If you feel like you’re a slave to the system and constantly running on a hamster wheel, going round and round as you expend your precious energies while servicing your debt and seemingly going nowhere, here are a few thoughts:

You can stop being a debt slave by getting off their hamster wheel.

It might sound easy, but it’s not that easy. Here’s why:

Our modern society constantly bombards us with subtle (and not so subtle) messaging that shapes us into good little debt slaves. From cradle to grave, we are brainwashed into accepting debt as normal circumstance. And since our current financial system constantly REQUIRES more debt to ‘stay alive’, the system is therefore very much involved in shaping your thought process such that you stay in debt.

It’s not easy to break free, because first you have to recognize the system for what it is (most people don’t realize this or recognize it), and secondly you must fight against its marketing and targeting and peer pressures to set yourself free from it.


It is your choice. If you want it, you can make it happen. It will take some time, but that’s just the way it is. The reward will be remarkable.


Recognize The System

In order to do anything, you must first ‘see’ and recognize the problem – the system which leads you into debt.

Debt = Slave.
No Debt = Freedom.

Real happiness DOES NOT come from having lots of nice ‘stuff’ at the expense of being a slave to debt. Phony happiness, perhaps, but ‘real’ happiness, no. Real gut-felt happiness is one result of freedom. Being debt-free is one of the direct links to freedom.

The system strongly promotes peer pressures and the notion to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. In order for the system to get you into debt, it must create (shape) your psychology for you to desire to live beyond your means. Because if it was unable to do that, you would be less likely to buy all that new stuff (beyond your means).

When we see and hear commercials on TV, billboards on the roadways, Hollywood movies, TV shows, magazines, nearly EVERYWHERE there is the subtly planted notion to be ‘modern’, to have the latest and greatest, to fit in with the so-called latest trends, to have more than your neighbors, to boast about your newest acquisitions, etc..

It begins at a very young age – the indoctrination into ‘the system’. There is an incredible amount of targeted marketing towards the young – which ‘shapes’ them into becoming a good little debt-slave as they grow up. In the mean time, their good debt-slave parents buy them all the trinkets that they ‘want’ in order for the kids to be ‘happy’ – which only reinforces the ‘learning process’ of becoming a debt-slave as they got older.

As adults, we want the nice things, the nice car, the big house. The thing is – we must realize that IF the only way to achieve these things is by living on the edge with regards to our income (loans proportionally maxed with our limitations to service them), then you will never get off that hamster wheel. Never. On the other hand, the LESS you live at or beyond your means (the more ‘headroom’ you have in your budget), the quicker you will be able to get off the debt service wheel.


Just Say No

In order to stand a chance of beginning the process of getting off the hamster wheel, you must recognize that you are being bombarded with messaging to live beyond your means. When you see it, you must JUST SAY NO. Do not succumb to the peer pressures or phony self-convinced desires to live beyond your means for happiness. It will not bring (real) happiness, only perpetual debt and the necessity to go round and round that hamster wheel to service that debt – forever.

You must ‘stop the bleeding’. Who cares what other people think because you don’t have the latest smart-phone. Who cares what other people think because you’re driving an older used car. Who cares what other people think because you aren’t living in a new ‘big house’. Just say no. The joke will be on them when one day you will truly be free from debt.

Focus on a goal of first stopping the excessive spending – especially when it comes to anything ‘expensive’. Don’t buy on credit if it means you’re going to be paying on loan. Do everything in your power to resist, and then do everything in your power to pay down your current debt. It may take you a long time, but if you don’t start now, you’ll never get there. Get off the hamster wheel. Don’t feed the system. Fight it. You can do it…

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