The entire (financial/economic) system is built on trust that the system will work, and the banks are well aware of this and are exploiting it. The bankers can rig everything.

“The corruption is so extreme with metal manipulation, currency manipulation and banks that continue to be brought up on charges, and no one goes to jail…It’s unbelievable fraud to such an extreme it is frightening” says Gregory Mannarino during an interview with Greg Hunter. “This is why no bankers are brought up on charges. This is why no one gets handcuffed and no one gets arrested because it would shake the very foundation of the financial system. It is built simply on a trust mechanism.”

Mannarino goes on to say, Not only are things getting close, but we are here now.
This is it…The collapse is now…

The correction is going to be painful and deep

because Mannarino contends,

“What we have here is an environment involving the most gargantuan bubble that has ever been seen in the history of the world.”

What we know about bubbles is this, every single one without exception bursts.

They burst because they rise above a level that can be sustained by any means. That means despite whatever the central banks are going to try to do to keep this whole thing pushed up, it will be the free market that will dictate fair market value.

That is going to be that epic snap back where all assets across the board, debt, currency, metal and stocks, correct to fair market value. It is going to shake the core of the earth when that happens. It is going to be nothing but a wealth transfer. People who have exposure to this market on the long end, 401k’s and retirement funds, their wealth is going to be transferred from their pockets to another group of people.

Mannarino says, “We are at a tipping point. There is no doubt about it.”

The signs are all around us, if you will only read them. Time is running short. Time to get into tangibles. Stock the pantry. At best, get ready for a ‘reset’. At worst get ready for a collapse.

Is it about to happen? Many believe it is – this year. Based on your ‘gut’ and what you’ve been reading out there, do YOU suspect a major ‘incident’ during the remainder of this year?

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