Survival. What do you need to survive? That depends…

What are the circumstances? What are you trying to survive? Where are you right now? What preps are available to you right now? How far away are you from help or home? Are you prepared here? Are you prepared there? Can you get there from here? Are you already at home? What are your skills? Lots of questions…

While thinking about the many emergency or disaster scenarios from minor setbacks to major doom, I considered if survival in general could be summed up to just a few high-level statements – with all else falling beneath them. What is at the root of one’s ability to survive?

Three basic categories come to mind that seem to sum it all up.

One-Two-Three Survival

1. Food & Water
2. Shelter and Security
3. Adaptability skills and mind-set


Food & Water

At the very core of the human ability to survive is food and water. Pretty much a no-brainer. Yes we also need air to breathe, but lets assume that’s not an issue at them moment. Without water, we will probably die in 3 days. Without food we will probably die in 3 weeks. Any and all things related to it, including having it or procuring it, will fall beneath this general category. Having an ‘insurance’ food storage and the ability to obtain water (and purify it for drinking) is essential to survival. Knowing where to get more of it. The ability to grow it, hunt it, or raise it. It is the essence of human survival, and is at the top of the list in most general situations (there are always caveats and circumstantial variations).


Shelter and Security

The human body cannot necessarily survive out in the raw elements for long without eventually being exposed to weather and environmental conditions that may lead to hypothermia, or the opposite, heat exhaustion. The shelter category varies from the very basic (your clothes and outerwear) to an actual physical shelter, the ability to make fire, or more. In one form or another, we need shelter to survive in most environments. I have also lumped the category of security together with shelter as it somewhat goes hand in hand with the notion of protecting one’s self and home (shelter). Secure yourself and your shelter from predators (the two and four legged variety).


Adaptability and Skill-set

Everything else having to do with what it takes to survive falls under the definition of adaptability and one’s skill set. Being flexible, adaptable. Improvise, adapt, and overcome! An attribute of being able to perform, facilitating achievement or accomplishment. Having an adaptable mind or character. Adapting to a particular situation or use. The adjustment to one’s environment. The ability to alter oneself to changed circumstances. Being able to adapt requires not only the mindset to do so, but the practical skills to know how. The more hands-on experience with a wide variety of ‘things on hand’ and ‘circumstances’, the more adaptable you will become. It’s one thing to have an open mind about the options presented to you, but it’s quite another to actually be able to pull it off, so to speak. I believe that all else falls under ‘adaptability’. In fact, one could argue that this is the ultimate number-one key to survival, as this trait will allow you to obtain food and water, as well as shelter and security.

What are your thoughts?

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