Google has a feature called ‘trends’. It enables you to discover what people are searching for online at any given moment.

Sometimes I use this feature to simply observe the trends of the majority.

What I see is usually amazing.

How’s that? (you might ask). Well let me tell you…

People are searching for celebrities, sports stars, and sports in general. By far. That’s what most Americans find important to them.

Listen. I understand the need for disengagement with the ‘real’ world from time to time. I enjoy watching a good movie. Sports can be a ‘getaway’.

But when I observe how celebrity and sports are massively at the top of what’s important, this is very telling.

This is how we decay. This is one reason why we are in the predicament we’re in.

Side note: How many even know that we’re in a predicament?

Too few people do not engage with what is, or should be, truly important.

What would those be? The issues that really have an effect on life and liberty. I’m not going to write a list. But it’s not the celebrity of the day or who beat who in the latest sport.

I get it. It has always been this way. Most people just go along for the ride and let others take care of the driving. It just seems like there are far more today who are in the back seat. And if they’re ever forced to drive, they freak out. Because they’ve never learned to drive.

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