Having a positive or negative outlook is a choice. You may not recognize it as a choice, but it is. It is you that chooses the thoughts that either elevate your mood, or bring it down. Unfortunately a-lot of the preparedness community focus is on the negative. However, it is, I believe, somewhat of a ‘necessary evil’. That is, pointing out the risks within the world in which we live, and/or ‘coaxing’ people into alternative or critical non-traditional thinking through the ‘dramatic’ so as to wake them up to the realities of why they should prepare. Admittedly this site too is sometimes (guilty?) of narrowing in on dramatic issues, although we do our best to balance.

Having said that, it may be beneficial to shine a more positive or practical light on difficult problems, realities, or situations and generally improve your day with brighter, more optimistic approaches to the things you do. And while you’re surrounded by negative messages (albeit some of them important), thinking about them in a problem-solving manner will provide a positive outlook on life, which will shift you out of a negative frame of mind and see life as filled with possibilities and solutions in place of worries and pessimism.

The messaging of ‘why’ we need to be prepared may sometimes be dire, but the resulting preparedness actions that you take will benefit you by peace of mind.

Shaking off bad habits, such as negative thinking can be difficult.
Here are a few things to try…


Realize and know how negativity can become implanted in your life.

Decide to think for yourself and to take responsibility for your attitude.

Determine and identify your ‘automatic’ negative thoughts.

Question yourself on your negative bearing and attitude.

Let yourself be positive.

Confront your negative thoughts.

Substitute negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Don’t quit, keep at it.

Be optimistic as an example and influence to others.

Set explicit and meaningful goals, regardless of how impossible they may seem at the moment.


This may sound like ‘fluff’ to some, still, it is vital to avoid being bogged down so badly, such that you become stuck and slow to do anything about the problems that are presented. This topic happens to be one that I struggle with on occasion given my own personality of tending to over-analyze problems – which sometimes leads towards negative outlooks, but I do know that by substituting a more positive outlook does make a difference.

There is a difference between being blindly positive to the point that a person appears to oblivious to risk or issues at hand (I know people like this). There is a balance though somewhere in between where a thinking person can take hold of positive energy to their advantage. The first step is being aware when you begin to become mired in negativity. Once you realize it, you can then do something about it…


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