not want reported!

  9. But its not people or sheeple buying into it, these beings of pure evil are a part of the plan and they are supporting all the lies by looking like dumb people who believe what media propogates, and that is very very bad what they are doing. And so when one of us addresses the propogation these so called sheeples only excuse is to call us crazy? Please, I think anyone who even supports a lie by playing dumb is a direct supporter of the propoganda and therefore an evil lier…and I say evil before lier because there can be Good Liers too.

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