I’ve got to say that the economic numbers, the markets, and the apparent enthusiasm seem quite out of place with economic reality. It is astounding how the controllers of today’s modern economic systems have not only staved off a complete crash during 2008, but have risked the system way worse than then while having also manipulated perception to the extent that NO ONE seems to be concerned about today’s realities all these years later.

It’s as though NO ONE seems to be concerned at all about our gargantuan national debt and unfunded liabilities, the insane global debts, the unimaginable intertwined systemic risk of global derivatives (can you fathom the word, ‘Quadrillion’?), and the burgeoning debt of most Americans and American families who live a lifestyle nearly paycheck to paycheck.

If the majority are so incredibly mind-numbed dumbed-down stupid, then why don’t we just vote ourselves that the government send each of us a check for a million dollars? NO ONE CARES about the debt, so, why not??? Hey, no ramifications right?

And now that Trump has been elected, the exuberance is rocketing to the moon that we shall all be saved from any economic woes to come! We as a people are not grounded in reality, and the masters of our economic systems are taking advantage of it to the fullest extent. What gives???

I have written quite a number of articles expressing this type of economic concern over these past years, and it has reached the point where it’s not ‘crying wolf’, but it has reached the point of watching the wolves devour the sheep! One bite at a time!

NO ONE CARES that the national debt is only a few dollars away from $20 Trillion. What’s a trillion? Who cares! There have been no consequences and therefore there will never be any consequences!

NO ONE CARES that the unfunded liabilities of the United States are $104 Trillion. Whatever – just spit out some more electronic digits – there are no apparent consequences!

NO ONE CARES about this stuff because there have been no hard felt consequences for living ‘high on the hog’. Our masters have kept most of the people fat, dumb, and happy, and the best part is…they’re getting dumber by the minute!

They’re so dumb that they are easily and entirely controlled by the barrage of daily brainwashing from the controllers of the mainstream. They have little or no knowledge of history, consequences, or anything at all except for what’s on TV tonight! Or who’s on Facebook right now! NO ONE CARES!

The title of this article, “Is A Devastating Economic Crisis In Our 2017 Future?” is more or less ‘tongue-in-cheek’ in that every year one wonders if this is it, and then there are never any consequences… The band plays on and the Titanic never sinks!

So, having ranted away, and if people are so entirely out of touch with what has really been happening (I could write a book), then what difference does it make to continue down the road of colossal debt? It seems that the powers-that-be are simply winking at each-other as the tune keeps playing on while the people dance to the music…

Are we the stupid ones for not joining in and living high on the hog?
Are we the stupid ones for not entering the casino and playing the game?

After all, there are no consequences right?

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